Thursday, December 31, 2009

Love you, always !

Dear all,

-We are the energy in motion, like a stars shining high above the sky, it look same from different sides.

-May God bless you for being part of this soul as friends, enemy or any other names.

Love you

I will love you if you will love me.
or, even if you will hate me.

They didn't teach me the word, "hate";
They send me to love someone,
who looks like me, instead.

I am the energy which moves with you.

I am you and you are in me.

We became friends, here or anywhere.
We were friends long time before thee;

The Selection was already made.

They say, "Everything is fair in love and war";

Yes, "Everything is fair in Friendship and Hate";

So, the love can be part of friendship and,

The War can be part of hate;

whatever it be, let it be for the same.

Please do not forget, to love this day.

This day, I am with you;

and, forever, I will be with you, always.

The calendar says, "its a last day of 2009";

So, let me take an opportunity to bless,

you all divines.

Let me stand on the soldier of giant,

and say, "Happy New Year",

For prosperous and peaceful life, ahead.


God blesses you !

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

Goodbye 2009, Hello 2010

It was the time of Economy Crisis,
Although designated as International year of astronomy,
And International year of natural fibers;
Nothing exceptional happened but chaos that:
End of the world in 2012.
My poor willing heart asks-
Why are we studying ET or Astronomy, when;
There are millions of problems, yet to be solved or resolved;
Yet to be discovered or covered;
Yet to find any solution;
In our poor planet Earth;

On Jan 20, Barack Hussein Obama was inaugurated as 44th president,
After six days, Icelandic government and banking system collapsed.
What a way to start presidency, later October 9, 2009,
They awarded him, Noble Peace Prize!
May be for- Safety and Security of People,
Sending 40 thousand+ troops to Afghanistan,
And playing Hide and Seek with Osama bin Laden.

A natural disaster started:
The deadliest bushfire in Australia killing hundreds of men and women,
Around 6.3 magnitude earthquake strikes near Italy killing hundreds of lives,
Another 7.6 magnitude earthquake strikes killing thousand lives in Indonesia.

But come on people, this is the 21st century, where we follow the principal,
Which says, Who cares?

Until and unless, our rooftops will burn,
We will not care the world which mourns.

During June, came our friend, Mr. Swine Flu;
Was declared as Global pandemic by WHO,
King of Pop, Michael was dead, a sad disaster.
For many who loved him and his music
Dangerous, Thriller album & others

Few flights crashed, still nobody has clear explanations.
Was it a politics, or, passion? Only, God know!
Or, maybe, some claims, God is delusion!

But still the astronomers were exploring more planets,
Called, Extra solar planets, outside the planet Earth;

Sorry, poor Earth, your people do not care much about you.
You see, they are interested more outside you.

Lot of others things happened, but remember our motto-
Who cares? remained.
So, let us welcome 2010, a new change,
Of digit, of calendar, of names, of fames, of subject,
Of study, of poor and rich countries,
Of life and death, of disaster and pain,

Of fights between good vs. evil, of terrorism and extremism,
Of heroism and many ism;

A poor soul somewhere from the planet earth
Opens his window and looks outside,
Speaks to Extra Terrestrial Stars in other planet
And says, Hello 2010;

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Saturday, December 26, 2009

3 + 1 IDOTS

“सारि उम्र हम मर मर के जिलिये, एक पल तो हम को जिने दो”

3 young souls, traveled an adventurous journey
Trek through the mountains, trek through tough journey
Oh, I am so sorry, one critic’s soul joined
This very long journey

On dated 25th December, we so called idiots
Took huge steps, jumped into Finnish lake
Home made, old traditional theater
Was shining, our technological innovation

We left everything besides
No more stress, anxiety, ego, hatred
Of any kind
As it has been said, “all is well”

3+1 young soul’s heart
Fully entertained, almost three hour journey of
Life in vision of past, present or future
The art was spectacular, it just went so faster

Before anything could be said or heard
Our three hours of adventures journey came to no end
Life is all about listening to heart, as wise man said
Nobody knows unknown future ahead
But the memories we shared
Might be of smaller instant
But it was a courageous act

One sad heart of idiot soul said,
“We may no longer reverse engineer those moments
But the wishes, hope and good fortune to rest of all souls”

Friendship helps, the place so lonely
And cold frustrating weather
Makes easily souls depressed

As it has been said in the art,
“Education should be for excellence”
All young 3+1 idiots, laughed a lot

“सारि उम्र हम मर मर के जिलिये, एक पल तो हम को जिने दो”

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas Friends !

"Dashing thro’ the snow,
In a one-horse open sleigh,
O’er the hills we go,
Laughing all the way;
Bells on bob tail ring,
Making spirits bright,
Oh what sport to ride and sing
A sleighing song to night.
Jingle bells, Jingle bells,
Jingle all the way;
Oh! what joy it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh.
Jingle bells, Jingle bells,
Jingle all the way;
Oh! what joy it is to ride
In a one horse open sleigh.
A day or two ago,
I thought I’d take a ride,
And soon Miss Fannie Bright
Was seated by my side,
The horse was lean and lank;
Misfortune seemed his lot,
He got into a drifted bank,
And we, we got upsot.
A day or two ago,
The story I must tell
I went out on the snow
And on my back I fell;
A gent was riding by
In a one-horse open sleigh,
He laughed as there I sprawling lie,
But quickly drove away.
Now the ground is white
Go it while you’re young,
Take the girls to night
And sing this sleighing song;
Just get a bob tailed bay
Two forty as his speed.
Hitch him to an open sleigh
And crack, you’ll take the lead."

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Opportunity Vs. Losses

Dear all,

I was just thinking past few days that life is all about making choices.

On one hand we have opportunity and on the other hand we have losses. If the losses are more than the opportunity than the human can feel sad, depressed and many more. If the opportunity is more than the losses than human will feel joy, pleased, overwhelmed and many more.


What if the human has to decide between opportunity and losses?

Why is then it becomes important that one has to listen to heart instead of mind and make decisions.

The answer is very simple,

Because Heart is never wrong. It takes us in the path of destiny.


I am here now deciding between opportunity and losses, little confused, tired and frustrated.

Should I choose to give up something for something more important?

This literally means, who is right- Mr. Heart or Mr. Mind?

Maybe, Mr. Mind is thinking short term but Mr. Heart always thinks long term. So, the answer is Mr. Heart is always right.

I do not know much about the dreams so I ain’t got any answer to that. It is very obvious that “why” is rather very unimportant question if you are in the path of your dreams.

Let me give you few additional lines to rejoice-

-Life is all about making choices: important vs. very important.

-Dreams are deep visions just like a depth of lover’s love in search for his/her love.

-The question is never asked by Mr. Heart or Ms. Heart, the question is asked only by Mr. Mind or Ms. Mind

-Who is right and who is wrong, let us not decide that in search of dreams, my lord
Love is the sound of music in heart
let us be solid like rock
untouched and unmoved by any extreme difficulties
as the dreamer we are, dream is we

-As Christmas is coming, wish your dreams will be running along the stream of river, life is simply like flowing river and may your opportunities exceed losses in the life full of hope.

God bless you all !

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Wake up, wake up

She was sleeping beside me
It was cold winter morning
She woke up stretching her body
She looked into my eyes
And said, “A very good morning”
I smiled back to her
She thought, “Am I looking funny?”
I said, “Beauty is the funniest thing, my love”
She smiled back
I kissed her on her forehead
She showed the respect
Finally she said,” Let me go and make you tea”
I said, “Why are you in hurry?”
“It is Saturday, my honey”
Her shy smile
Made me realize
I was dreaming in day light
An alarm clock sounded,
“Wake up, wake up…..”

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Love remains the same

Love remains the same
What is true and what is false
What is good and what is bad
when love is answer to all good and bads
Yes sometimes true love exits
but only in opinions
Yes sometimes false love exits
for motives and physical gain
but, life still sees no differences, in love
love remains the same
in every circle and names
love has no boundary
neither any culture of names
love remains the same
love has no race no religion no caste and creed,
simply because love is love love remains the same
neither true nor false it is our judgement for all cause
love is utterly beautiful
love is an answer to pains and miseries
love is floating in the wind
like clouds carrying rain
transferring and connecting hearts
making same love remains the same
beautiful and without any difference
true love or false love is not love
love is love
love remains the same
God bless you all !

Monday, November 23, 2009

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Press Releases: "Yet another book of poems"

Mr.Santosh Kalwar has published book with new project entitle, "Yet another book of poems" published by, This is the Seventh book/e-book written by Mr. Kalwar.

Currently, The book is free to download in an free e-book version from publisher

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Mybheja congratulates the author for his new book !

Saturday, November 14, 2009

New birth of human consciousness

שלום , مرحبا, Hello

Please don’t scratch your head with these above symbols. The first symbol is meaning, Hello in Arabic, the second symbol is the same hello in Hebrew and the final one, you probably recognized it.

Based on these three different languages, we have three different religions. These are: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. No offence to anyone who belongs to this religion or any other religion. The message is simple, “Hello”.

A human is intellectual mind. A single mind can think, create, share, and collaborate among other human mind. How would it be without language? A Hebrew man could not possibly talk with another Hebrew man if this Hebrew man does not know how to speak his own language. In my naïve understanding of the language, I would define it as a symbol for exchange of thoughts or ideas among peers. What if a Hebrew wants to talk with Christian? What would be the consequences if Christian do not know the language of Hebrew and the Hebrew man does not know the language of Christian?

Do you think could they still be able to talk? Probably, yes! But maybe in increasingly difficult ways; now the question one should ask to oneself is, what if one of these men has some very big problem and one need help of other, otherwise another will die. What is the moral value of being a human being? Will you able to still understand the emotions of the suffered men forgetting about his religion and beliefs. Some human being will and some will not.

Today, In fast paced individualistic world, everybody wants to grab an attention. Be a hero or an icon, a leader with huge followers, Gurus and even different religions.
Let us jump to another situation, this Arab man and Christian man both love their religion, they are both going to die for their religion. What if both are in trouble? Let us say, they will get out of this trouble if they help each other but they do not want to share their ideas and thoughts. How would you respond in that situation? Will you shake hands to Christian? Or, Will you shake hand to Muslim or Arab?

Let us go back and think once again, aren’t we human first? Or are we Hindu, Hebrew, Christian and Muslims first?

Wake up folks, nothing lasts forever. Neither your homes, neither your materialistic possession, nor your belongings. Nothing is permanent in this world. Only thing that is permanent in this world is the “change.” Our forefathers were living before us; they were also just like us. Our fathers are living today or were living and now, we are living our lives.

The lives in 21st century, A time which is just an illusion. The calendars which are all our imaginary creation, the language which we developed long time ago to share out insights among our community and group of people; the maps which we designed to share our territory

Everything appears to be divided. The divisions are among our religion, country, politics, consciousness and language. We have come to the time where we live in the world where we have to make an instant decision. We are just making decision at every instant. The world is at war of race, religion, politics, economics, people and many other elements.

The time has come to open up our mind and explore deeper understandings of not our own narrowed world but also every world. The time has come to show that even if you are Hebrew or Christian or Muslim, to collaborate and share the insights and ideas to save the planet.

The time has come to think big. The time has come to help each other in many ways and any ways we can.

The real awakening is at our sunrise. The real death is not limited with our humanistic time but with our thinking and intellectual insights. The time has come to love each and narrow the differences among each other.

We do not need to know what we have to do when we feel deep inside us to help someone in trouble.

Until and unless the bigger trouble much larger than the problems facing human civilization in current practice comes to us, we are not going to see our “true human feelings” for fellow human beings. The time may come which will show us for collaboration but before that time, we all need to help each other from the natural calamities and hatred world which we are creating.

Let us say, No to war, let us say, No to stupid politics or religion. Let us grow together for peaceful world. Let us begin together the new birth of human consciousness.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am an alien in the Neverland

I am so sorry to write this article but I must write it. Let me introduce you, who I am? Well, I am Ted Nelson. I am currently in Neverland, the developed, number one country in the world.

The good part of my story is that, I am living a stub-born life with good job and my sweet dreams.

The bad part of my story is that, I am going to be deported soon. Yes, please don’t feel sorry for me. I am going to get deported for being normal human being in Neverland. I have never committed any crime in my life of 30 years. I have never even dared to hurt someone knowingly or unknowingly. I have just lived a normal human life. But Tomorrow, I am going to get deported.

The problem is I was living in Neverland with illegal status. I was called as an alien. I don’t know what that means but it really hurts when the officer calls me, “an alien”. For God’s sake, why am I being called an alien? I am just asking a simple question, not to that officer and not to the politicians or diplomats who make stupid useless rules and protocols but just to me. Why am I being called an alien?

What is wrong with the people nowadays? Everybody is being anxious about terrorism, being black, does not makes me criminal? What is wrong with the color of skin? I have been discriminated number of times and I am not going to talk about it. The rules of society are not flexible enough with the intellectual growth in human population. There has been no upgrade or change of the major rules. Once they were made laws, they have remained law forever. I am feeling so pity for the next generation, how are they all going to deal with these stupid man made laws? I have number of question in my head, countless of them but none of the authorities have satisfying answer to my simple questions. Yes, it is sad that I have to go back to the place I belong but I wasted all my life working for this country, Neverland. Now, when they don’t need me, they are throwing me. A human life has become useless. It has become like garbage, there is no value for living.

Ted Nelson said, “I am not an alien in Neverland, Sir". The officer said, "Yes, that is what you are, a third world alien, you have no rights to live in developed world like ours. You must go back to your country." An immigrant replied, “I have lived here for 30 years and now you are sending me back, anyways, thank you, even if I am called as an alien, I am proud to be an alien rather than immoral alien."

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

/Quotes of the day

-No one can please everyone and not everyone is pleased by a single one.

-Even God could not possibly please all of his disciples how can human please other human?

-We can motivate other human, we can teach other human and we can embed moral, ethical and social dose for paradise but we can never make them satisfied.

-Life is not in showing who you are to others, life is in learning from others who you could be.

-Let us decide to jump from the mountains and fall into the lakes, because if you will fall in lakes there is higher chance that you will die, it is also obvious that if you will not jump you are going to die, so do what you always got to do.

God bless you all !

Monday, November 9, 2009

Younger or older?

Dear all,

Younger or older?

Maybe you want to live young forever,
for family, society and everybody

But time waits for none
like a flowing river never runs

the cycle of life continues to flow
no one can stop it
all that we know

why are we sad if we have to grow old
let us have fun without showing
our body
even though, it might look like shot gun

gym for physical fitness is good
over gym is for fools

when you have to leave your body behind
who cares if it is no longer conscious

life is about not showing
if you are fat, thin, small, big
poor and ugly
life is about giving
even though you look poor and ugly

fortunates are those who are born healthy
unfortunates are those who think
someone is unhealthy

no man is healthy except his thinking
we are once young, then older
then we become again, a child
cycle continues till we are alive

society sucks in many ways
rules are all made to be broken

no one has rights to judge you
you can see yourself in mirror
which reflects only you

life is about learning and giving
all we have to do is enjoy our living

let us stop this unhealthy poem
which does not rhyme neither
makes commits any crime

be healthy pals,
be healthy

not only physical
but also mentally

he healthy folks and keep your spirit
stars shines when you smile
it is not how you are build
it is how you are building

just look back and enjoy
every bits of it

be healthy pals
be healthy


God bless you all !

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Happy Halloween

Today is Halloween
All saints day
I look like saint
Who never had bright day
I am too old now
To show my energies
Love is only what I do now
Everything else is my allergies
500 miles I did travel for you
All my energies are lost for you
I have nothing to mourn
Just wish you happy and bright
Halloween day, to churn

My only life

We shared a good time
We loved each other at bad times,
Life needs sacrifices
I know you will find
Your prince at some sight,

May you be happy
May you be smiling as you did
Let me be nobody then
I don’t wann anything except
Your sweet charming delight
Your smile which is brighter like
Bless you with sun light
May you get happiness
My only life

Happiness to you

I can write hundred lines
But I will not find any one to read
My saddest lines are for you
I hope someday you will read

My soul is bleeding in sorrow
I have pain to morrow
Wish I had death
To find eternal peace
I know I am not culprit

I didn’t do anything wrong
Never killed any insects all along
I don’t know if you will ever come
But I wish you happiness
Forever, with anyone you will find
At your lounge

Forget me too soon

I can write these lines
Expressing my sorrows
Of pain
But who cares
When you are living with somebody else

I am not alone too
I have your memories
To get me through,
I will wake up someday in you
Even if you will forget me too soon

My Sweetheart

I will live no more
I will forget you no more
You made me smile
You made me cry
But life seems empty
Without you, my wife
Our journey is on different road,
Nobody knows if we will see
But, till my last breath
I will wait for you, my soul
I cannot forget those golden
Rosy days, my love
You may kill me in your heart
I will never kill you in mine, my sweetheart

You will live with me

I am not poet,
I am not singer,
I don’t have job
To linger
I am just a lover
As simple and ordinary
It could be
I don’t know anything
Except to love you
Till I live forever
You will live with me

for your love, O love

Life falls apart without you, love
I am lonely and my silence cries
Bleeding heart and bleeding soul
Our journey stopped before it was sure
In the middle of nowhere
I am not missing you
I am alright to smile
And I know
You will live in me, forever
Journey can break heart
But my heart still cries out loud for you, love
Maybe I need patience to heal
My lonely heart which cries out
For your love, O love

I loved you, I will forever

No doubt in my heart
I loved you, I will forever
I don’t have patience at all
I am sorry to break your heart
But I am not perfect at all
Shared my tears and pain all days
And all night all alone
You know, love
I loved you, I will forever

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some weired thoughts....

Simplicity has no complexity. More complex we become the more difficult and higher the impact in on everything surrounding our lives. Let me give you an example of what the above statement means. For e.g. In early civilization of human species, we were uneducated, underdeveloped, technology-less, uncivilized and without any society or any great leaders. I am talking about long before the Bible evolved or time evolved. Or any scripture ever written evolved. We were just a group of people or cavemens and cavewomens, living a very happy and simple life. Slowly, our needs became higher and we started to become more selfish. We then selected our leaders among our society. The leader got praised and he worked for our well-beings. Later, we created “values for exchange” which is today called “money”. Slowly and steadly, we evolved into a society where we created religions, laws, rules and many things which resulted into many sins. The human evolution has many stories written on this kind of evolution. Many of the stories are still hidden and unknown to public knowledge. Simply because, if everything the public will know now, they will like to live forever. There are mysteries for many stupid question for which we do not know the answers. For example, why do we exist and many more…these mysteries are kept hidden because once we will discover them we will not want to enter inside the “system of earth”. The system of earth is the entrance to suffering, pain and sorrow as well as happiness, pleasure and delight. The system of earth works on duality. The duality in a sense, where there is something right, there will be wrong and vice versa. There are two major reproductive body either in animal or human beings such as male or female and few related exceptions. The truth that when we are born, we have to die is absolutely true and no one can deny it. But just try to deny it for some period of time and then you will see that your death is coming very near you. It is because, once you are denying that you want to live, then you will start to loose living. The point is, the more you expect something out of life, the lesser you will get and the less you will expect something to happen to you, the more you will get. This last hypothesis work perfectly fine. Just try it and you will see the results for yourselves. I am not claiming anything here but I am just trying to tell you the fact that, never expect anything from life and the most important thing in human life is being satisfied without criticizing any body or anyone. Just be satisfied with what you have and what you will get. Be it your partner, or your job or your bank account or anything else. Once you will be satisfied with what you have, you are ought to receive more from the universal forces. But once you are not satisfied with what you get, you will climb the ladders and may get hall of fame but you will not be feeling inner peace or find so called taboo term happiness. Happiness is not the result from your material world, happiness comes from the inner peace of you.

Even after you death, you will still exist in the universe in forms of some object. You still have life in different forms and format but nobody who will be living around you will recognize you, the most funniest part, you will know that you existed in some way or another but you will have different form. Let us say, for example, your soul goes into a soul of sparrow. What happens then, you will have your soul inside a sparrow but nobody around you will give a damn attention to you. You still will exist but nobody will care about you so much….this is how the cycle of human life works….don’t worry about what is going to happen in your life….just be satisfied with what you have in your hands and the day will come to you,,, the day which will take you from “system of earth”. I know this is little difficult to understand but it will be easy if you will try to understand yourself much more better way… many times a day you watch yourself in a mirror, just watch it everyday….and see deeper inside your soul you will get all these answers written… happy….

Question to Shakira

Why is it, do you think, that hips don't lie?

Santosh Kalwar


Whenever I'm in the recording studio or rehearsing and I'm not convinced about the way it sounds, I know because my body doesn't react to the music. So I always ask, Hey, am I moving? Are my hips moving? My hips don't lie.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is it a miracle?

Dear all,

Is it a miracle that I am concisous?
Is it a miracle that life is full of suffering
pain and sorrows
also in never ending rain,

is it a miracle that what i choose to be
i am not
what i choose not to be i am

is it a miracle that life is like
riding bicycle where balance has all gone

is it a miracle that words possibly hurt
and everything falls apart

is it a miracle that i am feeling pain
and nobody is listening except my silence

is it a miracle that i am born
but i don't know what i am going to do unborn

is it a miracle that sometimes i see heaven
in earth

is it a miracle that love is only thing
which remains inside me
from everything apart

is it a miracle?

God bless you all !

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sketching User Experience by Bill Buxton

Dec 12, 2012- World never ends or will it?

A Google hit of the keyword results into 38,100,000 hits for the term. Many experts believe that the world is going to end on this particular day. What do you believe? Is there an end of world? Many religion, many faith have predicted that end of world is coming soon. Then if so, what will cause this- Will our enemy will be technology? Or, Science and Faith or, War of religion Or, Just nothing

The end of time is near says Mayhem Prophecies. In their books they have pointed out the world will start new age. Scattered around the jungles of Southern America, a race of prophecies are present over more than three thousand years. There prediction has seemed to be very accurate till date. Many reports has from their calendar has pointed out the destruction of the mankind- an end of the world in December 12, 2012. We know now that everybody is born in different date and that date will predict who you will become. Most of such prediction is accurate and they are precise. Again, this is the matter of faith and believes.

In science, we believe in gravity- where object with mass attract one another. In my simple stupid definition of term anti-gravity if an object with mass goes upwards without any attraction of any kind that is called anti-gravity. But is this possible that without being attracted that we will go upwards rather than being balanced by force of gravity? What happens to the theory of Newton and those alike then? Law of gravity needs to be modified? I think if we are pulled by the power of forces. Maybe that is why when we are dead, we will become stars. (This is simple explanation of life after death) Nobody till date will tell you that we become stars after the death simply because nobody knows or have imagined such stupid concept. But anyways, let me get back to the main point here- what will happen in 2012?

Calendar priest will predict what will happen in 400-500 in future. Predictions and Prophecies speak about many such predictions during our existence in this mother earth. For example, in1988, California will be in ocean but that did happen. But what will happen and what will not just nobody knows. According to Jewish knowledge, they seek to understand more about the nature of time. Nobody actually knows how time came out of the existence. Every individual and community has their own time and calendar. For example: Hindus, Christians, Mayhems, Chinese, and many more. But who is right and who is wrong is different ball game altogether.

The most fundamental aspects of human lives have been “Relationships”. Everything is in need. When you don’t realize everything is sacred and everything should be respectful. Then why would Nature realize about you and care about you. When you don’t care about the Mother Nature, why would Mother Nature care about you? When you don’t respect your institution, why would your own institution, speak for you? Man should be punished by Nature.

I can smell the fear in many human, I can feel the fear in me too, I can feel the sense of urgency and the fear of extinction but to be honest, I don’t know what will happen, I only know what I am going to do today, what are my priorities today, what is there for tomorrow, nobody knows. Not even God, not even Time, not even any religion, or calendar or any spiritual gurus.

I know that future is unpredictable and unimaginable, the future is not to foresees and imagine but to tell the horrifying stories. What is the world ends today and not tomorrow? Sometimes I do feel that world never existed, and I am in some kind of dream land where I don’t know what I am doing and working on. Sometimes it feels as if I am in my imagination even though I am alive and real. This is the beauty of human mind. When we don’t know who created the world, we have no rights to tell who will destroy the world. When we don’t know who was first to arrive in this world, we have no rights to speak about the end of world. The idea is based on one simple philosophy, “when you cannot make somebody smile, please don’t make them cry, when you can make somebody smile, you have the rights to make them cry.”

What will cause and who is right or wrong and if world will end or starts. All these questions are questionable. Let me suggest to live for today. Think today is the last day of your life, tomorrow nobody knows and nobody has got it right. When you can live for today to fullest, who cares about what will happen tomorrow, isn’t it? What will be, will be.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who is God?

God is not HE or SHE or IT.
God is God.
A Mysterious body existing in every human unknowingly.
A good side of every creature on this planet.
Feminine side or Masculine side is just our conceptions
The fact is, no Tom, Dick and Harry knows about HIM/HER/IT
A cosmic energy which revolves beyond our imagination.
God is our discovery of unknown
God does not only live in duality (0 or 1, male or female or…)
He possibly lives in singularity (Seeing everything as good)
There is no good side or bad side of god
He is us and we are him
He live in each of our voice and he speak the language of love
Ask a child who will smile at you without any reason
talk with priest he will give thousand stupid lessons
The fact is there is no side of GOD
there is only one side of HIM/HER/IT
that side is called “LOVE”

God bless you all !

Quote of the day

-life is short speak your mind.

-Every thing has limit for example, Universe, Nature, Man, Creatures and even Computers. You never know when they will be gone !

-It does not have to be fear which will make us shear or share,
It does not have to be short or long, all what we will have will long gone.

-Take away my golden jewelery, take away my beautiful castle,
Take away all my money, you can also empty my banks
But please don’t take away my books, My breath are hanging in them for millions of poor souls, Frank!

-You always came alone and you will always go alone. It is natural phenomenon, all these years are just a beautiful ride, Enjoy your every day as it will never come along.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The world economic crisis as I see it

The world economic crisis as I see it differs from past crises in that it is based on entirely new set of conditions, due to rapid progress in the method of production. The world alarming economic difficulties of the present day has resulted into hopeless confusion of opinions among the economic experts. What I have to say is nothing new and do not pretend to be anything more than the opinion of a simple and honest man who, unburdened by any national prejudices, desires nothing but the good of humanity and harmonious peaceful sustainable place of human existence. The way I am expressing myself does not proceed neither from unwarranted self-confidence nor a belief in the infallibility of my simple intellectual conceptions of problems which in reality are very complex.

Today, with the advent of computers and Internet technology, only a fraction of the available human labor in the world is needed. Under free economic scenarios this fact is bound to lead unemployment. How many of us not seek to get well-paid jobs? But, the majority of people are compelled to work for the minimum wage on which life can be supported. The number of fall in sales and profit for the industries had led to lay-off their workers. Business has gone smash, which has further increased unemployment. More recently, in United States alone the unemployment has hit 9.8% which presumably has decreased the level of confidence in industries and banks. When a cheap labor can be outsourced to developing countries like India, Nepal and Bangladesh, why any industries will hire the high wage paid worker in their own land? This has lead to unemployment in developed world. In near Foreseeable future, will affect developing world. The crises has also been attributed to other causes which could be-

1. Over production: The production is so much great that it has exceeded the demand. (e.g. models of mobile phones) This perhaps also applies to motor-cars in the United States which has led to collapse big auto-industry such as General Motors. By the virtue of this, it is not the demand that is lacking but the power of consumers to buy the products.

2. Political insecurity: The political in security has resulted in wars. The present Afghan-war against terrorism by United States and its allies. The political instability is not only in America but everywhere. Our own country is one good example where no constitution has been written till date.

3. Heath issue: The swine flu pandemic, which has reached to level 6- highly dangerous stage for viral infection of mankind. The number of HIV and Cancer diseases spreading especially in developing world and elsewhere.

I do not want to weary the reader by enumerating further contentions. Of one thing I feel certain: this technical progress which, in itself, might relieve mankind of a great part of the labor necessary to its subsistence is the principal cause of our present day problems. The logical and simple solutions for resolving the crisis is balanced and planned economy in which the consumption and production of goods are distributed by the communities.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pleasure and Pain of love

Pleasure of love last for a moment, pain of the love last lifetime,
May, you fly like my loving angel,

She will never betray me, when she wakes up with me
Every morning and goes back to bed every night,

My suffering will hopefully please you,
My blessings will hopefully caresses you,

This life will not last very long,
Till the last breath, you will rise with me

Goodbye is hardest thing ever to say
But it’s okay, if you feel better

May your heart will always be filled with love,
May, you never feel pain,

May, your beloved will do everything what you will say,
May, you live forever along with beauty and happiness

This life will not last very long,
Till the last breath, you will rise with me

May, my suffering will bring you joy
Thank you for being part of me

Sweetheart, beloved and Ms. Sunshine,
Even dead, I will still be in your breath

Your thousand cries will never wake me up
Pleasure of love last for a moment,

Pain of the love will last lifetime,

Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy Sunday
I was waiting for your arrival with bed of roses,
In my dreams, you were smiling,
When I was awake, you were shining,
I was waiting to see your glimpse,
Your beautiful eyes, beloved
I waited and waited,
Soon I was too late,
My bed of roses were all gone dead,
Gloomy Sunday
I prayed, this would be some dream,
I was shattered and shocked with this beginning,
Gloomy Sunday
Watched your pictures & chase after your memories,
Found pleasing for a moment but my heart was unpleasing,
Gloomy Sunday
Soon, I realized you will never come
My heart got fainted; I was smoking & drinking pain,
Gloomy Sunday
May my death bring you joy, everlasting happiness,
I am in deep pain; pain will bring me my deathbed
My deathbed will be hanging in darkness
Gloomy Sunday
Gloomy Sunday

Goodbye and goodbye beloved

Thank you so much for making me feel worry,
Unexpectedly, you betrayed me, finally
You are the worst thing that has ever happened in my life,
Now, I thank you for killing a simple human being, like me

Hmm…, good luck with your new life, your new friend-
Why should I mattered to you, when I had all my life just you
All of my desires and dreams are shattered,
Now, you have given me pain as my food and tears as my drink,
Why should you care?

When I am sick and I will never learn how to get well,
May you go in paradise, may you have god’s great children’s,
May god give you all what you have desired!
I am alone, as I was alone

But I will never have any one, not at least you
I have those golden memories with me,
I will see them with my heart when I will need you,
Goodbye and goodbye beloved,

I know what pain is when I am so sensitive to walk in rain,
Well, this was written May-be, who wants to live forever
You are free as you always were,
I am walking free as I always was,
I will not go from your memory,

Even if I will die tonight,
Someday, I will rise and teach you how much pain I was feeling all that night

Goodbye and goodbye
Goodbye and goodbye beloved

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What is in your hand?

What is in your hand?
A poor boy watched his hand and said,
"Nothing, it seems to be empty"
See it again
"Well, nothing"
Use your rubber brain
OKay, you can see there is nothing in your hand but think
what can you do with your hand?
I can write, I can paint, I can create
Good, that is what is in your hand
Then, Just do it.
Rest is imagination !

To do

I am going
To do
Till when?
Why only today?
I wished for it
Now is the time
For what?
To do

Nobody gives damn

Nobody gives damn about anything in this world,
Everybody is either buying or selling,
Friends are smiling without being very open,
Love is shining without being physically near,
Parents are helping thinking for future gain,
Life has become miserable suffering all nights and days

Nothing is permanent and nothing will last long,
Today, as my conscious are present,
Every dog will laugh when he is near or far away,
Tomorrow when I am gone, this is what they will say-
“he was good or he was bad”,
I will listen what these ass fuckers will say,
But I will remain silent and invisible as gay,
Only thing, I will do at that time
Will take my revenge by making what these fucking conscious human say’s,
Coincidence, this can happen only when unknown invisible will do something
To living conscious human being which might go in pain

Monday, September 14, 2009

Quotes of the day

-Do what others think is not possible, think what others do is stupid.

-Life is not in forecasting who you will be, life is in casting who you are now.

-God is not THIS or THAT, God is you.

-Those who are fucked up in life, depressed and sad. Let them wake up even though in dark nights because they last very last.

-Divided we are,
Separated we belong,
Love is unexpected,
Might have to live along,
Greatest sins is nothing,
Love and only love,
Will Spring, in Spring
Maybe we will never see,
Maybe we will never touch,
Maybe we will never kiss,
But I will remember what we did
I will remember what we talked,
To find love, My love



Where is the Heaven asked Paulo?
Poor boy replied, I don’t know.
Where is then Hell asked Mother?
Poor boy replied, I don’t know.
Where is the Heaven and Hell asked Wife?
Poor boy replied, I don’t know.
Many of the times, many of his friends asked-
Where is the heaven or hell?
Poor boy repeatedly said, I don’t know.

After twenty seven years,

Poor boy was speaking to himself,

Whatever I am doing, Whatever I am creating
Is this making any impact on anyone?
Is this harming any one?
Maybe, It hasn’t
Good, said Poor boy
How am I going to find Heaven or Hell?
Should I be first dead?
Or, Should I wait till I experience Near Death,
Should I fall in love?
Or, Should I tear my heart apart?
Should I go pilgrimage and find out from Gods?
Or, Should I listen none?
Where are you Heaven?
He looks up in the sky and repeatedly asks,
Where are you Heaven?
Then, again,
Where are you Hell?
No answer, No answer
He shouts and asks again
No answer
He shouts more and more
No answer
Then somebody from Neighbourhood
Says, “Stop shouting and let us sleep”

He says, “Sorry”;
Goes back in his room
Where he lives,
Find nothing but silence in the question he wants to fix,
He looks at pictures,
He listens radio,
He laughs and finally he knows the answer, indeed
He laughs and says, Yes there is Heaven
Yes, there is hell

The question is not where?
The question is where not?

Our idea deep rooted in our heart
Needs to get updated first

Self Love, Self motivation, Self Sacrifice,
Self Help, Self romance, Self learning,
Self Satisfaction….

Self Satisfaction…He stops singing…

This is where it ends…

We have our life, a golden two hands, two legs,
a beautiful gazing eyes, a beautiful body

bread and butter to make it more tasty,

work to live and sustain our life which is little thirsty,
But it does not stops there since we want always something
A good journey, a nice ride, a beautiful husband or wife,
a father, a mother, a friend or group of friends,
we go far beyond to search and search for everything

But we come to an end which begs us and says, “Satisfaction”



What are you talking about?

Yes, Satisfaction….

Come on, Paulo will kill you, He asked to talk about “Heaven and Hell”, Not Satisfaction, idiot !

No, No, I am not worried- Satisfaction…

Stop it..



Yes, it is satisfaction

What satisfaction?

Self, Others, My, Yours, Everyone’s, Gods and No Gods, Nature, Science, Religion ….


Yes, Satisfaction…

Where is then Heaven or Hell?

Before you go back to sleep exhausted or non-exhausted, ask

“Were you satisfied today?”

Yes, Good

No, Very Good


Come on, You must know the answer…


God bless you all !

Friday, September 4, 2009

Some parents oppose obama speech to students

In response to the article published on Nytimes on title,"Some Parents Oppose Obama Speech to Students", here is what mybheja has to say-

Mr. President might be doing too much of socialist activities like giving speech for students to encorage and stay in school. But I think, he should more focus on the bigger issues of resolving extremisim and terrorism rather than doing self help.

One cannot deny that encouraging activities should always be left to parents not president or director of any political party or the saints.

However, listening is good thing to do and children could just liten to president or any religious authority, by doing that- they will get more knowledge on choosing the best things for them.

In today's context, children are not naive, they know what is good for them and what is bad for them.., President should also know that the children whom he is talking too are the children of greatest nation in the world and they are grown in the age of communications and the Internet. They can figure out for themselves the best advices from gaurdians.

Whatever be the case and rumor, I see this as positive and negative. Positive in the sense that one can preasume children, with decision making capabilites. Nobody has rights to give them "too much of advices" and Negative in the sense, "let the children be children, let them play, let them have fun, let them do things in there own way..." that is the beauty of childrens. Nobody has right to tell them what they should do, not even God.

One wise man once said, "I don't know where is god and who is god but whenever I see in the eyes of lauging child, I feel god in him."

In short, let the children be children and let them decide what is best for them.

I am your only satisfaction

You may want to go,
I won’t let you go,
When you want to give up,
I won’t let you give up,
When you feel this is too much,
I won’t let you feel,
This is even enough,
When you feel your love will never work,
I will work even harder,
When you will feel lonely,
I will feel lonely too,
When you will feel sad,
I will feel sad too,
When your mum won’t let you be with me,
I will ask you to decide on your own,
When nobody will accept us,
I will stop listening to nobody,
When life will give up,
I will ask life to wake up
When everything will fall apart,
I will pick up every dust to make home in sand
Just understand little more,
Just try to be spend time together,
Little more,
You will then know,
Your choice isn’t so bad,
Your decision isn’t so bad,
Your love isn’t like others,
Your honey is forever
Forever, forever and forever
Till the existence of the universe,
Till the existence of moon,
Till the very existence of sunlight,
I am your, nobody tonight
But I am hoping to be at your side,
O my bright and beautiful light,
Bless you with affection and care,
Bless with you happiness and love,
Bless with you satisfaction
Which matters, most
When will you ever understand?
This poor life is only satisfaction alive
Nobody is satisfied,
Except this poor life
Nobody will ever make you happy,
Just this poor life will,
How do I know all this?
I took the train which goes along
Which travels very fast?
And is expensive at every instance,
This is how people should live
But let’s not be worried,
About what others think,
Let us move along this difficult journey,
I guarantee you; I am your only satisfaction
O dear honey, O my bright eternal light,
Yes, My sunlight, Yes,
I am your only satisfaction
Which will collide?
Which will fight?
In darkest of dark nights,
I will ease your pain,
I will do whatever it takes,
Just let me be me,
Let us move on with thee,
Welcome abroad on my journey,
We will see and divide the problem
Whatever it would be

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Worries and Trouble

Worries, worries and worries,
Trouble, trouble and trouble
She won’t understand, my trouble,
She won’t care, my worries,
Worries and trouble,
They won’t ever go,
The day I was born,
Till the day I will breath,
They won’t ever go
Worries and troubles

Nothing lasts forever,
Love is what binds us forever,
But trouble touches us,
A worry makes us insecure,
Trouble and worries,
They won’t ever go
Till the very end
They won’t ever go
Till the very end
Worries, worries and worries,
Trouble, trouble and trouble

Cinderella’s story

Your dreams are shattered; your reality is too weak,
I have run down with pain, every day and every week,
Hopeless I remain in my journey; I have left nothing to weep,
However, I will move on and complete my this stupid speech,
It starts with the Cinderella’s story,
Once was a sweet guy, far far away,
Once was a sweet girl, far very far away,
Both met once in some country,
They thought, they were made for each other,
Then came a devil, who confused the girl,
Girl once confused, lost his guy who was from far north,
Love was paused, life was at halt,
There was break in the journey of guy was travelling, now all alone,
But He had a hope, faith in his God,
He said, “True love always waits,”
I will wait till; I will see my sunlight once after this fall,
The princess girl was asked to marry devil from some other country,
Poor guy heart was broken and never before,
He started his journey and met an very old man, as he came across,
He said his sad story,
Old man replied, “With some suggestions, life cannot just move on”,
He added, “If you have desire to think from heart, you will never fail in whatever things you are willing to do, my son.”
Poor guy from North, inspired from old man
Ran into the house of Princess and kidnapped her
Princess could not recognize the poor boy, as he was wearing a mask,
Princess hated the guy with the mask,
She didn’t knew, he was her love,
Poor guy in mask took her very very far,
Across seven hundred rivers, several hundred kilometers,
Finally, when once poor boy took off his mask,
She realized, it was him
She said, “You are my prince”
They both were living happily ever after,
One day the dream turned into reality,
They both woke up and realized, this was just an story,
They both were in their respective countries,
They both were made for each other but were found in different journey,
It was all written before the story was even told,
After several years, they did same as the story unfold,
Today, it become a Cindrella’s story,
Yesterday, it was just a mere reality,
God bless you all,
May love traces be also be found in your heart

I know

I know you are having problems,
I know you are alone,
I know you feel sad,
I know that you are in love,
I know many of the things,
That you don’t know,

I know,
I know that sometimes love doesn’t last forever,
I know that sometimes life is more miserable,
I know that you are in love with some old man,
I know,

But I also know,
That you like me,
I also know that you need me,
I know that, life will be just fine, fine, fine,
Someday, One beautiful day,
I know, when I see into your eyes,
I see a sweet little girl,
Smiling, perfect with utmost beauty and trust,
I know
I know those trusts for someone is not alone,
In those trust lays togetherness,
In those imagination lays dreams,
In those dreams lies reality,
I know, what you don’t know,
I know, that you don’t know about yourself,
Because, I know

Don’t ask me, “How do I know?”
I know because I feel I have seen you before,
I know because I feel magical about you, my soul,
I know because I am with you always,
Though, I can’t be physically with you for so long,
I know,

I know that love has no distance,
I know that loves lies close to heart,
How can I convince you when,
Both of our hearts are so close,
Yet you think it remains so far

I know,
I know what future holds us together,
I know what we have done in our past,
Whatever will be will be,
I know, I can’t let you go,
I know, you are made for me
And you don’t should feel alone,
Please don’t feel so-so,
I know
I cannot provide you with your needs,
But I know, I will work every day and even in week-ends,
I know,
I am not alone anymore,
I know because your heart is just like mine
I know, because somebody said, “Love is blind”,
I know
I know that we both need just to wait, little,
I know that someday I will hug you,
I know that someday, I will kiss you,
I know all this, because I know me,
I know who is in me,
Please don’t be mistake,
I know all this, because you are in me
I know all about you, because I am in you
So I say, “I know”, I know, my mysterious soul,
I know,
I know

Thursday, August 20, 2009

When I

When I talk with you, I feel little strange,
When I speak with you, I feel little weird,
When I think of you, I am more clumsy,
When I
When I imagine of you, I am little scared,
Of my reality will someday disappear,
When I,

When I am with you, I feel more secure,
When I look into your eyes, I feel pain,
When I am with you, I feel satisfied,
When I,

I don’t know what it is,
I don’t know how people feel,
When I am with you, I feel
When I am without you, I feel sad,
When I am with or without you,
I dream, I imagine, I

When I talk with you, I feel little strange,
Some people call this, love,
I ain’t got any definitions on love,
I don’t know what love is,
But I know, I feel,

When I,
When I see you, touch you, kiss you,
I feel you are so close,
I feel life is you and you are everything,
When I,

Whatever it might be, whatever writers think,
I am you and you belong to me,
I know we are living at far ends,
But I am hopeful, I will see
When I,

When I dream, I dream of waking up with you,
Even though, I have walked up without you so many times,
I am hopeful; I will wake up with you,
When I,

Someday, When I will be old,
Someday, when you will be old,
I am hopeful; together we will belong,
When I think all about this, I feel
When I, When I,
When I, When I

Monday, August 17, 2009

I have a white t-shirt again

Yes, I have a white t-shirt again,
I was wearing black every days,
But now, I have a white t-shirt again,
Here I am talking about Religion,
Can we manipulate our religion?
Is this a question or advice?
What is the color of religion?
Is it white, black, green, red?
What is the color?
Whatever it be,
Yes, I have a white t-shirt again,
No new theories can change old religions,
Christianity,belief, belief, belief
In god, son of god, Jesus,
Belief, disbelieve, accept, reject,
Faith, hope and love for all the shake,
Then came a man who liked another man,
Priest said,”you ain’t right!”
We cannot change our religion,
Forget about change, we cannot update our religion,
How far we can go?
Change the scriptures,
No No, that is not allowed,
Change the priest,
Accept the man who likes another man,
Put amendment into your act,
let us Say, Jesus love is equal and right,
for all those who like or dislike,
He is here in each one of us, bright,
weather you like or dislike,
He loves all of you,
Although, he was hated because of TRUTH,
truth is bitter and spicy,
nobody wants to taste going deep inside it,
Anyways,I have a white t-shirt again
I have white t-shirt again

Friday, August 14, 2009

I am in love (with man)


Here is one poor guy who is living in difficult times, He is gay by nature and he is in love with another man. He is asking his mother to leave him alone and let him live his life on his own. He is also begging not to judge him, just simply because he is gay or homosexual.

Enjoy !

I am in love (with man)
Who is complaining that love does not exits?
Why are you saying that I could not exit?
Your society keeps me away,
Your morality says, ‘I am gay’,
I was born like this, why don’t you care?,
Every individual are different,
I am born physical different,
When nobody cares in busy world,
Why are you keeping me away?
Homosexuality is an act of sex by homo sapiens,
I am not gay but I am born to do it different ways,
Love is same everywhere,
I am desperate to live on my way,
Please leave me alone,
If possible, don’t give me your stupid advices
To carry on,
Yes, Even though I am discriminated
I will like to live on my own
I am homosexual,
Open up your legislations,
Open up your Scriptures,
Put me in their too
I am homosexual,
Jesus come back again,
Show that you like Men,
Tell us, humans could born different,
Mother don’t hate,
I am no different than Brother who most care,
Please let me be me,
Please don’t piss on me,
Please don’t show disrespect,
I am feeling very deep pain,
Even though, I was born different,
Every body has purpose to fill on earth,
For me, I am just in love with another Man
Forgive me, Bless me, love me too
Don’t kill me with your judgments
I hope one day, every country will make it free,
Love has no limitations,
Of age, sex, boundary, culture, country or territory,
I am in love with man,
Most importantly, I am in love
I am in love
Feel my deepest of deep feelings,
I am in love,
So please let me be me,
Leave me alone and let me live on my own,
Mama, I am in love
Love, Love and Only love

Have a nice weekend everyone !

God bless you all !

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What to do in Lappeenranta?

The day I visited from Kathmandu, Nepal; where the population is around 1.081million to small city of in Northern Europe belonging to European Union city called Lappeenranta, Finland where the population is around 70,500 inhabitants. Now, the first thing which came into my mind was- Am I in heaven? Or, am I in hell? I was confused. Later slowly I realized, to adapt in new and different set of environment is the key. Now after staying for couple of years here in Lappeenranta, There are few pointers which I recommend:

1. Don’t get frustrated: Most of the times when we see darkness all around us and no light either in day or night, especially in cold freezing winter, stay inside your room and don’t get frustrated. Hope is the key, just be hopeful that the day will pass and there will be summer coming soon.
2. Be polite: When you are polite you will benefit a lot from Finnish people. I have seen in my own life, Finns are most helpful, shy and honest people found on this earth. Personally I can claim that, nowhere can you find such types of people.
3. Work hard: Hard work always pays off. . The primary focus for the international student should be always study especially of those who arrive here in Student Visa. So work hard, if you are student like me, then work harder especially in winter because during those times you can score more credits and later when summer arrives in Finland, you can relax. I could be one example where I managed to finish Master’s degree in about one year.
4. Discover yourself: My grandfather told me one story long time ago, he said, “Once upon a time in a village, young married couples were walking with donkey. At first wife sat on donkey and husband walked by her side. Seeing this scene, villages pointed the finger at wife saying, “She is disrespecting her husband by sitting on the donkey.” Husband agreed with villagers. After walking few miles, wife insisted husband to sit on the donkey. The villagers dishonored husband for allowing her wife to walk in the blaring heat. After receiving ridiculed comments from villagers, husband decided to walk along the donkey and wife. After walking again few miles into another village, villagers laughed at couple for not using donkey for the support. Now, the couple decided both to sit on the donkey thinking this will satisfy the villagers. After few miles, villagers felt pity on donkey for carrying couple and luggage. Now after so much of guilt, couple decided to purchase stick and rope to carry donkey, the couple now decided to carry donkey in the stick and rope, after they had entered the final village, villagers laughed hysterically at couple. How many times do we have to make adjustment to live our life? To conduct work, to make decisions and to make changes. Although the intentions maybe great but who is the right judge? You, you are the best judge of your own decisions and circumstances so discover yourself.
5. Be happy: While there are many theories on happiness, I would suggest get social with friends and family, talk with those who are close and those who are far, don’t resist you with limitations, explore yourself and smile even in worries because smile is same in every culture and country.
6. Learn Finnish: Either you are here to stay for one year, two year or several years. Learning new language always helps. Locals will find it interesting when you would be able to talk and speak in their own mother tongue. Apart from “Tervetuloa, Kiitos, hyvaa paivaa ….” Try to get in touch with Finnish people and ask them to teach you Finnish (Suomi).
7. Explore Lappeenranta: Visit the Church, Museum, Harbor canal, and many more interesting and beautiful places. I would recommend not only sitting idle in home but to come out of room and explore the beauty of Lappeenranta which is very close to Nature itself.

These are just few pointers which could help not only International students, worker here in Lappeenranta but also to local Finns. What do you say?

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Poem on Homosexuality

Homo=same, sexual= (an act) sex + ual (Usually)

Same sex, with different taste,
Try it once and you will never fade,
Kiss the same person once, try it out
Who does not like to be sexed?
Same or different being,
Sex is in, in
We get one life, different voice,
opinions and suggestions,
try something different,
to look what causes shame?
Nothing, some become homosexual,
some are born with such taste,
Either you agree or disagree,
they are just like us ordinary
No religion describes homosexuality,
It remains in all holy book as mystery
Mr. Kalwar’s theory is simple which states,
Love is in being together, who cares?
love those who loves you,
Be it human, animal, plants, nature
We are of same sex
Only in different forms and in different factors,
Laws we create will always change,
Life is what remains,
Kiss HIM, HER,
Love HIM, HER,
Go on and touch the beyond,
Live your life and be HOMOSEXUAL

Quotes and Poem of the day

Dear all,

-"What is impossible and what is possible?
When love is in heart, and only in imagination
Giver are blessed by Universe,
Receivers are honored by Nature,
Love is all what we need to take us further."

-Nothing is impossible because impossible simply does not mean I M Possible but also means imagining possible.

-"What love is, sex misspelled,
Or,In between legs
What hate is, inner peace
Or,In loneliness
Love is unexpected life long journey,
Throughout which you will find many Honey!,
Just try and move on with your romantic journey."

-"I don't want to explain love, nobody could but I am trying to give you the knowledge of how I feel when someone is in love, When I would."

-" We are nobody when we grow on out of ordinary,
But when we are discovered from all of ordinaries,
We then become somebody, love is in being found
love is in beig cared, love is in being nurtured,
like mother feeding babies, like trees sucking rain
Far deeper in the earth, far deeper in the human soul,
love is not in physical intimacy, love is not in finding differences,
love is love, love is required to move on,
love is when we grow out of ordinary,
impossible or possible, immobile or void,
love remains the same with each and every one of us,
In plants, in animals, in birds, in tables and desk,
In the keyboard which I am typing,
In the computer monitor, which is dancing,
In the begger who is asking,
In the streets crowded in some places and silent in others,
In the volcano eruption, in the anger of mother,
In everything and every non-living things,
Wake up and see, love is everywhere
In the words which are magical, In the books which shows multiple directions,
I must stop now, although love will never stop,
I must stop this poem, although my mind will never stop
To love, To like and To view everything as love,
What is that drives us, what is taht makes us wake up,
what is that makes us move, Come on- you know by now?
Love, only love and only love, So love,
Give love, take love, see love, kiss love, wake up with love,
move on in life with love, nothing is impossible when you have love,
life is love, love is life, and love is in finding love,
Come on please get a sweet delight, Come on,
Smile, smile, I can see you smile, Yes, I can see you smile,
Thank you, love is in smile too, love is in everything you do
Take care, with love, from love and by love,
This is the poem for love, thank you, love love. "

God blesses you all !

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Whenever I see into your eyes

Whenever I see into your eyes,
I feel love; I can feel your pain,
Untouched beauty, honesty and truthfulness,

Whenever I see into your eyes,
I see faith and hope,
Fantasy and romance,

Whenever I see into your eyes,
I see how deep they are like ocean,
How still they remain like early morning sunshine falling in lake

Whenever I see into your eyes,
I feel love; I can see someone’s inside,
I see angel who could be like caregiver,
I see untouched beauty, honesty and truthfulness,

You are never alone and you will never be alone,
You are never loose and you will never be looser,
All those you have gained will be lost someday,
But whenever I see into your eyes,
I feel love; I can feel your pain,
Your love, pain, beauty, honesty and truthfulness

So don’t worry and start to live again,
Life is like flowing river and you should move on till you will remain,
Kiss the sky, touch the birds, and hug the lion,
Do whatever you want to do,
You have only one life to make it true,
Whenever I see into your eyes

Will always shine like waves of ocean kissing the beach,
They will transcend into horizon and say, “thank you”
Whenever I see into your eyes,

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saddest lines

I am feeling sad, you are feeling glad,
Honey, I don’t know what went wrong,
When there was nobody besides us but you’re Dad,
Separated we are, divorced we remain,
Life is nothing without you,
Only pain,

These saddest lines will depart,
Hoping to see your glimpse,
When I return,
But, life goes on,
May you will find another handsome someone,
I will wait beneath six feet under,

Please Come back, I promise will never hurt
Your feeling, which makes us depart,
I wish I could understand,
I wish I could feel the same pain,
But, I am Man with stone heart

Tonight, I am writing these saddest lines,
When we both stand out far behind,
Our dreams to remain forever,
Remains closed and blind,
How can we fail, when we don’t give up?
But looser I remain,

I’ve lost any hope to find a new one,
I’ve lost any hope to see you come back,
Tonight, I am writing these saddest lines,
Departed, Frustrated and Hopeless so far,
Separated we are, divorced we remain,
Life is nothing without you,
Only pain,

But, I will wait, I will hold on my breath,
I hope, Someday you will come and knock on my doorsteps,
Nothing remains, just poor hope and faith to sustain,
Tonight, I am writing these saddest lines,

What I feel only matters to me,
Everything is falling apart,
Winter’s coming and I see leaves falling apart,
Every breath is poison to inhale,
Without you, my only soul mate

But, I will wait, I will hold on my breath,
Till the day, when I will no longer see sunlight,
I don’t want to wake up lonely, my life,
Well, Well, Well,
Let me say, “Sorry,” If it helps,
I know, I have done nothing which will make you hate,
But, I still will wait, I will hold on my breath,
Thinking you will smile back again,
Come back to your soul mate,
These saddest lines will no longer remain

Women at risk

In response to Nytimes article on title, "Women at risk", Here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Bob,
Nicely written and very good approach toward the violece act of the women.
Actually, Men should understand that, women are same everywhere. The problem with man is not only about showcasing the "manhood" but also the despair, hate, and insufficient care that they get before an act of violence on women.

Women is at risk not only in United States but everywhere. Most of the countries in the world live in the society where Male dominance is far greater than female dominance.

Therefore, women is the one being victim in case of sexual assault, rape and murder.

Being Man, I don't know why? What gives the pleasure to the man to kill an women? Maybe their is psychological problems running down the head of such stupid man who intendeds to perform such an act of violence. One wise man once said, "Most of the man think sex between the legs while dealing with women, they are not concerned about the care, love and scent of emotions and love that women could provide to nurture them."

Well, let me not generalize but I think, when the man thinks being "humiliated" by women, the act of violence comes naturally in their mind.

In each and every part of the world, be it Africa, Developing countries like Nepal, India and Developed world like Europe and America, Women are in News everywhere. Some through the act of violence, sexual assault, crime of one kind or another. One should always ask: Why?

How would society respond when Man will be treated like women are being treated?

I am afraid to imagine the day Mr. Bob, you would be writing the article with title, "Man at Risk"- How would people respond to such news?

One Guru said to me, "Women are like Nature, they take everything so they are called as Universal receivers." I was deeply moved by such wise words of the Guru. If you would put the thinking cap on his statement, actually he is right. Women are really Universal receivers, they take care of you as child being Mother, they take care of you as an adult acting wife, girl friend and they also take care of you when you are old acting like life partner. When would such thinking embed in the Man's mind? Just ask When?

I feel sorry to all those victims especially women who suffered because of an act of Stupid Man who showcased his "Manhood". It feels shame to be a Man sometimes.

I don't know how and by which philosophy Man and Women originated but I know this: Man stands for Universal Giver, Intellectual Mind, and Women stand for Wife of Men, Care giver to man and Universal receiver. Whatever be the case, One should not perform an act of violence towards any living and non-living entities be it a Man or Women.

I am deeply sorry and moved by such an act of violence by Man. I feel as if I would have born not being human but any other species.

I don't know how many literatures of religion and spirituality, people have studied but I would say: "Every religion respects women, be it a bible, Koran and Geeta."

Therefore, Finally I would say- Please respect women, you don't become naive if sometimes, Women shows her talent over you.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Distances, these long distances

Distances, these long distances,
Between you and me,
Distance, these long distances,

Why someone is so closer yet so far?
Why someone is far but yet so close?
Distances, these long distances,

Your feelings, memories, emotions,
Tortures me, these distances,
Distances, these long distances

I won’t live, don’t want to live
If you are not close to me,
Only lies distances
In between us,

Yours and mine, Distances
Distance will someday get shortened,

Why someone is so closer yet so far?
Why someone is far but yet so close?
Distances, these long distances,

Long, very long distances,
Between you and me,
Kill these distances,
Invisible, untouchable,
Distances, these very long distances,

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Quotes and Poem of the day

Dear all,

-"Each man creates the thing he loves,
Some do it with hand,
Some with a flattering words,
The coward does it without effort,
The brave man with a pain in heart."

-"Everybody in the world is criminal, those who are not found guilty have pockets full of money."

-"Life is very long journey which never ends, only thing that comes to an end is destination."

-"Imagine a day without suffering,
Now, imagine a day only with happiness,
Which one is better?Suffering or Happiness,
To most of us, Happiness
Stupid, total stupidness,
Happiness is son of Suffering.
Now, which one is better?"

-"Sometimes it feels as if I am dead,
Sometimes it feels as if I am dead man alive,
When I visit poor countries, it feels as if I am in hell,
Not me, but those who are like me,
I feel pain not for me, but for them,
Not everyone is fortunate enough,
To get pleasure of both heaven and hell,
Being dead at some point and alive at other,
In Mother Nature, Mother Earth alone.
Before complaining, look below yourself
Above is unlimited, below is very limited,
Poor countries, poor life, poor vision,
lies below, deep below
Stop complaining and Help each other !"

God bless you all !

Monday, August 3, 2009


Dear all,

What kind of Poems should I write?
What kind of Songs should I write?
What is favorite, popular, like or,
Dislike, loathed, hated creation?
Because, I know only to write,

Should I copy someone’s creation and say,
I like this poem,
Should I run down my own words and create something for fun,
Simple but Keep it Very simple, Stupid!

You are confused to choose your creation!
Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha…..
Why are you laughing?
You are very simple in words,
Your poem has very simple tone,
You aren’t got any talent in poetry,
Come on, you can’t write poem,
Please go back and write something
Nice, funny, readable and appreciable,

There were Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet,
There was Pablo’s love and despair,
There is Mirza Ghalib poems and difficult verses,
And you, stand nowhere in between legends, my dear!

Shakespeare play got started, Act II, Scene II,
Romeo said, “Good Night, Good night! Parting is such sweet sorrow, that I shall say good night till it be morrow."
Pablo was confused and stated,
“Tonight I will write my saddest lines….”
Mirza Ghalib stated,
“He gave me heaven and earth, and assumed I'd be satisfied,
Actually I was too embarrassed to argue.”
Then comes, a poor boy who says,
Life is like a flowing river, surrounded by sufferings and pain,
Life is like a flowing river, bounded by borders and rain,
Life is like movement of waves in ocean, touched by emotions and stake,
Politics, Science, Religion and Spirituality,
Affirmation, Confirmation, love, hate and distraction,
Life is like flowing river, moves along the sides of pain,
I don’t have rankings of creation,
Sorry but I don’t know how to rate,
What a stupid poem said, a women;
Smiling and laughing loudly in vain,
She continued-
What are you writing without any purpose and reason?
You are not poet neither you will ever become a poet,
You have written something funny but nobody is going to pay any attention,
Write something better and write more, Son!

My favorite lines are not of anyone’s
It is my own stupid creation-

As love brings hope in life,
I have faith in your eyes,
When I look deep into your eyes,

I cannot promise I will live with you hundred years,
I cannot promise I will stand by your hundred years,
I can promise I will always feel closeness,
When I look deep into your eyes,

Whatever be the lines or creation-
I am simple ordinary writer,

Writing is my simplest of simple creation


God bless you all !

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Please stand by me

In the saddest time and deepest fear, please stand by me,
In the moment of loneliness, solitude, wake up with me,
I don’t know love; I will never understand the love,
With thunderstorm and rain, in darkest of the dark evening,
Please stand by me,

In the weakness and moment of changes,
Please stand by me,

I am warrior of the light but I am alone without you, my life,
Please stand by me,

I am fearful of failures, I ain’t got patience,
Please stand by me,

Someone said, “I like to walk in rain because nobody sees me crying’,
In such moment, I want you to please stand by me,

In the sorrows and pain, in the happy and joy moment,
Please stand by me,

Boundaries and cultural differences,
Caste and race difference,
Country, color, words full of pain,
I ain’t got anything except you besides so,
Please stand by me,

Girl said, ‘I am not perfect’, if I betray you and look for change,
Please forgive me; I won’t stand by you any longer,
No, No, Please don’t go away, please don’t kill me alive,
Please do stand by me,

When the time will come for you to go,
I will go away too,
When the time will come for you to fade away,
I will fade away too,
When the time will come for you to leave me alone,
I will no longer live alone,

Whatever be the circumstances, whatever be the situation,
Please do stand by me
Please do stand by me

You have the answers

There are so many questions in life; I have searched for answers in books, friends, and intellectuals and from news and media. Everybody has their own individual perspectives and those opinions can be neither right nor wrong.

My grandfather told me one story he said, “Once upon a time in a village, young married couple were walking with donkey. At first wife sat on donkey and husband walked by her side. Seeing the scene, villages pointed the finger at wife saying, “She is disrespecting her husband by sitting on the donkey.” Husband agreed with villagers. After walking few miles, wife insisted husband to sit on the donkey. The villagers dishonored husband for allowing her wife to walk in the blaring heat. After receiving ridiculed comments from villagers, husband decided to walk along the donkey and wife. After walking again few miles into another village, villagers laughed at couple for not using donkey for the support. Now, the couple decided both to sit on the donkey thinking this will satisfy the villagers. After few miles, villagers felt pity on donkey for carrying couple and luggage. Now after so much of guilt, couple decided to purchase stick and rope to carry donkey, the couple now decided to carry donkey in the stick and rope, after they had entered the final village, villagers laughed hysterically at couple.

How many times do we have to make adjustment to live our life? To conduct work, to make decisions and to make changes. Although the intentions maybe great but who is the right judge? You, you are the best judge of your own decisions and circumstances. Listen deep into you, your feelings and know even if you are at the verge of making wrong decisions, this might serve you the next point in life. A wise man has said, “Through the ladder of failures, success comes and there is never shortcut to happiness.” Before we urge ourselves to visit expert, friends, books and intellectuals for answer- even these authors don’t have the right answer for anyone than their own selves. What feels right for you and seems logical could be the right answer coming from deep within. The answer which comes from you is made for you and would best fit for you.

Feeling of happiness lies in moving ahead, whereas feeling of anxiety lies in stopping in the crossroad, confused. Whatever comes into the human mind gets converted into images and the images have personal perspectives, interpretations and are based on individual experiences. Whether you want to listen to those interpretations or follow your own is best known by you and only you. Finally, a friend asked, “Who has the answers?” Laughingly, I said, “You, my dear friend, simply you.”

Fear and Courage

Fear and Courage

I walked in the moon but I feared to walk in rain,
I had courage to shake hands with lion,
I feared to unknowingly kill ants,

I walked lonely in darkest nights and in cold winter,
I feared hate, discrimination and racial divide,

I had courage to talk with leaders,
I feared to maintain the exposure,

I had courage to become supreme being,
I feared followers begging me instead,

I had courage to jump from mountain,
I feared height and shallowness,

I had courage to bring change,
I feared critics all around me,

Anyways, thank you so much for giving me courage
My all dear well-wisher and friends,

I have courage to deliver one more poem,
I fear rejection from readers and poet

But I will not fear to wake up,
with hope, with love and with passion
A curiosity and devotion,

To deliver one more poem
Stating, “Fear and Courage”

Happy happy days to all
You need, “Courage, Persistence and 3D’s”
Determination, Dedication and Devotion

O child, Take Care and Bless you with love…


God bless you all !

Saturday, August 1, 2009

Anger has its place

In response to aricle at Nytimes on title, "Anger Has Its Place", here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Bob,
Very nice article on those who suffer because of color of skin in United States of America.

Well said, it is true that many of those who suffer are blacks or Hispanic and one question always runs in those simple mind: Why me?

Why do all those cops have to be so much suspicious about whose color of the skin is black?

Anger comes very easily when you feel you are discriminated in your own land. This is very true, it is not easy like sitting in front of the computer screen and writing columns. (Giving intellectual insights).

I hope you haven't gone through what you have explained in your article. Just go through so called 'investigation' which is rather like 'mentally distressful' to all those who are victim in such cases.

Change has not yet come to America even though you have African American President, Mr. Obama.

How can Change come to America if your Black man are still victims of racial discriminations?

The dream of Martin Luther King Jr., has been half fulfilled and I would say, in his words,-"Discrimination is a hellhound that gnaws at Negroes in every waking moment of their lives to remind them that the lie of their inferiority is accepted as truth in the society dominating them."

It is sad that still their lies the White Vs Black fight, which give me the feeling to say that, "Change has not yet come in America" !

I hope our future generations would one day wake up in the united undiscriminated, changed land.

Friday, July 31, 2009

Dear God

Dear all,

Dear God
Dear God, I am born and I am conscious,
I learn new things when I go to study,
I am just seven years old and I have a fear,
Dear God, why I have this fear?

Fear of going to school, facing the teacher who is in mood,
Fear of my family, my dad who wants me to become engineer or doctor,
Fear the girl, whom I met in the school,
To impress her, to buy her a lovely house,
Fear of my life which I see will someday collide,
Fear of living in total emptiness and dark inside,

Dear God, I am born and I am conscious,
What is all that matters? In the end,
I am just ordinary normal child,
How can I overcome these fears?
Should I start all over and say, “None of these matters”,
Or, Should I live the way I really want my life to live,

How about my own dreams? If I have them,
Yes, I do-
I want to write,
Yes, I want to give, share and make my audience, who will survive,
Even after my death, even after their death,
But, Dear God, how can I overcome all these fears?

Somebody said, “You got to lose something to gain”,
What if, I will not be able to deliver?
What if, I could not become engineer or doctor to fulfill the dreams of my family?
What if, I could not impress my girl and somebody will take her away,
What if, I will still be fearful?
Of their dreams, of society, of my teacher and,
Of each and everything,

Dear God, I am born and I am conscious,

Let it go, I will start over to see-
What matters most? To me,
I am becoming more selfish, living life of individuality,
I want to put ‘my’ in every thing instead,
I will start over again to fight with this fear,
I will fight,
Fight with fear of society, of family, of my girl, of my teacher,
I will stand out alone
Winner or loser, I will walk on my own,
Dear God, I am born and I am conscious

God bless you all !

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Lost the will to live, lost the will to work,
lost the will to walk alone anymore,
lost in translation, lost in doom,
What are humanly blessings?

Can't stay any more here,
Can't walk alone without any love,
Should I get drowned in cold water?
Should I walk in rain?

Faded in darkness, every now and then,
Fear of society, fear of family,
fear of loved ones,
Everything is bounded, rules and rules,

Interaction and stupid reactions,
everybody's playing drama in this heavenly stage in action,
Act 1, born get your conciousness first,
Scene 1, go to school, learn stupid lessons,
Act 2, move to live individual life,
Scene 2, find love or pretend you are in love,
Act 3, Work and get retired, produce and reproduce,
Scene 3, Give lessons to children, grandchildren
Final Scene, Die, Die, Die....

Drama, a total stupid drama-
Acting like a puppet in the stage,
Everything's bounded and everybody is an actor

Lost the will to live, lost the will to work,
lost the will to walk alone anymore,
lost in translation, lost in doom,