Wednesday, April 25, 2012

On studying abroad or not

My very close friend went to UK for his undergraduate studies very recently. I had mixed reactions over his departure. First, I felt sad, simply because I lost one very close friend from my neighborhood. Secondly, I felt happy for his future career and cognizance that he might gain from foreign studies. Thirdly, I too felt like doing the same.

A very recent news report cites that more than one thousand people depart for foreign countries every day from Nepal. Well, that is a huge number, isn’t it? Maybe my friend is one among them. Given the situation in Nepalese villages, nobody seems to want to stay back home. Everybody is searching for safety, security, high-paid jobs, and various services (with no power-cuts, water problem, lack of security, privacy, and medical or health benefits). Therefore, I would rather not decry ordinary people or my dear friend. In-fact, such a trend seems to be growing more each day.

Twenty years ago, people use to ask their children, “What will you do, when you grow up?” They were much likely to choose a high adept profession such as “doctors and engineers”. Today a kid replies, “I would rather study abroad in UK/USA.” Based on my informal observation, apparently a trend of sending your kids abroad for study is also rapidly growing in my poor little neighborhood. The only downside is that I am left alone with very few friends to play cricket with. There is no such thing called, “free-lunch.” 

To study in US/UK, one has to pay large sums of tuition fees/college fees, in pounds and dollars. I think, it is like gambling with one’s life. If you are successful, then you will be rewarded with a foreign degree, which might provide you a secure job for your lifetime. However, not all this works in your favor. In my neighborhood, as I see it, some uncle and aunties are building their backyards/ homes. They boast that their children have sent a handful of cash in US dollars or pounds, which are many times more than the Nepalese currency, how is that?

My grandfather used to say, “Money can’t buy you happiness but it buys you some luxury which in-turn bestows some limited pleasure.” Well, I do not know whether I too will join my very close friend to study in UK but I do know for now that life is not like “bed of roses.” To be honest, my dear friend, I love my neighborhood so much so that I will not be able to join you in UK. There may be an inner desire but weighing the pros and cons it would be better to stay back in this humble setting to be near with the family. Good luck to you my dear friend, and all who are thinking to travel abroad for pursuing further studies.

Published: The Himalayan Times

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Trayvon Martin and Limitation of Man Made Law

Don't you ever judge people with color, creed, race, clothes, behavior, lifestyle, and whatnot? We as human beings are very quick in judging our fellow humans. We can get trap into dogma and believing that everything what we do is good and what others are doing to us is bad. Before making any political judgment about others, we need to understand where do we stand. There have been recent examples of political pundits all fighting over the case of Trayvon Martin.
I don't know whether you have heard about this case, but this case has bought national outrage in United States (A country where they feel proud of their judicial system); but not anymore.
A black teenager gets killed by some local watchdog. How? Why? When? Where? All these questions are based on human curiosity. Like everybody else, I too was curious to find out the answers. The most curious are the parents of the 17 yr old teenager. They have not had an answer yet simply because the law that human made is under close scrutiny ("stand your ground") law. Under this law, a person has rights to kill anyone and claim that he was defending himself/herself. What a law? Wow. The borderline is if someone comes to attack you inside your house, then you might defend yourself by using this law but if someone goes outside to buy "bag of skittles and iced tea" then you are not allowed to kill that very person. But, this can only happen in "United States of Amnesia."
Come on dudes, we all are human beings and someday we all have to die. There is no point to deny the fact that we shall live forever. There is also no denial of the fact that it will be hard for the killer to sustain living because the dead is already gone. Here, the living person (George Zimmerman) will have more nightmarish life then a dead (Trayvon Martin).
The country which proclaims to be the land of diversity and great nation has fallen apart. This case is nothing. There are many other cases where the racial divide is bought to popularize the human syndrome of injustice, divide, and so-so.
Our 15 minute fame syndrome has become reality nowadays. Thousands of YouTube videos have been created and thousand of article have been written here. However, I think this case and many other only suggest that "we are limited in our own understanding of making man-made laws"; we are limited in appreciating the human life; we have become morons; killers (They have taught us to love violent video games and kill enemies besides that we see the examples of this in real life). As a human being we must be responsible for our "action"; whatever we do, think, feel, love,... we must be responsible for that. If we are not responsible for our action, then we are slowly and gradually changing ourselves into devolution (we might go back into our caves, someday).
In a country where there are large ammunition and gun industry run, undoubtedly this is just a beginning of new era (where people will stand their color, clothes (e.g. hoodies here has been popularized), and whatnot.
Do we stand in the top of mountains? Of course, we do not stand on the top of mountains. We stand on the top of this mother earth. On this very earth, we are never alone. There is the wide range of diversity all across our borders and throughout us. There is variety in what we do; there is variety in what we wear; there is variety in what we think; or the way in which we spend our lives in this planet. Now, you see the man-made law is falling apart. This has to change.
Even if the teenager were responsible to scuffle with this neighborhood watchdog man, he has no authority to take someone's life. Who gave him such authority? This neighborhood watchdog overestimated and thought that, "This teenager looked suspicious." What for? Looking suspicious is the sign of judging (without an authority and killing contemporary human being is brutal crime).
Stop killing and start loving each other. Stop judging and start appreciating. Stop giving personal judgments over a human death and start reflecting on human soul. Stop being a victim of power control and "military-industrial complex."

Monday, April 9, 2012

Facebook addiction

Like it or not, this is going to be terrible
few lines that you are going to read
Not because I don’t know how to write
But, because you don’t feel like it, do you? (I don’t think so)

Like a sleepy young man typing in front of his computer
In late Easter spring morning
Like a lonely wife awaiting for his man to arrive
And is begging that he should someday
develop hate-hate relationship
With [this] tiny screwy machine of some sort

But, you know this is not going to happen, right?
Yes, you know this is not happening
since this young man is 
Suffering, maybe each one of us are also 

Sunday, April 1, 2012

The Secret

I saw an empty box, inside another box
Ten thousand miles, scribbled on its top;
And to my amaze ’twas greenly washed out
As I started to touch it
’Twas sighing away from me
Like a mystery showering machine of some sort
Revealing herself