Monday, March 31, 2008

Creators and Creation

Creation is an art, creators are the legends and creation takes lot of brain, I do not know how can you say one is creator as I do not see the any proper definiton that suits to fit in my this article.

How many of you will agree we are the creators of our own sufferings ? We suffer because we create those suffering for us. How many of you will agree we are the creators of our Uniqueness and we are the one to be given honours.

Creation is beauty, see the creation of the world, nature, women, sky, earth, technology so on and so forth. See means you got to see and see it through your eyes. After you see something what do you ever think ?

Seeing will give you the image in your mind, this image will try to find some meaning. When your mind tries to find the meaning of what you see then the description of the image is stored by your brain cells.

As the number of brain cells cannot be counted or is almost impossible to measure. Imagine how much of information one can store.
Every event, every people you meet, every speech, every sound and almost whatever you did in past will be stored. It is the creation of making your brain a storage machine.

Politics will never lead to peace. The aim of playing politics is to bring violence, to tell people that "I am the best" My country is "Best", My party is "Best". It will create difference and it will always create the difference. What will then create the peace ?

It goes by saying that Peace cannot be created nor can it be destroyed. We already are in peace. We are in peace but our needs do not let us live in peace. Our basic needs are creating violence too. For our basic needs we want to "get" something which result in our inner violence. For example food, shelter, clothers, fashion wear etc.

Can any one tell me what is innovation ? People think and say that innovation is art, innovation is creation but it is totally different. Creation is far bigger than Innovation. Innovation is result of human, creation is result of before human. If I would say that Alien gave rise to creation- Every body will laugh at me. !

Creation is the result of producing something outstanding, simple and elegant. It is not for purpose, it is not for cause, it is not for well-being, but it is result of huge constrution, work and hard labor. It is the drops of blood which give rise to creation. It is the effort you put each and every time to think that results in creation. It is by the virtue of your brain cells trying to struglle. When your brain cells struggle they collide with other brain cells and they form a statement. The medium for two brain cells to communicate with each other is nothing. It is empty.

I am not a biologist but I think these brain cells mate with other brain cells to give rise a pieace of information to you.
Creation and creators will always exit and will live as long as earth will live.They do not want to tell who they are, It is because they are far ahead than any human beings existing in this planet. Creators will be hidden, creation will be shown. Without Creation you will be dull, your mind will be dull, you will never progress and entire earth will be dull, unstable, immovable and blast like an atomic bomb.

It is creators who are driving the earth to 24 hr circle. Creators are movable and They make entire earth movable. Welcome to land of creators.

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Sunday, March 30, 2008

We are ahead !

Welcome to one of the must visit country in the world. It is the beauty of Nature, creation of creator to show his creation itself. It is one of the places in earth where one should at least once visit or should have a dream to visit. It is called as "world of its own". The desire and destination of men can be different and journey is the most precious aspect which leads you to either of them. Today In west, people are trying to find some alternative to fuels, we have already started our campaign long back. We are ahead in future not because we lack oil or we have to battle to gain it. It is because we are saving energy. Imagine a situation where you have to stay eight hours without electricity. Imagine it now for your city for example New York City or Los Angles or California. Well, the imagination does not seem to be imaginative and it really seems stupid but if such think happens what will be your alternatives? We are far behind in global economy, we are regarded as third world, we come from place where people have no money to buy food but they will have smile to show you that we are happiest people in the planet. According to global happy index we are quite ahead in this context. Stop; do not go away we also are ahead in time. The yet new year for our country is around the corner. We are reaching to 2065 B.S. Comparatively we are quite far away living in third world at least in dates. Beauty lies in eyes of beholder. You have to come and visit country full of beauty to believe your eyes and ears that Nepal is happy country in Global World. We do not have Nuclear weapons, we do not have mind blowing economy, infrastructure and capital incomes but one thing we have- Peace. The country is progressing with its own political assembly poles and the leaders are leading it for the well being of country and society. Every country would have version of "this is mine, not yours". Our history always reminds us that we are from the land of "Buddha, and Highest peak in world called Mount Everest". We also are from the land of those brave "Veterans, Ghorkhali who fight not only for their own home land but still doing military services in many Western worlds. It will also be noted that we are different as each country is different. See the flags of all the countries you will surely see why you must come to visit country of rich Natural resources. We have never been ruled nor will be ruled despite being in between two giants in South Asia, India and China. We are separating two giants Nation in not only in South Asia but soon emerging to become super power countries. Nature is one of finest aspect and has huge potential for coming generation of scientist, economist, researchers and entire human beings to look forward to in coming years. We are not quite well prepared for it; it will be too late when we would realize that we have been affected by its Unexpected Nature. We are ahead in learning from Nature only because we are very close to it. Imagine a situation where you do not have to in contact with any one for week and you have been given your personal privacy, security and respect as if you are GOD. In Bible it is said that, "It took six days for GOD to make this planet and seventh day he rested". If I would be given an opportunity to ask a question I would ask where GOD did went on the seventh day. The answer is question itself, he took rest but where? Nepal. Visit and see with your own eyes. It is the New Year celebration happening in one corner of globe where all other corners are having busy working life. Welcome to visit Nepal for its cultural heritage, future technology which is the “Power of Green” as said by Thomas Friedman.

America is preparing for the alternatives to find the solution from environment; we are finding how we can get more close to it. The world is yours only when you think world as one single entity. We have more than 200 countries divided according to power of religion, politics, economy and global infrastructure so on and so forth however, we forget that we are humans with one the one common dimension, color (may be different because of adaptation according to environment) , ability to think, and sensitive to emotions. We think we are close to Nature and Nature teaches us thousand plus one lessons in one day, nothing comes easy to it as nothing comes easy to us. Let us make it one not by dividing it into pieces for smaller cause but for the unexpected behavior of Nature for far greater cause than we can even imagine.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Why you are Finnish ?

The Finland, lands of finns where every finns are very close to Nature. Now, Can any one other than Finnish People think they too are Finnish ?. Yes, This is what I think. You are also finnish if you have "sisu" I don't know the English meaning of this word built in inside you.

The meaning of this word is very simple.As simple as it can get, it simply says that you do what you say or think you will do. As far as my understanding, it is like if you say something than you do that thing. Now, How many of us do such activities ? We say something and we do something else. We often forget what we said a moment ago. Their is thousands of media footage about the Finland and depressing Nature of Coutry but None of the gentleman has ever thought why ?

The reason is the reason itself. What do you do to earn a trust or build a relationship. I would say the most important aspect in relationship is either you have to be a man of the words or you will no longer will have good relationship. To build Trust between two people the basic stuff is to be the man of your words. I would say Finnish People are exactly that.

If you mean it, then only you should say it. If you do not mean it why should you waste your energy. Just be silent. Just live with your-self. We may talk bigs, make loud cries or have great speech on our future, our past or what so ever but What I personally think you are wasting your time speaking all nonsense. You have all the knowledge in world to build Rockets, Big explosive bombs and what so ever but you do not have common sense to understand that our feets should always be in earth not in sky.

The last sentence is important and these will tell you why you are Finnish. It is not because you don't say "I love you !" Why should you ? Just tell me, its like routine- You follow it every day, you say it even you do not mean it. It have become routine and you are just following the routine.

Every thing is boring when it becomes routine. Expereice something new, learn from the beauty of nature. Nothing is stable in Nature itself. Why should it be ? It shows great different pattern in sky every day just to say that I am different than yesterday, It has so many different colors , so many different climate and so many things that my words limit them to tell you.

Nature will tell you that you have to become strong, at the same time you have to be emotional, you have to weep, you also have to laugh, sing by the singing of birds, wind will tell you you also should flow with time and as per own habit, flow with me, rain will teach you that you need to wash your dirt whenever you feel you are dirty. Washing of dirt does not mean only your skin but to your soul.

Imagine your life, it is just like a vehile. It needs the drive and the drive here What I personally believe is Nature. We are build from it, we cannot live without it and we will die for it oneday ! Welcome to Nature God.

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Natural Finland

Early staurday morning waking up with the hope to see the hope giving rise to your body. Words are only the factor that comes in my mind. These words are infinite these words are connected some how to give the meaning to the sentence. I do not know how to put it.

When you have so many things to talk about you often fall in the trap of saying very little about one thing. It is good to know and learn the technology, I was reading a book yesterday from Thomas L. Friednan "The world is flat". From the pages that I fliped, I found that globalization has really leveled the field in economics, education, engineering, Inforamation Technology, and so on.

Today morning Me and My friend had some sweet discussion about how the Finnish People are close to nature and their are more than a person can count in numbers, about the lesson we can learn from Nature. "We are close to Nature". This is what he said. We all like Nature very much. I believe Nature is what we have to think about.

Today we are in the age where we are Number One in Technology are we are making good progress in every other fields but can we control the nature. Can we say that "Hey, Tsunami do not come". Can we say that, "Hey Volcano do not errupt". The falling of rain, the snow and the unexpected nature of Nature is next big thing we have to take care of. We cannot control it but we can definetly learn from it.

Nature is all about learning. Nature is about learning your nature close to Nature itself is very nice. If you can see with one eyes the distance, you will see the same distance with the both of your eyes.
Only thing is that we need to see it. If we are not able to see the beauty how can we describe it ? If we cannot see the beauty of Nature how can we say about it. I think its not only seeing you have to give all your senses to Nature, Nature will give you all its sense to you.

Welcome to Learn Nature in Finland !

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Friday, March 28, 2008

Good, Kid and Women

The last friday of the week, or the month. Friday is good day why ? It is good for many people around the world because every body is relaxex, every body think well, Next day we don't have to go to office again. It is good day for those who also think well- We have a holiday tomorrow !

Good is not the day but your mood, good is not the stuffs. If we put good in every objects around us we will feel good. I believe in the statment and I truly support the statement too. Did I do the research on the above statement. If you ask me- I would say yes.

Good day, Good morning, Good afternoon, Good meal, Good dance, Good sex, Good article, Good relationship , and so on. We some how do not do it like I said. Why ?
We do not do it because we want to differentiate and we would rather say, This is good, that is bad. Good should be attached in your mouth. I saw a kid yesterday he was smiling just like a sweet good kid would do after seeing a stranger.

I waved a hand at him and he thought for a while but soon he also waved a hand to me saying bye bye. The connection between me and the stranger kid did not took long. It just too few seconds. See, How it is easy to make the relationship, See the connection. Wow ! This is called the relationship. We can easily make the relationship not only it but a good relationship where we smiled together, we knew each other in just few seconds and we waved hand to each other to say good bye only because we knew we are going different places.

Let the kid do what he wants, Let him decide what is good for him and what is bad for him. Let him judge himself, let him fall down, let him wake up, let him do what he think is good for him. If you will ask the kid not to do some stuff, the kid would do it. The kid wants to know, wants to find out, discover and innovate.

Do not stop him, embrass him, encourage him, let him decide and do what he wants to do. Leave him to his own. Somewhat similars are the girls too. Opposite are the girls-When you want to get close to them, they will run away from you. Their mind does not allow to think more than Sex. Their thinking directly leads to the thinking that "this person -WANTS- ..." from me. It is so narrow thinking.

Let all the women in world disagree with me but I do not care because this is the reality for women. The women will always neglect or try to avoid you if she is an total stranger and you go close to her. Women give birth to kids but women are opposite of kids in the level of thinking they perceive.

Why do they behave in such a way ? They behave in such manner because they are afraid, they think they will loose the most precious thing they have. They think in a way they should not think.

As the matter of the fact, Women will always be women. Let it be stands exactly true in case of them. Sometimes we try to get what we want but we do not often get what we want only because our want is some body's loss.

Have a good weekend !

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Thursday, March 27, 2008

Mr. X and Miss Y

Life, desires , women and our own values are very huge aspects and subject. What I believe is "Desire of men ends in between the legs of women whereas desire of women ends in between the arms of men."

Suppose, I want to talk with one girl let's give her name Miss Y. Now, Slowly and gradually we talk, we chat, we share our values, we share emotions, we laugh, we walk to get something from each other. Walk in a sense we progress in our relationship. Now, What happens if the desire of Men is unfulfilled, or even he things that it is no longer going to be fulfilled. Should he carry on with the relatinship ? Should he talk with the girl or should he just be in the relationship just carry on like that. Mr. X starts thinking. His feeling is of not what Miss Y might assume "want" of skin but "want" to have a relationship lasting till the end of life.

What will happen if either Miss Y or Mr. X is married ? I do not have answer to this question. Some people might even think that Love is all about giving, love is sacrifise and ... but To them if you think this as a love, My dear friend you don't know what love is. If you think "sex" as love what would define you ?

Why are we in a trap, Going back to story, What happens if Mr. X stops talking with Miss Y and Miss Y wants to talk with Mr. X. Miss Y will always think that she has done some mistake which might have hurted Mr. X but is it so ? Is that Mr. X is hurted. I think he is not. Miss Y will again think that he wants to escape from Miss Y. Is it so, well I don't think so.

If you like some one and if that some one is a Male, please be positive about it. Give him a call and say that "I love you"- If you do not like that Person and "want" to fulfill your desire then leave him. Do not worry about what will happen to that person. But again, if you just want to have simple relationship and do not want to have either desire or love then just be cool, normal and clear about it. If you do not have either of above then forget him.

Mr. X is not escaping from Miss Y, Mr. X is not trying to "avoid" Miss Y but Mr. X has got something that all men do. It is good to say "sorry" but sorry is just a word and "E should always stands for Efforts not for "Excuses". If you want to be in a relationship atleast.

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Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nature, Desire and Destination

The nature of wind is to blow, the nature of water is to cool, the nature of sun is to glow, the nature of sky is to show and the nature of nature itself is Natural. Every entitty living in the earth has some kind of nature. Some sorts of natural phenomenon which makes then different.

Women fall into the darkness of trap of desire and destination. Can someone please suggest me what is the nature of Women ? Ask a women, Even she does not know. Ask the professor who is teaching women behaviour, even he will not give the exact or correct answer. The nature of women is desire and destination which fals into unknown mysterious land and some women goes to pick desire mostly but some they pick destination.

I was reading an article by PETE MacDONALD "Mom its me, your son, finally" Which describes a true virtue of being a women and being "alone". I don't know if it will be right or wrong to say that women are those sorts of animal who needs either constant support of Man or Man's trust.

I believe every women in this planet needs both-support( legally, financially, socially, emotionally, family+lly etc ). I am not saying this is the fact and I know no one will believe me if I say so, only because I am alive. People give credits to other people only when they are dead. When they are alive no one will or try to give the credits.

I, the very self or I is something which always demands of you all the time. It asks you that you have to do this, you have to do that and so on.Talking about desires and destination we never know what is our destiantion or what might be our destination only because we are living in destiny. How can we predict the things ? Can some one tell me that I know what is going to do next but the output will be exactly the same as I wish, not barely output but "goin to do" will be "done".

How can people be sure that they can handle their life, they are the best and they are the creator of their sufferings. We cannot. We cannot determine what is going to happen or who is going to do what. We are just like a random particle constantly in motion, meeting together, sharing values, emotion, interest and falling apart. We are vast sea of ocean deep unfulfilled with emptiness.

Some times it makes me feel that we are always a player or the script which is given to us. We do what people called GOD tells us to do. We are playing the script written by some one else.

Now, to end the start of un-interesting and boring words let me tell you that we are not what we think we are and we think we are only because we are not what we should be. Don't get confused. It might look confusing but the confusion comes in your mind only because the words enter inside your brain and these words are difficult in your brain to process. Your brain is limited as people think my brain(bheja) is. We invented the computers which can do thousand task and we are creating program which can make computer do thousand stuffs but at the same time we are loosing one aspect which people might not agree with me- We are loosing what we are destined to do most. We are loosing "our brain".

Brain and Mind is two different things which can be discussed later. I hope you got the point of this article the point is- Don't worry be cool, calm and relax ! Enjoy what you like most. Do what you feel good and listen to your inner (GOD). Don't fall into trap of listening too much of only him. Control him rather than he controlling you.

More to come ... I don't know when ...

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Tuesday, March 25, 2008


Life is all about doing,We do, We do and We do ! Don't be afraid by seeing the 3 repetitive lines stating the word "we do". The time when we realize the fact that we have to "do" the time we will feel that we are living.

If we observe our parents, we see that they are always doing something. They too are engaged in some work, they won't bother about their ages. They might be very old and they might seem stupid to many of us but they are engaged in doing. Till birth to the death. Have you ever thought why ? Why are we doing rather than not sitting idle just like that.

We are doing only because we cannot be stable. We are movable animals we move from one place to another in search of food, sanitation, health, etc When we move from one place to another it means we are "moving" Now, you might think "moving" is different from "doing". It is same not literally but yeah it is same. You are doing first and moving next. "Doing" comes in your brain. It asks you to move from one location to next and english term you say you are moving rather than doing only because your grammer should be correct.

The very first lesson of life is to do. Next lesson I have not figure out yet. Life is difficult only because we see it in difficult way. Our vision, perception and mindset determines the day. One day you are doing something next day you are doing somethind different. Every day every body is doing something. This little effort of every individual living in the country, Makes the country to do something. We are pulling our country. It is like big ball and it needs effort of "doing" my its men for it to progress or move.

If one person feels lazy, he will make thousand of them lazy. This is the situation in the many developing countries. You got to be enthusiastic. You have to realize the fact of "doing". However, their are many consequences of what is reality and what is virtual world. To sum up, Wake up and start doing the things you like the most. It is never late and it will never be late !

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Monday, March 24, 2008


HOw is the word try linked with the interest ? Now, People usually say that you got to try something before you know something. How do you suppose to do this- Can you try by yourself to know or do you ask for the help of others ?

Try is to hope that you will succeed doesn not merely is the success that will be the result of the input you put into but some times might also result in failure. How is the it linked with the interest ?

What I think is that Try is the first thing you get into if you really are interested in doing something. Doing also means that you got to fight, you got to really work hard and you have to take all the initiatives to make it happen. It does not matter if people tell you that you are addicted. You are into the pond.

If some one say's to you that you are addicted do not hesitate as long as you know the conneciton and you see the connection between the pond and your life. If a fish is living in a pond will you tell the fish is addicted ? Obviously not !

Try is something related with your mind. What is goin on in the today's world is computer memory is becoming cheap at the same time human mind. We are being dull and we are soon going to be ruled by the machines. The days are not very far.

If we do not stop controlling the things which are contolling us one day it will control you. Try is something which is link with your persoanlity which is link with the path or road to success but the dark side of the road does not seem visible, It will only be seen visible only when we stop wearing the black glassess from our face.

Try to make what you desire, try to achieve as we often do try to "test" your skills and try to achieve the end result. The desire or satisfaction comes only when you overcome the path of try.

Good luck !

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Research your-self.

Mr. X is far from Miss Y. He has a desire, desire to see her but that is not possible. They are both very far from each other. The geographic boundary separates both of them. They want to meet, see, feel, hear and taste each other but some how they could not do so.

The presence of one person close to or feeling of one person being close to you can not be acheived. Scientifically do not exist today. Researchers are working on it and It will take them thousand of years before they will come up with some ideal implementation.

The significance of such activitiy is really remarkable if can be achieved. Mr. X do not have to travel to see Miss Y. Imagine such thing happening in near future. Wow, Their are thousand of negative points also which comes into consideration while making such system. Some of them are "will it really be like the reality ?" Again, It will also how we define the term reality. What is reality ? All our senses working in tact. Is this a reality ? If we say that all our sense can work in tact then we define the term that we are "alive".

We define the term "death" only when none of our sense are in tact, or are not working. We cannot smell, taste, see, hear,feel etc.(if their are any more). This definition is very old and traditional we need to change it. Why ? We all individual are not dead. Whoever borns in this planet are not dead. It is us who define that "that person is dead".

Don't get excited. It only means that our sense are not working. that's it. We all are alive. how can i say that ? We are alive, only problem is that our sense do not work. The problem is that we can bring a person from death phase to alive phase but that is very easy task but it won't be suitable or good or for well being of society.

The cycle continues and cycle will continue as long as we name the word as "cycle". Which means "circle", continuity, movement etc.. Researchers should not concentrate on how a person can be bring to life after death but they should concentrate on why our sense do not work ? What is the reason that we become immobile and our sense stop working ? It is my way of giving you the path. Their will be difficulties in walking the path and it is good, more of these difficulties comes, sooner you will reach home.

Research is findings, research is knowing, understanding, well-being, thinking about society, people, for the world, It is good that we have already taken the path of good. If we think something is good, if we imagine and put this in our mind or if we have impact of "good" we will forget "bad".

I don't know I started with one but I again went on to describe something which might not be useful to many. However, Mr. X can only meet Miss Y if Miss Y wants to meet Mr.X and vice versa. Mr. X will not have geographical boundary with Miss Y only if both do not see the difference in time. Mr. X will see, feel, taste, smell, hear Miss Y only if Miss Y will do the same to Mr.X.

To sum up, we are dual, biased, we always talk about "two", first lets find out "one" then we can jump to find out "two". Which means know yourself, know who you are, try to find out your self, you as a human first then only you will some how manage to find out others person as human too.

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Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lesson from a movie.

I was watching a movie yesterday, I learn a quite a good lesson from this movie. The movie is all about the relationship especially in east. That part of world where women are treated minority, where women are dominated highly by males. Not actually dominated but Male has higher advantage then Women.

The movie was about one sweet couple.These two couple were very nice to each other. They were happy in their life, married also had a small daughter of their own. The guy in the movie is a lecturer in a university. His survives and gets his basic stuffs by giving lecturers and earns which is just enough for a family. The Female in the movie seems not so satisfied with what they have, things they have in their home. The stuffs she wants to are missing because of lack of money.

One day she goes to buy a pair of shoes for her daughter what happens is the pair of shoes were little bit expensive then she expected. She decides not to buy them but one fat women who was present in the shop lends her some money to buy the shoes. She takes it. Now, That old fat women takes her to her place, shows her the city with big malls, and outstanding beauty of whole city. Later she takes her to her apartment and she calls her customer to get involved with her. The lady could not stop her and she does the mistake of being involved with the another Men.

Now, The sequence of movies goes on like this way. Every now and then the old fat women comes her home or asks her to satisfy her customer in big hotels, big malls and apartment. The story goes on. Since the girl is married and do not want to live her husband because they are living very happy life. The girl do not wants to hurt her husband somehow but could not tell her about the whole situation she is going through. She satisfies her daughter by buying small things that previously she somehow could not buy it for financial reasons and so on.

Now, One day one of the student of the lecturer sees the lecturer's wife in the big hotel. She then wants to know what is going through. What happens is, The women tells her story to this student and the student manages to tell about the this story to the lecturer in indirect way. She ask the lecturer about "what will happen or what will be the end of such story". The lecturer says- Many things can happen, It all depends, depends upon the kind of person, the person might divorce her, might kill her, might get angry and will not contact her forever and so on but he also says that their will be one person who will ignore her ignorance. That person will not forget but he will give the excuse.

That type of person will understand the situation about the women and her life. He will feel what women is going through, he will understand that- depsite being a whore or satisfying the fat women customers she is also managing household chores without showing her difficulty. That kind of person will also exits.

The students learns the lessons and at the same time the wife of the lecturer also understands what her husband was trying to say.They all are in one common room discussing about this story which the student some how indirectly says to the lecturer. During the night period, the women of lecturer appreciates the answer he gave to her student. Now she puts the question and asks weather he will give the excuse if the women was not somebody else but herself.

Lecturer knew what her wife was up to, they both start making love and the story ends. Lecturer does not replies with the answer, it means he have already given the excuse. Wow !

Relationship is not only about sex, not only about the sharing the skin with each other. Love cannot be described, it is not smell, it is not the answer to the question we ask about the love.Love is not so simple at the same time it is not so difficult. Love is the statement of question which has been remained unanswered for ages and will remain unanswered ...

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Friday, March 21, 2008

Easter, Holi & Eid Mailad u Nabi

From today onwards, Easter festival is going to be celebrated. The festival which is observed by christens, the main theme is to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus. The 2008 date for the celebration is on March 23 (Western) and April 27(Easter).The egg hunts and gift giving is especially celebrated in USA and Canada whereas the family get together, religion services are also celebrated.

Next Fesitval which is very common in Nepal and India is (Hindi: होली), or Phagwa (Bhojpuri), It is a popular, Hindu spring festival, also called the Festival of Colours. In West Bengal, it is known as Dolyatra (Doljatra) or Boshonto Utsav ("spring festival").

Another Occasion is Eid Mailad u Nabi is birth day of HOLY PROPHET HAZRAT MUHAMMAD (SAW), t is most happiest day for whole Muslim Ummah. it is in Muslim month of RABI UL AWAL from ISLAMIC CALENDAR and date is 12 RABI UL AWAL.

"we should be very careful about using some phrases like "All of the Muslims" or "The happiest day of the year". To be more clear, just for your information, I should say that the believers of a big branch of Islam don't believe in this day (Rabi o Aval 12th) as their prophet's birthday. they believe on Rabi o Aval 17th. In addition, there are many parameters that affect selecting one's happiest day of the year, for example some personal reasons like wedding anniversary or some national reasons. For example I also like today as one of the most happy day of the year not for any religious reason but as 21th of March that is ONE of the most historical celebration in human's history named Nowrouz. This is the biggest national Persian celebration. "

(Feeds from :Mohammadhadi Bordbar)

One thing is very common in all these occasions and they are celebrated during this time of year. Why are they celebrated during this time of year all of the three ? What is the reason that Prophet has to born on the same time or during the same period resurrection of Jesus. Why the Holi festival in Asia is celebrated during the same time when their is arrival of spring in west. It is not wrong or it is nothing negative in doing so but the million dollars question is it shows unlike our religion we are same.

We may have different religion, we may follow our own God and Goddess, religion, culture, festivals and so on however, we are the same ! We are same in a sense we are humans. Many of us have forgotten the fact that we are "First Humans" and then "Next-...." We are fighting for land, some one is fighting for money, others do not have peace, many of them do not have food to eat, no houses, buildings, poor deteriorating health etc. Why don't we group together and help each other some how. Why don't we give the help to those who are in need ? It is only because we think that If I have a one penny, when I will give this penny to other - that person will be one penny rich and I will be one penny poorer. It is not like that. If you have one penny that means you have many such penny.

Their are two types of phenomenon one is those types of humans who are "givers", next is those types of person who are only "takers". Especially the former one ,The person who likes to give, is outgoing, extrovert, do not care about any other things, very friendly and always wanting to do for others. "givers have heart full of love, their mind, and soul is some what similar to a vast ocean. A ocean where if you will take a glass of water it won't be empty. They think such a sense that they exit because they want to give whatever they could to this society, country, for their organization and for mother earth.

Next kind of people are those who are "takers", Those who wants to take from others. They are unfriendly, wants more than others have, introvert, not open, always want something from others such kind of people should not be mistaken with those who are in need. Those who cannot do anything by themselves. Takers especially represent to those elite group where we call them as terrorist, where we have a named them as "greatest threat of this time".

These all aspect whatever it might lead and wherever it might go- takes us to one end. Every individual in this earth knows the hard fact that we are born empty, naked and we will die empty and naked. That is why I always say that, "It is not the destination that matters, it is the path we take, a journey to the destination that matters".

To sum up, All these festivals, occasions or whatever you like to call it- Is some how connected is some way. I do not want to make any difference between any of them. We can celebrate these all together, separate as per our wish which results in one common theme. We should not forget that we are one. Some times we end up saying that "Ours is the best" ! In such case, think how far you want to expand the "ours". If you will expand "ours" limitlessly you will end up saying- "We all are best" !

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Welcome Spring !

Fight is not between you and me. I am not alone. I am with one person inside me who controls me, takes me to what I want to go and again asks me or reminds me that whatever I am doing is right.It is not with any body outside me, it will never be any physical person outside me. I do not want to fight or talk or give importance of my words, my writing, my articles all the stuffs that start with "my" or some how is attached with the "my", I do not want to give values to these stuffs. I know these are temporary and they will be temporary forever for me at least.

From today onwards, it seems that Spring has started in Finland. Today morning when I woke up it was bright sunny day with a temperature of +10 degree centigrade. I suddenly felt the heat in my bed which I was not seeing for last 3-4 months.

The heat of sun was missing, the brightness was missing and everything else that was useful or that I think is useful was missing. I don't know why it is like that but I do not care as long as I think it is useful. I am watching movie right now and typing. It does not make me some kind of genius or I am not imitating some one. The early blossom of flower, the sun rays falling in the flower and the smell of all these events remind of deep breathtaking silence of life, culture, values, trust and truthfulness.

I learn one good thing today, It was that I have a good friend with whom I am doing my many of the courses together, He is very helpful and helping me a lot. On a discussion, We talked about the Surname of Finnish Men. The Surname of Finnish Men has great meaning attach to it. Previously their do not used to have a surname in a Finnish name. It makes sense to me. It is somehow similar to what I usually think about the surname. Why is whatever I think or have thought in the past are all correct and matching a lot in Finland.

Was I previously somehow connected to this place ? Is this my next re-incarnation. Is this my second life ? Why some times I feel that whatever I am experiencing here has been already done by me. May be My mind is not working or wants some rest. Why I think I want to learn more from Finland, every time I wake up in the morning till the time I go to my bed.

Their are thousand of questions every day in my mind. I like to think because I do not think their is another things in world left for me to do without thinking. I think because I live in imagination, I imagine, its one of the difficult things for others and easy for me. Welcome to the Spring climate in Finland, I welcome the Spring Climate with my both hands. I would like to invite the birds chirping, sound and presence of beautiful flowers, kids playing in hot sunny melting snowing day and so on. Welcome to Spring climate in Finland...

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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Why do we value more girls than a guy ? The answer is very simple. We value them only because we need them. Without women, life is empty. With women life is pity. I don't know but My expereience tell me that we often go to visit the beautiful places like pubs, clubs what is the sole purpose of going out there ? Well, To many they just go for a beer and chit-chat with a friends but Many of those go with the motive fo fetching or getting the girls.

The girls are not something which is kept in the market and you just put in your tray later pay the amount and take them to your home. I am not telling to any one it is to myself too. I also visit with the same motive, as long as their is male organ inside me surely it will ask some female organ to be his best mate.

Last night Me, and all of my lovely sweet friends went to a club. The club lies in the center of Lappeeranata and the Name of club is Giglin Marlin. The new club which is taking lots of market in the city.Therfore we arrived their in the club, Now what is that we should do next ? I am not a dancer or I do not know how to dance. I knew my limits that until and unless you dance in the dance floor you cannot fetch a girl. However, I do not want to. My motive was just to relax, listen to the music- hard rock, hip-hop and whatever they played. The theme of the party was a "Spring is coming or may be similar".

Now, By the time My friends were in the dance floor having fun, I was moving different places... I think I read the mind of the people who were present in the club What I think is that, They all were thinking where to go and what to do. I saw all the party people moving. I wonder why are they moving ? It may be because they want to go from one place to other in search of something new. In search of new taste of music, want to see new people or whatsoever.

If I was couple of years back- enjoying the way I used to be- Definietyly I would have f#$@ many of them. Unlike my previous past expereices and what I found is that-

"The girls met in the club will leave you one day in the club".

It means that, Once you visited in the club you buy a drink for her, you speak your mind with her ... and then she suddenly says she likes you (she doesn't actually) Now, you guys visit may be to her place or your place make love. Finally the story ends for a day. Next day, Its upto you guys what to do Next.

My interepretaion may seem stupid, it might also be meaningless but many but I do not care as long as my hands are typing these letters- pressing the keyboard and my minds think in the way I describe the story or my article.

No one ever has found out, What's going on Women's mind ? No one will. Only because we have to Women although Many women will also say that- "Even, We don't know what is going on our mind !".

The women do not like those kind of men who are cheap, who are easily availaible, they want somehing complex. It is sure that all women like famous men but for an simple or ordinary male it is quite complex to buy a girl in the Market of Club.
I will buy you a drink means, I want to sleep with you tonight for the expense of money that I am investing you in beer.

You are not in love only because she said so, You will never be in love only becaue you like her, you do not know what love is. Love is not something which can be described. Sex , lust are quite opposite to love but they are close to Male's mind that we sometimes misunderstand the concept of Love.

My way of writing is similar to AIESEC-theme in Finland. It is "challenging your world views."

Story will go on ...

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Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Struggle it was, struggle it is and struggle it will be. Some one once said that "Life is full of struggle". Every day we struggle to wake up, every day we struggle to visit to office and every day we struggle to do our home works and so on. We are humans with emotional bonding attached in us. When we see a person struggling than us, We would like to help.

Help is vast concept where giver are open, with broad mind and vision. Takers are in need. One simple gesture, or simple note will make the giver happy, cheerful, might encourage him/her more.
I myself have to struggle like a hell. When I have to check my email's yesterday-Their were couple of rejection letter from some of the company's I applied. How would you feel when you are rejected ? Well, If you would ask me, It will take some time for me to get over but again, it is just a bad luck.

Then, I started to check my marks-card suddenly I felt that well, I got failed in one course again. What a shame on me ? The big letters shows that -FAILED. It really was again awful experience but these are just common experience one has to go through. Their are failures in life, bad days in life and very worst days in life. These days will teach us how to take a next BIG step in life.

What I believe is Its the mixture of success and failures which will tell you what is the condition of life, we are up to. People always say learn from your mistake, learn from the failure but I do not agree on these aspects because we cannot learn from the mistakes yeah to some extent yes. However, We got to learn from success also, success will teach us that we are doing good, it will give the confidence, self confidence, the motivation to go forward, it does not necessarily will lead to over-confidence but it really will help in the process some how.

Whatever word we are using in the present context is absolutely non-sense and demoralizing. Take an example of "FAILED" or let's say "DEADLINE" these are negative word and whenever we are using such words in one person life we are giving him a negative impression about himself, we are actually demoralizing him/her. Some times my mind ask me to think about the question of more suicide rate in Europe and America just because of these aspects.

It is the greatest gift of Nature that we are born humans, we can teach others, help others share each other feelings this is why we like community service a lot. These community service has become a kind of taboo in present day context. Some e.g in computers are Face book, hi5, My space and so on.

We want to learn,earn,share and do what so ever only in the presence of others we are humans and it is good idea to either like or dislike others idea, thoughts, expression, emotions and others similar phenomenon.

One day I was in the kitchen just trying to figure out what is their in the Internet and some stuffs suddenly My friend came and he said," I like cooking". I began to think, and I said "It is always the "ing" we like.

Don't get confused, add cook and ing, add listen and ing, add play and ing, add kiss and ing, add f@#$ and ing, add read and ing, add x and "ing".

This new discovery is correct in the sense that we want to be in present and we like to do those things which are related in the present context. When I was going through these words then finally at the end I found the word which I was having difficulty to figure out why I have to go through these. The word was "struggle" Suddenly I realize that I have to follow the formula that I derived which is "add ing" which said "struggling".

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thanks God, you are ALIVE.

Thanks GOD !I am alive.Live in a moment, talk with the your self and be humble to yourself. I always talk about these things and will talk about these aspects of life because these aspect will teach you how to live a life.

Their are thousand wishes in my life and I want all of my wishes to get fulfilled. Every time I wake up early in the morning sipping my morning coffee reminds me that I have to do this, I have to do that and so on.

These things which I have "TODO" are those wishes and these wishes I want to get them fulfilled. How do I do it ? Well, Its very simple. First take the the first work you want to work and then just go through it, be focused on what you have to do, Secondly Remember the time given or assign for the work. If you feel you are over doing it leave it carry on with the Next Work and so on.

These are one way you can work out with your daily work. I am getting late, this is the first feeling that comes in my mind always. I have made my daily activities as the compulsion to myself. Either I should do it or I should never do it.

It is very difficult to work out like this way but I am addicted to what I do. I am not addicted to Internet, I also have testified with it and found out the results that I am not. But I am addicted to my own self.

Results of any work does not matter as long as you are more concentrated on the work. If you are worried about the results you will not be focus, if you think about result and are more result oriented or output oriented then you are more likely to fall in dark pond.

You got to be focus on what you do, what you like most, what makes you happy and cheerful, what small things you like yourself or of some one. You got to see and find out for yourself. These little things, these activities will remind you that you are ALIVE. These activities will tell you later when you are old that you lived your life. You have nothing to loose. These will tell you that you had a brilliant life.

Lessons learn in life will be never be finished and will never finish. I look different to others because others are different than me. I am annoying to them because they are annoying to themselves. I am rude to them because they feel I am rude. These are the facts or impression people keep of you.

Today, is brilliant day ! See the patterns in the sky every day they are different. Why ? These different patterns in sky are their to bring some smile on your face, See the colors of flowers- The variety of them with different colors-these are their to tell you that you don't have to like one of them but surely you will like one of them. Cheer up !

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Presence of Over-Confidence in me

I am really some times over-confident. People have negative aspects and I think this is my negative aspect of becoming over-confident at times. It does not mean that we all are perfect but the fact is that we also have to learn from our negative effects.

People think they are perfect. When you think you are perfect and their is no one good or better than you at that very moment you are in verge of becoming egoistic. You are creating within you an ego hassle. If you will become a egoistic person then surely you are not going to listen what others are going to say about you.

I don't know what kind of impression people have for me. I do not care much about it. I do what I feel I should do and I leave the rest to the people around me to judge about me. If you treat person as they are you will make that person worse but if you treat them as they ought to be, then they will become a MAN.

In various aspect of science their are a lot of talk going on understanding the mind of human. It is not difficult topic. I believe (not being over-cofident) though that I can find some thing unusal in this aspect but again I always re-check before I make or do some task. The re-checking some times help and some time it hurts to other. I think I am capable of but again, I should admit the fact that I do not have job.

No one is hiring me. No one think I have the potential to work for their comapny or precious organization. Every dog has its day despite being a Man, I am really worried about my own days.

"Life is a journey where destination does not really matters because we all know where we are going to end it, but the process of reaching to the destiantion does matters".

I am trying to define the term called "life" but I am trying to put something which I think is suitable at present context, atleast for me. We are humans and our brain function in such a way that it has a capability to reach any place, any where in the world in less than seconds. We know this, we already have a background knowledge about it, but we need to prove it to the world that "Presence" of one person brain does not have geographical limit or is not bounded by the boarders.

Imagine a place where you wish to visit and you do not have to really take a journey of reaching to the place but you feel or your senses work in such a way that you are in the place you want to be.

Can this happen ? Yes ofcourse it will be. If I say that they need me, they represent those who are working on this field. They represents those scientist who have every facilites they can imagine, bread to eat and facilites to motive their work.

I am not promising anything but I will try my level best and I believe I can exceed their expectations. I believe in hard work and hard work is chariot of success. Even though sometimes I am over-confident. But My dear friends, to become over-confident you got to be confident first. You cannot become over- just like that.

It does not mean that I take it casual, every thing what I do is based on my logical thinking which seems illogical to many of the people around me. Every body think I am a Mad or physcologically disturbed. To those who think I am Physcologically disturbed they are absolutely correct and "thank you". I admit what I do, I do what I think and I am what I am not what others make of me.

I like to put words in these web page, People called it as blogging. My concept here is that we can talk or write about anything we wish but it should be informative, atleast it should tell about your daily experiences, the way you want to improve your life and the life of others, some thoughts on your mistake, your negative aspect, +ve too and so on.

Now, I have started to feel and headache, It was a long day for me ! See you tomorrow if I am alive. I will return to the new posting again but Imagine I am no more. Who is going to write these craps ? It will be un-noticed, un-touched and no one will view it. Why should they ? I am just an ordinary person, living in ordinary world, an ordianry life.

One day my chapter of life will also get over, this is the end and the best part. It will blink for the final time just like this cursor is bliking whenever I am writing but I am not worried about it. Why should I ? It is the truth understanding, knowledge, something which is vast.

Hope to see you with my new posting. I will write and will try to give you my own expereices of life, my brain, my mind, bheja ... I will try to tell you what am ordinary person like me feels ... I am not trying to attract attention but I am writing what I am currently feeling, what my senses are telling me and What my brain is asking me to do.

My brain is giving me orders- It says, "Just type the word, go to your past and write something ..." I am the slave of my Master. I am following his orders Nothing more.

When you start to loose control of your mind you will absolutely be the person what I will imagine. I can see the person and tell what he is typicall like. It does not mean again that I am over confident but I am confident. Good night ! See you soon in near future, or hope to see you soon !

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Monday, March 17, 2008


Well, Can a country which has a image of being very depressing, inward and not open to the world be totally different. How can you change a Finland to Funland ? It is very simple. At least in theory, I can change it by changing the "i" to "u". Just replace "i" in Finland to "u" in the same.

Look, It is so simple to change a country and make it to Funland rather than Finland. When you see the name of the country you are quite afraid of its location, the snow and the river or lakes every where. To change a country to Funland you just have to focus on values, ethics and exploration.

The country which is UN-explored, country of natural beauty and silence. If you want to learn how to live in silence please visit once in your life to this land. Learning a Finnish way of living is totally new and exquisite experience. It will teach at every second the true meaning of living a life.

The two most distinct feature of the country is beautiful lakes and silence. I cannot describe each and every features of this country because their are so many that my entire life will not be sufficient. The beauty always lies in eyes of beholder but beauty here lies in the place that you will be thrilled to see it. If you want to return to your self and are tired with your day to day boring life you just buy a ticket and come down to Helsinki (Finland's capital). Try to speak with complete stranger or any Finnish Old guy. You will get reply. That is the time you have to realize the fact that you are in Finland. It is totally fun to be part of Finland.

The Karelian Culture is awesome which my words limit me to write about them. I don't know much about the Political condition and don't care about it. But I would tell you the fact that Many Russian girls want to seduce Finnish Men just for the sake of personal benefits. It is true. Women are always focus and far sighted then all we Men. It is not totally true for those who are in true love or say that they really are in true love. I don't know myself till date what is love.

The neighbors are Russia, Sweden and European countries. The country which was part of Russia has their own identity and are quite ahead in politics, economy, infrastructure, people mind set and many other aspects. They are ahead and going far behind any countries imagination only because they are "doing" then "I will do".

As said by great people that "Time is money". Here in Finland "Time is really money". Finnish "yes" is always "yes" and never "no". The building of relationship is very difficult with any Finnish people because they do not usually are turned on by any foreign people only because they do not want to interfere. They believe in letting every body do what they want. They know if you will explore you will find out the true meaning of what you want.

Many countries, many TV-Show and many broadcasting medium has given the negative aspect of the country which is quite absurd, you are describing culture, and you got to mention the reality.
To change Finland to Funland you got to come to Finland, experience it yourself and talk with Finnish People you will know. You will learn and you will return to your self. Finland might not have great production in other sectors but definitely they can produce well known Car-racers, Ice-hockey and great scientist in the world.

Finland has already in verge of becoming Funland. Don't you want to have a fun ? The country where majority are Women(Nainen) and Finnish (Suomalainen). It's all up to you to explore exquisite journey of your life to Finland or Funland.

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Sunday, March 16, 2008

Friendship "F"

One of the famous character or an alphabet in the history of any words or letters is the letter called "f". Now, the very first thing that can come in your mind if you are an European or American is that "F" stands for "f%@$" but the same word in Asia and Some parts of Arab world will stand for "Friendship".

1. The state of being friends; friendly relation, or
attachment, to a person, or between persons; affection
arising from mutual esteem and good will; friendliness;
amity; good will.
[1913 Webster]

There is little friendship in the world. --Bacon.
[1913 Webster]

There can be no friendship without confidence, and
no confidence without integrity. --Rambler.
[1913 Webster]

Preferred by friendship, and not chosen by
sufficiency. --Spenser.
[1913 Webster]

2. Kindly aid; help; assistance, [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

Some friendship will it [a hovel] lend you against
the tempest. --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

3. Aptness to unite; conformity; affinity; harmony;
correspondence. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

Those colors . . . have a friendship with each
other. --Dryden.
[1913 Webst

These are the Dictionary Meaning of the word called "Friendship". Many people have tried to define the term called friendship and every body has their own definition. If I am here going to write about this term I may end up writing a book or two books.

Imagine a house, a unknown house where their lives one person who is alone and suddenly you went their and you started talking with him. You had a good conversation with him. He liked your attitude and you then went away. Again, Next day you again went to the same place to meet the same men; you had fun talking, sharing some ideas, thoughts, emotions and so on. Again you did the same next day and so on. After a month you became a good friend.

Friendship is an approach where one person wants to get close to other. It is the mental attitude which brings together. It is a kind of thinking we built in our mind by knowing the fact that we need a person to share our emotions, values, thoughts.

Some body has rightly said that "sharing is loving" but it does not apply in many cases. Approach can be taken in many different ways to share thought, emotion, activities or what so ever. It is always two ways. Communication cannot be possible one way. Communication is always two ways, friendship is also two ways.

In above example imagine the guys in an unknown place do not want to stranger, do not share anything, do not listen to what other stranger has to say- Their won't be friendship in that case.
Every person is unique and different we got to respect others values, and thoughts but I do not know when my dear friends will understand those. Their is a difference between the knowing the path and walking the path.

Whatever one has to say does not lead to the reality. I may say thousand words on one topic but it does not necessarily is real. Truth hurts and people do not want to listen to it. I know that "Truth is exactly opposite to the utterance". The friendship is broken relationship, a relationship which is never joint, a relationship which is constantly in motion, a relationship which is never vivid, a relationship which is imaginary, a relationship which demands more every time you think you have done enough, a relationship which is unreal.

Two friends are separated only because of social settings, cultural difference and most importantly behavior, personal goals and so on. "Two cannot become one and one cannot become two." Some body also has said that, "love is friendship". To them, I would ask one question, " Define me the word love?"

I would like to add these lines-"Don't ever think you are the fastest gun alive. Because when I was in town remember there is some one just a little bit faster." This sentence is to those who those who think they are faster and smart than others around them.

My own habit is quite different and many of my friends, family and people close to me get annoyed when I say to them that,"I do not remember yesterday, a minute ago because NOW is that I am living in, Why should I bother about the Very next second because very next second is something which is going to be mysterious, adventurous and enjoyment for me."

Their is alway a space to correct mistakes in life, seek vengeance and help the unhelpful. Friendship cannot be divided by boarders. It is the love which keeps the bond alive.But you don't know what love is, Therefore, an unexpected journey will bring you the cheers in your face to smile. A journey which is far from imagination, far from any country, culture, boarders, sex,emotions and life.

We came alone and we will go alone. It is the path or journey which will remain important in life. It is not what I have achieved and What I will do It is always What I am doing makes a MAN.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Nepal or Festivals in Nepal (Holi)

We all like to share our memories, the things we have done and we also like to speak a lot about our country, culture and our own things. Why ? The big question is why do we like to share our feelings, our thoughts and tell some one about it.

We like to do these things only because we want to make aware the other person about it. By the way Who is interested in listening what you have done, achieve or wants to do in future ? Why should other person be interested in what you want to show him ? He will only be interested if he wants to listen to what you have to say and if he thinks he can learn something from you. It is quite ok to say or speak your mind or speak about country, culture or what so ever in limit. Don't over do it.

The nature of finding it how you are over doing some thing is ask yourself. Well, this if very difficult thing to do. It is difficult because we are lazy at asking to ourself, we do not have time to ask ourself; we might thing we are smart by speaking a lot about one particular subject but we are not.

It does not matter what we are going to talk only thing matters is how we are going to talk. Later when we realize that we have done mistake we want to improve but we try to improve the task by 10 to 15 % that is absolutely wrong try to improve it 10 to 15 times better than 10 to 15 % better.

Why is that I am always right and he/she is wrong ? We can make loud cries about our country, culture and our core values to people or to some one but we need to see if other party are really interested. Always stick to the point. It is the point where you have to start don't try to explain the whole paper or whole big circle you will not be able to deliver everything.

Yesterday, I had the meeting with my friends and we had the discussion on how should we present the Nepali culture. I didn't agree on what those guys were doing and I do not agree now and I will not agree till the event finishes. It is not the whole Country you are going to sell in 2 hrs. The party is organize for a festival in Nepal called "Holi". Why not to talk more no "festivals" rather than whole country "Nepal"

It is fare enough that guys are doing excellent job on preparing slides, preparing video, organizing and doing a many things on planning, arranging or what so ever. But I have my own point of views and the view is that- Just speak little about Nepal and then focus on Festivals- Starting for biggest festival to smallest and finish it.

What I believe is we are marketing our country, Every person who belongs to one country if he/she speaks about it that means they are marketing their country, culture etc. This is one need to take care about.We always focus on quantity and not the quality, It is the quality that matters not the quantity. The task to is focus on one point and tell about that particular point My dear friends will not do so because they think it is not enough. We have thousand points, We want to talk about all the 900 points out of 1000. We are not going to talk about only 1 or 2 points. Why ? It is only because we think we are speaking less. Well, My entire life is not enough to speak about my country, my home, my culture or let's say I am too small to talk about every thing about Nepal.

I am so small and my mind is so limited that even if I study and want to speak something on my country it will take 7 re-incarnation to tell 9% about my country. People wants to deliver it in 2 hrs. Wow ! Cheers !

I am not demoralizing my dear friends but I am being transparent. I am being transparent by stating that if you want to take a point of view of others then do not waste others point of view at least you got to listen it and then think for a while. Not just ignore it, just like that.

Ignoring others point of view will not make any changes, if you really want to bring some change or wish to do so. It is easier to make some one angry or make them feel uneasy or stupid in a crowd only because you think you are doing right. You assume you are smart, intelligent and respected but it is not.

"I might look stupid but I am not" (stolen from a friend quote). Well, Thank you for very pleasant ideas-as celebration is for enjoyment and Holi itself stands for forgetting whatever sin or wrong we did in past, or hurt someone knowingly or unknowinlgy. Let's forget everything and celebrate.

I am sorry to all my friends who might get hurt of what I have written. I am sorry to those who are getting hurt and I am sorry to myself. I hope you guys will also ignore my ignorance. I am in the process of unknowing people and thank you for helping me in this process.

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Friday, March 14, 2008

I am no programmer.

Creation is art, the art which is created in your mind and you follow that art to draw in the places . The places can be any output devices e.g monitor, paper and whatsoever. The topic today is appropriate for me because I am no programmer.

I could not write any programs. The program is set of sequence of instruction that works together for a special task. I cannot some how write those sequence of instructions myself. The weakness I have is my problem and my own.

I could not write programs that is why I do not have any jobs. My profession is based only on programming therefore if you could not write the programs you are not suppose to get any job. Here I am with no jobs.The reason is quite simple and the topic shows it all. To get inside any company or organization is very difficult task.

Their are loads of things to be considered by an organization. Their is security, consistency and performance also their is matter of how well you can adjust to that organization. Why don't a foreign people get job in the organization ? It is not easy. It is due to these reason. I will be glad if you can comment if you have any more suggestions.

The words do not count, value counts. The earth does not matter to any one, living our life matters. Life does not matter to anyone-relationship matters and so on.

These are the core elements which we are forgetting or loosing at the present moment. We care about our life so their is very few people who thinks about Nature. We care about our relationship so their are very people who care about relationship between yourself and Nature. We are so talkative or wordily that we do not know some times what a crap we are talking about. We have tacit knowledge and we will keep on improving that always.

We cannot realize the fact that we are here to stay. We have to think about Nature. We will learn only when Nature gets angry with us. Why don't we just develop relationship, support, help or do some phenomena that Nature would like. We always ignore the most precious things in our life. Take for e.g Home, the place you are currently living. The community, every matters that is surrounded within you.

Well, we may thank our friend for a good suggestion or advice but "Have you ever thank your chair, your cupboard, your room, your "stuffs" or your tree that is their in the garden waiting for your response." We do not like the same thing time and again only because our mind needs change and we are good at adapting to the new things.

Why do relationship break after couple of year or after some time ? The only reason is we are progressing in this word called "relationship". When we reach at one level after that their is no where to go therefore either we have to come down or slow down or else we have to leave it"

This is why it deteriorates or breaks apart. Well, I always talk nonsense-that's what people says but why should I care as long as I can be myself and write what I think is appropriate to write. I am no programmer but Here I am planning to make a program to save our Nature. I am no computer programmer but I have a set of instruction in my mind which says what is going to happen if I apply the conditional expression, loops, switch case and whatsoever.

We are all different and we just have to remember one fact- The fact is we all have talents only thing is that -"We got to realize it".

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Innovation and transparency

Can you define this term called innovation- Is it the creation, creativity or idea generated or something based on productivity what is this term called as Innovation ?

The dictionary meaning

1. The act of innovating; introduction of something new, in
customs, rites, commercial products, etc. --Dryden.
[1913 Webster]

2. A change effected by innovating; a change in customs;
something new, and contrary to established customs,
manners, or rites. --Bacon.

The two dictionary meaning of the term describes it all but do you agree that innovation is just only the act or change in customs or just a change effected by innovating.

I do not believe that innovation is a product of a logical thinking. It cannot be said in any sense that innovation is product of logical thinking but I assume and think the final product or achievement or change is some what related to the structure of those thinking. It is the end which is derived from the start of logical thinking. People define innovation based on the social-economic, organizational or technical inventions, improvements I define innovation as the act of creation-creation that is from your mind without any previous background knowledge.

I have to give one exam tomorrow based on this topic called "Innovation and competitiveness" I do not feel like reading anything because I am not innovative. I don't know what crap the teacher taught in the lectures. Despite the lecturer was good and best in his course. It is not his fault, It is not the fault of anybody but It is my dull mind which cannot think anything.

He defines the typology of innovation as

Product innovation, Process, System, Architecture, Incremental, Disruptive, Strategic innovations. What are these crap innovations ? Can you think of something called product innovation ? These innovation are also defined as non-technological innovation such as service, financial, organizational and social innovation.

It seems that I am writing my master thesis. Who do you think innovates ? What a stupid question ? Don't you think this question is such a stupid way to ask who is your mom or who is your dad ? Surely we all know that they are humans and we are too. Now, He ask the question called who innovates ? Surely it will be humans.

It won't be animals who are going to say one morning that Sir- I have innovated something new for you. Take me to the outdoor. I want to shit. Their is another question he asks- The question is what is the national system of innovation ?What a crap question again

My response to any question around the world would be- "The answer of any question lies always in the question itself."

How do I know this ? I know this because the above quote came in my mind few seconds earlier when I was getting angry with this question. It is the main idea behind writing any essay or question.Do remember that every question has answers inbuilt with it. You got to find some way to look very carefully. Today My friend was suggesting that- I am not transparent. Why do I be transparent ?

What is the purpose of being transparent ? It took me few seconds to figure out what this transparency means but later I found that transparency is all about being open. Well- What a good question it is. I am not transparent or he thinks or the friend circle around think I am not transparent only because they cannot think beyond this. People see me as not transparent because they cannot see what I am doing.

I am not open-but I maintain, I write, I teach and I do not want to take anything with me. Why should I be called not transparent now ? People think I am not open only because they are living a closed life.. It is the thinking that makes a person not the saying or showing or achievement. If you open a diary of mine- Which is always very open and simple- The very first page has something written on it and it says-

"Try not to become a man of success but a man of value" Eienstein

What does it shows ? It shows and tells me every time I open a diary that I have to become a man of value not the man of success. What would I do with being sucessful. Those around me are all dissatisfied and a dissatisfied man is full of misery.

I do not feel like convincing every one around me, at present but I will certainly do what I feel doing because you can see in the top of the blog page what it tells about me.

"I am what I am and not what others make of me"

So, Let me come to the topic called National System of innovation.

It is regional, structure of economy, public policy, two major drivers are macroeconomic and microeconomic, raising output by putting more people to work and raising labor productivity.

I wish I pass but it does not matter as long as I am in the process of becoming a man of value rather than a man of success. Everything is words and words does not describe how good or bad or whatever you make out of a person. The very first thing you can observe by seeing a person is his looks which will tell you----->impression------> +/--------->impact on you-------->your approach to a person------->his/her reaction-------->starting of relationship.

Do remember one thing, these phases can only be possible with communication, two way communication does not really have to be spoken but can be sign, gesture,spoken, written etc.

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Thursday, March 13, 2008


How do you define the term called learning ? Is learning based on the experience ? If you define the term experience of something which you have already done in the past then how do you define then past ?

Learning is the word which defines the continuity or process. learning is always a process.It is the process with some time.Learning can be define in may different ways but I think learning is always the process of experience. If I have to define learning in one sentence how do you define it.

"Go forward, come back and go forward again."

Well, you might think I am going mad by writing this one stupid line of sentence to define learning. But their is one word which i have to describe literally that is the word called "forward". How do i define the word forward, It is moving 2 paces front and these two paces or steps are taken with two step of thinking in our mind. The two step process of thinking is -
1. Past experience
2. Future expectation

Once we know these two steps or predict or think about these two steps very closely then we go forward and come back and go forward again. This is the process of learning. The process which might seem complicated and philosophical in some term but it is not obsolete.

Every action is the prediction of future event. Every action we do is based on our past experience and understanding we have. Not every action but some actions are not based on experiences. Learning is a process of acquiring a knowledge but knowledge is something which cannot be acquired in some time.

Learning can only be achieved if you already have some experience and then you come back from gaining your experience to learn. Learning is secondary to experience. It is easier if we gain experience first and then we start to learn.

Learning requires vast experience. It requires first to attain experience then only we can learn or it is easy for us to learn.

Learning never stops till our death bed.We are not stopping learning. We are learning and we will learn till we die. It is vast concept, it is not something which can be acquired. It is not something which is easily attained. I am learning is like I am in love but I do not know what both learning and love is and I am so childish to know about these two terms. I am so childish because I am eager to know but I will not have exact or appropriate answer to these terms or variables or keywords or the concept or what ever it is called. No body has ever describe it and any body who tries to describe will not reach to the point where every one will accept it.

Learning is based on our level of thinking. It is a journey. The journey never stops and we never learn in our journey, ever places we go we learn about the places, people or what so ever. It is similar to journey which will never stop. Our life is similar to journey. We go to different places we meet different people, we share our ideas, our thoughts and our knowledge we like, dislike, appreciate, respect etc the other person.

Learning is a process which never stops and will never stop till we are alive and until and unless we give up our own life.

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why not me ?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going...
[Joseph P. Kennedy (1888-1969)]
 I am what I am and not what others make of me...
 Give me a bread to eat; I will give you idea for research ...

A firm believer in the above, last two quotes are my own creation... I am a man on a mission; eager to script his own destiny with utmost sincerity and hard work. I believe there are no shortcuts to success but there are definitely smarter ways of getting there. From here onwards

I hope to gain some valuable work experience in a global environment. I seek to work in the most competitive of organizations and in a result oriented setup. By applying to your organization I seek to imbibe in myself a global work culture and international corporate practices which transcend all geographical boundaries.

Every individuals in this earth is unique and every body has rights to live, freedom of speech and expression, rights for food, shelter, clothes and basic sanitation but My life is filled with emptiness because I do not have job any more. The lack of JOB (read it as J, O and B). It is good to read it like this, makes it more complicated and complex. Every body now a days have B.A, M.Sc, or even PhD but they lack  JOB .

We are humans and we need food to eat, some work to earn for the food that we consume and some to save for future. Is it possible to survive in complex, dynamic world without a JOB, I lack a JOB crossing every streets and passing every small to big companies in every corner of streets of Lappeenranta, but not reaching to the place where I wan to be. I could not see my own days of glory. The decision of coming back to Foreign Land for the purpose of study and some work experience does not seems to be justified.

It not having all its part adjusted in proper manner or is incomplete.I might not have a recommendation letter from a Minister, might not have my own family linked in some of these companies but I have one thing that every ordinary citizens like me have and that is One keyword which pushes my own life is,  hope .I am Expecting the Unexpected. Believing in my own faith and dreams.

I know the dreams I have will one day give rise to the hope, hope will turn them into actions and action will deliver the result. As my sweet lovely wife Padhmawoti said,  Budha,(Honey)Be yourself, as long as I believe you are here for some special purpose,as I am here for you. As I think now; By 30, I have to become Strong and I know I am already in the process of becoming one.

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Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On tarai

This is in reference to the article, "On cricket, tarai and India" by Arun Gupto (Mar 9). Indeed it is not because of our close tie with India we act differently and do not want to see "dhotis" or feel ashamed when we speak with them, it is because we are egoistic. It cannot be changed easily.

However, it is the people of both sides who miss or forget courtesy. It will take time to see a secular, multicultural Nepal. The treatment Nepalis living in India get is the same as Indians living in the tarai get. It is because our mind does not allow us to think broadly.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Wow, What a interesting topic mybheja is presenting today, Look , look and look carefully that the topic is Path. The path my words are taking from left to right direction and the path is the way one moves. According to the dictionary-

" 1. A trodden way; a foot way.
[1913 Webster]

2.A way, course, or track, in which anything moves or has
moved; route; passage; an established way; as, the path of
a meteor, of a caravan, of a storm, of a pestilence. Also
used figuratively, of a course of life or action. "

This is how the dictionary defines the word called path, a foot way. Research says that human path are more productive and intelligent then the path taken by animals or other entity living in the world. Well that is different scenarios and I will talk about them later. Let me tell you about human path.

The path is the determination in our mind the way, the direction, mind map or mind direction made earlier in our mind before traveling to a destination. We decide early in our mind or we make some assumption based on the place we are going to.

We are going to certain place, we take certain path (if the place is for the first time we are visiting). We would like to see the maps, or certain path we build up in our mind and then we travel that path. We are so predictable in finding the palace because we make this path in or mind.

Imagine- you have to visit some place without making any assumption,without any knowledge about where you are going. Imagine - Well I am being stupid to ask you "imagine". Their is the reason why I am saying you to Imagine.

The reason is because-This is how the life works. Life is unpredictable paths we take in every movement, moment and with the passage of time. We meet new people, we make loads of choices, compromises and promises. We learn from each other. We move in this way. We say that "I know where I am going" but you are wrong my dear friend, you do not know where you are going.

You only know you are present or alive. You do not know the path you are traveling. If you know where you are going you will be the King of your mind. I doubt if their is any species who can be king of mind. We all have mind but we are not king of our own mind.

"Their is always a difference between the knowing the path and walking the path."

To sum up, Try some time this- When you travel to some unknown place -"Take right turn in every corners or path, you will rich to the right place".

"If you take a right turn, you will reach to right place, Do not follow the path made by somebody Make your own path".

By reading this "fake crap" article from mybheja, you got to believe it. Always you have to make your own path not just follow the queue, or follow the path already define. If you need change as I think you need it-Take a different route,move in your own rhythm.Experience yourself, you will say, Yes this is correct.

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