Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weekly Free Association : The Sea

From Paulo Coelho- "

This week’s free association comes down to from the Moon to the Sea.
The Sea is intrinsically diverse and contradictory - given that its waters may be peaceful or aggressive depending on the context.

As you know the sea in certain traditions is linked to the bearer of all life. In Greek Mythology for instance, Oceanus - or Okeanos - the Titan God, ruled over the great earth-encircling river Okeanos, the font of all the earth’s fresh-water: including rivers, wells, springs and rain-clouds. Okeanos was also the god who regulated the rising and setting of the heavenly bodies which were believed to emerge and descend into his watery realm at the ends of the earth. Okeanos’ wife was Tethys, the nurse, who was probably thought to distribute his water to the earth via subterranean caverns.

But the Sea can also be depicted as a dangerous environment. Carl Jung for instance stated that in dreams, the sea represents the unknown region of your psychic sphere, where many dangers stay hidden.
Now, you take the floor : what do you associate with the Sea? "

In response to above question of great Writer Paulo Coelho here is what I have to say- the article presented down has been approved by an administrator of Paulo Cohelo in his blog. You can find a copy of same article under his blog too.


What is Sea ? Is it associated with God or is it associated with fear in our dreams ? Good question Paulo, My personal view on this matter is that-

Let us break down the word called “sea”. S of the word could be Season, e of the word could be Earth and a of the word could be adaptability. Now, Once I combine these words and try to make give some meaning to it. It becomes- Based on Season, the earth adapts. Now it is up to you to decide how does this statement connects with the sea. The message drawn from this word Sea, has great deal of importance.

First, May be during those times humans had Natural resources and they do not understand the meaning of their existence. Therefore, the god gave them a Sea which will remind them that Based on the seasons the earth adapts. “The statement itself gives lot of meaning for human existence too”.

We are living in this earth as the sea in the earth. We are burning every day or struggling every day and trying to protect our existence. In case of Sea, sea is also getting heated up daily and it is protecting its own existence. We are then becoming cool in nights and relaxing with the tiredness of our burning entire day. Similarly the sea is very cold and chilly in the nights. The clouds moves to the cooler place near some mountains. Now again in the morning we wake up with the early morning rise of sun. The same process counties with our existence too.

I think Carl Jung idea of sea which is fear, is associated with those minds which lack knowledge and those minds can easily be directed in any ways. We have group of community and group of people or humans doing a common task that is based on the rule of one intelligent mind over thousand common minds.

Therefore, To conclude your comments I would give you one quotation and that quotation is derived from your question. The quote is- “Based on Season, the earth adapts.”


Question of the Week : The favorite lists

From Paulo Coelho-
"I’ve been checking in internet that people are fond of making lists, so I would like for you to tell us your favorite lists and also to elaborate on the elements of this."

In response to above question of great Writer Paulo Coelho here is what I have to say- the article presented down has been approved by an administrator of Paulo Cohelo in his blog. You can find a copy of same article under his blog too.

I would request you Paulo, Please do not get directed by what people do in Internet but what you would like people to give from you using Internet.

To answer your question of making the favorite list. I would like to say that, there is nothing favorite for me and nothing not favorite for me. Because, Take an example of “food in front of you”. The food itself is not bad or good, it is our taste and feelings or behavior towards the food that gives an impression that it is bad or good.

I know every humans will have different list because the Difference always comes with the numbers. In the world where we should subtract the differences; we care multiplying it.

It is not good idea to sea in such a way. The taste of humans cannot be made common and none of “my interest” will match with “her interest” or “your interest”. Even if some of the things match others will remain as it is.

See one another example of your hands. A human has two hands and have you noticed that, in one hand there are 5 fingers. All these 5 fingers are different and they do not match. They are different. Today, the world has been divided just like those five fingers of a single human hand. But wait a moment, have you noticed the other hand ? There is another hand with the same types of 5 fingers and those look exactly the same as of the other hand with the 5 different fingers.

Now, if you see difference in each of them how would you be able to write, ride, play, pray, work and clap. Tell me. Please see the similarities and do not see any differences.

My own life, is solely based on the concept of seeing the similarities and not the differences in anything that my sense allow me.

If you ask me what is your favorite list I would not be able to see the difference and make a list but since I read all those comments and I too have to make one to see the similarities in what others are doing, here is what I would say-

“Earth”, “Satisfaction”, “Nature” and “Women”.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Study in Finland, think again.

Welcome to Finland a country of thousand lakes. Silence and Peace every where even the birds and animals would not like to sing a song to you. It is good that you will get personal privacy, lot of space and silence., But there are things which you will make you worry then anything else.

The bureaucracy and official stuff is very annoying. In the world, a student is same every where. Then some stupid divided the world into three phases. He called them First world,Second world and Third world. According to the economy, infrastructure and many others factors. What is the fault of student who is in third world or is in first world ? The fault is that- He does not get any benefit from his home country and he has to show that he has enough money to feed himself in Finnish land.

It will make you feel as if you are really some alien living in this world. It brings lot of psychological problem in the mind of those who come and study. I do not know what others feel but I think I have felt this way. It make me think why I was born in third world and not in the first world.

What is the fault of human living either in third world or any world ? Human is human everywhere. Yesterday, I was giving this interview and a Interviewer she asked me- what is the difference between studying in Finland and studying in your country ? I said to her that- "I do not see any difference because I see only similarities". When we see differences in people we will get divided, that is why we are from different countries and different way of looking at others, different religion, difference in everything. But once we see the similarities we come close to other person and we connect ourselves with others.

There are lot of psychological problem one has to face when one comes in foreign land for the study. First is financial, second is study, third is personal and fourth is dealing with people in foreign land. Financial will always be kind of problem for not only third world students but to any student from any where in world. Until and unless he comes from rich family or have good savings of his own.

Study is based on hard work and effort the student puts in it. He can go miles and he can do what the world sees today as development all are with the effort of students doing hard work to foster technological innovation and for the well-being of society.

Personal is left with personal problems. One can have thousand problems but I would not discuss this because every body has their own problems and they deal with it, in there own ways.

The last one is interesting because, here I am talking about Finland and I have not seen any Finns who are not helpful or not very cool. They are one the best humans you will ever encounter in your life. They are very nice and humble. They love peace and they appreciate it. May be I have been lucky to see only good people or may be I see only similarities in them that is why I have not met any people in this land with differences of my country, religion, race or anything.

It is not good to give Visa to Foreign Student only for 1 year. May be they have to change the rule they have made. They should learn from USA or from other rest of the world where they give permission for students to stay for 5 year at once. But here we have to face the problem of psychological torture every once in a year. I do not know why they have made such stupid system. I think it really needs to be changed. It has to be changed because if one cannot afford to study surely one will not choose to study in Finland but if one thinks he can afford it, why do a person has to go through the psyhological problems of proving each time that he can really afford to study ?

It is my humble request to those who wish to come to Finland for study, please think again. If you are really financially strong then only choose your destination to study in Finland but once you think you cannot afford it please do not come here. Go to USA, as most of the people do and most of the students in our country do as well. At least you will not have to face the problems of proving that you can afford your study.

Those who are making rules to govern the country should update there rules. Those who are doing official bureaucracy stuffs should understand that humans are same everywhere. Those who do not have vision to see a peaceful world should not be given rights to make rules. If I were to make a rule, definitely I would have changed these things for the well-being of students.

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Save fuel

The future of anything in the world is very unknown. It is not known by anyone and only we humans can do is predict. A prediction for the hunger of fuel really seem that we are going back. We have travelled a lot and we have made our marks on earth, water and sky. Now it is the time to go back to the jungles and start looking at our existence or evolution.

The more we are going towards the technology oriented world. The more we are getting problems of technology, the more we will face the problems in future of reduction in oil and rise in price of all these gasolines.

Here is one example of increase in the price of fuel which has resulted in the wooden vehicle for the future.

Monday, July 28, 2008

"The notebook"

Last night, I was watching a movie called "The notebook". A movie which has a story theme-"Every great love has great story". A truly exceptional movie of love. Two couples who love each other, more than themselves.

The story has a great ending and every two person in love would like to end there life in the similar fashion. A love which has no story is not a love. It does not matter weather the story has to be great or not-great; it is basically up to others to judge it but every love has some story.

When a person is in love, he is in love and can do anything for his love to become a reality or success. A guy in this movie has a dream, a dream of building a old house into the dream house for him and his girl friend. But due to financial problems of the guy he could not easily make his dream come true.

A girls family is very rich and famous so her mother do not likes her to get married with the guy and she takes her away from the guy. Later, they separate what is important is the distance between the two people which reminds them about how much they love each other.

A truly nice movie with load of good lesson to be learned from it. Life is full of surprises and some times we get more surprises then expected. It is very nice and good to see the things as they are and not as they would be.

One of the beauty of life is to see the beauty in everything. The place, the things, the people, environment, surroundings, friends, family and everything else. When a person sees the beauty in everything else then they can really make a difference. They can create a difference not in there heart or mind but the difference in society, difference of change, difference over religion and knowledge and difference over lives of other people.

It is good to see good things and try to neglect or take a experience from the bad things in lives. A love is love, cannot be explained, cannot be judged and cannot be estimated. A love of a person is for a life. A life till the existence of the person. A love for a country, for a nation, for a family and for a girl and for a religion all are same. Only the context is different. Only to whom and what visualized is different.

No one can measure the love, it is vast and deep, deeper than the ocean and deeper the human emotions. Deeper than one's judgment and opinion. It is a virtue by which we are existing today.

A love of Nature towards us has made us survive. How many us can raise our hands and say that we are the creators of Nature ? 10, 100, 1000 or not even one. It is up to us to decide. Are we a Nature child or are we not ? These answers will be best described when one can realize that we are saved by Nature most of the times. Without it we cannot exit. With it we can exit forever and ever.

Welcome to become a child of Nature and worship a love for it.In a sea of lake full of water, The water is water. Dirt in water does not make the water dirty. It is the way we look it. After the dirt thrown into a water, it will still be pure as it was before.

Well, I hope you all have a great start of the week. Enjoy the beauty that is presented in front of you not with imaginary smiling face but with real smiling face from inside you.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Rise in Peace

Welcome to the place where there is peace and total peace. A peace is defined in many ways and these can vary from one term to another, one place to another, one country to another, in terms of religion, sex and destiny.

Peace is not what we think, peace is state of mind; peace is total satisfaction in itself, peace is very funny and at some times peace is creating wars in our life. A total peace in human life is more important than anything else.

Peace can be defined in many ways- the total peace of mind is what we need and the total peace of mind can only be determined by the oneself. A person some times can only be in peace; or in total confusion of thinking that a person is in peace.

A definition here about the peace will not be defined. It is just the matter of discussion about what is peace or how one can achieve the peace. A state of the mind, which always is silent. which is thinking beyond others are thinking and best way to go through all these phases are only way of achieving it.

A special way of looking at what is peace is looking at yourself. A peace is what every body wants but no body esepcially goes through or gets it easily. A mind which is born childish slowly becomes the matured at later stages and slowly becomes the very matured. A mind when just being fresh slowly stars picking up the dirt from every corner of the environment and the place. It takes all the necessary information from all around the corner.

It is then our mind becomes very speculating the things around the world. A peace of mind can be easily achieved. A peace of the mind is peace of soul. A peace when we are not speaking anything and thinking nothing. A thinking can be varied. A thinking in our mind will lead us to violence in mind. A violence in mind means total disturbance that is there is total confusion. One example of such distribution is that of, disturbance when a person is sleeping- many of the people they speak when they are sleeping.

Why do a person speak when they are sleeping ? Is there a peace ? No, It is the mind with the disturbance in soul. It has very dazzling and stressful. A stress and anxiety is developed in the mind of the human. These anxiety is due to violence of mind. A person who is speaking in nights and sleeping is feeling these violence. The person can easily gain a peace by closing a eyes before sleeping and remembering all those daily event that has occurred in that particular day.

A solution is very simple and it will surely help to those who need peace of mind. To those who are living in peace of mind does not necessarily do such activity but those who are living with one problems such as speaking while sleeping can certainly gain a peace to some extent.

A peace is what is in need for every one. Hopefully there would be peace in world one day, let us imagine a world where there is total peace. A peace of mind, a peace of soul and a peace of country, religion, sex,war and many more aspects that are unresolved.

Peace is not the answer to war because both are opposite and one without other cannot be ignored. A war can never be resolved since we are huge in numbers and with higher numbers, higher the differences and with higher differences there are higher crisis.

A result of difference is what is the cause of many world war. Today we see it in ourself, let us not see the differences in any aspects of life. If you cannot do it then just learn if that can be done. See it for a day and then try out. Those who created us gave a two eyes, to see one with our own perspective and other eyes to see what others perspective are or what others are feeling or thinking or giving to us and two ears to do the same. Similarly two hands with one to work for oneself and other to help for others.

Two legs to walk in the land where one is born and other leg to see that you can reach anywhere in other peopl's land. I have to agree to myself that if you have time and if you want to gain a peace in an environment please do come and visit the place called "Finland". A country where there is total freedom, a place full of silence and beauty, a world of its own with friendly people and smily faces all around.

Even though you will not see many of the humans here, you will surely see the smiles of all the kinds in the town. Let us rise in peace.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

How can I solve others problems if I can't solve even my own promblems?

A question thrown by my very good friend is the title of the discussion today. I would like to try and give an answer to this question. The question is very nice and very good one. It is an intelligent question asked by an intelligent mind. It truly asks a problem which we face in our day to day activity. It is very true that why should one focus on others people problem if one cannot find the solutions to his.

Now, for the answer to this question let me tell you one thing- "There are two ways of walking the path of life one is looking at your own self and other is looking at your self together with the looking at those who are in suffer." Now let me clarify why I think there are two ways to see the path of life. The first is self, thinking always about our problems and trying to find the solution for it. We strive our entire life because problems are always occurring every time. From the moment we are born to the time we are in the state of dieing we face the problems, it is always there occurring. Every new day, every new journey we take these problems will always occur till the time we have lived our life.

Second, the other way one can walk through the path of life is looking at self together with learning from those who are around us, who look similar to us and who are human beings. One cannot solve the all the problems they face in life by only themselves, they have to look after others, learn from others and try to see it for themselves.

The priority is the key, which one would you like to priotize and keep is upto you. It is the decision made by you and only you. If tomorow some body is giving you the advice or suggestion or if you are following the path of some guru or some leader or some spiritual god then you are not letting your own self to guide you to the path of desitnation.

A journey is always made by a person but there can be many in ways who can guide you to the real destination. However, you should not follow what they say but take there advice and make your own decision. A decision made by self is the only right decision.

Well, let me tell you one thing, Looking at my own life I can assure you that I love my family, I love all who are around me and all those things that are connected to me in one way or another. I do not know what is love and I do not say in verbal way that I really feel the same. But I pray for all those things, friend and family every day. I am not joking and I am not trying to prove anything. I am only letting to know that- It is my decision and only mine. I am also not worried if some body else is angry or being unhappy and it is because of me only because it is there problem and not mine.

I do not know how to get angry and I know most of the finnish friends I have seen, do not get angry for any reason. One of the best thing about this place is that, It reminds you and only you. It begs you to ask a question about your own self than others. It has plenty to teach and plenty to give and take from it.

Our problem can be easily solved if we see them not as problem but as the way of finding the solutions to the problems.There are no problems if we live in moment and do our day to day activity, and not keep as pending. Our task are the one of the great problem in our daily life. If we keep on pending our task then one day these task will lead us to higher problems. This is one example of problem we face in life.

It is not easy to solve others problem because one will not the same problem for the same but one can atleast pray or give some advice or just speak a couple of words which can motivate a person with a problem. A couple of words like "wish you get over it", "thank you", "all the best", "I hope you enjoy", "I pray that your problems would be overcome easily", "I hope you recover soon" and many more if we dig it.

All these words if spoken will also motivate the person with a problem. If it cannot solve then it can really help a lot.Therefore, It is just you, who decides if you want to solve your problem or try to see others problem and give some advice or give motivating words or insipirational words if you really cannot see the solution for a problem.

These are what I think, but again I am not fighting with my friend or not trying to say that I am absolutely right or correct. I am just saying that this is what we can think about. This way also we can think of problems of ours over others. Well, It is just you who decides if I am right or wrong. and I accept both with my both hands joined, a face with smile and saying it in true way-"Namaste" !

Friday, July 25, 2008

Solve the greater problems.

A lot of things are there in our mind and loads of things do not always get fulfilled automatically. Each of these problems we face are faced by others like us every where in the world. Many people do not like to be happy just because they have some simple problems but look at those who are living in Africa with no food to eat and no home to live.

Look at those who live there lives in Africa with "disease such as AIDS", and problems of poverty and education. What types of world are we going to make tomorrow ? Will we be able to make the world a better place just by neglecting all those who have true inspiration to create a better world or will we just look after our own community and not to others ? It is great challenge for many who lives in peace to invite those who have broader vision for greater world and who have power to deliver good even when they live anywhere.

Tomorrow, our future will not be solved by solving our own issues but by solving the problems of those who are in need. Tomorrow, is very unknown and to figure out the unknown we must walk through the path of today. At this moment, we are busy in our day to day activity but I ask you why are we not looking after those who are facing more problems than our smaller daily problems ? We should try to seek and find some solutions to our greater problems. Example would be enormous. Some of these examples would be AIDS, Global warming,Poverty and equality, caste and creeds, race and religion and many more.

"Together we grow", is one of the slogan of European Union. The slogan tells that there are many countries inside the europe but all these countries cannot progress single they have to be united to solve the problems of all the countries and problems of the world. I like the slogan because it has greater potential than anything else.

It is always good to remember that "United" we will develop, being united we will progress and being united we will solve our greater problems. But from the place where I come up, Nepal- a country famous for bigger mountains and birthplace of Spiritual leaders Gautam Buddha. I can see only differences in the making of the country.

I do not know what kind of differences they are creating, leaders are creating but these differences are truly non-inspirational and can lead to devastating future ahead. The land of peace has been decided to be divided on the basis of Caste. A place where there are hundreds of caste and the land division based on caste and creed is not a good choice.

As the country is highly being influenced by India and most of the products are consumed from India. These country men should stand together for the greater cause and build a nation together. But to lead the country men for the greater cause none of the leaders are motivated. All these leaders are already being sell to India. These leaders are sold to India even before they come into power.

"In a country of 100 fools, if there is one intelligent than that one intelligent also have to become a fool." There are some people who have greater vision for the country and want to develop the Nations but the statement with quotation says it all for those very few greater visionaries.

If my seventh sense works for me, I would like to say that; In the place where people stand for the greater cause by joining hand in hand together to solve the global problems with great ideas, one must learn from them. If cannot learn one must look and observe how they progress and see how can we develop our nations too.

To live for ourself is easy, every body does it but to live for the problems faced by people else where is very difficult. Let us try and do difficult things. Easy is always easy, but those humans are humans who try to solve greater difficult problems. Even if you are not capable or you think you cannot do anything, just follow the path. It will take you there where some one in need will ask for your help.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

How important interviews are?

From Paulo Coelho-
"I met a reader and she was discussing with me an article she had just read in a Spanish magazine about me. She told me that she kept on reading the same things in my interviews. Of course, she has read all of my books and follows my career. Yet, she’s right to have this feeling given that journalists always repeat the same questions, over and over again.
So here is my question of the week for you: How important interviews are?"

In response to above question of great Writer Paulo Coelho here is what I have to say- the article presented down has been approved by an administrator of Paulo Cohelo in his blog. You can find a copy of same article under his blog too.

A question will give you the very simple answer-Yes. It can also be said-No. Let me first define why I would say yes for the interview. It is because it depends upon the personality of a person. A person like Paulo Coelho who is famous writer needs lot of public hearing and every body who is interested to know more about him or his book should be given an opportunity to know more about him. A truly inspirational stuffs are lacking in the world. To inspire those all humans who are hungry for the knowledge it is good to give an interview.

The best thing about the interview is that it will help a reader to know get more out of the upcoming project or work that a writer is been preparing or carrying out for the people.

A reader of Paulo Coelho is depressed by reading the same stuff of answer that was the result of question asked by journalist. But one thing both Paulo and reader should understand that- It is Paulo who knows the Journalist is asking the same question to him time and time again. How would a Journalist would know, the same question have been asked to Paulo or not ? I think Journalist is barely doing his job nothing else. A reader of Paulo Coelho will definitely know more about him only because they are readers and they read all great books from the writer.

To answer the other way around why interviews are not important. A writer who is famous world wide likes of Paulo should not go for the interview simply because it is just like Marketing the product or work. A writer who spends most of the time in isolation during the work should most of time focus on doing what he is doing at his best. Therefore, An interview is not necessary for the product campaign together with that more publicity can result some times in boring the readers with the same stuff appearing all the time anywhere they go or visit. A reader reading either it is Brazil or in Spain will read the same stuff time and time again and get bored with first the person who gave the interview and second with the person who takes the interview.

However, It is always good to maintain some kind of balance between the two.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Faith and Science

Yesterday, We were celebrating a friends birthday and it was very nice experience with all the friends gathered to express the views, share opinion and eat a great food. We had a Nepalese special momo prepared and we had it with total joy.

There were loads of discussion regarding various issues, some where to political and some were just useless. The person who talks louder speaks nothing. There were loads of great issues such as spirituality and Science and which one is the best among others. Some others issues were such as how a vegetarian people can survive without eating non-veg items so on and so forth.

When taking into account the main issues of spirituality there are some concepts which they thought have to be changed but I do not believe that there is one right answer. It is totally stupid to think in the way we think now a days. People think that Science will explain everything and we all have answers to all the unknown processes. But further from the science there is something very natural which is the uppermost layer of the all. We call it by different names- Faith, God, Super Power, Natural Power etc. All these lead us to believe on something which is exceptional and something outstanding beyond our understanding.

I read yesterday in the New York Times that Scientist are using the Mirror to learn more about the understanding the human and various cognition process of how the mirror can reflect the personality and so on. Science and faith are two different branch of a tree which will lead us to one final destination.Both the ways are scary and one among the other cannot make a entire tree. A tree here is the existence of this human concept, ideas, theories and everything that makes us believe that we are existing.

Science is created by humans and is the Spirituality. Only difference is that the Spirituality came first and Science the next. The developments are made by Science therefore modern men and women believe more on science than spirituality. however, It is always good to know the roots before you take out the fruits from the tree. Learn the basics of from where we came and what would be our core existence.

Who are we ? Who am I ? The question is not to the readers but the writer himself is asking to him that who am I ? Am I any physical existence that humans around me see or am i similar to the animals who live in the forest. To answer who am i ? I have already written it in my profile that I am no body. I am a body with no in front of it. I am a body with flesh, bones and the whatever the outer part is seen from the it. A normal human being with two legs, two hands and two eyes, two ears a mouth, eyes etc.

When one can know oneself then one can try to know about who we all are ? The answer to the first question is the by understanding the answer to the next question. Without understanding who you are how can you try to understand who others are ? They might look same, they might have the same physical structure as of you but they are not thinking the same as you are thinking, they are not doing the same as you are doing, they are eating the same as you are eating so on and so forth.

Do you know why we have group of humans doing the single task ? We build up army, military and group of people only to perform a single task why ? It is because when a task in one, it will be easier if the number of humans will set the one common goal and do the task simply because the work will be done faster and the time will be saved.

Coming back to the question of faith vs science, it is long long debate and one simple answer to thing is to please go back and read the question yourself, try to find the answer to your own very existence. I am not asking you to do the thing, but if you feel you should ask these very important question then please do otherwise please leave it.

Faith is important to understand more about you and science is also important to understand how it connects to give some logical answer from our very own nature about how it really works. Which makes sense to many of us at present moment. Today, most of the humans are more involved in doing research in science then research in spirituality but by the combination of these two will lead us to new path and new way of finding our core destination will be easier.

Between Science and Spirituality there must be one very cool, calm and very sweet path which will lead us to understanding more about our human worries, depression, struggle, existence and many more. It is just again the matter of time which will be make sense to our sense.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Potential of Nature.

Religion is the great thing to explore. It has divided a humans in many group sectors. We are today called based on our ethnicity. We humans can have one religion or multiple religion. It is totally based on our family members and mostly the place where we are born.

There is Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Muslim, Jews, Jihad and many more religion that people follow or worship. When two different people from two different religion meet they would like to speak more about their own religion than listen others people religion.

To learn from all the religion, one should first listen to others religion and respect others religion as of one's own. No one is world will learn what are the real message of the religion because it is based on some form of rules which guide such person or community.

I do not believe in one single religion and none of religion to me make any sense. Only because all have their own sides of reaching to god and getting to Nirvana or complete peace. Any methods or procedure or even mediation will never lead to the Nirvana.

Any person living in world can get enlightenment there is nothing wrong in knowing or learning and being enlightened.

As I have always been saying that religion divides the people, country, culture and many more aspects of human thinking. In the race of "my things, my country, my land, my ..stuffs and things " are the best none of the things that are related to "my" is really yours.

A person will never realize till his existence if I would say that none of the "my" things that you have been saying are yours, only because to know this fact he/she has to come out of the wordly affairs the person is intact with and see himself dead. A fear of death should not exist to see that none of the things that people say, or thinks are of them are theirs.

If I say, my life, my things and my country is better than yours then I am not listening or not getting any knowledge from your country but rather trying to persuade you. See yourself as temporary existing in this earth. See yourself living just for a day. All others things your past, future, your dreams are just vague and useless.

These will hurt only because these are real truth and the real truth always hurts. I do not want any humans to get depressed by learning from this but I am trying to say that just find the happiness in living without expectations.

Every thing is being overused and none of the things are being seen from the perspective of Nature. Remember the history, the history of science that we have been studying and that has resulted the significant change is the world is because of Nature phenomenon and observation. Without nature and its great surprising events we would have not reached from the stone age to the golden age of development.

All the great people admire Nature which we should do as well. Try to learn from it. There are lot of thing which still needs to be figured out. We are just utilizing Nature potential which is just the beginning. Once we try to learn from it, Nature itself will presents us the answer to the unsolved question that has been flowing in our brain all around.

Thinking is what is needed to move ahead in life. The beauty of living is that, every day when we wake up you see the day with early morning rise of sun as the normal procedure. Every day is just there and present. Existence of human life sees such days, and we do many of the things to accomplish out life purposes but our existence ends and life purposes some times remain unfulfilled.

Have you seen any old dieing human saying that "I am satisfied with my life, I want to die now." None of us are satisfied or barely satisfied just because we are living just to fulfill our dreams. These dream some time may come true but many of the times they fall apart not because of lack of concentration but because of over expectations.

Live a life just like there is no tomorrow. Love to the person who you loves you just like you will not leave her/him for the next very second. Expect nothing simply because the next second of your life is not undiscovered, above all smile to yourself to respect you are doing good to live in that second.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Fortunate adaptation.

A good luck charm is the fortune which brings in your life by some means. I remember some times back in my life when nothing was working. Everything that I was trying was going hayward, nothing was according to my expectation or my wish.

All the things I was doing was the mistake or some common human error. I remember when I was visiting more than 100 companys together with my Bhutanese friend called- Subash and we both used to visit all these companies for job interview.

To our misfortune we never got any call from the companys and we were then in total frustration of living the country where we had got some education. Old college days,boozing with alchohol and caring for the native girl was total fun time.

The friends of the same country grouped together sharing emotions and playing dramas were total joy to live. Entire night staying with great alchol and marijauna party. Between the nights some one from the friends will decide to go out for the great fancy hotel for just to take some chicken kebab or some chicken item.

If some body will ask me, "mybheja is there anything in life that you will like to do ?" I would say that I have done everything. Nothing is left undiscovered but however, there would always be some thing that I am missing in my life. To fulfill all those missing I am living and I feel happy each and every breath I take for those beautiful oxyzen what people call makes me alive.

Have you ever thanked those beautiful air that you enhale from your nose or mouth. It is so nice and fresh. It is the only thing that makes our part of the engine work. I have not seen many of people who will every thank those air that they take inside their body.

The smell of air is always fresh, just like early morning breeze blowing through your windows. But when we mix them with some thing else it become awful. It does not matter. In life many of the times we think we are fortunate and many of the times we think we are not.

The reason for being fortunate and not being fortunate is the thinking of something unique happening in your life. If humans belive in miracles then to them I would suggest that it happens by some miracle which cannot be explained in plain scientific way.

It is just the good luck charm you need. Some people, some words, some look, some device, some place where you will find it all. You will think you are the king and you are very fortunate. But the same place to others can also turn out to be very unfortunate only because it is the adaptability factor which makes them sustain in the environment.

I like the place, but have you ever thought the place should also like you. It is always two way around. One has to give and one has to take. Once we live in one place, the place should take all our things that we give it to them and you have to take all that is offered to you by that place. The process is called adaptability. Once a human gets adapted to an environment, everything will work out as per your wish.

Let us be adaptable by giving and taking from the environment. Let us understand how the process works and the best way to start is-learn the place where you are living. It does not take time, it takes more of your motivation.

Now, action

Now that the country is entering a new era, the leaders must identify the forces that can accelerate the nation’s development. While formulating national policies, they must prioritise empowerment of backward and downtrodden communities and strive to fulfill the aspirations of the Nepalis expressed through Jana Aandolan II.

(Published-"The himalayan times", 21st July,2008)

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Let my Country awake !

A reliable vision must identify that catalytic forces that can be harnessed to accelerate the nation's development as well as obstacles that must be overcome and anachronism and out dated attitudes done away with, in order to advance rapidly development.

My vision must express nation's aspirations,determinations and commitment for self-realization.
Human beings are distinguished among all living species by their capacity to develop and think. It is not things and places alone that define development. It must be "human" centric.

The mind is without fear and the head is held high where knowledge is free, where the world has not been broken up into fragments, by narrow domestic walls. Where the words come out from the depth of truth, where tireless striving stretches its arms towards perfection, Where the clear stream of reason has not lost its way into the dreary desert sand of dead habit where the mind is led forward into ever-widening thoughts and action into that heaven of freedom, my father, please-Let my country awake.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Let us be open.

Why do people do not want to just be open and show to others that they can really do what they are capable of ? The only reason people had a privacy problems is that they think they do not want to be open and tell what they are doing, or enjoying or some thing similar.

Why is the big question in itself which will tell us that humans are more vulnerable to not being open. See the book for example which could be read by anyone anytime and anywhere. It is just simply open there, loads of knowledge and experience are in built inside the book. The book contains everything although people might assume there is nothing.

It depends upon the person's character and moral how we behave in our day to day activity. Some people do not like to show what they are doing and some do. It does not matter in real world scenarios if some body wants to hide an identity or be open as the light blue sky.

Many of us our worries are just about ourselves. we tend to worry about most of the problems that we face in everyday life. It is just because we hide the things from ourselves. We do not want them to get published or do not want them for some body to make an arguments or give comments on our life or even the problems we face.

The people will vary as will the days in each passing month and years. We see everyday as a good day or bad it all depends upon our thinking. Once we assume one particular day is going to be bad the day will end up being bad for us. It is not the day but the thinking which resulted in such consequences. It is not the day but the thoughts which made us do the errors even though we do not tend to do it often.

As per my example, I would give an example of Monday which is I assume not good for me. I do not know why but I do not see any things happening for me, then I realize the fact that it is not the day but my thinking which is showing the signs of abnormal behavior in me.

It happens to many such individual as of likes of me, whose days are bad or things do not go properly and so on. It is because of our logical mind is thinking in the way we would like ourselves to be seen to us and to the soceity in general.

Do some times stupid things and it will solve the problem but do not over do it. A person who uses the term- "blah blah" would find it very difficult to get any sense in "Non blah things or aspects in life or problems". I adopted once a habit of saying "blah and blah" later I found that nothing was appropriate and nothing makes sense. Either it is writing or speaking the term. I often used to tell "blah and blah".

Try and develop the habit of adopting good words and try and do good deeds. Be open like a sky which can take anything under it. Try and see the world as if it is not only yours but where every body else rests in it together with you.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Love explanation.

Last night, I was watching a movie called, "The man who cried". An amazing epic of the Russian girl who comes to find her father who has gone to America for some reason. In the process of visiting to America she meets the gypsies guy who is Johnny Depp, As the people hates them just simply because they do not have homes to live and place of there own, the girl loves her. The story of the movie shows a great deal of love with the passion of finding the father.

Every man knows how to cry and when to cry. It is just that they do not show it to others. Even if they know how to cry they will never show how to cry. It is just the very moment which will tell if the person is really feeling it deep pain in his heart which will tell him to cry otherwise a man has very much difficulty to cry.

Everything in world is connected by some means or medium. The most beautiful of all the medium in world is "love".

Love is the greatest thing that connects every religion, sex, race, country, emotions and humans from different planet and with different culture. When a person touches the faces of the women the most beautiful feelings is generated in the both men and women. A feeling of closeness. A feeling of togetherness. The main purpose of love is love itself. One cannot find any purpose in love neither a person can find any purpose in life too.

A love comes with bag full of smell of early morning beauty. Have you ever smell the early 4 am morning beauty of those breeze just near the lake. It gives the pleasure of being alive. It just reminds us that we are alive. Love is very difficult thing to explain because once i start to explain it, it will not be the definition but the statement of question which will be unanswered.

Do not ever mistake love for lust, session for passion and action with reaction. These are very confusing many of the times and very people will know till the entire existence of the life. A person full of love is that person who can give, who has nothing to be hidden and who lives for others not for himself. He might have negative impact on him from some group of people despite that also he is widely famous and is known for his care taking, giving, respecting, realization, reaching enigma of enlightenment at any stages of his entire existence. He is the man, who can love. He is the ideal husband who can give and he is the person heart full of love.

A picture shows a person who is close to a women and the impact of the closeness is maintained with some distance. A touch is shown to show the presence of showing love. Both of them are in darkness and there is no light, which shows that they are going for lust not for love. There is a sense of presence of little fragrance of love but not actual love.

Love is the

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Go for it.

Every thing goes according to some pattern in life. A life without any purpose is life of dull. Every body in the world lives with some purpose in life, to get a good degree, to earn a lot of money, to earn a fame, to just get something and so on.

How many of us live without any purpose ? Without any thing in mind but just living for a day and do not thinking over such event which are very important in life. It is very difficult and not possible without any purpose of life to live a life.

Therefore, Living a life for those purpose is very important in one aspect but in another aspect it is not so useful only because those moments are not sure of becoming true. When we expect something to go our way, it does not come as our wish and when we do not expect anything then at very moment those things certainly comes true.

Some times in life we get lot of good surprises, in those surprises the most beautiful one is the "women". An angel who takes care of you all the time. These angels are not present with you but they are taking care of you living in somewhere in some place.

When you are alone, nothing works for you many of the times but once you get into the relationship it is more difficult to sustain the relationship. A person who is not involved in any sort of relationship is free to choose and do as per his wish but once he gets involved in a relationship he should be ready to face many tackles.

These are some minor problems one has to face first and then try to get deeper into the problems. Once the problems will be known then it will be easy to solve. A mind which is in constant struglle or unstable is mainly because of the problems with relationship. When you waste all your energy to make one relationship, how will you feel when it is not in right track or not working properly but once you solve the problem then you feel good, relaxed and with total joy.

A feeling as of this is good for health and some times very bad for health too. When a two person are involved they either fight or they love each other. Once you climb an everest of fight then you do not have anywhere to go so, you have to come down to earth again. It is the just simple as this. It is not so difficult but once you hang in to the top of the everest then you will have to face many problems just simply because it is the highest peak where both of you are fighting and one has to come down to earth.

How is it possible to come down to earth ? A simple answer would be "silence". A silence is the key, or if you cannot become silent then put a mouth full of water and do not drink it. Put it till you calm down or get cool then you can slowly remain in silence. A distance is always necessary in relationship tool. When a two person loves each other they come closer to each other. They share emotion, physical body, there every day problems and all those smaller things to each other but when they stop doing talking then it might lead to problem in a relationship.

It is always good to listen to heart and go as per the wish of it. I have seen many people around who are not committed in the relationship. I would call it as playing. A game played with thinking I will get many women in my life as my life goes on. It is not good. It is bad if the other person is really committed and really wants your togetherness and nothing else. A person's motive can be easily understood once you fall for him or her.

Have a good day !

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Unstable mind.

Every day a success does not come you way and the success means not the achievements but getting things done as per your own expectations and experiences.It is not the life but the life with all smaller events that makes life different and challenging.

When a mind is not working prolerly, everything goes wrong and nothing works as per the mind planning activity and as yesterday, today is the same too. A real thing in life is controlling your mind. It is great challenge and the question bigger than the question iteself. It is to our mind which makes our understanding more clear and more specific to the time line or subject line.

When a person knows how to live, he will not know where to go and when he knows how to love he will not know what is love. Everything is so like puzzle and everything has to be first solved by mind. It has to be made very clear and simple. A real challenge is not in living but living with joy and madness. Living full of potential.

A purpose of life and life of purpose is different.When you are angry with yourself everything goes wrong. A person should learn to love himself. A loving part is very difficult and very complicated not because it is for one self but to others as well. One has to learn how to love oneself first. Loving oneself requires great bit of motivation and hard work. How can you love yourself ?

Can you say that your body is nice or you look beautiful or handsome or something like that or can you just say your physical body part is nice and you love yourself or is it different than loving your physical body part.

If it is different than loving your physical body part or is it the same ? How is loving physical body and love different ? Everything when tasted once, and after the liking of thing it becomes habit. Just like an addiction. A cigrate once tasted goes on beyond the likeness and it becomes addiction and later habit. Once it is changed to habit it will not be easily turned back to a normal stage.

Sex is something similar, we just first wants to taste it after getting a good taste of it we want to get more deeper into it. Once we go more deeper taste it usually becomes a addiction, In the process of wanting more then the "want" turns into habit. A habit then does not usually want to change easily.

It goes on and on. Even if you want to change or just think of changing it..,It will not change easily. It will then need a real hard work to let it go or do give up the habit that you have adapted. How many of us will live without sex ? How many of the kinds that are present in this world will live as per them and not per others. ? The last question means, can you live as per your heart ? Can you go and do everything as per you own mind surely it will be difficult because we get influenced by outside or outside society. We generally do not go and live as per our own heart.

A big challenge is living a life just as we want and not as others will make us to live. It is good to look at ours own personal habit and do things according to the personal desire. The mind which is disturbed will always talk disturbing things and the mind which is stable, cool and calm is relaxed mind. A relaxed mind will give best even in the times of difficulty.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday mind

When a mood is just normal, everything goes normal but once your mood becomes aggressive or very abnormal everything around you become aggressive. I do not know why many people have some kind of habit getting angry very easily. One of them is me.

I just get angry with very smaller things, and once i get into it. I do not want to come out from it. This is not good habit and I want to get rid of it. I do not know, may be it comes from my parents or from the gene.I think I got it from my mother. She some times tend to show such kind of anger and I have the same.

The mind does not allow me to think anything beyond the event on the basis of which I am not feeling good. It only allows to get rid of such an event as soon as possible. Other thing that makes me nervous is my habit of not believing in anybody. I do not trust no one. Trust is very important to maintain the relationship and I do not have the trust in any one.

Some times I believe that I do not trust myself to some extent. I think yes, why is that ? Why I am acting in such a way when I do not have anything to loose. Time goes very fast and in the process of going through the time we loose many of such events that we do not sometimes think we will really loose.

Escaping from the reality is very easy. Either you tend to become closer to the addiction of some sort like smoking or alcohol or you simply just tend to do something inappropriate. However, life is to chill and not to take any tension in mind. The relaxed mind will lead you to the destination but what if your mind is not working properly and you are not in the situation to deal with yourself.

What if you are not good to deal in most of the situations and you always tend to pick up yourself and try to avoid most of the things in life. Yesterday, I read one line. "love your enemy". It is good thing to do only because once you love your enemy you will get to know more out of this enemy and you will then strength yourself from many of the unknown experiences and the things that you will dream of learning from others. One way of loving your enemy will enable you to learn from them.

Monday as ususal, boring and irritative for me. Early in the morning, the bicycle fell down and the entire paper was scattered all over the road. I was really pissed off. I knew that today something is not working good for me. I knew that I am not feeling good,only because my mind is not stable and not working appropriately. It is in non-stable stage always getting very angry and going to the stage where it does not want to talk with anyone or want to sustain the peace.

The best medicine for this is no medicine and the best way to avoid it is to go deeper into it and find the root cause of the non-violence that is existing in mind. The root cause will take you to the problem and the problem with proper negotiation will give some advice or lesson.

Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sunday depression.

Every day is not a sunday, and every day cannot be a holiday. We work 6 days in a week and the sunday is the time we sit back home and enjoy with family and friends. What if, you do not have a family and friends with you. Some times we just feel as if we are alone and no body is around us.

Although, there are the presence of the people near you, far away from you and you can communicate with them despite that also you are far away from them and you think you are alone. You are just simply alone. You cannot see the presence but you are alone and you are rally feeling the pain of being alone.

Why do you feel the pain ? What is the reason behind the pain ? you know it but you do not want to explain it to others. You know beside you no body will cure your pain. No body. The pain is not physical but the pain is mental, the pain is caused by not any disease but the pain is caused by the pain of living a life. It is not good to live a life with just a pain or simply the pain. Some times the pain will try to make you feel that you should leave a life and live without any pain.

Why do we need a food every time to eat ? Cannot we survive without it ? The main cause of many weakness in the present world is food and living for it. We need food and we go for work for getting it. After work we come and we eat but can we really survive without eating it ?

I am really depressed not with anyone or anything but with myself. The word "my" is so selfish. It always reminds me of only me. I just want to get something in life which is meaningless and useless. I do not want to do everything for myself but even i have a thinking of doing it for others how can i do it for them ? What can I do it for them ? I always ask the question to myself that am I giving enough to them or am i really hiding something from them.

Some times I go into the state of silence and some times I am really very excited to take the whole world in my arms and feel as if I can really touch everything present in this earth. As there are always two sides of coin, may be the life gives us depression and joy one after another. Some times the alcohol does the work and some times the words which are very meaningful in life does it.

The unfulfilled desire can lead us to depression, the distance between two people can some times lead to depression too, a simple error done in work can lead us to depression. The causes are numerous but the cure is very less, or in-fact none.

A simple cure would be to take a medicine or drugs but the medicine is not the cure. One has to visit the root cause of it, once you visit the root of the cause then a person will be able to take a deep look at the thougts and then one can really take care of the depression. A cycle continues till the death. This cycle is driven by time and moments. The cycle of unpredictable moments in every one's life.

The point of view may vary depending upon the personal experience and personal taste of life and beauty of it. I often tell to people everything is tasteful only thing is the mind which some times make us think that it is not.

A person who cannot leave in silence is not a person. He has all the time problem with himself and he will face the consequences about it all the times. I have to deal with all those moments and all those precious ones which have taught me a wonderful lessons in life. A lessons which none of the book can teach. It is said that, people should learn from others mistake and others people, through observation of one kind. I am in the process of learning and really hungry for it.

I do not have answers to all the problems in life but I can certainly tell you or give a try based on my personal experiences about the problem and the lessons that I have learnt from them. I do not want to hide any of the things that are with me. Life should be like an open book, where every one can read them and take a wonderful lessons from them. What is use when we make our life a closed book ?

After all, we are giving nothing in return to the world where we are living. Once we are living here one should think of what we can return to it. Have you ever felt the dance of the trees or the leaves of the trees, have you ever seen the rain drops and felt it coming in your eyes, have you ever seen a sparrow bird which was shot by some stupid person and saved by a small kid of 9 years old, have you every seen a rainbow with the different colors and shining on top of your house, have you ever tasted a taste of food that you dream of, if you have not done any of these please go and visit it and do it.

Once you fall in love, there is no rising. You only fall, fall and fall. It is just like going deep, deeper and till the very core of it. It is a total mystery once you fall in love. It is totally negative, it will not teach you how to rise but it will teach you to rise in falling in love. It will take you to very core and will not ask you anything in return. It will put in problems that you have never seen or felt or will feel ever in life.

All problems can be solved easily in life but the problems with love is one of the toughest thing to solve. It is ultimate problem. A problem which takes entire life to understand the core and get to some solutions to it.

Friday, July 11, 2008

9 hours to death.

How would you survive when you know the fact that you are going to die today ? What will happen then ? Now, think and imagine that you are surely going to die today and what would you do before its 9 hours of your death.

The situation is more complex and it becomes more complicated when you are far away from home living or studying in some place and you have not seen your parents for more than a year. Now, Think. Just take it seriously and think. The last statement will not make you serious just simply because you are not going with the same difficulty as the the person who really is going to die within 9 hours.

Will he make a call and tell every one that he really missed them or will he just feel afraid of his death and visit church or temple or some religious organization just to pray for his life. ? What will be good for him. Will he get back his life ? Should he visit a doctor and ask for help or should he visit religious organization to ask for help ? He also knows that none of them will really help. He knows the fact that nothing will help and none of them will give him the life.

What is that you are going to do ? Death is certain and we do not realize it many of the times. The time when we do not realize the time our death is very near. Some times a person wanting to die will not die and survive more than he really thought of living. And Some times a person does not want to die, does thousand and one thing to make himself, fit and fine- cool and nice suddenly he is no longer present.

Many of the times we are afraid of death just because we know the fact that we will loose our relatives, our parents, our loved ones and many such things which are temporarily ours. Nothing is ours and nothing will be ours. We came alone and we are going to alone. Every body who is connected with you are just connected to show the world and the beauty of it. The relationship is an emotional bond which makes us realize that they are with us forever and they will not leave us entire our life but that is not true.

It is good that emotional bond is present which helps people to make some connection between each other besides that nothing is true. Now, coming to previous Person who is going to die within some time period what is your answer ? Should he visit religious places to ask for his life or should he simply live a life and wait for the death.

What would a person do ? He is afraid, scared and very worried about his life. He do not want to die just like that. He has not seen his family for a year. He is really worried. He wants to meet his lovely sweet girl who is far from him but he could not only because he has only 9 hours. Even if he tries to fly and visit her he could not because it takes couple of days before he reaches to the place.

He is thinking a lot and worried that what will happen to his sweet girl after him ? Will she be shocked with the incident that happened with him or should he just inform the girl and tell her that he is really going to die. Should he tell his parents that he is going to die or should he hide from them.

A person then suddenly sees the butterfly hanging around the tree and he sees the flower. The butterfly approaches the flower and it reaches to sit in the flower. Suddenly, an insect engulfs the butterfly. He is amazed to see such an incident. He thinks now that, a butterfly which did not knew that it is going to die a very next second it sits in the flower, he has 9 hours before he is going to die.

He has lot of time to live a life. He then madly laughs. He shouts very loudly and he just starts to do the things that he has never done in his life. He has never swim in the lake. He goes to the lake, starts to swim. He has never said, hello to the person who walks in the street. He says, hello to all those person he meets in the street. He sees the one beautiful old women who is selling some cloths, he goes and stars to buy some clothes. He just behaves totally like a crazy guy who has gone mad.

Every body whoever looks at him thinks that a person has gone mad. He dances in the street. He has never tasted a Cow meat, he goes to shopping mall and buys cow mean, prepares it and eats. He is living in total joy and happiness. He is living in the moment. He is not worried simply because he knows the very next second that is given to him is not his.

When a very next second presented to him is not his, why should he worry ? He does not make any plan simply because he do not have anything to loose. Now, he has 2 hours left at this time he calls his sweet girl.

He has never said that, how much he loves the girl. He proposes her. He says,he loves her than his life. He has loved her the moment he saw her. He says, 100 times he really loves her and he has never felt such love for anyone except her. He has never betrayed her and he will love to love her till he is alive. Girl is surprised and shocked, she is very happy to hear such pleasant words that she always wanted to hear from her ideal husband. She is so happy that she cannot express in words. She gives load of kiss to him. She says, she will wait till he comes and picks her up and gives her a wedding ring. Tears flows down the person eyes, still he does not show to her and happily hangs on receiver of a phone.

At last, he calls his family. He talks with both mom and dad and finally says that they were the best mom and dad he ever had. He will if there is next life, will love to be there child again. Both Mom and Dad are surprised to hear such a statement from a Son and asks if anything is wrong but he says nothing.

Finally its a minute left before his death. He is going to die now. He sits in a position of some Guru with his bend knees and head upright. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. he knows the countdown has begun. He remembers all those things that he has done in his life, he remembers all those pleasant moment that he has spent in his life, finally he remembers his future wife and family. At last, he is silent. He falls from the position he is sitting. He is breathing no more. He is no more with us.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Living a life.

A simple look at flower gives a delight in the mood of a person, a flower just shows how beautifully it has been created by Nature. It takes lot of effort to see the blossom flower and the beauty of it.

It needs lot of attention from the climate, environment and Nature. Without the help of these important factors which make it blossom a flower will not be seen so beautifully. Similar to a blossom of flower a life needs too a total care and protection from many different elements.

Many people think and believe that life is constant struggle and we have to go through the path of struggle of existence to survive. I do not think life is struggle. Life is not struggle we make it struggling. Life is joy of living, it is collection of past and present memories for the future action.It is the clear like a crystal and diamond, it gives pleasure at the same time it gives pain. It is pure form of living.

War is the desire of wanting more. It means I have less and I want more than you. The biggest problem of existence is not struggle but survival. A flower after showing its glory goes down just all the petals go down once it blossom and shows it capabilities. We then do not like such flower and then we see another flower.

A human nature is very much predictable, it wants a constant fresh element in life either it is a change of place, environment, climate, people or country or any thing. When we do or see or act in the same manner all the time it become very predictable and people will then get bored of the way we live a life.

Religion is a great hot topic for the debate in the next decade and it will create a lot of problem in near future. It will be dominant factor in showing who is the best or who is the worst but it can also be very effective in many different perspectives. It can bring a lot of change the people see religion.

A mind which is in constant struggle with itself can see the changes in the context of environment just because it knows how itself feels. When a mind is outer or cannot see itself then it cannot see the bigger picture. There are two types of humans inside our body, one is girl and another is boy. A girl inside us will match the girl outside. A boy inside will match the boy outside.

I do not know to what extent it is true but to some extent it is logical just because we do not like all the girl living in the outer world and we do not like all the guys. What if both these elements are not present in the human ? In such context, a person can either like both male or female or he might dislike everything he see.

Every body's mind can be ruled by other mind just by raising impulse inside's other mind and asking them to do what we want. It is easy. Many of the war has been done just like this. It is easy to fake the other people mind just simply because humans cannot control their own mind. Once every human will learn an activity or a process of controlling a mind then he can rule himself, he can rule all over the world. Most importantly, all his desire and dream will slowly start coming true.

Every body near him will be catious and think how this person does miracle in his life but those are simply a contol of his own mind over others. He knows the fact that he is creator of his suffering and he once changes his vision and mind as per his act he will slowly start changing everything around him.

The moral of story is that, learn from the Nature. Every thing that shines has to go in darkness one day. Every thing that blossoms will fall down like petal of flowers and slowly it has to gain all energy and effort to make it blossom again. It is just like a cycle. After a darkness there is sunlight and after sunlight there is darkness again. A cycle continues and a cycle of human life also continues just like that.

Death is certain but humans should not be afraid of death, they should rather be afraid of wasting time and energy to make a moment non-pleasurable and unfunny to live. Every moment,every breath we take should be taken with total joy and satisfaction that is living a life.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Why the bumblebee flies ?

From Paulo Coelho :-

"I’m back from Milan and on Thursday I had a conference at the Teatro Dal Verme with the mathematician Michael Atiyah. This very important matematician made a very interesting speech in which he mentions the bumblebee. Indeed, according to the laws of aerodynamics and of physics, the bumbleblee should not fly. Yet, as Sir Michael Atyiah said : “the bumblebee flies because it doesn’t know about the technicalities of aerodynamics.”
That leads us to the question of the week:
How many things we don’t do in life because we think beforehand that they are impossible? Like everybody says that the bulblebee is incapable of flying? "

In response to his question:-

IMpossible is the word which if broken becomes I M possible. Everyday we wake up and we think that certain things in life are possible and some are impossible. We then judge before doing the thing. Before the reality of experiencing we judge ourselves that we cannot do it.

To those who do not experience and judge by themselves that those things cannot be done, I would like to ask one question- Why are you not trying ? Give a shot and then see. Life is for a moment, and why not to live in the moment rather think of future and past. When a person is capable of living in moment then he is capable of making things possible.

There are many things we cannot try and some times we have to just leave them not thinking those are impossible but by giving some shorts of priorities to them and letting them go.

Nothing could be possible until we have a mind which will let us think that everything is possible. An animal can finds its own way to the finding the needs and fulfill its desire.

A fly is fly it means it has a capability of flying. I do not know whether that type of flies can really fly or not but I think it tries its level best before it dies.

“Try, try and try until you die”. Every thing is based on making things possible and not thinking ahead before giving it a full experience and knowing by own-self. When a person knows by himself or herself then he can easily teach others about what he felt when he tried the things which he was assuming were impossible in the first place.

Tuesday, July 8, 2008


Amazing things happen in life and that is the beauty of life when things go amazing. Some times we get surprise and the surprise if it is positive or nice or even nicer than we are excited and we jump into the stage called excited state for a while.

A mind is a brilliant machine inbuilt in the humans. We are this brilliant thing called mind which we can make work as per our SE. It is the art to make the mind work as per we want. We cannot gain this ability just by learning some books or by any simple method. It is first understanding yourself. In the process of understanding yourself, you will come up with understanding every part attached to your body and the most important is mind.

Imagine a situation where you wanted something to happen for you and that particular thing did not go well, I mean you wanted something but you did not get what you wanted. In such situation you will be abit depressed and not normal. There are some three types of behavior that humans show generally and these three are Normal-excited-depressed-normal-excited-... It is the cycle. Just like after every night there is a day, every day there is night and so on. These cycle of behavior are shown by humans in day to day life. It changes with time and circumstances.

The environment is the great factor which makes the change of the behavior. The normal behavior can be changed with depressed behavior just because some one in a friends family got expired. Again the Normal behavior can be changed in excited behavior just because some one is throwing a great party in some great place and you are invited. Excited behavior can be changed with Normal behavior just because you wake up and now today is the working day and you have to go to office and do your daily work.

The pattern continues and that is the cycle of life in showing different behaviors. Now the biggest question is how can a amazing things in life be connected with the behaviors. Does it have any matching. Yes, to some extent. The excitement shown by an individual is directly related with the behavior and the unexpected event occurring in a persons life.

The most useful state for humans could be the excited state where the body is full of energy and it is in total joy. There is no worries and no sadness involved. Only thing is the body which has no control over the situation. A excited person does not mean physical arousal or something like that but excited in a event with total joy and smile on face. Amazing things happen at that particular moment.

Well, that is how the predicted pattern of behavior could be seen but I am not sure if that has been scientifically proved. However, life is full of surprises and some times it is also good to learn the ability to give surprise to others. Many relationship does not work out because the partner are very predictive nature. One has to learn the ability of giving and taking surprises. Lot of these ability does not come from the learned behavior but from the bottom of heart.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Building Trust.

Hello, hello,, hello.. who are you ? I am asking you. Yeah, you sir who are you. Do you know who are you ? Come on tell me. Why do you want to know ? Who are you to ask ? Why are you asking me such questions ? Are you crazy ? Do you know me ?

These are the general conversation when a two unknown person talk for the first time. A person is trying to ask something but the other person is not trying to tell him about himself just because the unknown person is not known to him in one way or another.

Why are we finding the relationship before we want to explore ourselves or want to tell about ourselves to others.The main reason is that-we do not trust the person,who is uknown. We are fearful and afraid of the unknown. Either it is a person or animal. If it is not yours then it is not secure or not trustful. It is unlikely that some one will be open and tell everything to the unknown.

The mystery is that everything in world takes time. Love, Friendship, Marriage, almost many kinds of relationship takes load of time before it puts itself in a good gear and runs smoothly. Why do we admire a couple who are old and walking down the streets catching hand in hand laughing and cherishing a long old memories gone by, kissing and hugging each other just thinking they do not have the very next day behind them and only the moment at which they are present and walking down with a joy and happiness touching every feet like never before.

Time is a journey, a movement- our movement leads to time. Nothing is immovable. Everything moves. When everything moves we are bound to move as well. This is the fact and it do not need any scientific explanation. The movement creates a matter of trust between two parties, two friends, husband and wife and the most important thing that connects these movements is communication. When you are communicating then you are in a touch with the person and the person will be trustful to you but once you loose connection you stop trusting the other person and you tend to judge after a while. You will then ask weather she really needs to be trusted.

There is one story in Indian Epic. A story of Lord who goes to jungle for 14 years and he was the king of the place. Just because he has to leave everything and go in forest to spend his life for 14 years and the main thing was he could not take his wife with him. Now when he returns from the forest after 14 years, he hears a lot of thing about his wife. He hears long long sentences that makes him doubt over his wife. He then looses a trust over his wife. He then starts to think. He is king, he is great human being in those era but now he finds himself in dilemma and trouble. How would he trust his own wife after 14 years. ? Is she really trustful or can you really believe in her, whatever she says. A wife of the king had to do some kind of examination before she really could be trusted again. She had to sit in a burning fire for a while and if the fire automatically stops burning then she is proved that she is innocent.

What happened was miracle that she really testified her trust and finally the fire stopped burning. Or something similar. I do not remember much of the story. Now, the main question that remains in this world is, It was in those days when every body was very trustful and every body really valued what they speak but Today, Oh, my God !

You do not realize how many times in a day you speak lie. You speak lie to yourself, to your friends and to many of the people you may know or do not know. you say, hello Nice to meet you ! when you do not feel nice to see the other person. you say, "I love you". Just because you have to say. you say- "This is great". When it is no longer great. These are just some of the lies that we will not know or we do not explore within us.

The trust building process to build a relationship is a one kind of art and it has to be learn by yourself. It is the just the beginning.

Sunday, July 6, 2008


Every silence has a meaning. A silence of human, a silence in relationship, a silence of lake and a silence of wind that blows flower in the garden. Everything is connected in one way or another. All these silence, with meaning where it ask us to read the meaning from these aspects of life, plants and Nature.

Can anyone tell me why two people in relationship go into the state of silence ? Is it because they both had a fight or something or is it because they both want to go into their caves and come back after a while. What is that make people live in silence ? Too much of everything is bad. Too much of silence will lead us to violence. A violence in our mind, a violence within us. Some times it could be boon too. It depends on the environment we live.

Many people are quite vulnerable to silence, some of them they like to live in noise. A room full of noise, a place where there is crowd and lot to event happenings. In such a case people find themselves very safe and very nice. It is just because when noise is present, people assume there are some body like them who is present and doing something.

A silence teaches a lot in itself. A couple mainly go in silence just because of the some small problems they could not resolve by themselves. They both seek truth. They both want to prove that both of them are correct and none of them have done any mistake or is wrong. When one person says that he is right on some subject and the next person also says yes, she is also correct on the same subject matter then- a clash is occurred between two people. Their has to be one winner. In such a case, the argument occurs and fight begins. A silence is the last phase of all these happening. Either a girl or boy then go in silence. It is good just because it later helps in regaining the relationship.

Most of the time these silence are such a killer that, it last very long. Even a entire life. When a silence is for very long it becomes a pain. A pain which cannot be cured by any medicine or doctor. A pain which cannot be described. It is very true and very hurtfull. It is larger than the volcano eruption. It remain and you cannot avoid it. It will be there till the existence of a person.

It is easy to break a relationship if one can acquire a silence. It is also easy to come out of problem if you can go in silence. I have been told by many that I remain very silent. It is just because i simply like the peace that a silence gives me. It gives me a feeling and pleasure to look deep inside my internal body parts. In silence I can see myself going deep and look what I am doing. It just checks and re-check my body and outer world.

A silence is great teacher. It can tell you thousand different things. When you are silent especailly most of the times there is some one inside you who will talk with you. It is not you. It is the person who is driving you. It is not soul or aatma or anything. It is you- a perfect you.

The perfect you will tell you what you are feeling and what you are going through. It will just ask you to do what he wants. A perfect you. Well, it is always good to live in silence. Just sit idle some times and be silent-you will hear a lot of voices which are of yours and only yours. It will teach you that you have a perfect you inside you.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Care of Nature

Many of the times we are terrified and we just follow what others do, we visit temples, go and pray want to be in a community or of some religious group. All these are the signs of wanting a care. We all need a proper care. Just like a mother cares for a child, We need a proper care.

Who is responsible when for our caring ? Is it some stone that we worshiped every day or is it our family ? Is it the temples we visit and mantras we chant. Is it the all these that care us ? I do not think so- just because these are tradition every one follows it and no body has got anything from it. Yeah to some extent a peace, a silence of mind is the result but nothing beyond.

A care is done by "Nature". We are natural animals. We live in this pleasant nature and one day we are buried to the nature itself. Literally it might sound non-sense but every does not have to have sense. It is true and that is what I think. Our body outer part is skin and when we run, work or do any thing in a sunny day that results in a mud from a skin too. Skin is capable of being burnt, it cannot resist extreme heat, extreme cold or extreme any of the things.

When we need a shade, there are loads of trees near us. When we need to take bath there are lakes and sea where we can jump. When we need something we always get it from Nature. The total care of our body is done by Nature in return one day we have to give it all back to it. We always fear of death but death is the smallest debt we pay back to Nature after entire care done by it.

We live our life and we become just like a person our society wants us to become. There are always circumstances that make the person weak or strong or criminal or terrorist. No one is born terrorist or bomber. We are just treated like that by the society and the people with whom we are influenced. We are just a normal humans and we all can be changed in different ways depending upon the circumstances and situation. We just need a proper care and that proper care is done not by any person or individual but the Nature.

Believe it or not. It is just not a fake story but the reality. Why are we so fatigue to the all the Natural things in the world. We are burn when the fire comes close to our body, we get cold, heat, rays of light or we are fearful, we show different emotions based on these circumstance that Nature presents. It is by the Nature we are living and it is for the Nature we are living and it will be for the Nature we will survive for a certain period of the time in our life.

Greatest fear we have is death, which is nothing but the concept. Who will come after the death and tell you the story that I went to heaven and I went to hell just because it is written in some text here to read us and get addict to it. It is total nonsense which will make sense only when there is no existence of the entire human beings. What happens when you go to bed ? You fall asleep and you go the state called as Unconsciousness that state is described as the stage where nothing works or nothing is happening. In that state you are dead. The stage where there is no return but later next day you wake up why ? You wake up just because you have something you left the previous day as pending. You have to wake up because the Nature wants you to do something for it. It wants you to be alive and do some task before the final sleep.

A simple explanation is that- We need a care, care of parents when we are small kids, care of girl friends or wife when we are adult and young, care of again kids or our parents and later care of ourselves. But above all these, we need a care of Nature to really be cared. Without the care of Nature we are nothing. We are therefore regarded as the child of Nature.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We all are GOD.

Welcome to a new place, a place where there is no one except you. A place which looks very fearful, a place where there is only darkness and no sun light. A place where there are only green trees and sound of violent animal all around.

Only thing you can see is the no one except you and you are in this jungle kind of place where only your screams are heard and nothing else. You can shout but no one will response in that shout. You can scream loud and no one will response instead. It is just like a night mare . However, the place is real and you have to face the consequences of being there. It was all in your mind. You wanted to be there no body else. You wanted to visit such place even though you do not like to explain it to any body but you have to now tell what happened in this place. A strange place, a place which no one would ever like to be, and never ever want to visit again.

You want to run but there is nowhere you can reach. you are hungry and you want to eat food but there is nothing except the green trees and wild animals. you want to hide but there is nothing that you can hide. You are trying to find why you reached in this place ? you are surprised and now you want to escape, from a reality. You can only see the ocean in one side when you travel and in the next side never ending jungle. There are thousand questions in your mind and you want them all answered. Who is going to answer all your questions ?

You are terrified, worried, anxious and very frightened deep inside you. You want a change, You are fed up eating green leaves, and fruits of the trees, you suddenly want to kill those animals who are making noise and giving you trouble when you asleep. You are really angry with them-Now, you start finding some techniques to kill them. You suddenly realize that well, you can kill them by hitting them with some stones but when you tried they ran away from you. You failed, now you tried to kill them with some trees trunks or some kind of sharp stone that you found. You attempted to kill one, next day you succeed and then you finally saw a blood in them. You are happy that the very animal will not give you problem but you also wanted to taste the blood of that animal. Slowly, you start eating them. You liked the taste and now you do it more than often.

Next day you saw an animal mating with another animal. You are thrilled to see such thing happening in front of you. You want to experience the same but the big problem now lies is how can you find the similar animal like you. You saw it and now you want it. When you first see it then you felt what if I do the same ? What will happen ? Is it tasty as the meat of the animal I killed ? In search to quench the thirst of the mouth you now went in search of similar animal like you.

You traveled, made a long journey but you can hardly see any body who looks similar to you. Until one day, you saw one animal who had these two orange hanging in their chest and long long hair similar to you and was looking almost similar to you. At first you were frightened that the animal is strange and might be of danger. You attempted to kill her. You tried to throw some sharp weapon towards her and kill her but she escaped. Now you wanted to see her, meet her and tell her you look similar but she was gone.

Next day, you saw her again. This time she was shocked and surprised to strange man like you. She approached you, and touched you. You were sleeping at that time. Her touch made you feel strange. You felt some thing happening inside you. you wake up with the strangely. you shouted towards her, you said,.. ah ah ah.. the meaning in those words were clear- do not touch me. Later, after a while she touched you, touched your whole body and you felt very good. Slowly you thought your main aim of mating with like the animal and you started the process of doing it. She did not agree but your touch, your kiss and you approach towards her led her open towards you. you did what the animal do and then finally you enjoyed it.

Following day, you wanted to do more and you stayed there with her. You repeated the same thing time and again, almost every day until one day she was pregnant and you were very happy to see something strange coming out of her. You do not wanted anybody or any animals or any insects or anything to touch her. you were only devoted to her deeply, she gave birth to four child in a row. You were surprised to see so many of your children. You now started to fetch food for them, find a simple place where no rain, snow, wind and heat will disturb your family. You made a simple hut which led to one simple family living happily.

One day when you were searching for food you found the same kind of huts in a jungle with couple of family, you then talked in the language that they understood. Finally you moved to the same place and a community was build.

A process of human development started similarly like this- the big question is who made the first man and women ? Was it GOD ? The answer is big NO.

We are similar to animals who now rule the world and religion is created by one of the man from a community who wanted all his fellows to follow him. He was the person who made the rules, regulation and a proper system so that none of the people will fight or go for war. We call that person now as GOD but that is just our own way of looking at that person. Stop violence and spread the message of love. We all are GOD. We all have capability to rule not others but ourselves. Just sit idle and think.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008


A surprise in the early morning with the music of bhajans and "hare rama hare krishna" just after coming from the work. It was then pleasant to listen to the song from the movie called "ugly and pagli". You can download the song and listen to it.

The song is "Yaad Teri Aaye Jaaye", the lyrics of song is absolutely nice and brilliant. A good song or good movie can make your mood brilliant or can change it very quickly. There are times when we do not feel good and feel very bad but all those moments are just reminding that we are becoming stronger.

Life is a process of living in very fine and brilliant way with smile on face despite you may feel bad inside you. It is like a ladder. The every step you take, you have to put an effort to climb the ladder. The next step is much more difficult than the earlier one. Every step will take you to one step closer to the destination. It is in search of the final step you have to climb all our steps. Last step is the final step that will take us home. The very first step starts from our childhood when we are born and then we slowly start climbing the ladder of life.

It is just a simple step that we take makes our life easier to climb the next one and so on. We are always worried about our next step but when we are worried about next step it will gives us clear picture and our mind will then get prepared for it. It is like taking a practice session before going to real match. It is good to worry and make yourself stress full with all the tension of next very step. But too much is not good and one should not over do it.

I went yesterday, to the police station it was funny story again. I saw people as we see every where around but one thing one very important that I noticed. There was one man who had two kids and they were wearing the same dress besides that also one wanted to sit in one side of his father and the next kid also wanted to sit in the same corner where the father was sitting. Both the kids wanted the same place to occupy but later father decided that one should sit just left of him and next kid on right of him. The kid has to agree on it and later they agreed. I thought there is no difference between the kids from any where in the world. They are the same. They want the same thing. The love of father and in equal proportion. They both wanted fight for the same place but one has to compromise to agree on the being comfortable to themselves.

As the government work is slow, it was slow here too. I had to wait for couple of hours before I get my number. I used to think that the government organization of developing nations are slow but now I have to change the idea and think that it is same every where. They get lower wages and they act slowly in response to lower wages. It is the simple fact. The progress of any country is determined by their governmental organizations and it shows why we are still lacking behind.

The services we are using and the facilities that we getting can be improved so much so quickly that one day we could put some device and fly from one place to next just like that but it is not possible due to slow working of government all around the world. Human mind works faster than any machine humans have made ever. If it can work faster then let us feel the experience of doing it faster all most everything.

Rest is rest,,, and it always feels good when some body appreciates your work or give comment on the mistakes you commit during your day. Good is good and bad is never worse becasuse bad will teach you how to make it good.

Keep smiling. "Nothing in life is easy, you have to make it easy in your own ways... write your own script so that one day when you get old you can tell stories to your grandchildren "