Monday, February 22, 2010

The Blind

I wish
I was blind
I would never have
Seen you, then!
My sweet beautiful
Angel or sunshine

Why are you going away?
From this life or,
Why am I killing my own life?

I wish
I was blind
No lust, no emotion
No feelings
Would have aroused,
In this unfarmed land.

Only those who seek me,
Would have known me
Only those who truly love me,
Would have loved me back

But I know, nobody loves
The blind

Sweet beloved

Oh dear soul,
Why do you worry?
Your heart
Is flooded with love
You need
A beautiful vessel
To preserve
Come on,
Hold on and don’t grieve
Your heart
Is filled with cosmic
You are floating around
This breeze!
Of love, of your sweet beloved

Sunday, February 14, 2010

My Love

It was not my lips that you kissed but my heart,
It was not my heart that you broke but my life.
It was not the life that I ever wanted
But I have to live it, anyways, my love.

The smoke of fumes and shyness of red rose.
I will die one more time, just to see you, my love.
Happy or sad, I will always remain as yours, my love.

Happy Valentine’s Day to you all!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Ready for love

The Valentine's Day also called as St. Valentine's Day is the day when lovers express their love. To my utmost surprise, I am little confused, how am I going to celebrate this special day? As commonly said, “I am single ready to mingle”.

I am poor and lonely who do not have any girl friend or wife. That is not the whole part of the story.  Do you know that I am not even famous since Wikipedia under my name defines the biography as, “This article may not meet the general notability guideline?” I know I am not famous and I do not want to, maybe that is one reason why I am still single.

Under extreme condition of cold windy winter of Finland, I am sitting on my couch and thinking: “What should I do during Valentine's Day?” Suddenly 'somebody inside me' suggests that I should call all my friends and relatives around the world and express them my gratitude for being part of me. But on the contrary, other half of the 'very somebody inside me' suggests that I should find someone beautiful just to love me.

Sometimes, I hear the voices inside me saying, “Your days are coming soon, so love yourself more each passing day.”  However, my idiotic mind is against that very someone inside me and rather it suggests me to go drinking whiskey or smoking cigarette or to visit red, blue or white streets.

Most of the times, it seems that one always falls prey of the mind and do not listen to the voices that come from deep inside.  However, whatever be the reason, I am still thinking how would I spend my valentine's day?

Once, one beautiful angel used to love me, but she gave up the “so called” relationship on the Valentine's Day, simply because I did not belong to her “caste”. Then couple of years later, another girl found me interesting, and it was again on the same Day, I was dumped by her. Poor Me!

After these sad experiences, it is no surprise that, Valentine's Day has become an important day to me. You see, I keep on losing love. On every new Valentine's Day, my heart is broken and I have to suffer extremely.

This valentine's day, I do not want to suffer. I will not start a new relationship since relationships are meant to be broken. I will not visit any red, blue or white streets either, since those streets do not have my name written on them. I will not drink or smoke to rectify my feelings. Above all, I will just be alone.

Some wise man has said, “Aloneness is the first lesson of love.” Maybe, I should learn from my mistakes and rather be alone. I had my heart broken into pieces but now I would like to mend them and put them back where it belongs, once again, on this Valentine's Day. Happy Valentine's Day!

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Feel the Sunlight!

Feel the Sunlight!
I lost her, I found her.
I lost her again, but never found her.
In loosing and gaining,
I think, “love is raining.”
From high above, an angel sings:
Love me tenderly, just love me till the very end.
From low below, a lonely lover sings:
I don’t know what is love, how can I love?
No match found.
Cloud all over the sky.
Nothing is seen above or behind.
Time passes by, lover is awake.
What a joy is to feel alive!
A newly born baby kissing her mother’s breast.
An old man singing alone nearby the lonely street.
A writer finding treasures on his own territory.
These words may not rhyme
Romance kisses these fresh limes.
Good luck and feel the sun light.
God bless you all !

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Mr. Mad Man

Once upon a time there was very young handsome man. He was handsome but everybody called him, “Mad”.  He had lot of sentiments and emotion. One night, he was sitting on the top of the terrace, he was very lonely and he asked, “God, Why am I here?” God did not reply anything to him. He felt very sad. Later after few years, he completed his studies and started to search for jobs. He asked again to god, “God, why I don’t get job?” Again, God did not say anything. Later after few years, he felt in love with a beautiful young girl. But after few years, girl left him. He was again sad and asked god, “God, what did I do wrong that she left me?” This time also God did not said anything.

Few years passed and he started to realize that there is no God. He started to write against God. In one of his book he wrote, “God is Dog and Dog is God.” Those people who liked God hated him but those who do not like god, loved him.

One day he heard the news that the girl who left him all alone got married and has a kid. He started to buy new toys and gifts for the kid. Since he has lot of emotions attached to him, he could not stop doing that. Eventually, he had lot of toys and gifts of the kid. He tried a lot to meet the girl but girl always refused.
Everybody started to make fun of him and in the town where he lived, people said, “This guy is mad, he is so sick.” He didn’t felt anything of anyone what they were saying to him.

One day while he was sleeping. Some strange but very lovely lady came to him. He asked, “Who are you?” She said, “I am no one and I don’t have any name.” The handsome man then replied, “Why are you here?” She said, “I want to take you to the place where God is, you wanted to talk with him, don’t you?” He said, “Yes, I wanna!”

The beautiful lady and the handsome guy went to meet the God.

Finally, he met God and asked, “Why did you call me?” God replied, “I didn’t call you, you were calling me so many times, I am sorry handsome man but every individual on earth has to suffer simply because we sent them to learn some lessons.”

God continued…

“Well, but don’t worry, I know that you have lost love, you have lost job, you have lost so many things, but now I have special gift for you.”

Handsome man said, “Wow, what is it?”

God said, “It is all those things that you lost in Earth. Do you want them back?”
Handsome man paused for a while and started to think ….

Finally he said, “No, I don’t want anything that I have lost because all those things were my lessons to be learned out of “so called life.”

Next morning, handsome man was found dead in his bed. All of his friends, relative and strangers took him to grave. They buried him and on his tombstone it reads,
Mr. Mad man
1600-1672 AD

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Visa suspension

The temporary suspension of applications for tier 4 student visas to Britain can be seen both in good as well as bad light (“Hard lesson,” Feb. 2, Page 6). It is good considering the extreme difficulties those who went to Britain under this system are now facing — in terms of adaptability, culture, socio-economics. For those eager to study in Britain under the “easy” 4 tier system, let them be in no illusion, it is anything but easy out there. 

At the same time, the abrupt halt in student visas is unjustifiable for if the “British concerns are genuine,” as you impute in your editorial, the UK authorities should have thought about the repercussions of the lax visa policy before its implementation. This policy smacks of British colonialism where the White folks assume they know what’s best for the rest of the world.

Santosh Kalwar

Ratnanagar-04, Tandi, Chitwan

Published: The Kathmandu Post
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Monday, February 1, 2010

Quotes and Poem

Dear all,

-There is no true or false love, there is only love.

-The true and false are very subjective evaluation of most important feeling human would ever have: Love.

-Love is not bold or bald. Love is the true essence of human nature. The way he/she/it behaves, the way of an act, the way of deep feelings for objects or subjects so on and so forth.

-True itself is not true. False was never false. We evaluated them and put them into two baskets. One was evil and other was god.

-May love find you, may love be into you, may love bring you joy to dance with the wind of change, may love be in each of us, may love bring peace on earth, may love be only shrines, even at devil's workshop, may love find you, my love.

God bless you all !

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