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Mumbai Terror attack (26/11)

Welcome to Mumbai, also previously known as Bombay. A place where dreams are seen and dreams turn into successful story at the end. There is terror not only in the Mumbai but every other country around.

Terrorist cause terror, the main goal of the terrorist is to cause terror in the minds and soul of Nation and Country. They have once again been sucessful in causing the terror this time in India's dream city- Mumbai.

Since in happenings like this- there are more questions than the answer. One has to think who is behind this all strategic planning and killings of innocent people? The main cause of the terror is to frighten people and target the interest groups. Here in this case, it was especially Foreigners as they say in the News.

What is the purpose of doing all these ? What message they want to spread all around the world ? Do terrorist wants to say that, they are not going to be vanished completely from the earth ? They will one day if they keep on doing the same act. Everything is temporary and nothing can stop when "Nature" will come up with something extraordinary.

More than 500 peoples are injured and killed, Those who are tourist in India are returning back home. Why do they target the "jews" ? What is "jews" community has to do with all this ? Since these questions are unaswered by many and still there are investigations going on in this issue. It is very hard and difficult to say who is behind all this issue. Could be "Pakistan", could be "Al-Qaeda" and could be those big guys who are leaders in terror.

There is always two sides of the same coin, as I have been repeating this issue time and again. The idea of spreading this terror is very clear, the message they want to give to the world is that, "our numbers are increasing". We are building a new type of community around the globe which is the community of "terrorist". We do not have jobs, we do not have satisfaction on the things we have been doing but we have the support of all those "big shots" around the world. They have enough money to support us even if we are dead.

For example see the "architecture" around the Middle East that is going to be build. As the Global Economy is going down and flat, at the same time there are loads of development going on in Middle East and Pakistan.

India and Pakistan have always been the greatest of great friends and greatest of great enemy. It is not good idea to blame on the country as being behind all these terror attack but blame those guys who are sleeping in the bedrooms of the prime minister house in Pakistan.

Where is Osama bin laden ? As this question for people have always left unanswered. There have been a book on this issue about where exactly is the Osama bin laden but I would recommend to check the Pakistani top burecrat office and palaces. I am not generalizing but I think, and in my opinion if some one would ask me, I would say- He lives in Pakistan with the help of top burecart in their office. May be he is hiding somewhere with former President pervez musharraf residence, who knows ?

If you link Osama bin with Musharraf then you might not get clue but there is doubt that this guy can live with Musharraf.

I have no idea, why these bunch of the people have to spread the terror and what is the real message they want to show to world. As "religion" is concerned, one of the religion that is spreading like a virus in the world is "Islam". I do not know but I heard from somewhere that, Allah wants to see all of his child. Which means, there is no limitation and control on the child birth.

These could be wrong information but to some extent it can also be right information. If tomorrow if some one is going to find "Osama bin laden" then he could be found from the Pakisan and not from Afganistan. With the population of around 31,889,923 (Source:Wikepedia) There is little chance that, Osama could be found in Afaganistan.

Whoever it is and whoever is behind in causing the terror around the world. It is not going to stop. It will continue and increase in the days to come.

Quote of the weekend !

"If all the insects were to disappear from the earth, in 50 years all forms of life would vanish...If all humans were to disappear from the earth, in 50 years all forms of life would flourish."
- Dr. Jonas Salk

Sir Ken Robinson on "Do schools kill creativity?"

"What do you associate with Heart?"

"Heart". Here is one quote which my mind generated in less than few nano seconds. It says, "Heart is the place where "happiness" lies".

As you mentioned Paulo, Heart is the corner stone for many religions.Yes it is ! If you see physically, the heart can be associated with some physical organ which lies in our body. I would suggest you one question.

Why do people associated "love" with the heart symbol ? Many book, many literature has tried to answer the question of love. Every body has their own story but I would say love is a simplest form of human need which desires happiness and nothing beyond.

Where there is happiness, there is love and where there is love there is happiness. Heart is the symbol for love. The place where no one decides through the virtue of one's mind but just gives it away. Why do I say, give it away?

Heart is the place where we do not want to preseve anything but just give, When you give you will feel happiness. When you want to preserve and keep it on your own then, you are hiding something with not only yourself but with others around.

There is one common analogy in some religion. Here is that- "Soul is like a air, and human body is flesh". When you have only flesh, it does not count but when you have flesh and the soul, it brings you to life.

Life is combination of soul and the body. Let me give you one example. You have a car, but you do not have a driver for the car. You do not know how to drive but you need urgently to reach for some work. Now what would you do ? Forget about the alternatives like taking taxi or not going or whatever but you just have to move or go. Imagine !

When you have to think of this situation what would be best approach ? How would you be able to tackle such problem, leave the problem. That is one thing but the point is that, the human body is like the car which is a body but do not have a driver, without heart.

When there is only human body or the car the car does not move but when there is driver inside the car then car does moves. The same principal can be applied with humans.

This simple approach justifies that without human heart human will be alive but they will never be happy. Here is one poem which could help to understand or give some meaning to explain "heart".

With heart, I feel the pain.
With heart, I also feel the pleasure.

With you, I can climb the mountain
I can jump from the sky

Oh dear ! How can I survive when I feel alone
When there is darkness and no one near.

Is it my heart which is seeking love
Or is it my mind which is thinking a lot.

When would our journey come to peaceful end?
I wish I can sleep in your arms,
With ever lasting peace and silence...

My heart is for you and will always be with you.
When I wake up early in the morning

The first wish is with the God, to be with you.
I know time is passing like a steam of water

But Oh dear !, why am I left like without heart
and to ponder all around.

I see humans but they all make me think
I see object but they all make me sick

I am living and People look as if I am alive
Should I wait?, Just because both of our heart will find each other together.

I hope all your dreams and all your goals come to life.
I cannot wait to see pleasure in your eyes

When I can sleep in your arms and explain how I felt with every passing moment of my life

Is it because of our heart or should I think of your heart as mine ?

I do not know how long I can make the poem but I hope this explains a lot about what I associate "heart" with. You can always use the poem if you want but please give credit to the author. Because, this author is struggling to leave a mark on the heart of all those alive.


"Moment", a precious time,the moment defines not a running time but the stable time. The period which does not tick on, the clock which is stable for a while. This is called a moment.

A moment can give you a pleasure, a moment can bring loads of tears in your eyes. A moment will make you happy, a very moment will make you sad.

When every seconds we live is in the edge of dynamic moment. It is always changing. Moment that Mr. A experiences should be different then what Ms. B experienced.

As we can see, there are moments with every one with every moments people have experienced many good and bad virtues. Therefore, I always tell people that moments are changing all the time. It is never yours. It will create the memories but it does not last long.

There are many good moments in my life but are all these moments really memorable ? Do I really want to cherish all of these moments? Should I filter the best moments and describe it with true beauty ? How should I tell what is good or bad ? Everything in the world is based on "dualism".

The concept where, there are two sides for the same coin. There are two aspects for example in electricity- on and off, there are only two bits in computers: 0 and 1, there are two things in human life: either you live or you die, there are two ways to look at many different things around the world.

If I have to judge a moment in my life, then I will say- every seconds that I live is full of pleasurable moments. These moments are helping me to create my life. I am because of these moments. These moments are dynamic and changing all the time. I know which one is the best and which one is the worst.

But again, I will keep both of them alive. I know those around me who have experienced the bad moments but I will like to tell them how to keep it alive. Nothing should be taken in bad ways, Everything whatever happens, happens for good. There is nothing permanent on this mother earth/

Every object around has life. Whatever you see, whatever you touch, whatever you have purchased last week is yours. The object when you purchased was given to you. It started living with you. Suddenly one fine day- you decided to eat, use, kill, hang, throw and do whatever things with these objects.

While using you will some times remember some of these object but some of them you will not. For e.g. the "pen" that your best friend gave you last Christmas, the gift that your husband gave you last summer which stays with you all the time. I am sorry to say but let us say, your husband is no more and you still have that precious gift that he gave you. That created the moment, the object was born and object is living with you.

The "moment" when your husband gave you this gift, turned into "memories". The object still remains, it is yours and no body can take aways from you. Nobody ! Not even God !!!

"Every step of success or failure we make, is the step some one has already taken"

This quote is mine please give credit when you use it some where. Why am I saying this ? What value do I get when I say that you should give the credit to the creator ? Because, your creation remains but those who created this should also remain. The same idea is with the object and the moment. It is very simple ! See.

Without "moment" there is nothing, and with "moment" there is something which does not want to let go. It will remain deep inside me and us. It will only go when our body will turned into sands and the our creation will be cherised by some one like you who is reading it right now !

Have a great weekend ! :)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


When you see something strange for the first time in your life, you wonder, you think and you think with more seriousness. We think on the things which does not make any sense in the first attempt only because we are just like a simple kid who wants to know more.

OK, I am sorry ! I said, "we" but I behave like a kid. I have a child in me who is very curios about even the smaller things. Last night, I got an email reply from my Professor and I was so curiously looking at that reply. The reply was not so serious but suddenly, my eyes went on to see this word called "VS" in the subject line.

When I saw, this word in the subject line of the Email, I wonder what this might be ! I started to make my own predictions. I thought well, VS could be "Very Serious", how about being "Very soon".

The main problem was that, I was expecting a reply from the professor concerning my thesis work and he send me the reply but the reply was incomplete, He said, he will consult with the other professor and soon send me the reply but I wondered entire night thinking what "VS" could be !!!

I was thinking what if, my thesis is going to be crap ! How should I make people understand that what I am doing is really good. It is really difficult to convince especially the professors. I am still waiting for another rounds of comments that I am going to get from the them.

It is not easy ! In life, you have to satisfy all those who are involved with you voluntarily or involuntarily. Take for example, Authors have to satisfy there readers, Business have to satisfy customers, students have to satisfy their professors, wifes have to satisfy their husbands, so on and so forth.

In the process of satisfying and being satisfied, there are many things under consideration. I do not know what this "VS" was all about.

When I googled with curiosity, I found that "VS" means Versus. It also means victory for example. But this was not right prediction.

Suddenly I asked with one of my colleague, I found that in Finnish it has some meaning. Then for reply they put "VS" in the subject line.

Oh ! Dear, Thanks God I said to myself. I do not have to worry at least for a while now and get terrified.

When I check my earlier Email from the professor, I came to knew- Yes, In his earlier E-mails also, It is the same. This was the first time I notice it since I was feeling the pressure of my work.

If some body would ask me what are my negative traits- I surely can stand up and say to all that- "I cannot wait!!!" I do not know why but I want everything to happen with the blink of my eyes. I think all I need is just a little Patience in me.

Hopefully, I am waiting for the professors next E-mail, I think it should not be "Very Serious". Let me wait and see what happens next !

Sometimes my passions make me want to live just for the moment. I get swept up in emotions of optimism and creativity.

This can be both a gift and a burden, depending on the situation. I will now Try to confine my enthusiasm today and be a bit more practical.

I even may need to rethink some deadlines for projects, because tasks could take longer to complete. But my drive and vision will hopefully let me create eventual success.

Let us see ...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Passionate about the things you do !

Welcome to new fresh day ! With joy and happiness all around, every new beginning is amazing experience, it gives pleasure to wake up and then the eternal minds start thinking on daily events. When you are just awake, the very moment when we are awake is the moment which is ours and ours alone.

This very moment, no one will take away from you. It is the moment yours and yours alone. This moment gives you pleasure, this is only moment which is your personal.Slowly, when you start thinking then this moment is taken away from you. Then you start thinking on maternal world such as work, career, life, love so on and so forth.

When you have thousand of words floating in your mind, these words has to be kept somewhere, it has to come out of your little brain. These thoughts are not random, these thoughts are not useless, These are the thoughts which can change some one's life. Why on earth I keep on reminding these things ? It is because, I know whatever I am doing is not wrong. I know I am not committing any crime. I know I am not killing any person or animals. Whatever I am doing, is not for awards or recognition.

I am doing if for you, I am doing for those who need these suggestions and advice. Even though, I am not perfect ! Even though I know I am not good at compiling my work and presenting it in correct, coherent manner. I think still it is understandable. I know this is not good way of writing but I should not stop or get discourage by this way of presenting my thoughts.

Every day brings new joy and new thoughts, let us flow with it. Let us discuss flora and fauna, let us discuss love and poetry, let us discuss the thinking on your mind and mine.

I notice today that, we are not perfect and we do not get all the skills from the birth. One example is great scientist Albert Einstein. His brain was not different than any other normal, ordinary human brain. Many Researchers did experiment on his brain but what was the end result ? They concluded by stating that, his brain our exactly similar with the brain of any other average mind. They still cannot find out how he could think in different ways than average mind.

Let me give my opinion on this. This is very simple. The answer lies in question. He was an average mind. There is no difference in the mind of humans but there is difference in how the thoughts are generated in the minds of humans. The thoughts generation is different in different people based on environment, culture, country, family, friends, and religion. Now the first question any one will ask me is- how are the thoughts generated ?

The thoughts are generated through our senses. We have five senses, when we utilize these sense then something triggers in our brain, which results into the thoughts. These thoughts will be based on what you are asking with your self ? What do you want ? What is your real vision and motto ? What do you want to achieve ? What are your inner necessity ? Are you devoted to learn ? Are you devoted to give ? Are you devoted to care ? Based on your devotion, based on your commitment to your own self, you think.

Let me give you one illustration how this might work !

Here is Ms. A, Let us assume she woke up early in the morning now the very few seconds, she will not think anything. She is on her own. She knows this is the best part. After certain time interval, she starts thinking on what to do next ? Before she starts thinking on what to do next, she questions herself. She says, "what am I going to do?".

When she completely understands what she is going to do then she starts doing this for the entire day. In between, there could be many more thoughts generation and they can be based on her own priorities, What she wants ? What she likes ? What she dislikes ?

This is one example of how thoughts could be generated. But Let us not go deeper into this issue, and let me stop it now. Because, I know this has many implications and these thinking cannot be generalized yet.

What is the moral of the story for today ?

Think, we thinking will result ideas,
With ideas, you will learn

By learning, you will want others to learn
When you want others to learn,

You will love what you do
When you love what you do

You may be called Artist
But you know you are more than that,

You do, because you want to give
When you want to give, you only think

You are happy and curious
But most importantly, you are passionate
About what you do !

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday again !

I have this tendency of hating one thing and that hate does not come out of blue. I hate only one day and that day is today. I hate because I do not know what else I can hate?, I do not know if there is anything else in the entire world I hate. But again, Time and time I always ask the same question to myself- why?

Is it because nothing works for me on this particular day or is it simply because I do not get what I want on this day. Then again, I ask with my self why is this happening to me? I do not hate food, neither do I hate, climate, I do not hate culture, I do not hate the word hate, I do not hate black or white, I do not hate color, sky, moon, life, death, neither do I hate my friends, nor do I hate my self but again why is this particular day that I hate?

Deep down inside me I have a think- I am ... , These three dots says that, I have some thing superior which makes me different than rest of us. I do not want to say that "I am God", I do not want to say that I have magic hands which can perform miracles, as we expect God can but I simply do not know what these missing dots are in my life. These missing dots always reminds me that there are people who need me. There are people in the world who are hungry for my lessons.

These reminds me and says me that, I am being proud of what I am. I think, re-think my strategies of hating this particular day. The reality cannot be spoken very easily and I cannot say what is wrong or what is right. One day I will try to figure out why I hate this day !

As general I observe, "when you say good things to people, people will return you good things" but how about saying something stupid- it comes back right on your face.

Similarly, when I hate the day, the day hates me too. But again, this is not very true. I do not hate the day. I hate my self on this day. When I say, "my self"; this means- I have something inside me which "demands", "needs" and is "full of desires".

These three quoted words are making be selfish and proud. These words are demands of my own, needs that I want and the desires of reaching or getting them fulfilled. When I ask these in my mind, Mr. Mind argues completely with me and says, "Well, Dear this is not possible today".

When he says, today- that obviously means the day I hate which is Monday.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jeff Hawkins on how brain works?

Job Cuts

Explaining God - Loving without fear

I am recent visitor of Paulo's blog and I keep on writing on his blog too. One of the chapter on my book "Nature God" is dedicated to Paulo's blog and comments that I have written on his blog.

Here is one moral story from him-

A pilgrim arrived at the village where Abu Yazid al-Bistrami lived.

- Teach me the quickest way to reach God.

Al-Bistrami answered:

- Love Him with all your strength.

- That I already do.

- Then you need to be loved by the others.

- But why?

- Because God looks at the hearts of all men. When He visits yours He will surely see the love you have for Him and He will be happy. However, if He also finds your name written with affection in the hearts of others, He will certainly pay far more attention to you.


In response to his views, I have written something too- Below you can see my point of views.

Love is the common and very simple term. It has no meaning but again it means a lot. It is the symbol of affection, care, togetherness, self-emotions and many more.

As you said, Paulo ! The love for God should be fearless, the love of other people is only that matters.

My point is that- I do not have point. I do not know if I believe in God or not but one thing I surely know from the saying of Edison that,

“Nature is what we know. We do not know the gods of religions. And nature is not kind, or merciful, or loving. If God made me—the fabled God of the three qualities of which I spoke: mercy, kindness, love—He also made the fish I catch and eat. And where do His mercy, kindness, and love for that fish come in? No; nature made us—nature did it all—not the gods of the religions.”

I do not have any idea if there exits a god or not, I do not know ! But again, when I am feeling down and unhappy when my words are not making any sense I go deeper into my own caves and try to find the answer why not ? I ask with this best friend of mine who is inside me all the time. I do not know if those who believe in God call this best man inside them as “God” ?

Whoever, it is I am happy that I only have one. There are people who have many friends, but for me the outer world has friends and all of them are best. I do not want to differentiate. I do not want to make any difference by stating who right and who is wrong. I do not want to say that, this person is best and the other is worse. I only see- all of my friends as the best !

I am not sure if tomorrow I will be recognized by the people as “Santosh Kalwar” or will they forget me after certain time frame. I do not even care about that but, wait a moment- life is just like that, we are here on this mother earth for some purpose and every individual has the purpose to fulfill.

As I can see- you have been doing loads of writing and you are the one of the great author of the books. I am inspired by your ideas and creation.

In my first self-publish book I have mention one chapter which states that- “My comments on Paulo Coelho’s blog.” All those comments that I have posted on this blog are availaible on this book. I do not use this for marketing purpose but I use these comments simply because these are useful to those who would like to learn and read. As time goes and life moves in more sluggish path.

I do not see if God exits or not but whatever be the circumstances, life goes on and I hope I will be able to make those who are around me remember with my names and I often do not forget them. !

Can culture change anything ?

Here is one article that I wrote of Paulo's blog. The question is "Do you think that culture can change anything in this world?"

Good question Paulo,

Culture a word which is used to describe people, language, places, events, festivals, country, religion, behavior, and most importantly boundary.

Why I said, “boundary” ? I am saying boundary because, culture is bounded by certain region or let us say-it has some space which describes above elements in more confined ways.

Let me come back to your question of- Can culture change anything ? When I see this question, I have many things in my mind which describes if these many things will be able to change by the definition of culture that I just gave.

“Culture”, If you deeply see the letters of the word then you will have some idea about the name given to this word. Take more deeper look for a moment and see if you can see the letters of these words- does it make any sense to you ?

OK, Now here is the twist- “C” of the culture is for the change. Human beings from several hundreds years of the civilization has gone through many changes. Only thing that is permanent in this entire world is change, Without change there is nothing in the world. If we stop the change, we will stop our civilization.

Now let me take you more deeper on to this letter of “C”, C is for creativity, C is also for Computers, C is for circumstances, C is also for commitment, C is for change, C is also for cultivation, C is for civilization, C is also for country, C is for comment, C is also for Clock !

The idea behind explaining the letter C with the many different words is just because, these words are inter-related. Just put these words in a paper and try to link them together. We are sure to get the answers of your question.

The answer is yes. Culture has changed and it will change many things that are unknown to us. One example would be- President-elect Barack Obama, who being an African-American is not the president of United States. The main vision of his campaign was not anything else then-”Change”, Yes we can !

If a country like United States of America, can change then any country can change based on the culture. Culture is for change. It comes with different taste which becomes the taste of our tounge.

Let me explain why ? For example How about eating the same food for more than a week ? How will you feel after eating the same food again and again time after time. What will you then you do ? If you have to do these for more than 5 years of your life then will you able to survive ? What if, in this circumstances somebody comes and says to you that, “Hello sir, will you like a change in your food?”.

If you have not been sick then ofcourse, you will receive this gift from that very person who just came and offered you the different food.

Therefore, Culture is same in that respect. Culture is made just for the change. Nothing else. !

Saturday mantra.

No words, only some of the video on my blog. The reason of doing this is simply because I was little being too lazy on writing something on the blog.

But here I come again, with words full of ideas and these ideas with illogical connection between them. I hope to some it makes sense and to some it makes non-sense. Anyways, I do not have any motto to impress or inspire any one.

"Come together and love together", Any thing that we do should be part of showing up with group and bunch of people who find your stuff interesting. Therefore, just open up your diary as usual and start blogging. Something like this knock me- out and I am here again with my laptop and me alone in the room. With the flow of words and no restriction what so ever with my flow of these words to the application that I am using to write into this blog.

When we were child, we did not care much about what people around us has to say. Now slowly, when are grown adult we just keep on thinking on what others will think about the things that we often do. This level of our maturity is called "Adult". A true Gentleman way of working and behaving in multicultural world.

Culture should be understood as not the way of medium which divides people but the culture should be understood as the medium of brining people together. There has to be no difference. I understand that people have differences, so do the cultures but think on the basis of minimizing those differences. Do not try to say that, In your culture you do this and in our culture we do this so are far superior than you are .... or something similar.

The point is- there is no point. The word which is useless are the word which will be useful later sometimes. These words are not written without any consent/. These comes from the mind. The mind which is capable of thinking. These thinking are based on knowledge gained from the experiences. The experiences can vary and the experiences of not a single entity is valid enough to make any generalization in the real world.

Any thoughts can be expressed based on person feelings or by reading a great book. But we should not prove who is right or who is wrong. Every body knows that they all are right. The point is- we should try to step back and see the whole world as we can currently see.

When we see the world as we are watching from our eyes currently then we can surely close our eyes and tell the forecast that, world economy is looking gloomy like never before.When the world economy is going down and the IRAQ war still progress with United states then there are more things to worry at the state.

The future needs to be better. The biggest question now is not when or where or why but the biggest question is "how" ? There are problems and problems will never end. However, one can resolve the problems not by working on the problems on hand but by thinking on how can we invite far greater problems to solve.

We all face some sort of problems in our lives. We are in constant need of support, care and well-being. After all, we are called homo-sapiens for that. In future, when our conciousness will loom and we will have no more abilites to think. We will then be controlled by machine which will be called .... A giant machine which will have ability to think on its own.

A machine which will make us a servant and we will work on behalf of this machine. There are some researchers who think "Internet" will become a giant brain in near future. I think why not ? Everything is possible. When no one once imagined, the growth of media is will lead to this tremendous benefit to the society. I think- well, surely one day something like Internet could perform the job of "giant brain". We may be capable of making such machines but what if we loose the control of taking the care of the machine then ?

Anyways, presently that is not going to happen is some years. Therefore, there has to be the many elements which will work together to make out life better. These elements could be care, could be a simple phone conversation, could be a blog without any meaning like this one for example.

Whatever it is, or whoever it might strike- the point is that, there is no point. The meaning is that, there is no meaning. Whatever goes will come back in its normal form one day. There is nothing above or below. There is only one thing all around and that is called- "Nature".

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Saturday Quote of the day.

"I am the happiest man alive. I have that in me that can convert poverty to riches,adversity to prosperity, and I am more invulnerable than Achilles; fortune hath not one place to hit me."

-Sir Thoman Browne (1642)

The real difference between liberals and conservatives

Friday, November 21, 2008

Suomi - Finland

Give Peace A Chance - John Lennon

Listen to John Sir.

"Peace is obtained by giving not making gain, out of it."

Love quote of the day.

"It matters not who you love where you love,why you love, when you love, or how you love, it matters only that you love".

- John Lennon.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Life is like a stream of flowing river, it goes on and on. It flows with the flow, it is never ending. It has no end and no beginning. It is just flowing with the sense of unknown. It does not have a destination and it does not have destiny.

Life like everything else will teach you thousand lesson. There are people who live for it, there are people who live for love and there are people who live just to live. Whatever be the reality and whatever they want it from the life, has some price for it.

Nothing comes for free, you just have to pay price for every part of it. But, one thing can be free and its called satisfaction. You did something and now you have to decide either you want to be happy about it or you will not be happy about it. Whichever, way you choose will solely depend on you and you alone. There is no one who will stop you, there is no one who will tell you you did it on right way or wrong you. Only thing people will do, is listen you what you feel.

When you are happy, there will be people around you. When you are sad, there will be people around but they will not be close to you ! "Those who share happiness can find many people and those who share sadness will find only himself".

The above quote says it all, whatever be the consequences every event in our life teaches something meaningful. Either it is hurtful or helpful. Nothing happens in life with coincidence.

Today, we might feel good and the very next day we might feel bad about something or some event. This is called a process of rising and falling. When you are in this process then you are either alone, either drunk, either hurt, either not fulfilled, either you did not get what you desired or either wants your plans to be fulfilled. When this state of process vanishes, then you are in the process of "satisfaction." To reach to this, level requires very hard work and determination.

I am no guru on any of the subject matter that I am explaining in mybheja, but whatever I am expressing in no just random thoughts. These are the thoughts coming from a mind of a man. This man has seen the world and has experienced problems. These problems are not only his but of those he wants to express.

Anyways, I do not want to express that I am the best but I only bless without any selfishness.

With the every ounce of oxyzen intake you are in the pleasure of having alive that very second. But at the same time, somewhere in this very planet-people are not getting that oxyzen with the pleasure. The cause of this is not our stupidity but the stupidity of behaving in well suited manner. Today, there are awareness of "green" and tomorrow there will be awareness about "water". Whatever it is and whatever it will become, who cares as long as we get our fair share of satisfaction in the environment we live in.

There is one thing and one thing in our life which keeps us alive. The word if I remember could be many but right now my bheja suggests- "hope".
Together everything is possible.
All the dreams and desire could be made fulfilled.

All of your dreams were mine once,
But even if you are not beside me,

I will make sure it remains alive-
till the very end.

I think we do not have any hope
But my dear ! I know without you I will fear.

With you, I was fulfilled
Without you, I am without.

Nothing is permanent as my eyes see
I had mine alone and you are at those very ends.

Why are you crying with tears
With every tears, there is hope falling very near

I think I cannot make it
All your dreams which were ours alone..

What should I do if there is no hope?

If there is no hope
Let us invent it, Oh ! dear ...

Do not ask me how ?
I know, with you I will make it.

Without you, I will die
With you, I will die with heart full of love !

Whatever be the case, I know I am nobody
But as long as you see me, I will be always be somebody.

Our love is just like a wine,
It takes time to mature

Well, I am afraid it was ...
But why did you do this to me

When darkness prevails with mystery all around
I know, I am not at my very best

With tears in my eyes all around
I hope, I will try my very best

To invent this very hope
Without you I am in darkness,

With you, I hope I will invent the light.
Well, time changes everything.

It has changed mine and
I hope, you will have pleasure with my blessings all around...

The opinion expressed are not generalized but this is the way I express my opinion. I am sorry if some one is taking it seriously.

Have a nice weekend ! :)

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nothing to say !

Soon I will not have any job and the horoscope say's something like this--

"Companies have really started to develop a social conscience about social or humanitarian issues. And you are well of this trend in the business world. In fact, you even applaud it. If you were at the head of a large company, you may realize just how important your employees think this is. Why don't you try to get this kind of thing going where you work, at your own level? "

This is really funny ! But Can I laugh with happiness or should I laugh with sorrow ?
Many people do not realize the fact that, life is not difficult but it is easy ! Why and how differs based on your own personal vision and actualization of the reality.

By the end of this year, It can be seen that loads of companies are laying off the people. Why ? Where are we heading ? Who is to blame for all this ? Is it the economy which is going really down or is it the power of machine which does all the work ? What is it that is not giving any opportunity to the people now ?

Why are the world becoming more stressful ? Is there some giant machine working on behalf of the many more humans who are loosing the jobs ? What is the shape and size of this machine called ? Should it be called as "Internet" ?

More than billions of the web pages are accessed daily, more than millions of software are downloaded and uploaded daily, more than zillions of information are written and copied daily. Now, why do those who need information should search people any more ? Now, If you are free and do not have anything to do- just log on to your system and open your Internet connection !

Do what you wish to do ! Watch Porno, or chat with friends and family or simply use the cheap phone service can call them or rather, upload the pictures, videos and do anything you wish to do.

Google has helped people a lot in searching the content. Thanks to them, But they also take loads of information about you, every time you visit there web pages ! (So, be cautious)

There are two approach to do the things we really do, which is-

1. Do as you desire and just be like a kid who does not edit his work. The kid goes and does whatever he wants to do. He has one philosophy in his mind which is called- "No Philosophy" or rather I would say, "Who cares " kind of attitude.
2. Be Gentleman and edit your work. Re-edit it, and show to the world that you are more gentle then anybody around.

Whichever approach you choose depends on you and you alone.

Most of the times, I use the first approach and one good example of that is all my posts in the blog. You can find loads of mistake and loads of grammatical errors simply because I do not want to think and edit the work. I just put my thoughts because thoughts are like stream of water. It flows continuously, it has no end. Once you stop it, it will not flow. It will be jammed in your mind. It then has to be again find its own way.

It will try to find its own way but you are stopping it to show its way. The thoughts should flow continuously and should give pleasure to those who watch. !

Here is my poem to give you the pleasure of having a great weekend ! Have a nice weekend ! :)

Nothing to say !
Nothing to say,
Nothing to hide,

Everything what I do
Is all that will survive.

I have no answers to sorrow
No answer to happiness

Only thing I know when I write
Is to advice

My poems might suck but I do not care
Since I know I am not a poet who fears

I have nothing it take
I have many things to shake

I have given and will give it to the end
Till the very end, I live !

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

It's Time to Get Tough on Digital Plagiarism

After well said and well heard on the issue of Plagiarism, Myself was on this issue, trying to be "over smart" by copying the content of other and showing professor as if it is of my own.

The problem then was, I did not realize this is illegal in academic world. Especially when you come from different culture and you are not taught at very early age about what to do and what not to do.

I think, this is quite relevant in developing world and one has to teach this idea of Plagiarism very strictly. Since we are making the content as the product and selling it, the content should be solely yours and yours alone.

Stealing of others property or other humans belonging is regarded as crime in social environment. The same idea holds good on the Internet too.

But as of the content on the Internet, it has to be properly evaluated by those who gives grade before making final judgment.

There are two types of people in the world one who create and other who steal. Those who create do not wants to get recognition and those who steal want to gain recognition by showing the property is his and his alone.

Many of the times, the same process if followed. However, it concerns every body around the globe and digital plagiarism should be minimized as far as possible.

With diversity of the Internet users, there are millions and billions of great ideas floating around. Only thing then matters is, not to copy the ideas of others and say as if, of yours own but to appreciate there valuable ideas and suggest your own.

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Saturday night.

Here are we now, in the middle of nowhere ! A jobcuts everywhere around the globe. As the economy is going down and unemployment is getting higher. One day there will no job in this planet.

Everything will be done by machine. As the laziness sides is increasing in more general way. There will be lesser and lesser opportunity to explore. I am not generalizing but this is my point of view.

A very good Saturday to start with, there was one movie that I enjoyed and I recommend to watch you to. "The Ninth Gate (1999)". A movie truly exceptional and one of the masterpiece.

A movie is about the book. The theme behind the movies is that, behind all book there is a story. Behind this movies also there is a story about the book. Truly exceptional and mind blowing.

To create you need creativity.

To learn you need motivation.

To admire you need study.

To think you need nothing.

To do all of these at once, you need courage.

and To not to do all of these, you need laziness in you.

How comfortable the life is, and how much more comfortable we want it to be? It depends on our logical mind. Once we think we are into the safe zone of our life, we just want to enjoy as much as comfort as possible but once we think we are in dead zone of our life, we just need to take it more seriously. We then strive for the excellence.

Nothing is far from the truth and nothing can be go beyond the truth. Everything that is done, or followed is based on the boundaries of the truth. Imagine a day, where you speak nothing but the truth. Later re-evaluate on the same subject. Did you really spoke the truth.

How about for example when you meet somebody unknown and suddenly you jump into too quickly and say, "It was my pleasure to meet you". Did you really felt this pleasure of what you just said.

Truth is not easy to evaluate. Truth should be spoken first with yourself. Those who just want to show how "genius" they are spread it around them. And those who we remember as "genius" had kept inside of them for the years. They knew that, Truth is not the element which can be shown but is just had to be felt. Are you really speaking or saying what you meant? Did you spoke the truth today? A hour ago, ...

Well, it can be elaborated and any thing can be said on this matter. Whatever it is, or whenever it might begin or start just follow and listen to what you want in life. It is the matter of the fact that, nobody comes easy. But again, it depends on how quickly you want or need them for yourself to be get it done. !

Have a great weekend ! :)

Friday, November 7, 2008

Prediction of President, 9 months ago !

No one would have thought nine months ago that the black guy will become the 44th President of the United States of the America, except me. I am neither futurist nor any economist on this issue. Was I guessing that President Obama will surely become the president? No, certainly not. I knew it. I do not know from when or where but somewhere deep down to my heart I knew that, the change is coming to the United States of America.

As the word "change" is concerned, it is the only thing which is going to be permanent in this recent century. It is because of the change, we are alive. It is for the change we want to live a life. It is due to the change we see pleasure of happiness, joy, sorrow, and many different tastes in our lives. The campaign and the election were just started and I did not know what's going on in United States of the American then, some 10-11 months ago. But suddenly, I heard it from a friend that, "Obama a black guy, has been elected for the president". I was then surprised to go through and Googled the key word-"Obama". I found loads of interesting videos which delivered equal message of equality, liberty and national unity. I was deeply moved and inspired by the speech that was delivered by President Obama.

Then later that night, I realized what is important? Is it the message of the change? Yes, it was! I could not stop my enthusiasm to that end; I quickly visited the web pages of the Obama presidential election and started to write some articles on these web pages. No body gave any comment on those articles till date. I wonder why? As, couple of days ago when President Obama was elected still no body has gone through my president prediction.

However, that is not important- The most important idea now is- How is United States of the America really going to stand up as the world leading nation? Is everything going to be restructured or re-envisioned through the eyes of new president or is it going to be the same? Only the time will tell, if Change is really being implemented through different perspectives.

The three words which is most important now is- "Yes, we can". How about in soon future, "Yes, we did"!


Here is the article that I wrote then, on Feb 6th, 2008 at 3:08 pm EST

Yes, I am certain that this guy will be the next president of United States of America. The past speaks a lot about the future. Barack Obama Past was full of pain, hardwork and total devotion towards his country. It seems that he has been supported by mainly youth of America. If youth of the Number one country supports him that really means this guy has got some talent. He has- No doubt about it. I just saw one video on you tube from his official website and I am impressed the way he speaks and the way he expresses himself. He is the next president of United States. I know this is just a hope and hope is always good when it comes to achieving the happiness because both these two simple word starts with "h". People might say that this guys is being optimistic or something but I am certain and sure. If USA needs some change and wants to serve their country surely they will have to give votes to this guy. I myself have never given vote till date. Imagine if I were a citizen of this country I would have proudly gone there to give him my vote, because I know and I am certain that I will get some thing on return. He will not turn down my request or he will not ignore me just like that. What has Bush done to America? During his time, America was unnoticeable country to all other countries. To speak and to do is quite different. People should always learn from the Finnish Culture of believing in "doing" rather than wasting time and energy is wasting time "speaking". It depends though, It is always good to say that "I have done something then I will do this or that" My good luck to Barack Obama I don't know weather any citizen of America will give him a vote or not but If I were you- I would surelyhave.

Next President of United States is Obama who will most likely clear the rule of certainly Osama...Yes, it is funny statement but it is true. The day Obama become president from that day onwards the journey of Osama will end. I think they were enemy from their very past. Before their birth! You don't think so? They have very common name Osama and Obama just replace "b" with "s". Since b always comes early in alphabet surely Obama is going to be the winner.

My wishes to Barack Obama, Next President of United States of America!!!

You can find the similar articles on the Obama Web pages at-

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hired and Fired

In the dynamic world, everything changes in the flick of the seconds. The story will never end until you are alive. Hear a very good news to those ears would take it more pleasantly, sooner Mybheja is going to be fired because the company is having a layoff soon.

What a good news to those ears which were desperate to listen something unpleasant from my side. Life is just like this, it is never stable. Nothing is secure in this planet. When I thought, there would be something secure and stable. The entire organizational structure is going to be changed.

For those who think I am the luck one, please be proud and happy than ever after. For those who think I am now the unlucky one, Thank you very much for the concern and I hope the same does not apply in your life.

World is not the end for your worries. I am writing this and at the same time laughing watching my faces on the mirror thinking that, it is now time to go back home?

I hope there is enough to survive back in the country. Although, the world is moving in faster lane and changes are showing greater impact on personal and corporate world. Life does not end here.

Happiness should be shared with every one but the sadness has to be remained with you and you alone. The reason of keeping the sadness in your life, is because it will teach you the lessons.

The lessons that you learned in life will always be with you but once you share the same lesson with every one it becomes experience. The most important thing to sha

I think you were flying in the sky now it is time to take off !
Welcome to the ground zero, Mr Bheja. !

Monday, November 3, 2008

A weekend


Life seems to be going on the smooth plane. It has faced many hurdles and now it wants to travel as it would like to. During a weekend in Lappeenranta, it was pleasant to meet exciting bunch of old folks. It was also exciting to meet those who desired to meet.


Some times I think we are all creating the memories and these memories we are keeping it up one day to remember. Whatever we do and whatever we try is all because of these memories. It is good to take life as it is, and not the way it would be. The weekend started with the exciting "Tihar party". A festival of lights. With the excitement and watching all those folks around whom I did not see for last one month was pleasant to my eyes. To gain something we have to loose something. The same happened during this weekend where, I had to choose between the National Seminar of AIESEC and in between meeting friends. I choose the latter one. I do not know why but may be there is something which I do not want to do now being in AIESEC member. I am saturated by the work load of AIESEC and with our local committee "famous decisions".


Therefore, I decided to be with my friends. It was fun as it is always is. Later, next day I went to one good Finnish friend party. He graduated from the university. It was nice to see him being graduated. It was a pleasant party with loads of nice songs playing and beautiful girls dancing all around.


I enjoyed being as a participants in his party. Later, that night I realized that I need to graduate soon too. Well, I do not know when but sooner is better. There are some works still left with my own thesis. I hope everything goes as I am thinking on my mind. But I know many of the times it is not easy and there still lies the hurdles in the path.


A good memorable weekend to remember and think about it later in your life. I wish good luck to all of those who participated in the "Tihar party" and all those who showed the smile despite being uncomfortable with my persona.


Today, as it is Monday. I think there are some glitches and surprises coming soon. I am expecting these to come very soon may be later in the afternoon or in the evening. Any ways, Life is to learn from the errors that we commit and carry on as long as it goes on.


"Near you"


Who cares if I am a human or animal?

Who cares if I am acting as a normal human being?


I think we should just travel and learn

But again, I am afraid with the economical trouble.


Life is to move on and on

Life is to see new places and people


Life is full of excitement and sorrow

Life teaches us simplest of lesson to remember

Life gives you advice to see new faces all around

Whoever she is, she looks beautiful and bright


Is this my passion for her or

Is it my passion of myself?


Whoever she is and whatever it takes,

I think I am feeling sense of togetherness


With you beside and me deep inside my thoughts

Can we give it to those in need?


Close your eyes and see who it is?

If you cannot see me, then I was never yours


If you can only see me, then I am yours.

Listen to yourself and tell me if it is true.


Whoever it is and whatever it takes we will do.

We will do, to learn from ourselves and to teach others what to do.


I thought I am writing a poem but it might look really stupid

I do not care as long as it gives meaning to what I think


All the desires are left unfulfilled

Until I see you with my eyes wide open


Sometimes the greatest journey is the distance between us.

But all these can be fulfilled once you desire of me near you.







































Saturday, November 1, 2008

In Lappeenranta

Back to Lappeenranata, it is an amazing feeling when you do the opposite of what you should have done. Here in Lappeenranata, we were celebrating our "Tihar" celebration yesterday.

It was good to meet all those who are new to this country. It is amazing experience to share the ideas, thoughts and think on the life. When you look back with the moments it should give you the pleasure of what you did.

My blessings are always there for those who need them always. Life should be directed in the way we want them to take it. Not the other way around. "Happy Tihar" to all of you.

There are some parties to attend this weekend. and most importantly meet great individuals living here.