Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The end or new beginning?

The most beautiful people in our lives are our parents: our mom and dad. Our parents have known suffering, struggling, and they worked hard to make ends meet. My father was born fifty years ago, and he passed away recently. Nobody knows the reason for his demise; neither our experienced medical doctors nor the religious pundits or sadhus. 

I cannot fully conceive the idea of his passing away. Relatives and neighbors say he died because of unknown causes. In his demise, I sense loneliness and utmost grief. My mother is on her own. I feel that nobody can replace my beloved dad, a mathematical genius. I loved his charisma and the way he did mathematical calculations. In his school years, he was among the brightest and smartest students in his class. During those times, he could not afford the university schooling because of lack of resources. He fulfilled his study dreams by bringing up his sons. We had mutual trust, and often used to meddle on hot societal issues e.g., Nepalese/world politics, society, education, science, climate change, etc. 

The little things we discussed and the jokes we shared are plain, simple memories. The time we spent together and chit-chatted hours together cannot come back. 

My relationship with him was less like a father-son duo and more like that between best-friends. At other times, he would patiently wait (for me) to enjoy dinner together, also during late-nights. 

Our time is limited, and we don’t recognize it till the end. Every moment is precious, and we should cherish those moments. Despite our humanly limitations, he stated that life is a personal journey. Nobody can predict the end of life or the end of the world precisely. This is a natural process. We are born, and we must die. There is no escape from this vicious circle of life and death. 

In retrospect, I learned that he was neither fond of treasures nor material goods, he was in himself a real treasure and honest example of a free spirit and a true father. 

My dad was the best and brightest (a son can dream of) in inspiration and life lessons. Simply, because he had known suffering, struggling and loss and had enriched himself with beautiful experiences. He encouraged learning from mistakes and loving contemporary human beings. 

Human life is fragile and the end is sure but with a gleam of hope for a newer beginning. As the end of the year 2012 is near and the start of the fresh new year 2013 is around the corner, I wish a merry Xmas and a happy new year to all.

Published: The Himalayan Times