Saturday, May 31, 2008

Federal Democratic Nepal

Welcome to Nepal, A country famous for High sky rocketing Himalaya like Mount Everest, birth place of Gautam Buddha, Buddhist God and brave Gurkha is truly a dream destination to visit once in a life. With more than 300 festivals, 100 different languages spoken and peaceful, loving and silent place is ahead of times in Natural beauty.Excuse me-You have landed your feet on Federal Democratic Nation, Welcome to a a country of its own where guest are treated as God. Last couple of years ago, when I came back from my country for the further studies in Finland it was ruled by King. Truly Monarchy, Now it is to my utmost surprise, cheer and delight to hear the news of Nepal being Democratic.

The history has been created by changing the some 240 year rule of King by people. Once the land where people use to treat Kings, and Queens and God and Goddesses are now just like me and you, a simple ordinary human. It has been proposed in the first meeting that king will be taken all perks except the benefit he gets as us. No great palace of former rulers is open to public in Nepal. Hence, the Narayanhity Museum (a possible name) will give Nepalis a unique peek at the 240-year-old institution of monarchy that has played such an important role in shaping the political course of the country. It is also decide now that the palace will be turned into Museum. King has been given a letter to vacate the palace within 15 days. Sooner the country will have new prime minister and president. "The president will be the commander in chief of the national army. He will act as per the recommendation of the Prime Minister. He will be authorized to declare emergency in accordance with the cabinet decision," was said by Nepali Congress leader Bimalendra Nidhi. As a common citizen, my intelligent guess would be Maoist leader Prachanda as a next president of Nepal. History has been made and history by selecting and voting for a new party called Maoist. During the political campaign I called and asked my wife-Whom did she voted for ? I was not so surprised when she said, "Maoist". Today, as they have been tagged as a terrorist by United States. It surely needs further thinking on them. Hoping is the only element left when none of the political parties and King did anything for the well-being of Nation, people and for the country. Since there has been new political parties people mostly expect a great deal of change from them.

Now the priority of government should focus mostly on the economic, infrastructure, health, education, social sector and IT developments. It is not difficult once a best brain really work hard and put effort. It is not easy either if none of the promises shown will be further implemented. Going by the paper, a country has second highest potential of electricity but electricity is erratic people sleeps more than 7hrs a day in darkness. Lack of water, gas, petrol and many more basic needs has to be really taken into consideration as soon as possible. Many of the problems faced by country can be improved by government. Possibly it would be fix and that is a dream and hope of most of people in countrymen. "E should not stand for excuses but E should stands for efforts". One example is worth thousand theories, we should set and example to world. we need to go by firmly believing in what I would suggest is "doing". Or more precisely, add "ing" in the verb like do, learn, walk, talk, watch,contribute, fight so on. If we learn to live in present we will know we are changing ourselves, our society, our
country and to some extent the entire world.

"Dreaming about developed Nepal !" exclaimed a friend one day giving me a pitiful look usually reserved for endangered animals. I was not bothered by that question as I realized that we ourselves are responsible for our sufferings. Changes should be brought about within ourselves; once we are changed definitely our homeland will change to developed.

Friday, May 30, 2008

Room, things, Global

The time to leave the room has come, going to some different place. A new place with different people, different structure of the room and the different styles. The room which I spend around 9-10 months of the time has finally going to be changed.

One very good Finnish friend I met, He is the always there when you need. "A friend in need is friend indeed." Many of the times we hardly find a good people and Now I can proudly feel that I have a good friend to whom I can turn into, whenever I need any help or suggestions.

It takes time to make a relationship, I have been creating relationship from the start of the Finland journey and it really is difficult to adjust with people either they are from Finland or from your home country. It is not easy to get along with everyone as you might think it is easy. Every body is different and every body has some different way of thinking.

No one can change some one's desire, feelings, dreams or whatsoever. I am happy to find friends here in Finland too. It feels good to talk about the country, On 28th of May 2008 it was declared Federal Republic of Nepal.

To hail is Federal republic in Nepal. Every body salutes that there is no monarchy anymore in the country once ruled by Monarch and also were called as reincarnation of God for the Kings. Now the country is secular, democratic and federal. I am still susceptible towards the growth and progress of the nation.

Politician has made a good move but is it enough ? What would we do by changing just the names ? The names in Passport, other legal documents and by changing the stamp or picture in Rupee notes. All these does not affect the economic, social, educational and infrastructural development in the country.

To change the country-first change the attitude. It has been done, good move. Now let us change the habit by working, by utilizing sleeping Army which are in number of 1 lakh. Use those Army for reconstruction, nation building process and use human resources for well-being of nation. It can be done and it will then take us to the path of development.

Something from Global world- Price of fuel is rising, price of petrol is rising more. We are now slowly going back from the place we came, from the age we came. The process is called downfalling. Everything in rise has to come down. We have made progress now by the scarcity of Petrol fuel we have to come down to the early phases of our development.

Imagine some 20-30 years from now,there is no fuel, or gas. We will have our bicycles, horses and other animals. Every body will walk in street as I do. I wonder sometimes that these people in car should come and join me in the walk. There will be crowd in the walkers street.

We will meet, we will know people and we will talk. It will fun, the process may take longer then mentioned but it will come. Alternatives are good to find or found but they will hardly be any best alternatives.

People will try, try until they will realize that it is not possible. I want to see all my people some day walking with me in the streets.

Last but not the least- I am thankful to the room, the floor, the table, chair, cupboard, kitchen, bathroom, all the touched and untouched places in every corner of the room. I am thankful to all these non-living entity as people might call. I am thankful because I had a stronger relationship with these then myself. I had made them my friends. They knew me and we use to talk alone many of the times. I am thankful to what I have achieved with the help provided by them. I am thankful to them. I know they are listening to me as I am saying these words to them. It feels great. I am smiling as they are smiling.

They are finally saying to me- You are great ! I am saying to them- It is just because of you guys ! I am taking them with me. I do not miss them as most people will say, "I miss you". I do not believe in those. I think you miss those whom you do not want to remember again. I do not miss anything or anybody just because I keep them, their memories with me in my heart somewhere. Therefore I never miss them. It can take everything. I have all those memories with me. I never miss anything or anybody. Therefore I do not want to say-I miss you. I always say-I will not miss you.If a person is with you, together with you-you never miss them. If you think or assume the other person is away from you then you miss them. I do not assume or think some one with whom I have relationship in one way or another is away from me. Those person are with me always. I never miss them.


Thursday, May 29, 2008

Useless words.

Smile brings joy, the reason to smile are many-some people smile just because something happened or some event occurred therefore their are reasons for the people to smile. Their are many people who smile only because they have to smile.

A new day, a new way and a new thoughts coming in your mind with the fresh breeze blowing all around you. A new day brings new hope to live. A thought of living a life. A way of em brassing it. Some people get irritated just because they are heavily thinking too much. Some people do not get irritated just because they know what is going on in their mind.

Everything has life, all the non living things and living things. People will not believe me on this point. Science will tell you that all those entity that breath is called as living things. or living entity. I would ask to those who have made this definition that- What if, the process of taking birth and process of death of the non-living entity is the same, should not you put non living entity as living too ?

I believe both the living and non-living has the life. I believe because the process both the entity follows are the same. Their are millions of example. For e.g one entity shoes. We buy a pair of shoes. (Birth), now you wear them (living) and then slowly it becomes old(aging) after some period it is broken(death). The process of living being is also exactly the same.

Who says it is just a thing ? It is your eyes which sees the entity around you as the thing. It is the same eyes which see the difference and it is the same eyes which helps the needy. It is the same eyes which have heart full of helping desires and it is the same eyes which wants to kill the person next in different color.

The people from different country have different way of using the language, the person from different country have different way of thinking different. But I think I do not have any difference in different itself. I do not see any difference. I see most of the times outside my window from the kitchen and I find green everywhere, I see the road and the road reminds me that it is going nowhere.

I see the cars and these cars are always their constantly running in the road.It reminds that we are here in the world of road and the road ask me to run too. I am not great runner. I cannot run not for the physical benefit or any other benefit but I do not want to run.

I know the path will take you to the place where their is nothing. A place where none, no green, no leaves, no air, no water, nothing exist.

One day, a teacher said to me-you know in West we do not write the way you write. It is totally different. Every sentence has the meaning and we connect the sentence with the reasons. We give reason why the sentence exist. Your style of writing do not connect the sentence.

I thought-well, to me it does not matter, it should matter to my readers. If my readers believe that it does not give any sense then I accept it and I will try to improve it but when my readers are accepting what I am writing it is acceptable. Despite that also I will try to manage with my Western world of writing style.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008


We have different culture, we have different languages, we have different faces and many thing that are not similar to each others but one thing we have same and it is the- Smile.

Smile is same in every languague. It is same in all forms of the language, it has the same meaning it is the language of simplicity, which tells that we are one way or another same.

I woke up with the smile in the face and I still am trying to figure out something in my mind which is very unclear. It is the path that I want to travel but the the destination is unseen. It is unclear, un discovered destination. No one ever has done something like the way I am trying to do but I know it is difficult. But again looking at the word difficult reminds me that nothing is difficult.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Purpose of life or life of purpose

How much pain is painful ? How many of the "sorry" is excuse and how many of breath is enough to say that I have lived my life. Can anyone answer these questions ? It is the lesson learnt in life. Why do we many of the times do not listen to what our elders, grandpa and grandma has to say. What makes us think that we are better than them ?

What is the problem with the problem ? The actual answer is that we think we are good enough and when we think whatever we are doing is good then that makes us stupid many of the times. The pain is painful only when it hurts. It makes you cry. It makes you feel that you are living with the suffering. Many people just fake it. It is the one who do not want to show the real pain. How do you judge a person intellect ? A person who can excuse to his enemy- is he intellectual person ? I think to some extent yes, why not he is intellectual because he gave an excuse to his greatest enemy. How many of us can easily do such activities ?

Humans are not difficult to understand but many of the times their feelings are difficult to feel. It is not easy to say that you are the good human being and you are bad human beings. We all are the same in one way or another but the same does not mean that we look alike, do same activity or have faith no faith or seek something similar or act something similar. Same means we belong to one common species. We are homosapiens. We belong to one group. Now today we are divided-we are divided by our culture, nature, values, ethics and most importantly by religion and country.

Always the big eats the small. The process of nature is just like that. Lion is the king of jungle so is country America. The king of the world. Then comes another contry or place Europe as a whole comes second in the race of jungle king. The rabbit, and poor animals are us who come from underdeveloped world. The world where we do not know how to live, how to learn, how to think. This is not my thinking-this is the thinking of King of jungle-lions and the second to lions.

We live in divided world and it is good that we are kept in one place. We should realize the fact that we are not what they believe or think. We are the stongest of them all. We have great minds, we have talent and we can show them we are as good as they are. It is the matter of time. It will be shown soon. The main question still lies not on the context of country but in the context of individual. How many of our people had made it to the top of their list. Their list means the list of developed world ? I do not know and I have no idea but it will come soon.

Saying sorry does not give total excuse to the person. The excuse of the person can be felt from the very core of the person. There are people who lie and those people who lie from others are lieying with themselves. The excuse belongs to them in some way or another.

I have no idead how many breath people take in their entire course of their life. I do not know. May be millions or zillions breath.Each breath we take is from Nature and we give it back to Nature again. Every breath we consume draws us one step closer to where we started our journey of our life.

We will reach the moment of peace when we finally realize that we have lived and we have done what we inteded to do. "The sole purpose of life is not to live but to give as much as you can till you live."

Please try to remember that quote, it is not said by great person or I do not know any who made that quote. It is made by a ordinary person who writes a blog and it is me. It is the effort or giving that makes you real human. How much can you give ? We always tend to collect things and one day finally we realize that those things are useless. That very moment if you realize the purpose of life then you will say that-yes, this man's quote is correct.

Belive me, it is correct.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Missing you.

Some times It feels as if I am with you and some times It reminds me that I am without you. Why are you away from me ? Is it the distance that is separating us or is it us who have been separated ?

I do not know when would I get an opportunity to meet you, see you and say hello to you. I am worried and I am tensed. I am feeling alone. I want to cry but I could not cry. I even could not take a deep breath as I am having the pain in my left chest. Monday it is and I am really feeling as if I want you. I want to be with you. Together-smiling, talking and doing smaller things that would make you happy.

Why is the distance between us ? Why cannot I bring you in my place ? I know the problem is not the solution but the solution gives me a problem. The decison needs to go rational but I have no idea what would happen. I am worried-I wonder what you have been doing all the time.Would you have been remembering me or Is it some one making you laugh ? Is that you have already found some one or Are you still waiting for me to return ?

How could I tolerate the situation when I see you in some one else's arms ? I do not know- I may never want such thing to happen in my life but what if it happened ? My mind if filled of thousand unwanted questions and I want the answers from you. I want to see you-touch you and ask you that you still are the one I left you some couple of years ago.

Will it be possible that no one has touched you from that time ? I cannot believe it but how would I make my heart believe that you still are untouched beauty. How can I make my eyes believe that you have not been touched by no one. I know these questions does not matter if you showed the same kind of expression and emotions that you showed be two years ago.

I want you, I want to be close with you. I have thousand prayers for you but why are my prayers not heard. Have you done the same to be with me ? Is it me alone who have been thinking about you ? Am I being alone or am I feeling as it is not you who loved me ? The circumstances are made by us and why are we making a situation where we cannot meet. The person who does do not think too much and the person who thinks does not do too much.

The person who makes a loud noise is never heard. It is like he is speaking nothing. There are people whom I have seen making loud noise but whatever they are speaking does not make any sense. It is non-sense trying to find sense. Is my love something like that for you ?

I do not know and I do not want to know but I am eagerly and patiently waiting for the moment-the moment of ultimate truth and ultimate goal, the moment of peace and the moment for which I have been waiting my entire life. I know that day the sun will shine bright and I know that day will be the happiest day in my life-when I will see you. When I will touch you and when I will tell you that you were the one I ever wanted to be with together for ever and ever.

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Child Within

A lazy Sunday morning, reminds you that you can sleep longer than the usual weekends. It is good that you get a good sleep but it is not good that you waste your time just like that. A early to rise and early to bed-makes child healthy, wealthy and safe.

We are all child, inside us still remains our childhood, we may become adult, young, old but at the very core of our heart their lies a child who is naughty, who wants to steal something, who wants to smile, and who is eager to know-asks too many of the questions all the time.

A child is pure form of human being. A form which do not have anything to hide, it has direct connection with God, the creator. It talks directly with him. His message are the heard earliest then any other messages. In real world practical scenarios too, a message of child is easily heard by the father. A father immediately replies him with the answer.

A child is sleeping in all of us. Wake him up, make your life beautiful with the child within you. How ? Just wake him up whenever you feel. If he is not sleeping than you look too childish and it is the pure form of human existence. It is clear, pure and beautiful. Every body like child. If not many of them like child.

A child is wise, wants to learn all the time-he is hungry for the learning. He does not know many of the things and many of the stuffs that are present in this real world. He wants to know them. Give him the answer. At least try to convince him. Make him happy. In the process of making him happy you will make yourself happy.

Some times it is very easy to misunderstand the other people if you do not have a kind of childish behavior. A movement of eyes will tell everything about what the other person is saying or thinking. It is most easy way to detect the behavior of the person.

People can talk big, they can have great ideas in their mind but at the very end of the day they still maintain their identity. They are not easily giving off their race, they do not want to listen something wrong about the country, culture, language, ethnicity, developments and so on. People always want to promote by saying my country is good, my land is great and we have this-we have that.

It does not matter what you have or what you have been doing. The most important things that matter is how many people did you helped today ? How many people you make smile today ? How many of them get inspired by your words or your words of inspiration today ? How many think you really are speaking truth and how many of them trust you today ?

In every question their is today. The today signifies that we have to be in present. The moment of time is just Now. People do not have long memory to take it for longer period of time. We tend to forget everything in past or future. It is now which is most important.

A child always lives in NOW. He does not know what is wrong or what is right. He is simple and lives very ordinary life. He has nothing to hide and nothing to tell. If he has something to tell he will easily tell you and he has hide something he will again let you know later. He is not afraid of anybody. He is smiling all the time. A child smiles 5000 times a day but a Man smiles not more than 50 times a day.

The difference is that people when grow become more cautious about the health, about the other people and they think what others will think about them. When you think what others will think you will not do what you really intend to do.

Feel free like a bird, a bird which can fly anywhere it wishes to go. A bird who has an open sky with no difference with any other birds. It might belong to one species of bird but they do not have the real difference. It flies just it has to. It has broader horizon-it can travel all around the world. It has a huge blue sky over it. It has no limitation. It is not bounded by anything. Let us be something similar to a child and fly as if we are bird with not just the literature in our mind but the implement what you have read. Implement in your real life. I know it will be magical. You may even can predict the future-you will always be ahead of times.

Saturday, May 24, 2008

Save an ant.

I always explain most of the times about the beautiful morning. Now let us explain about something else. Many people like me are keeping blogs, they are writing based on the topic they are skillful, intelligent and experts on. What if some one is not experience ?

When you are not experience then very few people read to your blogs. It does not matter to me how many people I have to attract and what would be the techniques to attract them. I write just because I feel to put these words in Internet therfore some of these words will make some sense to the people and they will learn, get some good idea and turn them into their own realities.

I am a messeger of the creator. I just want to spread his messege to all of us living in the planet. The messege of total peace and calmness. The messege of unforgetable and memorable dreams. The messege of love, a messege full of stories. These stories are made automatically every day. I do not know where these things come from but they do come.

Summer is here, sun is out. The place where darkness covers most of the months. People are glad to see the sunny afternoons and longer days. Light is always there during 10pm in night too. Isn't it amazing ? It is nice to see hot sunny days, bring joy in your face, smile even if you do not have any reasons to, you feel talking with others and others feel talking with you.

Everything is different but nothing I see as different. I see the taste of music as the same, I think music has no language, since music do not have any language and it creates the sense of feeling which speaks only one language directly with our heart. Why are we creating the fight with language, culture, country, ethinicity, race and many other non-relevant matters ?

The purpose of living does not allow us to do harm to others. When you see an ant in the street what would you do ? Would you step on it or you will do not step over it ?
The decision is totally yours, you make the choice-you have freedom of speech and expression, you have the freedom of making your personal choice but why are you not letting an ant make its own personal decision ? Why do you step over it even if you see it and it is under your feet ?

We do it just because sometimes we feel, we are stronger and sometimes we do it just becasue we are not feeling good. I have seen many such kind of people who does it but it depends.

Let the ant live its own life. Please do not every intentionally kill it. It has a life. It also want to live. Think before you step over an ant. Think you first as you are an ant. Then think will it be good to step over it. Suppose, you are going to meet your ant wife and some big giant human is going to step over you. You want to give a suprise to your ant wife for a weekend, you bought a good food for her. She is expecting you and she is thinking about your past life, your beautiful kids, your own first meeting with her near some park where all the ants where searching for food.

Unfortunately some big giant human step over you and you are dead. Imagine a situation, the husband ant is killed. It was his bad fortune. He did not expected that he will not ever see his wife after long long time but unfortunately some psyco human killed him. What would happen to the ant wife ? Will she wait but how long ? How long would she wait ? She waited, waited and finally some other friends of an ant reported to her that he was killed in the road accident.

Imagine a situation, please if you see the ant please think in the way I think. You will do a great thing by not stepping over an ant. You will save two lives. By the shock of an husbad ant, wife ant also decided to kill herself. She had an heartattack and finally she died.

The morale of the story is that-we do all the activities in our life but knowingly or unknowingly we do some things which might be useless to us but it could be a entire life for others. I do not want every one to see their footsteps all the time but please when you walk just check it sometimes when your heart says it to you. Then when you are in such situttion do not step over an ant. The ant will be killed. Therefore do not kill it, save it. It might save your life in someother way oneday-who knows !

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday relationship

A beautiful warm morning making you feel as if your whole entire days will be filled with warm wishes, good luck and charm of other people smile. A good friday morning with friday itself gives a pleasure and it reminds many people around the world-about last working day.

Friday in many places are celebrated with party in the midnight, many kings and queens celebrate it too. Friday is a good day of the week. the pain I was suffering from the last night seem to heal little bit. It is funny that you are doing lot of things and when lot of things make you pain in your body-you really feel as if you are in difficult situation.

There are many kinds of human, there are many thinking and there are many situations. Those who want to say about what they did and how good they did means they have not put much effort on what they really have done. Those who do not know what they are doing and do not want to talk about what they have done are the ones who have really putting lot of effort to do.

Love is the exact answer for many of the solution in our life. We are looking the best people and in search of best people we are getting no one. We are looking, searching, finding and one fine day we meet the person for our life. We are finding him/her and we are thinking now this person is the most suitable in our life. It is not the way we think. One day that we are caught in the fight with the person and everything else destroys easily.

Love and relationship are different. Once you are in love, you do not think of marrige-marriage is an relationship where as love is love. It is just very childish. I was talking once with a friend and she is very beautiful. I thought she is in love with someone. I thought who would it be ? Is it me ? Sometimes I think she is in love with me but again some times I think it might be some one else. I am always worried what if it is not me ? There is a chance of fear, there is a shyness and there is fear in my heart.

The fear gives me less assurance that what if she does not like me the way I like her. But again it reminds me that I have nothing to loose. I think- 99% that she is in love with me. How can a love be turned into the ever lasting relationship ? Is it easy. No, Is it difficult ? No- The solution is not excatly the answer but the answer is the soulution. I do not know. What if she is in love with me but she gets married with some one else ?

There are thousand other questions that I am eager to ask with her. If we are together what would happen ? What if she is with me in my bed putting her head in my chest-talking, sharing her experiences about how much she cared about me a long long time ago. What is she says- that she loved me from long time ago and I did not knew about that. What if I was a fool running after some one esle and the one who was loving me what some body else ?

It is the beginning, for me-I only think about the sex. Whever I start discussing some issues the very fist thing that comes in my mind is what if I will be with her in the bed and doing sex. What if we talk or chat just after our sex. But again- the sex is not the answer to the love. It is totally different. We many of the times forget that when we want or desire about the sex and once we get it, we just then forget about the person and we just need more. It becomes a habit. A long long habit which we follow and it results into the birth of an offspring. The child is then taken care, the life livied for the togethernes becomes the responsibility the total responsibility of feed the child, to live for child and to do good things to child. The process contiues and the process our child follows the same. It is the process and many people follow the same procedure. Imagine being loved by the girl who is far far from you. She liked you, she loved you then more than you thought, she is with you all the time and she is your dream girl- Don't you want to live with her ? You can live with her if you want to-only thing you need is your love for her too.

Long long day

A good painful morning startup, just woke up in from the low bed of mine. It was very painful in the legs, thighs, and even the some part of lungs. With all the very pain I woke up thinking today is the day and there are many stuffs to work out for. It is not easy as it looks easy to survive.

First task was to reach the university and do the blood test. These blood test that I have been doing for last couple of weeks is very scary. They put a big syringe in your middle of arm and some times they even say you that, "Your veins are very small, I could not find it". With the movement of syringe from on place to next they make you feel as if you are really sick.

However, It is for your benefit and it is good to follow the rules when you are benefited. Therefore I started a day with the blood test. Although I was fortunate to eat something, and one peace of boiled eggs it was good. Just after the morning breakfast, it was a time to start the day.

Now I went to University gave a blood test. The result showed it was a bit higher then expected. She gave me good suggestions, and tips on what to do and what not to do. It was asked to take the X-ray test in the center or city center. I do not want to take X-ray test but I have to because it will show my bones and the real picture which will try to explain what is the important.

Then My mind asks me to visit to the center just because I had to renew my visa for the next academic session. I went to the Bank and took the statement that was required for the Visa, finally I went to Police Station where they renew the Visa. The procedure took place and it worked out well.

Finally I had to visit the Posti Office for the training of the work. I went to the Office and started to work out in Training session. It was fun. It was interesting and only hope after all the discussion was to find a bike to find a work. It is not difficult to find a bike to get the work.

Now I am like a man with only bones left. It seems as if I am dieying and soon going to heaven. It really was tiresome. It was very awful, painful and good starter day. The time spent was 8-9 hours in the center. Finally drive in your bicycle to the 5km to your room. Oh, Thanks god that is what you need now, Then nothing stops because that is the place where you have to return just only you are going to sleep in that place.

Some how managed to reach the place and finally prepared a food to eat and now writing these stories of long long day. Isn't it amazing ? A great startup, how about now a good sleep.

I feel as if I am going to sleep forever, people might feel it is derpession, it is just an anger that a people is showing but the life will not let you tell you what to d oand what not to do. It is always your faith your disicison that makes you the life easier later. It is the way it is.

As if I am not in mood now to write or work out writing some stupid stories which will make not any sense to all the sensual people in the world. Enjoy and have fun in your life too, before it gets too late. Some times the way you predict, or see the future-is exactly the similar what happens. Enjoy and really be cool as Ice in your neck.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

All the way leads to one way.

Suprise again, Woke up with eyes open. A third world country fellow came to study in one city of Finland. Now, The time has come to extended your permit.The permit reminds you that you are from different place and you have to show the some 6000 Euro Balance in your bank account.

Now they are also planning to change the system. The system now they are looking for the change is that Students selected should paid a tution fee. I think this is not possible. None of the people would like to come to this deadland, I do not recommend anybody to do that if they are going to implement such system. Please for god's sake do not waste your money and your times. It is better to go somehwere else or some other country rather than coming to this place.

It does not mean that it is bad or good or something, only thing is that your personal benefit. Always ask what you are going to get from what you do. It does not make you selfish, it makes you decide your own destiny.

Today as my eyes were open and my hands, legs and my part of body was moving. I thought to go to the Center of the city. It was very early in the morning I reached to the city center and coming early in the morning today at the center where there were no one, none of the shops were open, sitting in the gallery stand I was doing nothing. I opened my diary and started to write something.

One beautiful lady came and open her gallery of Finnish design infront of me where I am sitting. I was waiting patiently for the the shops to open. Every morning comes with the ray of hope and again evening goes with depression of black darkness.

Sometimes the money we earn are not even useful to us. What would we do when the money we earn does not make any sense in real life. The reality is somehow different then what we percieve or what we think.

Imagine a situation where there is no hatred, not religion, no language, no caste and no creed, no difference and no pain, no sorrow and no guilt. I know it is not easy as it looks but it is easy.

What we see depends upon what we think. I get angry who is getting the benefit ? I am angry makes me feel bad, makes by body to behave somewhat to show the expression of anger. This is what is not good. The world is how we see, how we take and how we feel deep inside.

Understanding a human is very difficult task. Now a days, people write that they can really have good relationship in 1 month, 3 months and some 21 days. This is stupid. It does not work the way those people think or those people belive. First you need to understand yourself, then you should be able to understand his behaviour, attitude, gestures, culture, country, language and many more. It is not easy to understand the human. How can people easily think that it is easy to be in relationship.

Relationship is all about commitment. It is about the effort, it is about the two ways of mutual, soul talk or soul understanding. It is not easy. In search of good partner we may try 100 girls or guys in our life but what would we get at the end of all this. A rotton thing either hanging or rotton thing sticking in our body.

I am in the actually not healthy and I am fit and fine as people are normally but my body is such that I am filling as if I am ill. I do not know what would happen tomorrow but If I die please do not leave me alone. The blog would not be updated anymore, I would not have any good news, or bad news or any stories to tell you. I would not have anything to write. In the process of living and dieying we are trying hard to survive. We want things but things won't gives us satisfcation. Please start doing the things you like most. Leave the rest to your faith, if it is there it will come and if it was not-it was never yours.

Life is the way we live it, life is the way we share it and happiness is multiplied when shared. Race is divided when discussed, language will create problem when seen in difference, Peace is the end. Please try to know the fact that all our destiny leads us to graveyard, or some are burnt.

The process of reaching the end and making exciting is in all your hand. One example I would like to share was-I was in the center today, I saw a old women, I felt like I should talk with her. I just said Good day in Finnish and she replied with me the same. She stopped walking or going where she was intended to and she asked me if I was fine, I replied yes.

This is what I do, feel like talking-talk, feel like doing sex-do it, feel like smiling without reason-smile, feel like getting angry with yourself-get angry, feel like shouting to someone-shout, feel like sleeping more-sleep, feel like not waking up again to see the beautiful morning-do not wake up.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Higher Studies in Finland

As unexpectedly I woke up early in the morning, I realized that I was breathing and I was alive. I prayed to those who gave me the opportunity to see the entire day. I did all the activites that people do early in the morning.

A good begin is what we need. A good start is what we want and a click in our life can change everything in our life. It is difficult but at the same time it is not diffcult only because it depends on our perspective.

I came in Finland only because the Study here is Free, Imagine tomorrow they keep tution fee in the Universities across Finland. I would not ask my grandmother to come here in finland for studies.

I can write thousand pages about the good things about this country, culture, language and society whatever. But I would tell you that- People here do not like to see more foreigners, they would like to see few but they do not want it more. I do not know in a country where you can hardly find any people, those who survive in this land do not want to same species from the different planet. Some would like to see but I can be rest assure that many of them do not like to.

It is quite acceptable for me if some body says something worng or bad or gives negative comment on the country, culture or language but if I would say the same to the people from Finland, or other part of Europe they are not ready to accept it. Only because they do not want to accept the reality.

It is great opportunity for me and I really appreciate with what they have given me. I would like to make these hurtful statements if they sound like in such sense.
Be ready to accept it. Sometimes I think why when people talk about Europe they think the capital of Europe is United Kingdom. Many of the people from the rest of the world has the same point of view.

These all nations are now united to one Nation called as European Union.It is good that they have one body which regulates and rules them. They have to follow the rules and they are following it good.

We are born-from the moment we are born we start making our choices, our opinion about the world, culture, language and everything around us based on our observation and level of thinking. We think we see, we see we open the doors of our mind. People in many part of these countries are scared to open there door only because they think they might get some ill substances in the form of human to there home land.

When I know where I am going, my destination is very clear. When I am abit scared and wary about it I will go nowhere.

These two lines will take some time for you to think. You may think in thousand different ways but all the ways have same end. Language is good way to start communicating with people. Everybody will appreciate if you can speak the language of their country and their society. But how would you manage if you are trying to learn and could not easily learn the language of their country ? The same point of discussion was carried out once with me and a friend.

Even a dog of your country speaks the language you speak. Only thing is that when some one comes to your country only difficulites for him is to learn your language for some people it is easy. They learn it very easily but for some it is difficult they could not learn it easily. Now what ? Are you going to kill that person ? Are you going to hate that person ? Mostly if you hate that person then you are hating yourself. If you start behaving rude to that person then it is not the person who will suffer its you who are suffering.

Language is great problem in all the country. I do not respect as my friend respect his language, I do not respect as my friend respect his country. I do not respect as my friend respect the land he was born. For me, it is just a land. I respect my mother land too, I respect the language too but I am not nationalistic. I do not have one single point of view on one single nation. I belive all the Nation is same. Take an example of lakes- In Finland there are thousand of lakes.

Some lakes are small, some lakes are big, some are dirty and some are not. All these lakes have one common language, all these lakes have one common theme, all these lakes makes us think that by going into future we are increasigly going small. We are separate and we are not going to be mixed.

All these lakes know that they are soon going to chagne their structure or the way people will see them, not to hide but to make them invisible. Lakes have one common language and one common goal. Thousand lakes are the numbers but Lake is just one.
I do not know how people see it. I see it as One.

I am sorry to those whom I have hurt or I am hurting only because I am bad at learning language. I belive that you can provide me a complete stranger and I would possible be able to communicate with him somehow and I would not need any language.

Todays mind of people have changed and they belive that without language a communication is not possible. My mind is old mind of some old age, which tells me that Communication is also possible without language.

All is well that ends well. Let me thank the country, culture, language and everything that is not here. I thank this place for providing me excellent opportunity to pursue my higher studies. I am very happy they have taken a great step but hopefully they should not implement the process of applying tution fee which will not bring my grandmother from her grave to studies here in Finland.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday again.

I have to accept the fact that some Monday could be good too, I remember last Monday writing about the Monday and the consequences I face on this day. Today it was not like that. It came up with some good and surprises.

I always believe in the fact that Nothing is in our hand. It is written some where, we cannot find that place, we cannot determine what is it, we just can assume, we just have to leave it to our fate, faith, religion, culture and our core values, most importantly to our heart.

People will be there around you, people will be close to you and people will be far from you. It is not the distance it is the love, it is the moments you shared, it is the laugh,smile, cry, worries, problems, all these creates the moment and once these moments are created it will become a part of life. Once these moments become a part of life, it is with us. It is constantly reminding to go back. It ask our mind to go back in the same moment, do the same things, laugh the way you did or eat the food you enjoyed eating or preparing.

Surprises are good, satisfaction is better. Sorrows are better Sadness is worse. Why do we get into habit of being sad when we know we are here to enjoy. Just enjoy your day-live a life with joy and happiness. Try to share the feelings even though other person does not want to listen-tell him/her if you feel telling your things.

Trust is build once you share your feelings, people start to believe in you once you do not hide, or do not lie. Truthfulness gives you the trustfulness.
The process of life continues like the it has to. There would be people around you and there would not be people around you. Many of our worries are due to the fact that we want, desire, need something. Those things make our mind to worry and go in the direction to get what we desire, want or need. When we go in the direction of our mind we go nowhere. We are going to end up in the way every body does and every body will.

Once we set up one environment we are just the person doing the same thing as others are doing. Who do not have work ? Almost many of them have. Who do not have degree ? Almost many of them have and you want it or you have it too. Who do not have a car ? Many of them have and many of them will have. These basic necessity turns in to the dream, or goal, or passion in our life. Once we change we go in the direction of our mind. When we go in the direction of our mind we will reach in getting what we desire, want or need but we will not see what we could have achieved, done, or learn, or given to this mother earth.

I have seen many people who wants to take, who wants to have something in there life- I have never seen any person who wants to give. Only because people are afraid of giving then taking. It is easier to ask than to give when not asked.

Understanding the psychology of human, and the psychology of the person who created the world is different. I went to the center today with couple of friends. I was feeling tired and sat in the middle of the highway where there was one chair to sit. It was in the side of the highway near the pedestrian path.

While I was watching all those busy people driving there car and going very fast. I realized that they are going nowhere. People are running after something that is not important at all. It is necessity but at the same time the total rush is for nothing. We are very busy that we do not have time to pray. Some times I think-people like the word busy then being busy.

However, It does not matter as long as I was taking rest and enjoying the people around me running and thinking they are running after nothing. It was pleasant to see all the similar men like me who were wearing somewhat similar clothes then I was, only basic difference was they were driving the vehicle,Many of them were also staring at me just may be because I look as if I have just arrived from jungle.

Surprises can happen, and it is in the hand and book of those who had created us. Who had sent us to this place for the good deeds. Thanks to him, his men and him surprises. I would like to see him someday and enjoy a greatest party with him that I could not imagine I would get it in this earth.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I was born handsome, I will die handsome.

Hot summer day, shining with the bright blue sky and on the top of that the barbecue party at the center of the apartment with smiling and beautiful faces all around. The day was shining as it always does with many of new and exciting faces just showing the signs of joy and madness at the same time.

It was pleasant to be in the group of all men and women. Some of them were ready to go back home in the summer after the completion of there studies in Filand. Many of them were just coming to see off them. I was there to see all those of them.

It was good to be in group of all the handsome men and beautiful women. I was excited too. I said to my friends-"I was born handsome and I will die handsome". The quote became a joke and it was a funny statement to start my cheerful day.

We took a pictures, we smile, we laugh, we cook and we also eat a lot of healthy delicious and mind boggling food. It was amazing mixture of champigne and Vodka. My nature does not allow me to be so sober in such case. I mixed them both. It was amazing, quanity of alcohol rose upto 72% which when passing though the mouth felt as if i am putting the fire into it.

It might might have helped my cought just because may be it burned it out or something. Anyways, it was exciting and wonderful to see people with hopes of returning and starting from all over again. There were many who were depressed to see there friends going or leaving and there was a stupid guy like me who was sitting in one corner and smiling at seeing people cry.

Some times It takes lot of hard work to become strong and some times you cannot resist it all the along. It is by nature which has given me some power to sustain in most of the difficult situations. I can resist the wind, I can also resist the storm but I cannot resist the love.

The very "I" allows me to think and I am able to think now that "I" is some body who lives inside me who is childish, strong and Natural then the person who sees me by my Name. There are two person but people cannot see the two it is my responsibility to see one as two.

After the awesome Barbecue and good taste of food. It was the time to take a deep rest. Go back to bed and sleep but again how am I suppose to finish the day just like that-then I suddenly decided to see a movie. I saw a fantastic movie called- "Into the wild". A movie which reminded a lot about the Nature, moment, learning, walking into wild places, listening to your heart and deciding what is most important in life.

A movie which will guide you to forget all the material possessions and just live for the sake of living. A movies which does not ask you to follow the rules but to ask other to follow yours.

The day went good and as it always does. People may live some years before they die, "I live for one day and I die the same day". It is quite suprise and awkward for many to see the statement like the one I mentioned.

I do not have ... years to go or I have spent ... years in my life. I am just one day old or some hours old right now just because I woke up 3 hours ago. Therefore It makes me 3 hours old. Now, when I go back to bed in the evening then I am going to my death bed. It is the time I want to take rest from all my sins, all my pleause and all my good, bad, or whatever deeds.

Yesterday my brother who lives in Australia asked me-how come you have so many words in your mind everyday ? How are you able to write some thing everyday.? I write just because It is my passion, I write just because I do not know anything. I write just because I know there are people who read it. I am not worried about the mistakes, like grammatical or construction or whatever but I write just to write.

I will be helpful to those who will suggest me but I am again helpful to those who does not have anything to say too. Everything is art. Everything is creativity. All the women in earth are beautiful, all the religious places are best and awesome. All these places may be called with different name but the messege of all the religous places are the same.

All the women are beautiful only because all the women are same around the world. They might not look same but they are physically similar. They have this two ballons in their chest, a quite complicated structure. It might seem as if it is too easy but it is difficult at the same time.

The sound of raindrops back my windows remind me of my old days when I used to be with one beautiful women together. Now, It is my aloness which reminds me that it is the first lesson of love.

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Old stuffs.

There are many things in our life and such things we ignore them all the time. See the door for e.g. or bed, the clothes, the wallet, or the plates, or the window, or the table etc. All these things are just the things for us to use.

We think all these stuffs are for us to use and they are there with us to use them and later throw them. I really do not like the idea of throwing out the things which are close to you. or the things which you once get into the habit of using it. I may be doing a worng decision or whatever but It is not good. Once we first meet or get to see these things-We are some how related with all these things that are just useless for us.

It might look useless for us, they are the things for us to use and throw but once we get into these things we tend to forget or do not really care about them. But the things which we use are for us and they should be kept with the proper care. It should be taken with good care and they should be treated as if you are related to them.

Life is not easy as it looks but once you like and love and find happiness or smile in whatever you see, whichever moment you are into and whichever things you use you get one big thing and that big thing is-- Satisfaction. That Satisfaction will make you feel that you are alive. It will give you the greatest pleausre of living a live.

Be cheerful, be honest, and be truthful once you try to be what metioned here you will build a relationship of "trust". Once the relationship of trust is being started with not only the other person, but also with the things it will become two way around. You will get the help from the things you do not see are helpful. The things which will literally or practically do not talk with you but they will impractically help you. Take for example a table lamp-it provides you with light, whever you need it, just you turn it on, whenever you do not need it just turn if off. How many of you are thankful to a table lamp, or desk, or chair or the bed or the things you use ?

It might sound stupid, weired and awkward but it is not. It is not the way it sounds. It is the reality. you like the things and once it gets old you do not like them anymore. Something which is similar with women. You like the newly seen women whom you have just started dating later on when she turns into your wife she is just an old car.

Why do we like most of the times the new, it is just because our mind needs some different taste all the time, it ask us to change and it wants us to do something or conqure something that we never had.

The reality is just this, accept it , rejoice in it and just belive it.

I am very addicted to what I do, I do not want to chage the way I am, I do not want to be some body else, I am what I am, I like the way as I am but the fact is when I am doing something worng then I will not try to do it the next time. I will try to learn from the mistakes all the time. I am hungry for learning as I am always very hungry for anything.

The motto of life is to live- whatever be the situation, wherever you might be and whichever things you were upto. It is the motto of life but we many of the times we tend to forget what it really is and we go hayward which brings into us unwanted substances Which really need to be removed.

I am related to the trees, to the birds, to the bed in which I take nap, I am related to everythings, and every non living or living things. It is how we see them. For me, my room is entire world. How many of the people will think like that ? People might think-this guy is crazy but that is how they had thought before.

I can explain you why. I often say to people that love the everythings, smile as if you are child and you do not know why you are smiling. Ask a child and he wil give you the same answer. He does not know what is the reason behind it but once he sees me watching him-he smiles back at me just because I smile at him. There is no reason. There is human connection. There is no race, religion,politics, or whatever there is only simplicity.

Once we make our mind open as if we can take entire of the sky we will reach to the stage called total silence. The mind will move into the phase of silence where some times or once in a while you will not feel to talk anything in a day or two. You want to sit idle just like that. You do not want to think or watch or see but you will be like mediating. The process might look complicated but it is not as it looks.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Listen to your heart.

Men cannot leave the women but it is always the decision of women to leave the Men. I am not generalizing but many of the times I have seen many women dumping the Men not the opposite way around.

It is the nature of women which is constantly changing and which always want to feel good or happy or depressed at the same time. The unpredictablel nature of the women makes it vulnerale to many men. They could not resist and suddenly they have to break the relationship.

The lasting relationship need load of commitment from the both side. It requires the dedication and hardwork of liking some one. Of giving your entire life for the happyness and good of some one. It also requires that you care, you are worried if your partner is worried and your partner is worried when you are worried.

Some body needs you constantly, how would you know ? Just be with the person, even the person makes you cry- there will be time he will make you happy too. The time you decide you are no longer want to be the person is the time you make a worng move. When it is enough, you think you cannot tolerate but you are not making an intelligent decision by not facing the problems.

The problems you face are just the part of life. One has to face it and try to solve it together because "Together you can". It is the mutual work, it requires both of you and your partner.

Be yourself, listen to your partner and ask what makes him feel good. You can do one more task by the time you decide that you are no longer want to be with your partner. Just sit and write a note. Write all the good in one column and all the bad your partner has done for you.

If the good exceeds the bad then you are making a worng move. But once you wil see that bad has exceeded the good then you will try to fogive your partner. This process will help you to know more about yourself then the person who likes or loves or cares about you.

Some times by making a decision does not solve the problem and some time by not making solves it. It is just there somewhere flying in the air you got to find it. It is close to you but you could not see it. The place you were born will be the place you will die but that is reality and that won't change. Only thing you can change in yourself is your habit, you personality, your life, your behaviour, your attitude, your feelings toward other person. You can also change many other things about you if you wish to do it, you will do it.

Relationship are difficult for many people. I find it very easy. I think I am related to everything around me. I am related to the path that take every day to school. I am related to the air that touches me whenever I walk. I am related to all the songs that bird sing. I am related to all those drop of water that fall to make you cool in hot summer months. I am also related to many of the beautiful women who are like angel taking care of me all the time.

It does not matter you being in love or love being with you. Only things matter is how you see yourself in whole situation. How you relate your life in such a context.

Once a strange person saw me and asked me what would happen if I shoot you right now ? I said you will be feel total satisfaction of what you want to do. It does not matter for you me being alive or dead, but It matters to you to kill me and that will give you complete satisfaction.

Do those activities which satisfies you. Remeber to listen your heart and the music that gives pleasure in your soul.

Palace to museum and Great Idea

Palace to Museum

We are talking big about New Nepal. People are looking for change. When what we need the most is economic development why not to make the Narayanhiti Palace a national museum? Would not it be more Loktantric if we gave chance to every citizen to see the palace?

[published in Letter to the Editors-"The Kathmandu Post" May 17 2008]

Great idea
Turning Narayanhity palace into a national museum is a great idea. No great palace of former rulers is open to public in Nepal. Hence, the Narayanhity Museum (a possible name) will give Nepalis a unique peek at the 240-year-old institution of monarchy that has played such an important role in shaping the political course of the country.
Moreover, the palace is located in the middle of the city, as are most other great museums around the world. Turning this palace into a museum would also bring in some foreign exchange for the country.
Santosh Kalwar, Ratnangar-4, Chitwan

[published in Letter to the Editors-"The Himalayan Times" May 19 2008]

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A degree without job.

Last night I went to a friends place and he said that, "I have not heard any one who do not have Summer Job". Every one is getting something and already are on there way for the job.

Some have started the thesis work, some have got into some company for as summer trainee. Some have also got the work in univeristy, or in some organization. Some have started to move to there homes and some have really been doing very good. I was wondering why not me ?

What is worng with me that I could not get the job? Is my degree Invalid ? Is it because I come from different place and there is language problem ? Is it I am black or white or green or pink ?

Why is something that I really want not being given to me ? There are so many questions in my mind that I can even hardly imagine how to answer them all.
Some times I even ask- Am I living my life for a job or job is waiting for me to come near to it. Should I go for a job or job should come to me and ask me- Hello, Do you want to work for me ?

Those days will be dream come true after hearing loads of dissatisfied words and unfortunate keywords in all the emails that I receive. There are dozen of them every day. None of them even say that we will call for an interview or something. I even wonder my resume is not good engough.

I remember Once watching a movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley", Steve Jobs said that, "Good artist is copy and great artist is stealing" When I being a part of silicon valley and coming from the same background I some times thinks which kind of artist I belong to. Should I steal the job from some body ? But again the big question is how. How can I steal a job if already some one is having the job or doing it. There could be very easy ways too.

There are people who do it like the mentioned above by cheating, by saying 1000 lies about the person and by using many tricks and I think that is not the right way to do it. One can steal the job but stealing is also an art, an art which require a very good skill. It should not harm the person from you are stealing. It should not even give an bad impression of what you are doing. Can you do such kind of fine art ?

Now, I am going in other direction let me come to the right tract-Point is, Why do people like me find difficult to get the job in different country or the place which is not there native place- It is because of language, culture, skin color and many more. When you have everything similar to those who look similar then you will find it easy to get the job or work.

Stories are written only when you are unsuccessful and you have got something to say. It is the same with me. When people are famous they do not have anything to say. They are very busy in there day to day life. They even do not have time for there personal life. One day those people will realize what did I do my entire life just wasting my time with bunch of papers, computers, projects and work load. What I have done or achieved ?

When such question come in the mind of old people generally they try to escape the reality or they are afraid to face the reality and they try to kill themselves. Most of such cases can be seen or heard or read.

Some times it is even good to stay as you are and it gives loads of pleasure too. People most of the times, do not have time but I have tons and tons of time for me. I wake up whenever I feel I have to. I do my stuffs whenever I want to do them. I go to school whenever I feel going. I watch movies whenever I feel them to watch. I visit the friends place whenever I feel or like to visit. The all "I" brings me closer to my "Self" or "Soul" or more simple terms "heart". I become close to it and it directs me what to do and what not to do.

Some times I even feel as if It is my mood that creates the weather. How many of you will belive that ? This is the fact. It does not matter to me you belive or not because I know it.

It really gives me worng impression why people compalin. I have seen people who are born in Europe and they get a good benefit of being student around the sum of Euro 500 or something similar every month. They still complain the money is not enough. I ask them See the people like us and be happy, feel fortunate that you are really lucky of being born in Europe( A first world). We come from place which is divided by some great guy as Third world therfore we do not get any benefit and we are also not eligible for many different rights. Why ?

Can some one answer this question ? What is the difference ? Why are we creating this difference of being born in Europe and being born in Asia or some where else. It is the duty of goverment which really sucks in developing world. I heard that there are many Phd holders who drive a taxi in USA.

Wow, Isn't that a good news- some times if you are lucky and visit United States feel really proud of yourself of being driven by some real good Profession or Phd holders.

A degree without the job is useless and if goverment, political parties or whoever is on the top ruling there countries should really have to be serious about the change. They should think serously the matter and bring some strategy to solve the issue. It is not difficult it just takes some good logical thinking and I am sure it can easily be solved.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Read and Write

When we are afraid, what is the solution we use. Either we face the problem or we try to escape from the problem. The theory and people who are good at theory will surely tell you the fact that just face the problem and do not escape from it.

Even my child can say that stupid theory but how many of people really follow what is the reality. ? How many of really follow what is true and what should you do one such circumstances. ? There are people who just run away and I have seen- Most of those people are who just say that we have to face the problems. Those are the most of those who do not follow but just say.

Saying and Doing is two different things. It is similar to some what Reading and Writing. Which one is better ? One will give you knowledge and one will produce knowledge. What kind of difference and what kind of thing will distinguish these two great phenomenon in the world?

It is the theory of Read and Write which is continue from the movent of evolution to moment of revolution and it will continue like that. Reading is knowing, trying to learn, hunger for knowledge and Writing is producing, creating and giving knowledge.

These two phenomenon are quite different but at the same time these two are very important too. We are two different kind of people living in this world doing these activities in our life.

There are some people who just say- they are good at saying, and saying or talking does not help. Those kind of people can be categorized as hypocrites, those kind of people I keep them in one group where they just say and they do not do. They say because they think they are saying correct. They want to prove there point. They think they are the best in whatever they do. They can say you something a whole entire day and try to convince you about what they are saying and you will also follow such person.

Another kind of person is those person who does not have anything to say but only he focus his life in doing. He believes in doing and he tries his other mates to do the same. He has followed this path and people might even call such kind of person as stereotype or whatever. A kind of person who only focuses his life in doing. He is all the time creating something even though he is not creating but he is trying to do something. Either it can be watching, fucking, or listening or whatever. These kind of person are always in present and focusing there life in present.

Now if you have to chose among the person what kind of person would you choose in your life ? What kind of person would you follow and what kind of theme your life will follow- Read or Write. To do the both is almost very difficult and it takes a lot of handwork to be success in both the part of the world.

There are people who will pull your legs, in the time of total disarray and total helplessness there would be people who will really try to pull your legs and you have to overcome this activity. The process you follow is entirely yours and yours alone. It is you and your own mind which will decide - What to do next ?

You need a constant faith and support for overcoming this barrier. The faith and support can come in many different ways but it has to come.

There is nothing Science can do except trying, and findings but one thing a faith can do that is satisfying. You can satisfy your soul if you visit 45 minutes in a church. You will not loose anything but you will loose yourself from everything.

It is your decision either you want to follow one religion or two religion but a person like me follows all the religion. I visit every religious place like church, Mahzids and Temples. I do not feel any shy on doing that, As long as the doors of GOD are open I do not differentiate on which door I am entering. As long as I know the names given by us are different for different GOD- I know that we are still illiterate and we still need education. As long as I see difference in the eyes of people I see their lack of knowledge and lack of wisdom.

I am not trying to prove that I am perfect or I am the best only because I do not exits. Welcome to the world of Read and Write. Try to understand what is going on and which one you follow. Either you are the person from Read category or Write category. Either you belong to both. Either you want to visit one temple or church or You want to visit all the religious places. Either you do not see any connection between what my sentence means. It is all you have to decide.

No one will make any decisions on behalf of you- every one will give you suggestion but no one will tell you what to do. Listen to yourself, listen to silence of your soul and listen to sound of silence deep inside you, you will get what you want one day for sure.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just sit and watch

A great ray of hope fall into the small window close to my room asking me to open my eyes and see the beautiful bright morning. It just felt as if I am in some lonely place with one single house with my family living like a simple citizen and writing something on my laptop.

Journey it is my dear friend, we learn we earn and we churn everything into pieces. It is difficult to sustain a relationship and it is more difficult to be in relationship for longer period of time. Any kind of relationship, either it is friendship, love, marriage or any relationship. One bad words, one worng deed, one depressing expression or whatsoever will break everything you worked out your life trying to build it.

It is very weak, it is very weak. Some times I think it is like a thread and in that thread there are two people trying to cross one place of thread to another. They are not two but they are one. Only because they are one they can get to there destination. Only because they physically have two bodies but they have decided to live in a single body and cross or reach the destination. It is there formula or their understanding which has led them to there appropriate level of wisdom of decision.

While writing this article too a ray of hope with a little bit of sun shile in it is falling in my head. It gives me pleasure and it really motivates my fingers to move across these keys in the keyboard. I do not know how my fingers start to move or why they are moving or how can it quickly move across these keyboards but these are just moving.

I took a break- for the preparation of my morning coffee and now I am back with these black letters in the white background pasted automatically. Who is satisfied ? From the early child hood to man hood to oldhood we complain, we always compalain about something in our life, our stuffs, our country, the rules, the traffic, the house, the kitchen, the study, technology and many more We complain only because we are not satisfied. When we are not satisfied with what we start making all these complains.

These complains will not give us anything but just our personal fulfillment about the things we are not happy, once it comes out of our mouth then we become happy and we feel we have really done good work by complaining about the things we were not satisfied of.

I do it many of the time during my own life. Some times I do it personally, some times I just want to ask why I have to satisfy every one that I encounter in my life then I realize that this is why we all are different. Just like a good politicians or leaders who give one good speech and many of there supporters support them but there would be some one who will complain about this leader or politician and that person will kill that politician because of complain and other things.

In the process of getting happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment of life we forget that we are living as a human first then we live as a person from the country we belong and then we are a family member of some and so on. It is our own decison how we see ourselves.

It is the decision of our self which will guide us to the other side. Let us say- I like a girl but what if I just want to use her and one day I say no I do not want to be with you. Whom am I hurting ? Girl for sure, She will get hurt but her nature supports the hurt. She is build naturally so strong that she can tolerate any pain she gets in life. I always belive that women are far strong then all we body building men. Why ?

See the physical structure of women, she how she has to bear a 9 months baby with great deal of patient and anticiapation. See how difficult the difficult it is to become a women. How can you understand when you carry a pieace which can just be used very easily and again reused. How can we understand until and unless we ourselves experience those phenomenon.

I am quite free here to write just because I know I have something to say or something to share with everybody. I do not know how many of my friends, my community memebers read them but I know there are people who read them. I know I am writing not to attract a audience but to share my side of story with these people.

In this complex dynamic world people have changed the way they used to be. People do more of marketing today then some years back. We are involved in becoming or selling ourselves. Why do not we just be ourselves by doing or working or loving the things we always do ? May be it again depends on person-person attitude.

One guy was there who was very clever and he showed his cleverness by his words, strong words and high pitch sound does not make a person saying really important. This guy took everything from his friend, his job, his attitude and his insipation on other friends just because others were not understanding his cleaverness but they all thought that the guy who is really being a victim is bad.

When you judge a person from some one else words, some one else opinion then you are not judging a person. You got to judge yourself. You have to decide yourself. No one is there who will tell you who is bad and who is right. I cannot see any person in my life as bad only because even that person Nature is bad it is just because of some circumstances and situations. When you open your eyes of vastness and openness then you will see the whole entire sky blazing with blue color and birds singing like never before.

Just sit and watch.

Monday, May 12, 2008


Every weeken starts with the Monday, all the work-School or Office Starts usually on the Monday. Many people feel very good about this day, they had a good weekend or pleasant weekend and now they are excited to visit the office or school for their daily work.

To me, the Monday is worst day-Every monday I always hear a bad news, a news which gives me suprises and these suprises are really unexpected, totally bad for the entire life or career.

Why did it happen to me ? What is that I have to do with Monday and the consequences that I face during this day. There is one monday every week. I am sure that I am not going to hear a good news in this day. There would be four mondays in entire month or some times even five. These four or five days in a month are the entirely suprising bad news days for me.

I do not feel excited only because I know I am going to get some unexpected result. I am really depressed and I am sure that I would get a bad news on this day. Today when I wake up I saw there were black clouds in the sky. It really tells that you are not going to get a good news. It is not good to see a black clouds early in the morning. You are certainly going to get some bad news. To the best of what I thought, Finally I got it.

Thanks to my predictive nature that my prediction were correct. It was what I wanted. I got a very good news that I am screwed up. Now, Thanks to those who did a good favour on behalf of me. I do not know who it is- I do not know who it was, but whoever it was-It was my well-wisher.

Now what ? What would I have to do ? No job, No money No peace- Some times I wonder why I am here ? What made me to come to this place ? Even though it looks like a mixed up puzzle which cannot be solved. Depressing it is- When you are going through a bad moments you are not ready to accept the good words of others only because you know they do not understand what you are going through.

It is you and only you who understand yourself, you created the problem now it is your duty to solve it. Either you solve it or just face the consequences that you are going to get. Some times the forgiveness helps but some times people do not forgive you. They think you are the criminal and you really have done the mistake. The mistakes should be forgiven, God also gives a chance to his children why don't we the children of God cannot forgive others who are similar to us.

Crime is crime wheather it is in academic, or social or political or any. Those people are regarded as reached the Nirvana who can even forgive his/her enemy. How many of us can forgive the enemy ?

Hardly less, very few people can forgive the enemy and we cannot do it only because we do not want to do it. It is difficult and it will always be difficult. That is why we have this word called "difficult".

It is tough to survive in this world, it is also not easy-it is getting difficult for many of the people and it will not be easy anymore. It depends on time and the time will show it.

I wish there should not be the day starting with the word called "Monday". The world does not work as I think it should. The day which is bad for me is best for some one else. Every body has the good days and every body has the bad days.

I do not know- I am worried and I am terrified about this day. I always want to pass this day very fast but it does not pass as I want it to. It is very long, it is the longest day in entire week. It has its own brilliance. I do not want it to be long but it say No, I am impossible. I won't change my Nature. I will remain as if I am. Who are you to ask me to change my Nature ? I answer that I am no one. I am a simple ordinary human who is struglling to survive.

Again it says that then stuggle. You could have a brilliant life why did you choose to be like this ? You have chosen your fate and you have to face the consequences for the same. If you do some mistake then you have to regret it, you have to face the verdict, you have to go though the punishments. It is the rule we live into. It is the rule we follow. Just because you are sorry or you have realized the mistake won't solve the problem in you.

We have jail to put the prisoners only because all those prisoners commit the crime. All those people who commit the crime have to go throught it-that is the lesson of life. No body can change it now.

You can do thousand good things but one bad thing will remove all the goods that you have done. People will remember not your good deeds but your one bad deed.
This is the reality of life and no body can change it. It is the process of life. Whatever be the consequences just be there and face it. Whatever will be the final result it will be for you and your self. Do not worry, if God really wants to punish you he will and if he forgives you- then you are lucky.

Let us hope and pray that you wil be ask for help from the God on every Monday and hope he will give you suprises too my ignoring your mistakes. Hope that your Mondays despite being bad will not be hurtful enough. Let us hope that One Monday you will really like it and you will say that One Monday was the best Monday in my life. Let us hope which can some time is not enough but is necessary to survive.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nature God

The greatest journey is those which are close to your heart. It is not just a journey but the feeling that you get when you reach to the desire of your destination. The journey gives you lots of pleasure. The pleasure is by changing atmosphere. The place you visit, the people you see, the food you eat, the smell of you take. Everything is dynamic, every thing also seem very dynamic and it gives you pleasure-Once there is pleasure there is feeling of satisfaction. Once you get the feeling of satisfaction you rejoice with eternity.

Life is a similar journey with the taste of finding the same pleasure. Some people get it and some miss it. Some want it but despite the desire they do not get it. It has to be the real desire in you. It has to come from inside you. It will ask you that come on I have to move on in life now.

The words are difficult to merge into a sentence. Often we think many times before even making a sentence just to give the meaning to the sentence. What if we forget the meaning and just try to make a sentence ? Then Our mind will ask us that the reader will not read the text or sentence. We might even think that it will sound stupid to the readers. But what if again- we just make an impression that who cares ? Who cares if no body reads what you have written- or let us say, Imagine No one is reading what you have written. Just write and do not see the consequences or the outcome. Write to show your real desire or feeling or whatever you want to put into but do not judge what others will think about it. ? It is some what said in some religious text books too.

I am doing the same. I do not care as long as my words do not form a meanigful sentence. I do not care as long as the the sentence has no meaning or people even wil think in such a way. It is the judgement done not by me but by others. My hands automatically moves to the keys that I am pressing and my mind automatically thinks over some thing which is visible in the monitor as a sentence. I do not know what I am writing but I think i am writing.

Journey is similar, we do not know where we are going but we are going, moving, exploring, finding and researching what is the next, what will happen, what kind of people we will meet, what kind of food we are going to get, what kind of views we are going to see and what kind of smell of nature we are going to taste.

We are so small- see the mountains, when I see the big mountains in front of me, I really feel that I am very small, then I feel that how strong is that mountain, the mountain with heart of stone, it can resist everything, all the natural calamities, all the natural disaster some times even it can produce something which we call volcanic eruption. Why is nature so different then we really think it is.

We are very close to nature despite that we avoid it many of the times. Many of life lessons comes from the observation of Nature. All the scientific disocery are the gift of Nature, all of the knowledge are of Nature and all the testing people do are also for the benefit or drawbacks to Nature. It is very stong. It can take all our worries, it can even take all what we do. It do not complains, it also do not says anything to us. It is silent all the time. It sees what we are doing. Some couple of weeks back, I saw some video and people said that God is unknown, why do not GOD replies to our messege or prayers ? I assume Nature is GOD. and GOD resides in Nature only because it is very much similar.

May be GOD do not wanted to live inside the human just because it will not be justified to other in whom he cannot reside- Either he has to live in every one or no one. May be he decided to live in Nature therefore no one will see him but every one will see the Nature.

Nature is silent so is GOD, we pray and our prayers are heard based on our own soul and our priorities, it directly goes out in Nature. The nature decides wheather to really answer our prayers or not. If it is not heard that means it is some where there in Nature where one day it will come back and it will be heard but by then we will forget that we really wanted that thing in our life.

Some times in our life too we are really deeply motivated to want or get or desire for something in our life but that desire is pended. It is kept pending by the Nature or GOD. He do not want to give you very easily. Only because it is important for you. Once it is important for you, it become important for Nature too. Most of the times the things you desire or want, you do not get it easily only because you want it and the those which you do not expect you get it easily just because those things are unexplored and unknown or unexpected to you.

Welcome to Nature GOD, a place where you will explore the unexplored, a place where there resides the GOD, a place where you will find the moment of peace.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Smile in trouble

You are smiling but you do not know what you are smiling at my dear heart. I am talking with you. The you inside me, Why are you smiling in the situation where people cannot stand it anymore.

What is worng with you. The people who are close to how would they react if they smile without any reason. They will think that you are mad. They even might think that you are stupid. But as long as they do not know me inside you why should you worry.

Do not worry about any thing since you know what you are going through. You are travelling with time. You are doing what your heart is saying. It is good. Why are you thinking too much. It might seem to people that you are smiling but you are hiding something which no body is interested in, no body wants to care and no body would listen to. It is good that you are showing the smile which is the gesture of happiness or good feelings.

Your eyes speak a different language where as your face shows that you are smiling. I think you are hiding some information which is very touching, deep and heart killing. Why are you thinking of drinking alcohol. What is that brings close to your life and drink or alcohol. It is not the remedy of the problem but despite that also you want to drink it.

The wonds will heal one day, it will be healed by the time. Those wonds who are already filled by the time why are you trying to again play with the same old wonds.Despite the fact that you are facing loads of wonds these wonds will be fulfilled. Do not take any tension. I know you are not feeling well, I know there is no body besides you to tell you what is good and what is bad. I know that people are playing some good games on you. But why should you worry. Let them play their own part. You do what it is good for you.

Do not worry you will not starve to death. There is always one person whom you can turn into when it is deep shit. It is your Dad. Do not worry my dear lovely heart. No pain, no gain. You got to face the problems and remember once when you were kid, you asked GOD that-"GOD please give me all the pains in life so that I will know the life better and I would be very close to it." How can you forget that. You are getting that, you are really getting all your wishes comes true.

You are in your late 20's. It is the time where people do many crazy acts. Look at you, you are just like a old 97 year guy. Who always sits in the room, thinking, giving lessons to people and telling what is good and what is bad.Don't you think you are very ahead in the future.

Feel happy that people will really spent there entire life for the lessons that you have already. It is not because of overconfidence inside you but it is because of your wish, It is the gift from LORD to you.

Sadness is good, it gives load of pleasure once the sadness is into your body. People will never care and have you realized the fact that every body is trying to solve their own problems. Those person who has time to listen, give some suggestion or even help to other person problems are great person.

I wish I could do many more times the same but as far as I have I will do, as far as my life is there I never give up such activities. It gives a kind of satisfaction by seeing some one smiling by your deed.

Therefore I am telling you dear- Go ahead, Do what you feel, Listen to people and do not worry if some one is really doing worng to you. Later by the Grace of GOD it will be judged by him. Let him take the decisions for you. Let him give the results for you. You be yourself and do what your heart and minds says to you.

One day the ray of hope from the bright blue sky will fall in your black long hair passing through your head showing the colors of miracle. By then you will realize that you are really taken care by the allmighty.

Have a good weekend !

Friday, May 9, 2008

Present and Past

Welcome to the world of the competition where thousand of people like us fight. We come to the world formt hemoment we come we fight. The moment we come we begin to fight and we begin to work out with many difficulties.

Fight is the not the answer to ther real problems. It is the fight between the race, country, religion, education, sex, and many more things. It is the your life where you make the decision and your decisons are the final decisions. EVerything is not perfect and no body will be perfect. Even machines cannot become the perfect. Once I read the article by the a person and a legend who just talked about and gave one single statement stating that "Can machine think" ? How can a machine think ?

The biggest quest for finding the answer is today we have a new topic for the research in the field of finding that really a machine think or some how we can make a machine think ? How can a person or human make a machine think ? Can a computer which runs on the basis for the programs written in some language really think ? It is evolving and it will evolve.

Now today we can make many Roborts, we can make them work on the basis of ours demand. It is also that we can make them work and do all the labor that previous some 100 years from now were done by animalas and the humans being. Some time I even think that it is because this consequences we are loosing the jobs. The jobs are getting reduce just because of that reason.

Life is changing and everything is changing. We are getting poorer and rich are getting more richer. Their will come the time in the near future when everybody will become biased in such a way that there will be the fight with the Rich against the poor.

Who can predict the future ? No body can predict the future but certainly we can invent the future. We can think what our childrens and our grandchildrens. For there safegaurd and there future it is only in our hand.

Some 15 years down the line we never knew that we would have a small gadget like the mobile phone which will do all our business and educationa and all other relevant activities. Look the time now and see the time then. Our future were based on some imagination that we were thinking some people at those times were thinking about today.

There are always people who can really predict the future. Those people are not generaly accepted by the country, soceity or any religion or any people only because those people can think beyond any other people. They are different. Please do not assume the same for me.

Thinkings can change, people can make many different thinking but everythinking should not necessary be logical. It should help in one way to another to those who are in need, for those which can help country, society, people and even any human beings.

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Nice to meet you.

Some times we try, some times we have many stories to tell and no one is going to listen to our stories. Who have the time in this world ? Who belives in what you have to say ? Who will tell that whatever you are doing is correct ? No one will tell you correctly what you are doing is right and what you are doing will give you what you desire in life.

There is one person who knows the reality and the answer, its you ! The answer of the most important of the questions in our life is known by only us. The search more search, do as many search and ask to thousand of people what is good for you. They will only give you the comments. They will give you the suggestions but it is your duty to take it the best answers for you.

It is your responsibility to answer the best of the answers. It is you to decide what is good for you and what is bad for you. There will be times when you will feel down and under. There will also be times when you will feel with joy and happy. But these times are just the journey and in journey you try to learn.

The life is full of excitement. We expect we do not get, we do not expect we get. We want we will never get what we want and when we do not want we have to take it. When we walk-we see peoples, we see trees, we see sea, we see sun , we see birds, we see flowers but what we do not see is what we are looking for most of the times.

We also see the beauty, we cannot descirbe it we just want to make it ours. When we want to acquire it, then it becomes a problem. When the flower is their it looks beautiful but once when we want to pick up the flower and make it ours. We kill it. We kill the flower. We commit a crime for Nature. We will not be penalized, we will not be taken to Jail but we will surely be given punishment by Nature.

Imagine a situation where you are a young guy of mid 20's and you are really looking for a women, a kind of your type. A sweet and beautiful. A nice looking. A tall dark beautiful lady. You then suddenly see her in the garden. The same type of the girl you were searching for.

One approach would be you will go near that girl and start talking with her. you approach tells you that you want it, you want her in your life. The process to acquire the beauty of her is by knowing her, by talking with her and by making her yours. The approach you use is the decison made by you.

You visit her and suddenly you reach to her, talk with her ask some thing stupid and try to make her laugh. Want to put some good impression of you on her. Suddenly when everything was going perfectly you saw a man approaching her. He kissed that girl with whom you were talking. You did not feel well, you are jealous, she said bye to you-and she introduce the man stating that he is her husband. You are spell bound, you do not know what to say, what to tell- You said to him- Nice to meet you.!

Did you really felt Nice when meeting some one whom you never expected. Surely you did not. But as those are formal messege we deliver even though we did not feel what we are speaking it comes automatically in our mind and we say . You feel bad you come back from the garden, in your room sleeping. Realizing that how beautiful the lady was. What would have been if you were her man and Not the guy she intoduced to you.

You felt bad and suddenly you are thinking about same kind of girl and one of your friend she approached to your room. She liked you very much but she had never had courage to say or speak to you about it. She came and she is talking to you, she is making you laugh, she is doing whatever you wish her to do. She prepared a good food for you. She came to discuss about the assignment you both were doing for some course.

You guys are just a good friends that is what is their in your mind nothing else. You do all the activites as a normal friend but you do not have any feelings of personal attachement with her.

Some of the peple might have gone through same situation. It is the process of life. We want but we do not get and when we get we do not want. Expect the unexpected. Realize that whatever comes your way is just for you. You take it as thinking a gift of Lord. You take it with your both hands. Thanking him. Saying that I never expected this to happen but since it is a gift from you my lord I will take it.

I wanted something which I did not get only because the "wanted" was my desire and my desire does not have to get fulfilled. Thank you for not giving what I desire. Because some body else has already asked for it and you have given it to him/her.