Friday, June 24, 2011

TB or not TB

This stage in my life is called “taking drugs”. I am taking drugs, not illegal drugs, but medicinal drugs that are vital to eradicate tuberculosis. Wow, good for you, mate, that is what smoking can cause you.

On the one hand, we can always enjoy smoking cigarettes and a number of other drugs like marijuana and other illegal pills and drugs; but on the other hand, this causes severe lung damage.

So be it.

According to my highly acclaimed Finnish doctor, I am now at a stage where my lungs have been infected by bacteria known as Mycobacterium tuberculosis. The good old doctor suggests that the bacteria can be contracted in several ways, not only by smoking fancy cigarettes. You can get it by coming into contact with air droplets from sneezing and coughing by infected people. Despite many causes, I can only point my finger at smoking because that one has lasted for 18 good years. And I know many folks out here who do it for fun and to share the enjoyment or to pass the time. Although I want to recommend stopping or reducing smoking, I fear you will not because I did not too.

Some years ago, I wrote an article in the Post Platform entitled, “I used to smoke”. In the article, I clearly mentioned the ups and downs of smoking; but I think many things have changed since then. Everyday, people smoke, and cigarette companies are bringing out new brands of cigarettes with skillful marketing.

A majority of the people got into the smoking habit at a very young age. When I started, I was just seven or eight years old. Later on, it became an everyday habit (addiction, I would say) with friends admiring the techniques and the beautiful ways in which the smoke would come out of the mouth. Adults too find it rather fascinating when they see Bollywood or Hollywood actors smoking in a movie.

As I can see for myself, mind you, smoking is, was and will be never cool. There is a good old saying in Nepali, “Ki parera janinchha, ki padhera janinchha” (one learns by doing or by reading). I hope that you will learn from my bitter experience that smoking gives more pain in the long term than it does in the short enjoyment of a puff. Our government has also introduced a new regulation banning smoking in several public places that is highly appreciated. Although many pundits would argue about that issue, I personally appreciate the government’s move to ban smoking in public places.

Life teaches us many lessons we need to survive. Among many other lessons, one lesson I have learnt and can never forget wholly is “never smoke again, during my poor and painful lifespan”.

Posted on: 2011-06-24 08:23

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A poem

Ding dong the bell !
I have come to tell,
Life is, love is, friendship is,
God is, poet is, ...

Like a passing along of clouds,
While my window opens up, and speaks, aloud
Think passion, and soul searching
Ding dong, not the hell!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

She is weeping, and I don't know, what to say,

She is weeping
and I don't know what to say,
she is not talking
and I don't know what to hear,

She stopped loving
and I don't know how to react,
she hates me now,
and I don't know to fight back,

she is sad,
and I don't know why,

family problems are harder to solve,
relationship are most difficult puzzle,
love cannot always treat love

and I don't know what to say,

Should I try trying,
by understanding root cause of
The Problem

Or, should I giver her some space,
As I lay dying in the bed,

I don't know
and I think these women creatures are
never meant to be understood
and never can be ever understood

Maybe, I should just lay dying in the bed
and wish, she will find
lovely, new, humble, problem-free, ever-happy,
laughing, caring and insufferable soul.

But, right now,
She is weeping,
and I don't  know, what to say,