Friday, February 27, 2009

Quotes of the day

“Believe is to have faith on your own destiny.”

“Weather you believe or do not believe it does not matter as long as you are going to make it possible in the end”.

“Many of us do believe on our soul, destiny and dreams but very few of us believe the unbelievale.”

“No body believes in some one’s else dream, they start believing only after they see the same dream becoming true in reality”.

“Impossilbe means I M Possible, but it also means believing in making impossible possible.”


Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Quote of the day

“Every human has a book inside them hidden, you just need to be awakened enough, to see it”.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Anonymity on the Internet

Dear all,

After doing my own self marketing for the book, I am back to give my insights on this issue.

Good question especially for Researchers on the field of the Internet. (They are still working on this issue..., Sorry for the delay and Please Wait...)

Being Anonymous has many setbacks together with upbrining your either brightside or darkside or whatever you may want to call it...

Every individual is unique. See for example the faces, character and behaviors. We are different in religion, caste, creed and these attributes but we should not forget we are branches of the same common tree called, "Human beings".

Naming is done for identifiation either you like it or not. Liking is based on personal experience and attributes of the person.

When some of us might disagree that, We are having darker side of our own self, some might see the darker side as bright side too.

As God is unknown so is "somebody" who resides in all of us.

It is true that one should stand up and show their true identity and must hold accountable of their deeds, it is also true that some people do not want such identity to come out.

Can we answer where is God? Or, Who is God and what was his name? We can say for example Jesus is Our only God or Allah is Only our God or ... but why don't God himself has a real name?

God is God and Humans are Humans, He is inside all of us and we are inside him too.

In general, we need to identify people because that identifation will give values to his ideas, insights, critics and he/she is accontable for their deeds. (They must be accontable)

Fear is one issue but this is not the real issue.

Let me give one scenarios,

There are three people let us suppose: A, B and C

They all committed a sin such as killing Mr. P.

How do you identify who is the culprit? Should we say, All of the three were culprits or criminals when they all do not speak the TRUTH.

Therefore, Those who dare to speak the truth always should accept the truth. Those who do not dare to speak the TRUTH are scared to accept it.

Being Anonymous also is based on Experiences that we encounter in our lives. (While I was reading Paulo Coelho Blog Readers or Comments above) Some of us has said,

-I am business personel
-I hate to disclose my true identity simply because I might be contacted or communicated and so on...

Therefore, those who do not want to disclose their true identiy, it is OK but for those who do wrongdoings hiding behind the walls they are not doing good.

-You are first not being true to yourself
-You do not want to accept what others has to say
-You value your own judgement and do not care
-You had very bad experience

And So on...

A single human life is worth living with true identity attached to it.

Remember, The concept of dualism always resides in all of us. We feel sometime good and the very next time we might feel bad. We are just humans nothing else. We do our work, we enjoy what we do and sometimes we hate what we do not like to share, care, show or fear.

Techonlogically speaking,

There is one drawback in User Registration which we use in the Internet. The main drawback is we have got loads of updates in Operating System but where are the updates in User Registration System. We are using the same traditional system of Registration.

Username: .......
Passoword: .......

With this System, We cannot identify who the person really is and what are his motives or opinion. Here is one million dollar idea-

-Develop such a system where User will not be aware of his/own registration.
-You can track the identity of the User but User is unaware of his/her entrance on any Content Management Systems.

But Wait a Minute, (Well, I see some of you are looking me with strange eyes)

-There is some privacy issues here we need to deal with.
-When we talk about the personal privacy this new system might not work then.

We have in us two sides. Let us say for now,
-Bright side (Good side, God side, Hero side, ..)
-Dark side (Bad side, Devil side, Villian side, Pirate side,...)

To raise either of these sides are our own duty. We may raise our brigt side being truthful, accountable and transparent. Or, We may raise our dark side being untruthful, irresponsible, and non-transparent.

Did you realize one open question in the above paragraph?
-What is our duty?

I am human, I want to raise either my bright side or dark side. This is my responsibility nobody's else.

When you will raise you bright side, you will end up being brighter but when you will raise your dark side, you might end up being less at shight.

Therefore, My dear humans Please try to understand the words of wisedom.

We always hate when our father, fore-father and gradfather tell us to do this, or that simply because we think they do not think what we are currently thinking. But that is not the truth, the truth is they have passed their entire lives being what we are at this current time.

You can always disagree with me, I accept. I will kneel down and bow my head and will say you sorry if I did something wrong. Because, deeper inside me, I see the power of "Truth".

There should be "Freedom of Speech and Expression" given to all of us because that is our birthrights. Still in some countries it is not visible.

Technologically, there are some programs which could be used to track the user's identity.
Here are few links to it-

There are some services, which can also be used for anonymizing services such as I2P or Tor for tweaking the IP address of the User but it can also be found out easily.

Remember, you cannot get away by doing the wrongdoings.

There is also a good side to it,

For example when Scientist review the research paper they send the for peer review where the author of paper is not disclosed. Those peer reviewers are also not disclosed.

Sometimes being identified could result into death and sometimes being identified could result into fate.

It always depend on the way we think.

There were plenty of ideas still in my head and I must stop it writing here for free... (Just Kidding)

Now, I think I should do more research on this issue and once I finalize and come to the conclusion of how we can reduce Anonymity I will get back to you.

You can agree or disagree it does not make any difference to what I think simply because, I accept whatever comes in my life. (Good or Bad)


"By 20, you should be smart; by 30, you should be strong; by 40 you should be rich and by 50, you will become wise."

Good day !

God bless you all ! :)

Monday, February 23, 2009

Press Release: "A Very First Book Of Poems: Heartbreak"

Today, A free press released has been written for the title, "A Very first book of poems: Heartbreak".

The book is the collection of more than fifty poems and you can easily download the book from the The book has been written for all audience and all backgrounds.

The theme of the book contains many different attributes. There is sex, religion, culture, love, hearbreak and education.

You are free to download or buy it in paperback format.

Here is the Free-Press-Release.

Mybheja Congratulates the Author of the book Mr. Santosh Kalwar !

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Quote of the day

"Love has no culture, boundaries, race and religion. It is pure and beautiful like early morning sunrise falling in lake."
--Santosh Kalwar

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Impressive e-Paper

With reference to the new story "TKP, Kantipur launch e-paper" (Feb. 18, Page1), I appreciate your effort to offer the new technology to your readers. I think readers living outside Nepal will particularly enjoy going through it everyday. Congratulations to Kantipur Publications for taking another step forward.

Source: The kathmandu Post
Published: Letters to the Editor.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Do not read this book- 3

He opens the book; the first page of the book is with the title, “Do not read this book”. He is little scared and skeptical about the entire thing which is going on around him. He thinks, “Why on earth somebody has written such a title?” Must be some crazy Author, the more I approach this piece of literature the something is bound to happen and it is very scary at times. Why should not I read this book? This is just a collection of papers and words, how can these words change what is going on around my life. There were many questions coming out of Ted’s brain and He felt too scary to find the answers to all of them at once.
He started to turn on some of the pages, he reaches to the place where there is preface and it reads,
“Life is like a book starts with title similar to your personal names, begins to give you pleasure with each and every different chapters, and finally ends with lesson learned, leaving you in loneliness again...”
What does this mean? Is it means that, the book will leave me alone after I finish reading the book, or is it means that I will be dead too? He thinks, well, I understand that my name is Ted and the book name is “Do not ...” but it also says that it will give me pleasure of reading as it gives pleasure of living a life. I will learn the lessons, what kind of lesson does the author means? I am confused and should I really turn on the pages or should I just stop it now. Then the very next line reads,

“Once you have started to read the book, you cannot stop it or you cannot close the book if you will close the book you are going to die immediately….”

Oh, Jesus! What is this now? My life is based on this tiny little book on the table; if I close it I will be dead. What should I do? Should I take the risk of closing the book? This is the worst day of my life maybe that is why I don’t like Monday’s. I hate Monday among all the days in the weeks. Oh God! Save me now! Ted is thinking and his tiny little brains are making thousand queries within himself.
Ted continues reading the rest part of the preface,
“This is the story of the man and his entire life. It will start with the life of the man and by the end of the chapters the man is going to die. He is alive at the moment you are reading the book, he is alone and he has nobody around him. Assume me as your friend and guidance for taking you to the other end, in first chapter of the book there is a story about the man and his wife. His early childhood in poor village of Nepal, the place where he was born and how he was treated among his friends. This chapter is important for the reader like you to understand poverty, racism and caste or cultural barriers which are hindrance for personal developments in human life. Second chapter will deal with his study in India. The life of the young man which completely transformed into hippie, a life full of joy and excitement, a life full of drama and melodrama, a life full of beauties and sex, a life with friends and foes, a life with desires and passion, a life with marijuana and drugs. The third chapter will deal with his life in Finland, where he educates himself and helps those around him. A life of complete enlightenment, a life where he is transformed into a Man, a life where he understand that in life a person is born alone and goes alone, a life where he believes in doing and nothing else. Fourth chapter will deal with his life in connection with your own life, how your life is related to his life and even if it is not related how you can relate it to his life. Even if you do not want to relate your own life with his life, what would be interesting lessons that you can learn from his own personal life, how can you transform his thoughts into your own and make your life better. Fifth chapter will deal with jobs and his struggle to live in Finland, how he struggles every single step to sustain his life and gets what he desires. This chapter is important because this chapter is somewhat related with the title of the book too, why you should not have started the journey of reading this book but once you have started you must finish it because your life is based on this book, NOW. Sixth Chapter is mainly focusing on cultural differences around the developing world and developed world, together with religious differences. There are many religions in the world and what the main character of the book, thinks on religion how his own ideas are different than entire religion we have ever learned. Last and final chapter of the book is Seventh Chapter. This Chapter is very important and essential for you to understand your own life and to survive death. If you read this chapter and understand the literature behind this chapter you might just escape death but you never know till you reach the final chapter of the book. Call it a preface or the structure of the book, it is up to you and your definitions, I do not care as long as you are going to stay with me for a while.
Before you start to read I want to make you clear some of the points-
1. Before you start to read each and every sentence, think what that sentence means and how could this relate in your life too.
2. You may find lot of grammatical mistakes and lack of editorial help in this book, but it does not matter as long as you understand the whole picture.
3. The book will lead you to death even if you decide not to read it. But, wait a moment- there is 1% chance that you may survive after you finish the final chapter of the book, which is chapter seven.
4. Life is pain so is love so will be your death, try to understand what I mean, if you are not scared you can always close down the book and start thinking on doing something else but remember, I am here to help you not to kill you. Since you have started to read the book you are bound to finish it otherwise you might end up in painful death.
5. Follow the above 1-4 guidelines carefully. Otherwise I am sorry, I cannot help.
6. There are three different Men in this book from three different places, Nepal, India and Finland. The book will try to present you three different culture and background even though both Nepal and India are South East Asia; they are two different nations and are different. Finland lies on North where there is more suicide rate than birth rate. Therefore, be careful you might feel so depressed that, before even finish the book you might commit suicide for yourself.
7. This is the last guideline which says- be aware of your own life. You have your own personal problems so do everybody around you. If you are near to other person, look at his eyes and try to understand what he is doing, or what she is doing, or if you are with your pet, try to understand what your pet wants now stop. Google search for keywords such as “jobs” or “love” or “sex” will give you more hits than beyond your imagination so, just calm down and take a deep breath. You might lose it the very next second and you might live best moment of your life the very next second by reading these text. Now let the journey being-

Ted has a headache now, what is this all about? Oh Jesus, why me? These seven point strict rules are so difficult to understand and what should I do with these rules? Anyways, I am going to die after I finish reading these non-sense texts. I do not remember if it does have any meaning and significance in my own life. I am confused and in total dismay thinks ted.

Image of the day

Quotes of the day

"There is nothing called immortality only thing that remain are deeds, indeed!"
-- Santosh kalwar Verify

"A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes."
-- Mohandas Gandhi

"A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow."
--william shakespeare

"Do not worry about your difficulties in Mathematics. I can assure you mine are still greater."
--Albert Einstein

LUT 2009 ranking.

My curosity led me to search for the university from where I got my degree. The ranking given by Web metrics web pages.

The metric is divided into following categories-
-Rich Files

These web metrics has ranked
Lappeenranta University of Technology as 1085/4000 among Top 4000 Universities across the world.

Heartly Congratulations !!!

Lappeenranata University of Technology.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Do not read this book- 2

Ted went to the office, there was emergency meeting called by President of the board. He was little scared about the meeting. In his mind, there was fear. Are they going to lay off the people? Today only in the news I was hearing that, in china, more than thousands of workers lose their jobs. Why are they calling this emergency meeting now?
Ted entered the room, Presentation from the president of the company started. “Today, during this third quarter our revenues have dwindled, we are in verge of bankruptcy. I am afraid the board has decided to lay off the people, we are increasing our market in India and we will reduce the numbers here by 50%....”
Ted guessed it correctly, he is angry now. “What the fuck? Big shit to these low wages workers in developing world, they are all going to take our jobs.”
Depressed and Sad, Ted comes out of the office and directly goes to the bar ask the waiter for a glass of Martini, while he was drinking martini he meets another guy beside him.
Hello Sir! Are you depressed? Did your girl friend left you? Or, do you have problems with your Boss?
Grinned the man beside him, he was also enjoying his Martini.
One thing that is common between two of us, we are drinking the same and we are here at the same time.
Cheers! Says the man.
Ted says, Cheers too.
Drunk in the sorrow and fear of losing the job, ted returns to the home. Switches on the lights of the room, finds no one there in his room.
Girls always take lot of time for shopping, I must admit it now.
Ted lies in the Sofa, clicks on the Television and starts watching the news.
Television correspondent speaks, “Welcome to CNBC news, today’s top story….”
Door bell rings, here comes my princess says Ted.
Ted opens up the door; he is surprised to see Police officer.
Are you Mr. Ted?
Yes says, Ted.
You need to come with us, Sir.
Why? What’s going on Officer?
Well, I am sorry to say but we found a dead body near shopping arcade.
Ted visits the hospital, Oh Jesus!,
Monday sucks in my life, says Ted. WE are still identifying the case; it seems that she was murdered. I am sorry Mr. Ted, says Mr. Police Officer.
Ted feels sadder and is very depressed.
Ted suddenly realizes about his kids, he asks Police Officer to make a phone call.
Hello Mrs. Harry, this is Ted. I called you to know about my kids. Are they safe?
What do you mean safe, Mr. Ted?
Of course, they are always safe with Mrs. Harry.
Thanks God!
Can I talk with them?
Yes, of course-Just hold on a minute.
Mary, O Mary … Shouts Mrs. Harry
Peter, O Peter.. Shouts Mrs. Harry
Where are these kids?
A caretaker comes close to Mrs. Harry and says, Mary and Peter left with Uncle Sam. A guy who was claiming to be Mary’s and Peter’s Uncle he took them home. He says, he needs them for the Anniversary they were having tonight.
OK said Mrs. Harry
Are you there Mr. Ted?
Yes, says Ted.
Well Mary and Peter left with Uncle Sam.
What? Who is Uncle Sam? Questions Ted.
Well, I don’t know. A caretaker said they both were taken by Uncle Sam.
Ted is shocked and immediately reports it to the Police officer.
The Officer says, please do not worry Mr. Ted We will try our best to find out.
What the fuck? Are you talking officer, I am in verge of losing my job, my wife is murdered and now I do not have my kids? Are you trying to say that you are doing your job after all these incidents today, what kind of job are you doing officer, it sucks!
Phone rings…
Ted here… I am here too Sir Ted.
Who is this? Asks Ted
Who could it be? If you want your kids, bring all what you have got. Not less than one million dollars. We will meet in Freak Street by tomorrow 7pm sharp.
And, I know you are in Police Department.
I will be glad if you will keep this matter to yourself.
Or else, I do not have to say- What will happen to your kids.
Bye Sir Ted.
Ted looks confused and shaky; Officer asks whose phone was it? Ted replies some friend asking for wedding anniversary. I am sorry Ted says, officer.
Ted returns to his room. Switches on the lights and switches on the TV, He knows Entire night, Ted could not sleep. He is waiting for 7pm tomorrow. He is thinking and suddenly,
In his room, near the table
There is a big fat book where the title of the book says, “Do not read this book”.
He is surprised, somebody, break in this room.
Who might be?
Is he trying to play some kind of game?
I will kill this guy.
What is this book all about now?
Ted is scared even to touch the book. On top of the book there is red rose. He thinks what this is? What does red rose signifies?
Ted starts to touch the red rose; he puts away the red rose from the book and touches the book.
A light goes off…
What? Oh no…
Just as I touched this book, something happened. A title reads, “Do not read this book”. What is this all about? Is there a ghost? Why such miracles are happening? Let me burn a candle. He burns a candle and puts them on table just beside the book.
Should I touch it? Thinks Ted.
Ted dares to touch the book.
Lights come automatically. What is this happening all around? He is confused and frightened. Suddenly there is wind blowing and doors are hitting hard. There is sound of storms coming…
Ted closes the doors and windows. He touches the book again and takes out his fingers immediately. Nothing happened this time…

How to tear down walls?

Dear Readers,

With curiosity and passion of reading your ideas and opinion, I, one among you all would like also to give some words to this question, "How to tear down walls?".

May be, My explanation will not give any insights or great ideas- Please excuse me for this.

Let us get started then-

Tearing down a wall or breaking wall or breaking boundaries are simple stuffs to do. These are physical entity created by us and could easily be destroyed by us.

Many of us around here are discussing on the issue related to tearing down the walls within your self such as greed, race, religion, sex and so on.

How can we even think this could be successful? Well, those elements which are inside us are never going to change and those which are outside us are already broken.

We live by opinion and ideas, with our own philosophy of life. All those elements such as love, race, religion, life and culture etc. These are all part of every individual. These elements are different and we have our own personal "definitions" based on our personal "experiences".

When we try to listen other people's opinion and their definitions about these factors we tend to disagree and to some we agree.

Those who can lie can gain popularity easily. I do not know if there is something which called "believe". As said by Oscar Wilde, "Experience are mistakes", are we really gaining experience of are we just committing the mistakes?

A civilized society is formed when every individual in that society are bound to obey the rules and regulation which is for the benefit of their own society.

How much civilized society we have in this world? And, why do we think we are civilized? We might think that we are civilized society since we have power of intellectuals, full of resources and big fat rules which strictly has to be followed.

I feel pity for such society. The best rule in the world is No rule.
Once you start to follow the rules and regulation of your society you are bound to have "differences". When you have self differences within yourself, how can you have civilized society?

There are many examples and theories which are piled up in the dust of some libraries around the world. Those theories and books are food for rats and insects. At least some form of animals can sustain their lives with those rotten theories.

We are living by Scriptures, opinions and demoralizing elements which are root cause of our own self destruction. When will our tiny brain realize that, "We are all equal".

Difference is religion and culture has become mirror illusion. There is nothing popping up without the knowledge of others around us.

How can you break the barrier of relationships? We still are fighting for it, don't we? My first wife, second wife and so on...

Self differences inside us creates self destruction. We are destroying our destiny by creating the difference all around us. WE have walls of communism, race, relationships, religion and many those factors where our understanding is very limited.

Wake up people, please wake up....

Live the way you want to live but try to listen what others have to say too. You can always disagree but try to find what is the alternative of disagreement.

A week ago, I was watching a movie based on Jesus Christ and his life. I do not know how many times he has said, "I tell you the truth..."

When a person says, "I tell you the truth..." Is he really telling the truth?

Well, that is another point of discussion and let me not open it here. But, let me go back to the same question of how to tear down the walls?

Physically, Very simple-
1. Hire some machines which can be operated by human.
2. Use the machine to tear down walls.
3. Remove the walls
4. Now, you are successful. Good luck.

Mentally, Very Very Simple-
1. Accept everything which comes in your life.
2. Be truthful not to others but to yourself.
3. Life a life full of simplicity, the beauty will blossom along the way.
4. Respect, Obey, Follow, Give, Share, Encourage, Motivate and Smile to yourself and those around you.
5. Be like a child.
6. No human should claim he is God or (he is son of God as done by Jesus), or I am God itself. (Allah, Krishna, Buddha ...) Let us call them "Pure humans". A human with no self motives.
7. Live one day and die the same day. (How?) Do not care about yesterday and do not over think on tomorrow because you are not living in past or future, you are living now. (As I am writing this comment, I have started my day. After the sunsets and darkness prevails, I am going to end my day. I am going to die, Please do not worry because hopefully, I will be awake again tomorrow But again, hope is not with me it is for your satisfaction. I only hope to live only one day.)

Let me put it in a loop now.

Could any one of us follow 1-7 steps?


If your answer is Yes, then you are in Human civilization group.
If your answer is No, then ask yourself why not?

The Human civilization group is the world of "no difference". A world of complete peace and no walls. Where there is people and all those live are god. A pure humans existence.
(I am sorry, I have to wake up from this dream)

Alright now, I have to stop typing because I think these seven point steps will clarify what the writer ones to say.

Sorry I am still working on those seven points. Therefore, Let me put my greed attribute here-

-Author of the self published book "Nature God" and "Human behavior on the Internet".

I tell you the truth.

“I tell you the truth”, said Jesus in many of Gospels of John, and Matthews. Do you believe that whatever, Jesus said is correct? Was he really speaking the truth. One of the believe that we have is that, Jesus is the son of God. He performed many miracles and showed that the miracles performed were by the grace of the God. The Father wanted him to perform the miracles and help to those who needed the most.

Anyways, During those times too- People did not believe in him and why should they really believe? Despite some miracles, there were not so magical about the world which could have been transformed into heaven. Those who will follow Jesus will go with him in the Kingdom of the heave and those who will not follow his footsteps will go in hell or nowhere.

When the person says, “I tell you the truth”. He is then not saying you the truth but manipulating the truth. Those who seek to tell the truth never says, “I tell you the truth”.  Why should some one say, I tell you the truth so many times? The repetition of this sentence is little scary in many of the Christian Gospels or the Scriptures.

Truth is love and love is truth. There is nothing above the truth and beyond the truth. Truth starts with trust in humans and ends with giving and taking of happiness or help or healing. Those who tell you the truth can easily be trusted and should also give you help without anything in return.

You have every rights to not believe me or not to follow me. Why should you agree with me? Please disagree and I do not have any objections if you disagree.

Every religion is the same. Those who follow one single religion  loves the differences and wants to promote or market their own religion over other. Or, (May be some of them do that.)

Anyways, Religion should be such that- it should combine or unite the people not divide the people of the world. Look around yourselves, so many religion and so many gurus.  Sometimes, I think if I were a God and would have taken human form of life, would these people or religion or sect ever have realized and given my words a value? Who will believe then if I stand up tall and say, “I am God and You all have God within you”.

But who cares? God is not going to give you a job, will he? God is not going to take care of your babies neither will he find you a suitable bride or groom. So, all of your problems are your own and you have to solve them alone. By solving and showing off that you can perform miracles, you do not become God. You have to heal not one or two individuals but the entire world.

Where is Jesus or Shiva or Allah now? Are they hiding somewhere because they are too afraid of Economy Slowdown? Or, Global Crisis? When would they come out and show us that, They can make one single peaceful planet called- Earth.

Sometimes, I feel pity on those who believe in only one country, one religion, one caste, one culture, one women, one family and one. Simply because, when you think about one then you are creating difference when it comes to other.

There is nothing in the world called One, there is always Two and with this two, there exits the difference. The difference comes when we have more than one. Often, it is very good and nice to know and have differences in society, culture, country, race and religion.

Where there is good, there is bad and where there is bad there is good. Humans are just humans either it is Jesus, Allah or Shiva or anybody else who claims to be God. They are just humans as we are. Nobody else.  (Please do not believe if you do not want.)

Praying to them in search of hope is what we all do, I would recommend to those who pray, do it to yourself. You are the God and either you believe or not, you have written your “script of life”.

Well, when you were in Mother’s womb for 9 months, See during that time, you wrote your script of life. This script of life you wrote and you hide it with your own self when you came into existence in Earth. I mean, when you were physically born in Earth, you hide your script of life. Look, Clever you are.

Why? Because, you are scared if your script of life will be read by others, because, you are scared to live a boring life. You want excitement, don’t you? How would you feel nice when you can easily know what is going to come the very next moment? Therefore, it is all you. You were the one who put it somewhere hidden from your own consciousness.

Now, when you are awake, you learn, earn, gain, acquire knowledge which are just useful but not merely important because you will loose them when you will leave your own life.

Anyways, there is no God, no sects, no religion and no guru. Everything is within you and you are the creator, destroyer and healer of your own destiny, faith, love and relationships.

Your disagreement is accepted.

Good day !

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Quote of the day

“Life is pain so is Love.”


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Quotes of the day

“Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.' I John 4:4”
-Jesus Christ

"We always seek to find the answer to question-where is god?, To find God, find yourself, perceive your life if you can predict future, you have him and if not, you can try-you will still have him.Because God lives inside each of us."

"I am born every morning with early morning light rays falling on lakes and I die every day just to take all my sins and all of yours too."

"Remain in me, and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself; it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless you remain in me. -- John 15:4 (NIV)"
-Jesus Christ

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Valentine's Day Poem

Monday, February 16, 2009

Yong man and Smoke

Life is pain, and it is. My own personal experiences teach me the lessons that life is full of pain and there is nothing except the pain. Relationships always make people to become addictive either it is sex, smoke or drugs.

After smoking 16 years, there was gap for 3-4 years, a young man never thought he will start smoking again. But all ideas are worthless, He starts to think and when he thinks there are sad memories and nothing else.

When the mind is full of sad memories of the persons in lives, it leads to the astray. These person could be the love partners, life partners or those who promised to be so called "wife" or "lady" in lives.

Today, The young man has lost it all. He is alone again, it does not mean he has started smoking just because he lost those who cared in his lives but it means- he cannot now, control his mind.

It feels different, the experience of smoking again- totally new, a fresh start.

I wish this young man will advise his brain that he should not do more smoking, one day and just be himself.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Image of the day

Quote of the day

"Be aware that, Great distances sometimes separate dreamland from reality."
-Santosh Kalwar


Thursday, February 12, 2009

Image of the day.

We have different culture, country and religion but one thing is common in all of us, Smile.

Charles Darwin Birthday

Quotes of the day from Charles Darwin

"It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change."

"Man with all his noble qualities, with sympathy which feels for the most debased, with benevolence which extends not only to other men but to the humblest living creature, with his god-like intellect which has penetrated into the movements and constitution of the solar system- with all these exalted powers- Man still bears in his bodily frame the indelible stamp of his lowly origin."

Happy Darwin Day.
More on Darwin

Good Day !

Monday, February 9, 2009



Let us go first by what our renowned dictionary has to say,
1: to endure death, pain, or distress
2: to sustain loss or damage
3: to be subject to disability or handicap


My opinion on Suffering,

Suffering is another open question where this column and my thirty minutes of work on this comment or article will not be enough to all the hungry mind of PCBR (Paulo Coelho’s Blog Readers).

Anyways, Let me give a shot on “Suffering”.

Suffering inevitable, it exits and it will never fade away. As the humanity exits so is suffering. There is no remedy to it and there is no single right answer by anyone.

We are all because of Suffering, we exits because we suffer, we are living because we have to suffer. Every morning I wake up, I start my suffering and every night before I go to bed, I die. Will you belive this? Well, this is what I am.

It does not mean that, I am speaking the what Jesus spoke long time back. I am just saying that “We all are God”. We have Jesus and Mary inside us, within us. We are made up of bones, muscles and physical entiry with eternal lives of Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Allah and all.

Those people (I am sorry since I am saying them people), those were all God since they were normal human being like us. So we are too.

Christianity speaks about Jesus being the child of God, Mohammad being child of God speaks Khoran, Ram being child of God speaks Ramayan, Buddha being child of God speaks Buddhism and similar alike.

I say to all those around me, They were not a child of God but they were God and We are too. There is no child of God but only God. We all humans are God. Sufferings exits in all of us. We cannot avoid it. Sharing suffering can loosen your burden. (Well, Please disagree with me.)

Every new idea is a disagreement, Value of exisiting being is never given by us because we do not see the importance. (Why all the fuss, when Jesus was dead after being hung up for so many days in the nail pierced hands?) Why do not people realize the his value when he was alive ?

I have my own opinion which states that, “We all are God”. I agree on all the religion and respect all what they preach. You can always disagree with me on this.

Now, Let me go to the point again on Suffering-

There is nothing called “happiness, or love, or faith, or destiny or whatever…”, Everything is written well in advance when we are in Mother’s womb.

The process of writing starts from day one till nine months. These nine months are the process of writing your own scripts. The script of your life. You write it, nobody else. You do not know it, until and unless you become concisous or awake. The real awakening could take some years like 5-7 years.

When you are awake, I mean when you realize that you are alive. How? When you can see the things around you, start to remember your house, your mother, your father, your school and your religion then from that onwards your suffering starts.

Now, there is a gap between the time you are born to the time you are awake. This gap is about “adaptablity”. You are newly born and when you are newly born you want to adapt to the environment. The environment is not aboout Nature but about your home, family, religion and so on.

This is how it works. Or, atleast this is what I think.

Now, Since you have already written your script and hidden somehwere in back of your memory you do not know what you have written. It is secret script. You cannot read it all. This implies, you do not know what you have written.

Now, what your family, brother, sister, nature, country, religion will teach is observed by you. The observation will be stored in your “human brain”. The brain decides on your daily activities. The day to day work, daily hustle and bustle of your own personal lives are because of all the observation that you have done in your lives. You keep on repeating “those stuffs” which you have been influenced by or want to make some impression to.

This is how we live in Today’s world. Then suddenly, when we want to choose some career path, it does not work out. Or let us say, when you want to become Writer, you do not become writer but you end up being painter, or let us say, when you want something then that particular thing will not come in your life. (Why?)

Is this because of suffering? Yes, why not.

Suffering is already written by you now, when you want to do something agaist your own script, that will not work out my dear friend.

Nobody is to blame, only you !

There is no heaven or hell. There is nothing after death. Nothing. Trust me on this. There is nothing after death because it will be same as before you were fully “awake”.

This is cyclic, We are born, we live and then we die then again after some gap, we are born again, we live and then we die. It is the cyclic process and it continues forever and ever.

Now, some of our brilliant mind will think-if we are born again then why don’t we remember anything from our past?

It is because when we write our script in Mother’s womb, we do the same when we are near the deathbed, Just before we are going to die- the before death period of “Nine Months”, we start to Erase everything that we wanted to do and did, being on this Earth.Our Consciousness, will fade away at that period.This is simple explanation.

Now, let me again look back to what Paulo’s question- Ok, I am sorry Christian question,
Is suffering important to get enlightenment ?
Well, for this I have already written one Newspaper Journal, you can find it here-
“Anyone can be a Gautam Buddha…”

My Mother always used to say,
Sukh-ke-sub-saathi-dukh-me-na-koi. (Plenty of friends in happiness, none in Dukh or disquietude or suffering.)

I think this is the process of life, No one wants to share Suffering because you just have to suffer your own sufferings. Nobody will help you suffer your sufferings. You are the creator of your sufferings.You just have to solve your own sufferings. It is easy. You need some time and you will figure it out that, you have solved your sufferings.

By the meanwhile, you can enjoy some videos on this topic-

Spiritual fun-

Hippie’s fun-

Valentine's Week: Poem of the Week.

Plot: Gloomy Sunday( The day after 14th of Feb, 2009) it is, when a man's love is preparing for her marriage and this young handsome man has decided to take away his life and to rest in peace.

On 15th Feb, 2009 there will be no posting. In memory of this yong man's lady who is marrying on that day.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Quotes of the day

"Love ain't nothing but sex misspelled."
-Harlan Ellison

“Like the wind crying endlessly through the universe, Time carries away the names and the deeds of conquerors and commoners alike. And all that we are, all that remains, is in the memories of those who cared we came this way for a brief moment.”
-Harlan Ellison

"Life is full of problems, we all have our own; the final solution of our final problem will come when we will loose our Consciousness."

Bad story

(This is not predicament, the story present here is work of fiction)

On a gloomy day, with snow and white color all around, I feel lonely and alone. There is darkness and even in principals there is light, I see light without sunlight. I am alone and I am lonely now. There are long standing roads which I think will take me nowhere.

Everything is matter of time, and time changes everything. Where did I go wrong? Was it because I was not close to her? There are unanswered questions and worries to ponder and wonder my tiny brain.

People talk about "love" and I feel there is no existence of love. When you are lonely; you feel as if you should check out or rest in peace forever. What is the sole purpose of life? Everything around the world is controlled by Object around us but most importantly it is the "women". She is the one who takes control of everything around us.

It is because of Women existence, Earth is alive and living. It is because of women who has decorated this whole world. Shiva was involved with a girl. A beautiful girl in her mid twenties. She was amazing, she has beautiful long hair and joyful smile.

A phone rang in her new mobile, "What?, really"

"Oh no"

Phone went dead. Sheela collapsed. Her husband took Sheela to the hospital. After couple of days, she was alright and normal again.

What could have happend? There was a reason to satisfy Sheela's husband soul. Doctor replied she got some kind of medical "attack". She is very weak, you should take care of her Sir.

Two Years ago,

In the city of temples and busy streets shiva was on his bike, riding very fast. He was caught by the police and taken to prison. Reason: For drinking and driving. Shiva was hippie and always lived his own life in his own terms. There were no rules that he wanted to follow, there were no routes which he have not travelled. Sex, Drinks and beautiful conversation was what he was indulged into.

In a summer, Shiva met with Sheela near a frieds house. Sheela was beautiful and she was busy though, in her own work. After couple of meetings and visit to Sheela's place, She seemed to be interested in Shiva. They started to see more often. Slowly and steady, regular visit turned into intimate relationship, the intimate relationship turned into "marriage".

Today, after two years-

Sheela is just taken out of her hospital and she is with her new husband. The news she heard in a phone was from Shiva's friend who said, "Shiva committed suicide".

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Image of the day

A friend send me this image, which I am putting it here.
I do not know the author or photographer of the image. Contact me, if you hold copyright for the image.

Anyways, What do you associate with this image?

Friday, February 6, 2009

Quotes of the day

"I am fucked up in my delusion of understanding love, life and death"

"Problems are only created by women, and your solutions are 'valid reasons' for most beautiful creature on earth,say women."

"The advantage of the emotions is that they lead us astray, and the advantage of science is that it is not emotional. "
-Oscar Wild

"Whenever a man does a thoroughly stupid thing, it is always from the noblest motives. "
-Oscar Wild

Do not read this book- I

Ted was watching CNBC news; he is middle aged man in his late thirty. Father of two, beautiful wife Helena and is working in multinational mobile operator company in California. He is happy that today, is his pay day. He has sort out some things on his mind which he wants to buy for his upcoming wedding anniversary.

Ram is black and very talkative guy in his middle of twenty, young and very handsome. Working in top three IT company in the India’s Technological hub, city was called Bangalore now it is called Bengaluru. He is little skeptical about the change in the name of the city. He has beautiful girl friend and he is today, planning to take his girl friend Savita to best restaurant on town. He is happy that today he is going to get bonus from his Boss.

Antti is scholar, very intellectual with PhD in Mathematics, works in one of the global company in world, called NOKIA. The company’s headquarter is in Espoo, Finland. He is very dedicated in his project and he lives alone. He has a vision and motives to take his project and publish his project for entire global market. He is happy today, because he met a girl named Johanna in the S-Market, they had a good conversation and they wanted to meet again in the same place tomorrow at the same time.

Helena says, “Honey, can you cash in some extra money today”. Ted asks, why? I need to pay for Diamond rings which I have ordered for our Wedding anniversary. What? You ordered diamond ring! How can you do this honey, I was planning to purchase a new sports Car. Well, Honey please do not get angry I hope you will not mind this. Ted did not say anything and just said OK. I do not want you to buy and collect diamonds; you already have so much of diamond collection. Alright this is the final one. Helena thanked Ted.

Near S-Market in Espoo, Johanna was putting the empty bottles in the machine or recycling the empty bottles. She has little headache, she does not remember about her last night. A guy was waiting in the queue to put the empty bottles for recycling. Johanna said, “Today the climate is very good, look the sun is shining and sky is so open and blue”. A guy turned his head and look up in the sky. He agrees with Johanna and nods his head. Johanna goes to buy some food and gets shocked. She says, “Vittu, how can I be so stupid”. She looks here and there; she saws the same guy waiting for his turn to do the payments near the cash counter. She goes and asks with him, “Do you have 10 Euros?” The guy did not speak anything and takes out “10 Euros from his wallet” and gives it to Johanna. She is smiling now; she goes back to cash counter and pays the bills. While she is leaving from the S-Market, she says, “Kittos” to good looking scholar guy. They agree to meet on the same place at the same time next day.

Savita is typical traditional south Indian girl. She is shy but modern, she meets her class mate Jogesh, who is very good looking and they plan to go for the movie. Savita disagrees and says, she has meeting with Ram. Jogesh insists her to go for the movie and she cannot say NO. Jogesh is her very intimate and best friend. They are very close to each other. This is the first time Savita is going to watch a movie with Jogesh; they have never gone out before.

“What a disgusting movie, Jogesh. Why did you bought me to watch such a movie. It is similar to watching a porno, Na.”

I will not come to see the movie with you, again. Savita is angry, whatever she was thinking about Jogesh before has changed suddenly. Jogesh behavior was not good and it showed up when he took Savita to watch such a bad movie.

Well, I am sorry Savita. I thought you will like this movie. This is Class A, super movie. Said Jogesh.

It was already 11:45pm, street were lonely and dark. There was hardly anyone in the streets, Few Dogs were barking and besides that there was nothing.
Anyways, let me take you to home. Savita says, NO.

It is so dark and I am afraid if something will happen to you Savita says Jogesh.
In Jogesh bike, which he has recently purchased “Pulsar” was the name written and he is very proud of his bike. He takes Savita in the backseat and accelerates his bike with full swing.

What happened now? Asks Savita.
I do not know. May be I run out of fuel.
What? Oh no! Mom will kill me, says Savita.

Ram is very depressed and anxious he is trying to call Savita, the network is not reachable. He is thinking where she is and why she is not reachable.

Savita I am sorry but we need to walk. OK, Whatever. Says Savita.

They are walking in dark, Savita heard four or five guys shouting in the streets and dancing. They seem to be drunk.

Savita says, Jogesh I am afraid of those guys. Can’t we take another way? No, Savita do not worry. I am with you.

Four guys saw Savita and Jogesh, they started to tease them. Jogesh was hit by one guy who was carrying a empty bottle in his head. Jogesh is hurt and he gets faint.
Savita starts to shout and says, NO.

Next morning, Savita was in hospital bed. She does not remember anything. She has lost her memory and she is badly hurt.

Revolutionary Road Official Trailer

One of the third movies that I have watched this year, I think this is very nice movie written and adapted from the great Novelist Richard Yates book "Revolutionary Road".

More about Richard Yates at

I do not see any reason why you should not watch this movie. Please enjoy.

Worth Watching. :)

Thursday, February 5, 2009

Saving the Planet

Now let me give my opinion on this issue–

Humans and Nature are integral entity which is important to both. Why and how I will explain soon.

There is still lack of proper research on who was the “first human” and who created them. There are evidences from the “relgious texts” and many religious text depending upon the religion a person follows vary.

Well do not make your own conclusion at this very point. Wait a moment,

Now as asked by Paulo, How can we save the planet?

Many of us will agree that, we live on the planet called Earth. We need to save the elements present on this planet called Earth.

Think of this as following metaphor-
“Imagine a Vessel with full of water, Is Vessal or that jar or box which contains water is important or is water important?”

Who is the one who decides if water is important or Jar? We humans, think we are important. The “Water” but think if Jar or Vessal does not exits then, where would you then put “water”?


Think again …

OK, Now your Brain has given up, We can reach to this conclusion that, Both the Water and Vessal is important. Why? Because without the Vessal there is no water and without Water the importance of value of Jar or Vessal is “0″ or Null or void.

Let us suppose, I am the Creator of the Vessal and the Water. If I am the Creator then I will think both are important to me. I will keep water as well as vessal or jar.

But as the “water” is getting dirty, because of other elements such as pollution or something then what will I do then?

I will try to clean the water and put the next water in the Vessal. This is what I will do.

Because, I have to give the vessal of water to my friends and they are thirsty, they want to drink a pure water.

The same process is what is going on in Today’s world. We are making the water impure, we are in the crisis (Economy, War, Terrorism, Rape, Murder, Suicide, Bombings, Killings, Religion, Politics, Land and Poverty) to name few.

Please do not agree with me, Please.

But since I am the creator atleast I can assume. If at this very moment, I will say that, “I am the messenger of the God”. Every body will laugh at me and say, “You are the idiot and stupid.”

What if, from the bottom of my heart ask me to write- “I am God”.

It does not mean, I can perform miracles as we all expect God to do but that part of my body which says that I am God is invisible.

I think not only me, all of us are God.

We do not have to pray our religious text and religious books to find the God, Please disagree with me and stop reading. But, I will not stop to say that, “We all are God”.

Or, To make things little easier,

Assume We all are God and now our moral, social, religious, enviromental and whatever responsibilites are-

“To protect water and the jar” which means to protect us and mother earth or planet as said by Paulo.


1. Be truthful.
It does not mean, you should be truthful to your partner or in your job. Be truthful to yourself. Listen to your “inner voice” which will guide you to the other side. No body should teach you to be truthful but yourself. Be honest and truthful. Becuase once you start being truthful, all of objects around you will be attracted towards you. Believe me. You will be in different world all together.

2. Smile
To whom?, Smile at yourself. Many of us do not like our own body, our own physical look and we hate ourselves, how can you love others if you do not know to love yourself? To love yourself, you have to smile at yourself too. Not only when you are feeling good but also when you are feeling sad, nostalgic and depressed. Can you do it? Well, this is one God saying to another God. And we all are God so believe me you will understand what smile means.

Now you know how to be truthful, and to smile at yourself. What will happen when all the objects around you trust you, because you just decided that you are truthful to yourself. They will start to smile at you too. Which means, object around you are smiling at you. You cannot see them, you will not feel them but you will get power to attract them very easily. Let us now jump to number 3.

3. Help
Happiness comes with help, goes with pleasure of being helped. Save a penny, save not for yourself but take out that penny and give it to the person who is singing near railway station, who is begging by performing some art, who is begging to you and asking for help. Look into the eyes of those who need them, give it to them. Giving is what we writers do, giving is what Gods do and still do not forget the main theme-”We are all God”. Do not think, please that you cannot give, think how should you give.

Writers give opinion, ideas, books, Philoshoper gives philosphy, Musician gives music, Poet gives poem, Medical Doctor give health checkup, Nature gives care, protection, environment, different climate and seasons. Everything around us, either Nature of humans we are givers and takers.

Therefore, Now we have learned three basic things which can save our plant.

-Being truthful, Smiling and Helping.

Now some of you will ask how can being truthful, smiling and helping will help the entire planet?

(Scientific explantion)
It is simple, as our metaphor of “water and vessal”, water is composed of molecules which are atoms and these atoms are single in the entity. Which could be interpreted with one single human living on this planet. When water becomes dirty of impure then it implies it is not entire community of atoms which are dirty but some of the atoms which are influenced by neighbouring atoms.

Solution: Just try to remove those atoms or give the advice to “change themselves”.

(Other perspectives)

Now, As explained in Scientific way- A general ways is that, WE are the collection of people or individuals living on this planet. Some are good and some are bad, many are changing ourselves and when majority of things increase, evolution of “something different” starts or begins.

Till now, if you have not understood what I wanted to say then contact me personally or write me email.

Remember, you are the creators and it is your responsibility to save the “water with vessal or vessal with water”

Good day!

Image of the day


Welcome to Lappeenranta !


This is in reference to the news published in Kathmandu Post, Two Nepalese launched the Search Engine named "". I was very pleased to see the work carried out by Nepalese friends but my curiosity took a backseat when I searched the one keyword in their website. There are no differences when you see the results in "" and when searched for the same keyword in the "". Well, Any creation is result of hardwork and I personally appreciate their effort. But why on earth I would use Sagoon when I get the same result using Yahoo? There is no doubt in Search Engine world, there is hight competition but above all, Google stands out tall. Personally, I would prefer Googling than anyother search Engine.

What do you think?

Quote of the day

"Satisfaction is all we need, who cares about how much we should make"


Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Unpredictable Women

Oh, NO! What? How can this happen? -Said Ted. Did she run away? Why did this do to me? Where did she go? Come on! Now Please do not start this crap again said Shiva. She was so beautiful and she said so many times that she loves me; you know we were in relationship for last seven years. Suddenly she started to change her habits, she stopped calling me. She was silent from last Sunday. I am so sad, Shiva. You do not understand what I am going through. There is only one feeling which is killing my mind- if I ever see her at least once, I will slap her in her face and ask why did she fake our relationship?
Life is just like this my dear friend, said Shiva. We lose something and we gain something instead. We are not the creators of lives but the creator is invisible. Sometimes we think, the “other person” is ours but I am sorry, Ted. Please remember, we are here in this planet alone and we will go alone. Look at me, often I say to people that- “I live one day and I die same day”. You are your philosophical wisdom, Come on! They are all crap. Nobody will understand what you mean by this quoted text.
Let me give you explanation of this quoted text, my dear! We wake up early in the morning, Right? Yes said Ted, then we do out “things”. Yes said Ted. Later, we during evening we go back to sleep and become “unconscious”, while you are in this state you do not know what is going on around you. Sometimes we see dreams but those are just like “feelings of wind” when you are “conscious”.
Whatever! Why did she leave me?, Asked Ted. She did not leave you; she just went in search of something which is unknown. Girls like mysteries and they are very unpredictable. With time, you need to become unpredictable as well. Most of the times we men, are very predictable. Girls can easily predict what we are thinking or what we want or what we desire. While this makes some Girls very Boring and some finds it amusing sometimes. Somebody has said it right, “Behind every successful men, there is women”. Why? Have you ever thought on this issue? Just because, with every successful men, are unpredictable in nature.
Why do you generalize Shiva? You cannot blame the entire world and all the men stating that, those who are successful are unpredictable. Ted, Listen! You can always disagree with me. I am just stating my point here. Think where you went wrong while Maria was with you. Think, my dear friend! Just last night you were writing a poem “I love you” especially for Valentine’s Day. Now see- where is she now? She might be hanging with someone else, some other Teds.
As Nature is unpredictable, so are Women. Because women are part of Nature and We are part of them. Please disagree with me, Ted. But I am your friend and I am thinking on behalf of you and your lost partner- Maria. Now tell me, how many times did you make love with her?
Shiva! Why do you want to know about sex now? Sex is integral part to make any person happy. There are some elements which a human can do, to make other people happy. For example, Sex, Smile (especially in worries) and there are more which I cannot explain now. Hmm, Interesting. Well there were few times when we did really make out but it was not often. Because, many of the times I was busy in my work and it was not daily. This is the place you are caught again! Listen, Men is giver and Women are receiver. Remember always this, Ted. More you can give, the more you will get and less you can give, less you will get. Oh not again!, What do you mean? I mean, dedication and hard work in giving, will result more into happiness and pleasure. We all live in busy world, with our busy schedule and work but do not get busy because Maria will think, you are not dedicating more time to her, it has to be in balance format. Sometimes, we dedicate our entire time to women and then it become too much. And, sometime we dedicate very few times with women and it becomes too few. Balance is what is needed, my dear friend. Balance, Remember- Just like Nature itself.
Well, this sounds very interesting. Thank you Shiva for letting me knows that, women are women and we need to be unpredictable just like nature to have balance in life and relationships. I appreciate your effort on this education.
Two days later, Ted saw Maria in the lift of Hotel Everest. She was kissing some guy. Maria stared at him and very next second ignored him. Ted felt little uncomfortable watching the scene. He went to bar and took uncontrolled pegs of whisky, “Chivas Reagel”, while taking the last peg-Ted speaks out and said, “Good bye, bitch”!
Maria why are you here, Asked Ted. I am sorry Ted, “It was my entire fault. I loved you then and I cannot live without you”, said Maria.
The sunlight fell into the eyes of Ted and he woke up in despair.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Quote of the day

"There is no right way or wrong way, there is always my way"

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Image of the day

Quote of the day

Be aware that, Great distances sometimes separate dreamland from reality.

I will

Beatles I Will Lyrics:
Who knows how long I've loved you
You know I love you still
Will I wait a lonely lifetime?
If you want me to I will

And if I ever saw you
I didn't catch your name
But it never really mattered
I will always feel the same

Love you forever, and forever
[ Find more Lyrics at ]
Love you with all my heart
Love you whenever we're together
Love you when we're apart

And when at last I find you
Your song will fill the air
Sing it loud so I can hear you
Make it easy to be near you
For the things you do endear you to me
OH, you know I will
I will

do do do do do do do do do

la la la la la la la.
Lyrics: I Will, Beatles [end]