Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Words are speechless.

Some times in life, we have to take things as they are and not the things as they might will be. Imagination is unbounded. It has no limit. Every individual in this earth has great ideas. All these ideas are not countable. The ideas that are liked by many is countable.

Some times we have to make compromises based on these ideas and the hypothesis that we believe or we make our own world. Believing in what is unknown makes you realize that you are close to that unknown.

People are inventing everything from scratch. It is very easy. The invention is an art accepted by like minded people. Those who do not accept, they are not inventors. Those who admire are advivsers. Those who create are called creators. Those who develop are called developers. How about those who do not do anything ? Should they be called "users".

The process of Nature is divided into two major categories. One is that which gives and another is one who takes. Nature gives and we take. WE give and Nature takes. The process is bi-directional. It occurs every time we desire it to occur.

Nothing is independent in itself. These random thoguhts are generated inside my random mind. I cannot understand why it is always empty. The mind is all the times filled with content. These content are acheived from or gained from memorable experiences, lesson learned and careful observation.

When you know yesterday that, "Mrs. A is bitchy, you will make an assumption that she will show same kind of behavior today as well". How about changing the attitude ? Will that be possible ? We can easily try to change the attitudes of those around us but how about changing our one ? How easy or difficult the process is?

However, These random thoughts are generated in my mind and I do not have to go anywhere to check for the problem. For some, it could be seen as problem and for some it could be seen as creativity.

Whoever sees in whatever way, the end result is does these content make an any sort of impact on your mind or not ? Do you really want to learn what I am trying to say with these thoughts. Did you realize what is missing on these content with the title. Are you really satisfied ?

You do not have to let me know. Just ask yourself. Where are you visitng. From one page to another.In serch of what ? You are the same person who is searching "Sex" on the Google and you are the same person searching "God" in another Google Search Page. Why do you maintain two different identity of lust and religiousness. What is good or bad with multiple identities ?

Whatever it is, these are some kind of patterns that we as the human generate and most of the times these patters are quite similar to one another.

Well, The words are speechless since the words do not have mouth of expression. These speechless mouth of expression are thoughts of that individual who does not know what he is writing.

Therefore, It is good to go back and search again "..." on some web pages. Good luck ! Watch out, you may really find what you are looking for. Be aware of God visiting your room some day. I am waiting for the explanation to be heard.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I just died

How would you describe a moment of complete depression? Is a fight between a husband and a wife? Is it a mental illness? Is it because of habit which is killing you? Now when you have defined the depression- define just the opposite of it, you will feel good inside you.

This is very normal procedure to forget that you are really suffering from something which is not healthy. A curiosity of finding the unknown might lead you to kill yourself. It happens too many of the people in the world. Today for example, I was listening to the breaking news. The news says that, “South Korean famous actor killed herself”. What a tragic story. South Korea has highest number of suicide rate than any other countries around the globe.

There is likely that more suicide will happen and occur in the days to come. Why are we killing ourselves? Is it because we know the unknown or is it because we just are coward and do not want to struggle in our life. It might be both. Last year, if I remember I just died. I thought I will not survive but again, I thought well- I should. I just died in the arms of someone and then I forget to wake up again.

This I is not me. This I am some one who is inside me. He claims that he still exists till the time before the real I was born. Do not get psycho about these. I know you are kind of confused with all these sentences and there illogical connections but you should accept the fact that, there was this guy called I who was inside me. He still is inside me. He is my stupid friend. He says many ideas to me very easily. He does not feel scared about anything. He is not afraid of death or fear of death. He just knows that he can easily kill himself whenever he wants himself to be killed. He ha brilliant mind and he is far from the perfect. He is absolutely perfect.

One night he told me this story, he says to me while I was in the bed that- Hi dear, Wake up ! Wake up! I got to tell you something. I said, “What is it?” He then told me, about him. He was living somewhere in the Island near the beautiful lake with his beautiful wife. He loved her and she did too. One night as they were sleeping in the jungle, he saw a dream. The dream was about him being given another work to take care of me. He has to leave his wife and come to see me. He opened his eyes and saw that he just died on the arms of her wife. After couple of hours, his wife waked him up. He told the dream to his wife. His wife could not believe in his dreams. She said, “Do not worry”. The day you will die, and the day you will go to take care of that man. I will be coming to meet you as well.

Later night, the guy slept and finally he died in the arms of his wife. Early in the morning, wife realized that his husband have really seen a truthful dream. She then, closed her eyes and after a while- she died too. The two dead bodies are still in the same jungle in the same island. I asked this stupid friend of mine- why he is telling the story to me. He said, “I just died my dear friend so that today I can take care of you”. The girl whom you are calling wife is not yours wife but she is mine. She is coming close to you as you are thinking she is yours. I could not understand what this stupid friend was trying to say to me but I just closed my eyes without the fear of being dead. I thought and re-thought stating that, I just died. I hear d the voice- the voice was sounding as if it is of some women. She said, “How can you die, when you are alone”? “Decide to die in my arms, with me together” Whatever it might cost- it will be our starting point of this ending, my dear! Wake me up, when you will have another assignment to do and have to take care of someone again!

Do not take everything so seriously.

How much seriousness is necessary to become happy? Is happiness depending on our personal Life? How can a person laugh and smile? Do you have to be serious enough to smile? If we take things very seriously, then smile will not be lasting in our face. Smile is very smile. It comes naturally. It comes when most often we do not take matters very seriously. Most of the precious things are free. For example "Google search engine". Just kidding. Now days, when we do not know anything. Most often what we do is, open a browser and search the Google. It is very amazing that, we are quite bonded with this technology.

Most often when we do not know anything we use the Google. We are so depended on it. I cannot understand why? Smile is a phenomenon, a process which comes automatically. Nobody says, you smile or no body will tell please smile. It comes from you. It has to be real. You cannot fake it. Even if some people can fake it but the observer and the person being observed can easily trace who is smiling on whom.

Smile comes from total satisfaction of certain kind. It is flow, it is simple and when most often we taken the matter worse then it does not appear. Smile has to be realistic and please the matter casually because nothing is going to last for longer period.

Life is the way we want to make it. There are no straight lines in the human body. There are no straight lines in the nature too.

It is all our imagination. Most often we think about our self but when we think the matter more seriously we make it worse in our life and even around us. It is better if we can take it loosely. Once you start smiling some one who is looking at you also will smile on you.

It is a good question to ask sometimes- what is the price of smile? It is the same as asking what the price of being happy is. How often do you smile in the day? Are you taking everything too seriously, if yes then you are making something uncomfortable for yourself. Most often we think about tomorrow, but shouldn't it be good if we try to make our today better. Why on earth one has to think about the day which has no relevance to the present?

Whatever it is, whatever it will be- no body will care. One thing which is very important is to keep your spirit up and live with joy. Imagine a situation where there is nothing to worry but take everything very lightly. Nothing is yours and nothing you are going to take with you. Learn to give, learn, share and listen to your stupid friend. He will tell you where to go. Just follow him and he will make sure you reach the right destination at the end. Have a great weekend! J







Thursday, October 23, 2008

Steve Jobs’s Home Run With the iPhone

In response to the article posted on the above title at NYTimes. The link for the tile is given below. I thought of writing some comments after reading that article.

The comment given on the article with above title has also been Published in NYTimes web site at following address.

Enjoy the article below:

Well, Apple is very sweet just like the Natural apple. It is crispy and it has great look and feel. Similarly, the vision of Apple to make any product lies with the same notion.

History can teach us the good lesson. For example, Apple Macintosh PC then Apple Mac, then Apple notebook, then Apple thin notebook and Now they are making Apple netbook. The concept of developing Apple netbook is really good. Simply because, the next generation is heading towards the advancement of the Internet.

"Whatever we do, whatever we feel and whatever we share is on the Internet."

Netbook will surely give rise to new types of product. Again, As Steve has pointed out. It is the fight with the software and not with the hardware. Hardware will not any difference because of taste of humans.

Some people like thin notebook and some do not like notebook at all, may be Desktop.

The cost has dramatically gone down over the year of the hardware and we can get faster performance with cheaper cost.

However, the point now lies on who is going towards which direction ? Apple from the selling computers are selling mobile phones. Microsoft from selling Windows have now a days, closed there windows for some reason.

And they have new door of the business of buying companies like Yahoo or in fact bidding for them.

Google App Engine provides Android for the mobile phones. Therefore, the whole product which used to be huge in older days is getting smaller and smaller.

There was once a vision during my childhood days when there was no mobile phones existing. There was no big companies and there was no mobile technology much discussed.

The vision was that, when I will grow young, I will watch a "music video on my hand and in very small device". Today, when I can really do that, I think My vision was not alone but somebody also had the same vision as I do.

Now, In the same race of thinking the one who can read what others are thinking on him (company) will always win. Let us see who wins the race in next 5 years.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

The Drunk Driving Poem or Death of an Innocent

Recently I got this email from a friend and He sends me one poem related to Drunk Driving Poem
Or, the Death of an Innocent. I do not know who created it. (?). Whoever did, have done a good work. Take a look. It worth’s reading once.
Here it goes-

I went to a party, Mom,
I remembered what you said.
You told me not to drink, Mom,
So I drank soda instead.
I really felt proud inside, Mom,
The way you said I would.
I didn't drink and drive, Mom,
Even though the others said I should.
I know I did the right thing, Mom,
I know you are always right.
Now the party is finally ending, Mom,
As everyone is driving out of sight.
As I got into my car, Mom,
I knew I'd get home in one piece.
Because of the way you raised me,
So responsible and sweet.
I started to drive away, Mom,
But as I pulled out into the road,
The other car didn't see me, Mom,
And hit me like a load.
As I lay there on the pavement, Mom,
I hear the policeman say,
"The other guy is drunk," Mom,
And now I'm the one who will pay.
I'm lying here dying, Mom....
I wish you'd get here soon.
How could this happen to me, Mom?
My life just burst like a balloon.
There is blood all around me, Mom,
And most of it is mine.
I hear the medic say, Mom,
I'll die in a short time.
I just wanted to tell you, Mom,
I swear I didn't drink.
It was the others, Mom.
The others didn't think.
He was probably at the same party as I.
The only difference is, he drank
And I will die.
Why do people drink, Mom?
It can ruin your whole life.
I'm feeling sharp pains now.
Pains just like a knife.
The guy who hit me is walking, Mom,
And I don't think it's fair.
I'm lying here dying
And all he can do is stare.
Tell my brother not to cry, Mom.
Tell Daddy to be brave.
And when I go to heaven, Mom,
Put "Daddy's Girl" on my grave.
Someone should have told him, Mom,
Not to drink and drive.
If only they had told him, Mom,
I would still be alive.
My breath is getting shorter, Mom.
I'm becoming very scared.
Please don't cry for me, Mom.
When I needed you,
you were always there.
I have one last question, Mom.
Before I say good bye.
I didn't drink and drive,
So why am I the one to die?

Stupid me! (Part II)

It was again a different day then the previous day. It also gave some bad memories which is really stupid. I know no body is born perfect in the world. We all have our fare share of luck in some aspects of the life and we have to struggle in some other departments. I always have difficulty of looking up the map and visiting the places. I really hate it. Today was the really the exciting day. I was in hurry to catch the train and deep inside me, there was this stupid friend of mine who was saying to me that, "Mybheja, this is not the right train". Again, I am so intelligent to listen to this stupid friend of mine. More than 90% of the time I do what this stupid friend of mine says to me. But today, I thought why not to try something else. I was ready for the adventure.

Suddenly, the ticket checker asked for the ticket in Finnish. I was observing that there were people around who had the ticket but in different form and shape then I did. I felt like, my stupid is very near to be true. The ticket checker came closer to me and then asked, "Where is your ticket?" I felt, I have to show the ticket that I had. But again, this was a mistake. I was wrong and my stupid friend was right. He was saying it right that I have landed in the wrong train. However, I felt that this is really getting exciting. How can I forget the right train? I know there lays a stupid part of me. Sometimes, I do stupid things by not listening to my stupid friends and completely ignoring him.

Later, an old Finnish lady was just sitting near me. She felt pity with my looking at my pity situation. She suggested me to get down to the right place and then she showed me which train I should take back. I was really surprised to see some old Finnish lady speaking "English". Most often, there are very few old people in Finland who can speak proper understandable English with Foreign people. This time I listened to my stupid friends and my stupid friend suggested me that, "I must listen to this old Finnish lady". As, Suggested I listed to him and got an overall idea on how to go back from the place where I mismanaged the whole scenarios of taking the wrong train.

After a mesh, I finally managed to get back to the place where I really wanted. Thank you the old Finnish Lady and thank you my stupid friend whom I always have to listen to. If I compare today with the yesterday, then probably I felt good today than yesterday. Monday is always mentally challenging and Tuesday was physically. However, these both days gave a different experience all together.

Listening to the Stupid Friend of mine does not really make me Stupid but most often when I try to ignore it, then I am being Stupid among all around me.

It was Monday again!

Oh, when will this work out for me? Why is this day not good for me? I do not know why ? Many those around me like this day very much. It is a normal day to them as other days in the week. But I do not understand why it sucks for me. As usual, something bad news comes and then it brings loads of frustration, puzzles and dilemma to solve. It is never ending. To some, Monday is good and to me, it really sucks.

When I listen to others then I realize the fact that it is just my imagination. Nothing comes as you want in life. Many of the times we have to make it comes, the way it has to come. However, many of the times it is not possible. What is the problem with the day? It is just an ordinary day as others day are. Why are you always comparing on the day, mybheja? It is not the day that makes good or bad it is your imagination. You always think that Monday is not good for your health. I have seen you saying to others and doing many wrong deeds. It also happens that you have to face many problems or obstacles on this particular day. Therefore, it is just a killer day in your life.

May be you like something and you hate something, it is similar to the weekdays too, you like some day and you hate some days. When you like one day and when you hate another day. It is just based on what you think. But I would like to ask why does not happen only on Monday? It is because; you think this day brings loads of sadness. It is because you have been mentally thinking a lot about this day. It is because you ignore the bad happenings on other day and the very small problems that occur in this particular day, you take it very seriously.

How can I improve on that? Well, you cannot improve on your thoughts. It is streaming, without any obstacles. It is never ending. It will not stop until and unless you are conscious. It is has its pillar inbuilt. It cannot be destroyed for sure. Then, how am I supposed to forget this day? Will this day ever change in my life? No, obviously not. May be this is the day you are going to leave this earth. May be this is the day when you will die.

But how can you be so sure on that? I am quite sure on this. I am sure because, I know you better than anybody else. I know the fact that, you do not hate anything except this day. It is not because you are fearful of this day but it is simply because this is the only thing on whole earth you do not like. Many of your past bad happenings are on this day. Whatever is there stored in your memory is because of this particular day.

I know it is not good to give the medicine to those who have already taken it. But my dear friend, it is just you. I am the one who is talking with you. I am you and you are me. We are together in this race. You always want to reach a milestone but remember everything cannot be achieved easily. If you can achieve what you want, then when would you get the time to show your anger to me? Therefore, just does what you think is appropriate and leave the rest to me. I will take care of your other needs.

I bless you with the power of Nature God. ! It is not going to last any longer. Everything passes and this will pass too. J

Monday, October 20, 2008

How many times do you speak the truth in a day ?

I was listening to the song and I was really again motivated to write something. How many of time in the day you speak the truth? From the time when we wake up to the time we go to the bed, how many of the times in the day we speak the reality to the people around us? I tried to calculate for the day and even I was not 100% speaking the truth with those around me. Why? The biggest question now is why we are not speaking the truth to those around us. Is it because we do not want to face the fear of failure? Or is it because we want to go away from the truth? Why are we going away from others?

What makes me think about not speaking the truth, it's my own virtue? Why am I not been able to speak the reality to those around me? May be Its not because I want to go away from the truth but it is because I want to get close to the truth. Some times it is good not to speak the truth but again, it depends upon the situation. It depends upon with the person with whom you are hiding the truth. Once you start hiding the truth you will not be hurt by anyone but by yourself.

Nobody is going to kill you for not speaking the reality. It is just you and you alone. All our actions are connected by our deeds. The things we do from the time we wake up till the time we go to bed are the things which are assigned in one way or another but again it depends on what kind of things you really want to do. Most of the times we do what we do not want to do, and most often we ignore the things which we can do, isn't it? But why? Why do we ignore the things we are able to do? There is no heaven and no hell. Everything is here in this earth. Whatever we are going to do is here. The moment depends on our own personal movement. The path is made by us. It depends on how far you want to go. It depends on how far you are able to think.

When I will say, dream then it is not mandatory for you to see the dreams. It is also not good to follow the orders of those around you. You follow your own orders. This is what I do. Most of the times in my life, I have met more than thousand people and all these people have given me some advice. It is my duty to listen to all these people but again what I should take from them is my own. I do not have to do what they say neither do I have to respect in whatever they say. Those who created the human form of me gave me the two ears because I have to listen both positive and negative of my own. The creator has given great thought before creating these two ears. One ear is to hear all the positive things that people say about you and another ear is to listen all the negative people talk about you. If you are able to listen both then you give value to both of your ears.

There are many other aspects in life which can be understood in the ways we want them to understand. It is all within us. It has to be somewhere inside us. It can teach us many lessons in every walk of our life but we are not ready to listen it. Why should we listen to this random voice? This random voice is not going to give you any profit in terms of money neither in terms of your career achievement. But what this voice can give you is- it will shape your life.

The shaping will be done in many forms that you will not believe it. You do not have to follow what I say but just try it to listen the inner voice. May be it comes automatically with those who have no ego, selfishness, openness and to those humans who are deeper than the depth of the ocean. It all depends on the inner depth. One day you will see the changes.

Therefore, when you listen to your voice then it will let you know that why we not speaking the truth are. The truth is inner carved voice. It comes automatically. It does not have to manipulate. It should be presented in its pure form. Kindly listen to this voice and see if you are really speaking the truth. If not ask why not? With whom are you hiding the reality? One day you will have to face it. You do not have to answer to anybody else but you got to answer to yourself. You just will. Whatever be the circumstances just simply listen to this inner voice and tell why?

I know the it is difficult to answer these questions simply because it is easier to speak the untruth. But again, every fight is the result of first fight with your self. If you can fight with yourself then you can easily fight with anybody around. The fight does not mean you have to physically challenge those around you but simply the fight will be carried out through your brain. The brain will do it for you. Just like that. You want to be winner? If you really want to be the winner then why not fight with your own self? The journey begins with your first thought on speaking the truth!

Sunday, October 19, 2008

A new experience

Today it was a new experience with cleaning and doing some thing that was not so mandatory at all. However, it is always good to do the stuffs that you think you should do. Last night it was cool, I do not remember how many people did I contacted yesterday. May be with many of the people, it happens that when you are in the new places you just want to make sure everything goes all right. I could not believe that I talked with so many of my friends and I really enjoyed talking with them.

Communication is very vital thing in the world. What if, it becomes free? Whenever, wherever… Just talk with anyone anywhere and the service is free. I cannot believe what will happen in such context. The boom of the Internet can be seen as the major advancement. Similarly, once you can communicate without any cost then the boom for such a media will surely rise and shine.

Well, the last day of the weekend and from tomorrow onwards you will tight your shocks and visit the office as usual. It is not easy but at the same time it is very enjoyable experience too. For some, it might look very impressive and for some it might look very boring. For me, visit office is a whole new experience. It is not about the fear but it is more about the wasting more time in the chair. The more I sit and the more I understand my office environment, easier it will be for those things to understand me. Don't you think so? Well, it all depends again!

Whatever be the cause, whatever be the situation

Always listen to what your heart says.

Now do not take this for granted. There are two kinds of voices that I hear. One is from those who speak at me. And another is from when I am alone. Most often, I hear the voice when I am alone. Then I proceed and talk with this beautiful guy. He is quite handsome as I am. I do not know his name. I called him with my name. He knows me better than anybody else in the whole world. He talks with me. He says, "mybheja, how are you?" He suggests me about what should I do and what is going to happen in the next few seconds. I do not know how much is truth inside his voice but I simply believe in what he says.

I know this is entirely new experience but I think it is good to get some.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Saturday Times.

Without thinking it is always good to write. When you are thinking then you are not able to write in proper manner. This is often in my case. The flow of the words comes automatically before even i think.

But once I start thinking on the structure and the grammar of what I have written then it stops. I do not know how these grammar and structure has to do anything with the message that you want to spread.

May be it is because, English has some rules and that has to be followed to reach wide range of audience. Once these rules are not followed in proper manner then people will not understand in clearly and properly.

As there are many language in the world. All humans do not understand what others people are speaking or saying to them. We have one common language and it is good that we can speak in one common language with others who cannot.

In the race of my vs yours. Everything is going to cripple one day. It is just the matter of time. when the times comes, it will go down to the earth and fall down to heaven.

Nothing is here for the entire life. Most of the people in the world do not want to give. Why ? They do not want to give because they think whatever they own is for themselves and there family.

I earn for me and myself. The fight here is with our inner self and not with the others around. The person who can fight with the inner self can easily fight with any culture or environment. It does not meant that you have to be conservative and not be open. You can be open and conservative at the same time. It depends on how much you can give.

If you can give then you are man full of respect an full of diversity in you. If you cannot give then you are not being as respected as those who can give. There are always two things which are very important. These are "giving" and "taking". The person who can give can also take but the person who knows only to take and not to give are not the real person in the world.

Giving can be anything and taking can be anything. It depends on how we perceive things. I am not classifying any person here as givers and takers but I am just putting the view on what kind of path one can take.

When you give, you are free, you are open to anything. You know what you are doing and you know the basics of what going around you.

When you are taking then you are not able to give in that case you should learn how to give. Everything can be achieved when you try to learn from your personal interest. Ask the question- how ? then you will get the right answer.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Predicting the next 5,000 days of the web by Kevin Kelly on

Here is one of the prediction done by Kevin Kelly on the future of the "one machine". As the Internet is growing rapidly, it has just been 5000 days of the Internet and it is huge, as we can see it. Kevin Kelly predicts what would be coming from the Internet in next 5000 days from the Internet. Enjoy the video !

Kevin Kelly has been publisher of the Whole Earth Review, exec editor at WIRED, founder of visionary nonprofits, and writer on biology and business and "cool tools."

Stupid me (part 1)

In life you have to do thousand things and while doing these thousand things, you realize that there are many things which cannot be done alone. One thing is living alone another is living with full of expectations. Whatever be the case, life still goes on. No matter what. One event that occurred today.

I was traveling from Helsinki to the lappeenranata, before boarding the train at central railway station; i was thinking that why not to take a ticket first and then board a train. I went to take the ticket the women said, 'there is no train at this time'. I went against all odds. Meaning, i decided to take a train without any tickets. When i boarded the train ticket checker came after a while, he asked for the ticket. I thought we can also buy the ticket but whatever i thought was the mistake. I do not know whose fault is it. Should i blame myself ? Or should i flame ticket checker for not carrying proper machine ? It is always good to carry the money in the wallet but what if your wallet is empty but you still cannot travel ?

how would you feel? Would you still believe than in the power of technology when you have nowhere to go?

life is similar to this,,, it works unexpectedly. No one was expecting today that Martti Ahtisaari, the former president of Finland would win Nobel peace prize. Who will believe if one day- everything will start disappearing. Nothing will remain but just the 'sound of silence'.

right now at this present moment, i am writing this article in my new mobile (E70), which also shows the power of technology. This is not to state that, technology is good or bad but to state that we are not using it properly.

today, i was reading an article regarding-'mobile wallet to replace the traditional wallet'. How would that be possible when your mobile have very less battery ?

companies are very keen to embed new features in the mobile phones but i think it would be better to understand the 'reality' or let us say human aspects, or usage than it will be successful.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Nature God now available in

Wake up Mr. Bheja, why are you being so lazy ? Every day cannot go same. It has to be different some day. Today when I wake up, I got some couple of bad news. These bad news has nothing to do with the life but it was really a bad news.

However, together with the bad news there comes a good news too. The good news is about the much awaited book produced by "Mybheja". It is called "Nature God". The book is now available through the "".

Here is the link to take you to the

ie=UTF8&qid=1224140730&sr=11-1 )

I hope you will enjoy reading the book. I always say that, "It is my mood that creates the weather". Today, the weather is just like my mood is. While I am not feeling so delighted and happy.The weather is not feeling the same too. It is not happy and delighted as my mood is.

Each and every step is very important to understand life. As it is important to know that there are many process which forms the life. There are similarly many steps in writing.

It may look little too easy but it is not as easy as it looks. However, please enjoy reading the book and I hope I will receive some valuable feedback from the book.

Hope you have a great time. !

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Random stuffs.

Just another day, with sun blazing with hope and anticipation. The dream of getting something done new and dream of many worries to come to the point where it can be solved needs further attention and hard work.

I was pleased to see my pictures on the face book. Especially from the AIESEC- Seminar last weekend. It is always nice to see the pictures.

I was checking my astrology today and here is what they have to say, "It could be healthy to let go of a career path or a job that didn't entirely suit you. Just because you might not yet be secure on the new path doesn't mean that you can't have success if you keep trying. Move ahead with confidence in your instincts and abilities."

I thought is it really correct ? or is it the way I am feeling right now but soon I realized that it is correct. Some times we do not want to believe about these astrology but it is really good to accept what they say. By accepting it does not mean that I have to do what they are asking us to do but I can just follow or know or check if that is really correct with my own life.

Besides the Astrology, The first book by Mybheja called- "Nature God" is accepted for the world-wide distribution. Therefore, Soon you will have chances of buying the book from the online retails shops. e.g. Amazon and others.

I hope it will give some inspiration to my dear readers. Any comments, feedback are heartily welcome.

I hope you have a great day. !

Weekend trip and AIESEC

From the couple of days, I have not written anything on my general blog. I do not know why. May be I visited the seminar for the AIESEC. I was spending my weekend in the seminar in Asinsari, a place near Lappeenranata.

It was pleasant atmosphere with bunch of new and exciting people. This time around, we played games, there was some cool session which was very informative to many new memebers I think.

I remember last year, I was appointed as the new member and I was enjoying to be the part of the AIESEC Saimaa, but this year I was at the other's end. I was taking the interviews which is really a great moment for myself too.

Sometimes, Peoples are not satisfied with even a minor things, why not ? I was more than happy to become the part of AIESEC, and when suddenly one day you are actively participating in all the events. Your Local committe president ask you to step up and take the responsibility then it is surely a great moment.

Especially when there is no one who can take care of the position which was offered to me. At first, I also filled the application form but later I realize that, for handling with the companies and to become the member of executive board in Saimaa is difficult thing.

Later, when some thing is going to happen then no body stops it and it happens automatically.

The same holds true for me and I had to take the responsibility to take care of incoming exchange.

The rotation will continue and I hope, whoever taking the leadership position faces great challenge. It is one of the cool position plus one of the position you do not want to get involved into.

Funny part is AIESEC Saimaa, is really one of the best local committe for doing especailly Incoming Exchange in whole Finland. I am quite sure this time around. But I hope we will be able to keep the reputations.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Quotes for the weekend.

Here are few quotes for the weekend to get started---

"The best way to describe honesty is first to be honest with yourself"
"Life is easy, it depends on your definition of term life"
"Observation is first lesson of understanding who we are"

Have a great weekend !

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Happy Dashain 2065 !

In Nepal, we are celebrating one of the biggest and most prestigious festival of all Nepalese. This festival is celebrated for the period of ten days. In local Nepali language, it is actually called "Bada Dashain" which means, big dashain.

When I googled the keyword- "Dashain", The very first link took me to the Wikipedia which has some brief definition.

"Dashain (दशैं) is the 15-day national festival of Nepal, and a state festival of Indian states of Sikkim and the Darjeeling district of West Bengal. It is also a national holiday in Bhutan. Now it is celebrated all around the world by the Nepalese diaspora."

Continuing from the eighth day, there are sacrifices made and the Goddess temples all over the Kathmandu Valley receive sacrifices, ranging from goats and buffaloes to ducks and chickens.

Today is Navami, the ninth day. Sacrifices continue this day too, On the tenth day which is tomorrow 9th of October, 2008 of English Calendar. Mainly women prepare mixture of rice, yogurt and vermillion which is called "tika". Elders put this on the forehead of younger relatives to bless them with fertility and abundance in the upcoming year.

The color red here is represented as the close ties of the blood of family members. Entire member of the family is present on this auspicious day. People drive from many different foreign land or from any other part of the world they are living just for this day.

Elder member in the family offer blessings, money and wishes on this day. The get together is most of the time interesting. Many people play cards and enormous amout of the food, drinks and special high quality whisky, rum, wine,vodka and beer is consumed on this very day.

From a months I have been receiving loads of messeage regarding the celebration of this festival. Yesterday, a friend send the picture (copyright Ananta ) Which is shown below:

As every body is giving and sharing the blessings I should do the same. Since I do not believe in the power of an individual- "My greetings, blessings, wishes and whatever I can give is for you all."

I hope, all your dreams come true. I wish all the success in your life. I know I am nobody but I can be somebody. This somebody is another identity which we generally call as- friends, son, brother, may in future (father), and most importantly a simple human.

A poem for the blessing of "happy dashain 2065" ----

People have thousand desires,

I hope your all thousand desires come true.
I have none, I do not have to be blessed.

For some Life is difficult, for me life is easy.

I have seen people killing themselves, I want to ask- why not ?

To expect is to suspect with life.

With desires comes dissatisfaction.

Dissatisfied man is full of misery.

I wish nobody has misery.

I am in search of knowing who am I ?

Sine I have not yet, found right answer.

I do not know- I only speak experience.

You can take it the way you want it to take.

Whatever way it goes does not matter in the end.

Because I know, you are not going to stick with this same stupid poem.

I am putting my thoughts into action,

Some people call me writer, some call me wiser ...

I have no arguments to what people call me ...

Only because, I am universal acceptor.

Nature of every entity in the world develops nature.

Till present, there are duality involved in everything.

Bless you with the power of Nature.

Bless you with power of all the Supreme God.

Bless you with power of greatest God, I have come across

He is no one but simply called- "Nature God".


Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A man full of truth inside.

As usual,life is running in the roller coaster. It travels in the faster pace then never before. Sometimes I realize that, it is not the life which is traveling in the faster pace but it is just my imagination which moves faster than my knowledge.

Talking about imagination, Einstein has rightly said that-"Imagination is better than knowledge". I think he is right. When a person imagines something- there is no limit, it is open, his mind is free, he does what he think is really good for him/her, he goes far beyond any boundaries, he is open to accept and give, he is selfless, he has no personal desires, he thinks, and then he behaves very childish, people might look at him as if- the person who is imagining is mad, psycho, looks weired and strange but he is similar to those who are existing in the earth. Only difference he has-"he is able to see what everybody has seen but he can think what nobody has thought". He is the the person full of imagination. You can call him a a man full of truth.

Later today, I was reading a article about "existence of human evolution being stopped".
You can find the article at the following link-

Here is what I have to say, in response.

Human evolution prediction is good topic to catch the readers attention. A reader will surely go through the article and think that there are no more human evolving in the near future. I want to ask, Professor Steve Jones that, "how can you predict that tomorrow you are going to be hit by a car ?" or tomorrow you are going to meet some accident ? Can you predict that ? Forget about tomorrow, the very next second or the very next clock tick cannot be easily predicted, how can you be so sure that human evolution has come to an end ?

It is good to catch the readers opinion and show that, "my prediction is going to happen". There has been no one who can predict without being predicting about himself.

Evolution will not stop, it will alway be in constant movement. It will stop only when the existence of human will be no longer. I do not know, if we evolved the way it is taught in the books but I think, it is just a "sugar for my tea".

I hope, your hard work is based on correct facts !

Monday, October 6, 2008

Have a great Weekdays !

Early morning with a fear of expecting the unexpected. Many of us, wake up with the machine making us wake up. How many of us wake up naturally and do our activities ? As the life is moving in faster lane, people are ruled by machine. Our normal morning life is controlled by smaller tiny mechanical alarm.

This alarm is built by us for our comfort but try it rising up early in the morning without it. You will then realize the fact that, you cannot wake up as the way you want to, you cannot control yourself how can you think of taking control of others ?

Together with the advancement of technology, there are loads of negative effects rapidly climbing. There are times when we would easily make the decision, there are times when we would easily do what we wanted to do, there were times when your voices were heard in the crowd. Today, if you see- every body wants to make some point. Simply observe, you will find people making arguments and discussion over the things which are merely useless.

First lesson of living a life, is to control your life. Now, to control your life you need to control your mind, behavior, attitudes, taste and many more attributes which might look useless but are necessary. These attributes are useful elements for the life to work as we want it them to work.

When you want to do something, please do. When you want to think that, whatever you are doing will result in bad or good or you may look as if you are stupid. Then you will not do what you wanted to do.

Somebody has rightly said that, "To do is to be". You are being, when you are doing. The result is the not important. The path taken to reach to the destination is important. Take for example, a life. A normal human life is born, then it grows and slowly it starts observing the essential elements around it. It starts to learn, earn and sustain its life. A life knows that, there is an end but it is not worried about the end. Since all other life living in this planet must have to reach to an end.

Walking to the end path, together is important. Sharing what you have gained with those who have not is important. Living your own life is important but more important is when you can dedicate some part of it, with others.

These moral lessons might be useful to start a busy, fast moving and to fight with hustle and bustle of this weekdays.

To end this article here is the quote of the day-

"Getting lost together can also enable you to find yourselves together."

Have a great weekdays and hope to see you waking up next morning without that machine!

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Good morning, Mybheja. How are you doing ? I am just fine. I woke up early in the morning and saw outside my window-there was green every where. I then suddenly realized that am I now in 18th century or is this just a hallucination !

After several attempts of rubbing my eyes-Now I realized that, NO-it was not green everywhere but there were loads of big sky rocketing houses, thousand of cars, busy street full of people and nothing but the smoke.

The streets are crowded,people are rushing for reaching for their dreams and finding the right path towards their destiny. Does it come along your way or do you have to search for it?

How many times we have to choose and rechoose the path or our destiny simply because we landed up in wrong path.

The definition of the life is as the way we want it to put. Some one can say, "life sucks", other can say, "life rocks". It depends on our vision for our won life. There are two ways to look at it, one in general way and another in our own way. Our own way will tell others how we can define the term life in our case and general way has to be first understood better by using some methods and later can be said that life in general can sometime suck and sometime can rock.

Whatever be the case, path can also be defined in our own way, it can be defined the way we want to define it. Surely, it is good idea to listen what others say or what other tell us about the aspects in our life.

Friday, October 3, 2008

Without sense

Commitment is the key to any relationship in the world. It has to be very long and lasting. We do not know why we make promises after a while. Some times later in our life we tend to forget that we said something and when the time comes we then generally fail to answer the words that came from our mouth.

There is some tendency of Mr. X which keeps him alive, he remembers the fact that he should not speak something which he cannot fulfill and he keeps then alive all the time. How much of data can be stored in your mind ? Is all the data relevant ? Will you be able to keep all of the information in your mind ?

There are many few people now a days who remembers many of the things., many of the things means contacts, calendars, events and so on. These things have to be kept or stored somewhere. We use our phones, laptops or sometime some basic diary to keep us updated with the event that we do.

It is good practice to use these things in regular manner. It is not mandatory but it is good to keep them as you wish to keep them.

Some times the days are not good and sometimes you do not feel very good because of so and so problems. These so and so problems cannot be explained. It is something that are with you, or which can appear suddenly. It is amazing experiece to be in so and so problem.

Everything that is not explored will look like a adventure. It looks as if, we are living in different world altogether. It might sometime give a feeling of different world but it is my duty to remind this ugly guy that there is nothing called the different world. Everything is temporary here and nothing is going to stay longer than we think or intend it might be of.

Failure is what every body is worried of, I am more worried about the success. I do not know what kind of words here in my website combines to form a sentence and what that sentence results into.

Every character is merged into a word and every word is merged to make a sentence. Every sentence then is merged to become a paragraph and every paragraph form a document. The document is the result of smaller effort put into writing of these sentences and these smaller effort is the result of the thinking that is done by our mind.

It may sound as if, I am talking something crap but the meaning behind writing this structure is that- it has to make some sense to our senses.

At first glance, everything can be assumed as crap or everything can be assumed as good. Once we assume everything as crap and if the result we obtain is also the crap then it will bring different feeling to the things in the observation.

Well, nothing much ! Have a great weekend. :)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fresh Start

It has been some time now I have not updated my blog. My readers might have thought that this blog is going to die or something. The fact is that, when you start something new, it takes loads of time and effort to understand the basic behinds the working of something new.

When you hate something, there is the time when you have to do the same. Every work is the result of hard work. I do not know how people feel about me or what kind of opinion they keep about me but I do not have anything for anybody. I mean to say that, there is nothing in my mind except the respect to the people I know.

Now, I sound as if I am the President of the Country. Well, this is what happens when you move from one place to next. The place I am now is called Helsinki, The capital of Finland.

As, Capital of the every country is crowded and developed. A country can be known progress by the progress of the capital. It has been now couple of days, here in Helsinki. It seems everything is moving very fast, metros, buses, railways, cars and people.

There is rush everywhere, it takes a person from Lappeenranata some time to adjust the environment of the Capital. Despite the fact that, I do not have any rooms or any personal apartment I have to convince my brothers who are here in Capital. These guys are more good than I have ever expected.

I think I am getting a good homely kind of environment wherever I go and visit. Work is work; any kind of work is boring. Since there is some thing in return we get out of hard work we put into something, it is that motivation of money that drives us further to progress.

I am worried and I am terrified with the fast moving pace of this city but at the same time I am enjoying it to be part of it.

It is said that, everything comes slowly with the time and one has to put little effort everyday which will one day give show good progress of anything that we do. I do not know that right now but I hope it works as if it is said.

The new beginning is what I am looking forward to, let us see what happens next in my life and what I can deliver to the world around me. I pray to God, for all those who are connected to me in one way or another, and I pray for there utmost success and happiness.

Cheers !