Monday, June 30, 2008

Be light to yourself

Some times in life there are things that you want to keep secret but it is no more secret to you and yourself. Meaning, A person who want to keep secret and is not being open has many different meaning attached to it. A person can keep his person things to himself and do not want to tell what he is doing to others.

When other people listen, see or hear about the secret of others- the first impression of them is surprised, next they then start making judgment and third they make their own statement about the person. I am not surprised if some one is keeping secret and not letting any of his personal things to come out but many people do. Some times I am surprised too when I hear the good news about my friends and relatives.

It is not hiding but it is like not showing what you are capable of or not letting others to know what can you do or not letting people to know that you are doing good work. "I am doing something" does not prove that you have done that thing. " I will do something" will not prove that you really have completed the things. It is just after you have done something, when you say- well, I have done these things then, it proves that you really have done something. It does not matter to you as long as you are in process of being but it will matter to you and your surrounding after you complete the process.

My whole life is based on a philosophy of not saying what I am doing but to say what I have done but it is in one circumstance if some one really wants to know then. Otherwise, let it be. Who cares about you and your life in this complex dynamic world. No one is yours and no one will go with you when you are dead. You came alone and you will go alone. Every body else- your parents, relatives and family all are just other human beings who are attached to you in one way or anther with some bond. The bond can be-emotional, spiritual or anything related.

A strongest bond between these humans and you is the power of love. A bond which could not be described by my meager words. A bond which is selfless and universal. A bond of true destiny and finding reality. Everything we see is connected and everything we do are affected to and by Nature.

Those types of humans who are very cautious about the health will die young and those who do not care will die old. It is because, Nature cares those who care careless and nature loves those who care very careful. It does not mean that, you stop doing what you do-eat health foods or go for diet or do take care of your health and many other activities. All these activities is for you. It is good to take these things into your account and keep on doing it. But my minds says that, totally opposite, it says that it does not matter as long as you live in a moment and do what is in front of you.

Being selfish or being along or not letting some one tell your secrets does not make you close or introvert it makes you more of you and nothing else. What happens happens for good and one day if the secret is open, people will come to know it in any circumstances. It will be known by people and they will first get surprise, next do judgment and third give comments or make an impression on you. It can be positive, negative or whatever based on your thoughts that will process them. If you take everything as positive then it does not affect you but once you feel or flex your emotions then you are being open to yourself.

Being light and open to oneself is important then showing openness to others.Just be open to yourself and show the light of sun into your heart, once the darkness inside you is enlightened with the power of sunlight it will bring loads of joy and happiness in your life and in the life of the people around you.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Mantra

A sunday morning, with late night parties and hang over of couple of beers together with a friends graduation party. It kept me awakened till the midnight and it was just total fun without any hesitation of mind and without thinking the very next day you got to go for work. In-fact, it does not matter as long as a friend comes from very far place and throws you a party.

Now the early morning wake up and not a proper sleep-you go for the work. Some times you feel sleepy while doing the work and some time it makes you feel as if why don't it finishes early. When would I finish it ? Many of us when we go for work we are always thinking of when will it finish and I will get total rest of what I do not want to do.

When we think in such a sense then we think not of work but we think of ourself, It happens to many of us just because work is not a thing that we enjoy. One good question would be how can we make it more interesting ? Can we do it in different way or can we make it more interesting by ourselves ? Well, we can make it interesting only when all the elements supports us. I mean those elements that are connected to the work related activity. Take an example of the paper delivery- In such work the elements that support the work is good climate, good working condition, good instrument or the vehicle to use, nice and proper health, and many other personal, Natural things which will help you or guide you for the completion of your work. When everything will support you-you will find it more interesting and you will enjoy the work.

Sunday, There is a tradition of not working in western countries mainly due to the religious thing. It is said that, you have to work 7 days and the eight day is the resting day and when you work on eight day, you have to be punished. I do not know, I have no idea if that is true but I think according to Bible it is true to some extent or absolutely true. I do not want to criticize the Bible or any other religious text but I would like to ask- There are many company, people, organization working on the Sundays too why are not they being penalized ?

Ask a mother whose son is in the death bed and he needs a medicine-can she work or not on Sunday ? Ask a father who has a work only on Sundays and other days he do not get an opportunity to work just because of his old age, is he suppose to work or not ? These are some examples but there could be many more than these. When we are no longer leaving the smaller things of our religion then how can we see what is religion itself ? We are being blind by our all these things that we follow every time we visit religious places.

It feels good and it brings a kind of peace for some moment but after that it is the same, it is not good that we should not be bounded by any religion or any religious text or any one single boundary of religion at all. It will be good if we can be open. Once we open our mind to all other religion then it is similar to a child first seeing the world after the arrival in this mother earth. It is all upto us. I do not mean that, people should not do what they are doing or what they are following but when you are doing and following what is the best for you-you are not letting yourself get open to the vastness and richness of seeing what a religion is.

Many writers have written about it and many has different views on the subject matter whatever be the views would not make clear and people will not be clear until and unless you open yourself from being bounded by one. Let it be, My words will not matter as long I am not directing you to do it but it is my opinion on what I feel or experience. I do not want any one to follow it but at-least you can think about it, get a knowledge from it and see by yourself.

Well happy Sunday and free yourself this sunday from all your sins or pain or empty your mind-just relax.

Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spirituality and Science

A soul which is pure always asking question and always eager to know more. A soul of human is not similar to the last statement. Many of the times humans are not asking or are not eager to know only because people think everything is explanatory. People sometime just assume something by themselves, when you assume any sort of activities by yourself then you are not trying to know.

A friend who are close to me once said-you can write whatever you get or you just need a small event and you can describe it in your words very easily. Such statement is not encouraging but at the same time it is too much of encourage. A person's ability to do something or not to do something is not known to him but to his friends, fellow mates or some body who is just admirer. I do not take such statement in a negative way but I take it as compliment.

How many of us believe in the fact that a black cat when crosses the road and you pass from the road is the bad sign for yourself ? Many in our country has such believe and it is assumed that such event is not good, many of the times you got to avoid the cat crossing in front of you. Many people let others go before they cross the road. Today, morning I just saw a black cat I was hoping it should not cross the road that I have to cross but to my surprise it did, and I have to cross the road the cat crossed.

When I came back home, I realize yes to some extent it has wrong effect on a person's life not because it was just normal everything and today I did not get any opportunity to do what I was thinking. There was a failure. A failure of my mind. I was predicting something bad is going to happen and it happened.

Many of us will not believe such myth but some times we have to believe the smallest of the fact presented to us, told to us by our elders. It is just like a story and some stupid misconception but yet we have to face the consequences. It is the life and we have to take both the path of spirituality and science. One can clap from one hand by pressing his/her hand in the desk and striking it many times but a real clap is when two hands are strike several times. A real sound of clap comes then not when you strike it to some object.

Magic is there when our eyes could not believe something or some scene when happening in front of our eyes. If I will say, I saw a women wearing a beautiful sari flying in a sky-who is going to believe me ? Science does not give us permission to think that there could be any human who will be self-capable of flying. Spirituality let us believe that yes, there could be some superpower which will make anything possible.

Till date there has been a lot of problems from the Nature which still remain a mystery and it will loads of time before it gets solved or I would say it is almost impossible to solve every problems we face in day to day life. One can make it possible only for himself or herself but not for all.

HOping that Saturday will bring a joy and lot of pleasure in your beautiful face so that you will smile in smaller events that will go unnoticed. Those periods are yours, truly magnificent and amazing life changing. It is the time which belongs to you and only you no one can ever take that beautiful lasting smile from you. It is due to the presence of yourself in the moment and the moment was the moment you were fully present in the real world. You were not thinking anything about life, career, or anything else but you were thinking about the moment you were present in. A moment of joy which bought you some smile in your face. A smile could not be easily gained without the satisfaction of self. Whatever you have done or you will do is just a way of living a life. It is excuse but the happiest moments are those which will remain some where in your memory stored.

You will remember them only when you will feel alone or lonely, You will want those moments to be back again but that would not come again just because those moments were just once and only once. Right now, my fingers are on the computer keyboard these hands will are letting me know that I am creating something and these creation are not just a simple text but the lesson that a person has learnt in his entire life, which could be somehow beneficial to you. Everything lies in giving not taking. One can belong to any of these categories- either you give entire your life or you take in your life. A person who is capable of giving is full of love and a person who is not is not.

Have a great weekend !

Friday, June 27, 2008

Awakening Mind

Life is full of surprises, some time there are good days are some times there are bad. It is similar to unpredictable climate. A climate where some time it rains and very next minute it stops raining. It is similar to the changing process of climate. It is like that because we are not sure which moment will bring us the joy and which moment will make you feel depress and annoyed. It is just like that.

This unpredictable nature of life gives us joy to live. A joy which bring smile on our face. A smile is temporarily present. It does not last for long. Look when you smile you smile for the moment and then it goes automatically from your face. Laugh and smile are two different things. When you laugh, you are free and you give everything to a laugh but when you smile you are feeling pleasure and happy.

A world is you and you are the creator of this world. It is you who have taken this journey and you got to do what you got to do. It has nothing to deal with your past or future. It is you and you along the road. No one will ever be changing what you are going to do, every body around will support you. A support does not mean only moral or physical or any mental it can be any. You just have to understand the people. Once we start understanding the people, people will be helpful to you only if they can help. It is by knowing then you will know yourself better.

A gold is gold, a diamond is diamond why is this mind just so frozen like a snow which does not want to melt ? Why are my behavior changing only when the sun light falls into it. What is wrong with my thinking ? All these questions take you to one place and that place is very open, very interesting and very challenging. It is called "mind". A place where you need lot of thing to make clear. A place which makes assumption, thinking, learning, prediction, planning, sensing, visualizing and many more.All these things are done in one place and that place is called mind. More than mentioned are done actually and one who can control what is going or can see if in one's own mind what is going on or taking place then it will be of great help.

Unpredictable things are good for health.It is good that something goes beyond our thoughts and something just happens without our knowledge. It is sometimes good to know how life takes our thoughts in many other places. It is known that we are unknown and we are unknown just because we want to know the known.

Some times a simple statement makes us wary about our life and some times it is just to see if anything is going to happen. A mind which is pure, which is fresh and cool. A mind which needs nothing except the fresh thoughts and a mind which ignore any wrong impression on any body or any living entity is a mind which is capable of learning.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Physical and Natural

When a person is not well or when you are not feeling good, you think you are in the stage where you really need a help at that very moment there would be no one except you.

The moment will bring a lot of lessons to learn and you have to learn all these lessons by yourself. It is very easy and it is difficult. A physical health is very much necessary to keep or maintain the balance in life. Once your physical health is not with you or I mean, your physical balance of the health is not supporting you then it will be very difficult to live a life.

Imagine that you have a pain, pain in the chest or near the area where you breath. How would you feel then ? The breathing becomes difficult and every ounce of oxygen you want to take gets difficult to go inside. Every breath you take makes your life very difficult. Despite that, you wake up early in the morning and do what has been ahead of you.

Physical, mental and environmental are there different things which has to be kept in balance. A look at physical health is very much necessary. There are many people in world who eat a lot. Eating disorder has nothing to do with a person but a person consuming lot of food has resulted in some person in some part of world without food. It has to balanced in some sense but it will never be. When a human has the highest power of all the animals, or living entity in earth today. One thing humans have forgotten is to create a balance among themselves and around the society first then country and then in world.

By the result of these circumstances, Nature has to do its job and she has to remind every one once in a while that you have to take care of the things that I have given to you. Why are you all being so lazy ?. We have floods, volcano eruption, earthquake and many more disasters. We are the creators of all of these disasters. There is no one to blame except us.

The point here is- The physical health disorder has to do with a person itself. A person invites the disorder of health problem in his body by his own consequences and by the result of his own problems similarly, Earthy problems are also due to the result of combination of entire human race and imbalance of them. Once we will understand this process then only we will realize the power of Nature and power of being a human beings.

Look at the lake near your place, you will find lot of information and lot of message from it. A place where it is very pure. A form of water collected in one place which has nothing to say or complain. It is cool and a wind blows it to make a small waves. It is silent even with the anger of biggest thunderstorm and it is very deep more deeper than we can imagine.

It cannot be explained how it maintains its own life. A physical omnipresent and transparent life. It looks as if there is no life but there is a life of every thing that exists, that we see and that we can touch or feel or smell or our senses have some effect on it. We will like to neglect it but it is not like that. A lakes fights every day to maintain the life of its physically and mentally. It has to be similar in our cases too.

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Human beings or speaking machine ?

From Paulo coelho -
"Each one of us has had this experience of when phoning to get a service, stumbling upon an answer machine. After pressing many buttons, finally we get through to a human being at the other end of the line. Yet, the other human being has also a list of answers and instead of trying to be of service, many times is unable to help.
Despite the sophisticated media today - that always helps in the small tasks - I believe we are loosing somehow this human warmth in our relations.
Acoording to you: how did we loose this human contact? Also, how this new type of relation will affect our future?"

Here is what I have to say in response to the above question. -

It is a good topic that we are loosing a contact from human warmth and human being in real form. The machine is getting us far from where we are now, it is taking us in different place. It gives a different feeling when some one is in front of me-sitting and we are sipping a cup of coffee together but once we are far from the person and we use the machine as our medium to communicate then it become difficult.

A sense of different feelings are generated, it is not good in many of the terms and it has to be changed. One of the research projects that I am working on currently is to understand the behavior of humans with regard to technology. Many of the times we feel frustrated when the machine does not work and many of the times we feel really stressfully by its usage too much.

As the time is changing people are changing, there were times when social gatherings and get together were very common but these are the times when many of my friends or relatives would like to sit in chat room and talk or rather send me application invites in Face book or just some stupid Web pages. These has to be changed and the next direction of putting an impact on human lives would be something different, a different taste of machine not as a medium but as a mediator or I would call a teacher or helper to make a reality success.

Finally, I would like to conclude by saying that Technology and human interaction with it has to go just like a child catches the hand of his father then only it would be possible for better interaction.


Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well, a great day with a morning showing a great glory. A nice fresh air just outside a corridor with a deep fresh air going down the body and giving a feeling that you are alive. A fresh air and a fresh start of the day.

Many of the times we worry about many of the things in our life and we are not sure about if that things are going to work for us or not. Why do we feel that something should work for us ? What is that keeps us guessing all the time ? Is it just the function of our brain or is it just some hallucination. Is it our desire or is it that we really are eager to get.

When we are worried about certain things then that particular thing does not work as per we want. It is because we will desire of the things but the desire of those things will not bring the success in our life. Every great things are free. Internet is free, I would not say that love is free because love is totally different than what we think love is or love should be or in some form of definition of love. Many of the things are free in the world. One example of free things is- Smile. It is for free.

A golden life that we have is for free, a distance we travel by our foot is free. A mind which is free of values, ethics, religion, authority, differences is the pure form of mind. A mind which is at early of the existence. It will not ask or it will not want or have a desire for the things. It will work accordingly, it will work as per it thinks or as per it should work. It is not directed by anyone nor it is by any organization, religious body or any other events. It is alone and at the same time it is with every one.

It is doing many of the things which we would think of doing. It will be there and it will give the pleasure or satisfaction of being there or achieving when somethings are being done. How do you feel when you finish a hard day work ? It gives you pleasure. It tell you that, now i can relax. now is the time that i am happy or now is the time i am getting rid of this task.

I would call it as breaks. A break or time interval between any task is important. It is utmost necessary. How many of us, take breaks between our work ? Well, Many of us do. We take break and some times we take many of them just to get out from the work. It relaxes the mind. It will give a something beyond what we are doing to think about.

A person should not be bounded by one thing, he should be deeper than the lakes and deep than the deepest ocean in the earth. When you measure a person by his strength than many of the times we see the grades of his degree. It is not correct. Academic judgment and real life judgment of the person is not same. Many great person who created the world as today do not had a good college degrees. A lot of example could be seen. It should not avoid or make you feel that you should also do the same but it should make you relax by giving you a feeling in you- Do not worry. Keep on doing the things you like the most and one day, those things which you like the most will give something in return to you.

Want, desire and all these are just a flick of our brain. A brain triggers every seconds and it demands many of the things from us. There is an influence of brain not only from you but it can be from other brains too. I mean, from your friends, relatives or some one who is near you. One has to learn to handle his/her brain then you could start behaving a brain which comes close to you.

Well, it is just a process and it is not as difficult as it might sound. Welcome to the world where you handle your activity and you are the creator of your sufferings, you do the changes in you which make you look inside you and finally you become a light for yourself.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday again !

Whenever we are expecting something we do not get what we are expecting. Why is this ? Why do not we get what we expect ? What goes wrong ? Is it because we are thinking that particular thing should or must happen or is it because we are thinking what if something wrong goes and how would we feel then ? Is if good for our brain ? Can it be good when you expect and you suddenly do not get what you expect or do not achieve what you desire or think ?

To some extent it is good, but many of the times it is not just because you are experiencing something bad inside you. It is just because your emotions are attached with your expectations. Once your emotions are badly effected then you will feel very bad about what you wanted or expected or desired.

How about you expected and something really happened ? When something like this happens then it is by the virtue of your brain and your true path to destination. It means that you are in right track and you are heading in right pace. It means that you are getting what you really desired. It is good to know that many of the times some of your days are not good. For me, I take as Monday. My feelings are such that nothing is going to work for me on Monday. I have deeply rooted this thought in my mind and whenever something happens or something is expected from me or from my own life then I immediately think well, today is Monday.

Why am I taking this particular day as totally negative ? Is it because in all the mondays in my life something bad has happened or is it because I am too much of fearful of Monday. Why ? Based on my past experience I do not want to see this day. In past out of 100 Mondays 90 Mondays are not good. How would you feel then ? It is the same feeling as any person would have after he/she is betrayed by his husband or wife.

A child touches the fire once he touches the fire then suddenly he realizes that it burns his fingers. Next time onwards he will not touch the fire only because he has a past experience of touching a fire and fear of burning his fingers. Once you are fearful of yourself how would you again go and touch the same thing ?

I would call this as- First step is Last step. A step taken once is the last step taken, you may do thousand of things in your life but be careful to take the first step. The first step will determine how would you feel about the things and activity.

Yet again, a Monday which does not work out. A day which should be removed from the Calendar in my dictionary. Just not because it does not work out for me but it is not good to keep it there. It is the day of death. It is the day of fear and it is the day where something if going to work for you is also not going to work.

Well, It cannot be judged with all other people around the world. If you ask others they will say that there best day is Monday. A brain is where everything is made. A thinking which connects our expectation and our future plans. Once you start making something futuristic and you think that particular thing is going to work for you then suddenly that will not work.

A person should not worry either it will work or not or weather he expected and he got something or not but rather he should worry on what he has got at the moment. A full concentration on the present will give him the true path to the destination.

When we fully give our mind and our full physical body to a work or task or any event that is at the moment in front of you then at that moment you are living yourself to that moment. "Live in moment, everything expected will automatically come your way".

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Mind, Breathing and Body

Everything is determined by there key elements in our body, Breathing, Mind and Healthy nutrition. Once a person have a disease he is has asked or invited that disease for himself. A disease never comes automatically it is your own invitation for the same.

A mind is one of the central part of our body. A ears connected to your mind has around 200 millions neurons attached to it. Your eyes connected to your brain has also many more numbers of veins or neurons attached to it. All these are connected with your brain and your brain decides what to do and what not to do.

One of the key element in living healthy is taking care of your breathing techniques. One can live free by without any disease from breathing properly. Breathing has a lot to do with how you inhale the oxygen. Many Yogis and Gurus have said that a person breathing style determines what kind of a person is in front of you.

A person who breathes very fast, has something wrong or is in worries. A person who breathes slow is slow and a person who breathe in cool and calm way deeply has a very nice attitudes developed in his life. It is all about breathing properly. Once you start breathing properly you will develop a good sense of coolness and calm or rather I would called peace in mind. It will create a good sense of feelings which will develop in you a rather very good way of keeping yourself fit and fine.

For example, when we play some games we breath very fast once we breath very fast and inhale more amount of oxygen we are consuming more oxygen only because our body needs it more. We are working and we need more amount of it. Once you are doing nothing, you need a good amount of oxygen but it is important to keep in mind how you breath.

Once your immune system is damaged, you will have loads of problem. A problems with your lungs, and any part of your body. A lot of disease will occur and you will feel very bad in yourself. Therefore, it is important to keep in mind how you breath.

Apart from breathing there is one more thing which is important to know. About our conscience and unconsciousness mind. It is the state where we have to be alive. It is presence. One example of such mind is when you are sleeping and when you are awake. When we are sleeping, we are in unconsciousness sates and in that state we see dreams. Dreams are nothing but the images. A images which after we wake up i.e. in Conscience state try to find meaning to those images. It is like saying I will give thousand images when you are sleeping, after you wake up try to give meaning to me about these images.

A person who can control his mind can do whatever he wish. A mind is very difficult body to control. It needs a lot of hard work together with many more determination stages. It can also be easily controlled. It is all up to you. You may wish to visit religious places but they will just guide you to do what you can and cannot. Try to explore yourself. Try to find your self.

Breathing inhales oxygen and throws carbon dioxide. It takes many inner steps inside our body to do a simple task as these. It looks very simple and we never notice it only because we are bounded by many such problems in our life that we tend to forget what our body needs. Do concentrate in your body, mind and breathing style too.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Learning never stops.

A morning which is lazy, a morning which makes you sleep more than you want to, a morning which makes you feel as if there is holiday tomorrow too, a morning which reminds you that it is a big morning so go back to bed again. Is it same for every one ? Of-course not ! Everything is different and every body's morning is different.

A life which tells you that you have to live despite that you know you have to go one day, a death which will always reminds that one day it has to end everything that you have done has come to an end. Nothing can be done for ever and ever but one thing can and that one thing is the attachment of you with Nature.

Nature is very strong, none of the single life is enough to understand it and none of the single life has been before enough to find out many hidden facts from it. We use the theory from the nature to our practical life and then we call it Science. We use the simple aspects from the nature and then we make our theory to give it a name and try to see the logical connection between all these things. Do you think it really matters ?

Why it would matter if a gravity is there or not ? What does it has to do with a person life ? Well, it will surely has made many thing simple to move a object that humans have created in the sky but are all these progressing ? Even though to many it will look as if it is progressing but to me, I think it is going down. We do not have people of such calibre who have really made an inventions. We have only those kind of people in this world who do many more things but do not invent. The point is, it does not matter wherever we reach or whatever we do. The most important things that matter is how can we learn more from the nature to use it in our practical life.

The beauty does not lie in making any innovation or invention or finding something new or whatsoever but the real beauty lies in what is already given to us already. We born and we see these beautiful tall trees taller than our height and we realize all other trees also look the same but as long as we grow we must realize the fact that we are not taller, or we should not be proud of our height one thing, because in world there are many people who compares the hegit of their own with the others people and say, I am taller than you, I am smaller than you whatsoever. These is stupid only because we can see big trees which are taller than all we humans. We also have to see the sky, the light blue sky which is open and moving, which carries the white clouds and sometimes the black clouds together with it.

We people talk a lot about a race, for those who have the problem with race-Please see the sky, A sky is big. It carries both types of clouds it does not make any difference between a white clouds which are mostly seen in shinny days or dark clouds which are mostly seen when it is going to rain. When a sky do not differentiate, why are we ?

These are some of the lessons that could be learn from the Nature, just like these there are many more to learn. There are thousand of these aspects to be learnt. There are many such things to be learnt. There are many more aspects of life to be learnt. Keep of watching people, the way they talk, the way they behave and the way you connect your own personal life with them. Be ready for the great learning experience and also try to connect all of these with Nature.

Life and Death

Life and Death are two different things. By seeing or looking at the first word called life we feel most of the times happy, we think the term "life" will bring lots of joy, one feels excited whenever we use this term with any other sentence or words we feel as if we are living and we have nothing to do except living.

Once we start talking about the word "death", we think the person who is talking is either depressed or is not cool or is talking something boring. Every body knows that it cannot be changed but how many of us realize the fact that one day we are going to die. We know but how about the realization about it.

One thing is for sure, Death cannot be changed but it could not denied that during life we do many deeds and that deeds could never be changed even by death. We start living and the moment we start living we "do", whatever we do either good or bad is recorded in some way to a society and these are later examined after our death. One should not forget the fact that, ideas never die. We live our life and we live for a dream the dream once start fulfilling even after the death will be recognized.

Every body lives a life, every body has there own story to say, every body in earth has their own problems, own culture, own castes, own values and own way of living the life but why do we salute those who lives not for themselves but for others ? We should salute every body, don't you think ? Therefore, those person who lives for others are very rare and very small in number we salute them, we worship them and we follow their path only because they have their rules, procedures, own way of living a life we like to follow them.

We follow them but following them does not makes us safe neither does it will create a relief in our life. It is because we can be the members of any religious organization, any place, any gurus but they will just tell you what to do, what not to do and what to follow and what not to follow. Since they tell all these things, they are not letting you know yourself the values of religion, love, life and many more things. How can you see all these important aspects in your life when you yourself are putting a handkerchief in your eyes. When you wear a glass, wear such glass which can make a picture clear not those kind of glass which will not let you see anything.

It is easy to make people fool as we can see now a days, many organization, many gurus and many such Babas are existing in this world now but they will not let you explore your life, they are making every body blind. When you are blind you cannot see the life, experience for yourself and then you will come to know.

Life is not easy as it looks, many of us like to waste the time and do not want to do anything only because we think doing is very boring and it is not cool to waste all the energy just to do. Once you do not do any waste your time just like that then during those period you will come to know that wasting times makes you more lazy and life more boring. Imagine you have enough food to eat, enough money to spend and when you start wasting your time you will come to know then that life is not worth wasting.

It is understanding the phenomenon that we got to live and we have to do something in life to live. It is not collecting money to become rich it is to earn a little and get satisfaction. When you will start finding satisfaction in the things you do, day to day you will come to realize that. Life is worth living.

Have a great Weekend !

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Magic or Risk ?

In Brida, a book that Paulo coelho wrote back in 1990, there are two ways to recognize soulmate. Through Magic - meaning : entering a state of transe in which you can see a bright spot over the shoulder of your soulmate - or, by taking risks, by making mistakes, by being with the wrong people until you find your soul mate.So he asked the following question: Would you try to find your soul mate through magic or by taking risks, making mistakes?

In response to above question of great Writer Paulo Coelho here is what I have to say- the article presented down has been approved by an administrator of Paulo Cohelo in his blog. You can find a copy of same article under his blog too.


It is very easy to take the first step that is to go through the magic and just wait to see if a person is really a soulmate. But at the same time it is difficult to go and check, do mistakes and try until a right person is met at the end.

One will surely chose the first step and think something automatically happens for him, I think if I was the person to choose the soulmate I will rather go for the second and take risk because once I take the risk I will be doing the mistakes and at the same time I will be learning something new from each and every women I try. It is a process to find the right person in life.

I do not believe there is any soul mate or black mate or white mate only because there is only one thing existing in this world and that is a mate. The rest is to us, by which name we call them. We can call her as a soulmate but what is the proof that a person will really be a soulmate and not leave you after a while.

A man has no mate except a mate who is himself. A girl in his life just bring a momentary joy which we can with some name. However, even though the magic is easy I will not suggest anyone to go and see the white bright light over the shoulder just to find a true partner in life rather go and talk, enjoy, fight, laugh, weep, get angry, feel sad and feel happy by taking risk in life.


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finnish Lake

A country of thousand lakes and all the lakes look similar. The early morning rise with the darkness and rain falling lightly just to touch the earth speaks a lot in itself. Early morning rise from bed getting more difficult with the cold of the rain to rise up. Despite these, a mind fights with the enemy deep inside it which is not trying it to make it wake.

A mind suddenly wakes up and now its time to do the morning activities. One beautiful lady at the coffee house asked me how do you feel about the Finnish people ? What is your opinion about them ? Being close to the lake teaches a lot in itself. I just told her that they are very similar to a lakes. A lake can take anything with the deep, silence and flowing smoothly like ever before. It is silent and cold. It is very chill and cool. It blows when the wind ask them to blow and it shines when the sun rays falls into it.

A lake reminds me of the Finnish way and Finnish people. I do not know if that is correct but this is what I thought. A lake can take many things into it. It has a lot to learn from it and you can learn a lot from it when you go and take a dip into it.

A desire of getting what you want and a desire of thinking what you do is really worth a value to it makes it more interesting in life and more fascinating about living a life. It is that the moment of life goes on and on. Some body would rather say that these words are useless but these words are not as useless as it looks because these are valuable. It will be there till the very end. Each letters form to make a word and a combination of these words form to give the meaning to a sentence. It looks so simple but ask the creator who creates these words he will tell you.

Anything right from the building of a house to a any architecture to any book are the combination of small things. All these small elements, cells, and parts combined to form a big thing and that big thing has a value in real life. Many people those who cannot see the progress of others are those who do not have ability to learn from others. Once you get into the habit of learning from many different people life will be much more easier to live.

A place where I am now is called Finland. A place where I can tell you 1000 good things about it but I can hardly find any bad stuffs or any personal bad taste of this land till date. Always remember that- "I live in moment not in time". People those who spend their time living will take a long deep look at the quote provided above and think what does that mean. The meaning is very simple and the statement is as simple as you can get. Moment is NOW. The time my hands are pressing these keyboards and making an sweet sound of joy which is giving my mind a delight that I am seeing these letters forming a word and a word forming a sentence and a sentence trying to find some logical connection to give a meaning to my readers.

I do not want to make a follower nor do I want to attract the attention all that is I want is to put whatever is there is my heart and mind to the world and see what they think about it. A life worth living is similar to this. Well, a good day is the day which bring good smile in your face despite you have lot to do and many more thing to overcome. A day is long only when we think we are tired and think that we have done nothing or something stupid happened.

Everything is first created in our mind and it then invokes from there to onwards. Well If ever you get time do visit Finland and see the beauty of lakes and do not forget to take a famous Sauna naked and dip yourself after a Sauna in lake. A brilliant experience to be done once at least in life time.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Improve your desire

Is it a thinking that makes the event happen true. True does not merely mean the intention but the reality in the search of destiny. How do you think ? Can we think about something in our life and the thing happens exactly as we anticipated or expected or wanted or thought of.

Many of the times such thing happens but some of the times it does not happen like that. Is it then gets delayed ? What happens if it does not happen as we expected ? Again, it depends on our thoughts-how long you will search for the same thing and remind in your mind just about the same thing time and again, how many of the times in earth you keep on remembering the same thing time and again and all those things give rise to some kind of pattern.

Just as I am writing the article here, I saw a beautiful girl outside my window she is walking in her own way. She has a black dress and I could not see her from front but why should I care as long as I can see her. My eyes followed till one corner in the road where she disappeared completely. She is gone and I am left with unfulfilled desire. The very time when my eyes went outside the window it gave me an expression that she is a women, a sweet girl and amazing build creature.

The moment it gave some impression-my mind thought of sex nothing more. When my mind thought of the sex it really wanted her in my bed naked jumping and pumping all the part of body and doing all those physical exercise just to fulfill a faction of desire. I do not know how other Man minds think when they see very young, energetic, beautiful lady going on her way and when they can in-fact see her ass.

I believe many men do the same as this ordinary brain of mine. It is the exactly what we think when it comes to women but what does a women thinks when she sees the man ? Does she think the same ? I think- No. May be some women will do but many of them will not think as we men do. However when I am trying to explain such phenomenon it will not be explained since whatever I will write is just negative of what we experience and what we do.

The point of putting this women in the context of this article is that, it is our mind once we think we will want her in our bed, we will get it but the big question is how ? How can you do it ? It is very easy-the very moment I saw her, I should have stopped writing and go and apporach her try to talk with her say hi/hello. Would have talked something funny and rather would have explained the problem that I was currently facing that of seeing her in my own room. It would have drawn her close to some extent towards you.

The other approach would be after a some period of the time the emtion that was raised in the mind of mine will automatically vanish. It is momentarily created and it will automatically go off once you will concentrate on something else. Well, it is not easy as it looks but it is really very easy too. Desire are the problems said by Buddha. He says that once you remove all your desire you will reach to the stage which will lead you to total satisfaction and peace a phase called as nirvana. How much do you agree on it ?

Desire is not the problems or pain it is those that is remained when the words are no longer existing to explain them what it is. It is not what I write or what some body have said it is a want, need and fulfillment. It is created in our mind when we observe. It is through our eyes that we have seen and now we want it for us. Once you close your eyes you will now feel there is nothing except a darkness.

Put yourself with a towel or something for just a minute or two and now see the world outside. You will see nothing except darkness and you will now try to create a imaginary picture of the real world outside which matches somewhat to the real world in your imaginary picture but it is not real. Same is true for our life to some extent when I am explaining you the meaning of improving your desire not totally killing it.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A diary of monday 16th june 2008

A early morning rise at around 2 am with a thinking set to travel a new horizon with early rise of sun. It was amazing experience today morning with very light dark sunlight giving some sign of rain but again with total in confusion of delivering either the sun to their children's or a joy of tears in total summer fun.

Imagine a situation where you work in early morning the time when nobody would wake up easily from the bed but you are not the only one who does it, there are many like you and there are people who have mastered it before you. I was with my drunken teacher today. He was smelling like a hell and telling me most of the times what to do and what not to do. Where to deliver the paper and where not to.

Coming from the work it gave a total satisfaction of the work and the time you spent doing it. It gives much a relieve after when you finish something but every time you finish it; you are relived. It give a feeling to you that the same time and the work is not going to come again. You have done what you have been asked for. It is a good feeling after anything is completed. But everything that has been completed again comes in different ways too.

My father used to say-Son, you will realize the values of money when you will start working. Whatever I achieved till date and whatever you are wasting so easily is not easily earned. It is all hard owned and every single rupees that you are taking in negligence is a process of very hard work.

Today couple of years later, I have realized that It is not easy and whatever he has said is absolutely correct. It is not easy either you have to loose something to gain something or you have to really work hard. It can be mentally or physically. The pain will be there in your mental phase or in your physical part of body. It will again go after only you will take rest. Therefore after a long hours of doing the early morning work came back to my lonely bed which was just waiting for his master to occupy it in total joy.

As I respect the bed, I would really be thankful to it in many different ways. After sleeping for some four hours then it was the time to go back to University and do the official part of the work. It was noon then, I took a tea and started another phase of the life called University Work. A tea was really strong enough to keep me alive till the 6 pm in the evening, can you imagine that ? A guy can really survive from early morning tea to late evening tea without eating anything. I was also surprised. There is always something to do and very less time to think about eating.

Just after coming from a university work then immediately went to Shopping for the foods those were not present in the kitchen and it was to my suprise that a friend who lives next door-Arjun cooked something really delicious. A tasty south indian daal. A taste of which reminded me of "banglore". I do not know how people rate an indian food but they are really fantastic if you taste them yourself. If you listen from others then you have had no experience of saying anything on them. This guy is great in cooking. I wish he was a beautiful lady, I would have propose and married with him. I say, the same thing for whoever my room mates are previously it was Teemu and he too is brilliant in cooking.

It is by situation people learn to cook and it is by luck or fate that I met these outstanding people who helped in many different ways in my life. This is what makes the life more memorable and wonderful experience to live. Now, the time is around 8pm and I have written this whole blog about my own life today. A diary of monday 16th june 2008. Well, why should I be worried may be there is something which people can get from it too.

1. Do not waste anything just like that. Think before wasting or you will automatically learn a process of earning a money once you will work for it.
2. Do what you like to do most, do not think about anthing except it.
3. Take care of your health. (Not for me)
4. Appreciate people, things and nature around you.
5. Love eating Indian Spicy especially something cooked by local boy of that county.

Since the breath is still going on, I must keep on breathing till the time I will forget to breath. However, do cherish your life too and have a great weekend ahead. A kind of blessing for everyone who is reading it right now.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Open, close and Control

How do you feel when a weekend starts and the weekend ends ? It is totally different feeling when a start of the event. It can be anything such as giving a birth of new born babies or starting of the week on Fridays, or lets say one simple example of a friends party or just a simple get together.

Anything that starts brings joy in our life. It creates a kind of excitement and it is in total good to us, our mood or our thinking. We feel we are going to start something new, something which is going us will let us give a pleasure or adventure or excitement something which is totally new. When we think in such a manner we become very excited to ourselves. We then reach to the state called total happiness.

The closing or ending of an event has totally opposite feeling to this. We suddenly feel frustrated, disappointed and even get angry some times with ourselves. Why do it has to end ? We have only such question in our mind. Imagine a simple example of a closing of and weekend or the ending of weekend. Once we end it, then we start to feel or we start to connect it with our past experience of starting a weekend. We know that, this is new weekend but we start to compare with the past weekend beginning and the closing or ending of the weekend.

Suddenly all the pleasure or rest we have done during a weekend has to be stopped. Again we have to think that well, from tomorrow onwards I have to go to the office or start my work as per the routine. It feels as if we are doing it for some body else and not for others. Many of us get disappointed by thinking of early Monday morning and late Sunday evening. Why ? Just because we do not want to go to the office or just because we have taken a lot of rest and we want to keep on resting in peace for longer period.

A mind is the best player and a captain in any form of game of our life. It does everything as per our experiences, future expectation and events. It knows exactly when to stimulate a good and happy mood in your self. It also knows to make you depressed in most of the situations. A great artist I would recommend are those who can control their mind. It can be easily controllable. It is not difficult and it does not look easy.

A simple techniques of controlling your mind is doing exactly opposite of it directs you to do. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to differentiate between the decision taken by mind and heart. When a heart makes a decision it is one direction. It will not ask you any question. It will not put you in the dilemma and say you that "if", what if ," just because, why or something like this... When a mind makes a decision it will be judgmental it will always ask a feedback. Either from you or from your friends, neighbors, your family or some one near you.

A decision done by mind can be controlled by a simple techniques called as "Control your mind". It is a technique which require you to do something different than it suggests. For example. You have to go today and shop in the market, you know exactly when the shop is going to close that is let's say-7 p.m.. Now you have 30-minutes remaining and let's say you do not have food to eat for the evening. Now, if you decide to go then surely you will think that you will reach the shop within 15 minutes and you can easily buy the food before 7 p.m. But some how you controlled your mind and said to yourself that you are not going to buy the food because I am controlling my mind.

Now the problem you will face in the future is you will have nothing to eat + you will have to wait the next day until the shop gets open and you may feel really hungry before going to bed. How will the nature help you in this circumstances you may ask for the food from a friend just for the evening-( First )he may or may not give you. (Second) A friend of yours invites you for the dinner party. A good chance of expecting an unexpected and many other ways.

Next case you decided to follow your mind and could not go beyond your mind in such case-the best possible will be you will reach exactly in the shop within 15 minutes and go and get the food, come back home and prepare and eat. As directed by your central part-brain. Other case would be that, you are some how late for the shop and the you could not enter inside the shop. It is boring because you travelled 15mintes from your place to a shop to fetch a food but unfortunately you were not able to get it. Another case would be you were going to fetch a good but you caught an accident. It is very worst case where you were trying to go and do one thing but it happened to something different based on fate.

Controlling a mind is not as easy as it really looks but once you start controlling it you will feel lots of excitement and pleasure only because it will make you do many unexpected things and it will bring loads of pleasure in your life you can ever imagine.


Some times you are empty, you do not feel anything, you do not have great ideas to talk about but instead it is not the habit you should develop by not doing anything or the things you like to do most.

Just carry on with doing what you do most, if you feel of writing then please go forward and do it. If you feel like making love do not stop at that moment just do it. It is the very moment which is very close to you. Everything else expect that is useless. It is worth nothing. The second you are reading this or you are doing whatsoever is the best moment in your life.

It is this very second that makes you feel that you are alive besides so many people struglling to live a life. It is this moment which reminds that you can do whatever you wish, in this moment you can travel thousand distances just by imagining. Never leave this moment.

Early in the morning, waking up with the new hope of seeing something great or hearing a good political progress in the country but nothing changes in overnight. It is the same. It was well expected to me that some of my work were not going to be success and it happened just as I expected besides that also it gave some pain.

This is the life, everything if wished becomes success then who will make a pleasure of living in the pain. A relationship as said by my wife is just like a mirror. It gives the reflection and nothing more. It can tell many things but I do not know much in detail why she said it as a mirror. I think it will be better explained by her. I wish I can ask her and deliver the message but sooner I get I will write why a relationship is similar to as a mirror.

Everything we do, act or react to is just a simple gestures which speaks a lot what we are going through, A person after watching a good football game gets excited to see his personal favorite team win but at the same time other person who is supporting his team looses and he is depresed. Meaning, there is always two side of every coin. A person can be happy or sad but I think there are some person or human who can do both at the same time. You can also be happy or you can be sad. You can be happy that you supported one team and it win and you can feel for the other person who supported the team which loose. It is his lost that gave you win.

One has to win and other has to loose that is the nature of Nature itself. Two cannot win, No gain without pain. In this mother earth, It is taught well to us that nothing comes easy and you to work very hard to gain anything but do not store your gain such as money. It will make you rich but it will not necessarily bring you happiness.

A man who works hard and at the same time utilizes what his money for the right time, right work and in right situation is the MAN. One has to learn to be man- it is also a process. Every one can be regarded as Man but not every is man.

Well, I wish every one to become and set an example of being a man by doing all the goods to Nature, country and society. Cheers !!!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Stop Complaining.

Friday Supplements

Wake up early in the morning at around 2 am and just get ready to start your work. It is not easy. It is not difficult too. Once you make up your mind- you got to go for it. A guy who is working for a delivery work- paper delivery.

The deadline to submit all the papers are within 3 hours-nothing can stop you. Rain, Storm and Snow. Despite all these you got to finish your work and do it in proper manner. Imagine waking up first and then putting all your energy to doing the work. Second think of doing it. Third you got to relax for the work you did and you got to feed yourself very nicely.

People who have not done the work before will take it for granted. They can assume it as very easy task but once you do it. You know it better than anybody else. How you feel, experience and suffer with the pain of doing it. There are no alternatives despite doing it because it took 9 months to get a job.

A job in Finland which has been applied by the time I came to till date. Almost 9 months, after such a duration you get it and now you are left with your own self decision of doing to not doing. Either you struggle to survive or you die.

People who cannot see your progress are always worried about others. They will never have time to look at themselves and realize the fact that in what level of water they are dipping. A person who wants to think about himself and wants to make a dispute about others are those who you might think is close to you. He will do it for you, he will be good in front of you and at the same time he will tell thousand different things which will put you in trouble against others.

In the world with many difference it is not easy to find the similarity. It is not worth anything even if you try to find the similarity. It is just a periodic. A friend you think can be your greatest of enemy and the enemy you think can be one of a good friend. It is unknown till the known comes in your mind.

A "sorry" will not make a dead man come alive nor will "thank you" gives the pleasure of most pleasurable moments you want to see or the satisfaction you think you desire. A person either born in one land or no land is a just a person. A life is just to live and to think what else you have done for others. At the very end you will not know what has been done or will be done.

When a pain is given to you by the Nature, a pleasure will also be given. When a Nature wants you to see you happy at the same time it will also ask you to get depressed. A unexpected can bring you expected but the expected will not bring anything for joy.

A moral of life just goes something similar like that. Well, It is the Friday again, Many of people will think it is end of week but do not think it is the end of entire world. There will be many more Fridays to come just sit and watch. One could be pleasurable other could be even more pleasurable.

Thursday, June 12, 2008

[What's going on.....]

A person when lives his own life is living no life. A person who lives outside his life than lives a true life. It is not easy to get outside your life and than start living a life. One great example of the great person in world would be Che Guvera. A person who worked for the well being of society.

[A person and a girl]
A person who was involved with a girls now is not involved with any of the girl. He is a single now again. He was thinking that he was in love or was involved with a girl but suddenly one day the girl said to him that NO, she does not like her and she wants him to forget her. When she said a statement that A person should forget her than he made up his mind not to start talking with her and not to talk or meet or chat with her. As she asked him not to remember her anymore now he is trying not to remember her.

It is very difficult to understand these girls. A girl is always a girl she will never be with you but at the same time she will be with you. She will tell you a good and fantastic stories about her life at the same time she will not know what she is talking about.

[Back in Country]
A Nepali media couple of days ago said that the king has sold his crown in London. Yesterday, King asked for the press conference and declared in the statement that he has given the crown to the Nepal Government. What a crap a media is doing ? Every body and every media needs publicity. A publicity and mysterious news which will attract the attention of people.

"Any fool can know. The point is to understand". The quote said by Einstein. A quote which has a simple meaning of understanding the things. There are many people in the world who will say that I know this, I know that. but knowing does not make you smart neither does it make you great. Every body knows something. Only thing then difficult becomes is that to understand what you know. Suppose I know the computer. My dead grandmother would also know if I tell her that this system is called as a Computer. But does it make any sense, I think it does not to any of the extent. Knowing and understanding are two different things and knowing does not take any time. If I saw something than I will say yes I know that thing or place or city but making it understand will ask me of more time. It will consume more of the time from me. It will certainly ask from you a greater depth or search, information and findings.

It took some days for Newton to understand why the apple falls or why is it not going up instead it is coming down. Today who will try to understand such event. Who will try to learn from the nature. There are very less people who will have time to find anything from the around the world. It is not easy. A person if he does- people will just make a funny statement or laugh at him or her or he might think himself of being watched.

Well, the point itself will not be justified even though I write thousand statements on the quote. Therefore, Everything is based on our mind. We go, we see, we eat and we do any sort of activity is based on our thinking. The thinking is result of our experiences. The experience comes from the past habit and current action. The current action determines the result and the result is again kept into a storage bank or in our memory. The memory remembers the event happened. The event happened after some period of times become experience.

The above paragraph could be explained with a clear simple diagram. If you draw it, it will be easily understood then. However, in simple statement- Just live a normal life and always keep your dreams or your most important goal in your mind in the top most priority. One day that goal will turn into reality only because you are attracting the smaller smaller events related to your goal from the Nature and from the environment you exit.

Welcome close to nature ...

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Women Vagina

A good news for those women now who wants to go back to the virginity again. Reading the article posted in New York times, I laughed many more times than the words in the article.( It describes about the Muslim women can go back to the virginity again by simple operation in the private clinic and many more cool launches has been done for the sake of it. It is now affordable in a cheap price.

Some times it makes me laugh and some times the same topic makes me feel as it this is not good. Once you loose your virginity what is the use of doing all drama and going back to do the operations for the sake of nothing. It means that you want to live a life with your new partner with a sense of insecurity. What if one day the person finds out the truth and knows that you already had loosen your virginity by sleeping with some body else.

It is very difficult topic how we see the sex and women in many different places of the world. In europe, it does not matter a girl can sleep with those she wants to and the next day she can go and sleep with some body else. Despite the fact that a women has a son or daughter it is not the problem of another men accepting her as a wife. In contrary, in Muslim or most of the Asian world this fact is not accepted as it is seen here in Europe.

Most of the men from those part of the world will not tolerate is a women sleeps with other men or have loosen virginity just like that. It is important to keep the virginity in tact for many women. Some times I feel myself being a women and I try to feel the pain. Men will always feel relaxing or they get total joy in the pain but how about the women. Do they really feel the joy in the pain. May be to some extent but what if the extent is not extended ? What if the pain in not bounded to certain limit ?

Why do a women have to remain her virginity ? May be the question will not try to find the clear solutions but the answer to the question will also not give the proper valuable solution only because Men like to feel the pleasure through pain. I have seen very few who does not see pleasure through pain but many men does.

In europe, a women is respected in all aspects. She has the rights to decide with whom to stay and with whom to divorce. A men just follows what she think is right. A women has equally power on decision making whereas in Asia or Muslim world Men are the leaders and power is not equally divided among women. Most of the women are working in home as a house wifes or doing some minor jobs but most of the time the breadwinner is Men and he is the decision making body.

Well, Virgin or no virgin does not matter as long as a true love between both the species exits. It does not matter a vagina used by one penis or more than one as long as you know those are physical part of the body which exits in every human beings living in this planet. The most important things then comes to are we going to accept it in our lives ? Possibly not or is almost impossible to many of us.

Wake up, escape from ...

A early morning cool bridge blowing just to make sure that you feel lazy lying in the bed and do not want to wake up to start the day. However, as you are determined to start and see the day through-you put all your energy to wake up. Some people find it very difficult to wake up and some people wake up just naturally. I have seen many around me wake up with the help of machine that is an alarm clock.

Without an alarm clock many find it difficult to wake up. Why ? Why are you waking up with the help of alarm clock and not my yourself ? What is the reason ? The most simple answer is- difficulty to wake up. Some times it is not good for health once you make yourself routinized like a machine that you are going to wake up at this particular time. The simple techniques to wake up is to relax when you sleep. The relaxing does not mean anything-in sleeping mode also you can go for the meditation. This kind of meditation is called unconscious level meditation. You just have to think nothing.

The brain will try to think many thousand different things but do not let your brain go anywhere. Try to focus and sleep. Once you sleep and you do know know you are living or breathing then the state will start. Before going to bed try to remember the last important things that is to wake up early. Just ask your mind that, I have to get up at this time in the morning and then try to go bed without putting alarm clock on. The habit once formed is very difficult to change but once you start slowly changing it, you will find it much more easy to change.

Girls are always girls to me. They will show every bit of them to tell you the fact that they care, but once you are fed up with the carefulness of them-you will then try to ignore them. There are thousand different ways to ignore the girls you are involved with. You can just simply do not receive the calls or just try not to send any text or just ignore her completely. One of my friend was going through the same phase and I asked him not to worry. "As long as you have legs, you will get the shoes of your size". No wonder we are different not only physically but mentally.

The overall complexity of their physical and mental body part allows them to think in different ways-do this, do that, go for this, go for that, make this, make that, do not do this, do not do that... all these then to men may seem like an rules. One thing is sure for the men is that, men do not like to be in the rules and do not ever want to follow the rules. Most of them hate the rules.

A sense of security is good to some extent but once it cross the level than that starts becoming like a burden. Many of the men do not want to be in room playing hide and seek with their mates. They just want to explore the world, want to go outside and see what's going through. When such kind of freedom is taken away or when men start to feel that such things are going away from them, they start behaving in different manner.

Two different entity cannot be same but they could be same for some period of time. There are also an example of two entity living for the entire period of life. In such cases, it is because they are really determined to take any sort of excuses, promises, any pain together. Such kind of relationship last than one life. It is for the infinity. It last more than ever and ever. Such relationship are very difficult to be made or just difficult to find. It is not only about the commitment but also about the promises. It is not only about the living a life but about living a life by sharing pain and sorrow or happiness and sadness together.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things and Desire

Some times in the process of living a life we just follow what others say or ask us to do. When there are crucial moments to make a decision we do not let it go, we just listen to others rather than ourselves. When we listen to others or one could say-a mind is also the other being which is separate from a self.

A mind makes decision based on the previous and future experiences, it makes decision thinking and taking care the precaution in mind. It is worried more about the consequences than the result. It is worried more often than not by going through the path of total unknown. It is always worried. But when you make a decision by your heart-it is not worried than. It does not care where you are going or about any result or any circumstances or whatsoever.

An enlighten being is one who listens to his mind but also controls his mind. Gautam Buddha is one example, he made a tradition of controlling a persons mind and many followers started to follow him. However, any one who follows the path of Gautam Buddha could only hope to achieve the state that he achieved. Buddha described about Karma, he also made an statement on how to control mind, body and soul. During those times, people those who had knowledge in Northern India were Brahmins the top or superior caste and the knowledge was passed to only those who were Brahmins or descendent of Brahmins and to others no knowledge was passed. They were treated as the most educated of all.

Buddha changed it all, he followed his own route and discovered that any one can become or control the mind and reach the phase that is described as Nirvana. It is not so easy but it is not as difficult too. Only thing you need to do is-first give up your habits of smoking, drinking, or any such habit which you have. Second, forget about Maya(love) or I would say-Physical love.
Once you forget a physical love you are in some stages as described by the Buddhism. How many of us can leave our girl friends or our wife and leave a lonely life ?

Not only being lonely but also not committing sex for some resonable period in life. How many of us can control our little things that is hanging in our middle part of the body ? This is the process of filtration, many of us cannot and those who can cannot hang in there for longer period.

Everything is within us, we can make them work according to us. If only you remove "desire" you will remove greed, dissatisfaction, sadness, horror, disgust, anger, pain and many more such elements. The greatest virtue of living a life is removing the "desire". It is not easy. Many of us live a life just to get to one point in life. This one point would be getting a good job, a stable life, a good bungalow or a good car but these all are material possession. We are not going to take them with us when we would be taken in the graveyard on our death ceremony or we are not goin to taken them with us when we are burned during our death.

Things and desire would never give you the real peace in your heart, never. It will never make you reach the final stage of where every monks desire of reaching-"Nirvana". A complete peace. It will only give you the problems. All these problems in our life are with the things and desires. Once you can remove them from your mind-you will reach a phase where you will be alone-no one will be with you. Most of the people follow those who have somethings or some desire and talk about them most of the time but once you leave these you will fall in the category of some other human being. In those category, you will not be heard by these people, you will transform yourself into a man of wise. A process of reaching to wisedom is the process of removing from your mind "things and desires".

Just try for a day-Early in the morning when you wake up-Start your day by looking to the beautiful Trees, flowers and the sky. See the climate-ask a question with the climate and Nature that are you angry today ? Are you going to give me pleasure with hot and sunny warmness or are you going to give me cool bridge ? you will get an answer. Once you will get an answer just start your day as a normal day. But remember not to go for the early morning sex with your wife or girl friend. Just completly ignore her. Do not go for controlling your desire just forget about your desire. Then do your all the activities that you do in your regular work but do not think in the entire day by looking the things around you-to get them.

Do not think that-This thing is so nice, I wish I could buy them or take them or I wish I will have them. No, No and No.
One of your greatest enemy is your desire. So, Now you have removed the desire of having, getting, earning, or gaining any thing. You have a reached a process of peace, a complete peace. Now your mind will ask you a thousand of questions- Hey Mr.XYZ, I want this, I want that-The boobs of that girl is so big, the thighs are so nice. I want to have sex with her or I wish I had a car like that.

These question are the problems, and you will reach the process once you will realize that your mind has not asked these questions at all. You mind says to you that, Oh ! that thing is good but it looks good where it is. I do not want it. I know it looks beautiful but the beauty is there where it lies.

Just try it once you will feel the total peace and harmony. Have a great day and enjoy the life.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Morning shows the day

Morning shows the day, Today morning with the black dark clouds in the sky seems that it has some effect on my own personal mood. It really feels as if I am going through bad mood. If I am going through a bad mood that means I am not feeling good. When I am not feeling good, it is my personal self feeling that I need to control. It is not as easy to control the feeling as it looks.

A day when I need something, I want something to happen based on my thinking but It does not work like that. It feels as if I am not happy or it feels as if I am really depressed or going through sad moments. A friend of mine-she said, just try to ask yourself what is that making you unhappy ? There most be something which you are dissatisfied with. I asked with myself and I know I am not happy with something. I know the answer. I also know the cause and the precaution for it.

My heart does not get satisfied with the feelings such as this. It always ask me something, It is very demanding. The mind do not want to think when heart is taking the lead. When heart is not taking the lead-most of the times then mind thinks and when mind thinks then it makes a good decision many of the times.

My life is just like a big unsolvable mystery, a statement of puzzle that I do not know how to solve. It has both the happiness and sadness involved in it. You can get either both or one at any time. Even if I am not solving them I will get these moments in the course of life.

Today I asked one angel to marry me. I just simply asked her to marry with her-and I was not surprise to hear the answer directly from her NO. She said that she do not have such feelings for me. What would I do in such case ? She said, "It is not possible". I hated the word that she said. I asked her what makes her think that it will not be possible. I was trying to know her feeling not whether if we will meet or if the marriage will be possible or not. She just said no. But I think she has the feeling for me. I know it. I know that she do not want to tell the truth just because she is afraid of saying it the reality. She is thinking ahead of her heart. I know that she made the decision from her mind not from her heart.

The decision made by heart will never lie and it will not think about anything else. It will not think about the consequences. It will not say, if that is right or wrong. It will not say about the possibility. Either you like a person and you say-yes or you just say no. When a women says NO and then she says it is not possible then that means she is in two minds. The decision she made is from her mind and not from her heart.

She knows it that if she will say-yes, how will it be possible to be in touch ? How can a person from one place who lives North in the geographical map can come down to the South in the earth map.?

May be she do not really have the feelings for me but I do not care. I know that she has the feelings. May be sooner or later she will say- Yes. Let me see. Hoping that she will say yes. One moment I felt as if she really said yes. I thought wow.. is it a joke ? then again, I asked her but she said NO.

It is not easy to ask a girl that you want to marry when you are not sure of your own life. It is very difficult. But the person who does something do not think and the person who thinks will never do.

The feeling for now is so much that I will be ready to accept any challenge. I know she will sooner or later surprise me. I know it from my heart. She also knows it. She is not willing to say it now but one day she will say. I know the day will come. The feelings she has for me, will force her to make a decision from heart not from the mind.

A test of mind decision is already done in her. I thought of putting this as a serious decision making process in the women and test it. I know the first decision done by women in case of emotional pressure is done through mind. I can be sure that any women in earth makes the decision through mind not from the heart, especially the first decision. If she will think, is she takes some time and start thinkings from the heart and will make the positive decision then she is thinking from her heart. If no, then I can conclude that No women in earth can make the decision properly. The poor in decision making.

I do not know. I am worried about my life. I think I will no longer be alive till she will say, yes. Or may be I will never hear from her. I do not know. May be she cares a lot about me but she says she do not have any feelings. May be she do not to marry me but she is worried more than I am when I am sick. I do not know.

As always, many of the Monday sucks for me as it was sucking me from deep inside. As the day goes by, my minds starts to settle and I feel more better. Hopefully the next day is the best day and I like the day which is Tuesday. Hopefully the darkness will go soon and it will soon be beginning to new day for me.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Best burp in 9 months

I always believe in the unexpected event happening to the people in the life. When something is going to happen, it is the blessing in some people that they come to know already that the what is going to happen next in their life. A prediction is based not only on the past experiences but also with some divine force running in a person that divine force is ability to speak truth, and trustfulness with the nature or environment.

After coming from a nice walk with the Teemu near the Saimaa beach, a small beach surrounded with nice beautiful sandy volleyball court together with green grass, shiny sun and hot ladies all around in bikinis. Unfortunately I could not see the many hot beautiful ladies as described by my friend may be that was just because of unpredictable climate in Finland. It is said that, "Do not trust Finnish Weather nor do trust Finnish Women" Very Unpredictable. I do not know if this statement is hurtful but it is not based on my personal experience but on the people's saying around me.

Well, then just coming from a nice and good beach near Saimaa was a good overwhelming experience. The place is exotic, once you feel lonely or get depressed buy some drinks and go down out there. You will learn a lot from the silence of the lakes and also from the cool bridge that touches these lakes which make a wave so stylish to look.

There are many more lessons to learn from the Saimaa beach, a country of thousand lakes will teach you a lot from the lakes. It will not only tell you about life, love or beauty if you go deep into your own thoughts and together with the company of lakes. Now after a pleasurable journey of beach it was the time to come back in the room again.

I was wearing a jeans pant and a T-shirt. Many of the times whenever I come back from the any journey I just take them out and wear a normal dress like Underpants and T-shirt or I would say-change them immediately but here I do not know what struck in my head I was not changing the clothes.

It was amazing to myself and to my self. I was not feeling as if I should change my clothes. I was wearing the Jeans and sleeping now in the bed. In the bed I was trying to search some movies. To my dismay, I found out one sweet movies-"Graduation". I thought well, why not to just see the movie for a good refreshment. I started watching a movie. I was about to finish the movies then a phone rang in a friends mobile. He asked me that we should go and visit Bal Krishna another friend who lives couple of kilometers from my room to have a dinner together or kind of get together dinner party.

I smiled and I usually do when people around me may thing in their own way about my smile. I smile not because he called me but because of my predictive nature of not changing the clothes. I smile that I made the right decision some 3 hours ago before the phone rang. I was smiling and thinking miracles happen. You just have to know how to make them happen.

Now, we went for a dinner party. It was good to see all of the Nepali friends together in a single room. I like the idea of inviting and get together. We were now together in Bal Krishna's room sitting, chatting and it was now the time to start having the dinner. A surprise again, they cooked a fish especially very costly but a kind of famous in Saimaa. Now it was the time to taste a fish cooked by friend so we started our dinner.

A debate came into rise between those who do not eat fish and those who eat fish. A small talk was about the which one is better ? A vegetable or a fish ? A fish guys said, " A fish is better than a vegetable". A vegetable guys said,"A vegetable is better than a fish". Now if we assume this as a problem how could some one say- which one is better ?

Can we based our result on the basis of learning, experience or just based on our feelings ? It would be better to judge a result based on experience- despite I was among the person who was eating fish I did not make any statement during those period. A person cannot say-this thing is good or bad until and unless he himself have tried it. A person also should not just say- this thing is good or bad just because he wants to show to others it is really good or bad.

If you are confused, do not worry here is what I mean-

The things are always things. A food is always food and it does not speak on its own. It will never say to us that I am good or I am bad. It is not the food which we eat that is good or bad. It is our taste. It is personal taste. The taste could be good or bad based on our personal experience. Therefore, those who have experienced the vegetable could say-Vegetable cooked today is the best I have ever ate and those who have experienced before the fish could say-Fish cooked today is the best I have ever ate.

One thing is for sure I do not know who is right or wrong, just because there are no hard feelings to any of the parties involved. My own personal experience suggests that I have tasted both of them and both the tastes were fascinating, delicious and mind blowing. It was just after I finished I had best burp which gave a good smell of fish that reminded me that Fish was better cooked and I had eaten it long after 9 months also for the first time here in Finland. Thank you for the guys for the invitation.!

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Beating the heat

Yesterday, I had lot of work to do, I was about to move for the work-suddenly I felt the serious heat in my body. When a body was not able to adapt to such a climate I changed my mind. Today we are facing heat stress that may cause illness and it is recommended by Doctors and Researchers that main source of UV radiation, which can cause eye damage, premature skin disorders and sometimes skin cancers. Some of the operations which radiate heat sources should not be kept in direct physical contact with hot objects.

According to Gaffin, a researcher for NASA earth observation- he believes that In developing countries, people often migrate to cities because of crop failures, natural disaster, or armed conflicts and not because cities have robust economies capable of supporting more number of people. He further explains that in coming decades, city dwellers would desperately be poor with less access to air conditioning, refrigerator or proper medical care. He also accepts that scientific community’s findings of earth are heating up, pushed in part by human activity. He suspects, “I think mitigating global warming is important,” he says, “but even with mitigation, all these people living in cities are going to experience some warming.” Based on research he conducted for the U.S. Global Change Research Program, he expects a warmer climate to worsen heat waves. “Right now, we average about 14 days each summer above 90 degrees [in New York].

In a couple decades, we could be experiencing 30 days or more,” he says. According to CBS news service and from Dr. Emily Senay she explains that prolonged expose to heat and insufficient body fluid can result in heat exhaustion. The main symptoms are heavy sweating, paleness, muscle cramps, tiredness, dizziness, headache and sometimes nausea or vomiting too. If you think someone might be suffering from heat stroke, visit the nearest doctor as soon as possible.

Most importantly stay calm or just try to maintain exposure. Get them to the shade or an air conditioned area or near the cool place. Spray them with cold water, or immerse them in a tub of cold water. To avoid heat-related illness, drink plenty of nonalcoholic fluids, pace yourself when working outdoors, replace salts and minerals, wear lightweight clothing, seek air conditioning, and take cold showers.

In conclusion, if you feel heat the best economical option I would suggest is- take an umbrella with you, drink a lot of water or juice or some fruitful drink and try to relax your mind. A psychological way of dealing would be-a simple mental exercise of saying-“Today it is not hot!” Will also make you feel comfortable- it helped me today.

Friday, June 6, 2008


A good day,A good hope and a good way to start writing what you feel about things in general. A start is all that is needed. A ray of hope will only give you the best of the results in life. A good way of becoming one among all of us.

Our mind is just like a magnet said once a friend. A magnet which will attract those things that we like most. A magnet which will need something and will be attracted to get it in one way or another. A magnet which will pull the things you like most towards you.

It is just a simple desire of magnet. For e.g. Suppose you like a horse. A animal which is very beautiful and you just want to ride it and you really need it. Now, to get the horse you will be attracted towards it.

The first phase of work starts with the attraction. It will give you the setup environment where your mind will now be focussed to get what you desire. It will be in full concentration. Slowly you will do the things that will give you the horse. Let us say, you do not have enough money to buy the horse then first you will start earning money-then slowly you will collect every penny with you.

Later some day you will get the horse you desire. The process is called "kalmagnatism". A name give by me for the working of brain as a magnet. Believe it or not later some one will find it or some people will discover the phenomenon but today on this date- I am the first to give it a name for this process.

Our body is full of magnet. It attracts and it distracts all those particles which are in need or in no need. Why do we like this or that food, this or that clothes, this or that things... It is just because we attract the things we desire and we repel the things we do not desire or the things which we like is attracted toward us and the things we do not like are repelled towards from us.

The same things holds true in many form of life. Mybheja is all about understanding a process of mind. A single mind of human can do many such events. Right now I am writing the blog but at the same time my mind is in United states of America talking with the future president of America- Barack Obama on the big issue of how immigrants problem could be solved.

There are millions of neurons which work to lighten up the even of consciousness. It is total awakening. It is called as waking up process. A process where a person wakes up and then does the activity.

Friday- is for many of us a good day just because we feel glad that we do not have go to office tomorrow or we feel happy to get relax or feel glad to make weekend plan. But if we think that we have to work in weekeds too then the feeling will be automatically changed and we will feel boring. the process is there already in our mind. A rule is set up which will tell us when it is good and when it is bad.

Imagine a situation where you have enough money and you do not have to go and work. Many of us will like to be in such situation but such situation will also become boring after some period of time just because we will feel bore of spending money and doing nothing.

All the activity that is repeated most of the times becomes boring. But remember that these activity repeated can be done in many different ways to make it interesting. It is called loving the things you do not like most. A feeling which needs to be changed when it does not want to change. A process when a person do not want to go for work but he will love to go and do it to the best of this abilities.

It can be achieved very easily by doing the same things all the time but in different way. A different way does not mean, you do your work differently but it means that you make your work your friend.

Have a great weekend !