Friday, September 30, 2011

Earthquake Disaster—Prevention or cure

I am really sorry for all those people who have been severely affected from the very recent 6.8 quake that hit in the capital, as well as in northern Nepal- India border. As, we are all aware from the world news that natural disaster (for example, tsunami in Japan, volcanoes in Iceland, tornadoes in America and whatnot) is happening all over the world.  Millions of people all over the world have been affected with the natural disaster. The bad news is that we cannot do anything about them. But, the good news is that we can take steps to reduce the casualties and injuries caused by them. 

Earthquake does not necessarily cause damages. It is just a shifting of plates beneath the surface of the earth.  What causes damage are the objects that are build on the top of it, and the ways in which, they are designed or build.  The damage is more severe when people start to feel fear and lose their night’s sleep.
In Kathmandu, we have build houses like stray dogs. There are no empty places even for pedestrians. The scattered arrangement of houses and buildings can be best seen from the window of a domestic airliner. Anywhere you go, you can find just materialistic buildings, ranging from small hut to big bungalows. There are old, traditional houses that are not repaired for several hundred years. 

One thing that worries me little is the influx of people from different parts of remote villages to the capital, is rapidly growing daily. We have started to live more, with the less, and there can be great debate on this topic on our expectations from the city, or from Kathmandu-ties living morality. 

Another thing that worries me little is about the recent news on “the end of the world” in 2012. But the NASA scientists based on their scientific facts and understanding has clearly reported that earth will not end in 2012 so we can firmly believe them.  However, scientific knowledge is always limited and we cannot make righteous prediction on the Nature or, the happenings caused by the mother earth.

To minimize casualties of natural disaster is not easy. Since we have limited scientific instruments, and we are lot busy in our own political quagmire—a change in political leaders, an indecisive meetings, providing zero outcome, war of various ideologies, ethnicity and dogmas among different political leaders and pundits. If only we have knowledge prior to natural disaster (e.g. earthquake prediction system) then we can minimize casualties and moreover, we can prepare for it, well-in-advance. 

Some wise man has rightly said that “prevention is better than a cure”. Therefore, being a cyberpunk and reporting a casualty in social media (e.g. Facebook, Twitter, and Google+) is important, what is more important is, to take measures to reduce casualties by making appropriate decision while designing or building your sweet homes.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

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The Broken Heart

The good news for Nepal and Nepalese is that we have recruited new PM—again, this time an intellectual PM with a doctoral degree. The bad news is that only three months of extension is given to our new PM to draft a constitution of federal democratic of Nepal.  Like many ordinary Nepalese, I am, too, hopeful that Dr. Baburam Bhattarai will live-up to the people’s expectation. 

In the midst of political quagmire, I am writing this for all the broken heart people who fall in trap of being in love and later are heartbroken. According to one simple belief, everybody falls in love once in their life-time.  Some fall in love with politics, other fall in love with religion. Some may also fall in love with literature and some may just never fall in love, like me.

It seems that falling in love is quite easy. But, to remain falling entire life-time, is difficult. Pardon me for my not-so-open feelings on love. It is extremely hard to remain in love for longer period of time. Scientific experiments on large number of couples have demonstrated that a stronger relationship may not last more than two years of time.  Like just-living, just being in relationship is not enough. Why? Simply because if you are just being in relationship then there is higher chance that your relationship will break at some point in time.

The current data suggests that majority of the people get divorce in later part of their lives, especially in West. The same fact is trending in our developing world, as well. People are starting to live independently. One person loss is another person’s gain and another person who is gaining popularity these days are self-help authors. Thousands of self-help books are sold on happiness, love, relationship, sadness, despair, anxiety, addiction, and dog-mantra and sex guru. However, not everything that is written is based on scientific merit and truthfulness, not everything that we trust can be trusted in our modern tech-savvy society. As our present day activity swings from Facebooking, Tweeing, and YouTubing , every passing seconds many relationships mode is changing from “In a Relationship” to “Single” and vice-versa. 

Many news-makers have written on heartbreak, they all report that “escapism” is the good way to deal with the problems of broken relationship but, I don’t agree. Based on my personal experiences, I feel that the problem with the broken-heart lies not merely on psychological level but also on neurological level resulting in depression, anger, frustration, anxiety, stress, suicidal-thoughts, hatred, anguish, loathing etc. 

If your heart is broken once, you can try fixing by loving with another person. But if your heart breaks, repeatedly, what solutions do you suggest? Live, die, commit suicide, try more, forget it. Unlike romantic love and heartbreak, in our national politics also, many PM have broken our heart by not drafting the constitution on time, Dr. Baburam Bhattarai is yet another hope, hopefully not the last.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Hope you will come back soon...

Since you are gone, my world is black; I can see only grey
how can human be killed by her heart?
I don't feel like crying, I don't need to pray,
because I don't believe in Jesus or God, and I never will
Everyone got their problems, mine is so far away
how she can still be so close on me?
I miss you, but only for a while
I have felt lot of pain and sorrow,
maybe I'll become numb tomorrow,
'cause there shouldn't be so much feelings.
I've seen these spoiled souls, around me,
but you were never one of those
you don't need to bring me Mountains,
gifts or anything
Just bring yourself back to my arms,
that is more than enough, my only love, my soul
where are you gone all these days?