Thursday, January 31, 2008

First to use Future Technology

From 20 years from now, This is what we will have. There is so much of money being invested in alternative forms for energy. This is what we would have in our near future. The future world. We would rather save the energy in this way. I remember during Jan23-Jan24, There was a fuel strike in country Nepal. Well, It seems that the first person to use such kind of alternative transportation system will be country Nepal. Nepal is always counted from the bottom of the list but in this case we might have a chance of saying that we are the first nations in the world to use such kind of energy saving transportation system. We are quite ahead in the calender. We are going at very fast pace. The whole world is now just in 2008 and our calender says that we are in 2064. Well we are old people then from anywhere in the world. We are so mature, and we are so emotionally fragile. No one in the whole world can break that. If one day oil finishes in this world then- surely we will have no other options and it will definitely bring lot of trouble to many people all over the world but it won't make mjavascript:void(0)uch of difference to our country because we are practising this technology from now. We are waiting in the queue for hours and whole day just to fill the 2 ltrs of petrol for our bike. It shows that we are quite ahead in every situation and we can easily predict the future. Every human who is in Nepal is thinking to migrate because one day whole of Europeans and Americans will be moving to Asia and all Asian people will be moving to Europe and America. This is true. I heard a news yesterday that 100 of Nepali were missing from some industry in US. Wow, It may be surprising case to those people but for us it is just a news.

Now the lesson to learn from this article is that- Be prepared in advance because we are very good at assuming and predicting things in near future. We are very good human beings but our political and geographical atmosphere is making all of us as super humans. We are the first super humans in this whole planet cheers !!!

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two stories

Once my wife, Padhmawoti said couple of very interesting story, the first story "During Mahabharata war Arjuna came to meet his grandfather Bhishma Pitahma who was lying on a bed of arrows that Arjuna had shot. Bhishma Pithama was waiting for an auspicious day to leave his mortal coils. Arjuna asked: "Pitamah, where do you expect me to bury your body after you leave this earthly abode?" Bhishma smilingly said, "Bury my body in a place where I was not buried before". Accordingly, Arjuna selected a place on the banks of the Yamuna River and performed suitable rituals. As he lifted the axe to dig the ground he heard a voice, '-' which meant that Bhishma was buried here over hundred times". And the second story she said was, "Once a herd of hundred donkeys was being taken on a hill by the owner of the herd. On the way he had to rest at an inn. He was afraid of his donkeys escaping at night while he would be asleep. But he did not have sufficient length of rope to tie them all; he only had a small length of rope which was hardly sufficient to tie one donkey. So he planned in such a way that he pretended tying the small rope around legs of each of the donkeys. In actual fact he did not tie the rope to any in the herd. Next morning when he pushed each donkey it hardly moved thinking that it was tied by its master. Only when he pretended to untie them did they begin to move." After seven months I realize why she would have said these stories? The moral of these stories is that every one of us is born and has died countless times ever since birth and death started happening on this universe. This world is a long unending disease for which the sure and best medicine is true inquiry and own personal experience. We are not bound by love or illusion in reality, but we only have the false feeling that we are bound by illusion or love. Similarly, we too are led to think that we are bound by so many of our past deeds and hence we are made to suffer. In reality it is realization that is needed, not the purification rituals to get over it. Realization that this world is only dreamlike and the truth is beyond it helps one initially pass through the hurdles of life. To say that this world is created hardly arouses right reasoning for there need to exist a witness to such creation and this witness had to precede Creation. Another reasoning to support the dream nature of the dream world is that any creation ought to have stuff for creation and this stuff should have been created earlier.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008


I do not know what this term means-"Writer", There are hundred and thousand of those people who call themselves as writer. I never got an idea what this word mean and what it socially does. Every body assumes that they are writer, Many of writers are very well appreciated and also are very famous. What makes some one writer ? Who is writer ? Can any one become a writer ? These questions are the question which remained unanswered even it may be true to one but may not be true to other. Once I was watching a movie and the actor said, Writing is something similar to shitting. The process of act of doing both things are same. The words come in our mind and it is delivered in the paper. The other act is know to every one (shitting). It may be true, to some extent. It might be different in other context. It might also be false if someone do not wants to agree with this. We should take the things as they are but not what we imagine it to be. But many of us don't. We take any aspect of things like words, expression, comments or any materialistic affairs the way we want to take it. The things we do not want to take we just leave them. The perception is different and it should be different. Coming to the second question which i do not have a clue. Who is writer by the way ? Are all the famous writers only the writers and the guy like me is not. There can be many different factors which make one person as a writer and other person as not. Why do any one get interested in writing ? What is the purpose ? If I take an e.g. of my alone- I do not do it for any special purpose-I do not even edit what I write. I just write because I feel to do so, my inner self says-Come on boy just put what you wish to put. Tell your readers the things that you have experienced in your life and the things that are going on in your mind right now. Do not hesitate. Feel free ! Fly like you never have. Just go with the current flow and get the end result which is very important to any human in this planet. "Satisfaction" ! Is their any possibility for anyone to become a writer ? Why not ? Every one has this talent and any one who wishes to write can writer-It is just the matter that some one likes it and some on do not but as long as you do not care about that factor you are writer.

One last aspect that I feel is that writers are very good at knowing people. They always want to figure out what is going on some one else's mind. Well, I do not know about other writers but to some extent the writer writing these words does. Welcome to the world of writing !

Monday, January 28, 2008

Kantipur Headline

NA soldier accused of raping, killing school girl
NT staff protest decision on shares
Maoists to ready poll candidates list by Feb 8
Bomb hoax in Valley
Maoists seize NC worker
Security beefed up for SPA mass meet
I came to meet Jwala Singh, Goit: Sushil
Free medicines still elusive
Attempted murder on journo Sah: Report
KPMG yet to reply court on guv case
Locals protest murder, shut down Itahari
Maoists begin 'tax' on vehicles
2 held for police post attacks
NC dissidents warn of disintegration
Bird flu alert issued

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Sunday, January 27, 2008

Everything is temporary !

Imagine one day, you open your computer and the computer says- This particular file is missing, press this button to restart. You are left with no options but only to restart. It has happened and it happens. You restarted your system now you are left with only one single option and that option is to put new operating system in your computer again. You thought well, why not to do it. So, you put new operating system thinking it will work fine and you have your important data in some other hard drives of your system. Suddenly, when your fresh new Operating system is started, you check your back up hard drives to see your very important files, and folders. What you see is tragic. There is nothing ! Completely nothing. You get socked. you think now that wow, how can this happen ? I did not touch anything in those hard drives. I did not do anything wrong in that particular section. After all, it is not my fault. How come i get those very important data now ? Do i have to buy recovery data software which costs more than the operating system. What is i am left with now ? This is what happens when we think and beleive that our system is forever. The system can never be forever. The world can never be forever and we can never be here forever. Everything is temporary. We are all temporaray in this planet living a life thinking it is ours and ours only. But the hard core fact is that it is not. Only possilbe alternative we have now to live a life is not to figure our what happens the very next moment in our life but the steps we are taking at present. Welcome to univere where religion,sex,land,politics and power dominates everything.

Saturday, January 26, 2008

Child is father of men.

Last night, I was in the Shopping market I got acquainted with one sweet little beautiful kid. I was sitting in one corner of the shopping mall and i saw her. She was very beautiful. The beauty of the child could not be explained. She was there in small van which is specailly made for kids, she was down there inside shopping van toy. She saw me, sitting there in one corner. She saw me and was feeling shy. She wanted to hide with me. I felt very happy when i saw her. She was hiding and playing this small hide and seek game with me. She was very beautiful. Her parents did not saw this scene. My little drama with their kid.I was happy to see the small kid playing with me and we both were having fun. It was very short duration. The time we spend was fun. The child was very happy to see me. I was feeling as if i will give up to just touch her but I could not go there from the place i was sitting to touch her. The time to leave her came, she was going to leave me now. She started to live me. We share a sweet smile at each other. She finally look back and saw me smiling at her. I said bye to her. She was calling me but i could not go with her. Again i felt something inside me, so i just stretched myself to see her. She was looking back at me with the same smile. She finally shook her hand and said that final bye. Life is all about this funny situation where we meet many differenet people. Every one gives us some beautiful lesson, we need to have great great vision to see if that person is going to teach us some lesson or not. Child is really father of men in the sense that child learns everything from the time the child sees you. They will know that who is what kind of person. You do not have to have a phd degree to know a person only thing you need is deep vision of seeing, and learning from a child.

Friday, January 25, 2008


Welcome to the world of “My”, we are very much cautious to our belongings, we like our things very much. We like them so much that we think they are for ours and ours only. The world is changing now; in west our things are valued very much because they are bought by us. Don’t you think we value our things a bit too much, e.g. my wife, my life, my things like my laptop, my house, my bike, my car, my wallet, my furniture’s etc. Why do we value our things so much? We value our things are we think they will remain there forever with us because we work hard to buy them and after buying them we think they are only useful and for us. What I think is, we are too much into this. Let me take you to the beginning, well, we were born single- any doubt? Probably not! We are going to die single. Hopefully this is universal truth, now why do we think the things in this world are ours. Did they come with you when you were born? Did these things will go together with you? Do you believe that these are living for ever and you are living in this world forever? Think about the paragraphs and then think about the word or characters made of two letters “M” and “Y”. The word cannot be changed the meaning is only one. M=me and Y=you. It can be interpreted as M can refer to the self and Y can be you or the things or your wife for e.g. why do we believe that our wife is our alone? Girls are very unpredictable; they also don’t know what is going on in their own mind. Your girl friend cannot be yours then how come the things you bought can be yours? It is our natural way of living a life, once we become mature and start living a life-we tend to forget things. The things that are very natural and those are universal. There is always a need for someone who can tell these things are remind you that there is something very powerful and which is beyond our imaginations. That is no super human; no special Robert but Nature and nature balances everything for its own existence. We should rather think these things and live a life for just one single day. Imagine a living a life for a single day! Don’t get panic. Take it easy. None of the things you have are yours and they will never be yours. You are living in a virtual world. The virtual world will not teach you the real meaning of life. The real existence of human beings and the real way of living like a humans. Today we are very much into virtual world; In future tomorrow we will surely become virtual humans. Since I myself live a life for a day- I do not know whether I will exist tomorrow or not but if you will exist please be natural and live a life of humans rather than being proud of yourself of calling that you are human but internally you are not.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

War is Money !

Can anybody describe me the word called "war". I think no one can. No can can give the exact and real meaning of the word called "war". As war is the contest of nations or states, it always implies that such contest is authorized by the monarch or the sovereign power of the nation. A war begun by attacking another nation, is called an offensive war, and such attack is aggressive. War undertaken to repel invasion, or the attacks of an enemy, is called defensive. [1913 Webster]. This implies that the layman's terminology for war is between two country for the contest or for to gain power. It begins by attacking another nation which it terms as offensive and the process of such war is aggressive. A country being aggressive nature. I remember the famous people in the world are the ones who are born aggressive. Without the aggressiveness their is no powerful and weak differentiation. We are equal then,I remember my friend from india saying "Amitabh Bacchaan is aggressive young man, similarly Sanjay Dutt is aggressive young man" These people are famous, VIP of that country. Why is a person aggressive and what is it has to do with the war ? Ladies and Gentleman, This is because of one country in world which is very aggressive in whatever things it does. The country which has gained the experience of being the number 1 country in world is "......" Every body knows the answer. This is because this country is most aggressive country in world. What is it has to do with our country ? It is breaking our country in pieces why ? The very next reason behind every war is money. You can do research in this topic, you can hire 100 PHD's and do research you will get one statement and that is "war is money". why number 1 country in world is doing such activities, it is doing so because It is the number 1 gun producer in world,if our country stabilizes and regains peace then it will be problem free fro both India and China. Both will progress very fast, and if they progress faster as their pace now... Imagine what will happen in Asia. The whole Asia economy,trade,IT, infrastructure, health,sanitation, and every other factors or elements will rise. World number 1 is good at showing to public that they are helping the country, but they are doing something else. They are creating money from war. Let us be alert from this. War is always money and it will remain like this forever and ever.

Wednesday, January 23, 2008

New Nepal

Every where there is fight, every corner of the city, every streets and every parts of the country. We are very good at doing this. We are fools are we will be fools always in our entire life. We are fools because we are ruled by our great ministers. They always take the benefit of us, we do not know what we are doing. We do because we think our leaders are right. We are walking our own land in vain.We do not know what is right and what is wrong. We do some task because some times we even feel we are doing correct. Welcome to Nepal, the land of its own. The land owned by our kings and minsters. Who says we have a democracy in our country. Saying does not mean that we really have the privilege of democracy. The word is very vast and deep in itself but we do not know what we are talking about here. The word is so vast that we do not know the real meaning of this. Let me give you one example. In Europe, I saw one accident in the middle of highway road. There were two person driving a car suddenly they happened to get an accident. It was not the mistake of either of them. Or they assume that it was not their mistakes. What happened was nothing. There were no men around them taking interest in what has happened with them. There were no fights in between themselves either and there were no such arguments only thing one of them did was he called the cops and the cop came They were just couple of them in their van. The whole situation was handled with due care. Nothing happened ! Now Let me compare this example with the example in our country. What is that we do when some body hits our van, or car or may be bike or something. We shout at him. We are into great arguments we think we are superior and we always assume that we are superior then our opponent. Why do we do such thing ? Is it because of our nature ? Yes to some extent. We are fools are we will remain fools forever. We will only understand that we are grown and mature person only when we stop burning tires, and stop doing these silly bandha, strikes and following them who do not deserve to be called as minsters in our country. Let us be matured human being and let us show some self respect in any situation. As i have already written about this- Prime minister Girija is dead and he is really dead because he shows to his country men that he is sick and wants to get some emotional sympathy that is totally false. Let us not believe in our leaders but let us believe in ourselves. We do not need any government, we do not need any political system but we need our mental attitude to make our country proud. Let us make it proud by "doing" rather than "speaking" nonsense.

Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Take it.

Take everything in your life as positive. There are things that your friends, relative and all people around you will tell about you. The day you are born and from the very day you start learning the things and start to know about the world, family,friends- from that onwards you will get loads of information about you. Every body would like to give you some suggestion, comments about this and about that. Take everything inside you as positive. There will be times when you will also have to deal with negative comments. But these comments should not stop you. Take it. Nothing wrong is going to happen in them. Once some 7 months ago, I myself used to teach to some 45 students in one college. It was a very good and nice experience which I myself achieved in very little time. At the last lecture that I had to give, I asked the students to give me the feedback about the course. There were very good and encouraging feedback and comments about the way I taught them. There were also very rude and negative comments. So, Life is just like this- We are some random particle in constantly in motion. Sometimes we some how come across the other particles just like that and to learn from them. It is very good thing if we can share, care and tear the differences that exist between us and them. Positive does not imply anything here. Positive can be any words, any gesture or any comments. Negative can be all these things but in opposite way. However, We all should understand the fact that it is not going to last long. We are temporary. Nothing is permanent. Let us not assume our life as permanent living species in this planet. We are here for some task and let us do that task to our best of caliber. Take it.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Where is Nepal ?

There is always a fight between land, power and money. The fight will never stop until this world will exist. Looking at this picture says it all where is Nepal ? India thinks that it has been ruling the Asia. Right from the past to the present and in near future it assumes that India will rule the world one day. No country will rule this planet. The world has the difference because of these attributes such as land. The biggest issue is that we all want our share of land and our share of everything. There is always my.. There is always my life, my land, my things, and my wife. We all humans want to rule this planet. We always assume some facts that never is ours. Nothing is ours. We must understand that it is good to have differences but the differences should not be misunderstood. We are good at assuming thigs. The one who created this would surely not like this. See the picture and tell me where is the country called Nepal ? Where is it located ? Where are the people of this country ? Just showing one references about the early dominance of the country does not reflect any values and does not give any meaning to the map. Well, every thing can be acheived by the power. The big always dominates the small and that is way it is. Welcome to the world, the presence of the country called Nepal does not exist !

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Nepal is in India ?

Don't be surprised to see the title of the topic. Ever country is different, every land is different. The cartoon you are seeing explains everything when it comes to the political matter of India to Nepal. There are great, great people in India-great scientist, great politicians and great country itself. When I was child, my I used to get one impression of this country called India is that, Indian products are all "copy". Every Indian product is very good copy of some body else product. Indians are not creator, they are not good at doing the things properly or by themselves. I am not pointing all individual of India but those places in india where they do not know what they are doing, those brains which do know what is their purpose of life and why they exist as human in this planet. They are always good at copying the things. Either it is from Japan or from china or it can even be from America. Now they assume that, the land of Nepalese people is also theirs. They are not copying anything here but they want to prove that the very small land that divides two giant country called China and India is of Indian territory. There are thousands of people who lives in this land called susta but who cares about them. It is one of big issue and it is good that the cartoon made by one famous cartoonist Rajesh K.C has clearly mentioned what is going on in the present context of India and Nepal. Every country is unique, every individual is unique and every body's idea of living a life for themselves and for their homeland is unique. Nepal is not india and neither can India be Nepal. We appreciate the help they are providing us in Paper. Every thing sounds great when it looks only good in paper but India is occupying the land slowly and gradually. There will be a time when India will start claiming that "Nepal never existed" It was always of India. Politicians should recognize the fact that India is giving too much of loans in case of Petrol products and other things. It is the duty of our great great politicians who I personally think are not alive, To take every steps with caution and with the attitude of doing something for their own land.

Saturday, January 19, 2008

Finns regard migration from poor countries more as a threat than as an opportunity

Welcome to Finland, Are you from poor countries ? It is good news that you have arrived from a poor country to this rich country. Finland is rich is natural resources, In Finland we have deep forest,very good climate and beautiful girls all around. One of the good thing about this country is that people of this country are very good and helpful. It is my own experience that people are ready to break laws if some one needs a help. I personally feels that law are made to be broken as the old saying goes. There should be no law anywhere in the world. At least should be very little, Now there is too much of laws made in this present context in every country. Well, so Mr. X belongs to poor country and people of this country according to some survey believe that it is threat to their home land. It is very true. It is threat. Now, Let me tell you what is the fault of that Poor Mr. X if he belongs to the Poor country. Why should one treat him/her badly in that context. Imagine yourself being in that situation and then do the things you want to do with him. Can you ? The concept is regarded as idea here. Every body is using this word called "idea". I do not believe that "concept" should be misunderstood with the word "idea". These two words are very different. "ideas" never die they will remain forever and forever but concepts which we gain by learning some useful informations. Why should we mix these two words ? We all think that we are some very good creature in this part of world because our government pays us monthly amount to survive and we are still complaining about it with the government, that we want more. What is we getting from our government ? Some times in some country we have to pay some amount to our government. We have corruption in upper level. What can we do ? Nothing. Change is only permanent things in the world.We are threat to this country because we would take the job. we are eager and interested in getting some job, getting the "idea"( actually it is concepts) from them. This topic is really; rubbish and the survey is not doing any good to anybody. Such kind of survey demoralizes both Finnish people and people from poor country. When we take birth from our mother womb we are not born as rich or poor. We all are same. When we grow and become young then we realize the fact that we have to fight with others or compete and survive in this world. One should not think of Mr. X being poor and as a threat to his/her homeland. Before seeing as threat imagine yourself being in that situation and think ! We all are threat to this planet. Imagine when suddenly tomorrow whole world rocks with earthquake or some unknown asteroids fall down in this planet or is going to fall down, then what would you think of that asteroid. Will it be regarded as a threat than as an opportunity !!!

Friday, January 18, 2008

Fear of Failure

Fear of failure is very good thing, i am afraid i think i will not clear my master's. Why am i worried so much may be because if i will fail in this subject i will not be able to live here. Who is going to give me money ? What would happen if i will fail. Surely, I am going to be depressed. I am depressed now and i will be more depressed. Is there any alternative with this ? What if i fail the entire course and not be given chance to write this course again? Why are we afraid of our failures ? Why these failures makes us more depressed ? Why people always smile ? Is living in this planet is all about success and only success. Who thinks Darwin is right ? Struggle for existence. To exist in this planet we have to go through these failures and have to struggle with other species.With the species of our own. We cannot eat each other flesh can we ? The days are not very far. When there will be imbalance then surely the that time we will have to struggle for food. There is vast competition between each of us. Every body is talented. Every body can deliver upto their potential and they are passionate to do the work. Whom to choose ? I myself is trying very hard to get through this but i could not. I ain't got any job. No money, sometimes I listen to this song " I am hustle... am am.. hustle hommie... " Struggling all the way for food, little money to pass this life... and little bit of smile on face. I am worried of failure and i am really worried how to get though this. In life we always something new, always afraid of something and for me i am worried of this failure because this will bring me right down to the earth. I am hopeless,depressed and sad. I am passionately curious but being curious does not give me any pleasure and happiness. Let me see... What happens... Let me pray... Let me have this hope.

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Learn to live in silence

There can never be single world, there is always a difference between every country, every individual, every language, every culture and every religion. We are no same. We do not want some one in our home land. We do not want to give some body the opportunity because the main reason is we think that person will rule our state or our space. He will become the leader in that state. No two person in the world can be same. The main reason for this is that we all are born same physically but we all have difference in thinking. we think in the way it has affected our inner part of our brain- May be because of our culture, climate, environment, people we have met in past and because of our parents. I do not have any real figures at the moment but I can tell you that half of the people living in this planet are poor and half of them are rich. Why half-half ? because there is balance between poor and rich. Without the balance the world would not have been stable. Today it is stable. People can live in peace but it is slowly starting to increase. The stability is starting to break. There will be times when we will kill each other. We will eat the other human flesh. There will be time in future when we will have to struggle to survive. This time will come soon in near future. In west, Individual has his life, his wife, his children and he cares about them only them. Who cares about what other people is going through ? and besides that forget about their own parents and family members. If my brother is dieing for a food and struggling for some amount of money why should I go and see him ? Why should I waste my time and money for him ? This is the concept of west. In East, People are more collectivist and they think not only me, my friends family and my wife, my children all should be cared together with me. This is too much of asking. If you are earning 500. then you always think of dividing that 500 among 5 family members. This is also no good. We people from that part of world think this is good and we do not like the concept of west because we belong to that part of world. There is difference in the way we think. That difference can be overcome if we can make some balance in our mind and say that we do not belong to both the group but somewhere in between. Then, we will have a stability in our mind. If you want to have stability in your mind and you do not want to ruin your life- just living like this. Please focus on present and learn the way of living in silence like a early morning river. Silence will teach you everything. Its not words that values but the words that comes and says you something inside your heart when you remain silent.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008


Some times I am so worried about you that I could not keep my mind steady. I am really worried about you thinking what you might be doing at this time. I do not know what is this ? I think if you will be remembering the way I am remembering you. I think those golden days when we were together. Why can't we be together again ? There are lots of factor which come in between I hope you understand this. I Pray to God that you will be there until I come back, I Pray to God that you will be the same person and you will not change. you will remain as I left you. How can I tolerate myself if you will change ? How will I feel if you will gone ? Am I worried about the failure or am I really worried that you will leave me ? I don't know what is this. Life is a journey and is very difficult to take this journey single. No one likes to travel this journey alone. Every one need some one who can care each other through this journey. It is a responsibility of both people in journey to take care of them and handle the situation with due care. I am in west part of this globe. people are modernized, developed and highly skillful. I am watching them-learning from them and thinking why are they like that. When I was child I used to think why there is separate country and different people with different color of skin ? Now I am learning , Why is it so. Will you be there ? How would you know how many times I remember you here ? Will we ever meet again ? What happens if I die and could not make it ? Do take care in any circumstances and do not hesitate to fight with anybody. Not physically, but with highly motivated mind. Talk about the women rights, live life the way you want to live. If I could not come then do remember that the words you wanted to listen from my heart would one day come but that day is lost in the calendar. Do assume that that lost day or date. It will give you some kind of hope. Hope will give you motivation to live a life. In case, you would be asked to get married listen to your heart. Whatever you will be doing and whatever you will missing-I will be doing the same here. The factors that had made us apart will one day bring us together. Let's hope and pray. Let's listen to our heart and inner soul. To make promise is easy but to live with that promise is challenging and to make that promise true is most difficult thing in this planet. I will living with the promise I made to you- I hope you doing the same. Nothing can be hidden. you cannot hide anything. Even if you wish to do so you cannot. The first looks on your eyes will tell everything to me. Be careful and I will be too.

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Girija Prasad Koirala is Dead.

(This is my personal message and i am not responsible for any person living or dead in this article.NO one is responsible and all the words are author's own personal opinions.)

Well., People don't get suprise to see the titile fo the article as Prime minister of Nepal is dead. Yes ! Prime minister of Nepal is dead. There are 3 bomb attack in 3 different city of Nepal on the same day. Who is responsible ? Why is country in this situation ? Who is the highest working individual in the country ? Isn't is our prime minister. What is that he is doing standing there as the prime minster. Do not get suprise by the fact that our prime minster is dead. Yes he is. No news have covered this top story. No one knows but he is dead. He is must responsible person in the country but Now he is no more. So our country is free. There are Now thousands of small group who wants to be in politics.Such as Cobra, JTMM, Tarai Morchaa, 7+1 political parties... and so on...Every body wants to earn name, fame and money in politics in our country. Yes Girija Pradad Koira is dead.This news will be soon be covered in other news paper and TV- channels but this is truth. He is no more with us. Now who is going to rule the country ? Think ... Continue..

Monday, January 14, 2008

Failed in Course.

I have nothing to write today. Today I got failed in one subject just because Teacher thinks that I have copied some text from the internet and i am not using the references properly or something. I have committed a crime by copying the text of others. This is what the teacher has to say. I am not feeling good. She thinks i am not good at writing, i cannot write a 16 page of report on the subject what she has given. She is an Doctor in her Profession. She has a doctor degree in Economics and she is teaching Cross culture to us. I do not know how people with understanding of one subject can teach the subject they are not good at. People with good experience of the subject should be allowed to teach the subject not just seeing their degrees.

One should know what he/she is talking about.I cannot speak of something i do not have knowledge. She might be very good at this subject or she might be the best but still there should be a provision of giving warning first and at least one excuse to a student to correct the mistakes, if he or she has done it. I have not actually copied but just written it in my own words. I do not understand the philosophy behind reading so many manuals, articles and internet resources and getting "0" at the end. What is that I have learned in the course ? Me coming from different culture to a completely new culture where they do not praise you but tell you in lecture that in my culture people like yellow teeth and it is regarded as symbol of good teeth. Wow, What someone expects to learn from this lecturer when she do not have any knowledge of what she is speaking about. She should first do some research on the topic what she is speaking, some kind of conversation with people from different culture and then she can share her experience in a lecture room. Not just reading thousand books and saying blah blah blah...

There are failures in life- what to do... but these are always with us. we know one day we all are going to fail. No one can pass us in subject of life. That subject is "life". We all are born and we are going to "die". This is also a failure. no one can pass us in this matter, We will surely fail in this-even if we want to live we cannot. Besides this, everything is just imagination and virtual living in this planet.

Thank you Dr. (....) for giving "0".

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Defect in Coffee Vending machine !

Well, This a new discovery- a discovery made when me and some of my friends were yesterday evening doing one assignment. One of my friend asked to have a coffee, so we went to a coffee machine to take coffee. Unfortunately we did not easily found the change or rather coin amount of some 50 Euro Cents. My friend found a Nepali coin of 1Rs. I asked him why not to put that coin instead and see if the value of that coin will give us some coffee. I do not know why I asked that question to him but I did. My friend without any hesitation put the 1 Rs. Nepali coin in the coffee vending machine. We suddenly were socked and surprised by what we saw in the display of that machine. It showed the Nepali 1Rs coin equals to 10 European Cents. I was really amused by all this. Wow, People who invented this lacked one thing. How can this happen ? If anyone will put the iron with the some weight and of equal dimension, then it is going to give you some coffee. Well, nothing can be perfect. Machine are generally made by us so it is our defect. The People who think they are best in technological advancement should think again on the defect it has got. They should think that people from east are not great technologically advance but they are not too bad as well. There can never be perfect solution until and unless it is tested with patience. Once there was a professor who was very proud of the vending machine he was happy and proud that it exists every corner in railway station to university to cinema hall to streets, now Mr. Professor there is defect in your vending machine. Do check it. If possible correct the errors. If not leave it just like that- this is just a coffee my dear.The weakness in technological development will cause Oshama bin Laden's men to easily drop another attack in USA, soon. One should test the system very carefully before letting public to use it. Better luck next time Mr. Professor. Hope you solve the error !

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Imagination Vs Knowledge

What happens if you have imagination in you and knowledge in you? Once Einstein said that “Imagination is better than knowledge” So, People what do you think, is imagination is better than knowledge. If a guy only imagines and lives in his own world with great deal of imagination without having any prior knowledge of anything then what will happen. He was right in the sense that the person is already having some knowledge and in case if he imagines something then imagination is better in comparison. But the thing is, Today Mr. X has both imagination and knowledge but he will be some one like me who can imagine things and also have knowledge but do not have any job and have nothing to do. Mr. X is having thousand ideas and he is imaginative but where to use them? Who wants to buy his ideas? No one, he cannot prove that his ideas are right because he lacks the resources but this is how the world works and has been working in the past. Now, we have top companies in world, top scientist and researchers working for them. We are living a calendar life, every day we do our task based on predefined routine and we think that we will generate some great ideas based on our routine forget it people , just forget it. If we are going to create a bright future then for that we have to follow and listen to our heart not our mind. Imagination is better than knowledge but a person can have both if he wants to be lonely and wants to live a life of some one like monk. He will not have any things besides his imagination and knowledge. Thanks to Einstein who thought that imagination is better than knowledge in his time it was absolutely correct and no one would have second thought on this statement but today I don’t think this statement is valid since you need to have knowledge for imagination. Without a Phd Degree no one is willing to hire you as a Researcher for x or y company. No one. Even if you can imagine now…that the system can be build like this or that. You cannot implement your ideas because of lack of knowledge, time and resources so for now, Welcome to the world of knowledge and imagination where none of them are better. !

Friday, January 11, 2008

Wife of Men

What is wrong with all men ? I do not wanted to start with this question but I have to. We are the creators,leaders and thinkers. It is because of our extreme power and thinking capability that has made us to reach to the present world. Or it is because of our hard work and effort of each single individual that has made us to come to this point. But despite all the achievements and progress we are not good in one aspect and that aspect is relationship. Once my friend was in very good relationship with a very beautiful women. She was too dedicated to him. Friend has to leave the place and they were separated geographically. but they were still in very good relationship. My friend always used to think that- her girl is not faithful to him. She might be going out with some one else. She might be sleeping with other guy. He was having this fear always. It is not the matter of just my friend but many men in such case always tend to do the same. Why do we not believe in women ? Are all women not faithful ? If you think yes- then think again. Women are unknown. The only species in world which is unpredictable, unknown and most beautiful creature ever made by the unknown again. The unknown creator who created this whole thing, might also get confused if he has to say few words on another unknown creature presently living in this world. Why do all men do not believe easily in women ? Are they not trustworthy ? if they are trustworthy why do they easily change their mind ? If asked this question to all the women in world they would probably say we don't know. Accept it, This is the truth. No women knows whats going in their mind. They are very clever. They are unknown beautiful creature which will always remain mystery to all men. If you take a deeper look at the word “women” it has two characters more then word “men”. Well, I do not know who created this stupid language called “English” but whoever created did a good job my putting two characters more in the women then in men. What is the meaning of word “women” ? Well, I am not writing the definition in dictionary because I do like to use dictionary and I think that is useless. do “women” mean Wife of Men. the “WO” must be Wife of or something similar to this. However, We as a men always think of sex I do not know women never think of sex in deep sense. I do not think any women will give the first priority to sex until and unless her occupation is sex. Sex is always secondary to them, at least; I think so ! I might be wrong again. But all women want to be cared and they want to be with their everything is words and words do not value as much as emotions and feelings. It is to all men please do trust your women and just be yourself and most importantly talk with your partner even in the situation you do not think it is important to talk. Both species are different in physical and mental structure but one thing is common in both of them that is they both have kind heart inside them which can communicate between them. Listen to it, you will be successful...

Thursday, January 10, 2008

Living below 0

Are we animals ? Why do we differ from the other animals ? This is very simple thing to answer every body thinks that it is because of our brain we differ from other animals. It is taught right from our child hood that we can think, so we are humans. Well, think again we are humans but it is not because of brain that we differ from other animals. If I say so, then I have to defend why ? I do not know, it is because we can adjust in different environment, we can live in kind of environment, we are adaptable to any climate. we can live in below 0 or above 50 degree centigrade. We have in ourself the adaptability factor which makes us live anywhere in any condition. It does not matter if your brain can think and your brain this do that.. go to office every day, work hard, earn money and wait for weekend to come go for party and entertainment stuffs. Why we follow the same routine time and again ? What is that we end up with in our life ? Living a life should be interesting and new, every day can't we do something new. We cannot because if we do so we will be doing nothing, just like me. But one thing you will be doing at the same time- that thing is you will be satisfied in whatever you do-that is for sure.
Below 0, is something below average, below pass-fail. below success-failure below top-bottom and so on. I am living a life below 0. Imagine a world where there is no hate, no violence,no judgment, no government and no country. only one single community and every body is living happily in that community but is that possible ? No ! It is not. It can only be possible if there is some damage caused by unknown. Who is this unknown ? The unknown is something or somebody we call as GOD. I called it as our imagination. We all humans always have this tendency to thinking and making a perfect world for us. That perfect world is our imagination and imagination can be true. how ? It is the power of entire human imaginations that will one day make this happen. But for this, we would have to live below 0.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just be yourself

Once my wife Padhmawoti said to me, "Beware of Buddha. If you meet him on the way, kill him immediately". I was surprised by her answer and asked, “What do they mean”? I mean there is a human tendency to become imitators. People are trying to imitate, to become somebody else. Nobody can become a Christ or Buddha. There is no need. Existence will be bored if you become Christ. It wants somebody new, something original. It wants you, and it wants you to be just yourself. I do not know if people know this or not, Just remember you cannot be other than yourself. To be yourself, knowledge is not needed. A rock is a rock. Not that the rock knows that it is a rock. Knowledge is not needed. In fact, it is because of knowledge that you are missing being yourself. Knowledge is creating the problem. The rock is not confused. Knowledge is not needed for being. In fact, you are missing your being because of knowledge. I was reading about a certain man named Uncle Sam: To celebrate Uncle Sam's 75th birthday, an aviation enthusiast offered to take him for a plane ride over the little West Virginia town where he had spent all his life. Uncle Sam accepted the offer. Back on the ground, after circling over the town 20 minutes, he was asked: "Were you scared, Uncle Sam?" "No", was the hesitant answer, "but i never did put my full weight down". In an airplane, whether you put your full weight down or not, the weight is carried by the airplane. Whether you know yourself or not is not the point. Knowledge is disturbing you. Just think if there was a rock also on that airplane with Uncle Sam, the rock would have put the whole weight down. Uncle Sam is unnecessarily worried. He could have rested, he could have relaxed just like the rock, but the rock has no knowledge and Uncle Sam has knowledge. The whole problem of humanity is that humanity knows, and because of knowing, the being is unnecessarily forgotten. When you think of Meditation it means how just to be and not to think. When i say to you to be yourself, i mean meditate. Don't try to be anybody else. You cannot be! You can try, and you can deceive yourself and you can promise yourself and you can hope that someday you will become somebody else, but you cannot become. These are only illusions that you can go on having. These are like day dreams which are not true. They are not going to become realities ever. You will remain yourself whatsoever you do. Why not relax, Uncle Sam! Put your full weight on the airplane. Relax. In relaxation, suddenly you will start enjoying your being, and the effort to be somebody else will stop. That is your worry how to be somebody else, how to be like somebody else, how to become like a Buddha. You can only be yourself. Accept it, rejoice in it, delight in it. The way to live a life is just be yourself, I was satisfied with my wife's discussion on being yourself. So, Ladies and Gentleman “Just be yourself ” !

Tuesday, January 8, 2008


I want to touch you but I know I cannot touch you. I know you are so far from me. I know the touch brings some kind of sensation in my body with the feeling of not being alone. The touch of your hand and the touch of your body bring life in my own body. Now I am alone, I am lonely and I am feeling as if I do not have my life with me. I am just like an empty vessel with nothing in it. Why am I feeling like this- what is the reason I am feeling lonely; may be it is because we are very far with each other, may be it is because want to get close to each other and may be we are in need of each other. But why do we feel this when we are var why not when we are together. Because when we are together we do not care each other so much we think we have everything we think we will be together for ever and ever. we have to remember one thing and that thing is nothing is permanent in this world. we all come in this world for some special purpose and in the middle we get lost just by thinking about our life, our family , our wife and about our children's. we forget the main reason of coming in this world. To remember or gain that knowledge of knowing the reason or purpose in this world is to understand the touch. Touch of you and me.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Let us be alert

My friends self-esteem is very low.he is not able to get a job, which makes things worse. I am worried. What shall i do?Studies of successful people show that self-confidence is the most important factor in life. It can be easily understood by the stool model. Think of a stool. If one of its four legs is weak, the stool as a whole will be weak. The four legs represent self-confidence, that is generated by the following: Feeling good, taking responsibility, being accountable and developing skills. Feeling good involves being authentic and not insincere. Our life is a struggle involving pretensions of what we are not and in the process we do not feel good. A manager appeared to be busy on his phone and computer at the same time. Two persons sitting in front of him were waiting to be attended to. The manager continued pretending to be busy. Once he was satisfied that he would have made a suitable impression, he turned to them and asked what he could do for them. One visitor informed him that he had come to repair his telephone while the other said that he had come to repair his computer. Why do we pretend? A pretending self creates false images in us and, ultimately, instead of boosting confidence, ends up lowering our self-esteem. Self-esteem will improve if the pretending self is dropped. Responsible children invariably possess good leadership qualities. It is the duty of parents to inculcate responsibility in their children and make them accountable. Such responsibility motivates them to develop new skills. This, in turn, builds self-confidence in them. A research study on various successful people proved that their success was not because of knowledge or family background, but because of their ability to see gaps in any given opportunity; just the way a creeper grows on tree trunks and creates its own path for growth. The ability to see gaps or potential and work on those gaps is the real skill in successful living. For example, even a concrete bridge may collapse if it is repeatedly pecked by a sparrow at a particular spot a sufficient number of times. Successful people adopt the right strategy at the right time in any given situation. Even in competition they do not create conflicts, but harmony. Successful people are able to see potential gaps in any particular business. Spotting these gaps and exploiting them call for a great skill. This is the strategy of successful people. Keep yourself alive; rejoice to see the miracle around. See the gaps which opportunity invites to see. Cash in on the richness of life and see the dance of life. Feel good about the fact that you are alive. There are always 'diamonds' of opportunity around us. Let us be alert enough to cash in on them one day. Let us be sincerely alert.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Good bye, DEAR!

These words will not bring you back to me, these are only words and what I am writing and these words will not value as much the feeling going deep inside my heart for you. Remember the promises we made, remember the last day we hug each other, the day when I have to return to my home. I will never forget those days until I am dead, the day when your father and I was having lunch together and you were serving it. What went wrong, it’s my entire fault. I am no good writer. I wrote what I felt for you. I did the mistake of writing the 200 pages of diary just for you and your father got that dairy. I never wrote that I am in love with you but the reader will surely get this idea that some romantic guy is behind this. I was wrong. Yes, “you were right” you can never be with me. I know. May be I was wrong, I didn’t knew that I liked you. I still do not know but I really wanted to be with you till death. I know that is not possible. You are going to get married with someone; it was long back you said you are going to get married with him. I still have those emails that you wrote to me. I do not know. It was your one sentence that made me quit smoking that I was smoking for last 16 or so year. Who says, that habit cannot be changed in one day. I can prove them wrong. I am no more smokers. I don’t know may be you do not want to contact me anymore, that am why you asked him not to give your email or contact address. Your mobile numbers have been changed or you rather changed it. Thank you! Why didn’t you say directly to me that you do not love me? Why? What is the worth of living since you are not with me anymore? The whole world is beneath this word called “Love” I know I do not have that moment when I can feel, share and love the love. I am so unfortunate to not have you. I do not want to live a life just like that. I do not want anybody except you. I know why you did not say that, “you do not love me” For you life is all about your family, you live for your family, you are so responsible, and that is good. You did not want to hurt me, by not letting me know the truth. Well, thank you very much! I was alone in dark. I thought we are two. Thank you for ignoring me. Thank you for doing whatever you felt. Next time when I came to your city, it was just to talk with you. I came some 4000km alone just I thought I will speak with you. But again it was just once. I realize the mistake I did. I should not have said those words since I did not know what I was talking. May be again my poor English. I misunderstood it, your words. I was trying to convince you but you again thought I am up to something else. I never wanted to hurt you but now no one ever can hurt me too. Life is nothing without the love. You have found your ideal match in your life, Be happy and take care but please let me once know when you are going to get married with him, so that I too can decide my own marriage. I am man of my words, let me prove it. Give me one chance. Please Please, I beg you for that.
I have always done wrong for you, the things I never wanted to do wrong to you. I always wanted to good but every step I took was mistake. May be the script written did not matched. What I was doing did not go correct with what unknown has written for me. This is mysterious. No body would understand and nobody can understand. I am dying to see your email. I am searching for your name. I am crying every day and night to know where you are and what you doing/. May be this is another mistake, may be this is wrong. Thank you once again for breaking my heart. Thank you once again for killing me. Thank you once again for not telling your decision. Why are all women poor in making decision? I know you are two steps ahead then all men. Good luck to you! May you and your husband will make you happy for ever and ever. Good bye DEAR, Good bye DEAR!

Just one day

Life is just like this, we always have to learn from every day lesson we learn in life. I had a job called paper delivery I used to do but now I am alone. It is one of good thing that my good friend gave me the job but it really feels bad when you are doing nothing and you are alone, wasting your time. Sometime I often think why so many people in world are depressed is this whole world is made for only rich people? And why people are depressed commit suicide? Why so many people do not want to live and die the death with honors? This world is not for us. You know why? Because it belongs to those who are doing badly in every day context in every situation. If you take a path of complete truth you will reach no where. Probably you will land to some desert just doing some meditation or will become complete monk but if you will take a path of complete false, speak lie every day and take a wrong way then one day you will end up to highest ranging business executive or you may even become a great politician leading your country. This is what the life is like this. Bob Marley wanted to create peace in whole word and wanted to remove racism from whole word. He thought that music can be used to remove the racism and create peace in world. Well, he could not succeed neither did the Beatles nor any one will ever can create the peace or remove racism from this world. Where there are good things there should be bad things. A single person life is nothing. It is not the script of his own but he can change his destiny by changing the way he thinks. Let me give you an example, If I were smoking 16 yrs of my life can I just quit smoking from the day I will think that I do not want to smoke anymore ? Think on that. I know no body will and there can hardly anyone who will quit it but I can say to you, “you can!”Life is just like this... Today is completing different then tomorrow and tomorrow we do not know what is going to happen. I am not feeling good; I do not know….Life is so boring I do not have anything to do... I am alone… I am depressed … I do not want to write because I am complete looser… why to live a life of complete dull? No skills no talents…. There are more than million writers writing in this world … every body wants to be famous writer… I am no writer. I am no engineer. I could not even be paper delivery boy. Now what Santosh? Will it be good to commit suicide and quit the world? Think my dear think!

Well, when I start to think and think that can I kill myself I remember her, I remember the people associated with me. If tomorrow I am no more what people will talk about me, they will say- “This guy was complete psycho, thanks god he died” what would my father do ? What will he think, who is investing some more than 12 thousand Euro for the studies which hardly can even give some job. I remember the hard work he himself is doing to earn a single penny. I remember when he still is working very hard, for whom? It must be for his children and his children are we. If I do something stupid tomorrow then I will make so many people sad and they will be blamed for what I would do. Well, it is good to live a life of dull, looser, complete asshole and coward then just kill yourself. Those who do think of killing themselves should think about the person associated with them before killing oneself. If you are killing yourself then you are killing everybody around you. Always remember everybody will get his/her turn. We all were born and we all have to die one day. No one can change it. No science, no god and no magic. It is the fact and truth, so why to change this on our own. We cannot decide what is going to happen next no matter what? We are humans and we will be humans, we can have vision, we can share our thoughts we can build great infrastructure we can conquer Mount Everest and land to moon but we cannot change the next 25 seconds of our life. This is truth.
Believe it or not, we all are destined to do something in this world and we all got some kind of talent, It is the time … and the time we realize we got this or that talent we will live with peace and happiness around us.

Thursday, January 3, 2008

Curious Struggle

I have no special talents, I am passionately curious. I do not know about life, about love, about romance, about this whole world. Is life a struggle, what is this word called struggle. My friend always hates this word called struggle. What is the real meaning of the word struggle? Is struggle something to do with faith? Is it survival of the fittest by Darwin or is it just living a life. Well, if I have to ask my mind about the word struggle, I would rather say struggle is way of living a life normally. Or rather specially. What I mean to say is struggle is living the way of life just like that. We wake up every day, we do our morning duties, we start preparing a tea or coffee then we just get ready for the job or something and we begin to live. But don’t you think that the time we wake up the time we start struggling the time we go to bed the time we get satisfaction of struggle. I do not know, my friends back home always say to me, “Santosh, you are very talented. Well, I do not have any special talents nor do I have special skills I am just passionately curious about the thing that I do not know and the things that I always want to know.
Life is full of struggle and why do we struggle like for a good job, good car, best husband or wife and may be for a good life. Darwin says we struggle for the existence but is he true? I do not think so, we do not struggle for existence but for the existence we have to struggle. Meaning, to live a life is to live with struggle because life is to live and to live we struggle. There is no one to blame for this, it is just us and us alone. No body decides our fate and our decision it’s only us. We should not blame anybody for our cause, because it is always us who decides to do what we wanted.
Some times I think even I struggle to find the right words, yeah may be that is true because the thoughts are so connected and my own lack of English as a native speaker makes me struggle to find the right words but this is what I am passionately curios about that is why I like the word struggle and the way to deal with it. Let’s stop this article here. Let’s start the journey of existence for struggle and be curious about it.

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

“Monkey Mind”

Everybody wants both God and wealth. Once My wife Padhmawoti said, "I want my businesses to be successful, my children to study well, their health to remain perfect and my households and cars to run without complication".In reply this is what I said to her,"A person should use his powers of discrimination in order to maintain a balance between spiritual pursuit and worldly affairs". You can know God only when He becomes pleased with you and reveals Himself to you and what pleases Him is pure devotion. Remember Him constantly; chant His name all the time. We cannot bargain with God as we do in our worldly life. He may be pleased with one seeker who has chanted His name only seven times and displeased with another who has done chanting seven million times over. How can we eliminate injustice from the world? Viciousness and injustice existed in the world even in the past. Demons existed in the earlier times also. There is always good and bad, Disharmony is the very nature of the world. It will continue till the very end. Some people say that the present days are better than older times and perhaps people are more humane today. The Vedas say that only he who obeys can command others. Only he who possesses character can build the character of others. If society is perceived to be lacking in character, eventually, progress and betterment are bound to follow. The Bhagavad Gita says that whenever unrighteousness prevails, God incarnates on earth to destroy evil and reestablish righteousness. If enlightened people live in isolation, how can the people learn and benefit from them? Some live in isolation, others live amongst people. There was once a Baba who would remain in meditation for six months at a stretch. One day a person asked him: Why don’t you go out and work to uplift society? Baba replied, ‘‘Do you think great Gurus should be like postmen and go door-to-door, distributing discourses, advice and good wishes enclosed in envelopes? Don’t you see that God remains concealed, and yet carries on the work of the whole world? Baba like me does the same’’. What is the simplest way to do meditation? The simplest way to do meditation is to first steady the mind. Artists, scientists and musicians all excel in their work through concentration of mind. You can realize the Truth only by making your mind steady. The mind is as restless as a monkey. The mind becomes steady as a result of knowledge of the Self. God can never be understood by intellect alone. The mind can contemplate the Self but it cannot know the Self, because realization of the Self is a matter of experience, not of intellectual understanding.