Friday, February 29, 2008

Some words on life.

Life is all about pain. It is similar like meditation or one can say it is a deep rooted meditation which ends with our end. Every individual has to face the pain. Every human entity living on this earth has to go through the pain.

If you are in love and your hands are not close with your partner despite that also you have to continue being loved or be in love with your partner. Life is smile where we cannot figure out how much pain we are living with it. "Heart has reason which the reason cannot know." Love is love and life is life.

Life is a guest and one day it has to leave this earth. It is full of pain and one day we have to laugh and pass it.

Eat, Sleep and Drink Cricket

For those like me, over-exposed to the old school tie, summers in heart of Chitwan and fascinated to hear latest news on Cricket commentary, cricket was always more than a game; it won't be wrong if I say we were eating, sleeping and drinking cricket, it was a way of life and the most worthwhile contribution of a much-reviled Empire.

It was a self-fulfilling world which encapsulated robust values, from strategic thinking to fair play. My childhood cricketing heroes were those who combined skill and elegance with lordly amateurism - 'gentlemen' like Richie Benaud, David Gower, Sunil Gavaskar and Sachin Tendulakar.7 years ago, I even made a to National level competition held in the Kathmandu - the summer retreat of the redoubtable Kathmandu weather was awesome. It was a small homage to an age that is long gone, when money was never discussed in polite company and gentlemen who were involved in the game had private incomes.

It seems that we are developing together as a team; we are into news by the name of gentlemen game. Seeing at neighboring country India and its team it seems that in days to come, there will be more populist outrage at the effrontery of investing in Indian cricket Rs 6 crore in M S Dhoni when indebted farmers are committing suicide next door in their land. Eyebrows will also be raised at the logic of ignoring promising Indian talent for foreign has-beens. But Why, yet others will ask, are we not putting all our eggs in the cricket basket? Surely football, Karate and marbles deserve a break. Everyone has some gripe about a perfect free market. Pandering to popular tastes is held to be ''common''; it offends aesthetic sensibilities. A free-marketer I know, for example, was livid when great football players was awarded the National honors. Why can't we do the same for Nepali Cricket Players?

It is worth investing money on Nepali cricket as it takes the brand name of country and culture it presents in global world. We can even see the progress we are making by entering Final of U-19 Plate championship. What some people view as debasement, others regard as opportunities. Till the World Cup in South Africa showed the way, few people appreciated the potential of 20-20 cricket. Today, every impresario worth the name believes that this shortened version of the game constitutes the future in a hurried world. And if Mallika Sherawat doing an 'item number' to celebrate every lofted shot into the stands livens proceedings further, what's the harm? It's good capitalism.

The Cricket Association of Nepal (CAN) should actually only be tangentially about cricket. It is doubtful during my existence whether Wisden will even record the scores of the Kathmandu versus Chitwan encounter, nor will club loyalties develop instantly. We need to take the initiatives as soon as possible. Russian billionaires buy football clubs in Chelsea and mansions in Hampstead to signal their coming of age. In Nepal we have not done anything till date; as a cricket reactionary, I mourn the tinsel-isation of a way of life; as a nationalist I salute those who had the audacity to think big.

Who cares if the whole thing is very bling - the hallmark of the arriviste? What matters is that cricket now should belong to Nepal. Or at least we can think of making it our national pride, certainly in near future.

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Thursday, February 28, 2008


The word "falling" is totally negative. I don't want to perform postmortem on this word because I do not know grammar meaning of the word. Whenever we say that we are in love it means that we are falling in love or we have fallen in love. The falling is an negative approach. By falling in love we are not being positive but we are in negative land itself.

The idea here is very old and it may be traditional but the conceptual analysis of the word speaks a lot in itself. Why are we falling in love and not rising in love ? Why didn't we use the term "I am rising in love" rather than "I am falling in love" We only know how to use it we do not know how to create it. I may be wrong on this latter sentence but I think I am right on it.

Everything is given to us and presented in front of us, we are using them. Why cannot we create them instead of using them ? Well, if some English men is reading this he will surely be against my writings and might say i am crazy or i do not know how to write or even something absurd. Coming to my point, Why cannot we create the English words or modify them in our way in such way that we use them in our daily life ? We cannot we are not the creators of these words. Whoever the creator was and which ever country claims it belongs to them. It should be made easier to use and made comfortable to speak.

The idea here is that we are negatively using the term falling, may be in love we fall but why ? Why don't we rise in love ? Why is it so important than any other things is whole world ? It is important to maintain the stability in earth. It is important to maintain calm, peace and warmness in our heart, mind, body and soul.It is important every time, every where and any moment.

The day their won't be the love their won't be this earth we are living in. Their won't be existence of man kind. Their won't be you and their wont be me. It is because of this term called "love" we are bounded to each other and we like each other. It is two way process where one gives and one takes. Also, one takes and one gives and so on.

Falling of snow, falling of rain, falling of apple and falling of sun ray in the earth teaches me that we are in land where everything is going to fall one day. It is just the matter of time. How many of you fall asleep expecting you are going to rise tomorrow morning again. If you expect that you are going to rise tomorrow again then you are following the routine, if you do not expect anything then you are being yourself. Makers are men, Creators are leaders who do you wish to be ?

The whole concept of writing this article is to give you the inspiration about life, to know your self and to understand the concept of falling. Isn't it beautiful early morning-you wake up and see everything around you falling and you are dumbstruck. Imagine, Imagination is beautiful learn learning will give you knowledge to survive and struggle but never fall because falling is negative.

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Paulo Coelho

The combination of two words for one of the phenomenal great writer in this century is Sir Paulo Coelho. His writing are exceptionally very nice and wise. One cannot explain why I am writing these words on this man but I should appreciate what he is doing. He is multi talented human. You can see in his eyes everything that you are going to get from him.

Those written words by him will always remind us of wisdom and will help thousand others in their life some way or another. I just saw couple of videos of him. He has come up with new book called "The witch of portobello".

I hear him saying that writing is very lonely process where one become alone but when he comes out of that aloneness then he realizes that he has great impact in society, country and most importantly people's mind.

I really appreciate what he is doing for human kind, peace and prosperity of society and countries. He is exceptional writer and thousand people like him just because you can trust him, you can trust his words and you can learn from his words. Well done Paulo !

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008


I do not want to speak, I am dumb,deaf and I do not know what are the values of these words. I am lazy, I am crazy and I have no words to express what I am going through. I do not have job,I do not have those thing that I wan to have. I do not care about them, as long as I know those things are temporary to me why should i care about them.

Life is like this and i like it the way is is for me. I am alone, I am freezing and I am cold. I do not want to see any sun because i know i do not get what i want and its not my wish that will bring the sun. I am depressed but i know that depression is temporary. I do not feel like walking but I know I have to because that will teach me something that i do not wish to learn.

What is wrong with me ? Am I going mad ? Am I acting like I have been to different world doing nothing. I have a beautiful life,why I am hating this life ? What is wrong that I have done ?

These are the symptoms of the depressed person. Whenever we get depressed we talk with ourselves and we talk something similar to these words but why ? Do not ever ask why because their is no answer to why ? Always ask to yourself that how can i make some difference in myself and my society, my organization and my country.

We have thousand golden moments but we do not use them properly. There are some people who live for just one moment in their entire life. There are such kind of people also. Why are we worried we have entire life ahead of us to worry. Let us cheer up ! Let us do some crazy things that we wish to do or that we have kept pending in our life. Do whatever you wish to do and act however you wish to act.

If you live the life for yourself you are smart enough to live a life but if you live a life for others then you are intelligent enough to yourself and if you wish to do the both then you are wise enough for others.

I don't know if you can understand what I have written but I do not care-its my nature to check or cross verify what I speak or what i write. Everything is words-do not get into the trap of words but do get into the trap of your self, your intellect and your passion to go ahead or rather look ahead. Keep up the spirit and move ahead.

Move on

Life is full of struggle, surprises, events unexpected and their are times in life when we will feel that we are going down, their are times in life when we are so depressed that we do not want to talk with anyone and do not want to share our feelings, their are times in life when we lack support, enthusiasm, effort to move forward.

It has nothing to do with the present but it has something to do with our self. Our image and our self consciousness that is why we feel depressed. We always assume that we have achieved something in our life but we have done nothing till date. We are just another brick in the wall. As Pink Floyd song goes "Another brick in the wall" Sometime we feel that Nothing is going to be done by us and nothing will make any change just because of us. But those feelings are not always the same. We fluctuate through the time and moment because we are just like a wind. We blow but we do not care about the obstacles we have to face we blow because our nature is to blow.

I remember today I was walking in very slippery road. I knew any time i may fall down. This was there in my mind that I may fall down. I slowly and gradually was moving but suddenly I started to fall at that moment I was not thinking that I am going to fall down or I was not cautious about it. I knew nothing that I am going to fall down. This is similar to our life. We are afraid of death and when we are afraid of death our death will not come but when we do not expect the death that very moment the death comes and we are gone from this whole earth. That is what I am trying to say from the very moment of my whole life. Expect the unexpected in life.

Do not agree with me but one day you will. I know what we expect we do not get often because this is how it is. Expect the unexpected in life, love and relationship.Therefore life is all about living the moments not living the entire age. I do not want to live my life just because I have to live for so and so years but I want to live my life because I have so and so moments that I cherish which I always like to rejoice and repeat, which reminds me that I am alive in present and I am living at this very moment.

Last night I saw a death accident picture in my friends place, Friend said, "What is the human life look, nothing !" I did noticed and care what he said or what one has to say about it but I realize and felt the expression he made. The expression said it all. We do not have to say or talk about it in detail or make an issue out of any other things. The expression says it all.

When we two human beings are close to each other- Expression is the best way to know what other is going through. Nothing else is needed.

Anyways as a wind we are, let's move on-I am not afraid of falling down because I know I will learn when I will fall down and start to move on again. I know that me falling down teaches me how to move again. I am not afraid to say something or write something that I like because I know if tomorrow I do mistakes their are thousand people like me who will teach me how to write. I am not afraid of hearing the sound of birds because I know those birds will tell me what to listen to and what not to. I am not afraid of falling down because I know if i remove "f" from "life" I am doing something wrong with my own self.

Move on... Move on and Let's move on ...

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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Do not use word "Deadline"

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Do not use the word deadline. It reminds me of the something negative. It is not good to use the word called Dead+Line. Is something that is not positive. I realize once that we quite often use this word in case of doing some assignments or some exercises or some major or any kind of work. Why do we use the word called Deadline ? Yes, It is quite true that one should use this word in case of the completion of the work but have anybody ever thought this word can also cause you more stress than anything else. Have anybody realize the fact that the word is negative. Dead represent end. End itself is negative and negative can never be positive. Why not use some other words instead of using the word called deadline. Why not to use completion date or something similar. What I think is whoever created this word should banned the word especially in Academic world.

Yes, you can do thousand research on this idea what I am presenting but you will come up with one conclusion at the end and that conclusion which I think is appropriate. Do not use the word called Deadline. Instead some other alternatives. Please. Why ? The word will cause stress in the mindset of every students around the world. There might be some exceptions, their might be some one who will surely disagree but What I think is its not good to use. It causes stress, demoralizes and it demands more. My experience do not tell me that these words should not be used but use it in some funny ways.

It depends on every individual personal interest's towards what he likes and what he do not but the word which is used in academic field a matter of concerns because change is required in this aspect also.

It is just the matter of time when we will completely change the way we speak. Everything we do and everything we are bounded with should be funny and interesting rather stressful and boring.

Bloggers we are !

A blogger is always a blogger. Its the same way to say that women will be always women. I felt very nice when some of our friend visited the articles that I wrote appreciated the work. I visited their website or blogs did the same. I love to read their blogs, their ideas and their great great work. I like it, Bloggers we are, and bloggers we will be. There is a common domain that we share and that common domain is all about love, passion and hard work. We know what we are doing at least but their are people in world who do not know what they are doing. For e.g. Take Politicians.

It is nice to see you moving from one blog to another as I am doing the same. I like to praise and appreciate others work I don't know What I believe is that Every individual has multiple identity and we have to some how realize the fact that we are different when we take these identities and we should also behave differently but we have one common motive that drives to the very next step we take. That very next step has brought the change in society and that change is realistic and very natural.

God bless you all !

Monday, February 25, 2008

Need of a statesman

With a number of political parties being formed to promote communal interests in the country, I wonder if the country, which was united by the great leader Prithvi Narayan Shah, is not once again on the verge of being divided along communal lines.Furthermore, I am surprised that the SPA government, despite its promises to hold the election on schedule, has not been able to address the most pressing public concerns, let alone resolve other pressing issues. While the possibility of a free and fair election appears to me a distant possibility, I do not believe that the leaders currently running the government are capable of steering the country out of the troubled waters. In my opinion, what the country needs above all else is a capable statesman, who is committed to address the concerns of the nation rather than a particular group or community.

“Blessed are the peacemakers”

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We all want peace: peace of mind, peace in the family and community, between countries, peace with our environment. There is scarcely anyone who does not yearn for peace. But how many of us are prepared to pay the price of peace? We need to love each other; have compassion and be prepared to sacrifice for one another and work for togetherness and peace. Love and peace will see all people united by the bonds of brotherhood, moving onward, forward. For God and religion cannot and ought not to be kept out of this vision, even though people tend to discredit religion these days. For it is not religion that has failed us, it is we who have failed religion. We only speak of religion; we do not bear witness to it in deeds of daily living, to the teachings of the great prophets.

It is life that is needed, not words. You may recite prayers, chant hymns and sing songs of praise; you may read from the scriptures and frequent places of worship but if you do not imbibe at least some of the wisdom, are you any better than a tape recorder? You may write wonderful commentaries on the Bhagavad Gita or any other world scriptures, but if you do not reflect the wisdom of these scriptures in word and action, how are you any better than a desktop printer? "Blessed are the peacemakers", said Jesus. The world today needs peacemakers, not those who merely talk of peace but those who carry peace within and transmit it to those around them.

True love is selfless. And such love can bring about lasting peace. Why are we not becoming doers and just becoming talkers. Why is whole country in trauma, totally paralyzed, disabling situation. Who is to blame for this? Government, Political Parties, Madhes, Pahadi and who else?

We are suffering from a problems and that should be considered a problem for Nepalese not just Madhesis, Pahadi or any other parties or communities. The problem is common for all of us, and we should try to find a common solution for it instead of fighting with each other. When are we going to do this? I am certain that till the day I am alive, I am not going to see peaceful Nepal. I will not expect my country to develop as long as I am alive- I will not believe in any politicians because I know they do not speak the truth now what is that I am expecting from my motherland? I am expecting just a peace.

Am I asking too much for this? As a common Nepali citizens, denizens we all have right to ask for the term called peace but as Jesus said, “Blessed are the peacemakers” Let pray that we can soon see those peacemakers for our country, by our country and in our country.

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Nobel Prize Winner

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Wow, Congratulation ! You won a Nobel Prize ! What a great thing to achieve in your life. Can you imagine when these three words are combined it become such a big that we will have very few words to describe about it.

Let me first take the last word- Winner itself means that you are good then others. you have been judged in your field as perfect then others who compete for it. How can I say that Mr. XX is the perfect person ? It is in comparison to others but what about comparing it to himself. Can some one compare himself and find out that he is the real winner. No one in the earth like to judge oneself Nobody has got time for it. We are so busy people we have to go to college, go for work, see some one very special and may be attend some business meetings. Winners are the biggest losers. Do not ask me why and how. I do not want to reveal it in one article may be some time later.

Jumping like frog from the last word to next- In between the three words is "Prize" What is this word called prize. The prize is an honor given to you. Some sort of thing that is presented to you when you do some valuable task for some concept or work. Why do you need it ? It not the need but it is an honor for your need. It is given because you are deserving then others. Again, We compare here also with others. We are comparing it with other human beings not with oneself. Good carry on !

The third or the very first word is the Nobel. How do you say you are Nobel human ? Oh sorry, I forget to check the dictionary which i really hate it. The dictionary meaning of the word called noble is n : Swedish chemist remembered for his invention of dynamite and for the bequest that created the Nobel prizes (1833-1896).

So, Nobel is the name of person which is given as an honor to other person who is suppose to do the same task, the task is some sort of invention, innovation, creation and discovery.

Clap Clap Clap !!!!!!!! Clap !!! Clap !!!! You people are great human beings !!!! Cheers !!!!!

We are now in the world of civilization, innovative world where we have peace, nuclear energy and above all we are satisfied and very happy humans.

These above two lines are not joke, it is given by our Nobel Prize Winners. They are great and they will be great but What about others ? Why do we leave others in the same race of human kind. What is the purpose of saying that he is perfect and best but not saying that he is not good and imperfect ? Why are we creating this environment where we want to kill each other one day ? I do not blame to Osama bin Laden, I do not blame to Al-Quaida neither do I blame to any Terrorist also neither do I blame to any blacks, or whites or brown skin. I blame to our mind. We are divided and we will remain as divided for ever and ever.

Researcher Mr. X

"Give me a bread to eat, I will give you idea for research"

What do you think people of this quote ? Do you think Mr. X has potential of doing research, forget about the idea it comes secondary. There is a person say Mr. X and he has a capability to do the research. He knows he can go beyond any body's expectation he knows how a person can fly and he knows what he is talking about. Only thing is that he do not know how to survive. Take an example of Gautam Buddha he knew what he wanted in life he went beyond the word called love. He left his family, children and his palace. Why ?

Those people are great or become great who give sacrifices what has you done for the sacrifice ? Why do you call yourself as researcher if you have not done any sacrifices and you have not found something new. Researcher is very good tag given to many people in many world. It means that you are capable of finding something new and innovative, something beyond some one expectation, something or some useful info beyond any body's imagination.

There was this person called Mr. X once upon a time- He had a very good capability to find the new things but his capability was hidden. He could not found any solution to his problems. He was lonely despite being with thousands of his friends. He liked every body but every body has some different opinion about him. He regarded every one as the same but he was treated differently by every one. It does not mean that he didn't like how he was treated but he liked the way people treated him. He was very funny, some time very intellectual and sometime very boring to his friends but then he started to realize that whatever he does and whatever he is doing is actually good and It is his daily mood that makes a climate or let's say he thought something similar, it is his way of thinking that makes his world and so on. The story was the beginning of his era then after suddenly he has to struggle in the complicated world for his survival. He could not find the suitable environment where he can live up to his expectations and deliver what he is really capable of. Suddenly he realized that nothing is in our hand and we are bound by some imaginary force which i sour life. We just do what we feel doing, we just go if we like to go and we eat what we wish to eat but one thing that is not in our hand is the unexpected event that occurs in between what we think and what we achieve.

This is the reality. Let me give you one example. Suppose I want to go for shopping and I decide to go to shopping. Now When I am ready to go for shopping, I just start walking towards the shopping mall. Unfortunately I fall down in the road but don't know why ? Who is the creator of this event ? I never decided to fall down in the middle of road, but who did this ?

Another example I am preparing a food and I was chopping a potatoes but again while chopping a potatoes I chopped by own finger. Who decided to do this ?

Was it me who wanted to cut my own finger ? Of course not, as I am selfish of my life as all human beings are. Then the big question is who ? That big question is the mystery and we call that mysterious thing is done by some mysterious person called God, or Unknown or Some Vague concept or what so ever.This is what we need to find out ! Can you do it ? Just give a try ! If not, then Mr. X can but one problem is their with Mr. X and that problem is clearly stated in the quote.
(Mr. X is unknown, mystery and totally factious.)

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Where is heaven or hell ?

If you ask this question then you will come up with some very funny answers and some totally vague. Well, what do you think ? Where is this place called heaven or hell ? What I believe is very much similar now what you might think.

Some of you might think that heaven is in some place where we will reach only after we are dead. After our death we will reach to this place which is called heaven. If we do great deeds in our present life we will surely see the place called heaven. This is also the concept we have in our Hindu culture. I remember my parents saying once to me that- There is no heaven or hell. Everything is here in this planet, here alone.

Forget about the place called heaven or hell ! It does not exits. What exist is just what you are seeing now. That is your heaven or hell. It is your interpretation of what you are facing now at present. We are very good at judging the place, country, religion or sex. Without experience whatever we judge or say something about is meaningless, useless- People want to see or hear more about your experiences then something which does not give any meaning to them.Tell about your experience do not tell or judge something just like that.

Coming to the point where is the heaven, Heaven is there where our heart is. Hell is there where our hatred is.

I don't know from where this line came in my mind.This is what I think. The heart full of love consists of heaven and the heart which has hatred lies the hell. It is our heart where these two words lies. Whenever we talk about love, life and about family we know what we are talking about and we mean it.

Heaven is there where our heart lies, where our heart wants to be always and most importantly where in our heart lies the mysterious word called "love". The place is hell if we do not have that capability to keep the word called "love".

Do not differentiate between anything either it is words or either it is country or culture or whatever. Every thing is good, every food you made is good, every bar you visit is nice, every girl you see is beautiful, every clothes you were is perfect, every smile you make is awesome, every writing you write is nice, every songs you sing is outstanding, every place you visit is beautiful, every acting you do is marvelous, every lectures you attend is exquisite, every movies you watched is perfect and nice movie, every boy or girl you see are intelligent only thing that you need is the way you see them !

"Beauties lies in the eyes of beholder". Yes it does ! Only difference that exist is how you see them. See the different pattern in the sky every day. They are just for you. To make you smile, to give you pleasure that you are alive and to say you that you are in heaven. See with clear vision and clear mindset you will get what you want.

Right Vs Wrong

How do you judge some one ? How can I tell that I am right and my words are mine and mine alone. How can I verify that the words that are coming from my mind are mine and not of some body else. To verify and validate what we speak is one thing and to prove it that what we speak is another.

Two friends were having a discussion on some general topic. One of the friend said that he is right on what he is speaking, another one argued and said no you are wrong, I am right ! Well, This is what happens when both wants to win. One has to loose and who will prove that you are right or you are wrong.

To understand the psychology of human is one the difficult task man can even imagine to find. First you need to understand yourself. To understand who you are is just like study of science where there is no shortcuts to it. Similarly to understand and let's say I am right and you are wrong another task. Whatever we speak and whatever we think we say is correct might not be correct. It can go wrong. "To err is human." Is there any way that we can prove whatever we speak is absolutely correct and it is not wrong. Yes there is one way.

The true meaning of finding you are right or wrong is your intellectual capabilities and your understanding of substance or subject. If you are absolutely certain about the thing you know you can say that yes, this is correct by so and so so and so..

There are people in world who wants to say that they are right and whatever you speak is absolutely correct. Here I am not pointing to any specific people. So, The fact is the words that we speak sometimes we think we are right but it goes wrong because we have to remember that we are not perfect in storing what we have read, or what we have learnt. Our memory is not exactly like the comptuer hard disk where we store and retrieve it later when we need it and it will give you the same exact data.

I don't know may be I talking crap here but it might make sense. There will be fight between right vs wrong and it will go on. Every country wants to prove that I am right and others are wrong. Every culture wants to show that they are right and others are wrong and every religion does want to show the same.

The fight between these two variables will never end and it will go on. The day it stops we can say that day beginning to new era of civilization.

Friday, February 22, 2008


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Everything is judge by the words, it is the words that will give you the first impression about the man. You can say that you want to talk with this man or you do not want to talk with the words he speak for you. Sometimes knowingly and unknowingly also we are hurting some people in front of us. Even if we do not want to hurt them, they will get hurt just by those words.

It is always good that we take notice of what you are going to speak, check it twice that what you are speaking is not going to come back after it is released therefore one must take proper care before saying to anyone anytime. I remember one story when i was very young, The teacher said to me that there are 3 different kind of people in this world. The Very first kind of person is that who speaks without taking in notice what he is speaking. Many people from South east Asia belongs to that group. Well, The data what I am presenting has no proof but this is what I think. Second type of people are those who take very short time and speak, i will put those people from Arab world and some part of developed world. Third kind of people are those who speak very less and take a lot of time before they speak. Generally, those kind of people I think are from Europe and America.

However, There are different kinds of people and they can be anywhere mixed up. Let me not distinguished them. Why I am talking about this phenomenon is that- We all speak but it does not matter what we speak, the most important thing that matter is what we speak and is somebody getting something out of what we are speaking. Silence is the best medicine if you are not having good times with your partner or your girl friend or any body around you.

One Gautam Buddha was meditating under a tree. One man came and spit in his face. Without a reason, he said you are coward, you do not lack courage, you are not direct, you are this and you are that... Buddha did not said anything to him. He continued what he was doing. Next day same man came and ask the sorry from the Buddha. He said, God please forgive me for my sin. Buddha replied- what you have done wrong ? Whatever you have done is not wrong. Man was shocked with his answer. This is what happens. Silence will give realization. Silence will teach you what to do and what not to do.

Silence is the best medicine for not hurting anyone. Silence will tell you about yourself, about who you are and what you have to do. Silence will give you deep satisfaction on what you are presently doing and silence is the best in realization. Silence will teach you. Silence will talk with you all the time. Suddenly when you go into silence you will then come to realize that you are not single you are not alone, there is some one with you. I don't know about others but some times I think I am talking with myself, actually it is not me alone there is some body with me with whom I am talking. I found a very beautiful, nice , mysterious, strong, wise and very best creature inside me. I don't his name, I don't know where came from, I don't know his identity, family and I do not have info about him but he is with me all the time when I am in silence. He talks with me. He says-"Santosh, you are good at what you do so just do what you feel doing". He is always very positive and He is the best I can describe." If you want to get similar partner then go in silence,live in silence and be passionately curious about him/her. Silence will lead you to that person whom I am describing.All our pleasures are connected with our deeds. With dissatisfaction comes misery and a dissatisfied man is full of misery. It is up to you do decide what you want at the end of the day.

Thursday, February 21, 2008


"The lot of people now a days have B.A, M.S and P.h.d but Unfortunately, they do not have J.O.B. "

We are looking for job, I am looking for a job. I aint got any job. Jobless. What goes in my mind is I am unsercure. The very first thing that comes in my mind is I am lonely and I am unsecure. How to survive without doing work ? Isn't it so difficult.

The big guys in the MNC or in some company they will ask you Well, Mr. X how many years of experience do you have ? I think this question is absolutely absurd and non realistic. The Business school they attend in their life possibly did not teach them how to deal with the job seeking people. The whole Human Resource deaprtment is something which is meaning less and should not exit. We cannot mangage people, No one can. Leaders never mangage people, What I believe is that its the people who think and make their leaders not the leader managing people.

Now, Since I do not have J.O.B no one would like to date me. I do not have J.O.B I am untidy all the time. I look as if I am coming from jungle. I do not have security, money and lack many basic resources what can i do ? Is there any way i can feed my self. These are the basic words that will come up in our mind.

But Life is something bigger concept then J.O.B, We should not live for only job but we should live for life. Job is something like money which is for nothing. It will come and it will go. There will be person who will hire you and there will also be person who will fire you. It is just the matter of time.

My wishes to all those people in the world who are jobless just like me. What to do, We do not decide our faith or may be we lack some the talent in comparision to those who had this job. Or may be it is just the matter of time when we will get the best job we were not expecing or may be it is coming very soon. You never know ! The job is waiting near your doorsteps, Bell rings and you get a letter from the big Company in your home or in foreign .. Just go and Open the door...

Wish you a luck ! Congratulations !

Depression Consular

We have International, National Coordinators in the university. We have big guys or one of the major person in the university like Professors, Rector and various top level people but we do not have depression consular. The idea of having the depression consular came into my(our) mind when we were discussing something in the kitchen. Teemu, Daniel and me were among the conversation about why not to have a derepssion consular in all the university around the world. In west, students are getting depressed very easily.

We can see the example of many such events happening now a days. Students are loads of pressure, they are suffering all the time lack of food, job, proper care and depression all the way. Students are the one who gets depressed very easily because of so many factors and constraints. The pressure gets inside the head of student very easily. There should be some kind of authority who handles it with due care. Not just passive authority but the one who is active, the one who listens very carefully to the problems faced by the students in daily rigmarole.

Based on the informal observation and no scientific data I would suggest that it is very good idea to keep some kind of authority who can take care of various events and various activites of students. Not only the students from home land but also from the International. It can also be seen in some countries that students are sleeping in garden because they could not afford to have their own house to live. The situation is even worse when you have to be stranded in the airport for days to find some suitable place to survive or live.

The biq question is who is responsible for this ? Is it a student itself ? How can we blame on ourselves. If students keep on blaming to themselves then will start getting more depressed and do some unusual activites. There should be some mechanism to ensure the proper care and open a depression consular in every authority.

Well, It is a idea which needs some proper care and should be implemented but the big question is when ? If it is not going to be implemented soon then we should be ready to face the consequences in near future.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Memories remains

The topic reminds me of my own past. Why our memories reminds of something beautiful and something very fascinating ? What is that makes us smile when we think of our past. I know we all most of the times think about the future and do not care what we do at the present but sometimes when we are alone and thinking nothing then comes the most glorious day or moment you have had with. It comes from no where it just pops out in your brain and you start thinking that yes those were the momoents we cherished and those were the good things we did or those times were very good, outstanding or infact most beautiful days. Why ? Can our present also be like that some way ? Can we say that today morning this happen, or this thing was very good and i am doing happy or i am cheerful or i feel i am very excited. Often we ignore the present and there is a lot talk going on about the present byu various intelligent and creative people. As you see- I am not so innovative and I do not think I am creative, Here I am talking about memories remains. Song by Metallica which is very nice in its own sense.

A google search using the term will come up with many hits before we get anywhere close to origin of the word. There is always a what question in our mind when we ask about what remains in our memory.

What remains in our mind is the event that has occurred already and we think we have overcome or succeeded that event, we are not ready for the present event or function so we do not know much about it and we do not want to talk or discuss about it that much but the same event after some time we will remember and rejoice it. It would seem that I am making some stupid assumptions but I think I am true.

Based on the informal observation, it can be seen that we are somehow connected to our past and we do walk the very next step or let's say we take the next step in our life based on our past event or activity also it is worth mentioning that we are what we were in the past but with little change in environment, culture , adaptation and to our core values.

To sum up, What remains is memories which are good to remember some times and most important things are free as the moments are free, time may seem money but even time cannot bring money when we relate it to our past. Money is for nothing despite the reality says Men are for Money, by the Money and with the Money and I could not still find out What women are for. Anyways, Memories remains and I hope even if it is pleaseant as well as unpleaseant it will bring some smile in your face too.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Paralyzed Kathmandu

Welcome to the Kathmandu city, capital of Nepal. Country of its own. We treat our guest as god, we are country of this... country of that... but one we lack basic sanitation to our own country men. The city dwellers, pedestrians and all the people lack food, electricity, petrol and some basic things that is required in survive in normal daily life.

To tell you the reality we are paralyzed. We cannot move. We do not have petrol. We are good at words and only good at words.In paper, it says that we are second in highest to produce electricity but we have to buy electricity from the country where we sell electricity. Why ? We lack petrol and we cannot move. Now all Nepali should realize that the main idea behind not providing the petrol is that we are far sighted people we know that in future the whole world will one day face the same consequences therefore we are practicing this from now. See, We are quite ahead in the dates.

Today we are 2064 while the world is just 2008. We are traveling in future while the world is traveling in past. It does not matter for us if we are not given an opportunity for job, for basic sanitation or for electricity we will be silent and listen to what our government do because whatever they do, they do for us, for country and for ourselves.

We love our government, our prime minister, home minister and their relatives because they might be relative to each other but they are "my relatives too".
Paralyzed Kathmandu city. See more news if interested what's going on. We are practicing future. Welcome to Nepal if you wish so.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Sound of Footsteps...

Tuck Tuck Tuck.....Tak Tak Tak......Tik Tik Tik... Tuk Tuk Tuk....

Dont laugh ! This is how the sound of Footsteps are when you listen very carefully to it. I have been watching the sound of the Footsteps of my own together with the footsteps of others. Have you ever paid any attention to the sound of Foot. There are very few people who will have time or do focus of the sound of their foot. We tend to forget these simple things in our life. We should remember that these simple things give lots of pleasure in our life. Try it once and you will feel total joy, and i am sure you will smile when you will here your own sound of your own foot.How does this happen technically, When the foot strikes with the object which is solid and then there is some kind of vibration in both the object and your foot which produces sound.

Isn't it very sweet to hear the sound of your foot and realize the speed or the behaviour of human. I personally think the behaviour of let's say these kind of gesture also determins how we think, and what we basically are looking or let's where we are heading towards.

Why should you believe in me ? Please don't, try to experience or try it yourself then you will come to know What I am saying. We live in free world where we all have freedom of speech and expression so please go ahead.

Sound is sensation which has to be felt with the realization that we are alive. This is what I think about the Sound of footsteps of mine. Now, Its your turn therefore Ladies and Gentleman, Go ahead..

Monday Morning

It is not the days that are good or bad, it is our mood which makes our day bad or good. Till Sunday evening we are enjoying ourselves thinking that we have good vacation and having fun with friends,family and every one around us. Now as time can wait for no one-Monday arrives with the glory of bringing new excitement in life. I personally feel lazy to wake up, do not want to go for work or let's say university. Now in the mind comes -lot's of excercises, assignments and project to be done. What to do? Sipping a morning coffee I remind that it is not bad or good it is my way of thinking that I will have a boring day or something.

Every day is unique and every person is unique. We are different in the sense we like difference of each other. We are different because we like all the different days. We are different because we all have different choices of colors, we are different because we all have personal taste on food. We are different becasue we see the world with one common organ that is eyes but in different perspect. We are different because we like to wear different clothes. We are different because we love being different.

If I hate mondays then I hate because I think some way I am spiritually connected to it. I do not want to mention why ? Monday is the day to start the work. Wake up and go for the work. Show that you are committed and show your passion, dedication and consistency. If monday is gone you will surely end up your weekend. If monday is gone then it is sure that friday will soon arrive.

This is how it is also this is how it should be. We all like difference in culture, language, sex, taste, smell, expression, emotions and so on. Monday is the start of every activity we like or dislike.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Both Kills

It reminds me of the day when I just wanted to show off. I wanted to hear from my friends that I am a play boy. I like when people called me "Santosh, This guy is crazy.. Girls are crazy for him. He can easily flirt any girls in this whole planet.." It really was fascination and kind of humorous environment when friends around you talk about it. We used to have loads of fun together. It seemed to me that I am cool and Whatever be the situation I used to smoke. I remember that I used to live without a food but I cannot live without smoke. I don't know why but It was just like that. One day everything change- Let's keep it as personal secret for a while. The picture will tell you why. When we are in relationship we are addicted to some thing. Even before being in relationship or after it or in relationship. I don't know about others people experience but mine was like this. Both kills ! Wow, Every man would love to see the naked women in his young age, Well if you would not like to see a naked women while you are young then you should join Some other group. But Every normal Man would like to see a nice beautiful girl with good boobs, and with great ass. If you ask Mr. X his first impression will directly go to either a girls ass or to girls boobs. Why ? Well, we are born like that. "The day we stop seeing them the day we wil die." One of the beautiful creature if god exist then he has made. May be it might be the case that God made a women and then he was vanished because he thought I do not need any body else neither me nor any one to control this planet. So, He went off or He resigned from his job and we were left in the beauty of women. Now The creator needs to destroy the creation. How ? Well we are all made by the same creation I am talking about and we are killing each other or being killed because of the same creature. Be prepared to be Killed. If you ask me I am now its your turn.

Cool, Smart and Intelligent

I am really very cool, smart and Intelligent. You know why ? I am the most intelligent animal in whole planet. I am Monkey. When we tease our friends or our child for some reason we just give them a name called Monkey. We often say- Stop behaving like a monkey, Don't be monkey. Be human. Do not behave as if you are animal. Are monkey's any way related to us. Yes they are becasue we call them our anchestors. Sometimes we see the connection with them. Research also prove that many people do look like the animals. The face of dog matches the face of humans. Well, I don't know which face of human will match this intelligent animal but I think it does. What differentiate between this animal and us ? The difference is that they are not well behave. They do what they feel doing. They cannot make decision. Even it is true that they are more intelligent then we are. As in today's context people are not more intelligent then the animals because people have forgotten the real purpose of living in the planet. We should realize that we should behave just like humans not like animals with other humans. We should stop war, crime and unlawful activities that happens in every day life. The big difference is that they do not follow any rule and they do what they wish but the fact is that we follow the rules beside that also we do that activity which makes us realize that we are very close to them. After all how can we forget that We were evolved from them ! Actually Nothing else matters because we all know that despite the fact i can show to the whole world that I am cool, Smart then anybody else in the whole planet and Intelligent but I should always remember that It is somebody else who should say these qualities to you not me describing about it to others. I always remember the that "nothing else matters.. " The song sung by Metallica. It clearly states whatever we do, Whatever we did and whatever we are doing does not matter as long as we behave as a normal human. We should not show off but it should be automatically be seen by others that we have following three attributes. I am no cool, I am no smart and I am no Intelligent but I am learning to be cool, smart and intelligent. Take a look at the picture again- Does it says something to you. Yes it say that I am wearing a black glass which says I am cool, I really look cool and I am feeling something which no body else can feel. Where is that feelings in human ? Is only war the final solution to all the problems ? Why are we willing to kill each other ? If I kill somebody tomorrow does it mean that I am strong. I can if i wish and it is not difficult task. Ask all the followers of Oshama bin laden, Al Qaida and rest. Or let's say Maoist Rebels, they will tell you what they can do for their leader and theri party.

Learn from the picture , it can tell you thousand things that What my writing won't. I write because I am free to put my expression and I have an opportunity given by . Thanks to that. I hope we will behave as a human as we are the most creative, innovative and intelligent then any other species in planet. I pray with all mighty if he exist that we will build a better future for our children. Let us do one activity every day that will bring joy, or smile in some body else face rather than other way around. Remember that I am no cool, smart and Intelligent.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Learn from "Lead India"

We owe a lot to Indians. We owe to them because some where we are really connected in some way to them. We have to learn a lot from India and Indians. Why ? The time we spent to learn travelling all over the world is very minimal in comparision with what we can learn from the India and Indians in just one single day. It is just because of Indians that we have reached to this phase. It is just because of Indians that we can go ahead in numbers or mathmatics. I am no one to judge one country one individual and I know no one will believe me for some reasons. If I say that Eienstein once said that, " We owe a lot to the Indians, who taught us how to count, without which no worthwhile scientific discovery could have been made." The quote itself say a lot of things about this nation called India. Well, There has been lot of talk going in world about culture and various other issues about this country.

There is one contest which they have come up with, The idea of this contest is that-

"We decided to provide a platform to the good men and women out there who refuse to be daunted by the system, and struggle against massive odds to make life better for their fellow Indians. We invited them to come forward and use the Lead India program as a springboard to public life."
(Copied from Source-

Now, This whole contest is about the awareness campaign and how to lead the country. We should learn from this contest.Especially our government. It is high time we have the faith in our government now. It is very difficult to believe who will lead the country and who is going to do what in our nation. I do not personally believe that Our country's problems are going to end. It is just carry on and go ahead. There are chances that it can be stopped but the fact is none of our good, famous politicians wants to stop it. No one wants to see the end of violence, no one wants to see the peace and political stability in our country. Especially the politicians from India and other nations. It is just because of this instability we will not see the peaceful environment in our country.

The time now should be given to Youth of the Nation. Give the chance to Lead Nepal to the youth of Nepal. Leave the old political rules and Let us change. Give the opportunity and learn from the neighbors. We are good at speaking but we are not good at doing. We can arrange mass meetings anytime in Khula manch and deliver 8hrs of never ending speech but what is the outcome of that speech ? Who get what ? It is just like giving orders and we are just following it just like that. Let us start the initiative to give the nation in the hands of youth and make then lead the nation. We have to change and change can only be brought if we start anything from scratch. The old politician can or will never bring the change.

We always hate those person who are close to ourselves. We hate Indians too, We hate them because we judge them, before we give any opinion on any country or culture we should first adopt to it or get experience to it. Without your personal experience to any country and culture you will never be able to find the truth. Everything is words-it is up to us to learn or just leave it like that. If you ask me what do you do ? I will say- Only thing that I like myself is that I am passionately curious about it.

Who is great ?

Let me start with the animals, there are lots of animal rights, there are lots of orgranization taking care of animal rights every where in the world. What do these orgranization do for the rights of animal. They spread awareness about endangered animals and those which are killed. They are great ! Those Orgranizations are outstanding and the leaders of those orgranization are great.

Now, Let's say we have thousands of Human right organization in different parts of world. For e.g especially in developing world where we can find many such organization. They have some basic duties at some level. Some human right organization take proper care of Women, Child and one among other things. They are great.

Similarly We have hundred of different countries and different leaders of those country who is representing their country with their culture, dignity, sovereignity and self honours they are great.

If all these human beings are great then who is not great ? Who is the one who do not want to do good for different aspects or different factors in life. I mean to say that why we have war today ? Who is creating the environment which is worse to live ? Why can't we just have one single vision of doing good for country, animals, our relationship and to be more innovative or let's say to see the world as one global single entity ? What is wrong is doing this ? The more we look at our inner self the more we will find out. To some extent money is big issue in different aspect of life. Our values, our dreams and our motivation level has great impact with "money". Next big issue is "land", we want more. We are not satisfied with what we have. Why ? This is our nature as a human, as a country. We want to show off. We have to prove to others that we are great. What is the benefit of proving to others that you are great when you know you will not end up anywhere. We can become the greatest nation is world in terms of economy, infrastrucure, politcal stabilty, stocks or what so ever but we can become great only when we help in others becoming great or let's say teach them how to walk the path that you already have travelled.

No one is great, no country, no human, no animals and no nature. Only thing that becomes great is our vision of how we see, visualize, realize and feel about this word "great".Let us go hand in hand to tackle some unexpected happening in near future. God love mother nature and we all love the god. Therefore let's creat an atmosphere where we can breath with total satisfaction.

Friday, February 15, 2008

Love doesn't last forever

The success or failure of relationships depends on how popular you and your partner are. Creative artistes, emotionally volatile and difficult to handle as they are, are more likely than others to jump into relationships. However, that’s not to say mere mortals are any less discerning or changeable as far as their love partners are concerned.
In fact, multiple lovers do seem built into the very human DNA. Or, so says the Coolidge Effect. When a male rat is dropped into a box with a female rat, there’s an initial frenzy of sex between them. After a while, the male tires and his libido drop. If a new female rat is brought in, the male rat’s libido rises again. You can keep repeating this process with new females and it keeps performing till it almost drops dead with sheer fatigue. Female rats too flirt more with unknown, rather than known rats.
This phenomenon, known as the Coolidge Effect, is true of all mammals. Yes, even humans. And, amongst humans, it certainly seems to be truer! Surveys claim love doesn’t last beyond three and a half years. That is the maximum time one can be “in love” with another person. So what if the object of love changes — so be it if that’s the only way to keep romance alive! After all, what is it that kills romance? Why is it that the moment a relationship settles into normal companionship, the excitement peters out?
Coolidge Effect says it all boils down to the fact that sex with a new partner raises the dopamine levels, to the Don Juan curse, which says men and women are wired to look for newer partners in the hope of improving their genetic success in future generations. However, my personal favourite is what Robert Johnson, in his book “We: Understanding the Psychology of Romantic Love” says.
He explains that the sparks that romance or attraction arouse are actually a yearning for a spiritual connect that goes beyond physical. As we settle into relationships, we forget to connect in a spiritual manner with our regular partners; the daily rigmarole of life sees to that. And so, if we find other ways to achieve that spiritual connect, dramatic highs that are present in a new relationship would be ours in our stable relationship as well.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Learning by Experience

The time of everything has to be one day reach to an end and we just move on as we change in the change itself. If we look back to our history we can easily see that we were not what we used to be. Everything is temporary and everything has to be changed in some point of time. We believe still that whatever we do today is by doing something. "Learning by doing" is not the right quote for the present day context because we do not learn by doing at present but we learn by experience. So, Here I am saying to everyone that "Learning by experiencing" is the right quote rather than learning by doing. Why ? Am I out of my mind, Am I saying something which I do not know and Which I have heard. No, The answer is big NO. I am saying it because It is my own personal experience. Well, to take a sample of 1 men out of some hundred thousand billions is stupid. Well, this is how it is. We do not learn by doing anything but experiencing what we are doing. After we get to one point we can very easily go back and say that well i know where did i came from. This is what basically we do. Not just we do and we think we are learning.

To measure the quality of an individual the grading system is not OK. Quality is not something which you can just measure by how much Mr. X brings in his exam and how much scores he maintains. Quality should be measured by how much he can give it to others and how much he can deliver. Today is the time for learning by experiencing not by doing. I know I have nothing to prove or put some references here but this is how I think and I believe in what I think. It is not generalize today but one day when I am not here it will.

Remember always that we do not know the path until we travel that path. We cannot say that i have made this path of my own because it is unknown who made that. Whatever you have achieved is already achieved by some body else and you are just following in your own life. Cheers !

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Happy Valentine's day 2008 !

Picture worth thousand of words, Happy Valentine's day 2008 to every one around the world. To all those who could not go home to meet their loved ones, to those who are working in some war and to all those who are trying to find the right life for themselves so that they can one day be together with their loved ones. I can write more than 1000 words here but it is just useless because as a great man has said-Picture worth thousand words.Its not so important that one day is for love and totally named as Valentine's day the most important thing is that we should feel it in ourselves. Every day is valentine's day, every hour is valentine's hour and every second is valentine's second. It is inside us and it will come out only when we wish it to come out. Love is unknown but being together is known. Being with the person you think you like or she thinks she like you is mysterious in itself. Happy VAlentine's day to every one !

What is the name of this country ?

Why I am feeling like this ? What is wrong with me ? I am in the developed country in the world came to study here. The facilities are good, infrastructure is mind blowing-never seen such kind of infrastructure ever before. The university itself is the highest recruiter in whole city itself, got it name from the name of the city. What is my task at the university ? Well, this is not a good question because every body knows what is my task at the university. I am the student and I have to come very morning 8 am in the university and do my duties and go back at the time which is appropriate to me. How many courses can I take ? I can take the courses as per my wish and How do I manage my time table-No answer. How do I do all my project ? No answer. How do I learn the skills required to complete the project-See the slides, Google it or ask the help from the friend. How do I travel to the university ? Bus, Car, and if you are facing the condition that I am facing "Walk". How much is the tuition fee taken ? The university do not take any tution fee. Why ? It is the benefit every student in this country is eligible for either native people or international people. Wow, So interesting ! Where is this place ? You have to guess yourself. What is this place famous for ? No answer.

Well my dear readers, probably you know till now that which place i am talking about. If you still do not know then you do not belong to this place and please do not think of this place either, until and unless you are a tough guy like me or like some of my friends. So, want to have fun and want to enjoy the weekend and also want your dream to come true- the dream to study free, the dream to learn the skills and knowledge that you want to upgrade skills through reading the slides and doing project all the time. Come ! You all are welcome.!

This was not what I wanted to write but what to do, I like doing one thing and that is writing-thoughts comes in my mind and automatically my hands starts pressing the keyword like the machine which already knows what this mind(bheja) is talking about. I am not saying that I am good or bad, I am just what I am... So, Why am I feeling depressed and what will make me happy. The best thing that will make me happy is of course my wife. How come I do not have my wife with me ? Well, You better take a guess again. A guy who came far far away from home country to learn, to study and to earn some thing so that he will have a good life is having one of the depressing life like never before. It is not just me, its the same with my friends. Life is very good and interesting when we face problems because then we think that are actually living (said by my friend-Teemu). Yes it is true and there is no doubt about it. When we do not have any problems then we should realize that we are soon approaching the death or there is no meaning to live a life. Welcome and Happy day !

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Relationship or Agreement

The smell of morning coffee speaks in loud voice and says it to me that We are soon going to face the days of love, relationship and total happiness. Well, I do not know what I am talking about but I think I know something that others do not know. Thinking itself can be some what not so general and impractical but What I believe is what I write and What I write is what I am thinking currently.

Let me introduce you to todays Title called "Relationship or Agreement" If I write about the first word of the Title I can even do some research and write a book but then it won't be enough therefore to tell you what is relationship is a waste of your and my time. I do not believe in relationship nor do i believe in ever lasting love that exist in today's context. What I believe in is total agreement between oneself. We do some kind of agreement with ourself in such a way that we want to be with Mr. X or Miss Y. We do not know we like that person or not. We will never know what love is. because if we think we love somebody then we actually do not love them. If we just say that we really love that person then also we do not love them. Love is something which cannot be described, which cannot be written and which cannot be explained just my mind. I do not know about others who have explained it nor do I believe in them. Now, I am saying that we do some agreement with our self but how ? Well, If we like Miss Y what we do is we just start to build the relationship by talking, by calling or by chatting or by some means of communication then next phase is to Share each others feelings, emotions and ideas. So, Now we share what we have in common. After this phase we start thinking of something very physical. It is very common with most of the men than in women. The word which comes first in man's mind- Yes you got it. Now, We want that most famous word in world every time, every instant and every moment whenever we feel we want it. Slowly we start to get in some kind of habit. Which itself is an agreement not a love. Let me give you an example of rats.

When a male rat is dropped into a box with a female rat, there's an initial frenzy of sex between them. After a while, the male tires and his libido drops. If a new female rat is brought in, the male rat's libido rises again. You can keep repeating this process with new females and it keeps performing till it almost drops dead with sheer fatigue.Female rats too flirt more with unknown, rather than known rats.

This is how the relationship works and actually it is an agreement with oneself stating that I need this that is why I like Miss Y or I love Miss Y but we never say like this . We often say that I love Miss Y. Now in the other context- When I look from the eyes of Women it is quite complicated and complex then in from the eyes of men so What they do is the same but It is not physical they think of but more practical. Women are always two steps ahead every men therefore they thinking is two steps ahead of men.It is not the love they can give but they can give a love in such a way that we think we have got it. I do not believe in love and I do not like to use the word used quite often. Well, I don't know what you think. However, It is all because of women greatness we are here in this planet and I believe it is the women power which is making us alive in the present context.

Monday, February 11, 2008


Today, I thought of the topic which is the combination of two words, Producer and Consumer. The word "Prosumerism" is basically both producer and consumer. We are in this planet and we do the both. We produce and we consume, What if we cannot produce ? We are then unable to consume. What if we consume then we are not able to produce and so on. You can take an example of anything in the world it has these two phenomenon. I do not work so I do not have money so I do not eat properly. This is one example next is I have a work so I buy lots of food and I eat them. This is another. The producer and consumer should always be in equilibrium. It is very difficult to survive if we cannot balance them, Wherever we go and whatever things we do. Take an instant money, Gretest motivator in the planet Every body is running for it. If we can just the name it gives us lot of pleausere. Imagine I have million euroa, Imagine I was rich, Imagine I have beautiful house somewhere near the beach or something. Money is dividing us, money is killing each one of us and money will surely damage one day this whold world. I had some money let's say 1 year ago but now i do not have anything. The whole money was consumed by me. I never thought of proucing it. I now realize that i was just consumin them but never gave the second thought on how to produce them. If i would have realized it I would not have now been with empty pocket. What is the solution I have ? I have only one solution left and that solution is to produce money. How ? Search for some job, search to get money by some means. The means can be job, work, volunteer work or build your own company, ask your friend etc. A single person in world can have balance life only if he does these two basic things properly. If we can maintain the balance between "Prouducer" and "consumer" then life will be very easy but one of the greatest challenge currently face by us is "we are not consistent" we lack the factor called "consistency" or either we are not satisfied by one thing. Therefore, Prosumerism is all about "I proudce this amount ... and I consume .." This is how life works and this is how it is, only thing is that to reach to that earlier statement is very hard job.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

I am legend

This is the title of the movie, where one man stands up in the city to fight against the evils. He finally finds the cure for the disease but that cure is just useless. The idea of this movies is very impressing and a must watch. Legend is the term which itself has great meaning- No one can simply become legend. Legends are not made they are people who are born legends. It is not easy when we look back to the history of people who are legend now. They have done sacrifise in Love, for family and for country. Are we willing to do the same now ? If you ask anybody who is willing to do the sacrifise, the answer will be no ! Because we are afraid of the sacrifise we want to live a happy, cheerful and simple life. By just simply saying that I am legend, you do not become therefore it is important that some one says that this person is legend. The person who lives are not called legend, Once you have done something noticeable for your country, your society and your religion they after your death you can be declared legend.We always tend to differentiate between good, bad and evil similary we are differentiating now a days about ordinary, VIP and middle class. Why is this difference ? Can't we call every one as single normal human beings. We can't because we have different values in the society. We have put up these valuses in our society that people call by our values not by our deeds. "With desire comes dissatisfaction and a dissatisfied man is full of misery." We always desire something in our life, every instant we want something from our life that we are disatisfied when we do not get what we want. When we become dissatisfed with our desires then we become a man of misery. So, always be the way you are. Do the things you like to do the most. Do not hide the desire within you and don't let your desire get disatisfied, even if you do not get what you desire today-you might get it very next day or in some times-just have that patience and courage within you. These qualites will make you a legend.

You are two steps ahead ...

Every women is two steps ahead of every men, Do you agree ? Well, if you don't then why, I do not have any proved facts about this but i can tell you this because of my own personal experiences. We are guys and guys will be always guys. We like fancy cars, bikes and one among other stuffs but girls are also there who like these things but they are born with strong mind set and strong heart. The nature of girl is very different than any other male counter part. They know what they are doing and they are capable of doing what ever they wish. They have the talent that no man will ever gain in the world through his life only thing is that they do not want to show up.Once I was watching a movie by Al Pacino and he said, " The day we stop seeing them the day we will die" ! Don't you think it is true. I personally think it is very true. When did we didn't see any girl ? We always want to see then no matter what, we always need the care they can give us. Only thing is that we sometimes get fed up with the extra cares she wants to give or rather let's say we want to change in the way that we need more. We are linked with them in very deep way and we will never can reach anywhere from them. "Behind every successful man there is women". I don't know how this comes to be true but I think yes, it is true. It is also true that women also likes successful man. They are very clever. Every body wants to be with those person who are successful because people think successful man has everything, every talents, he is good in whatever he does and he is the best in society of something. Well, if we look deep at the word "women" it says everything. "Wo" is extra added in the "men" word. It is reference to my previous article. This valentines day my tribute to all the great women in the world, and to all the women in this planet earth, You are great ! Without you we are nothing. Triubte to all the women and God bless Women ! Happy Valentines day to every women in every culture, every society and every country.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Red Rose

I am not in mood to write today, I picked up the rose from the garden put it here in the blog. Valentine's day is approaching near, People are coming closer and closer. Every body is going to celebrate this day with their loved ones, near and dear ones. Unfortunately I am not. When you are quite far from the person you like and you are willing to go and visit her but some how you could not then what would you do ? How would you celebrate this day ? You can celebrate it by giving her a call, sending her some surprises and doing some very funny and stupid things- Surely she is going to like whatever you do because She likes you and she is yours. Is a relationship very difficult thing to understand ? I don't think so, It is not Only thing is that It is broken due to lack of communications, and mainly because of small arguments which the both partner some how realizes later after they are broken. I do not want to share my own personal life experience but some how I am learning being in a relationship a lot. I think I am understanding slowly and gradually what it is like but I am just a newbie on this. Happy Valentines day to all my blog readers and to all the people on this earth, May you get what you want in your life and May your relationship goes very far and most importantly you become happy in your life and in your relationship. Happy Valentines day !

Friday, February 8, 2008

I like you but our relationship will not work out.

Well, This is what happens in many relationship. People will surely like this statement. The statement which they have heard. It is not a good statement when once you have gone through this. What happens when you like someone ? The first day or the very next moment you like some one you start to hate that person. Why ? Well, It is because From that very moment we start to see the differences among each others. This is the main reason why the differences starts or starts to come in the relationship. I don't know weather it is true or wrong but I think this is what happens. As a man or women we have multiple identity, we are father, engineer, writer, worker, daughter, son, child, husband etc. But the main thing is that we do not see it in different ways we see all of these identity as one. When we see all our identity as a single we loose. We then create some kind of difference among each others or with our partner or with some one who we like. We start to see the same kind of attributes that we have in the person you like. Every individual is unique in their own ways. Every body has different taste, different smell and different way of looking to different things like world, knowledge and life. When we like someone we relate our liking with his or her. Then if we see that we both have many things similar to each other we just think well- he is a right person or she is a right person in my life. After that slowly we start living together and when we start living together we start to find the difference that person has with yourself. When we start to find the differences the relationship starts breaking. The statement is very depressing and ver encouranging as well. One thing every one should remember is that when we expect something in our life and when we think that we have got what we wanted the very next moment their is a chance of loosing that. Yes, It happens most of the time. Do not get over excited about what you have and what you will get in life. Always expect least and do what you do the best, This way you will achieve what you do not expect to achieve. Cheers !!!

Must Vs Should

I was in the kitchen again, my one of the favorite place sitting with my best friend that is my aloneness and my laptop. Doing nothing. I was preparing a coffee. Then my friend came "Dainel" I don't remember how it started but we started the converstation about relationship. It all began something like this- If a man is working and going to work and women is staying at home What would you expect your women to do ? She must do the household works, she must prepare food and she must do all the rest of the houshold chores. Well, I did not know why My friend Daniel thought like this but together with him My finnish friend Teemu also agreed with him. Now It was me who was alone defending myself. I would say that It is not must, It should be "should". I know they were right and it is true because if one is going for work and working his hard ash to earn to feed for a family women should do the other things. But I did not agreed on this. There are several factors why ? Why is that we expect that girl must do the work at home ? Let us think for some time that we are women and now think we are going for work and coming back home and we expect our husaband to prepare food and one among other stuffs. Is that we would say Husband must ? Can all the women in world agree with this ? Will every one expect their husband must do house keeping ? The word itself says that "Must" is made for men and "should" is made for women. You know why ? Care, affection and attraction comes with the women and with the word should. But aggression comes with word must. I don't know we had very good conversation about 10-20 minutes abou this and I felt it very good. I was trying to defend myself and it was obvious that it is always difficult to convince people throught your speech. In just 10-20 minutes of discussion we talked about relationsip, religion, history, present and future. It is always good to share ideas because tomorrow i may die but ideas will never die.

Is Oshama bin laden in Nepal ?

I don't know why I am writing this topic but I think and I always have thought that Oshama bin laden is in Nepal. There are more number of Muslim community in Nepal then in Nepali residing in Nepal alone. I never use to discuss whatever I write with anybody but before writing this My friends do not agree with me. They are saying that Oshama bin laden cannot be in Nepal, No way ! It is impossible and I think I have to agree with them but I don't know I feel as if Oshama bin laden is in Nepal Why any top terrorist is linked with Nepal ? Why is Our country linked as if we are a place to store all the terrorist. I think it has to do with the open border we share with India. It is very easy for any indian to come to Nepal as it is free and open. All the terrorist find them very easy to come to Nepal that is why there is a theme growing in and that theme is that "Do crime in India or in Asia or in World and visit Nepal" I may be wrong about this topic but I think Is their any possibility that Oshama bin laden resides in Nepal ?

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Is Girija Prasad Koirala Really dead ?

I know you people are quite aware of the fact that Our Prime Minister is alive and living happy, healthy and prosperous life. I was the first one to write about it in a sense that Girija Prasad Koirala is dead in the way that- He might be physically alive but what is the purpose of being alive since you cannot make any changes to society and your country ? Why is he alive ? He should be dead by now. I am really not happy with the rulers in our home land- Why should I be ? What is that our rulers are giving us ? "Don't ask what a country can do for you but what you can do for your country. " It is very good quote by a great person. Well, In our Nepali context it is opposite. We all keep on asking what a country can do for us ? You can see every body is talking about this. What has our country done to us till date ? What is the benefit of being in this country ? What do we get in return ? There is always a political problems due to which education system is effected. There is always has been a Water,electric power and sanitation problem in our country. If you can see today's context of Nepal there are thousand of groups who are begging to other people. The group are easy to form as is our culture. We are beggars. We easily form a group and visit door to door to ask for donations and money.One can easily accept that well- donation is good thing to do and give however, if the donation asked is going to be utilized later in the evening for cocktail party and drinking alcohol then what is the use of donations. The country once was very near to get the status of "peaceful country in the world" is slowly and gradually becoming "violent country in world", "corrupted country in world" and so on. Why is their a link of Nepal as a nation when we see some Indian movies. Whenever they have to link some terrorist and some corruption they very easily link it to Nepal.Who is behind this ? And why are they permitted to do that ? Despite all this we have a very intellectual Prime minister living in Royal house of his and doing nothing. Why are we Nepalese people more towards "talking" and not on "doing". We always waste time and energy just like that.To some extent it is good but We do it often. Why ? The answer to this is we are not cared by our government. We are thrown as if we do not belong in our mother land. We are treated as if we came from some alien planet. We are no more multicultural, multichannel and multilingual country what I think is that remove those "multi" and that's what we are, and that is also nothing. We are heading no where and we are doing no good to our country men. Listen to Obama speech Prime Minister- In his speech he at least mentions and know what his country men are going through. He knows why he needs to be President of United States. Yes, This is real key point one should understand. "Why I am being a Prime Minster of this country ?" The reason will give you the answer and we hope hopefully you will do some good before you are really dead.

Barack Obama is Next President of United States.

Yes, I am certain that this guy will be the next president of United States of America. The past speaks a lot about the future. Barack Obama Past was full of pain, hardwork and total devotion towards his country. It seems that he has been supported by mainly youth of America. If youth of the Number one country supports him that really means this guy has got some talent. He has- No doubt about it. I just saw one video on you tube from his official website and I am impressed the way he speaks and the way he expresses himself. He is the next president of United States. I know this is just a hope and hope is always good when it comes to achieving the happiness because both these two simple word starts with "h". People might say that this guys is being optimistic or something but I am certain and sure. If USA needs some change and wants to serve their country surely they will have to give votes to this guy. I myself have never given vote till date. Imagine if I were a citizen of this country I would have proudly gone there to give him my vote, because I know and I am certain that I will get some thing on return. He will not turn down my request or he will not ignore me just like that.

What has Bush done to America ? During his time, America was unnoticable country to all other coutries. To speak and to do is quite different. People should always learn from the Finnish Culture of believing in "doing" rather than wasting time and energy is wasting time "speaking". It depends though, It is always good to say that "I have done something then I will do this or that" My good luck to Barack Obama I don't know wheather any citizen of America will give him a vote or not but If I were you- I would surely have.

Next President of United States is Obama who will certainly kill Osama...
Yes, It is funny statement but it is true. The day Obama become president from that day onwards the journey of Osama will end. I think they were enemy from their very past. Before their birth ! You don't think so ? They have very common name Osama and Obama just replace "b" with "s". Since b always comes early in alphabet surely Obama is going to be the winner.

My wishes to Barack Obama, Next President of United States of America !!!

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

"Are we happier than US, UK and Canada?"

According to Global Happy Index Survey, Nepal Stood 54/178 among world's most happy destination. We are ahead of India, Pakistan,United States, UK and many more. It says that we may not have latest Technologies, mind blowing infrastructure but we do are happy at the end of the day, Let me tell you one story-George Bernard Shaw was once at a party, sitting by himself on the outskirts of the festivity. The hostess came over and asked him, "Aren't you enjoying yourself?" Shaw replied, "That's all I am enjoying!" The truth is, this is all you can enjoy: yourself. All outer enjoyments are but reflections of the enjoyment you have in yourself. People in develop land do not enjoy much in themselves, They tend to forget the fact that One should feel the happiness inside oneself, God is the God of the eternal NOW. To have life means to have this joyful awareness this very moment. Not after we've paid our income tax, or completed the installments on our new car. To live truly this moment, you must not live for the moment. Moments change; the eternal Now remains constant. This Now is the center of the wheel around which all outward circumstances revolve. What I think is that today people are living like a dead men. We should live a life with spiritual mindset,living constantly in the present tense, every atom of his being vibrant with vitality. I have never seen a spiritual person who did not have joy. Joy, surely, is the greatest hallmark of spirituality. Joy wells up from the depths of a vibrant, inner calmness. When they laugh, we feel like hugging the very air with delight! This world is like a symphony, and God is the great conductor bringing music out of all things. In all things God has assumed different roles. Through sunlight He is saying, "I am power". Through wind He is saying, "I am free!" Through man He is saying, "I am wise. I feel deeply". Through dogs He is saying, "Oh, how playful I am! How wonderful is it to play!" And through birds He is singing, "Oh, what melody there is in my heart!" A life without joy is not really life; it is death. Jesus said, "Let the dead bury their dead". He was referring not to corpses getting up and burying other corpses, but to people who walk around, apparently living, but with no life in their hearts, no enthusiasm, no inner happiness. In western thought, we find constantly the emphasis on doing. In the East, being is emphasized. My wife-Padhmawoti said that we should seek happiness for others, not for ourselves. But I would say that She is putting the cart before the horse. For, granting that happiness is man's greatest gift to man, how is it possible to give it if one doesn't first have it in oneself? Can you give away money that isn't yours to give? So, always remember Things are not happiness! Often they create conditions that prevent one from happiness. Happiness can be "caught", "seen" and "felt" only from people who first have it in themselves. Develop the capacity to feel the symphony of life coursing through the veins of the trees, singing and laughing with the children as they play, scudding with the clouds through the sky. Despite the fact that we are one of poorest country in world in terms of economy, GPI, infrastructure and Education but one thing for sure and certain Atleast we do not hesitate to smile infront of others and are happy.

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