Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Monday again.

Today Monday again sucks and it has really bought something that I was expecting a long back. One of my final exams was left which could have resulted in great success but I have to see the failure then the success.

I do not believe must in astrology but I have to some times. Is it my mind which is always stating that in my life there will be no good thing happening on Monday or is it just the Monday itself? Why do I have to go through this, most of the times?

Failure is the ladder of success but where this ladder is and where is the success. Many people are worried about the failure then the success. For example my life and me. I am worried about the failure in my life and I am worried about it because I do not know when I will be able to find the success. I still have some courses to finish and I do not know when I am going to finish these courses? Will it take time before I will be able to finish these courses or will it be not finished for ever?

What will happen if I am not able to finish them? I am also visiting to Helsinki. The first city of Finland. I am visiting to work. I have to sign a contract on Tuesday. It is on the 30th of September. Most probably, the last day of this month.

If I see the entire month, the month of the September is the time when I was born, it was in the early week and later in the last day of the September I am going to sign a contract for the period of three months. Right now, I am in the train writing this article on what is going to happen next in my life.

Last year, I was encouraged by the Lyra in Finland; I got the first prize for the content creation by the Lyra. I was very excited and happy. Those days, when I first landed to Finland and seeing my life today gives an impression that, life travels very quickly. It brings loads of surprises and gifts to you. It creates memories and these memories are very cheerful memories. We meet different people and these different people teach us different things in life.

Today, I have much work which I have to handle. The day when I came- I was searching for the work. I happens to all of us that, we are always searching for the work and when we get the one we think that, we do not now want to work. Money is the only thing that is important to most of the people but money never can bring smile, money never can bring comfortableness or money will never bring the pleasure or happiness.

I remember couple of days ago, I was just walking down a streets and I saw a very nice kid. The kid carried by her mother and the child turned back at me and smiled. I was so happy to see a child smiling back at me. I do not know what the connection was or what made a child to turn back at me and smile. The smile was so pleasant and cheerful that it cannot be explained. It has to be felt. He again turned back and smiled. We shared a pleasant smile to each other. I do not know why he smiled but I knew why I did.

There are many lessons we can learn in life and as the day progress, we learn from our surrounding, nature, people and visiting many places but inside us we are “one” and “small child”.
Who am I?

I feel as if, I am one, alone and single.
I feel as if I have a small kid inside me.

I am a boy who wants to be cared
I am a son who has been taken care

I am a husband with heart full of love
I am a father, with support and blessings.

I am different person with every birthday I celebrate

I feel I am nobody
But again, I think am I someone to somebody?

The feeling of smile of a child, keeps me alive.
The day I wanted to kill myself-reminds me what is life?

I do not know what will happen next in my life
I am the one who is not waiting for tomorrow

But I am living for this moment, only because
This is mine.

I can laugh, smile and cry at the same time in this moment.
I know what I am doing,
I might be nobody, but there is someone who reminds me
I am somebody

Am I so valuable to that very someone?
Or Am I living to give.

I am open, as an open book.
I am the creation- of the creator in creation.

Am I nobody or Am I somebody to someone?

Saturday, September 27, 2008

AIESEC-Functional Weekend

I am here in Jyväskylä, city which has more than eighty thosand poplulation., More than Lappeenranata.

The place is very nice and atmosphere is cool. We are having the Functional Weekend. It is really boring for me. I do not like plannings and here We have to set goal for the whole entire year.

It is cool for us that, and Thanks to the Matti for selecting the goal for the entire year for TN as 3.

I think our LC, already has 4 realized trainees this year and we do not have to worry much about realizing our goals at our LC. However, it is always good to raise more trainees.

Let us see what we can make and how we are doing at our LC's.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Unanswered Questions.

I was surprised to see my blog being visited two thousand times within just three months of the time. It is really a good news for the blog and my heartily congratulations to all my beloved readers.

I am very happy that people usually find something useful from my writings too. I apologize for the common grammatical mistakes and when I can not really edit my blog at times.

Today in Mybheja this is the four hundred article which I am going to write. Today Post is somewhat related with the killings that happened yesterday in Finland. It is very sad that, some body can go crazy like that and start shooting like a mad person.

I was thinking why some one who looks perfectly find start doing such an stupid act. It is shame not only for the country but also for the whole entire people living in this beautiful country, Finland.

Finland has been recognized as one of the suitable place and one of the best place to live, peaceful and very silent. But why some one who do not have any purpose will act and do something like that.

Gunfire at the school and killing innocent children and later to himself. The purpose cannot be explained but the situation was similar with around nine or eight months ago the same happening happened near Helsinki region.

Two major crime within less than a year, is it going to come again ? One of the question to be asked, is it because of the mental pressure a human gained before starting the shooting or what would have been the reason behind the shooting ?

I do not know, but I think the reason is the technology. The country where people are fond of using the Guns for hunting in the woods, some day will turn up and start hunting in the school.

I said, it is technology because what I think is that, people wants to earn a fame. If you can examine the situation- the guy first puts his video on the youtube and later after putting it in youtube the following morning he performs the act which might have been unknown to himself too.

I do not know what was going on his mind when he uploaded the picture on the Youtube. If I were him, I would firstly think how can I increase the number of visitors on my link in the Youtube.

To increase the number of visitors and the may be because of the Internet addiction this guy had, it caused the killing of nine other innocent people.

Why should I be worried about it ? This is the question that comes in those mind which are not involved directly in such happenings but we should not ask why should we be worried about the incident or the person who did it.

Only question remaining now is that, is this the beginning ? Will it continue more later in near future. What will happen when people will start to do the same kind of activity all around the world ?

Is technology or the content present in the Internet is resulting in such kind of anxiety or anonymous behaviors in the human or is it just a abnormal human behavior.

Whatever, it might be- these all questions remain unanswered till date.

Nepal Pyaro Chaa (In Nepalese)

Here is one Nepali article I came across which was sent to me by some one.(Rajib Wraz), I hope you will enjoy this messege.

bandha ra hadtaal le manchhe hidna garo chha

Gas ra Tel napayera bhok bhokai basna badhya chha

Jati khola bage pani loadshedding le chutti pauna saro chha

junai neta aaye pani ramro niti lyauna afthyaro chha

baideshik sahayog bina budget ban na nasakdo chha

jata tatai gharai chhan rukh dekhna garo chha

sabai jana bidesh chhan kheti aajhai banjho chha

kehi ramro huna khojda koshi ma baadhi aauchha

rahat bad da pani kati percent neta le khanchha

aajhai pani hami tyhi gorkhali lai samjhi bhanchha

tini haru ko naam liyi chhati tani gaff hanchha

ke na po gare ra ti mula bir gorkhali le, desh ko naam bechi khaye

desh lai sahayog garne thau ma, bidesi ka laagi lade

aajahi pani bhanchhan kyare desh hamro pyaro chha

lamo jasto desh hamro kahile pani banna garo chha

tara ajhai hamro thego gayena ki nepal pyaro chha

nepal pyaro chha

Monday, September 22, 2008

"The challenge will not wait. Life does not look back. A week is more than enough time for us to decide whether or not to accept our destiny."

It does not even take one week to wait for your destiny. Destiny is unlimited journey.

It goes and goes far from knowing if we will reach. It travels with sorrow, unhappiness and sadness all around but at the end it finally teaches us to become a complete person all the way around.

Good Quote however, to think and re-think if it takes us to know our destiny in one weeks.

Does not matter, challenge is to live in for every moment, fight with every seconds and never look back again in sorrow of losing that you had not chosen.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

In search of the lost path

Well, nothing to be discussed here as life is the teacher and one has to explore there life just like an open book.

When we open it there are words and these words will not change our mindset but these words will some how shows us that we are doing or experiencing what others have done and what we will face in near future.

Learning never stop neither does living. It is the constant process of development. I do not know if God exits or not but I know I exist. I am here to do what I can do, I do not know what to show or what to tell but I know what I can give.

Some times the greatest journey could be the distance between the two people. When the journey ends there, then there remains a memory of that particular journey. The image will be rolling like a movies.

These images will be captured when you are experiencing the place, event, people or any happenings. Once these images are captured in our mind. Later when we reach “home”, we finally evaluate if that journey was really fruitful.

Was it really valuable, was it worth. Then later those images which were nicer, we keep with us. It is stored and whenever we want to talk or say something about it. We just speak based on our stored images in our memory.

Start-End-Home-Start-End-Home ….

This cycle continues in our life, weather it is the journey or weather it is the life.

The Dream of God

It is not the question to be asked that where are we heading ? It is the question to understand where would we land up.

I do not know if God exits in this world but I certainly know that I exist. I am here and some where deep inside me there is another person who always talks with me.

I do not know if that person is God, of Super God or Father or just me.

The inside person who always I want to opens his door and lets me in. He never says no, he never dislikes the food, he never dislikes the environment, he never dislikes the face I see around the world, he never dislikes the smell and he never dislikes anything. He is perfect- a perfect human being.

He never tells me that weather or not I should do anything for him. He is very pure and he is very kind. He for me is like the father who can give me advice all the time.

Always listening to him, makes me think that, “It is my mood that creates the climate”. It is me somewhere hidden to come out and show to the world that I am what I am and not what others makes of me.

But, as I see others- I try to see same me, as they are also the human beings as I am. But again, why do they do look different? Why are they upset with there job, with there boss or even with there wife?

What is wrong with them when I do not see any wrong on me? What is the wrong with the food when it does not speak anything by itself? What is that we think we should do all the time when we should think about that perfect man inside us?

Why to get angry with other person when you cannot talk with the best person inside you? or Do you even know it exits? or May be we think him as if a God or Diving or Supreme.

Whatever it is, Whoever it is, It is inside me; it is inside all of us. We just need to think if he exits.

We are not heading anywhere and God will not ask anything from us. He only shows us the path, this path is based on truth. When somebody follows and listens to him carefully, he achieves what he desires, at that moment, his desires are not only his but might be of that perfect man too.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

May be

There are the times when you do not feel to do anything, there are times when you just want to work and work. There are times when people will give thousand good lessons to you but all of these lesson could not be said useful ?

Can it be said as useful ? All of the information in the world is not useful. Only thing which is useful is how you are going to see all these information in your own life. How you are going to naturalize this in your life too.

Look for example in this blog I can write anything I want and that's why it is called Mybheja. I am not worried about the number of visitors neither I am worried about the number of people saying that "your blog was fantastic" or "It sucks". I am only worried about the information which is there in mind and desperate to come out. I do not know how much is too much. But I think there are plenty of these information which could be useful to one or another.

According to Socrates, he says,"I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that i know nothing."

Nothing means that you know something but you do not want to say what thing. When you say, you know something then you are not being wise or you are not capable of being wise and you do not know anything.

The statement "I do not know" are interpreted in many different ways around the globe. It also depends upon the human through which the word is being communicated. The message and the impact of the message to the other person is always vital.

May be there are thousand of rivers that I have to cross, I do not know how to cross this small lake.
May be there are thousand of journeys I will make but I do not remember the last one.

May be there are thousand of worries I would face but I still do not know what kind of satisfaction I will get.

May be there thousand of words in my mind but I do not know if they are really valuable.

May be in all these thousands I will find one journey, one lake, one worries and one word useful to me and my life.

Have a great weekend ! :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wish my brother- a happy love life.

My brother has couple of big problems. First problem is that he is madly in love with some one who he thinks also loves her. The madness of love is limitless. He do not know he can even do anything almost anything for this one girl.

How do you know if that is love ? Showing that some one care's for you or sacrificing for this special some one. I always have told him that love is not life. Love is shared, it has to be taken and given. He says, to me that the girl loves him too but if she loves him then why is she afraid of not coming close to him.

What is the reason she is not intending to live with my brother? When some one loves some other person and if she is especially a girl then she would like to stay with the person for a while. She will then see if this person is really suitable for her entire life.

When a person says something and do not commit to what he/she says then ... what is the point of showing ?

I want to that lover, who thinks she is in love with the guy or shows that she is really in love....

How do my minor brother will understand that she is not in love but she is showing as if she is in love.

Ok for a instant let us suppose that she is really in love with my brother but why she could not come and live with him ? It can happen only in one circumstaces and that is- she is not totally devoted to be or fall in love.

When a person is fully devoted then they do not show the problems of .. or ... I mean, when a person is in love, they love.

It is not only the problems of the women or my brother but the problem lies with the circumstances. The problem is nothing but the solution also lies inside this problem. It is easy for both of them.

Look for example "they are in the same country". When you are close to each other then you will not know if you really love that person. You just have to go far and then a person will realize if that person is really in love.

Some times the greatest journey is the distance between the people. My brother should realize that, Imagine a situation where two person are very far from each other and they really are in deep love. What kind of solution would you then offer them ? Will they exit their love just in wish of meeting one day. or will they move on with their life ?

Being in same place gives you the chance of being close to each other and other elements you need is except that is "trust". A trust is achieved when you are more close to each other then very far from each other.

However, love is difficult thing to express. Love is not only in being close to or getting a person or being with that person, love is just love. Either it is for country, religion, mother or your own life.

Wish my brother a happy loved life. I wish he gets success in his love endeavor.

Cheers for them !

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Drive in your own way.

One of the tendency of mine is to write a long sentences. I do not know how many people find it interesting, or I do not know if they really understand what I meant to say. As English is not my mother tongue, I am trying to learn and improve with each and every passing moment if I really can be good in English.

It is not the end that matters, it is always the journey that matters. I enjoy to travel but I hate to reach the destination. Life is all about knowing what you can do to others and what they can offer you.

Learning never stops, as time never stops. Every great invention is because result of great sacrifice.

Hey look, I am writing as if I am great philoshpher or great personality. I am nobody. I am not any great person or any great philosopher, I am just a simple ordinary person who is trying to understand what is meaning of life and how can I manage my own life.

My life is open as the open book. There is nothing I can hide and there is nothing I would like to hide. There is always a dark side to sunny side but there is always a sunny side in my darkness life.

Once a friend told me that, He has millions of Euros in his bank account. I felt as if I am really poor. Becasue soon after his words I realized to find what is there in my bank account and then I found that, I have very few amout of money which will just be enough for my survival for some time. It will provide me money to eat two times a day and I can some how manage to survive here, till the period of time I am being here. Nothing more.

The calculation run in my mind and these calculation was very negative. A friend was happy because he had enough money so that, He can sense the security but I could not. However, I did not get bothered from a friend's answer and after just a few second I realized that- Life is not about the money. It is not that "how much money I have" or "whoever has".

What if " a person works his life to collect a millions of money and very next day he dies". What will happen to his life? Will he at the end be satisfied with his life? What if, he never have achieved the happiness and joy he always wanted but some how he sacrificed it, just for work and money.

What if, all your life you are doing stupid work and doing nothing for others and one day when you are passing down the streets no body realizes you. Is the money useful then ?

"It is easier said then done". But life is the way we want it to be. It is the way, we drive it. We can take it in any direction we want only thing then matters is not where are we going but where we will end up.

Wish you all the best for the great weekend !

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heart full of love.

Life is all about love. There is nothing in life without love. Life is all about you and me. In between you and me there is only one element which keep this bond alive. It is love,Dear !

Life is all about the story between you and me. I cannot see anything beyond the story which is result of our love.

There will be thousand problems and I will have to solve these problems every day, but I could not do it without you. There will be early morning rise of the sun, this rise will bring joy and hope to prosper the strength in my body. It will give me energy to wake up and start the to work but besides all that I will always need your support and love.

I know I hate it some times when you are close to me, all the time. I do not know why, but I hope it is because I am too puzzled with my own problems that I do not want you to get involved in it and get puzzled too.

May be I will realize the day when I am far from you, the distance between you and me will let me remind that- There is nothing in life except love. The love between you and me. The story that are in my memories of your jokes, our sharing of moments and most importantly your care.

For being a man, I know I have a child within. I am aware of the fact that- a man needs support of the mother when he is early in the age, 1-16 years of age. Support of the women in her life 16- and this women is you.

In love, people have made Taj Mahal. They have done loads of charismatic and romantic activities that My love, I will today and every day will do.

I am not afraid of how and why, simply because I know there is nothing in life except you, me and our love; Nothing.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sing a happy birthday song.

As I always try to get rid of my fears, they always and most often tend to come during Mondays. The Monday is starting of the week days, it also bring loads of excitment for those who do 10-5 jobs. I do not feel very excited on Mondays. I am really feeling as if this day should never come in my life again.

I do not invite the problems but they come to me. It is very automatic and I never want them to come in my life. I have heard thousand theories that you should not consider the days as good or bad but let it go. However, it does not give me silence.

I want to breath but I could not, I want live in silence but even though it could not come because inside me there is something which is creating loads of problems.

But, Why do I make my readers feel as if I am really depressed. Even though I am not feeling good, I hope you will feel good. Here is what I received in my Inbox couple of days ago from a friends.

The picture shown below is a puzzle that you need to solve.

"Imagine you are in Africa . You have been tied hanging on a tree with
a rope anchored on the ground, a candle is slowly burning the rope,
and the lion is waiting for you to drop and be his lunch."

"Your survival hinges on the rope staying intact, there is no one
around to help you. What to do now ............ "

What would you do ?

Do you have any other option ?

Will you be able to survive ?

If yes, how could you survive ?

Now, do not take it very seriously.

Sing a Happy Birthday song.

Here is what you need to do-

Cheers !

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who am I?

The event took place in the Trivuwan Airport in Kathmandu. A young handsome looking, he seemed like very important rushed into this airport, jumped the queue, went straight to the counter and showed his passport and the ticket.

The gentleman at the counter said, “Sir, please stand in the queue”. The person replied, “No, I’m really in hurry I need to go.” The gentleman again said, “Please wait in the queue”.

The man said, “Do you know who I am?” The gentleman at the counter picked up the microphone and said, “There is a man here who does not know who he is, can somebody help him?”

The biggest problem for all of us is that, we all are in the same state as of this young man. The question, “Can somebody help him”?

The question justifies that every body is existing in this mother earth without knowing Nature of who he/she is. We are making life without understanding the fundamentals of whom we really are; we are trying to create a life of unknown. There is confusion.

The very first question that comes in my mind is that, “who am I”? It is one of the most profound and very important questions one has to ask in their life.

How can you know some one else life without knowing who you are? Charles Darwin gave the theory of “Natural Selection”, but he forgot to mention one theory of “Nature of Existence”. In this theory, every person should ask-who am I? Am I a student, Am I a teacher, Am I a political leader? Or Am I nobody.

The first and foremost thing one should do with their life is to ask these questions to understand who they really are. If we do not know what the nature of our existence is, we live by accident.

There is no reality in living by accident. It appears that we are living by accident, by assumptions and by opinion. And the zest of finding the reality appears. Some times there might be a feeling of no reality.

The question, “Who am I?” exits inside our body, in our mind. Once we remove the surface nonsense example, I am very famous singer, artist, son of great political leaders etc. The removal of such surface nonsense will give us the answer to the question, “who am I?”

When there is nothing remaining in your answer, that is the biggest thing. The answer you were searching for comes from this nothing. The question does not come from mere curiosity but straight from the heart. The answer to this question can some time tear people, once you know the reality, you will stick to it.

One day, a friend asked me the same question and I replied him saying, the words of Gautama Buddha which states, “It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours.

It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.” This is what Buddha said, and this is what I say to those who ask who am I, “I am what I really Am., and not what others make of me..,”

Friday, September 12, 2008

Trip to Estonia.

There was a written statement about me yesterday that I have been writing most of the times the hypothetical concepts but I do not care about it. Yesterday was a good day with exciting thing to do. First and foremost, We planned to visit Estonia. A city which is close to Finland. A city very small and very peaceful.

Journey is what we like. A Journey with friends, and smile all around. A journey with silence and in those silence there are loads of lesson learning process all the time. We started our jouney early in the morning at around 3am. The darkness was there and we were driving four guys from our city to the capital of Finland, Helsinki. Thanks to our friend "Teemu" who stood brave and took a decision of driving both the ways around.

We reached very early in the Helsinki port and it was nice to feel early morning cold breeze with pleasant smell of fresh air.

We started to move to the "Ekeraline", a ship name which was cost effective and which was there for us to take to Estonia. It was nice ship and a very pleasant trip. Initially, as there is always a feeling of sleeping in early morning it did not distub our feelings and we went on.
We were welcomed on board and the ship started to move slowly in the Ocean.

It was the time to take the breakfast and we had a buffet in the ship which was very cheap only 10 Euro per person. As food is necessary to survive we did not had a choice and we started our breakfast.

It was very funny experience that it took 3 attempts to full our tummy. There were three rounds of food being tasted and I thought that was much more for the entire day. The breakfast was very heavy and then the fun part started with cracking jokes and having fun, smiling and sharing good experiences and so on.

We started to move around the city, took a very cheap beer in the restaurant which was only 5 Euro per person. Acutally it was not cheap in that particular resturant. I asked one lady in one small stall to take a picture with me and she refused. I do not why but she said, "Buy something from my shop and then I will allow you to take the picture".

There were two perspectives to measure, one from my side and next from the lady's side. From my side- it was bad because, I thought there is nothing wrong if she could have said yes and I would have shared some moments with her,nothing else.

From her perspective, she wanted something to sell and she thought the profit in two ways, one she will ask me to buy something and next she will even give me the pleasure of being with her in the picture.

I did not gave a second thought on what she asked. As a typical Finns would have done. I said nothing too and we moved our ways to see other part of Estonia.

Some of my friend said that she was a Russian lady, and they are always desiring for money and can give anything for money. I do not think so, but to some extent yes.

Again I asked myself,can money buy everything in world ? Can we buy love, happiness and those things which we cannot usually get but the moments creates them, can we really buy a women from around anywhere in the world for money ?

That question is left to readers, you decide if it is really possible for to buy everything from money. After such wise thinking we headed to see other part of the city. There were big malls, fancy shops and many more exciting church. We visited some of them which were free.

It was memorable journey all the way. Finally it was time to come back home and we bought the many many cases of the beers, wine, whiskey and vodka.

Later, the journey we took has to come to end. While we were coming we saw some good ladies in the ship who were close to us. Some of them were looking to me as if I am some druggist or as I am some weired guy coming from some unknown forest.

It does not matter as long as you matter to yourself.

Finally the tour of one day to Estonia ended up with nice cool feelings of the place and the people in Estonia.

We had a nice journey all along.

Thursday, September 11, 2008

"This will pass"

Frome Paulo Coelho-
"The sentence is about the future, it states that any moment either it be the worse or good will pass one day.

Worry is just an imaginary. It shows that we are being afraid of some moments which are creating the problems in our life.
Every thing will pass one day. The things we do, the way we think and the way we think is just happening because we want them to happen.

"Nothing is permanent in the world." We are temporary living with the problems in our life, do not worry about the happening that are occuring in our day to day life.

Every problems are subtacted if we divide them with those who are close to us and always remeber every thing will pass one day quickly with more often then not.

Worries are good in our mind because it will keep us alert and we will work more harder with the worries.

However, whatever be the case I have to stop it because- "this will pass too"

Here is what I have to say-
"This will pass"

The sentence is about the future, it states that any moment either it be the worse or good will pass one day.

Worry is just an imaginary. It shows that we are being afraid of some moments which are creating the problems in our life.
Every thing will pass one day. The things we do, the way we think and the way we think is just happening because we want them to happen.

"Nothing is permanent in the world." We are temporary living with the problems in our life, do not worry about the happening that are occuring in our day to day life.

Every problems are subtacted if we divide them with those who are close to us and always remeber every thing will pass one day quickly with more often then not.

Worries are good in our mind because it will keep us alert and we will work more harder with the worries.

However, whatever be the case I have to stop it because- "this will pass too"

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Who are you? Who is your persona? Who do you think you are and what you are forced to do to behave so you can survive in the society.

I will not say this is the bad question neither will I say this is good question. Now can you tell me, what is the question ?

The above statement holds true for the question being asked. It is about person or persona, it is about you. It is about me or us. It is about understanding who you are, what you do and why are you here ?

Who can answer this except you and you alone. The "you" does not refer to some body else but to oneself. It is our duty to understand us. The persona and person can have many meanings from many previous linguistic policing but I do not know what that has to do with the question being asked.

If some body asks me the question here is what I have to say them, "I am nobody". I tell them I am nobody because I really do not know who am I or who I am. When I do not know who I am how can I tell who am I ?

When we know something then it is always easier to talk about the same in general public but once you do not know who you are what would be your answer ?

Your answer should be-"I am nobody". Why? Because,Right from the consciousness we assume we are some body and we want to become somebody. We may like some famous writer, we may like to the famous Football star, we may even want to be rock artist but all these identity is not of you or you alone but of some body else.

When we try to take the identity of others and establish ourselves in the footmarks of those who had done in their related field. It is difficult process, what we are doing is not doing of what we think or we imagine or we envision but we are doing of what somebody else has already done long long ago.

A person can be divided like this- per+son=son of one. I do not know what is the meaning of "son of one". Does it mean that we are the son of one ? But what does that one has to do with son.

Is it somewhere telling us that we are the son of the one and only one which is existing in our earth and that one is "Nature".

Now let me ask the Father Nature that who am I ? When I ask father Nature who am I? He does not speak but shows me that, you are nobody. This is again my assumption that I am nobody. I have assumed that I am nobody because Father Nature does not tell me anything.

When there is nothing coming in return from the Nature what should I assume it to be ? Am I a Engineer, or am I am Doctor? These are the profession that we learn and we adopt to that profession because these profession gives us livelihood.

Profession has nothing to do with personality or person. A person is single and it is the matter of question itself that how much it desires the answer.

I can write an entire book on these questions but how many readers would read my book. It does not make any difference in the humans mind simply because we are used to reading the same stuff time and again.

And most importantly, we like to see the changes and that is good thing because the Nature of nature itself is change. A person changes and shouts these questions in different environment and finds that the answer still remains the same.

Well, I have to stop here for the moment because I might end up writing a book, Will it be possible Paulo for you to review it?


One of the friend send me the pictures in my email and I liked this picture so much that I am writing something about it. Look carefully at the picture and look again. Look for some minutes and now compare these picture with your life. Think about your life with this picture and ask one question to yourself- Are you happy ?

The happiest people in the world are not with blue collar shirts and working in big multinational companies. The happiness lies in sharing emotions together. Happiness lies in being satisfied with what you have got not with what you will get in future.

Happiness is taken very seriously in many ways in the life. Some times happiness is just measured with the person who smiles is thought as happy, some time we read something about the great people and stories about them and we think those people are very happy. Money can never buy you happiness, neither can marriage or any relationship does not come with package of "happiness".

Happiness is being, happiness comes along with satisfied mind. The worry face does not say that a person is happy or not happy. The surprising face will not tell you that if a person is happy or not. The face will just give a picture of the person but once you talk and share your emotions with others then you realize if the person is really happy or not.

Happiness and sadness are two opposite things and these two opposite have one common meeting point. The meeting point is that sadness will always remain with you. It is in you. It can come any times as is happiness. But happiness doesn't stay longer. Sadness will with you all the time. It is your best friend, (if you do not have one.)

Therefore, happiness is a very good thing and again, it can be bad thing, It is bad because it will remain with you only for very short period of the time and after that it will go away. It is momentary,it comes and goes with the moment. It is due to the fact that you had a pleasant moment in your life and that pleasant moment is somewhere stored in your memory that always reminds you about it.

It keeps on coming, and you think about the moment and you never stop thinking about it over and over again. You like it so much that you think you are the happiest person in the world. But, you are not. You can be happy only when you are satisfied with what you have and you do not expect anything from your life. Can we be satisfied with what we have ? Never, simply because we are human beings and it is rooted in us that, we always are in need of something. We always want more.

The pictures speaks more than my words. Look again at that picture and related to your life in past and now in present. See what you have achieved. Look in the mirror and ask yourelf if you are really happy with your luxurious things or you were happy when you did not had any of those material possessions.

The most important thing in life is to satisfy your needs together with those who care about you. The most important thing can be achieved by knowing your self and your own life together with those around you. It is easy.

It does not matter if I do not have a car
It does not matter if I cannot buy you a house.

Only thing that matter is my dear, I care more than myself about you.
I may live longer but I do not know that
Because I know who am I
and I care will die one day saying, "I loved you" so much.

It does not matter if I do not have enough money
I will rest assure you that, I will work hard to feed us.

It does not matter, if I am alone and you are far.
Distance cannot tear our love apart

I hope it all pays off one day
Together we will see this day

It does not matter whatever my words say
I know we will land up one day in the paradise

It does not matter if it will be heaven or hell
but It matters that you will be with me...

Happiness is not known to us
but we will share this broken bed,
Our kids may sleep together in it
Our dogs may sleep together with us

It does not matter if we do not have golden bed
It does not matter if we do not have pet rooms
It does not matter if we do not have our child room

Only thing that matter would be you.
Only thing that matter would be us, together in a room.
Sharing our satisfaction of being all together.

Having fun, and being satisfied with all we have done.

It does not matter ...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Little words

Today is the fresh start of the new age, the age which many has already spent doing something in there life. Well, every weekdays starts with the Monday and the Monday's are not so good for me. I know the fact that every day is the same day and it does not make difference to anyone for any day. The day as food is not bad by itself. It is our taste that says, it is bad or it is terrible. Similarly, the day itself is not bad but it is my mood that always says to me that, this day is not good for you.

Something wrong will happen to you. I do not know weather you call this as psychological things but it is the process of mind which creates such an atmosphere.

To answer the why is the biggest difficulties in modern world. We are born in such a way that we never want to question the facts such as why is 2+2=4 ?, why is earth round ? Why is my religion this and your religion that.. why I have to wear clothes even in summer ? Why ? These facts are learned and hard coded in our memory. These do not change easily.

When something that we learned are encoded in our brain, it is very difficult to take it out. For example, we know the place where we live and that will not go at any cost. But when we learn the skills those skill might go away once we do not practice them at all.

These skills have to be practice all the time. Whatever way the brain learns the object around,is not the matter of discussion here.

However, it is good that one should always have to follow the heart and listen to brain. Once you follow what you are going to do next in your life then you will end up in the right position.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy birthday mybheja.

Happy Birthday to you Mybheja. Officially, it is the day when you were born and many many happy returns of the day. Every year the same day will surely come but with changing numbers.

As you do not like to celebrate the birthdays, but as you learned that slowly you have to celebrate not for yourself but for those around you. It is nice that you organized party yesterday and had load of fun with all those who come from the same motherland- called Nepal.

With the help of the good finnish friends, you went and bought the stuffs necessary for the party and we really had a great great birthday party. It was again, unfortunate to say that some of other friends did not come because they were having other party. It happens most of the time and no worries because all our wishes should not be fulfilled at a single time.

The pleasant memories were created with two litre of Finnish Vodka and very specail setting in the kitchen with load of laughter and loads of funny jokes. Anyways, you will remmeber as you remember everything in your life.

Birth day are those days when you are born. Isn't it amazing that the numbers increases and with every increase in the numbers, you are getting older. The more you become old, more experience you gain and the more people you know. I do not know why we celebrate, is it just for fun or is it for the entire year of "knowing the unknown". Whatever it is, it was fun yesterday in the new environment, and new happy faces all around.

So, officially I was born in today's date 7th September and in real I was born some months ago already. However, the real date of my birth is too personal. Any ways, it is not the matter of day but it is the matter of moment.

I still remember the day when I arrived here in Finland and soon it was after couple of weeks when my birthday came, we were celebrating our birthday. Now, today it has been one year here in Finland.

I feel as if, I am having loads of fun and learning new things in every passage of the time. With more power come great responsibility and these resposiblities have to be discovered with your own self.

Every body around you will surely help you, to find who you are, to discover your potentials but you just have to ask their help, as long as you will ask with those around you, you will surely get what you desire in life.

Nothing comes easy in life but you can make it easy just like that. Duality is Nature of nature itself. We have good and bad, we have nice and ugly, we have givers and takers but once you adopt both in you; you will find that you are the creator of your own sufferings. Nobody around is your enemy but you and you alone. Try to find the similarities in those around you and you will get the real answer.

The difference will divide your values with the other around you but the similarities will bring you closer to the other element around you. Either it is love, race, life, religion, sex, culture, people, country or any thing around.

Well, last but not the least, you can alway disagree with me. To finally do something else, let me stop my pressing of these keys on this blog for now.

Happy happy birthday to you my dear "mybheja" and as I know you were born happy you will die happy too.

Cheers !

Friday, September 5, 2008

What do you associate with tower?

Tower is associated with our imagination. What we imagine, is what we think the particular thing is associated with. A tower is the peak, a high tall thing which can be used in many ways.

Early it represented evil, later people associated with the positive connotations. It also represents the place where death meets the birth. It is the place where people some time go and kill themselves.

It can also be place where people go and enjoy themselves. It is the place in our mind which always demands something from the things associated in the real world. With these things, we can associate anything.

Based on what people have done in the past with tower, we try to do the same but the result does not occur different because, what some body else have already discovered, we will discover the same.

No difference is found when the tower in one region of the world gives light to every one around the village and in the next region it is used for the same purpose. But what if, some body uses as the negative symbol and in some other place it is associated with positive symbol.

What we associate with “tower” is what we associate with the “mountain”, “heights”, our emotions and with the happiness. All these associations are some how inter related and these inter relation gives us one common thing in our mind.

These association tells us that, we think differently on different things which is totally wrong. All these are for good purpose. Nothing is build just like that. Everything around the world comes with values and with some purpose.

Imagine a world where there was no water, no mountains, no green leaves and now imagine you being in such world. What would you associate with your life then ?

Our associations can be different on different things but those are just our perceptions. And I think perception differs in many ways from people to people, from culture to culture and from country to country, also from religion, sex, race, and through many other ways.

Anyways, to answer what you associate with tower- I would rather say that I do not associate anything with tower simply because I do not associate anything with any entity. It does not mean that these things are useless but it means that- these are useful and there is no association. These things also have life and these life will only be understood once we understand what is life.

Knowing something and telling something which you do not know are two different ways of looking at things in our life.

I do not know what is the association of what, but I can surely tell you that-whatever we associate is just a false assumption on our ideas in our general mind.

Tower can be assumed as death, but at the same time it can also be associated with life, light or whatsoever. It depends on what a person is thinking while he is thinking of association of the things being asked.

It also depends on the past experiences and future demands or desire with the things for example “tower”.

Well, I think I have given my point on what I associate on what, I need to read others point too.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Bread and Circus

“Bread and circus” can make us happy or do we have to find out happiness in some other things. Do we know how much one has to work to earn a bread ? Do you know how much joy one has to fill to dance or see the circus?

Happiness is satisfaction. It is the feelings which comes automatically for a certain period of time and again fades away. The bread and butter is needed to keep yourself fit and fine. You will eat and you will survive.

There are different ways to figure out what ways you will earn a bread or go to visit the circus. One can apply many approach to visit to the circus and then again it depends on those event that will make you successful to earn the bread.

A heart full of wish for the love is the heart which is happy. It does not have to be demanding. Bread and circus still can bring loads of joy and happiness in one’s life if you are satisfied with your every event or activity.

Once a person is satisfied with every day activity he/she can really feel that “happiness” which was asked in the question. It does not allow those who are in search of happiness to get the real happiness. It is because, those who want will never get and those who do not want gets.

Humans today are searching and they are moving very fast. Every body wants to achieve all there dreams and fulfill there desire in quick succession. Nothing comes automatically and one has to understand that it is not easy to get the desire of their wish in quick time.

One has to wait till the final output really shows up. How can a person be satisfied with only the bread and circus when he does not know what is real satisfaction.

In my case, I would be fully satisfied if some one would give me a bread and circus not only today but for ever and ever. It is because I do not have any desires to achieve big but desires to find satisfaction in smaller things.

I wish love.

Teej festival is celebrated in our country with the women fasting entire day without even taking the glass of water. When a husband says,"drink water" then a women is suppose to drink the water in the afternoon. What if the husband does not says anything. Will the women wait entire night just for the drop of the water ? Will she be able to resist the festival or should she follow her desire of thirst and quench it at that moment ?

Is the fear of death greater than the affection towards the other person ? Is it because one has to give everything for the other people. How long can we stay in a day without eating anything. For 3hours, 6 hours or even 10 hours; it does not matter how long you can stay without eating most important thing is how long you can wait for some one who is not in front of your eyes ? If I was a women it would have really been difficult for me to stay that long period without even drinking from the day till the evening.

I wish love, I wish that love is similarly present in every flow of our blood. I wish I can also wait for some one to say, "drink water honey". And after hearing some one drinks water on behalf of your words. Wow, Isn't it amazing that some one can stay longer for entire day without drinking. I wish I had such love too.

We always have to be satisfied with what we do have and always have to feel happy with what we do not have. This we call as the life.

I wish love.
I wish in my blood.
I wish in my ears.
I wish in my lips.

I wish love.
I wish it in my breath.
I wish she hears.

I wish she says,
I wish love.

Not in my ears
In breath I take,
Every morning I wake,
I wish love

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Once upon a time there was a man, who was very eager to achieve something in his life. He was dreaming everyday that he will one day fulfill his dreams. No matter what, he was thinking that one day his dreams will become a reality.

Every body around him was joking and laughing at him. He never used to tell to anyone that his dreams are these and he will achieve that dream but one day suddenly some one knew what his dream was. That person started to tell others that his dreams are these. How would you interpret this story now ?

Do you think the other person who guessed the dream of that man really knew the dream ? Do you think that unlike the man who did not wanted to spread the messege of the dream, the other person really should have spreaded the messege across every one around him. Why do a person has to think what is going on somebody else's mind ? It is because, we are living in the world where no body is left alone. We always want to know what is there going on in the other person mind. If we do not know then we will indeed guess.

Every body has some little secret and these little secrets are very important in there life. No body wants to reveal them to anyone. Even though, a person might guess that his secrets are this or that; but that is not the case in most of the times.

The person who is not worried about his own life is not worried of death. The person who is worried about his life is worried from the fear of death. Whatever be the case, there is something which we should not do in real life. We should not try to look in some body else's mind. It is not good idea to guess what is going on some body else's mind and think based on those assumptions.

World is not the way we think. It is beyond our thinking. There are many countries, there are many people, there are many cultures and there are many different tradition. We have to observe these closely, these all are made for us. I do not hate difference simply because there are so many different things like country, culture, race and religion. I hate it because there are people who do not try to see similarities in those differences.

I do not know what a man dream was and I am not into it. I do not want to read the mind of anyone. It is not good to look inside some one else mind. It is very easy though. Dream are very different then the reality and the reality is some what similar to the dreams.

Once I dreamed something and I thought that would not become a reality but One day I found that it was true. How can a dream become true? May be the dream was not for me, it was for some body else. When the dream is of some one else and later after some day you see that it has become true then you feel that your dreams really are true.

Well, Whatever be the case; "Dreams are always shattered by the compromise but still believe in your dreams" One day it might come true.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I hope they do.

What if your dream is very near and you suddenly loose your dream. What if you are very close to winning but just in a second you loose. What if you were the first in the race suddenly with the flick of your eyes you become last.

These questions are not joke. It happens to us. Some of us have even gone through these circumstances in our life too. What are the major phenonomen or why are these step making us think that we are not getting what we would have got.

Why most of the times we have to think that we are making the error in our life and nothing good is going on. What happens if something always works perfectly and just in a sudden twist of the time it changes all along.

What would you do then ? Will you die just thinking you have not achieved what you dreamed of or will you survive to do it all over again ? All the our pleasures lies in pain. Either the pain is of some one or you yourself, it depends.

The mind is the chooser and it choses that which you do not have in the first circumstances. Why do not people have the satisfaction of what they have. We always are looking for the change and the change does not come automatically. You have to go and fetch it then it will come along your way.

The vision is unlimited and you simply need a thinking to make your vision a reality. Those people who are on the top of bureaucracy are doing nothing in the context of country development.
Some time back, I used to read the newspaper of what is going on the context of Nepal and what are those who are leading all the way are doing but now I think I have to look again and see that nothing is going on in this context any longer.

As I cannot see any difference in terms of our country development I think we have to think again. Do we really need a political bullshit ? Why do we need those leaders and those people who are useless ? Why do we need those people who are just a statute and nothing more than that.

Why ?

Every body will give me an opinion and opinion is only the personal things. It has nothing to do with the development in any respect. Why don't any of the leader stand up and say that-
"I will not try, I will do". Why ?

Why don't any of the leaders simply say that "I have done". Doing and having done something is always a different thing. Those leaders who says, they have done are doing nothing and those who have have done and do not say are already a great leader.

We need such great leaders to lead our country. Come on, When will I see my dreams becoming reality. When would my son wake up from the peaceful sleep saying, "Dad, lets go and play". When ?

These question will always be remained unanswered. I do not know if they will ever be answered by our country leaders. I hope they do.