Thursday, April 30, 2009

Quotes of the day

Dear all,

-”Forget yourself to understand better self.”

-”Not everything is permanent, not even universe, material gains and spiritual path, everything is temporary be its your own existence or eternity.”

-”To know me, you know better, what is me?”

-”We may end up becoming something that we do not want but in becoming something which you never wanted, you will later not regret of becoming that.”

-”I don’t want to become anybody and anything. I don’t want to become because to become human is the greatest gift of all.”

-”Those who have even little to give will never be empty of giving. and those who have more to give and does not give will always be feeling pity, later in the end.”

-”Everything is below love and every thing is love.”

-”We are moving with the cosmic love or ‘maya’, those who can self control ‘maya’ will overcome magic powers within.”

-”In the moments of pleasure and growth, we hardly fall and pray to supreme cosmic energy, it is sad that humans never understood that he lives in all of them, individually”.

-”Very few will enlighten the supreme cosmic energy of self, those who will, can heal and those who will not will need help, instead.”

God bless you all !

Q&A: What is Fear ?

Dear all,

Q)What is fear?

A)Fear is lack of our own understanding with our own self. The most fear humans have is for death. Sometimes we are fearful of love, sometimes of life and sometimes of work. Our life has become full of fear because we have never understood our own life. Most of the times we think about sex and work and least we think about our own body and life.
How many times in a day you look yourself carefully in the mirror and try to understand yourself?

This is little different in women's than in men's. In Women, they are born naturally with such power where they can more easily understand fear better than men.

Fear is because of lack of own knowledge and understanding of one's life.

Fear is also because we don't know who to surrender yourself. Those who know how to surrender will have least fear and those who will try to avoid surrender will be more affected because of fear.

It is your own decision what to choose and what not to choose.

God bless you all !


Dear all,

Q)Just having finished reading Brida, I find myself touched and compelled to ask you this question. I believe I have been blessed and am living a life driven by the Tradition of the Sun, but what is the best way for me to rekindle the flame and its power in time of doubt and weakness?

A)Surrender yourself.

There is no best way or worst way, there is only one way which is the way of love, surrender, peace, sharing and giving.

Having said that, In the time of doubt and weakness there is one simple medicine : Smile without conflict.


-”I am not healer because I was born human but if you will wish to take only pain and sufferings of yours and more importantly others, you will end up becoming prophets and saints just like Jesus, Mohammad, Krishna among others.”

Give me your pain, to this poor child. I will give you my wish to heal even in darkest of the days !

God blesses you all !


God bless you all !

Quotes of the day

-”Doubt will shout and more you will shout the worse it will become in your tiny little wacky brain.”

-”Decisions are your own, advices are of others, learn to know your on your own, life will be pleasant forever.”

-”What is right?, Nothing.
What is wrong?, Everything.
Between Nothing and Everything,
It is your life, for something
Rose will bloom,
Days will gloom
Instead of doubt, chaste shout
All that matters is purity
Live will fill up with divinity
Go on, make mistakes
Life is worth trying for severity. ”

-”You need a mind full of trust to trust you than to trust others.”

-”Monday to Friday what a rule of religion only left humans with two fun days, when you will make all day fun day, one day you will end up becoming supreme cosmic runner.”

-"Love is beyond faith, religion and hope. Love is what makes and love is what which will fake, love can heal and at the same time love can kill."

-"A book has a life of itself, very true and every object has life in itself, too."

-"All life work of any artist cannot be explained in one sentence nor can it be explained in one century, it takes longer than time itself."

-"Yes, we all need love and those who can understand, learn, keep believe, capture, share and dare to fight for love will always be legend."

God bless you all !

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

In Hell

"I hope but I am in pain
Nails inhale, difficult to exhale
I have no will to live, In HELL"


What is a Youth ?

Song: "What is a Youth"
Lyrics by Eugene Walter
Music by Nino Rota
Vocal by Glen Weston

And here is the lyric:

What is a youth? Impetuous fire.
What is a maid? Ice and desire.
The world wags on.

A rose will bloom
It then will fade
So does a youth.
So do-o-o-oes the fairest maid.

Comes a time when one sweet smile
Has its season for a while...Then love's in love with me.
Some they think only to marry, Others will tease and tarry,
Mine is the very best parry. Cupid he rules us all.
Caper the cape, but sing me the song,
Death will come soon to hush us along.
Sweeter than honey and bitter as gall.
Love is a task and it never will pall.
Sweeter than honey...and bitter as gall
Cupid he rules us all

Fuck the rules

Fuck the rules


Fuck the rules, fuck your country rules
Your country has more suicide rate than birthrate
Do you know that, fucking holes?
Your fucking rules are your major problems

There are no rules for love
Why should there be?
Life is pain so is love
Your rules are making every day, painful
Fuck the rules, fuck your country rules

Am I evil?
I was born human
You made me devil
You made me terrorist
No one else to blame
It’s your fucking rules
Fuck the rules, fuck your country rules

You can kill me, you can hurt me
Why the fuck I care when I am ready to die
Your fucking rules will one day eat you
Fuck the rules, fuck your country rules

There are no rules for love, peace
Everything is vanity, everybody suffers
Your fucking rule, is not in favor
Humanity at stake, life sucks
When a human break rules, you let them surrender
Forgive them, let them go
Fuck the rules, fuck your country rules

It is your rule which created terrorist
It is your fucking rules, which will create them more
Your rules are dividing, demoralizing
Your fucking rules will bring disaster
Fuck the rules, fuck your country rules

© Santosh Kalwar

God bless you all !

Welcome Mr. Swine flue

In response to article at Nytimes on title, "U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency Over Swine Flu", here is what Mybheja has to say- Dear JACK HEALY and SHERYL GAY STOLBERG..,

Letter to Humans Subject: Mr. Swine Flu is on the way to earth..,

Good news..?, Slowly world is changing, Economic recession, job cuts, natural disaster and NOW, Swine Flue..., I am laughing out loud.., I am sorry but I could not stop my smile.., I know.., this is very sad story for those who have been affected and for those who will be affected by this so called virus or disease. We are the creators of our sufferings, no body else. Now as Mother Nature needs to balance humans, environment and objects in her proximity, we will hear such valid reasons such as virus, recession, disasters etc etc.., I am complete stranger and I am not afraid to die complete stranger..,Well, this is good time to worry and it makes good headlines, let us see how many of us rest in peace.., I am sorry for writing this rude comment and I hope Mr. Editor will accept it.., how can some one reject the truth? Anyways, the virus will slowly spread.., You will be happy if I will tell the things which you want to listen such as- "Don't panic.. it can be treated...,,," Like politicians and diplomats but I am not them..., for the world I am just ordinary stranger.., if I wish, I can heal everything but I do not want right now.., maybe later.., (I can see eyebrows raised.., )

Anyways, God bless you all !

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Quotes of the day

Dear all,

-”Being born as a human is the gift in itself, imagine being born other than human, some humans will use or diffuse you, instead.”

-”In every step of the path you will make, you will get secret message to conceive.”

-”All your action has important and meaningful reactions.”

-Once an old man laying in deathbed said to his wife, “Oh sweet and lovely wife, today I am going to die, all my life I never said to you, the golden sentence that every women wants to hear, ‘I love you’; today is my final day and let me say you, ‘I love you’ “. The old man after seven seconds was confirmed dead. A priest said, “your husband is dead”.

Women said to priest, “How can my husband die?, he is not dead, he lives in me, all his life I waited for him to say those words and he knew right from the beginning that he will say them to me, in his deathbed.., it was me who never understood that he loved me more than his life.”

After nine second old man’s women got fainted and she was dead too.

What is the moral of the story?

-”Try asking what excites you most?, what makes you sad most? and what would you do today which you will not do tomorrow? The answers you will get will lead you to your path or to right track.”

-”One very wise man in the streets of chitwan asked, “Who is fucking happy on this planet raise your hand?”, one poor child looked all the people who were gathered in steets, he raised his hand and said, “I am happy.” The wise man was angry and said, “how can you be happy, every body, every where in the world is suffering, is in pain with natural disaster, disease, and many more.?” The poor boy smiled at wise man and said, “My mother told me that, I was born happy and I will die happy. So, I am happy and alive.”

-”As I say, I was born handsome and I will die handsome. also I would say, I was born happy and I will die happy.”

God bless you all !

Monday, April 27, 2009

Q&A with Santosh Kalwar

In response to question asked by reader, Saakshi at Paulo's blog, hereunder is the Q&A with legendary Person.

Dear all,

Q)Are coincidences in our life are a part of our destiny and if everything is written as we say ‘maktub’, then what is the point in following our dreams?

A)There is no coincidences, there will never be coincidence. Whatever happens has the purpose and the lessons behind them. Those who know how to grab those golden lessons will foster and move on. Those who will not learn their lessons will never learn. These people will think throughout their life and ask, "what is life?", "what is dream?", .... It does not mean that, you should not ask bigger question like this but instead of asking with others, ask yourself, with your own self. I bet you will get the answers.

Now, having said that, there is no point to prove and there is no point to make. Life is a simple journey which goes on and on. It will stop when you will be tired enough. It will run, when you want to run. It will reset, when you want to reset. Throughout this journey, learn, share and give for those who are in need. That is important. What you have is never enough and will never be enough, what you will give, you will then have enough.

I don't know what is maktub, let me search-- Ah, Ok ;

"what is written on one's forehead, would someday be seen as his destiny"

This is what I got when I searched the Internet..., Well, this is boring description about a single human life. Some Scriptures says the same thing but let me describe you in my way-

I have always said to humans,

-"It is you, who is the creator of your sufferings, nobody else."

-"Hidden Scripts is the term which means the script written by you, before your existence or arrival on this mother earth."

Now how? and when? is another question. (If you are interested, I will explain them later)

-"Every action in your life has lessons, you just need to have truthful eyes to see them more clearly."

-"I don't know what you believe and what you don't, but I believe in me, my visions, my dreams, my love and my destiny because all these believes which I have in me, are for me and I know the final destination."

(I don't want you to recommend to Say the last quote every morning and every night before you go to sleep and then one day, you will wake up understanding the meanings of your dreams, destiny and life.)

God bless you all !

Quotes of the day

Dear all,

-”Expect the unexpected in life, love, religion, politics and many more such drivers for humanity. These will ask you to fight and you need courage to fight them.”

-”Moments of sadness, grief, unhappiness and lack of motivation are results of stepping back, just move on and challenge your limits, you will do it.”

-”Nothing waits, every thing Sets, every body is Set.”

-”As love is the battlefield, life is unexpectedly filled.”

-”Those who will expect to get will never get and those who will least expect will get.”

God bless you all !

© Santosh Kalwar

Image of the day

Q&A with Santosh Kalwar

In response to questions asked by blogger and reader at Paulo's blog, here is what Mybheja has to say-


Here is what I would say for your questions, Even though I will write ten books on these subject, it will not be enough to satisfy all human souls but as you have asked, here is short description of what this poor guy from Himalaya feels about these issues-

Q). How would you differentiate these 3 (Faith, hope and love) ?

A) Human being is the hope. The "H" in the "Human" words stand for "H" in "Hope". Faith is for focus of mind to certain things or object. and love is for life.

Q)Can a person survive on faith alone? or hope alone? or love alone?

A) Yes they can and they are surviving on these three elements, with or without them.

Q)or must these elements (faith, love, hope) always go together?

A) No, it is not necessary that these elements should go together. But if they go together then there will be complete peace and solitude in humanity. (Which we are currently lacking in the present world and it is even getting worse everyday!)

Q)what do you believe is the most important among these? (if you think you can live with just one OR if one of these failed you.. example, if you have had failed in love or lost the faith or hope)

A)I don't believe, I have them in me. I know how to give love, I know how to have faith and I know how to hope hope.
Having said that, if I am failed in any of these vital pills for humanity(faith, love, hope) my physical existence will be no more.

Q)would you be able to give an example (taken from your experiences or made it up–analogies ) on how these 3 link together?


-Without love there is no life, without hope there is no physical existence of humanity and you need faith to have hope and love.

-Why are we worried about these pills for humanity (love, faith and hope), just concentrate on daily normal life and when you will be very old, you will easily know the answers.

-The pills for humanity such as love, faith and hope needs to be taken every morning when you wake up and every evening when you sleep.

-Don't be afraid with any one and any body not even vampires or devils or even death then you will slowly understand the meaning for these humanity pills such as love, faith and hope.

-A Single human life good deeds will add peace and prosperity to entire humanity and with humanity pills, your behavior also will be good. Therefore, just think less and do more, don't regret and don't pretend, as the flowing of river never stops, as the rain drops touch your face in the raining days, as the sun light kills darkness as the mother earth balances herself.., we will change.., in that change, we will transform ourselves into perfect individuals, those with supreme intellect and the power just like prophets. One day, all humanity will transform into pure humanity, those with the power of truth, love, faith, trust and supreme Consciousness. That day, is not very far....,

If you need any further explanations, please write it to me.., I would be happy and try to make you satisfied with my poor words. Thank you !

God blesses you !


God bless you all !

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Image of the day

Author: Pirosmani

Give me Pain, Mother!

Give me Pain, Mother!

Oh Sweet Mother, I beg you to trust me
I pray you to love me
I am your son, not a stranger
I belong to you, oh dear mother

Why do you make me cry?
Why do you give me pain?
When I am your only son,
I belong to you, only you
Oh dear mother

I am in pain; I am lost in my life
I need your care, I need your blessings
I am praying for your love
I belong to you, oh dear mother

Give me rain, Give me more pain
I understand now,
In your blessings for pain
There lies love, wisdom, caring
All that I have experienced

Oh sweet dear mother, I beg you to bless me
With pain, with sadness and wind of change
I don’t know god, I have never seen them
I know you, as you are my only mother
I belong to you, oh sweet dear mother
Give me pain, give me pain

© Santosh Kalwar

Short Introduction about author: Santosh Kalwar

In this video, Santosh Kalwar speaks short about himself and about the website, Goodreads, Visit the author at Goodreads at,

The video is short introduction about the author of four self published books, Nature God (2008), Human behavior on the Internet (2009), A Very First book of Poems: Heartbreak (2009) and ...109 Quotes, 07 Poems and a Song of Despair (2009)

Santosh Kalwar on book A Very First Book of Poems: Heartbreak

About the book, A Very First Book of Poems: Heartbreak (2009)

Kissing the rain: Quotes by Santosh Kalwar

Few Quotes from Santosh Kalwar

Saturday, April 25, 2009

How do i learn to love and trust?

Following question was asked by reader, Michelle at Paulo's blog, Here is what Mybheja has to say in response.

Q)I love the idea of love and would love to experience it,however i don’t open up to people, that is the reason i don’t have a single close friend. But don’t know how i will be able to love without opening up and trusting.How do i learn to love and trust?

A)You said, you are not open but why not? By putting “not” and “no” in every response, you are being fearful to your own self. Don’t be. Mistakes we all do and there is no point on being fearful about anything at all.

Once there was a small child named, Stefan. He was just five years old. He was learning about fire, wind, sky and stars. He once asked his mother, “Mom, what will happen if I will touch that fire?” she said, “No, don’t touch it. It will burn your fingers…” Stefan got the lesson from his mother. But, He wanted to experience himself. He did not trusted his own mother. One day, where there was no one in Stefan’s house, He went near the fire and tried to touch it. Just after he touched the fire, he took it out his hand away from the fire, immediately. Next time, he became fearful and started to trust what his mother has told.

Moral of the story: Take it away ! (Interpret on your own life, yourself…)

Trust starts with truth and ends with truth. There is no perfect human beings and even those who we pray such as Allah, Jesus, Krishna among others were not perfect. Nobody was perfect and nobody will be. Only thing that remains is, keep on doing mistakes. More mistakes more lesson in life. Those lessons will be useful for you to teach when you, yourself will become grandmothers and wife.

-”Trust yourself, you will start to trust others.”

-”Speak truth and believe in the power of truth, the more you will believe in yourself, the more you will see the beauty of nature and mother earth.”

-”We humans do thousand and one thing to impress others and show to the world that we are smart and wise but we tend to forget one very simple thing, there is small child in each one of us which is hungry for our own trust and inspirations.”

-”Have you ever seen the stars in the night? See them closely, they will tell you, how to be open, how to love and how to shine and twinkle without any differences and jealousy of other stars.”

-”Open up and wake up with blazing beauty just remember no one is perfect and you are the most beautiful creature on this planet.”

God blesses you !


God bless you all !

Friday, April 24, 2009

Quotes of the day

Dear all,

-”Love is in constant motion, it is the energy which was created when you were born and it will never be destroyed.”

-”Life starts with love and ends with love.”

-”There is no hell or heaven for those who are in love, love is pure form of human beings, love is the wind which touches your heart when you are in pain.”

-”Once Shepard asked to Mahavatar Babaji, ‘Where on earth is heaven or hell’? He said, ‘there is no heaven or hell, those places were created by humans, the only place which supreme lord created was mother earth, those who know how to love themselves will know this truth.’, poor Shepard started to love himself and was happy ever after. ”

-”I am alive because I know how to love love.”

© Santosh Kalwar

God bless you all !

Questions and Answers

Dear all,

Q) What is love?

A) Love is you, love is nothing but the reflection or shadow of your own. Love is not this or that but love lies in simplicity, beauty, truth and trust. Those who want to find out what love is should know how to love yourself, and learn to give without any guilt or grief, or pain or without any motivation.

Love is mother, love is father and love is in finding and remembering the day your conscience was awakened. e.g. when you were small very small and try remembering the first day when you went school or when you were in your home or when your mother said something or …

Love is knowing your day of awakening till date, love is your eyes and in each and every part of your body. Love is with you all the time and love will last ever.

Of course we see physical love such as mother love, father love, husband love, lover’s love but those are just one percent of love out of hundred percent. love is beyond all those physical society’s love. those are love but not pure form of love.

We live in society where when we say, “I love you” the other person will start to think, she/he really loves me and start the relationship or our proposal starts with such statement but how do you validate such statement.? (I can see some eyebrows raises here..)

Anyways, I must stop here but will answer if you want to know more about love.

God bless you all !

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Quotes of the day

Dear all,

-”Life is for one day, love is for every day.”

-”Humans should believe in the power of living for just one day, those who want to live for tomorrow are not living.”

-”I always say to people, ‘I am born today and I will die today’, which does not mean I will do harm to myself but which means I am living in every moment with utmost enthusiasm, love and I know the final destination.”

-”Life is not short or long, life is in that precious moment where you separate from you.”

-”There are no tomorrow’s and there was no yesterday, what you have now is what you will have.”

© Santosh Kalwar
God bless you all !

Reolution 2009: My First Novel

Dear all,

As per my resolution this year, I am about to complete my first novel. The novel is about the romantic love story, fiction. The book is semi-autobiography of my own life. Now, the difficult part comes to write query letter and send it to editors and publishers. I will try to do that from now onwards. I hope some publishing company would accept it later by the end of this year. Well, I am quite skeptical about it. (This is most difficult phase trying to convince editors and well-known publishers that your manuscript is good enough for them to make money.)

Anyways, the manuscript that I have written is about hundred pages, single spaced written in word format. It is almost complete but as many writers would agree, the most important part of any book is the ending. I have to come up with ending for the story of my book something which should be heart touching for that soon. I know, I will finish it soon.

I hope that this fiction novel will be the first book published by traditional publisher. There are aleady four books self published by me, Nature God(2008), Human behavior on the Internet (2009), A Very First book of Poems: Heartbreak (2009) and …109 Quotes, 07 Poems and a song of despair(2009)… If you would be interested to read them you can easily buy them from or Here are the links-

1. Nature God (2008)
2. Human behavior on the Internet (2009)
3. A Very First book of Poems: Heartbreak (2009)
4…109 Quotes, 07 Poems and a song of despair(2009)…

I do not want to self publish this book yet and I will try to send it to traditional publisher as far as I can. Let us hope for the best and Let us see !

Thank you all


God bless you !

Quotes of the day

Dear all,

-Love is wisdom, love is in giving, love is god, and god is love but there is no wise or fools for love. Love is equal for each one of us.

-Those who think of love are not thinking anything on love and those who tries to understand love are not understanding it at all.

-I am dead man alive in love.

-Love can bring wisdom, love can change lives, love can create, love can destroy, all we need is love and love is all we need.

-Love is the battlefield, those who want true love has to fight for it. Beyond differences created by humans such as caste, creed, country, religion, race and culture.

© Santosh Kalwar

God bless you all !

Question and Answer

Dear all,

Q)How does someone know that you are doing what you are meant to be doing in this life?

A)This is very good question, Clelia ! If you would know what you meant to be doing then don't you think your life would be boring to live? What if you know about your tomorrow's schedule today? What if you know that tomorrow you are going to meet your husband or wife or your life partner near the garden in the rain and you don't have umbrella. The guy whom you met will have umbrella and he will cover you with his umbrella. What would you do then? Will it be exciting enough, if you know it. (I think it will not be)

Therefore, it is good that you don't know them ahead. All your events and all that is going to happen in your life is unknown and it should always be unknown. Now having said that, you want to know whatever you are doing is right or wrong, isn't it?

By asking this question you already are on right track. Don't be afraid, whatever you are doing is always right and whatever you want to do will be too. It is you who have decided to choose the path and it should be you who knows yourself better than anybody else. Therefore, when you can wake up each and every morning, then you can walk each and every step, even though you are skeptical and fearful of taking or making them. Just move on and don't regret your past or your decisions, don't blame anyone and be truthful. Life will find its way, on its own.

There is also religious description which I can give which is quite different than any of the scriptures ever written but I must stop here.

Please let me know if you need further explanations and if you feel any thing confusing.

God bless you all !

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Quotes of the day

Dear all,

-”LIFE is four letters so is FCUK, LOVE is four letter so is PAIN.”

-”Those who wait for the right time to act on their life are doing nothing.”

-”Step up and move ahead, life is all about moving on and traveling all along like a bird.”

-”Each moment is precious to act, react and keep in tact, all those lives close to our own.”

-”Blessed are the peacemakers, politicians, diplomats, leaders, and gurus who are like our house elders performing duty on our request, anytime any moment.”

-”WE are branch of the same tree, a single common human tree where each of us try to divide from each other but only those branch stays alive which believes in its shared root.”

-”Confusion, doubt, misunderstanding, unhappiness, anxiety, … are result of dividing self, those who understand self are less likely to have above elements.”

-”Despite so much of differences like culture, race, language, religion, caste, creed, country, opinions, views and origin, Human beings must understand the power of WE.”

© Santosh Kalwar

God bless you all !

Earth Day

Earth Day
Oh dear Mother, Oh Sweet and humble Mother Earth
You gave us life, you are taking utmost care
With sincerity, peace and prosperity
We all belong to you, on this Earth day !

Nature teaches us everything,
Science, Religion and Scriptures
All are part of you and
All are from you
We all belong to you, on this Earth day !

Without your care, We are nothing
Without your share, we cannot sustain
Oh dear beautiful creator
Oh dear Mother Earth in Creation
We all belong to you, on this Earth day !
© Santosh Kalwar

God blesses you all,


God bless you all !


Dear all,


Oh Sweet human being,
Hello, said thou Stranger
Should thou speak? or
Should I wait him/her to speak?

I was born Stranger
I will die Stranger
Unknown is my name
Unknown is my country

Oh Sweet Stranger,
Why do you say so?
All thine life,
I am fed up with
Introduction, thee the Stranger!

All thine life
Been stranger to myself
Stranger I am, &
Stranger you are

Along the life
in the journey
We will share,
We will speak
We may become friends or foe
When our time is on limit

I am Stranger
Stranger to live
Unknown is my country
Unknown is me

Every words I make
You judge it,
I am stranger

You don’t know to trust yourself
how could you trust me?
I am just Stranger, dear!
In all the journey we take
I will still remain, as Stranger

Life is journey
We meet, We share
We care, We talk
After all this
Still we remain
Stranger, Stranger as Messenger

Oh dear beautiful Stranger
Why do you look upset?
I am upset with my behavior
Stranger they call me
Whenever I go, Whatever I do
Whoever I meet, Whatever they do

I am unheard, I am speechless
My mind is judged,
My virtues are observed
My institutions are useless
All those which belong to thine
Are like mirror reflection
Stranger thou met

When would they understand me?
I am Stranger as they are too
Better as we could grow, together
Love will shine, knowledge will brine
Wisdom will shout ! Holy Shit !

I am Stranger
Stranger to live
Unknown is my country
Unknown is me

Words are stranger,
Country is stranger
Strange life, strange peoples
land, religion, text, caste
Creed, sex, animals, home
Country, culture and all, stupid strangers

Alas, Strange and Strange
Holy Holy, Oh dear Holy
Everything is Strange
Strange thine life
Strange thee

Holy Stranger’s life
Good to be unknown
Better to be known
Worst to be well known

Stranger I am
Stranger they call me
Stupids, how could they know
I live in them
Trust, Faith, Happiness
lives in thee

Stranger I am
Stranger they call me

© Santosh Kalwar

God bless you all !

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Quotes of the day

-”Don’t say before you do and don’t do before you have done.”

-”Sometimes when we just want to do something, we may not do it but when we have done something and want to do more on the same thing, we may end up finishing that particular thing.”

-”Speak less do more and speak more when done.”

-”Listen good, speak good, feel good, smell good, touch good and finally you will end up being good.”

-”Everything that we want to accomplish has been already done by others and what we add up is our personal experience, teachings and lessons on top of those things.”

© Santosh Kalwar

Excerpts from Iran president’s speech at the U.N.

English translation of excerpts from Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad’s speech at the U.N. racism conference:

“Following World War II, they resorted to military aggression to make an entire nation homeless under the pretext of Jewish suffering. They sent migrants from Europe, the United States and other parts of the world in order to establish a totally racist government in the occupied Palestine. In fact, in compensation for the dire consequences of racism in Europe, they helped bring to power the most cruel and repressive racist regime in Palestine.”

“It is all the more regrettable that a number of Western governments and the United States have committed themselves to defend those racist perpetrators of genocide, while the awakened, conscious and free-minded people of the world condemn aggression, brutalities and bombardments of civilians of Gaza.”

“Ladies and gentlemen: What are the root causes of U.S. attacks against Iraq, or invasion of Afghanistan? Was the motive behind the invasion of Iraq anything other than the arrogance of the then-U.S. administration and the mounting pressures ... to expand their sphere of influence, seeking the interest of giant arms manufacturing companies, affecting another culture with thousands of years of historical background, eliminating potential and practical threats of Muslim countries against the Zionist regime? Or, to control and plunder energy resources of the Iraqi people. Why indeed were almost a million people killed and injured, and a few more millions were displaced and became homeless? Why indeed have the Iraqi people suffered enormous losses amounting to hundreds of billions of dollars? ... Wasn’t the military action against Iraq planned by the Zionists and their allies in the then-U.S. administration, in complicity with the arms manufacturing companies, and the owner of the world?”

“The United States and its allies not only have failed to contain the production of drugs in Afghanistan, but also the illicit cultivation of narcotics multiplied in the course of their presence. The basic question is what was the responsibility of the then-U.S. administration and its allies? Did they represent countries of the world? Have they been mandated by them? Have they been authorized on behalf of the people of the world to interfere in all parts of the globe, and of course mostly in our region? Aren’t these measures a clear example of egocentrism, racism, discrimination, or infringement on the dignity and independence of nations?”

Ladies and gentlemen: Who is responsible for the current global economic crisis? Where did the crisis start from? From Africa? From Asia? Or was it first from the United States?”

“Dear friends, today, the human community is facing a kind of racism that has tarnished the image of humanity. In the beginning of the third millennium, the world Zionism personifies racism that falsely resorts to religion, and abuses religious sentiment to hide their hatred and ugly faces. However, it is of great importance to bring into focus the political goals of some of the world’s powers and those who control huge economic resources and interests in the world, and mobilize all their resources, economic and political influence, and world media to render support in vain to the Zionist regime, and maliciously to diminish to indignity and disgrace this regime.”

Source: The Associated Press

Quotes of the day

-”Human beings should not judge other lives but they can read others mind to help their pain and sufferings.”

-”Those who judge others should know how to judge themselves.”

-”We cannot decide who is on right path and who is not because our own life is series of unexpected events passing through time, situation and circumstances.”

-”Life is from zero to one, sorrow to pain and love to happiness, passing all along with smile on face despite grief and unhappiness, deep below lies the quenching heart, which is flowing with energy and bloody rain.”

©Santosh Kalwar

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Song of the week-end

The Proclaimers

I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles) Lyrics

When I wake up yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who wakes up next to you
When I go out yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who goes along with you

If I get drunk yes I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who gets drunk next to you
And if I haver yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who's havering to you

But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walked 1000 miles
To fall down at your door

When I'm working yes I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who's working hard for you
And when the money comes in for the work I'll do
I'll pass almost every penny on to you

When I come home yeah I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who comes back home to you
And if I grow old well I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man who's growing old with you

But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walked 1000 miles
To fall down at your door

When I'm lonely yes I know I'm gonna be
I'm gonna be the man whose lonely without you
When I'm dreaming yes I know I'm gonna dream
Dream about the time when I'm with you.

But I would walk 500 miles
And I would walk 500 more
Just to be the man who walked 1000 miles
To fall down at your door

Image of the day

Quote of the day

”Everything that happens once and twice will happen thrice.”

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Forgetting and Forgiving

“Forgetting and Forgiving”
I forgot, you forgot, we all forgot
She forgot, what a tragedy
Missed the train, daddy is in pain
Got the call, Dear daddy is dead

Who will forgive me?
‘I am feeling shame’, said she
Was it my fault or was it unexpected?
I am feeling pain,
My sweet daddy loved me,

Oh dear god, help me to forget
please forgive my sin
I missed my train
everybody hates me,

I would be in pain, everyday
I want to feel the rain

Forgetting and forgiving insane
I will regret and cry till
My own life someone will forget
I will forgive him, I know the pain

Last chance to saw my sweet daddy
went in vain, unfortunate pain

My heart bleeds in the grief
Fire in my chest for my daddy’s love
Got consumed with so much grief and pain

Please forgive me, humans
Please let me forget that incident

I will never remember anything
I know how to forget and forgive
Life has turned into miracle,now
I know, when I am dead
Nobody would remember me,
they all will forget

I am an immortal soul
I will forgive them, all
Shapeshifting in wind of change
© Santosh Kalwar

Poem Insane

Poem insane
When I write, I bring joy in my readers face
In my face, peace and complete happiness
But hardly I give any such reflection
During those times, I am in pain
A Sick person who is insane, mad and dead

Every single letter forms, an word
Every word, combines other words, to become sentence
and every sentence, should have meaning
Life is all about understanding such meanings
Sometimes we laugh, sometimes we cry

Writers job is to show the golden light
In rain, In pain,
When I am alone, its my computer and my pen

I am sorry this became, a poem
I beg you, please do not think as blame
Trust me as you trust god
I am your friend, in pain
This insane writing, which turned into poem

Stop it, Oh dear please stop it
Said,”tiny little brain”

Fingers are moving like
Wind in rain

Sweet poem and blesses sweet readers
Oh dear funny writer, said one beautiful lady
I am greatful for your honors
Should I bend my knees and say,’Thank you’
or Should I just send you
my, ‘Warm Wishes and Happiness’
© Santosh Kalwar

Obama Full Speech on the Economy

Monday, April 13, 2009

Relationship poem

Waiting, thinking, and remembering our old memories
Oh dear love, you were moonshine in my reality
I am alone now, you are alone too
Expect the unexpected said the old guy at zoo
In relationships, which is long long ship
Sometimes you were not there, Sometimes I was missing too ”


Sunday, April 12, 2009

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Metallica: Fade To Black

Fade To Black lyrics
Songwriters: Burton, Clifford Lee; Hammett, Kirk L; Hetfield, James Alan; Ulrich, Lars;

Life it seems will fade away
Drifting further every day
Getting lost within myself
Nothing matters, no one else

I have lost the will to live
Simply nothing more to give
There is nothing more for me
Need the end to set me free

Things not what they used to be
Missing one inside of me
Deathly lost, this can't be real
Cannot stand this hell I feel

Emptiness is filling me
To the point of agony
Growing darkness taking dawn
I was me but now he's gone

No one but me can save myself
But it's too late
Now I can't think
Think why I should even try

Yesterday seems as though
It never existed
Death greets me warm
Now I will just say goodbye

Happy Easter, Happy New Year (2066), Happy ...

Dear all,

Happy Easter to you all (human beings), and to all animals (birds, lions, elephants, ants,...) and to all other living beings (plants, objects, nature, climate, rain, lake, sea, stars, universe, sun,..)

"I am in pain and I know how it feels to be in pain. I bless you, you will never have pain in your life, after me." -Mybheja

Below is the poem which states that,

An old man is begging Lord, to take away his life. He cannot commit sucide because he is very old and he does not have love in his life so he is begging from lord to give him death, as soon as possible. I hope his prayers will be fulfilled.

(Afterwards, the poorest guy in earth will never appear anywhere...)

I beg you lord
I am begging for god to take away my life
I do not want to live, without love
Man who lives oneday and dies the same day
I am powerless, without energy
Oh love, why is it so difficult?
Differences dividing us

When would world understand?
Love is beyond any culture, age and religion
Love is very simple, beautiful
Your face with early morning sunrise
Your love for love

I do not want to live any longer
I don't know, why I am alive?
I am without you, you are without me
We need each other,
World is dividing thee

I am hoping beyond hope
You might just change your heart
Road ahead is difficult
Trust me, I am your only one

I am your only happiness,
Time will tell

There are two ways that you can choose
Easy is very easy and difficult very difficult
Easy will lead you to sorrow and pain, the end.
Difficult will ask you,"Kill yourself.", the beginning.

Mr. Happy and Mr. Difficult are best friends,
True loving friends, they live together, forever
Mr. Easy and Mr. Happy are enemies
False loving friends, they hate each other, ever and ever

Decide from your heart
I beg you lord, take away my soul from this useless body
I know now, the meaning of pain
Every time, I wake up I beg you to take away my life
I beg you lord, life is useless without love

A smile, a touch, a kiss, a hug
All are missing, for so long
I am begging you lord, to give me death
For so long,

I hope she will be happy
I know she will not be
Between "hope" and "knowing"
I am nobody who should decide
Her fate and her life
I am in pain and I know now, meaning of pain

I want to die but I cannot kill myself
I am too coward who fears death
O dear lord, I beg you to give death
I beg you lord, I beg you.

This human life, is for moment
In this moment, is my story
I am living in this moment
My story is living with me
Oneday, I will fade away
My story will fade away with me

I beg you lord, take away my life
I don't need this flesh, without soul
I don't need this world, without her love
I hate, cry, feel pain, suffer than
your sons has ever suffered,
Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mohmaad ...

I beg you lord, please take away my life
I beg you lord, I beg you...

© Santosh Kalwar

God blesses you !


God bless you, all !

Friday, April 10, 2009

What is love?

In response to Paulo's blog on title, "Trying to control soul", here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Paulo,

I am sorry, I forgot to read the title, "Trying to control the soul."

-Nobody should control the soul and those who will control will never get true love.

-Yes I agree,....

-Below is the poem created instantly by poorest author in entire universe but richest author in his true human soul.

What is Love?
love has no diffences and
love is pure and unconditional.
love is the beauty in early morning sunrise,
love is sacrifise at the same time prayer,

love is love and more you love, love
love, you will find true love,
love has no gain and love has no pain,
love has no culture and love will always remain

More I can give in love, happier I become
Oh dear love, so charmismatic and beauty
Any words ever sworn
Love is healer, love is magic
All I have to say now, love will never find tragic

Love is in me, love is in you
love can change, change in itself
Love has no opinions
Neither it has age

Love is love
I am love, you are love
I and Me, belong to love of "WE"
Your love belongs to me,
My love belongs to you..

I am poor every time I fail in love
Richer every time, you make me rise in love
Love is love
All we need is love
Love is in simplicity, love is in smile
Love is in music, no religion it divides

Love is in giving, love is in taking
Love is love
All we need is love
Love can embrass, love can depress
Love can bring hope,
To all the races

Love is love
All we need is love


Quotes of the day :Easter Special

Jesus was crucified for humanity, I am being crucified for love.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Today's Poem, Tomorrow's golden art

In response to article at Nytimes with title, "Recession Anxiety Seeps Into Everyday Lives".

Here is what Mybheja has to say-


Yes I know.., I have been suffering too ...

Hope this Virus of Anxiety and Depression will spread to all the humanity afterwards, we will be same.

Today's Poem, Tomorrow's golden art
As we are loosing Humanity
Time will tell, when we will regain Orginality
Simplicty, Beauty and ... are just words
With life at risk, diseases to curse

No jobs, No plans, No money
Mr. President talks only,
It would not fill up our tummy
Anyways, He is not suffering as We all are
Life has become more painful

Yes we can, was his slogan
Yes we can, change...
See everywhere there is change
Change in human body (Anxiety, Depression)
Change in world economy (Cuts, Recession)
Change in Presidency (African, American)
Change in Climate (Italy, Global Warming)

Why are you being blind?
Since times have "changed"
No jobs, No money, No security
Isn't this change, Oh dear honey!
Change in life and death (Sucides at rise)
Yes we can...

This poem speaks of sorrow
Why should you care?
What do you say, Mr. President?

Writer's life morrows
Unemployment is giving headache
I have taken pain as my food
& Tears as my drink, till tommorrow...
Yes, we can
What is left to change now?
I know you said, "I am listening"
Good for your ears but
how would it sustain humanity?
Big talks, big plans "for long term"
Ha Ha Ha...

Wholy Holy...Oh dear Holy..
When I will die young, soon with anxiety and pain,
When would your those big plans and talks
Make any difference,, When?


The comment was not accepted by Nytimes Editor... (How can some one accept the reality?....)

God bless you all !

Questions and Answers

In response to Question asked by Reader: Rosa at Paulo's blog, here is what mybheja has to say-

Q)Does living have any finality? Do I truly have a mission? Or is my passage in this world a matter of chance?

A)Yes, it does have finality. Yes, you truly belive in your mission.

Nothing is matter of chance and there are never coincidences. Whatever we may assume as chace or coincidences were our own "decisions" based on the course of life.

We are born and we start to learn slowly, then we know our homes, our family, our relatives. We start to know that we have a name and everybody around us also have names, our knowledge then increases by visiting school, churches or temples. We see problems in daily lives, we choose a path or dream or our career. The path which we choose never happens by chances because in all those path, we are the ones who are responsible for our decisions, no body else. So, embrace it, protect it and live every day with full of joy and happiness.

I heard that, Jesus said, "I will take all of your sins and I am going to suffer for you all..." Let us assume for a moment that, he was Lying.., Nobody even God will not take a single human suffering because God is also suffering like each one of us.

(If you want more detail, then post comments here I will explain more.)

Humanity even for animals

In response to article posted at Nytimes about, "Humanity Even for Nonhumans", here is what My bheja has to say-

Dear Mr. Kristof,

Good article, atleast I can see that "a human is thinking about an animal."

Life is life either it is in animal or human beings. If you will ask me then I believe that there is life in Objects too, (please do not think I am mad..)

I do not want to elaborate "How objects around us have life?" theory now... But let me say-

We have been discussing a lot in the world, either it is Europe or America about Animal rights.., it is good start. (to reach on my theory of Object rights later...,)

Animal being has a life and when they are feeling sad, when they are getting depleted around most of the jungles and when they are cured properly there will be lack of balance in Nature.

Most of the human beings are non-vegetarians and I have different opinion on either you have to become vegetarians or non-vegetarians. (Leave them to human being personal interest.)

Most of the times, I have heard news on print and media that, Human beings should go non-veg, which is rather funny and disgusting. Come on when you are sometimes, thinking too much on animal rights, you will then forget human rights too.

So, for animal rights save them.., protect them and take care of them.., educate in the developing world of having less babies and atleast adopt one animal in their homes.

I am human and I know what I feel but imagine yourself being an animal. Let us imagine that I am dog, now if I am dog than would I like to with human being? I have my own society, so called society of dogs.., I have my own community of dogs and how would i feel when i have swing my tails all the time to ask for food.

Have you ever thought like that? Before talking about animal rights think of being an animal first.

Yes, I have my feelings because I am dog now but I would love to be with my family, my dog society. Let us not imagine, I am pigeon, a bird. Many of human being like them, they want to keep them in their house but have your ever felt how it would to be, yourself a pigeon.

All those "great writers and great politicians" who talk about Animal rights has to first "think" carefully of being "an animal" and then raise awarness "for their rights".

Everything in excess is bad. Please show your sympathy to animals which will bring balance in Nature and climate. Please show your respect to Mr. Dog or Mr. Pigeon or Mr. Lion since it will also show you the respect by providing balance in Nature.

Anyways, I must stop now- I am not getting paid for all these brilliant ideas as you are, by Nytimes.

God bless you all !

Obama to push immigration bill despite risk

In response to article published at Nytimes, on title- "Obama to Push Immigration Bill Despite the Risks". Here is what My bheja has to say-

Dear Ms. Preston,

Good for those who are suffering and has been declared illegal immigrants. Bad for those who are suffering and are legal immigrants.

Let me explain this phenomenon by a simple example-

Mr. A is good guy, he is higly educated and he has a dream. His dream is an American dream. A dream to visit United States of America and work in America. He does not want to hate, blame, do any wrongdoings to American people or the land of oppotunity. He is selfish as all normal human beings are, today. He could not visit United states since he belong to different part of world. He tried to for the firs time in his life to cross the borders, illegally. Now he has been succesfull. He promised with himself, he will never do any illegal activities in his own life time, now onwards.

After five or ten years of struggle in America, he is still an illegal immigrant. He knows that he will not get legal status and he again thinks of getting the benefits all those American gets from the goverment. But, there are no rules for this game to change...

Until oneday, a new guy comes in the goverment and his vision and motives are only, "Change.." He talks about great words of wisdom, he inspires all the fellow Americans and motivates them to bring new HOPE and new Opportunities for all of them.. (those who are legal immigrants and those who are illegal)

But the road ahead is difficult, there are lot of crisis in America, presently (Economic crisis, Job cuts, ...)

Mr. A is stranger and he has only 1% of Hope that one day, he and his children will become a "legal" citizen of America. One day, he will wake up and feel proud that the path he choose to leave his own country and visit the "land of opportunity" has become TRUE.

Despite differences, despite loads of struggle..,

A human being either in Third world,.. or First world.., is just a human being.

Together with any other human being, We need to shake hands and solve greater problems of the world.

If I was Mr. President, I would have given Legal status to all those who are helping America to remain Number 1 country in the World.

But again, If I was a legal immigrant of America, I will be scared. I will have to fight and perform better than Mr. A, I would have to be "best" among the rest of human being.

Finally, I would suggest all those fellow Americans who does not want such illegal immigrants to be legal to think from the point of view of those who want to become "legal immigrant" and also to think "what difference will it make to them?"

Let us see, if Mr. A dreams becomes reality, what else he can do except to have a faith in new the rays of Hope to see sunlight..

God bless you all !

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fear of Death

In response to Paulo's Stories, here is what My bheja has to say-

Dear Paulo,

Good.., it is good for ourselves.., Don’t be mad on me for stating it is good but I know, it is good to see the death close to your eyes. (Why? and why am I saying this, will be discussed later sometimes…)

-”Live in moment, every day is the new beginning of life and every night is the end of life.”

-”Those who have not seen death close to their eyes will never live with full potentials.” (I can see some eybrows raised..)

-”Most of us fear death and those who speak of not fearing death are simply lieying.” (…”109 Quotes, 07 Poems and a Song of despari…”)

Well, I should stop writing too may quotes since I may just end of writing another book of quotes. I need to finish my first Novel as per the resolution this year…, Excuse Me…, :)

God bless you all !

Present Situations

In response to Nytimes article, Striking It Poor

Here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Ms. Dowd,

Yes, Rich are getting richer and poor are getting poorer.

There are crisis everywhere economic meltdown, job supression and lack of proper education in many school and colleges.

When Mr. President, speaks more of "confidence" he has in him and his fellow Americans, those words of "philosophy" or the "words of wisdom" are only plesant to ears but they will not fill up your tummy.

As I am stranger, I do not want to give harse remark on the situation, America is facing or people of America are facing but I would just say,

These days are just good enough days where we are thinking of present day to day, "living condition" and be preapred for the Worse, which is yet to come...

As North Korea wanted to get some attention by blewing up rocket missile, Mother Nature was trying to catch our eyes, by blewing up thousands of home in Italy, where more than two hundred people are killed. (Who is to blame for all this?)

We live in society or so called "civilized society" where most of the times, "I" and "My" are more important for us than, "WE".

Let us wake up and help those who are in need, even though you will not have credit card of huge bank balance but you don't need them, at all.

You just need a loving heart and inside your loving heart you are never poor.

God bless you all !

Mobile toilets

With the reference to news story “Mobile toilets boon for city” (April 7, Page 3), it is good to know that one mobile toilet has already been installed at Tundikhel and nine more are on their way. This will indeed be a boon for the city-dwellers, mainly pedestrians. In addition, I would be happy if someday we can see public phones on which we can make local calls by inserting one rupee coins.

Published: The Kathmandu Post
Letters to the Editor.

Where on earth is Osama bin laden?

This is very hot topic and very interesting for all those secret agents. Everybody in the world is searching an answer for one question, where on earth is Osama bin laden? I do not know how much the name of this man has made impact in the world. I know you will not listen to me and why should you listen to me? “I know where he is but I will not tell.” Said Mr. A now where you hear such remark from Mr. A then we start to judge the various clouds of elements behind Mr. A, we will ask about his religion, about his culture, country, background, his education and almost everything until and unless we will he will have to come up and say that, “He is near Afghanistan and Pakistan border the place is called Chitral.”

Still, people will doubt him and will not believe him. How can a man be in mountains hidden for more than eight years now? Come on guys, don’t be stupid said one of the friend when we were gossiping about finding Mr. Bin laden. “The mission is not impossible since we are young generation of guys who will do whatever it takes to eradicate extremisms or terrorism from the globe.” Said Mr. B. Now, with so much of talks going on around the world to find out Mr. laden, why the results have been ZERO (0)?

What if we ask ourselves that, there is no person like Mr. laden, it is the fake identity presented to world. The world has seen him through images, news media and listen him through radios but will you believe if we just for a moment will accept on stating that, “Mr. laden is not the real identity.”

Now, again- you will start to doubt and human mind is never satisfied with such a general thinking. Mr. C asked then, “if Mr. laden is fake identity then who is real Mr. Laden”.
“Good question” replied Mr. S.K. and further continued saying,
“See, the world is very small and the people could be made very easily fool and stupid, just deliver your message with fake picture and voice but without revealing your own true identity, Simple.”
Mr. C was more confused and again, asked-
What do you mean by that? Can you elaborate more, please!

“When Jesus said, “I speak the truth and … I am going to take sins of all my people…” Was he really speaking the truth then?” what is the method to validate the “TRUTH”?” replied back Mr. S.K with question to Mr. C

Mr. C did not know the answer and said simply, “I do not know”.

“I predicted your answer before you were going to say, ‘I do not know.’, the world of politics is run by the same approach, where the politicians predict public concerns before they will make any public announcements.” replied Mr. S.K.

“Wow, Sounds very interesting…” said, Mr. C

“Yes, I know.., there are speculations that Mr. Laden is in Chitral, which is border region near Afghanistan and Pakistan. There is also speculation that he is near some place in Pakistan.

How stupid humans have become, and I really feel pity for them….” Was what Mr. S.K answered but he was not clear in his tone of stating the answer. He wanted to reveal and say to the world that he knows the exact location of Mr. laden existence but he stopped. Finally he said,
Come on guys, stop being fooled by our leaders.., stop being fooled by news media and newspaper since their industry and country runs by selling papers. Just use your common sense and see the bigger picture.., you will get an answer suitable to your heart..,
Finally, if you will not be able to find Mr. laden, come to me and I will let you know the “TOP-SECRET FILE”

All the members in the group discussion session clapped Mr. S.K. speech and his story of how he found Mr. Osama bin Laden.


Dear all,

-”Give me bread to eat and I will give you ideas to research.”


“Bread and wine,
Music rhymes
Life sucks
Moment of despair..,

Vanity is at stake
Potentials of Next War
Between religions and boundaries
Human lives at bake..”


God bless you all !

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

You Are Holy (Prince of Peace)

You are holy (you are holy)
You are mighty (you are mighty)
You are worthy (you are worthy)
Worthy of praise (worthy of praise)
I will follow (I will follow)
I will listen (I will listen)
I will love you (I will love You)
All of my days (all of my days)

I will sing to
And worship
The King who is worthy
I will love and adore Him
And I will bow down before Him
And I will sing to and worship the King who is worthy
And I will love and adore Him
And I will bow down before Him
You're my prince of peace
And I will live my life for You

(Girls behind guys:)
You are lord of lords
You are king of kings
You are mighty God
Lord of everything

You are Emmanuel
Lord of great I am
Noble Prince of Peace
Who is the Lamb

You are the saving God
You are my saving grace
You will reign forever
You are ancient and great

You are Alpha, Omega, Beginning and End
You are my Savior, Messiah, Redeemer, and Friend

You are my prince of peace and I will live my life for you.

You are holy (you are holy)
You are mighty (you are mighty)
You are worthy (you are worthy)
Worthy of praise (worthy of praise)
I will follow (I will follow)
I will listen (I will listen)
I will love you (I will love You)
All of my days (all of my days)


Monday, April 6, 2009


Dear all,

Signs and symbols are the way we try to intrepret the meaning in our life. A sign for each individual is different and will have different meaning with different signs and symbols.

+Signs are good way to follow where one is heading in one's life.
+Signs can sometimes mis-direct your path but still the signs of heart will always get back you to the right track.
+Those who does not see any signs, are simply following their heart- it does not necessarily means you are not being watched. Every individual is watched and taken full care by the creator.
+Life is full of uncertainity and with every new situations we might just indulge ourselves with difficulty but during those times, remember to listen to yourself rather than any object.

God bless you all !

Today's Relationship

A Young handsome man was walking down the hill, near the country side in west virginia, CA., He was just watching the scenery and beautiful hill side. He was watching without any differences in his mind, his eyes caught attention to one couple who were fighting on the top of their roof.

He started to look after those two couples and thought, "why are these two humans fighting?" he visualized his own life and relationship. He remembered, once his wife also did the same and went very far from her. She killed herself., It was not young handsome's man fault neither it was his wife's fault, during those times, both of them were going through bad crisis (Economy, depression, job cuts, recession, natural disaster and most importantly fear of death) When so many negative things were popping up and down like a popcorn in their head; definately, there was going to be misunderstanding betweens couple.

Young handsome man went close to these two couples who were fighting (on the top of the roof) and said,

"Hey two of you, what are you doing?" he asked.
"It is none of your business, son." replied the man from the roof.
"I know that is not my business, you both are fighting for nothing- I can solve your problem."
"What? tell us how?" asked the man
"You both, Jump from the top of that roof." replied the young man and started to move on.

Both the couples who were fighting on the top of roof, now started to look close to each other and stopped the fighting.

What is the lesson from the story?