Tuesday, September 29, 2009

What is in your hand?

What is in your hand?
A poor boy watched his hand and said,
"Nothing, it seems to be empty"
See it again
"Well, nothing"
Use your rubber brain
OKay, you can see there is nothing in your hand but think
what can you do with your hand?
I can write, I can paint, I can create
Good, that is what is in your hand
Then, Just do it.
Rest is imagination !

To do

I am going
To do
Till when?
Why only today?
I wished for it
Now is the time
For what?
To do

Nobody gives damn

Nobody gives damn about anything in this world,
Everybody is either buying or selling,
Friends are smiling without being very open,
Love is shining without being physically near,
Parents are helping thinking for future gain,
Life has become miserable suffering all nights and days

Nothing is permanent and nothing will last long,
Today, as my conscious are present,
Every dog will laugh when he is near or far away,
Tomorrow when I am gone, this is what they will say-
“he was good or he was bad”,
I will listen what these ass fuckers will say,
But I will remain silent and invisible as gay,
Only thing, I will do at that time
Will take my revenge by making what these fucking conscious human say’s,
Coincidence, this can happen only when unknown invisible will do something
To living conscious human being which might go in pain

Monday, September 14, 2009

Quotes of the day

-Do what others think is not possible, think what others do is stupid.

-Life is not in forecasting who you will be, life is in casting who you are now.

-God is not THIS or THAT, God is you.

-Those who are fucked up in life, depressed and sad. Let them wake up even though in dark nights because they last very last.

-Divided we are,
Separated we belong,
Love is unexpected,
Might have to live along,
Greatest sins is nothing,
Love and only love,
Will Spring, in Spring
Maybe we will never see,
Maybe we will never touch,
Maybe we will never kiss,
But I will remember what we did
I will remember what we talked,
To find love, My love



Where is the Heaven asked Paulo?
Poor boy replied, I don’t know.
Where is then Hell asked Mother?
Poor boy replied, I don’t know.
Where is the Heaven and Hell asked Wife?
Poor boy replied, I don’t know.
Many of the times, many of his friends asked-
Where is the heaven or hell?
Poor boy repeatedly said, I don’t know.

After twenty seven years,

Poor boy was speaking to himself,

Whatever I am doing, Whatever I am creating
Is this making any impact on anyone?
Is this harming any one?
Maybe, It hasn’t
Good, said Poor boy
How am I going to find Heaven or Hell?
Should I be first dead?
Or, Should I wait till I experience Near Death,
Should I fall in love?
Or, Should I tear my heart apart?
Should I go pilgrimage and find out from Gods?
Or, Should I listen none?
Where are you Heaven?
He looks up in the sky and repeatedly asks,
Where are you Heaven?
Then, again,
Where are you Hell?
No answer, No answer
He shouts and asks again
No answer
He shouts more and more
No answer
Then somebody from Neighbourhood
Says, “Stop shouting and let us sleep”

He says, “Sorry”;
Goes back in his room
Where he lives,
Find nothing but silence in the question he wants to fix,
He looks at pictures,
He listens radio,
He laughs and finally he knows the answer, indeed
He laughs and says, Yes there is Heaven
Yes, there is hell

The question is not where?
The question is where not?

Our idea deep rooted in our heart
Needs to get updated first

Self Love, Self motivation, Self Sacrifice,
Self Help, Self romance, Self learning,
Self Satisfaction….

Self Satisfaction…He stops singing…

This is where it ends…

We have our life, a golden two hands, two legs,
a beautiful gazing eyes, a beautiful body

bread and butter to make it more tasty,

work to live and sustain our life which is little thirsty,
But it does not stops there since we want always something
A good journey, a nice ride, a beautiful husband or wife,
a father, a mother, a friend or group of friends,
we go far beyond to search and search for everything

But we come to an end which begs us and says, “Satisfaction”



What are you talking about?

Yes, Satisfaction….

Come on, Paulo will kill you, He asked to talk about “Heaven and Hell”, Not Satisfaction, idiot !

No, No, I am not worried- Satisfaction…

Stop it..



Yes, it is satisfaction

What satisfaction?

Self, Others, My, Yours, Everyone’s, Gods and No Gods, Nature, Science, Religion ….


Yes, Satisfaction…

Where is then Heaven or Hell?

Before you go back to sleep exhausted or non-exhausted, ask

“Were you satisfied today?”

Yes, Good

No, Very Good


Come on, You must know the answer…


God bless you all !

Friday, September 4, 2009

Some parents oppose obama speech to students

In response to the article published on Nytimes on title,"Some Parents Oppose Obama Speech to Students", here is what mybheja has to say-

Mr. President might be doing too much of socialist activities like giving speech for students to encorage and stay in school. But I think, he should more focus on the bigger issues of resolving extremisim and terrorism rather than doing self help.

One cannot deny that encouraging activities should always be left to parents not president or director of any political party or the saints.

However, listening is good thing to do and children could just liten to president or any religious authority, by doing that- they will get more knowledge on choosing the best things for them.

In today's context, children are not naive, they know what is good for them and what is bad for them.., President should also know that the children whom he is talking too are the children of greatest nation in the world and they are grown in the age of communications and the Internet. They can figure out for themselves the best advices from gaurdians.

Whatever be the case and rumor, I see this as positive and negative. Positive in the sense that one can preasume children, with decision making capabilites. Nobody has rights to give them "too much of advices" and Negative in the sense, "let the children be children, let them play, let them have fun, let them do things in there own way..." that is the beauty of childrens. Nobody has right to tell them what they should do, not even God.

One wise man once said, "I don't know where is god and who is god but whenever I see in the eyes of lauging child, I feel god in him."

In short, let the children be children and let them decide what is best for them.

I am your only satisfaction

You may want to go,
I won’t let you go,
When you want to give up,
I won’t let you give up,
When you feel this is too much,
I won’t let you feel,
This is even enough,
When you feel your love will never work,
I will work even harder,
When you will feel lonely,
I will feel lonely too,
When you will feel sad,
I will feel sad too,
When your mum won’t let you be with me,
I will ask you to decide on your own,
When nobody will accept us,
I will stop listening to nobody,
When life will give up,
I will ask life to wake up
When everything will fall apart,
I will pick up every dust to make home in sand
Just understand little more,
Just try to be spend time together,
Little more,
You will then know,
Your choice isn’t so bad,
Your decision isn’t so bad,
Your love isn’t like others,
Your honey is forever
Forever, forever and forever
Till the existence of the universe,
Till the existence of moon,
Till the very existence of sunlight,
I am your, nobody tonight
But I am hoping to be at your side,
O my bright and beautiful light,
Bless you with affection and care,
Bless with you happiness and love,
Bless with you satisfaction
Which matters, most
When will you ever understand?
This poor life is only satisfaction alive
Nobody is satisfied,
Except this poor life
Nobody will ever make you happy,
Just this poor life will,
How do I know all this?
I took the train which goes along
Which travels very fast?
And is expensive at every instance,
This is how people should live
But let’s not be worried,
About what others think,
Let us move along this difficult journey,
I guarantee you; I am your only satisfaction
O dear honey, O my bright eternal light,
Yes, My sunlight, Yes,
I am your only satisfaction
Which will collide?
Which will fight?
In darkest of dark nights,
I will ease your pain,
I will do whatever it takes,
Just let me be me,
Let us move on with thee,
Welcome abroad on my journey,
We will see and divide the problem
Whatever it would be