Sunday, August 31, 2008

Know yourself better.

To those who do not know what is life. To those who do not know what is love. To those who do not know what is relationship. To those who do not know what is friendship. To those who do not know what is sharing. To those who do not know what is ..

I have only one thing to say- live in simplicity.It is the best way to live a life. You do not know about many great things in life,then you know what it means to be alive. If you know what all these factors mean then you are assuming something from your perspective which does not mean anything.

The difference between the things and the perception that is our perceptions are two different things. It does not have to be one or single. It does not have to get matched.

It can match sometimes but many of the times it does not match. Ask what is love to that women who is waiting her husband to return back after a year or two, Ask that person who is in desert thirsty and do not have water; what is thirst, ask that person who is in war; what is life.

These people will tell you about the proper definition of life, love, thirst,relationship and so on.

Whatever we define is based on our perspective which does not give the real meaning of these aspects in life. Whatever way we want to put it. Life comes with full of suprises and it every corner you will meet different people with different style of there own.

To start any kind of the relationship, first important thing is to understand the person. Ask, try to know what kind of person he/she is. Try to figure out his own goals, or dreams, and now after you realized or did your homework on this particular person. Now, you can think of your own goals, dreams,aims and match these with the other person. Do you really now want to be with the person ? Is it only the sex which will keep your relationship alive ? Well, think about it again.

Even though we are in relationship with person, we always the appreciate the beautiful girls, we always like the ones with good boobs and good hips. It is our Nature. Acutally, it is the mens nature.

To show to others I am very much committed in the relationship and to just simply speak the truth is different again. Therefore, it is always good to know or understand yourself. The biggest question now is-how ?

Well, that remains with you. It is upto you to know or understand yourself. I am leaving it upto you to know yourself better.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

do you think that in order to believe in yourself you have to renounce first to all other beliefs?

People talk, people say but I do not have words to talk and the people to say anything. Every day has the new beginning and every body see the new day as the totally new. The journey between the two person can lead to one destination or can also not lead to any other destination.

While I was writing the blog here I visited the Paulo's blog and I found the question of the week-
do you think that in order to believe in yourself you have to renounce first to all other beliefs?

Here is what I have to say in response to his questions.

Before asking if God exist or not or do we really believe in God ask that-Do we exist in this planet ? "I don't believe in Mantra .. I don't believe in Jesus.. I don't believe in Beatles .." all these verse are of the Single person who says he does not believe in any one except him.

To believe in yourself, is the first lesson of "believing". The first thing any humans should do is to believe themselves and then if necessary believe in others.

If somebody is asking me, the question- who are you ? I would simply say- "I am nobody". It is because I do not know who am I. I am no one to everybody. I do not know who am I ? The first lesson is alway to understand your self. Learn from you and then see what that means in real world.

Life from the start to the end is full of lesson. We learn, we then think weather we should share or not the lesson that we have learned in our life. In the process of understanding "sharing" we forget that we are not going to take anything from this earth.

We came empty handed and we will go empty handed. It does not mean that we should feel depressed and become lonely and live in silence but it means that we should first understand ourselves.

There were no God and there would be no God. It is just our imagination. There were no power and there would be no powerful human being existing in this earth to save our lives.

There would be only us, there would be only the Nature. There would be only the rocks, mountains, river, trees and so on which would be existing forever and ever. It will not go anywhere. Any super power we are going to get tomorrow is from the Nature, to the Nature and on the Nature.

Understanding oneself is very essential to understand those who we believe in like Jesus, Buddha, and many more. The first question for those who ask the religion, I would ask them is- "who are you?". If anyone can answer me who he/she is then surely he will be able to answer the question weather or not they believe in God or not.

Any power can be achieved from the mother earth, any power can be achieved from the Nature and any kind of power will be destroyed by the Nature again. I recommend Nature because it has many different meaning. One is Environment which we can see by our senses and other is our own which we have to feel by ourselves.

Believing or not believing is not the question but it is the matter of trust. How often do you trust the person who said once to you that- he will never have an affair with another women in his entire life and the Next day you see the same person sleeping with the some body else in her bed.

The human who will do anything for the "words that once came from his mouth" is the real human. Just try it one day and see if you will be able to do it. If you will then, you believe in yourself.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A day

The day rises with the fresh thinking on the name of the God, The god of everything, He desire then goes on to fulfill the desire unfulfilled. It passes at every new steps and each new step is the lesson learned.

As every day I look at my horoscope this is what they have to say about me today-

"There's no getting around it; this is going to be a day of hard work! At the end of the day you may feel completely exhausted, but you can smile to yourself and say "I've accomplished a tremendous amount today! You are so inspired that you do the work of three people, and even manage to wrap up some old files that you hadn't dared open for awhile. Ideas come to you with ease, and you make the most of them. Well done!"

I do not know what those statements means for the fresh start of the day. It says that it is going to be the day of hard work and that is absolutely correct. It is correct that every new day is different and people do many things differently in all the new day. I hope I will manage to get that two words which says- "Well done" but will it be really that way.

Will it work in the way I thought it should work or would it even match those as said. How many of us believe that it works as it should work or how many of do not believe anything at all. Everything we do and everything we want to do are not the same many of the times.

I remembered yesterday few lines which were inspiring for some reason but I do not know what was that.

It is good to see what the "stars" are saying for the day but many of the times it does not happen in the way we want them to happen simply because there is something unpredictable going on all the time,every moment,every time and all the time.

Every work has something new way of doing it. It is good experience to experience. It is good that people are alive and living as the normal life. I have seen the difference in the people who are from east and the people who are from the west. I do not know the connection but people are motivated

There is no difference between whites and black, only difference lies in our eyes. Inside the white there is black and inside black there is white. I do not see any connection. I do not know why there is fights for the racism, I do not know why. Why people are looking after the differences and not the similarities. What is the main reason that people are looking after peoples in different ways.

People are same every where and the difference is not today of culture, country, race or religion. The difference is within us. The greatest difference we create lives in our mind constantly and that has to be eliminated.

As mind keeps on changing we keep on changing our activity related to our mind too. The process continues in the similar fashion.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tutoring in LUT ...

"You are currently torn between the idea of living alone in the world, free to lead the life that you see fit, and the idea of sharing your life and path with someone else. This question will continue to come up in your life, and will be especially nagging during periods when you are not pursuing a creative activity. Interesting connection, don't you think?"

How am I currently torn between the ideas of living alone in the world ? I know that living along seems very good idea but I think it is very simplest of answer from the difficult puzzle of problems in our every day life.

Well, to some extent yes but how done one find the connection between living along and nagging during the periods when we are not pursuing a creative activity.

"Today you may be feeling a little stressed out and not your usual self. This could well bring a rush of sympathy from your current love partner, who'll probably want to stay in and take care of you. This solicitousness could cause you to feel a rush of warmth, affection, gratitude, and physical passion. The latter may wake you up to the fact that you're already getting better. Have fun!"

The first and the last paragraphs are the statement given to me by the God. He says those facts and he explains what I am going through today during these 24 hours circle. To some extent that is absolutely true. It is true that I am not feeling good and I have little more stress than usual. I do not know who loves whom or what love is so I could not currently explain what love is.

May be every thing depends on time and time will only tell when to do what. When you are handling multiple task at the time surely one will feel the stress in the body also in the mind. The act of knowing or understanding something is very important to understand or even start to behave in proper manner.

Lot of new faces are coming up in the University now, loads of achievements, plans and dreams are in those eyes which look very innocent to me.

I do not know how long it will take to reveal the secrets behind those innocent eyes. It might take some time for all those new people to get used to the environment, with the people, with the ordinary and extra-ordinary lecturers, with new city and many more stuffs.

I hope God bless them all who have the dreams in there eyes to think big, and to do well not only for themselves but for every one around them. I hope that all those dreams of those want it in any cost would be fulfilled with very less tears during the winter of the Lappeenranata.

I hope all those dreams would one day become reality again, with the early morning rise of Sun during the summer soon. I hope all no body would be left with the dreams unfulfilled. I simply hope I would see the smiling faces every day I meet these new people, I hope in hope...

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Learn by observation

Yesterday, was long gone and today is what is left. I would like to write something about the yesterday, I had to pick up new student from Nepal and I was just going to pick up him. In the meantime, My dear friend gave me the ring. Before he gave me the ring, I was just thinking it would be so nice If I can call him and ask for the help to pick this guy from the railway station.

Now when I was just moving to catch a bus, he called me and as I wanted the help; asked him about the help, I knew he will not say no. At one moment I thought, why did I asked for help, I did not listen what he has to say but I asked for the help immediately. Then again, I thought; well, it is quite fine because the people who loves to give does not expect anything in return.

It was so nice of him that he came and we went together to pick this new guy from the railway station to his room. As this time around in Lappeenranata City many new students are arriving for the new session and to start the career in the reputed university.

"The people who speak much, does not speak anything". The same holds true for many of the Finns simply because they do not speak much and this is the very first thing one has to observer first and learn next.

One of the key for the visit of any country is first to understand the surrounding or the environment. "The person who can learn by observation can create his own culture". Therefore, it is important to learn by observation. When I first visited the Lappeenranata I was looking around, I was not listening to what those people have to say who came to receive me at Railway station. I was just observing the environment, then slowly I realized that I have to the place I always wanted to come.

First and foremost thing to understand is to understand yourself. The person who do not understand himself will not understand others. It is difficult to say how can you understand yourself since no body is there to teach you or guide you. So, it is important to observe yourself- all your day to day activites what you spoke, what you did and what made you feel laugh or smile. This way you will look within yourself.

I gave few points and suggestion to those who came to start the new career in the city of Lappeenranata. Beforehand, my friend gave all the important information on the first day itself. I do not know how much they took it but I hope they would have taken as much as possible.

For me, all the people are same and there is no difference in any of these people from any of the world. If I am hating some one because of some problems then that is me, I do not know how to love may be because I do not know how to love myself.

It is the lesson that I am learning, but I do not know when I will learn this lesson. Love is the difficult thing to understand, and simple is to share.

In the process of giving and taking; we take either of them, but those people who can do the both are the ones who have capabilites to learn by observation, and to know themselves better.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Code camp and the entire nights.

Can you imagine the person who can wake up and work entire night till the day and again next day for more than 48 hours working in a Code camp organized in the University at the 17th International Summer School organized at the Lappeeranta University of Technology.

We were the group of four with Arsi,Bishal,Me and Mubin. It is amazing to work and help each other for the project. The entire idea is to learn the new language and code entire day and night non-stop.

I do not know how we managed but to some extent we did. Despite the fact that we are tired, the every new step or the every new statement of the new language makes it feel as if we won the race. We are not fighting here for the "Best code ceremony" but we are fighting here for every single line which we suceed without any errors.

I really appreciate the idea of working through the code camp and do it for the learning something new all the time. As the time are limited I know we have very limited time and we do not usually finish what we intend or plan but similar with us many of our friends also have the same limitation of lack of time. It is good that we have restriction on the time too. Once we have limtation of the time we would have to do it in proper way.

This might be my last code camp but I know it is the just the new beginnig for the coding in my life. I always think what we lack in our developing world is such kind of "codecamp".
Why do not our Nepali goverment organize the codecamp in the university ? Why do not they fund the university for the good projects and just waste there money in stupid politics.

Nothing is going to happen if the situation is similar in our country. It is just simply going to be worse and worse. Why do not those people at top- have a dream to make Nepal as Nepal ? I do not know why and I will never understand why.

Is it the personal goals or is it for the money and filling the bank account. What is it for ? I cannot understand most of the times why ?

Whatever be the case, It is good to learn "python" and write a code for Nokia N810 hand held device.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Dizzy feelings.

Today with the early morning rise of the sun, I woke up with the hope and expectation of nothing new. As I have written the book with the collection of small article and I would like to send it for the review.

I hope the book will provide loads of information to those who need to understand the way of living the life and to the encouragement in one way or another.

As the world is growing with the technological expertise and excellent achievements and none of the people are interested to experience something new. Every body wants to read the content of those who are famous and no body is really interested in trying something new.

I have started writing something and I have finally come up with the new book. "NatureGod". Why did I choose the name "Nature God". When the word is separated it will become Nature and God. It means the nature of nature itself, nature is physical what we can see and what is visible through our eyes, Nature is in our inner self too.

There are two ways the world is heading, one is towards the spirituality and other is towards the technology. When there are technological advancement there are also spirituality advancements. Both science and conscience are two different things which are going to have one final meeting point.

Although both the point coincide to the final point and the result should be benefited for the human race.

I hope the combination of spirituality and technology there would be new thing coming up in near future.

Here is the book if you would be interested to buy-

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

17th Summer School on Telecommunication continues...

The early morning session of the summer school started with Sami Lehtonen for his project, "Trust4all". He starts his session with the some definition of the trust and attributes of the trust. How do we define the trust ?

Can we say that trust is the relationship between the truster and trustee. Should I say that trust depends on truth and relationship, satisfactions and truthfulness of two or more parties involved in the action.

The project is being carried out by VTT, one of the best research center in Finland. I found some nice cartoon from the following link.

As the summer school goes on, Sami explains about the partners involved in the project "Trust4all". Still I do not know what is trust and basically it is related some what to the technical verbs.

Project history is explained in the speech. With the projects such as ITEA-Robocop, ITEA-Space4U project where both the projects are found in (

The aim of the project is at the development of a middleware sowftware architecture which is target to the embedded system defined at some trust level and it depends on the many suggested attributes also with the nature of the services provided to it.

Some of the challenges of the trust4all project was discussed too, The challenge of the project is to tack and analyze related to the trust requirements in the envisaged application domains with the intentions to define the trust model.

The changes in the embedded systems domain with the transition from proprietary to open or the movement from the standalone to networked systems, single application to multi application and single core systems to multi core systems were discussed.

The executable components were discussed with the set of the services. It also contains the factory logic for the service instantiation.

The scenarios overview is such that-
"Medical Applications can be “pushed” onto devices by medical practitioner."

As the explanation is very technical, I would skip the information or the content.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Alone on the path.

I like the idea of Alone on the Path. Especially the saying. Here is the end quotes-

Sufi Dhu ‘l - Nun (Egyptian, died 861 AD) describes the positivity of life.

“Oh Lord, when I pay attention to the voices of animals, the sounds of the trees, the bubbling of the waters, the chirping of the birds, the howling wind or the crashing thunder, I perceive in them evidence of Your unity; I sense that You are the supreme power, almighty, the supreme wisdom, supreme justice.

“Oh Lord, I recognize You in the trials I am enduring. Allow, Lord, Your satisfaction to be my satisfaction. May I be Your joy, that joy which a Father sees in his son. And may I recall You with tranquility and determination, even when it is difficult to say that I love You.”

Alone on the path. We are all alone on our own path. We choose to come on this planet from the women who is very complex organism in itself. A women can be called as earth itself. A women whose complexity can be called as simplicity. A women creates us from the very core of her inner self. She takes care as the earth and Nature does. Once we come down to the earth then we are on our own.

One thing every human should understand is “a person is always alone on the path”. It does not mean that the person is in the stage of the loneliness or being alone but he is living a life of the alone.

Those four elements for the survival are really necessary to understand why you are walking down the alone path. Love is always necessary to understand either is it the love of mother or it is the love of the true lover.

Death is necessary to know that the very existence of your own self is going to end one day. It is also necessary simply because it keeps us alive in every moment we live. Every moment should be lived as if there is no moment next coming up. Every moment should be adventorus and exciting. Live with total joy and blessing.

I do not know if in the movement of trees, chirping of the birds and black cloud over the sky are the symbols of something extraordinary creature we called as GOD but I would fairly accept the fact that these are true color of Natures itself.

We can learn from just being present in the moment but at the same time we can loose nothing except our time for the present. The time is the moment, time is being present and passing with the moment.

As it is difficult to fist understand the “love”, it is also difficult to understand the phenomenon of “life”.

We all have to one day realize and will realize that whatever we are doing or whatever we are thinking to do are not that much of essential because these are just our logical mind which needs much more attention then anything else.

We fear death but why do not we fear the love ? It is just the matter of knowing yourself better than anything else. The person who knows himself will never ask who you are ?

The person who answer who he is; actually is not what he really is. The meaning is in finding yourself and to walk or take the journey in own way. It is like writing your script and taking the path but in case you have trouble to reach to the final destination that you really meant to reach. Simply learn from others and take there experience into your account. It will take you to that long long journey very easily.

17th Summer School on Telecommunication

A very good morning with the late arrival for the 17th Summer school on Telecommunication. We missed the opening speech by the Prof. Jari but there was one speech going on by the Mario Hoffmann on the SEcurity and privacy i nAmbient environments.

It was the nice environemnt with the feedback system working in one corner. I asked one question regarding "What are the types of social engineering attack models. The answer he gave, spam fliters and so on.

It is asked to us that we need to write the report on the speech. I do not know what to write there are loads of question asked such as, "Is the security chalenge with mobile devices really different, or do we have just to install Firewalls also on those mobile devices ?
Is Security for mobile devices really a different challenge ? The iphone CAN be used as UMTS Router(called tethering). It is like using it as a modem. Why is Bluetooth NOT implemented in such a way, that the security can be used ? How embedded system middleware make a new and existing distributed device network trustworthy and secure, robust and fault tolerant ?

There was a slide speaking about the "Loss of control Surveillance Profiling". (SWAMI- Safegaurd in a World of Ambient Intelligence, EU-Project, FP6).Together with that, The Backend for Ambient Intelligent System was discussed.

The project such as "Networked Embedded System Midleware for Heterogeneous Physical Devices in Distributed Architecture" Was discussed with the main challenged and objectives. A building automataion scenarios was discussed in detail.

Hydra project was in detail with the discussion with security requirements spec.

Monday, August 18, 2008

"Nature God" -a book by MyBheja.

If you are interested to see the book by me. Please visit the link

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

It is the first book that I have written although there are many things to consider and there might be some errors too in the initial version but I hope this book will give loads of solution to your daily problems.

It is the collection of short articles. There are some 25 articles in this book. You should make a purchase and read the book. You can always trust on the content and I am sure it will give loads of useful information for you and for those who are near you.

I will appreciate if you can make an effort and give me the feedback.

Nothing on-Monday

Well, as there are loads of problem we face in day to day life, I have some smaller problems to solve too. These problems are not too big because we all have our own problems. The solution was simple and it did not took long to solve the problem.

As life goes on we learn many different things. I had to do many task and I do not know why I am not concentrating on the main task but rather doing something else. The task is to do A and I am doing C.

Task does not make any difficulty because that is just the thing one has to do and we all have to do the task. Every task then slowly we divide them into simple and difficult. Once we say the task is simple then most of the times these simple task will be very huge and will create loads of problem.

Nothing is simple and everything is simple. It depends on what we think. It also depends on what we get or achieve out of our thinking. It is exciting times now a days, we are seeing new people around in the city.

I am excited to see new people in the city. As I am tutoring these students there are many things to tell them and many issues to give them a knowledge about. One will refresh his own memory together with the person whom I am tutoring.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is life simple or complicated ?

Well, to give an answer to the question one has to first understand each and every part the question itelself. It is not easy task first to understand the question simply because you first have to waste an entire night drinking Rum and Vodka.

Last night Me and my friends we enjoyed drinking vodka and rum and discussing on the question which is rather more philosophical and very questionable in itself. I was trying to defend that "life is simple" other friends were trying to defend "life is complicated".

Now, what actually do you think a life should be or life is ? Can we all generalize life as complicated for all the entire human beings or should we first understand the phenomenon of the life and later than visualize either it is complicated or simple.

To answer this question which requires a lot of the understanding about the life iteself is not simple that is for sure but to generalize the point of view to entire race it is complicated.

Humans have been from the beginnning, facing loads of the problems and the way we face problems we try to build some sort of view on what is life. We see our life and th problems we face defines what should life is or how it should be for others.

I would rather say, life is always same for every one but the way of living life is different. It does not mean that I am accepting the fact life is complicated but I mean it is the way we take it. Some people take life as complicated matter and some as very simple.

To me, life is not complicated simply because it is not the problems that define my life. It is the way I live my life. I do not want to explain why life is simple.To define why life is simple, I would rather say- living a life in a moment is simple. Living for tomorrow or yesterday would feel as if it is really complicated. Since I live for the moment I do not know how can I say, it is complicated.

Nature is simple, words are simple, it is always we see it. We see it differently. A person who sees the "fire" would rather have the feeling that fire burn and would never approach the fire just becuase he knows that fire is burning and the nature of fire is to burn. He has the experience that fire would burn his skin. But the Nature of humans has to be humble and simple.

Once a girl asked me, why are you not throwing the insect in your hand. Does not it hurt you ? It is biting you and are you not feeling the pain ? Why do not you kill it ?

I was not suprised by the girl request because I knew what she was asking and what she wanted from me was to kill the insect which was biting me. I did not kill it but rather put it in different place so that it does not get hurt. I told to the girl that, "Everything has there own nature, see for example Nature of water; the nature of water is to cool, the nature of fire is to burn and nature of this person who does not want to kill the insect that was on the top of my hand is very "simple".

I was obeserving and trying to learn why the insect is sucking my blood and what happens if I do the same as you requested. I was thinking and living in the moment at that time. That is the reason why I did not kill the insect.

Simplicity and beauty are similar things. We see the beauty of the flower, we see the beauty of the wonderful architechture of the house, we see the beauty of the women who is nicely build. Once we see it, then we think or we want it. We want to make those which are beautiful hanging in some trees to make it as ours, those which are located somewhere nicely to have the same kind of house and so on.

This is the nature we are build up and we think to get in our life, it is complicated. Why do not we just see it and then leave it at that moment. Why do not we just see and learn from it. Why do we want to have it for ourselves ?

I do not have any feelings or wining the argument neither do I have any feeling of loosing the arugment only feeling I have right now is why do not we see life as simple simply by living in moment and leaving behind the complexity of the problems which define life as complicated.

As some one has said, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, I think simplicity too lies in the eyes of those which can see beauty. Whatever be the case, I do not want to visulaize that life is simple or complicated for every one who lives in this planet. I would rather say, for me life is simple becuase I see those eyes which think life is complicated and I feel inside those complication the inner core lies the simplicity.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Here and there

With thousand worries and many problems we have to find the clear solution to our problems in our day to day life. The person whose life is without problems think they do not have nay problem and they are quite free to do whatever they like to do and no body can stop them. They can do what they like and are capable of doing anything without any problems.

I have seen people who will like to speak more and do less, I have also seen the people who do more and speak more. But Have you every felt what kind of person you belong to. Here in Finland I have seen people who do not speak at all too.

The difference is not about the country and culture, the difference is in us. The difference in us do not make us realize that we should some how remove that difference. It is very easy but despite that also we need loads of work and these work has to be done many times within us. It is very simple. The first thing we got to do it Understand what you want to do. Either you speak or do not do or do and speak less.

Learning from the people in Finland it shows that these people are more concerned toward doing and they are not focused on anything except doing. For them, Yes is yes and no is no. These people are fresh like anything else. They will never lie to anything and they will always accept the way you are. Although I have heard some news of racism in some places.

People are people and they are same every where. We all face difficulties and we all have problems it is again up to us and to those who can provide us help. If we want, we can get it very easily and if we do not ask we will not get anything from us and from the people with whom we are connected in some way.

The creation of something new is all within us. The creator never says, he created the new simply because he does not realize he really has created anything new. Those who realize will always want to take the initiative and say that, they are the creator of the new which they really are not.

Some times I also get confused with my own writing because most of the times I do not understand what is the core message that I am providing to my reader but again I listen to those who read it and they appreciate the help that the "content" gives to them and I feel as if I am really doing something good.

The response of the people encourages a lot to me for doing of the task. I am really happy that I can give the good lessons to those who are in need and those who does not need also.

I am seeing there are loads of difficulty popping up in many aspects of life but these will also just go one day as the time passes by.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

what do you associate with the mountains?

In response to Paulo coelho question in his blog-

Moutains can be associated with anything. It is the height that matters in the world. It is associated with the peak, height, the length near to the sky, I belive that it is mostly associated with love. The symbol of “love” could be the best example one can associate the mountains with. It can also be associate witht he sucess and failure.

The failure is measured in the downfall or the lowest level of the mountain and the success could be measured as the top most level of the mountain.

Love is the best which can be easily associated with the mountains. When a two person is in love, either they climb up the hill and slowly if any one of the partner is not able to climb up the hill then it does not reach to the top of the mountain and none of them are able to reach to the place which is called “love stage”.

Either you climb up or you do not climb at all. Once both the partner are on the top of the mountain they are into the state called love stage. In this stage they cannot stay longer simply because they have to climb it down to the bottom of the mountain again. Therefore, love is just momentary state where it does not remain for longer.

It is not lust but similar to the sex where once a person is doing sex after that he will again come to the normal stage. Likewise, mountains can be associated with the love.

None of the two person can stay there on the top of the mountain simply because one is quite afraid of height or another is not willing to stay there for longer or some other alternative reasons. But once both the people can manage to stay on the top of the mountain that means they are truly in love and they do not care about what is goin on the below the mountain down to the village.

Just simply imagine that, there is a single traingular shaped mountain on the earth and there are villages down to the earth. Two person, either male or female or male or male or whatever who think they are in love now tends to climb the mountain. Slowly they start to climb the mountain and they find it very difficult. One person is trying to climb from one side and next is trying to climb from another side.

They can some how communicate in between these mountain but they do not know if other person is also climbing in the mountain or not. Because of their relationship is based on the mutual “trust”, they belive each other and start to climb the mountain from either sides.

Slowly they start to climb one person from one side and next from the another side. They face difficulties besides they trust each other and climb. This process is called as “rising in love”. When you are in love, most of the times people say that you are “falling in love” but once you are in love, I think you are rising in love.

Slowly you start to rise in love, in the big mountain you think you will reach to the top and assume your partner wil do the same but if there is lack of trust or feeling of not reaching to the top or not thinking that the person who is climbing from the other side will really meet in the top then in that condition the other person will not reach to the top.

When both the partner will not reach to the top, then they are not in love. And the mountain shows how difficult it is to be in love. But once when both the partners are in love, they will reach to the top and they will show that love is all what we gain at the top of the mountain.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

What is wrong about being nostalgic?

From Paulo coelho-
"During a full week in Myspace, I changed my mood from mischievous to nostalgic. Once done that, I started to receive messages from readers asking me what was wrong - given that some considered that being nostalgic was a bad thing in itself.
But I don’t think that being nostalgic for a week is such a problem.
So, here is the question of the week: how do see nostalgia?"

In response here is what I have to say-

When I googled the word “nostalgic” I got following definition-
“a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one’s life, to one’s home or homeland, or to one’s family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time”

The desire of being in the past or former time in one’s life. Many people go in that phase, and most of the times I become nostalgic too.

It is the wish of going home, reaching to the past very good memory one had and now in the present he cannot find such memories again. Being myself so far from the experience which I had achieved is asking me to become nostalgic too.

Too much of everything is bad, that is true. However, I think I like being nostalgic many of the times in my life. I remember old days and want to go back in those days or remember going back in time.

It has nothing to do with being sad, being sad is different then being nostalgic. Sad is just like feeling unhappy, sad is not in the present, sad is something related with worry but nostalgic is remembering the past or want or desire of going through the moments in the past.

We always want to remember our past and want to go back in our past simply because it is good for us too, to learn from our past and see what is going on in our present moment. It gives an impression to the people that being nostalgic the person is feeling sad but eventually that is not true.

Having sad that nostalgic is not being sad, I would rather add that, When a person is being nostalgic he goes in the moment of silent and thinks or remembers his experience about the event that happened, he sometimes may even remember those memories; it can also result in the laughter, it can also result in pain, it can also result in smile.

Sadness is always with us, it is the integral part of our day to day life. Happiness is something which a human will dream to achieve except me. I have the proud feeling that, I am some kind of happiness but again, that is wrong.

Being nostalgic is true to many of us, and we go or become nostalgic which does not mean we are sad but it means we are feeling little bit about our past and we want to cherish those memories once again in the near future.

Understanding "human" aspects in using the Internet.

Internet is truly an infrastructure for the information age. As one of the major technology medium, Internet has been major areas of research. It is a medium of effective communications, flexible in cost and features, not specific piece of software or hardware and is not a single network but group of globally collection either big or small logical connected networks. It is not owned by any organization or any individual or any government,corporation or university. Internet is not the same everywhere. The worldwide Internet population is growing and rapid pace. Number of humans getting access to the information, learning, and desire of going online is booming like never before. From the developed countries to developing countries As late 1988, only few countries were connected to Internet. Now, According to the 2004 CIA World Factbook, over 50 countries have at least one million humans using Internet.

One of the fascinating thing about Internet is that it comes with outstanding tools for the usage in regards to recreation, education, society and much more. Current estimated statistics has shown that more than 63 million humans using Internet in homes and the importance of Internet in day to day activities are growing. There is almost nothing which cannot be accomplished from the comfort zone of home, paying bills, research work, buying,selling, updating, uploading, downloading, shopping and most importantly communicating with your family and friends half way across the world. Together with the positive growth, its negative effects are growing too.

According to U.S. Department of Justice, Internet is an anonymous and effective way for many predators to find and groom children for illegal activities. The fear of using internet is further amplified by social disintegration which could be result of such an activities. The distance has been shortened from family, friends and from seeking information which can be seen as the replacement of very important day to day interactions. Boundaries of time, distance and identity are broken from the transfer of simple application like e-mail to complex world of virtual communities. Although email are used conveniently and humans using it has become overwhelming with number one priority, it can sometime cause great problems with Junk, Spams and theft. Privacy and Security are major concern for understanding behavior of humans in Internet.

With the novelty and convenience of Internet, it has lulled humans with the sense of dependency to greater extent. Persistent desire to go on the Internet, Play games online, visit restricted web contents, chatting longer than expected, do shopping more than the conversation with husband are all some of the symptoms of negative behaviors in Internet; which shows that future of communication is going towards the more on understanding “human aspects” of using Internet.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Monday mania

Today finally we landed up in the Helsinki from the ferry. It was kind of different experience. Every body was packing their bags to leave and we were getting ready to leave for the new journey of their own life.

Scalds finally ended up for me and now I am here in the Helsinki railway central station thinking what would be the next step now. I have to go back to Lappeenranta and start doing the things that I have left behind. It was a nice journey for a week and it really gave some meaning to the journey. I do not know what I learned but I know there were many things to be taken back home and share with the friends and family.

As today is Monday and I left from Lappeenranta on Monday. I know it is boring to go back to the same place and do the same stuffs you were doing but I think it is not boring in a sense; Lappeenranta is cool place to be.
I enjoyed the sessions in the conference but at the same time I think I missed many of the things that are some how essential for me like- peace and being silent in the lonely place.

I do not know it’s my mind or what but that is always letting me know that I needs a constantly somewhere in some place lonely or just live in isolation.
Today as it is Monday and it always is scary for me, I do not know what will be in store for me. Let us see….

Monday, August 11, 2008

When she

When she walks away from you mad [ Follow her ] When she stare's at your mouth [ Kiss her ] When she pushes you or hit's you [ Grab her and dont let go ] When she start's cussing at you [ Kiss her and tell her you love her ] When she's quiet [ Ask her whats wrong ] When she ignore's you [ Give her your attention ] When she pull's away [ Pull her back ] When you see her at her worst [ Tell her she's beautiful ] When you see her start crying [Just hold her and dont say a word ] When you see her walking [ Sneak up and hug her waist from behind ] When she's scared [ Protect her ] When she lay's her head on your shoulder [ Tilt her head up and kiss her ] When she steal's your favorite hat [ Let her keep it and sleep with it for a night] When she tease's you [ Tease her back and make her laugh ] When she doesnt answer for a long time [ reassure her that everything is okay ] When she look's at you with doubt [ Back yourself up ] When she say's that she like's you [ she really does more than you could understand ] When she grab's at your hands [ Hold her's and play with her fingers ] When she bump's into you [ bump into her back and make her laugh ] When she tell's you a secret [ keep it safe and untold ] When she looks at you in your eyes [ dont look away until she does ] When she misses you [ she's hurting inside ] When she calls you a dick [ she still really loves you ] When she repost this bulletin [ she wants you to read it ] - Stay on the phone with her even if shes not saying anything. - When she's mad hug her tight and don't let go - When she says she's ok dont believe it, talk with her - because 10 yrs later she'll remember you - Call her at 12:00am on her birthday to tell her you love her - Call her before you sleep and after you wake up - Treat her like she's all that matters to you. - Tease her and let her tease you back. - Stay up all night with her when she's sick. - Watch her favorite movie with her or her favorite show even if you think its stupid. - Give her the world. - Let her wear your clothes. - When she's bored and sad, hang out with her. - Let her know she's important. - Kiss her in the pouring rain.

Nature Suckers and Scalds

It is quite amazing to feel the experience of finally sitting in the ferry just near the window and see the water being flowing around it. While I am writing this article, I am sitting in good room near the window and watching from the window the water in the sea going far from me and the feelings of ferry going forward.
As every event has an end, this event Scalds 2008 has finally come to an end. It is really difficult to see the people who we met some 5-6 days ago as complete strangers and right now, they seems as if we had a very good relationship with all of these delegates in the conference.
I am rally impressed by the way SCALD 2008 conference was held. It was yesterday official dinner party which was something unique to see because I have never ever been to such official dinner party in the Scandvia. It was funny for me in the sense, I did not brought my official suit but I asked my room mate for a help and he stood up and so easily managed to find me the suit. I learned the lesion from that, especially when there is official parties please do wear the nice suit or do not forget to take one.
The relationship between the ferry and me is nothing, it is just like a transportation or the way to travel but thinking now, I guess it is not just only the transportation but simply your care taker or mother for example. It takes care of you from the moment you are in the ferry and take you to your final destination at the end. It shows you what to do and what to enjoy, it gives you an impression that look, I have long way to go, look I am finding the way through this deep ocean, Every bit of the moment that I am making in this huge ocean is one step of the victory which for me and to you as well.
I will take you to your destination and every moment I am fighting for it. Similarly, in our lives too we have to fight every bit not with the ocean but with our own inner strength to make the vision of reaching to the destination into reality.
Yesterday, we have our home group Roll calls, the roll calls are basically a kind of shout which a specific home group make. We had a totally different roll call besides anybody else. It was amazing… The name of the group was one of my creations in the home group. I thought it in the bus while we were travelling to the Fiskeboda, Sweden.
I really felt it good in a sense, every body agreed on what I thought about the Name and they appreciated the name too. It was something funny but I tried to give some meaning to why? This particular name and not other. The name was- “Nature Suckers”.
How do I come up with this name? There are many other questions beside that too, Nature is the fundamental thing we are quite aware of, we learn right from our childhood about the Nature and its relevance. It has loads of stuff to give to us instead it takes all our bad stuffs very easily. Nature and women can be correlated. Nature and men can also be correlated.
Since we were saying the numbers from 1 to 10 in 10 different languages, I thought well let us break down the number separately suppose “1” and “0”. The whole world is combination of “1” and “0”. In computers there are only zeros and ones. In electricity there is only on and off and in real world we can think of women as 0 and men as 1. So some how we all are part of Nature in some ways and we are sucking it in different manners.
Today we can see the biggest problems we are facing such as global warming, flood, volcano eruption, and many more it is because we are sucking Natures and we are not aware of it. We cannot stop sucking it but some how we can bring awareness into it and try to avoid it as far as possible.
The time was there, to tell why the name was chosen as the “Nature Suckers” to all the delegates present in the conference. There were around 100 of them. I was feeling a little nervous but slowly I managed to tell the stories thanks to my home group again.
It was nice experience to be the part of conference and to gain loads of thing from it. Besides that “Finland” won the award of the “Best delegates in Scalds 2008 conference” for the active participation and presence in all the sessions, events and meetings. I was proud to be the part of Finland and representing it.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Scalds 2008 Conference continues...

Scalds conference is still going on with loads of excitment and lots of fun stuffs. We all are really enjoying all the session and all the activity that has been given to us. Today is the second last day of the conference and I am really worried to loose many of the good friends that I make during the conferences.

From sweet Icelandic girl to the energetic Noregian guy, from beautiful and sexy chair of Romania to the country I am representing Finland Member commitee president. It is so interesting that we group together from different countries and we have loads of thing in common.

Despite the fact that we belong to different nationalities and we come from different regions we have many things in common. We humans only do the things differently depending upon our circumstance and our mind. I learnt a lot right from the start of the conference.

One good statement that popped up in my mind while I was travelling from the Stockholm to the Fiskeboda was that, " Humans should try to find the similarities in other humans despite they come from other religion, country or culture or any other related background."

Once we find the similarities we will be eliminate the differences in our lives and the difference not only in terms of political, economical and other related barrier but in terms of the many smaller or minor things which will make us solve the bigger problems in our lives.

Yesterday was friday, we grouped together starting from the morning plenary to the good and exciting country time. It was good to know the people with different ideas especially in AIESEC and we were creating all these ideas, what would be good or what would be bad for AIESEC in Finland. What kind of external affairs or external relevenace we can use in terms of the AIESEC in Finland.

Which options fits good and we were later filtering these ideas into more concrete ideas to initiate the project or some work for making lives of people around the AIESEC better.

It is important to learn from not only the text books but by the real obeservations. The learning can always vary from the people to the people but I personally belive it is easier for me to obeserve the people around me and try to learn their behavior. It is relatively easy.

Today is the second last day of the conference and I am already feeling as if I will miss or I want this conference for more days. There are people who can dance beautifully, there are AIESECers who can sing with courage and wisedom, there are these bunch of guys who are ready to take out there clothes in the middle of the some 100 people and ready to take the challenge.

It is really getting hot with every step that I am taking in this conference and with every step I personally think there are bigger responsiblities coming up. From great power comes bigger or great responsibilities. It is good to gain the power of "leadership" but at the same time, there are more responsiblities piling up every seconds.

Although I cannot change the entire world but I would certainly or can really take the one step which can make to find the similarities in the differentiated world to come closer and solve the bigger problems in easier ways.

I appreciate every bit of these conference and I am really thank full to those who invited me and those who I mingled or talked or those who inspired me in some way. I am thank full to be here.

Looking forward to it for more out of the ore inside AIESEC...

Friday, August 8, 2008


Couple of days ago, I came into the Scalds 2008, in Sweden. Right now at the present I am in Fiskoboda the name of the place in sweden. It is really getting exciting with every day. The day before that is on the 6th of August, 2008. The day started with the Conference in the expressive mood however, it was not as it should have been or as we might have expected.

I was representing the Finland. We all were invited for this conference from the different countries. Scandevia together with other countries were invited for the conference. The conference has loads of practical skill training, grouping together, networking and having loads of skill session to learn, educate, discuss and of-course party and have fun in the conference.

The entire things is about the organization called AIESEC. The theme for the conference was "Leadership development". The theme was highly big topic and I guess, this theme has loads of delegate thinking how a person will gain leadership ideas and so on.

What I personally belive was there were really some sucking plenary and boring early morning discussion as of now. Right now I am having this stupid discussion about something which is irrevelant. By the time every body is shouting in this hall I thought of something esle and start to blog about it.

How would some one hear properly when every body is talking in the room ? This is really boring part of the early morning sessions. One of the good thing we learned was "Home group". The home group has different nationalities and one leader leading his way to the home group.

In this home group, we get to know each other together with that we get to play different practical skills. There are some games related with the leadership skills. Yesterday, when I started my day it was really boring but later when we started the session with the home group, it all flied.

I felt it good and my mood was really getting better with the day progressing and with the day in the home group. Most of the times in AIESEC there is late night parties with some theme. Two parties has been finished with the first theme belonging to Ice age and the second with PinaCola.

Some couple of more days to go and not expecting anything out of this conference simply because I do not expect anything in life too. How can some one ask me to expect something from a conference or any event.

Most important things in life is knowing people, sharing and understanding what they want to achieve in life and so on.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What makes me suffer

Rabbi Moshe de Sassov “True love is that which manages to avoid unnecessary suffering.”

The quote is beautifully said and nicely written. There are two elements in the quote first is “love” and second is “true love”. When you have two different things in a quote that means that needs to be compared. There is comparison between the love and true love. How can a person determine what is “love” and what is “true love” ? To understand the difference one has to first understand what love is.

When would you say- that a person is speaking what he is knowing or what he has experienced or what he has felt ? I do not agree, that there is any difference between any love or true love or false love or whatever. There is only one thing and that is “love”. When you are putting other words in front of it, or besides it then you are differentiating the words with others.

A love is love, either it is true or false. A love can not be true or false. A love is pure and the purity of the love cannot be measure. Either it is the love of parents to their children or it is the love of husband towards his wife, or it is the love of animals. Love is same everywhere.

Suffering cannot be manged. Suffering is that what we possess, that what we think and the way we think about anything. Suffering is present, it is vital for the existence. One has to understand how one takes it. Do you take “suffering” as one of the disease ? If you are taking suffering as the disease, then please think once again because disease in your body can go, it will one day vanish from your body but the suffering will not go until you are existing in this earth, until you are living in the present.

Can you find the love from the suffering ? If you cannot see the love from the suffering how can you tell what is true love ? How can you determine that suffering do not have love ? “In pain, there is pleasure associated”. or rather, I would say-”Pain contains the pleasure”. One has to feel the pain to feel the pleasure. One has to feel the suffering to feel the love from the suffering.

To understand weather you are getting a true love or no love or false love or just simply love you have to remove or take out from you mind the meaning of love. Once you remove all these definition of “what is love” then the remaining in your mind will give you, the proper definition of what is love.

Necessary and unnecessary is associated with humans personal taste. One can find some thing necessary at the same time one does not find anything necessary out of it. Therefore, there is no difference between love. Love cannot be said, “true” or “false”. Love is simply love.

What type of work gives you pleasure?

From Paulo Coelho-
"Question of the week: What type of work gives you pleasure?"

In response to question asked by Paulo Coelho here is what I have to say-

Very good question Paulo,

A question has to be well understood before putting a comment or writing an article or even writing a book about it. A nice and beautiful question is such that it gives loads of lessons in our personal, professional life.

Now, the question is- “what kind of work gives pleasure”. The question has “kind of” which is asking a variety, types or the work or many of the work or different kinds of work. It contains the word called “pleasure”. Now to associate the word such as pleasure with the different kind of the work it is not easy.

A person can do many different kind of work. He can have many different identities. He can be a son, at the same time he can also be father, a humble husband, a worker in some company and so on.

If “kind of” is related with the identities then he has to change is multiple identities depending upon the time and circumstances. But again, if “kind of” is related only with the professional work then it is relatively easier than the previous explanation.

Right from the childhood to the very end of a human study we tend to change our path or destination. We do not know what is our main goal or what are we doing with the present course work in school or present work in the office. We tend to change many of the times the work that we have been doing or the course we have been attending or any social activity we are doing at the moment. To relate with the question asked, I would ask again- Why?

The main answer to this question is that- “realize it for yourself”. The most important thing in life is to understand what do you want. Do you need a money ? Do you need a pleasure ? Do you need a nice car, or big house or some materialistic things ?

The “need” drives us to the destination. The need of something will always demand from us to do something. Therefore, it is important to understand what do you need ?

After understanding for yourself, then you do the work. The work could be anything. But once we start to work we should be able to stick to it. This is the most difficult part. It is difficult because, we get lazy and we do not again want to visit the same office every day. We do not then tend to feel as if we really are finding any pleasure in such work.

While you are working, money is important but above money “determination”, “satisfaction” and “attitude” are more important. These elements will not give you the pleasure but these will motivate you to stick or hang in to the work you have been doing lately.

Work is some how related with search of soul mate. Once we understand what kind of person will be our soul mate and we then put all our effort to maintain the relationship with him or her. Similarly, work can be many but once we match the our needs with the work we have been doing; we then tend to stick with the work in front of us.

Therefore, as we are many and all our thinking is different, our taste is different definitely one will find work A better than work B but it is not the case- the most important aspect is to understand what you need and then match your needs with the work given to you. Once this is done, you will not have to search for the pleasure because it will come automatically.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lappeenranta city

Now, A place which was chosen by me before coming to Finland for the studies. The place where silence meets the late dawn with orange color all over the sky just near the lake which shows the signs of silence in heart and mind.

It was amazing when I came back from the place which was much more crowded and people all around. I thought I had really made a good decision to come to study in this place called Lappeenranata. A city of beauty and beauty which signs like the early morning sun heating the drop of water in the leaves of trees.

Thousand things in the head to be done and every time there is something new coming up once in a while. Got to do this, got to do that... It is really amazing when you have loads of things piling up at your desk and you do not find yourself being committed to do all.

Lazy Sunday, as it is. Watched a cool movie called "Raise your voice". Amazingly written and nice story. Truly inspirational.

Sipping a cup of coffee and writing this blog about me feels good. I do not know for how long but this moment is mine and truly mine. No body will interefere me, no body will ask me anything, no body will pull my legs or no body will bother me. It is truly amazing place, a city once must visit in a life time.

Outside my windows there are green trees and calm sun light gazing and a smooth breeze blowing. There is no heaven and hell simply because everything is here; just in front of you.

Everything is infront of you, either it is heaven and hell. Maintaing this place requires loads of effort and support from all those who lives in this city. I salute to all those people who take care of the city garden, city parks, city roads and everything else. I truly appreciate their hard work even in cold winter with temperature going below -30 deg. celcius.

Feeling cannot be expressed so easily, it has to be felt. Just come once if you can and feel the experience. I wish I can stay longer than my desires will let me to. Let me be hopeful and hope is all I have.

Have a great weekend !

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Assembly continues...

Life is full of good and bad taste. We some times feel very cool and some times every bad but these taste have different feeling attached to it. Some times these brings a load of joy in our heart but some times it bring loads of pain at the same moment.

When you are in the middle of suprises and you do not know what is good or what is bad then it become naturally very difficult to decide what should person should do or rather not do.

When we are making an event with a great idea then surely we are doing a lot of work from it. It demands a lot of hard work to make any event a grand sucess. Last night, I slept my entire night in the place where all others slept with me. Nearly around 5000 people in an Hartwall arena making the event such as Assebly a grand sucess. There are loads of people coming fot his event.

Some are programmers, student, general user, and many more

Assembly in Finland

Assembly has a great meaning in itself. It is the meeting places or some sorts of meeting acquaintances where loads of people join this big event and make it a grand sucess. These people they perform a loads of interesting things by making fine arts, building cool games, playing poker or doing loads of extreme graphic program or even just simply creating a cool web pages.

Being a Microsoft Student Partner has loads of benefit. One we get the VIP acess to the stand and next you are not checked by any securities or any camera do not follow you. You get a cool just in front of the big huge giant screen.

The event is huge sucess every year. All the crazy finns all across the city come and join the this event. All these people are very much interested into the technology stuffs and they make this event a huge sucess. One of the fasicnating thing about the event is that, most of the people are really cool in desingning or making a cool stuffs out of box.

One of the official from the Microsoft just told me that, soon Microsoft is launching one cool Photosynth program for all the users world wide. This photosynth is huge sucess already and it can take a lot of information from anywhere in the image. It can give loads of information, it can not only give the information but also give minor of the information from the picture.

Right now it is around 11:40 pm in the night and I am watching a extreme graphics program that is been displayed in front of the huge screen. These stuffs are very interesting. If you plan to come to finland please do come to visit the Assembly during this season.

There are loads of stuff happening, you just got to see where ...