Saturday, May 10, 2014

Festival of lights

Early morning mingles with late night
And the dawn with breaking twilight
The wind of emotion flies over heavenly skies
Nobody is single or alone
Under this Diwali/Dipawali/Tihar light

See the stars winking over mountains
Trying to catch distant attention
All things by hate divides

But, all things by love
Sparkles and comes alive


Characters, words, sentences
occurring, re-occurring
unlike vocal disorder or stammering
She repeated, “how are you today?”
seven times
She repeated, “why are you here?”
five times
She said, “are you okay?”
three times

Without noticing that
her pre-frontal cortex
had gone haywires
lack of dopamine
or lack of self-interest
unknown tic
occurring, re-occurring
without noticing