Saturday, October 31, 2009

Some weired thoughts....

Simplicity has no complexity. More complex we become the more difficult and higher the impact in on everything surrounding our lives. Let me give you an example of what the above statement means. For e.g. In early civilization of human species, we were uneducated, underdeveloped, technology-less, uncivilized and without any society or any great leaders. I am talking about long before the Bible evolved or time evolved. Or any scripture ever written evolved. We were just a group of people or cavemens and cavewomens, living a very happy and simple life. Slowly, our needs became higher and we started to become more selfish. We then selected our leaders among our society. The leader got praised and he worked for our well-beings. Later, we created “values for exchange” which is today called “money”. Slowly and steadly, we evolved into a society where we created religions, laws, rules and many things which resulted into many sins. The human evolution has many stories written on this kind of evolution. Many of the stories are still hidden and unknown to public knowledge. Simply because, if everything the public will know now, they will like to live forever. There are mysteries for many stupid question for which we do not know the answers. For example, why do we exist and many more…these mysteries are kept hidden because once we will discover them we will not want to enter inside the “system of earth”. The system of earth is the entrance to suffering, pain and sorrow as well as happiness, pleasure and delight. The system of earth works on duality. The duality in a sense, where there is something right, there will be wrong and vice versa. There are two major reproductive body either in animal or human beings such as male or female and few related exceptions. The truth that when we are born, we have to die is absolutely true and no one can deny it. But just try to deny it for some period of time and then you will see that your death is coming very near you. It is because, once you are denying that you want to live, then you will start to loose living. The point is, the more you expect something out of life, the lesser you will get and the less you will expect something to happen to you, the more you will get. This last hypothesis work perfectly fine. Just try it and you will see the results for yourselves. I am not claiming anything here but I am just trying to tell you the fact that, never expect anything from life and the most important thing in human life is being satisfied without criticizing any body or anyone. Just be satisfied with what you have and what you will get. Be it your partner, or your job or your bank account or anything else. Once you will be satisfied with what you have, you are ought to receive more from the universal forces. But once you are not satisfied with what you get, you will climb the ladders and may get hall of fame but you will not be feeling inner peace or find so called taboo term happiness. Happiness is not the result from your material world, happiness comes from the inner peace of you.

Even after you death, you will still exist in the universe in forms of some object. You still have life in different forms and format but nobody who will be living around you will recognize you, the most funniest part, you will know that you existed in some way or another but you will have different form. Let us say, for example, your soul goes into a soul of sparrow. What happens then, you will have your soul inside a sparrow but nobody around you will give a damn attention to you. You still will exist but nobody will care about you so much….this is how the cycle of human life works….don’t worry about what is going to happen in your life….just be satisfied with what you have in your hands and the day will come to you,,, the day which will take you from “system of earth”. I know this is little difficult to understand but it will be easy if you will try to understand yourself much more better way… many times a day you watch yourself in a mirror, just watch it everyday….and see deeper inside your soul you will get all these answers written… happy….

Question to Shakira

Why is it, do you think, that hips don't lie?

Santosh Kalwar


Whenever I'm in the recording studio or rehearsing and I'm not convinced about the way it sounds, I know because my body doesn't react to the music. So I always ask, Hey, am I moving? Are my hips moving? My hips don't lie.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Is it a miracle?

Dear all,

Is it a miracle that I am concisous?
Is it a miracle that life is full of suffering
pain and sorrows
also in never ending rain,

is it a miracle that what i choose to be
i am not
what i choose not to be i am

is it a miracle that life is like
riding bicycle where balance has all gone

is it a miracle that words possibly hurt
and everything falls apart

is it a miracle that i am feeling pain
and nobody is listening except my silence

is it a miracle that i am born
but i don't know what i am going to do unborn

is it a miracle that sometimes i see heaven
in earth

is it a miracle that love is only thing
which remains inside me
from everything apart

is it a miracle?

God bless you all !

Monday, October 26, 2009

Sketching User Experience by Bill Buxton

Dec 12, 2012- World never ends or will it?

A Google hit of the keyword results into 38,100,000 hits for the term. Many experts believe that the world is going to end on this particular day. What do you believe? Is there an end of world? Many religion, many faith have predicted that end of world is coming soon. Then if so, what will cause this- Will our enemy will be technology? Or, Science and Faith or, War of religion Or, Just nothing

The end of time is near says Mayhem Prophecies. In their books they have pointed out the world will start new age. Scattered around the jungles of Southern America, a race of prophecies are present over more than three thousand years. There prediction has seemed to be very accurate till date. Many reports has from their calendar has pointed out the destruction of the mankind- an end of the world in December 12, 2012. We know now that everybody is born in different date and that date will predict who you will become. Most of such prediction is accurate and they are precise. Again, this is the matter of faith and believes.

In science, we believe in gravity- where object with mass attract one another. In my simple stupid definition of term anti-gravity if an object with mass goes upwards without any attraction of any kind that is called anti-gravity. But is this possible that without being attracted that we will go upwards rather than being balanced by force of gravity? What happens to the theory of Newton and those alike then? Law of gravity needs to be modified? I think if we are pulled by the power of forces. Maybe that is why when we are dead, we will become stars. (This is simple explanation of life after death) Nobody till date will tell you that we become stars after the death simply because nobody knows or have imagined such stupid concept. But anyways, let me get back to the main point here- what will happen in 2012?

Calendar priest will predict what will happen in 400-500 in future. Predictions and Prophecies speak about many such predictions during our existence in this mother earth. For example, in1988, California will be in ocean but that did happen. But what will happen and what will not just nobody knows. According to Jewish knowledge, they seek to understand more about the nature of time. Nobody actually knows how time came out of the existence. Every individual and community has their own time and calendar. For example: Hindus, Christians, Mayhems, Chinese, and many more. But who is right and who is wrong is different ball game altogether.

The most fundamental aspects of human lives have been “Relationships”. Everything is in need. When you don’t realize everything is sacred and everything should be respectful. Then why would Nature realize about you and care about you. When you don’t care about the Mother Nature, why would Mother Nature care about you? When you don’t respect your institution, why would your own institution, speak for you? Man should be punished by Nature.

I can smell the fear in many human, I can feel the fear in me too, I can feel the sense of urgency and the fear of extinction but to be honest, I don’t know what will happen, I only know what I am going to do today, what are my priorities today, what is there for tomorrow, nobody knows. Not even God, not even Time, not even any religion, or calendar or any spiritual gurus.

I know that future is unpredictable and unimaginable, the future is not to foresees and imagine but to tell the horrifying stories. What is the world ends today and not tomorrow? Sometimes I do feel that world never existed, and I am in some kind of dream land where I don’t know what I am doing and working on. Sometimes it feels as if I am in my imagination even though I am alive and real. This is the beauty of human mind. When we don’t know who created the world, we have no rights to tell who will destroy the world. When we don’t know who was first to arrive in this world, we have no rights to speak about the end of world. The idea is based on one simple philosophy, “when you cannot make somebody smile, please don’t make them cry, when you can make somebody smile, you have the rights to make them cry.”

What will cause and who is right or wrong and if world will end or starts. All these questions are questionable. Let me suggest to live for today. Think today is the last day of your life, tomorrow nobody knows and nobody has got it right. When you can live for today to fullest, who cares about what will happen tomorrow, isn’t it? What will be, will be.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who is God?

God is not HE or SHE or IT.
God is God.
A Mysterious body existing in every human unknowingly.
A good side of every creature on this planet.
Feminine side or Masculine side is just our conceptions
The fact is, no Tom, Dick and Harry knows about HIM/HER/IT
A cosmic energy which revolves beyond our imagination.
God is our discovery of unknown
God does not only live in duality (0 or 1, male or female or…)
He possibly lives in singularity (Seeing everything as good)
There is no good side or bad side of god
He is us and we are him
He live in each of our voice and he speak the language of love
Ask a child who will smile at you without any reason
talk with priest he will give thousand stupid lessons
The fact is there is no side of GOD
there is only one side of HIM/HER/IT
that side is called “LOVE”

God bless you all !

Quote of the day

-life is short speak your mind.

-Every thing has limit for example, Universe, Nature, Man, Creatures and even Computers. You never know when they will be gone !

-It does not have to be fear which will make us shear or share,
It does not have to be short or long, all what we will have will long gone.

-Take away my golden jewelery, take away my beautiful castle,
Take away all my money, you can also empty my banks
But please don’t take away my books, My breath are hanging in them for millions of poor souls, Frank!

-You always came alone and you will always go alone. It is natural phenomenon, all these years are just a beautiful ride, Enjoy your every day as it will never come along.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The world economic crisis as I see it

The world economic crisis as I see it differs from past crises in that it is based on entirely new set of conditions, due to rapid progress in the method of production. The world alarming economic difficulties of the present day has resulted into hopeless confusion of opinions among the economic experts. What I have to say is nothing new and do not pretend to be anything more than the opinion of a simple and honest man who, unburdened by any national prejudices, desires nothing but the good of humanity and harmonious peaceful sustainable place of human existence. The way I am expressing myself does not proceed neither from unwarranted self-confidence nor a belief in the infallibility of my simple intellectual conceptions of problems which in reality are very complex.

Today, with the advent of computers and Internet technology, only a fraction of the available human labor in the world is needed. Under free economic scenarios this fact is bound to lead unemployment. How many of us not seek to get well-paid jobs? But, the majority of people are compelled to work for the minimum wage on which life can be supported. The number of fall in sales and profit for the industries had led to lay-off their workers. Business has gone smash, which has further increased unemployment. More recently, in United States alone the unemployment has hit 9.8% which presumably has decreased the level of confidence in industries and banks. When a cheap labor can be outsourced to developing countries like India, Nepal and Bangladesh, why any industries will hire the high wage paid worker in their own land? This has lead to unemployment in developed world. In near Foreseeable future, will affect developing world. The crises has also been attributed to other causes which could be-

1. Over production: The production is so much great that it has exceeded the demand. (e.g. models of mobile phones) This perhaps also applies to motor-cars in the United States which has led to collapse big auto-industry such as General Motors. By the virtue of this, it is not the demand that is lacking but the power of consumers to buy the products.

2. Political insecurity: The political in security has resulted in wars. The present Afghan-war against terrorism by United States and its allies. The political instability is not only in America but everywhere. Our own country is one good example where no constitution has been written till date.

3. Heath issue: The swine flu pandemic, which has reached to level 6- highly dangerous stage for viral infection of mankind. The number of HIV and Cancer diseases spreading especially in developing world and elsewhere.

I do not want to weary the reader by enumerating further contentions. Of one thing I feel certain: this technical progress which, in itself, might relieve mankind of a great part of the labor necessary to its subsistence is the principal cause of our present day problems. The logical and simple solutions for resolving the crisis is balanced and planned economy in which the consumption and production of goods are distributed by the communities.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Pleasure and Pain of love

Pleasure of love last for a moment, pain of the love last lifetime,
May, you fly like my loving angel,

She will never betray me, when she wakes up with me
Every morning and goes back to bed every night,

My suffering will hopefully please you,
My blessings will hopefully caresses you,

This life will not last very long,
Till the last breath, you will rise with me

Goodbye is hardest thing ever to say
But it’s okay, if you feel better

May your heart will always be filled with love,
May, you never feel pain,

May, your beloved will do everything what you will say,
May, you live forever along with beauty and happiness

This life will not last very long,
Till the last breath, you will rise with me

May, my suffering will bring you joy
Thank you for being part of me

Sweetheart, beloved and Ms. Sunshine,
Even dead, I will still be in your breath

Your thousand cries will never wake me up
Pleasure of love last for a moment,

Pain of the love will last lifetime,

Gloomy Sunday

Gloomy Sunday
I was waiting for your arrival with bed of roses,
In my dreams, you were smiling,
When I was awake, you were shining,
I was waiting to see your glimpse,
Your beautiful eyes, beloved
I waited and waited,
Soon I was too late,
My bed of roses were all gone dead,
Gloomy Sunday
I prayed, this would be some dream,
I was shattered and shocked with this beginning,
Gloomy Sunday
Watched your pictures & chase after your memories,
Found pleasing for a moment but my heart was unpleasing,
Gloomy Sunday
Soon, I realized you will never come
My heart got fainted; I was smoking & drinking pain,
Gloomy Sunday
May my death bring you joy, everlasting happiness,
I am in deep pain; pain will bring me my deathbed
My deathbed will be hanging in darkness
Gloomy Sunday
Gloomy Sunday

Goodbye and goodbye beloved

Thank you so much for making me feel worry,
Unexpectedly, you betrayed me, finally
You are the worst thing that has ever happened in my life,
Now, I thank you for killing a simple human being, like me

Hmm…, good luck with your new life, your new friend-
Why should I mattered to you, when I had all my life just you
All of my desires and dreams are shattered,
Now, you have given me pain as my food and tears as my drink,
Why should you care?

When I am sick and I will never learn how to get well,
May you go in paradise, may you have god’s great children’s,
May god give you all what you have desired!
I am alone, as I was alone

But I will never have any one, not at least you
I have those golden memories with me,
I will see them with my heart when I will need you,
Goodbye and goodbye beloved,

I know what pain is when I am so sensitive to walk in rain,
Well, this was written May-be, who wants to live forever
You are free as you always were,
I am walking free as I always was,
I will not go from your memory,

Even if I will die tonight,
Someday, I will rise and teach you how much pain I was feeling all that night

Goodbye and goodbye
Goodbye and goodbye beloved