Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Old Shoes.

When their are moments in life to enjoy, I am not enjoying. When their are millions of people in world who live life very easily and are dependable on others. I do not want to be. The saying of "I do not want to be and I have to be" is very different.

Some times you have to be dependable on others only because you are not doing anything and life, circumstances and situation does not allow you to do the same. What will you do. If I want money whom I will first go for ? Obviously the person who created me. It would be nice, if I were working and doing things myself. I want to happen the same in my life.

When I say "I want". It does not go by the way I say. The want is the desire, the need, the process and it takes loads of time, desperation and perspiration. The funny thing is that we do not know what is their in future or what's in store for us. Ha Ha ..
Smiles are their which says it all, the smiles which always remind me that we are not perfect. In the process of being prefect we do thousand and one mistakes every day, still we do the same mistake. In the process of learning we try to get new ideas and learn but still one day we forget what we have learn.

I am smiling that is the good news to many around me. It should make them happy. I am smiling in pain that I am going through. We all have problems till we are alive that is part of life. No humans beings exit without problems. The priority we give to the problems in our life is based on our feeling, desire, need and our own quest for life.

It is good that I am smiling because many of my dears and nears want to see me smiling. I am wearing the same old shoes for 9 months which is slowly showing its colors. I have not cut my hair for the same old 9 months which always reminds me that I am growing with time. I have same old habit of writing and maintaining my blog which asks me that I have to put something in here while I am enjoying my morning coffee.

Life is just like this, close to Nature. The GOD who lives inside us is taking care of all my dreams why should I worry ? I have to smile only because it will remind me that I am having fun time in funny world with funny people and creatures.

My old shoes always ask me to wear it only because it really likes my legs. It says that Sir, you should never leave me only because I know how to fit in your legs. Even I am broke and I am going to leave you soon please do not ever leave in alone because I am afraid some one will burn me. I do not want to leave you alone, Sir.

My old grandfather used to tell me that- Son, Miracles happen in life. I never realized and felt it happens but slowly as I grew and I learn I start to believe that it really happens.

For those who have similar problems consult me, only thing I would be able to give you the suggestions and advice. I can give you suggestions and advice that much till the single drop of water left in ocean. It is up to you to decide how much you want to take it from poor me.

"My pockets are empty but I have ideas full of pockets."

I do not know what that means because as I am the creator of the quote. I will try to explain. The explanation is based on the idea that despite you do not have anything in your pocket you have tons of ideas that fill your pocket. It is up to you to take it. It is up to your needs and your desire to take it from me. I am flowing like river. You can drink from any corner or side of the river you want. You can dive into it, see it deep inside it and explore the unexplored territory with everlasting experience from it.

Their are people who will never learn, their are people who learns and their are people who have learn and they have many things to tell. It is up to you to decide which category I fell into.

The two ways to presentation of my personal approach to real world problems that I encounter in my personal life. One is my maintaining personal diary and putting in indirectly into this blog and another by approaching directly to people. When I do it indirectly their are people who read it and get hurt and their are people who get hurt despite being hurt they will suggest you with improvement, their are also people who will completely ignore what my point of views are on my personal life. May be those people who completely ignore my indirect perspectives are more concerned about direct approach then indirect approaches.

I am not great writer as their are in Market and in World existing. I am just write who writes. Either it is my personal feeling or whatever that comes in my mind and heart. As I writer I thank and appreciate all the positive and negative comments written and given to me.

The story continues because story is interesting and it is getting more interesting with the movement in life, journey never ends simply because it is journey. Asking for help and giving help is two different phenomenon. Asking help is not begging. When you are in trouble you ask for help, when you are in state where your body is not working and you are not able to do yourself anything besides giving blessing is begging.

Both can be similar and a good topic for discussion. It is my attitude to ask and to listen. I want to listen to strongest of sound that my ears won't allow me to. I want to feel the deepest of rain I will fall trap into. I want to walk longest of journey that my shoes will be capable to travel.

Thanking you. See you soon in next beautiful and awesome day.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bless them.

When most of the times you are feeling lonely and alone, when most of times you are not being part of anything, you are with your self- It will seem to many other people that you are lost. You are no anymore. It will be the moment of complete silent. The moment of peace and the moment of vanishment.

The people around you will be curious about you. The people will ask about you, want to know more about you. The more they want to explore about you the more you will show your mysteries to them. The mysteries not is to show, your nature does not automatically will deliver the mysteries but it will be seen to many people that you are kind of mysterious person.

The life is simple-Every body if you watch carefully are in rush. We all want to reach to final destination. May be the project, the work, or even the end of the day, it can also be what we were thinking, we want to get to the destination very soon, very fast. We are in rush. To all those who are in rush-One thing I would suggest, Slow down. I do not mean that you should not work or should not do what you are doing but slow down with your rush, your pace, your speed.

Once I remember I asked one guy to watch his steps. I still remember that. People always want to get everything in life very quickly. May be it could be big house, a good blue color job, nice and beautiful wife, childrens and many more money. Everything that we need and we want to get, everything that we want-will come. It is their but it will need lots of patience and courage to slow down our speed. The speed does not mean that you should not work or you should not do what you are doing. The speed means- Keep it simple. It is upto us to control our daily activities.

Nothing comes ahead of what we think. Whatever we wish, are our just wishes and it will be their somewhere in queue lined up one after another. We make loads of wishes. Even far more than us, girls pray a lot. All our wishes are collected by GOD. He keeps them in his book. He then process all our wishes one by one. Every now and then when we see, we listen, smell, observe and learn we make loads of wishes.

All these wishes are kept according to our own priorities. We wish and we prioritize them. These all wishes are then kept in his book. The GOD decides when, where and how to deliver all our wishes. It is the duty of GOD to do the job for us. He does but he never lets us know that he did the job for us. We humans, think alright. I got what I wanted in my life. All the I, MY makes us egoistic and will create lots of chaos in our life.

We tend to forget that one day we have to visit GOD's home. We are selfish humans living in earth, thinking most of times about our own life. See how many people are hungry at the time you are eating-Bless them before you start your meal. See how many do not have clothes to wear at the time you are wearing fancy clothes-Bless them before you wear them. See how many people are in stage of diaster, unhappiness, fight, war and total chaos at the time you are doing parties and attending fantastic meeting-Bless them before you start your work.

Have any one even tried in their life of blessin those mentioned above ? I guess very few or none. We never do that. We are lazy. We do not want to change ourselves why should we ? What we do not have ? We have everything that we need. When you have everything you need, you become careless. When you are in the other side doing and needing a help you will see what I am seeing.

Blessed are the peacemakers and blessed will be the peace makers and blessing to all those do well-being for peace.

Monday, April 28, 2008

GOD inside us.

New lesson is always their to learn, Visited the church today-felt like I am close to god. People often say that god is repulsive, imaginary and unbelievable sometimes. I do not know.

My answers would be-I think GOD exits in all of us, the way we speak, the way we think, the way we give our opinion, in our emotional, personal, recreational and all other activities. We should not search for him. He resides inside us. He lives inside us. Every breath we take-he gives us that breath. The ounce of breath that we breath is provided by him.

The bread that we get to eat, the food we always taste, the smell that we smell, the beauty that we see, the love that we share-is the GOD gifts to us. He shares everything with us but we never figure out and we think he is invisible, repulsive and make some thought that he do not answer.

It is not about one single religion, one nation, one person-He exits in all religion but in many different form. He exits in each one of us. He offers us whatever we want. He is the best provider and he plans all our future.

He loves us more than we can think of what love is, we are a treasure to him. He is great curator, he cares us, We need not have to delight him, he is always delighting us. He is the one the greatest encourager.

We may some time suffer, We may have million reason for cry but during all those moment he is taking care of us. Nothing will separate his love to us. He resides on us as our father. He is their in silence watching us, teaching us, taking care of us all the time.

He has a big diary for each of us, He knows our future, he also knows what we are going to do next. He is not worrried because he also know we are getting worried to know what next in our life. He will make us feel better every step we take.

He is the greatest of great, he is the simplest of simple and he is the truthful of truth. In him lies every thing that we can even think of. He will show us the path we need to walk, if we fall in the path he will also pick us up and take us to the exciting journey of our life.

Do not ever feel alone-just because you are not part of church, some organization, some religion because by not being the part of those aspects or in such activities you are not being like others but you are being yourself.

If you become yourself-that is the first lesson of love. The aloneness will teach you many different things when you need them. When you are alone do not ever imagine you really are alone. The GOD resides you at the very moment inside you. Every help you need, ask him. He will find some solution for you.

You may loose your all friends, all your family, all your people near you but you will be very close to your self. The self is your spirit. The spirit of GOD. He will tell you, direct you and give you the suggestions. Whatever suggestion that he presents you are the suggestions from the GOD. Those will never change, those are for your benefit, those are for your future. Those are direct gifts from him just for you.

Oh Jesus, Oh Allah, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Oh ... , Oh GOD ...,

Help those in need, give us the blessing that we can serve those in need. Bless us with the power of love, lessons and whatever it takes to serve others who are dieying at the moment, those who are starving for food, those who do not have place to go and those who are facing complicated problems in their life.

It might not seem good to mix all the GOD, but my religion is no religion. I follow all the religion. I do not hesitate to eat the beef, at the same time I can also fast for one day and visit Hare Krishna temple. At the same time, I can go to Allah, and pray to him. All the people associated with different religion are just a messenger of GOD.

It is not the messenger I pray, I pray the lessons that they presented during their existence in this earth. I pray to those divine and holy message. I pray to those scriptures, those sentence that they create for the well-being of society and in the name of GOD.

Every body comes naked and has to go Naked. It is only when we get into some age we start to wear clothes and do not show our body inside those clothes. It is similar, we all wear the choice of clothes we like, we all pray and follow the religion we like. Because our real "I" knows that after we have to go Naked and we came Naked.

My intepretation might be great matter for discussion. We can always discuss. GOD is the holy spirit inside us who will take us with him to his home oneday after we finish our work in Earth. His home is very beautiful, one of the best place, the word best might be limited to some extent depending on the way of visulalization, I would say it is the perfect place.

Smile, even you feel lonely, even if their is no one around you, even if you are thought as if you are no one just an ordinary guy from some third world country. Smile is the answer. A simple smile will answer most foolish of question people ask you.

A simple smile will tell you that no one is perfect, a simple smile just like a new born child does when he sees his father does. It is so perfect. The simle should be simple like that. Every thing we do, everything we see, everything we want to perform are mind thoughts our mixture with the earthy matters which always tries us to take away from GOD.

By being close to him, one can imagine a life which just might seem magical. When I say that I was returning from the church- I saw one small kid riding a bike, he was moving in very speed in his bike. He crossed just as we bunch of guys were walking or coming from church. Then the guy applied the brakes and I thought in my mind that "Is he not fallen from the bike ?". I saw the guy at that very moment he was not fallen from the bike-he was still in his bike but just after few seconds he fell, and I smiled by seeing all this event that was happening around me.

No body took care of it. I was surpised to see that. I was thinking is it just a concidence then I thought well-It might be but again I thought Their is never an concidence in our life. Because of our earthy matters we think it is concidence, we find reasons where the reason will just give us excuse. Nothing more.

We all look different, we all have some task in our life to perform, we work every day and night to make our life success, to get good job, get a bungalow, earn good money and make life comfortable. In the process of doing all those events we forget that we should behave just like simple humans. Help others, see if others are smiling or not. Look on their faces, try to find out the reality, try to see, guess and understand what others are feeling at the same time.

It is not the big things that you need to do in order to make some one in need happy, just a simple words. Just a smile, Just a words that do not ever cost anything to you will do the trick.
Welcome to the world where nobody gives damn to what you think, every body is very busy, every body is so busy in their life that they do not have time for even their own kids, even their friends and family.

It is not just bounded by one country, one religion, and one community it is everywhere. The context might be different but the story remains the same. It might be told in different language, and different ways of delivery but the message and impact is the same.

Big question is how to change ?

Change should be brought within ourselves, if we change our country will change, slowly people around us we change and even the religion, sex, cultural aspects everything will change.

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Open the door.

The art of living is the way of living itself. One needs to go through many different phases of life. When you travel, you get to see many different things, you see the tree, people, other cars, other vehicle and many such things that too move. When many other things move, you move.

The ideas that travel should be adopted in many different case.The idea that do not travel should not be adapted.Most of the people in today's world do not just want to sit in one place and live a life. One point in time we would like to move.

The moment brings the journey, it creates the journey which might be very useful to many of us in many different ways. The joy of journey is immaculate. It is so joyful that you feel very comfortable. Sometimes even it reminds that why not if I was a flying bird. Move from one place to another, always in constant move.

Visit new places, see many new things, learn from many things that I never have seen before, heard before and watch before. What are the ways we learn or how do we get input in our body ? The input we get are probably from Eyes-we see, from ears-we listen, Nose-we smell, mouth-we taste, and what are others-next input could be touch-we feel.

The basic stuffs will always be their we will always do the basic stuffs but some time some point of time we get fed up with our daily routinized life. We then start looking for change. When we start to look for the change-we slowly thing the best way to se the change is to move.

The moment gives us both adventure and the pleasure. The both part are exciting in the journey of life. Those who are afraid of move, they are afraid of learn. While I am writing this one of my sweet fly is coming very close to me-again It is getting very closer to me, after getting closer to me I showed it the way but it could not go anywhere. It is trapped inside the room. It wants to move but it has no place to go. It is desperate to move, only because it wants to explore the real world. It has its own life, its own family and its own children.

Now, as I have to open the door to let it visit where it wants- I will open the door. Every country-should do the same for the people.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Welcome to reality.

The reality is not far when we see the reality very near. Words are not my creation, it is the creation of my thoughts-It might be ilogical, it might sound stupid, it might also be worng but I do not care.

As long as words come in my mind I write, It might be some times useful-at least to some one or some body somewhere in the world. It would be, Hopefully. Those who think it is not useful-It will be not useful to them.

My words are just the simple experiments with my self, my own knowledge and experiences, understanding the process, phenomenon, Nature and Environment. My is bounded to one single. I can even make it unbounded by making it Ours.

The bounday does not divide people its the people mind that is dividing people. We are living in world where we like to travel to many places see many culture, religion, people that is the real beauty of life. The more you travel the more you learn.

I always want to generalize many of the aspects and activites but that is just my personal opinion. It has nothing to do with any body or any community or whatsoever.
People fall in trap only because they want to fall. I may be bad at many things, I am not perfect. The beauty of life does not lies in being perfect, it lies in making mistakes which will enable me to learn, which will teach me the lessons which I also further can pass to others.

The way of proving who is right and who is worng in not the way that we alway end up. It is my the look you can tell. It is by the smell you can judge, it is my Nature you can learn.

Welcome to reality-not only to others but to me myself, Welcome to real world.

Thank you.

We born, we start to observe day to day activities around us. We listen to what our elders have to say, then slowly we start to judge what is good and what is bad in our life.What is truthful and what is untruthful, which words are emotionless and which are not.

The process is the stages of learning from one phase of life to next. It continues. It runs with the same common way by seeing, listening, smelling and taking taste of many different activities or events around us.

As we grow, we start to make friends, we share our values, common values and many other activities that are good or bad or whatsoever with the other person. When we share ours to theirs we begin to learn that their is more joy in combining these values, joy and ethics that we only have with others.

It gives us more pleasure, afterwards slowly we begin to realize that we need some body really to take care of us. We then start falling for those person who will take care of us. It can be either male or female depending upon the situation and our choices.

The process continues-and it will always continue just like that. It can be said that-you talk positive people will talk positive, it will create positive framework in your and others around you. One does not want to see the progress of others only because one cannot stand to share his own progress with others.

The war is not answer, it is simple. I can easily kill the person I want to but is that my answer to the problem ? Obviously not. The person who wants to win the battle win before the battle even starts. Only thing is you got to know when it started.

It is not my country that I hate, it is not my people that I hate it is the people with ego hassles that I do not want to see, talk or speak with. Sometimes I wonder, In the process of learning we have to learn how to remove it.

It is not aimed to one single person neither to any group or country it is aimed to those who think it is meant to them. I do not want to make anything personal despite it looks very personal.

Thank you to all those who have done very hard effort to help me. Thank you to all around me. By the grace of GOD-My best wishes are with you all. Despite it might seem non-worthy. You can take it as you want.

My level of thinking might be worst, or it may even be clumsy and narrow because I am separated from all around me presently. I am thankful to those who think I am separated. A fool learns from one single mistake whereas a Gentlemen who think he is really doing good,never learns.

Welcome to the real world- What I believe does not matter, and should not matter to those around me as long as we are bounded by certain boundaries we think only about our own culture, own country and want to talk more on those aspects.

What we do is that we are divided, we are born in one country and we like that country, we like the culture, we like the religion and everything after that becomes "MY". We will all the time like to speak only about that particular aspect- come out of the box and think beyond the boundaries and religion.

Welcome to reality, Once upon a time a child piss on the head of father only because father was carrying the child his on his head. The piss fell in his head and Father was not surprised, he started to clean it up and did not said even a word to Child.

The morale of story is that- It is easy to talk big, make loud cries but the impact matters. Whatever it might be or whatever it would be-it is just a words.

The words will hurt, the words will cry, the words will make you angry however one must know the basics that these are words. The words are dividing the world, the words are killing each others. It is easy to kill some one if I say something wrong to them-It is easy to make some one angry. How many of does not get hurt by words ?

Very few, only because we do not accept it. Once we learn how to accept the words we will learn to see the connection.

Last but not the least, Thank you for those who think I am their friends, Thank you for those who have helped me so far and I am really sorry if my words have hurt those around me. It is not for one person or not intended to those who think it is intended to. Please see the Disclaimer section at the end of the blog. Thank you to those who think I am not their friends too...

Stories will always continue ... till the last breath.... The way may be different, style may be different however the process still remains the same...

Friday, April 25, 2008

Love and Life. (welcome to reality)

It is so difficult to live without you, it is the only thing that seems very difficult in my whole life. Is their anything which people call difficult would ever I took as difficult.

It could be understood that all days are not good days, all days sun is not shining, their is darkness but the darkness ends to bring new joy, glory with light. In search of light to live with you it seems I am dieing.

Why do we some times feel that we could not live without the special some one in our life ?
One could have thousand views, many thoughts- It gets difficult to breath, it is even difficult to spread the message when the person you are close to is far from you. When you remember the person the smell of that person comes with inside you. It is the smell that you want to smell, it is the touch of that person you want to feel, it is the care of that person you want to enjoy. The question itself would not give the solution that I am presenting, it is the feeling. It is the emotion or expression. Do not take it personal- It could be different from many of us.

People do thousand and one thing to escape, we are loosing most of the important relationship only because we are not ready to listen. The relationship does not meant only love, it could be friendship, even, marriages and so on.

We loose the relationship because of our commitment, effort, some times forget to communicate, even some times journey, the distance could make you feel depressed. The greatest journey some times traveled is the distance between the people. In today's world it is easy. Many people have different approach, their own personal problems, own interpretation of understanding love- My approach is very personal and I never expected in my entire life that would even match to something.

It might be different to many different people but for me it is quite different too. Love is understanding, learning in every second of life. It is a song which every heart reads. It is the song for life.

The music which never stops till the last breath. We all have to visit the other end only by smiling. Smile and cross the life. It is the experience which cannot be described-broken bridge which always needs the improvement.

Why should I worry if my life sucks and I am fool, even I cannot walk with the person I am intended with, I would rather like to learn, understand and get the core message out of it. I will smile even if I am not thinking of smiling only because love is all about smiling.

Life and love is two different things which cannot be even thought of comparison. I have no clue at this moment how to separate these.

Their could be situation when I would tell that- I never tried to betray you but you left me just like that. Without the reasons. Without even saying Good bye ! From that onwards at least I would have got one word which I could have hated entire my life- "Good bye"

But Now, even I could not do that. What was my mistake ? Was it because I was not the one ? Well, if I was not the one it is only because you never tried to find out more on me. I am still happy and I will always be happy. If I would say that I am satisfaction would you come back to me ?

The unstoppable words could be written, I would not stop to write as I have started till the last breath of my life. I will write. Not to prove anything but to prove myself. I will not stop until and unless GOD ask me to stop.

I would never give my heart to somebody who is not interested in it. I would rather get married with 1000 girls in my life but I will not get married with you.
Wife of men are women and they will always remain wife of men. We can talk thousand words on women rights, whatever but women are always women... One of the difficult species to understand only because they make everything themselves very difficult.

Simplicity only comes with the simplicity of seeing the child, the early stages of every baby. Women will never learn from it. Every thing is difficult but it is up to us to make it simple.

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Welcome to real world.

I am very sorry for all those who read the previous article because I should not have posted it just like that, I really stupid on that point. I do not know, I was just taking too much of stress of myself that I forget their are people who can or who will help me.

I am really stupid and it is good that their are people around you to teach you, tell you and always give you suggestion when you need them. I am happy for all those and I really thank all those who were concerned.

The reality is that reality is just like reality. We all have problems and some times we do not want to tell our problems to others and sometimes we are quite shy aobut it. When I wrote my problems suddenly those who were close to me, who really care about me-became more closer.

The true person or friend or brother or whoever close to you becomes more closer once we ask them for help. It showed, I am sorry for the article yesterday and I could not write anything because I could go Internet.

In real world-we have real people and in real people we have problems, we have solution and we have life. It is quite uniquly placed. One has to sooner or later understand that we all have problems and we should learn from the problems.

It is good that I am in learning process and I am understanding it. The real world is something very vivid, very different and very difficult to survive because we have all sorts of problems like culture, religion, sex, nationlity, racisim and many more.

World is becoming very difficult place to live, more people are concerned about the security issue, machines are doing the work and it also seems that many people are starving. It is just like that.

The lesson from the Nature-is to be strong as Nature itself is very strongest of the entity. It is about choices, alternatives, finding and knowing yourself better. Life is all about the bond between the people that's why it might be that- Today we have lots of popularity in hi5, facebook kind of website.

These website are getting famous only because- We like community we like to share friendship and emotions. It is good to go with the flow.
The days coming by will teach me what is in store for me. I hope if I landed up in a process of helping others I won't go back, if I landed up in a process of asking-I will look forward.

Thank you.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

In the process of being strong.

Life is full of good and bad suprises. We always have two sides of any coin. We see our life also with the same way or phenomenon. Some times It is good for you and some times it is very unpleasant for you.

Now I am in the situation where I do not have any places to go. I have to take help from my dear friends. It is upto my friends who are going to help me or not going to help me.

No place to live from next month, no home, even cannot afford the room because of expensiveness but if GOD created me then all my wishes and dreams are not only my alone but it is his too.

He has to take care of my problems, my dreams and my wishes now.Let me see what happens. I have to sort it out- I will ask help from my dear friends. This is a simple version of my life today. I do not want to elaborate and put more because it will too emotional and If one day I am going to read this-it will me myself, weep.

In the process of being strong-One is being really strong. It happens and these are problems which a people face, why should one go far from the problems. It is good to face the problems and see the consequences from the problem.

Escaping from the problems are done by cowards. Who just try to escape and do not face the problems. We are face problems and we all try to go through it-which is good.

Once if I remember, me and my friends were sitting in balcony of the kitchen and he said that-"Nothing comes easy". As the nature itself is very tough, it teaches all of people and organisim related to it-the same lesson but in different ways.

Sometimes friendship could not measured, some times it is difficult to understand and sometimes it is not good for health. Some body once said that-friends in need are friends in deed. Now a days, who is doing or following the theme. We are becomeing selfish every day, it is increaing in our blood. We do not want to help others or see others only because why should we care about others ? When such an attitude comes in your mind, you think you are being strong and you are doing good but you are not doing good only because you are not helping other human.

Death is certain, it will come but we do not remember when it will come or we cannot say anything about it. After death, some people will remember you. some will forget you and some will even die for you. The person who really cares about those who have been dead are those very close to you.

Those person will not cry for whay you were and what you did but they will also take the lessons that you presented in your journey of life. We should therefore become such peroson or atleast try to beome one among them.

All these are words and words to not value as long as feelings. Feelings are important. It is because of feelings that you fall for other person. It is about the emotional touch that a mother has with a son-she loves him even he becomes a gangster or criminal.

It is because of feeling of your love that she will wait in lonliness of 25 years just in a hope of seeing you one day back. "True love always waits".

Well the story will always continue as long as the write of the story is alive. Thank you for reading it today. Have a good day :)

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

I do not know.

Mind is the best to judge, it is the central part of our body which makes important decisions. Imagine a situation where you are not able to make any sorts of decisions. What would you do ? Either you have to be believe others or you have to be retarded.

Without mind their is no decision making body, every activities we do- Such as daily activities from cooking to cleaning to bathing to washing and all sorts of activity, whether I take a taxi or should I walk ?, weather I eat pizza or I eat nothing ? weather I stay with this girl or should I stay with some body else ?

Every decision is important and every decision should be handled with proper care. When we make decision it is not only best decisions we make for our body, it can be bad decision it can also be worng decision and it can also be very good decision.

Whatever decision it is, the best decision always matters. It matters only because it is beneficial to you. It is good for your self. It is worthily to you and yours who are attached with you.

It is not easy when it is most of the times easy. It is not difficult when it seems very difficult. I do not know know is the best answers many people have in this world. Why ? Simply because it give us escape.

When a person says- I do not know, you are out of the context. It simply means you really do not know and even if you know you do not care. The context of "I do not know" in simple English terms mean the person do not know what he is trying to say or willing to say.

It is just an excuse or escape or going far from the facing the problems. Sometimes, it is good but many of the times it is not. Well, if you really do not know what particular things or particular activities means then it is absolutely correct but when you know something but do not want to explore beyond or do not want to elaborate your knowledge of wise dome then it is better to say-I do not know.

I have seen many people in using the term, I have used many of the times myself-Now I think this term is appropriate but not inconvenient or should not be used most often.

Let us explore, why should we go far from the problem rather than face the problem or situation. If you really do not know then why not use the learning tools to find out about it immediately. You will know.

It happens in such a way that we speak a statement on some subject matter saying- "I do not know" Slowly our statement become more and more, it grows many of the times with all the different subject and situation. When we start to get old we forget what we know and what we do not know. It almost becomes "I do not know".

The memory vanishes, all the events, all the learnings, all the phenomenon, situations, solutions whatever we did we will slowly start to forget and we will become like a child who again wants to know about the world.

To search, to find out, to research and to reveal what we do not know, what others around us do not know and what our children and grandchildren will not know we have to learn to change-"I do not know to I know but I have to see" or I know to some extent but I am not remembering or I do not know but I want to know"

These are not the solutions but these are exploration, these are knowing about yourself, these statements one person do not have to speak or say but speak to yourself and ask. you wil find out the answers.

Monday, April 21, 2008


When I am close to you are at the same time far from me. When you are close to me at the same time I am far from you. We are made for each other how can we be far from each other ?

Those beautiful statements mentioned in above lines are simple, meanigful and feels like reading thousand times. Why are we not same ? Why men and women are different from each other ? These some questions are in my mind which need a good reasonable satisfying answers to my ears.

We are different, physically emotionally and mentally. We are not same in any of those features. Women are always ahead in thinking. They are very fast. They think two steps ahead of men. We men cannot even imagine of what they are thinking. It is only because they like to explore, they know what will be the end results and they are not afraid to take risk.

A typical men way of living a life would be-go to office, come back home, prepare food, do some stuffs with your computer or TV and go back to bed, it can also be some parties, some discussion, some talk about women, some good laughs and some worries.

A typical women way of living a life would be do all the morning stuffs like cleaning, washing clothes, washing other stuffs, go to office, come back home, chit chat with other women, talk mostly about the clothes and perfumes, take even care of minor of details in their day to day activity, remember what they are doing, come back home and do home stuffs. Work on home too, feel depressed about what other womens have and what she does not have and so on.

It differs according to country, culture, value and ethics of people. This is almost similar however when you go through these steps you will find dissimilarity.Women like men and men like women. The fact is how many ? and how much is the end result.

In europe, it is common to change another men. A women can sleep with two or more in a given day with different men. It depends on what she is going and how she handles them, situation and what she wants.

A men on other hand has a difficulty to do that. It is difficult because all men respect the women and it is difficult to ignore the respect they give to women.

Why do women change men in developed country ? What is the basic need ? Is it sex ? Sex is not a big issue because men can easily give them pleasure of sex but what is that then make them change other men ? It might be the dependency. Women are not dependend on anyone.

If you are not dependent on the men how can you give him the respect or honor or whatsoever. It is like I don't care if you do not care. The attitude of women for instance you take an example of Finland- I would say, women and weather in finland is the same, it can change anytime.

No prediction can be done besides all the supercomputers present in computer lab about the weather only because prediction of nature has always been difficult the other species which are very close to nature is women. For them the prediction is almost impossible to do.

My analysis would never stop if I continue writing on them. Have a good working days to everyone. Be happy but do not think how.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

I am a fool

People are playing game, people are playing politics and people are trying to violate other peoples on behalf of minor benefits. Their are people in my life who are close to me but are doing something stupid or I assume they are doing stupid which I can understand better now.

They can talk big, they can twist and turn your mind the way you think the way you decide on some aspects or on some global manners because they they think whatever they are doing is absolutely correct and only correct.

Hiding information is the information they know, playing some games which they do not even know how to play it. It is not good to violate one among others. They can even bite you but you will not feel the pain. They are living is osmosis. The process where they don't know either they are doing right or doing wrong. They are absolutely great people.

To know about the person it does not take long, it will never take long and it has never took so long for me. From the moment I have felt about some person I can tell you what his/her point of view are what he is thinking and what he will do for you. It is the process of learning the people. I do not have any problems with anyone if every one do not have problems with me.

The people whom you belive are the best ones are the people who are very close to you but they are doing worst for you. I know it might not be true to every one however it is true to some extent to every one.

Girls are the difficult to understand as they are too complicated to deal with. Boys are always easy to predict because they know what they want. Clear and Simple. When you do not know what is your objective how can you deal with the other person.

It is easier to make fools to other person if you are have a group of at least two people and you know the person whom you are going to make fool.

Last day, or Yesterday One of the friend gave a barbecue party in the corridor of the rooms. It was nice because their were different faces that we never saw, their were nice and good people together chatting, laughing enjoying food and doing what ever that can lead them to the happy moments.

We all were invited thanks to him for his generosity. I was just like I am therefore after coming from the University I straight away took his beer and went for the participation. Later after some 1hr some of the people came they were Nepalis. A good brilliant guys from Nepal who are called as friends. As I don't know what is the nature of others Nepali guy but My nature is shy so I was enjoying the beer that I took from Teemu.

The guys started to talk something strange and I was interested to know what is that. When I asked a question I got a very sound reply which made me think that those guys do not know me at all.

It was amazing experience wow, they laughed at me and I was left spell bound. I thought well that is how we call friends in Nepal. May be it is because of my own caste, my nature of unfriendliness which resulted in being stupid.

It is easy to make some one fool. Imagine yourself in such situation. I am not angry or frustrated or depressed with that situation but certainly I learn one good lesson. It is easier to make people fool.

I am happy for what happened because I have seen the consequences and the results. I am happy to learn a lesson because I am always left alone. One can talk 1 hr about being open or how should a person should be open to each other and at the same time that same person does not come out of his room to see others.

It is easy. You have to open the door of your room and take some steps to reach others room. In your mind just set a program that you have to go to the person room. If you are not dead in the middle you will reach to that person house.

It is easy. It is simple straight away if you got some problem start to talk and clear it. I do it. I don't know the people around me do not feel doing it only because they think I am unfriendly.

It is funny too for me. I smile when I go through such situation. I am not open they say as you can read inside and outside of me and compare. I am stupid they can say. I am crazy people can say but one thing is for sure. I do not care.

If I see 7 grains and I tell that one of the grains is bad do not eat to others around me, they will believe in and they will eat only 6. But how can you judge the grain which was bad was really bad ?. Do you really trust the person who asked you to trust him/her ?

For this reason, you got to taste yourself. Taste it yourself and see if the grain was really bad. One has to experience itself before knowing or judging others. Their are thousand of other things that I would like to share but It will just give an impression that I am just complain about someone.

Their were other many things to learn from the party but which I would like to put into one single statements- "wo+men are two words faster than men".

Good weekend !

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some Blah Blah

A very good bright and sunny saturday morning with brightness and light all the way which brings smile to every one's face. It creates a joyous environment to people and the people around such that every body believes that life is to life fully, without any tension, sorrow and unpleasant moments.

Imagine being alone for 100 years. Without some one, without your love, without the sense of girl or scente of women you are alone. Every body is with their life, their partner living like they would live but when you are alone you are with yourself. You do not need anybody. It is you and your love for yourself.

The beauty of life lies not in death but it lies in the way you live a life. You should enjoy the moment do not try to enjoy the end. It does not matter the way you do your work only thing that matters is the way you do it.

The destination is the end. The destiny is findings, search for the end. When we search for the end we should concentrate first on the path we are taking. Concentrate on the path not the destination.

Like the oceans in the sky, like the clouds seen in the river and like the twins who seem very alike. We too are alike. We need to find out the real meaning about it.
Depression is not the answer for being depressed. The cause results it. The cause of any kind of depression is only because of the problem and unpleasant tackling with the problems. Let us see what would be suitable for each of us.

Like the Yesterday's picture which carries all the countries we are divided into two different parts but one thing is clear. Either we are male of female we are the same from the back.

See the person from the back side we all have common thing, similarly we are same from one corner of our mind, our life, our culture to others. We need to find it for ourselves.

People are now a days not in mood to find out the reality for it only because we are lacking the culture and the destiny we are lacking the path that creates the destiny we do not lknow aht is goin on in our mind but we are just dong it for the sake of doing it. We do not know aht we are doing, because we know that wqe are unknown. Wehn we are unknow about rhe thingsthat we are doing then how can we know aht we are doing ? We are living and we do not know what is sole purpose fo living.

Sometimes it piss me off, when we trie to find otu the rality behind the real, the virtuality behind the virtual and the nature behind the nature of nature itself. It is difficult but to se edxtent only. It might look absurb but it is not.

The blah and blah stories ends here. We will rather talk something intereresting later. Have ag odo weekend and do the rest what you ewant to do in your life with all the things that you feel doing, doing is now and you should do it now.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Divided world

The divided world, world is such a divided place where everything seems to be separated by one form to another. Eveything around the world is split into some phase or some parts.

As you can see in the diagram the ass here is divided into parts. The first part is in one side and the next part is in another side. These parts cannot be plane only because you need to have a hole in the middle part.

We live in divided world with great lot of differences, we have difference in culture, religion, castes, values, ethics and many more. We have difference only because we like to live in difference.

We are the humans we would like to share and meet together. We want to show people that we are great, we are far better than you are. In showing our acheivements, in showing our values and in showing what we are good at; we also loose what we have.

It is difficult to invite a complete stranger into your house until and unless it is in the party where you find a good beautiful lady or guy and want to make out with him/her.

Take an example of one person who is from one side of the picture and to reach to another side of diagram he has to cross through these big mountains, he needs first to go deep inside the one side or dig himself and then the has to climb to next side of diagram. The process of falling into or going deep and the proces of climbing are two different things which needs to be handled.

Two things cannot be done simultaneously- I mean the climbing and falling deep. One has to finish one to do the next and so on. If you forget to do one you will forget to do another. If some person from one side of country visits to another country then how will you treat him/her.

Obviously, it will depend upon the country he his visiting, their culture, their values, their ethics and their own way of seeing at strangers or the people from other part of world. If you see that person as a messenger than it means the person can be beneficial to you. If you see that person as complete stranger than you will have worng opinion set in your brain about that person which will never change.

We have racisim, but why ? We have it only beacuse we do not like to see some one or complete stranger entering in your country and doing the things you cannot do. We do not want it to happen, only because we lack the knowledge the person has. Once we see the other person as a messenger and want to learn from him/her and he too wants to learn from the country he is visiting than it will be perfect- No fight with the race.

Why don't we like a person who is black and the person who is white in black land. We do it only because we do not like to happen some kind of sudden change in our home land. We are selfish, we want our country to be ruled by our man, Even Creator is selfish, he created the world to see the people, to test them and people are testing each other.

The fight with the race will continue, no one can be said that person is right and that person opinion is worng. It continues and will continue only because we all know that we live in divided world and some how some where in our brain it is written that we do not want to change the society we are living in. I would suggest "Be open". What is that you were born with, what is that you think you will take.

You are born empty and we will die empty hands. We were born naked and we will go naked. Nothing we brought when we came here in our existence and nothing we are going to take with us. Let us be nothing by beliving in our values, our messege, our messeges that were taught in our Holy book, with the messeges of others too and with the messege of our heart some way in some manner.

The story will continue...

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Brain and Heart

Some times, When you expect something to happen for you. It does not happen. When you least expect the thing to happen to you at that very period the things happen. Today was quite a surprise day to me in some manners.

Welcome to the world of exception, the unexpected journey where we move like a random particles constantly in motion. We just move, meet new particles and then we share values, emotion, culture, religion, food, fun and everything else that has needed to be fun or we think we should enjoy or share with them.

In the journey we are excited, we do not know what will happen next. the beauty just lies in not knowing what is going to happen next and that is the true beauty. The beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. How can some one even judge it through the eyes ? Just only eyes are not enough to judge a person or see the beauty of other person you need to communicate through the others person eyes to your eyes and slowly from that person eyes to the your heart.

When you communicate you will know that your brain is making some king of communication with your heart and it tries to talk with the heart but the heart does not allows it to talk with the brain because brain always thinks about the basic stuffs. It thinks about the food, the money for weekend party, the job, the work load, the things that are on in your mind, the work you are going to do in the near future and so on.

Whereas the heart does not think about the money, not about the religion, not about the culture or nor about race, sex, anger or whatsoever. When you take your thoughts close to your heart than you realize that you are being the victim of attraction. You are being close to yourself.

Some times people get puzzled about my how I think, I write but I do not worry about what others are doing beside me only because I work both with my mind and my heart. When you will be able to work both the parts of your most system, you will realize the true beauty of being alive.

The brain always is the way it is and it will not change. It will ask you to pay your bills, it will ask you to think about your career and it will ask you to look after you life in controlled manner. The heart does it in different ways totally different.

What heart does is the true beauty. Listen to your heart be close to what you feel, because these are important than what your brain asks you or always demands from you.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Love in the times of cholera

When you have nothing to say, you have good reason why. When you know you are in troble you have thousand reason "because of.."

I do not know and I will not know what is the important in life, what should be done and what is going to happen.One thing fore sure, greatest fear in my head is not the death but living life the way I wanted it to live.

I would suggest to people that do not make the words weak. In day to day life, we often say that "love u" despite we do not mean it. When you do not really mean it, do not make it weak. The idea comes from the movie I was watching last night, "Love in the times of cholera" It was already known to be only because I follow the same trend.

I am not asking people to become like me, follow me or do what I am doing but I am requestig others to learn from them, be yourself, get the moral of the story from everyone. Life is too short to learn from your and only yours mistake.

In the movie, a guy who is in deep love with a sweet pricess kind of girl. He is loves her very much, he cannot explain what he is doing, he does not know wheather it is bad or good or something else. He knows that he loves her and he wants to get married with her.

Girl accepts the marriage of the guy, one things that departs them is guy's richness and good personlaity, caste and the work he does as a telegrah boy.
Both are separated, guy waits for the girl and the girl slowly starts to think that it was not love, it was illusion. She fell in for another doctor who gives her sense of sensulaity. They get married and start to have sex.

Sex is need, it is food for life to survive without sex we cannot think of living a proper life, our mind will be dull and we will behave indifferently. However it cannot be denied that without sex also we can live for some period of time.

Love is that drives the life, love is motivator, love motivates towards the journey of life. Love cannot only be for women. Love has no limits, no boundaries and no religion.

Love is love, love is the word that I could not describe when I want to.
The story continues and it goes at last after 54 years the husabad of the girl dies and the guy comes to her and proposes her. He asks her that he waited for 54 years of his life for that moment.

It was mainly because of love, they meet again and at the very old age they enjoyed being together. It is said according to my mind that when you kiss a women, if you desire to kiss again then you will stay with her for longer period but when you do not want to kiss more than once it might be because you do not love her.

Do not follow my theories but just learn from it, if you have anything to suggest please go forward. All your comments are my honors and appreciations.

The story ends with the happy note. Love in the time of cholera, one should watch that movie to learn a good lesson of love.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Am we really in love ?

This spring season, weather is fantastic, shiny, bright, with rays of light crossing your body part giving you some smile to cheer. Love is in the air this spring. Some times I think I am being addicted to it.

You can see from the last three four of the post I am writing all about love, I do not know. I am being addicted to love. I am confused, I am in puzzled, surprised and want to know what is love. In the process of knowing love, you have to first be in love.

Being in love, is similar to being alone. When you are alone you love your self, you love what you do and what you do not do. Being in love is some what similar to that. I do not what is love therefore I will tell you what it feels to be addicted in love.

When a person is addicted in love, the person constantly thinks about the person whom he thinks he should be with, the constantly thinks about that very special person in his life, he remembers all those memories he has shared with her, his memoir, his thoughts are in constant motion towards the love of her lady.

Addiction is some what similar to being addicted in sex, without sex nobody in the relationship can survive but can you ask a person to be in love especially in long distance relationship not to do sex and be in love with the person of his/her dreams ?

It depends upon the person, it also depends upon the commitment and it depends on the truthfulness, trusworthyness of your partner. How can a person be said or judged that he is talented, skillful and intelligent. Person who are educated cannot be categorised as perfect or intelligent.

The categories we give and our concept does not help in case of love, Which is very difficult itself to understand. How do you know that you are in love ? Is sex love ? Where every body knows that lust and love cannot be mixed together. Sex can never be love and love can never be sex. Is sex necessary than for love ?

Can a person be in love without sex and can a person be also in love with sex ? I think yes. A person can be in love without sex and also a person can be in love with sex. It depeneds upon the relationship you are building. It is process, it requires your commitment, it requires sweat and it should be based on truth.

When you say that you are in love how do you feel that you really are in love ? Do you really fall for your partner ? Do you think you can do whatsoever for her/him ? Do you really want to dedicate your entire life for your partner ?

If your answer is yes, then you are not in love. If your answer is no, then surely you might have some chance of being in love and if you say you do not know then their is more chances of being in love.

Do not get surprise by such interpretation. It might seem absurd but it is not. When you say a person that you are in love with him/her. You are finished. At that very point, your love is an end. You do not have anything to give. You have pour all the water in the sea to ocean and the sea is empty.

When the sea is empty their is nothing, it has lost its value, it has become a plane land. Every body will ignore the value of the sea which has turned into land. When you retain as the sea and do not tell your partner that you love however show her in some way that you are in the process. As that time, you are letting your partner guess.

When a girl is in constant guess, when a girl do not get what she really wants she will spend her whole entire life to get it. She will be more committed.

Please note the couple of lines above those are very important.I do not know from where all these thoughts comes or pops up in my mind but these are coming regularly recently in my mind. I hope this is the theory I believe in love. I do not suggest you to do the same but do think after it.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Journey of love

We can travel around the world searching for the right person in our life. What would I say that Some times the greatest journey is the distance between people. It is very difficult to find the right person in your life. You may think Miss Y is the best but at the same time you will meet some body with other good qualities that you will again re-think your mind stating Miss YY is good for me.

The choices we make, the decision we take are not always right in our life. We do mistakes and it is good practice to learn from those mistakes. The beauty of love, the kiss, caring and touch of other person gives you the feeling in your life that weather that person is suitable for you or not.

Women will always not find out that who is the right person for their own life because many of the times they are confused with themselves. She is in constant search of good person in her life. The ideal person for a women would be who cares her, kiss her, loves her, stands by her, gossips with her, gives her surprises,does many different things to impress her, makes her laugh, makes her cry and most importantly loves her more than himself.

Some times What I believe is that many of the relationship does not work out only because we love more than we love other person. The love of self is more than the love of person who is your soul mate.How many of us believe in love at first sight.? Love at first sight can happen only if you both are soul mates. The greatest difficulty is not in being in love but retaining the love. The greatest fear is not loosing your love but maintaining and giving the love.

My own personal experiences teaches me thousands of lesson that some times I get confused with the term itself. Their are many people who are in love, who are in committed relationship but due to some reasons-financial, economical, material and many such problems somehow could not be with the love. To all those I would like to say that greatest fear in their heart and mind is loosing the love, I would like to tell them that do not fear, expect and fall in trap of believing your love is good or bad.

Love cannot be judged with our feelings, love cannot be calculated by mathematics, even Einstein could not calculate it, It is your fulfillment, your commitment, and your dedication to maintain the love.Love do not remain for long only for you, you got to maintain it for yourself.

Many of the times we love ourselves than the person whom we say-"I love you". It is true. The reason behind this phenomenon is called love for individuality or self love. Which shows that we kill the things we love. When such thing happens why do we blame that our relationship didn't work out?

Be prepared for the journey of love of your soul mate, the love for your country, the love of your society and the love of your mother do not try to find any difference in them because all is fair when love is taken as love.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Oh my love.

Last night, I watched a good music recommended from a friends website. It was amazing. It somehow relates to my own life in different way. I do not want to explain it publicly. How good and beautiful that song is, The meaning I understood is some what I would like to tell you here. It is from the movie and I have not yet seen the movie.

The song has a deep meaning, meaning stating that do not forget the tears that flowed, do not forget the long nights that I remembered for you, do not forget all those moments that I waited for you.

The song asks for a love, just to see the glance or second of the person's love. The person wants to meet some one in love. She is far far from him. The gentleman is waiting and he says he will do anything for her, just to see her. The gentleman is in the state of dying, he could not live without her. He wants to meet her but he could not.

He says to his love that do not forget seas which has seen him crying, do not forget the day which separated them apart. Love grows with time, as the wine improves every year love become stronger like a wine.

Imagine a situation where you want to meet your love and you are in the stage of dieying, you are lieying in the deathbed, you have not confessed your love for her. You have not said even that "you love her". How would you feel ?

You last breath depends on it, you cannot die only because you want to say one lovely, statement to the person who is far far away from you. The person whom you never knew that you love. The person who always loved you.

Love is the beauty which is indescribable. As the world is changing, the way of doing love or being in love is also changing, we say even when we do not mean it. We talk even if we do not know what we are talking, we think we are in love even if we do not know what "love " is.

Aloneness is the first lesson of Love, it will take time for people to understand what is aloneness. Love is statement of question that has remained unanswered. It is something which cannot be touched, something which do not have smell, it is the beauty which my mind cannot describe.

You do not know you are in love, that is good in that case you are being with yourself, in such situation you know you are being truthful to yourself. It is always good to be truthful to yourself than to act to others that you are just being honest about yourself. Do not do what others want to hear from you. Do what your inner best friend ask you to do.

Oh my love, what wil happen if I am dead and I could not say that "I loved you". Oh my love how would you live without me ? Oh my love, , ,

how would you feel when you will see my dead body lieying besides you, what would i excuse myself of not saying those worlds which your ears always wanted to hear.

Oh my love, I am sorry, It is difficult to be man of words and man of deeds at the same time. Oh my love I am sorry that I would one day hopefully feel the "love " for you.

Their are times in my life where I have not said even once my love for you, I am sorry and please forgive me if i die without saying that "i loved you".

Oh my love, you are the most beautiful person that i have ever met, Oh my love without you life is just as empty as the sea without water, what would sea do if their is no water in it ?

Oh my love, in every steps of your life, My prayers are with you, my blessings are with you and my caring, memories are with you. Oh my love, without you I am without.

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Saturday, April 12, 2008

Happy New Year 2065

Happy New Year 2065. We are humans from future. Many people in the world can learn a good lesson from us. HOw ? We can teach people how one can be very close to Nature and learn a lesson from the its environment and surroundings.

Nepal is soon going to write consitutency assembly which is vital for whole country. I would like to say that- Indians we are no longer, Chinese we do not want to become so Let us be true Nepali.

People generally kill the the things they love most. We like something so much that we cannot live without it but generally we do kill those things. It is easy. It is easy to kill the things that you love. We should kill the old political rule, autocratic rule of King and we all know the fact that Nepal was only Hindu Kingdom in the world but we kill that, Now we are secular kingdom.

That was just an simple example. Happy New Year 2065 to all the people in the country, May GOD gives you what you all people desire, want and deserve in life, in society and in country.

One thing we Nepali lack is we need to think beyond we can think. We should not be limited to our thinking. We like our friends, we like to gossip, do chit-chat, have fun with friends, drink, dope, smoke but are we doing any thing except just following the stupid trend ?

Why is it difficult for us to change ? It is very easy.If every Nepali citizen belives in "doing" Our country will surely become "developed". We like the way we are. We are lazy, we do not want to work, we do not want to fight and to some extent it is good not to do anything however it is only good when your brain really needs such moments. It is not good when you make such acitivites as your hobbie.

Playing politics is good but let us leave it to our leaders, we should not play politics among ourselves. It is not good practice. Their are people who do not want to accept the fact, do not want to liste, the biggest problem those people will face is that they will not be able to give. Which means that, It will be easy for them to fake.

People always wants to show off. When I was 15-16 years of age I too was going through the same phase. I liked to show to people that I am the best, Whatever I do are good and whatever I say is correct, whatever others are saying is not correct-I do not want to take what they are saying to me. When you will not accept what others are saying to you or some how you will listen for a moment and you will try to avoid it afterwards then you are being a victim of yourself.

Do not try to destroy yourself, do not be some body else. Just be yourself. Do what you like to do, talk with those whom you like to talk, whereas one thing you have to remember is that-Listen.

Learn from what others have to say. Always remember that we are following the path which has beeen already followed by some one else. The name of those who already have followed the path before might be different, their body, religion, caste, culture might be different but they already have achieved what we are trying to achieve.

Therefore Just don't try to be imitator. If you see Buddha in the street Kill him. Only because "do not try to become Buddha". Try to be yourself.

Nepal is my birthplace where I was born, the land which gave me my space to be what I am now. I like that land. Every body does. Only thing I am trying to say is that do not just focus on your own land. Respect others people land too. Every country is unique, every person is unique and every religion is unique. We do have to respect each other only then we will end war.

My opinions might seem stupid, might be absurd, might be useless but these are my own thoughts and I do not want to blame anybody for that. If you do not like it, do not read it if you like it read it. We all have freedom of speech, space, silence, whatso ever.

This new year let us change ourselves, our mind, the way we think and the way we behave. Let us be true Nepali only by beliving in "doing".

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Friday, April 11, 2008


Is it a person who is unfortunate.? Why do we use the word unfortunate does not it sound weired ? Why do we think we should use the negative word like un+fortunate. When some one says you that- You are unfortunatly ... How would you feel. Can our feelings be controlled with the word called unfortunate.

Does not it sound like, it was me who was born unfortunate, not getting any job unfortunately, or some times even was born unfortunate. Why is it difficult for us to accept the negative words like that. It is difficult only because we do not want to take it. It is difficult only because we do not consider that we are really unfortunate.

Think about the situation where you are very good at what you do and applied for the job and your recruiter says that you are unfortunately not given the specifici position you applied for. How would you feel ? It really demoralized one's will. Some times what I think is that either you select the person or do not send an email saying those stupid words like unfortunate.

How can you judge a person by seeing to their Resume, cover letter and make a statment like "a person is unfortunate".. It is not a person who is unfortunate never. It is always a company who do not want to take a fortunate people for them. It is their judgement which goes worgn. Many more things comes to play like racism, where you belong from, which languages you speak and so on.

It is difficult to accept those bitter words but one has to accept it. It is in the process of becoming strong. A man always has to face such hurdles many of the times in their life. It is not easy as women because women gets the job easily anywhere in the world.

Welcome to the world where race has not ended, it will not end. GOD sometimes created two color in the planet where Black and White. Later people combined it and made multiple colors. People still have not changed to see multiple colors in the person but they are still beliving that we should be judged by the color of the skin. Black and White is contemporary and opposite. It cannot be same, it will never be same and it won't be same in near future.

The difference is not because of color of skin or just color the difference is created in brain which is limited. Nobody wants to think beyond their limitation. No body wants to open the door for the stranger to come in. Nobody wants to accept other people in their room. Only because we fear.

When fear rules our body, our mind, our soul what can anybody think beside that. Once you overcome fear you will know that you are living a life of MAN. For now, I can tell you that we are living like cowards and we will die cowards.

We represents all of us. We is the symbol says that what we are doing has been done by some one else and we are following the path made by some body else who we call as GOD. We are doing that is good, we are living in "ing" at the end of verb that is good.

I would say that Unfortunate words should be banned in academics, or in real life to be used until and unless it is really required and unless some other human really thinks that other human is unfortunate to deserve the job or deserve to be in the world. We are not unfortunate.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Life without you.

Women are powerful, women are creative and women are most beautiful animal GOD has ever made. They are much more stronger than all we men. Men may have the powerful muscles but women has powerful brains. They are naturally strong because of what they have to go through every month.

Why are women most beautiful than men ? Their may be thousand of reasons behind that- It may be because of the structure they have which is quite different than all men. It may be because they are universal receivers. It may be because they have thousand of capabilities to take things for granted.

When it comes to relationship, it is different. As the relationship needs the combination of two people it needs the commitment of both girl and boy. We are in the world where two are quite different in the way they think, in the way they talk and in the way they live their life.

Women knows the reality despite that also she won't forget to do makeups, she knows that one day all her make up is going to be useless but instead of that she wont' forget to put it on. My personal experiences says I have seen many women wearing makeup even in her late 70's. What might be the reason behind that ?

Is it because they still believe they are attractive ? Is it because they think they should all the time put it ? Is it because they are given impression that they are beautiful animal in the world. Whatever might be the reason one reason is common to attract men.

Selection is big process for them, they will go out date with those guys who they like, they will make love with those guys who they wish to and they will break up with those guys who they don't want to stay with. In the process of relationship, it is mainly their decision that counts. It is the decision of women that matters and sometimes even hurts.

Women always wants to show off, but it can be limited. It is not true with all women. Mostly they would like to show to other women how much beautiful they are, how good men they are playing with and how their life is better than any other women. Therefore some body rightly made an statement that "All women like famous men".

To sum up, as summing up cannot be determined in case of women- I would say that women are beautiful, you must go out with her, make love with her , try to show that you like her or love her or do whatever she asks from you in spite of all these you will have to know one fact that you are still alone and she is never going to die for you.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Bring Change

The times are changing, weather are changing too, people are changing too and every one around us are seeking change. We all are fed up, we are slowly becoming bored and if not we will soon become bore.

The main idea is that their is no idea. The good thing is that their is no bad things and the answer to the question is that their is no answer. We want to change our mind, our body, our values, and many more things.

Why are we seeking change ? What is the reason that we like changes ? Reason could be many, we could even want to show people that we are good, we have talent and it some times is good to see the changes in all these aspects, or events or whatever you will like to call it.

The main reason behind change is that the word itself is very dramatic and different. We are fed up of the whole world only because we could not see many different things happening around us except terrorism, war and fight for the war. Nothing is more good than just these things.

It takes some time for the change only because we like the changes and we like surprises. Why do they always teach you in Romanticism class to be only romantic to girls by giving women surprises ? What is the reason behind it ?

It is mostly because women are the species who likes money, famous men and change a lot. They are always two steps ahead of men.
Change is good, Yes we can bring changes not only within ourselves but to the country, people around us and to every other individual who are connected to us some how. The big question now remains is how ? We can only bring change only by bring change in ourselves.

We are the creator of the climate, we are the creator of our sufferings and we are the creator of our daily mood. We do all these but we do not know or some how do not want to know who does all these things.

My opinion tells me that we are the creator no body else. Just exclude the religion from this article. I do not want to consider it here. We are the creators of the change and we can really bring the change in ourselves. How ? Just be yourself.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Human Behaviour

People are so strange and it is very difficult to understand other people. Why should we even care ? When it is needed it is again difficult to understand other around you. Their are many kinds of person and they have many indifferent behavior's.

We can take an example of one person who is very outgoing, friendly, wants to help others and always gives support, help to others and their is another totally opposite of the person I described. People like those who are outgoing, friendly and the first one kind of person but again their are those kind of people too who like later one.

It is proved that based on our thoughts, our feeling and our emotion we make our group and we want to share with them.It might be true to some extent. I do not know much about it. Playing a politics with other people is very easy.

One should always remember that when you play politics with other people or your friend for an example you may even fall in trap of being a victim some time around. It is just the matter of time. In the age of information where every individual wants to share the information or at least is happy sharing info to other around him, how would you feel if your close friends are not telling you the reality?

We can make loud cries and have thousand big thoughts on various topics that we like to such as politics, education, research but one should first realize its importance. People who cannot some how see the success of others are the ones who are full with ego hassles. The problem is not with their thinking but the level of thinking they posses.

Those people are not silent but they would not even tell you what they are doing with others around you. Being alone is not being loneliness or feeling loneliness, Being alone is the first lesson of love.

I can say thousand things on thousand different matters but why would i say if some one does not have any interest to listen it and if it is not beneficial to some one. We have to do good to those who does good to you.

Remember in live, we learn by knowing people by your own country men, by your friends, by observing the things they do around you, by observing any other people around you and by experiencing through events they create.

Learning is the best way to know what you are currently doing. It is an art, an act which is indescribable. It may have theory but it is not concept.

Their are times when you are depressed, feeling that you have not made right choice and thinking that you should pack your stuffs and return these all times tell us one thing- You are fighting.

When you fight with your-self you will know that you are becoming strong and when you will realize you are in process of becoming strong you will become alone, lonely and silent. Welcome to the land of thousand lakes just for the sake of experiencing it.

Monday, April 7, 2008

Without Job

Life is not as simple as we think it is, It is very difficult and as days are passing it is getting even tough. We are struggling animals, we are working day and nights to survive. For our survival we need food, energy and all smaller things that keep us alive like love, laugh, respect and generously.

Suddenly I heard the news that some 80,000 jobs were taken off in USA. Wow, what a good news. It really feels good to be in one group of jobless. When I see myself now with all those 80,000 people we fall in same category of jobless. We are jobless and we should build one big community like facebook for jobless people. Well, Here I am with one simple idea of creating a community for all of us jobless people where we will make all our 80,000 employees work together for great great well-beings.

When I see myself jobless, some times I even laugh at myself-It really feels good you know only because here you are with all your academic degree written "excellent" over it but which is useless in Today's world. What type of world are we creating in present situation where we have to struggle to get a simple job.

Last night I was talking with one friend and their I said to him- From 100years down the line no humans will be needed all the world will be done by Robots. We are creating the world where people are cut and machine work is emphasized.

Learning from our past, we made computers that really cut those people who knows computers can only work. Then we are in the world where we are making Robots so, Now even dear Robot can handle many of things that human cannot handle perfectly. After 100 years we will make bigger Roborts and bigger machine such that it will be similar to Holly wood movies where machine will rule the world and humans will live in room doing nothing.

"No brain can be regarded best as human brain. No idea is greater than human idea and No imagination can be created with machine without human imagination."

This quote is my creation where every statement and every words are important in it. I am not being traditional or having a traditional thought on Technology but this thought is real thought. It is simple and it will explain why we are most respected and precious human beings.

Without job imagine a situation our fellow human has go to through, search another, how to service, what the hell is politics and government doing ?, why is their fight "to show" ? I am the best my party is best .. and so on.

They should make a voting scheme where first they should prove it by doing a well being for country, people and environment and they you elect those people who has really proved their caliber.

You got to prove yourself not by words but by deeds. Prove it and you really mean it for well-being of country. Do not eliminate job but create it. When I think today I do not have job, how would one feel secure of his/her future ? Why would I even think of my family or plan to have marriage if I am not secure at the present situation.

Without job we do not have security, we create a addicted environment and our kids will easily do drugs, we will too and we are killing our own existence by not creating equal opportunity, job and peaceful environment to survive.

Sunday, April 6, 2008

In the name of Religion

In the name of religion, people are killing each other. We are easily motivated and get angry when some one says something in the name of our religion. We are like parrot in the sense that one person ask us to do something and we do it on behalf of him.

Let us not be parrot and be the real human being. We should behave properly and accept the message of all the religion. All the religions are different and they are worship in different ways. We belong to one community one society and follow what is done for the well-being of society and community.

The end result of the message of all the religion is "TRUTH", "PEACE", and "FOR THE WELL-BEING OF HUMAN AND SOCIETY". These are the core message of all the religion however they are worshiped and whatever they mean to others.

We all like to share about our own religion, we like to talk more about ours than others only because we know ours and we lack the knowledge of others. Even if we know little about other religion we do not want to talk about other religion only ours.

My country, my world, my religion, my life and my .. are all nonsense and useless. It is useful for some period of time. After that, it will be useless. We all are running in the race of what I call "my"... People hardly find time to go for "ours" Can any one or do you remember any one saying our world, our country, our religion, our life .. No it is difficult to say Ours..

A simple stupid word about the religion will create a havoc in the environment, people will forget who they are and what they are doing. They will start behaving like a wild beast. Soon you will see the fight, war and anger shown to another human just in the name of religion. It is easy. It is easy to create a problems when one can talk about the religion.

Presently their has been a lot of debate about Muslim religion and Christianity. I do not know who did it but whoever has created the difference that difference is dividing the world or let us say creating war and disputes in the mind, body, place, region and in many other places where we would not imagine it will be present.

We want to fight, Those people said something wrong about our great "Allah !" We will kill them, we are Terrorist ...." These are all the words now a days any Muslim will take it for granted. It is easy to fall in the trap without knowing that you are being controlled by some one else.

Another Person for Christianity would say-that black brown guy talked something stupid about Jesus ! Oh God, what the hell he knows about our religion.. these people ain't know anything about our religion ...."

These themes are common to start the fight between a person from Christianity and the person for Muslim community. Have you ever realized that After the end of war their is peace, their is deep silence and nothing is present except sorrow, guilt and depression of doing unhealthy act.

Their are bigger things to worry my dear religious friends, do not fall into trap of yourself by following or being a victim or religion just be yourself. Remember that you are human first, next you are "son, daughter, nephew or what so ever for your family" and then you are country men.. your country .. your culture... your religion comes in this order. If you will prioritize the religion before you are human and if you think my religion is my life.. then you are the victim of controlled.

Do not ever be controlled by some one else always control your mind, brain and body by yourself. Please do it you will realize then the power you can have or will give to this world. The bigger problems in the world are from Nature. Imagine the situation nature can create to you and to us.

Let us help each other to help your life, your country, your religion, your world. Let us get hand in hand to deliver the food for needy, job for jobless and smile to smile less. Let us just do it.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Scent of Women

Some times you feel as if you really need some body with you, a girlfriend, your wife and the women beside you to talk share, have fun, enjoy. The situation does not let you do that. You want to be close with some one you know, some one you really care for and that person is far from you.

How would you react ? You will be mad just like me. You will have thousand and one things in your head every other humans see you as if you have broken jail. Nothing comes easy and like itself will teach you that.

Some time you want to talk with your friend but you do not want to just because you feel as if you will end up in the same situation again. You want to go dating, talk with your sweet girl again but again you cross check yourself.

When Mr. X and Miss Y are together they will share, have fun, laugh, care, fight, do every little things that they want to do together but imagine a situation where they have to be far- suddenly their is distance which aparts you ard your life. What would you think in such situation ?

Time is big teacher my dear friends, you will learn through this time and you will forget everything in this time too. You will ask yourself when you are just adult why these older people look at me like that and at some time you will be saying the same.

No Scientist ever found out the reality of time, no sceientist will capture it and no scientist will ever control it. We say their is every thing possible but I guess Time is impossible not about its discovery or new invention on it but only to find out the about it. Time is not money but time is movement how can you control the movement ?

If some one can stop the movement of entire earth and from entire human beings to all the living beings then you can capture time. Well, that is another idea.

Now, Look at the present situation of relationship where one has to find out everything about life without your partner. It is difficult. It is impossible and it really is depressing.

To sum up, Let's not get bother about it because whatever we think we prioritize it in our brain and we keep them stored once we start working on these priorities we will acheive what we wanted.

Cheers !

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Thanks god I am alive. I wake up thinking that I will be dead but suddenly I realized that I am alive, started to look at the weather outside my door it was cold, dark and raining.

How do you feel when some one speaks bad word about you ? Surely, you will not feel good but what will happen if you just do not care about what others have to say. Just be yourself.

It is the way of living a life, be yourself, by yourself be cool and calm. The movie I was yesterday was "why did i get married?" The lesson of movies is such that their are 4 couples and all these couples have problem in their marriage.

Each and every one wants to save the relaitonship. The relationship is really difficult thing to save. One thing that is catchy to the movie is about 80/20 rule. The rule I guess which has been explained nicely.

When we are married our life suddenly starts boring only because we are fed up seeing the same face time and again. The same wife each and every time with the same stuff or the same body.

Even though, she does laundry, prepares food, washes dishes and many others little things that we could not do without a women. What happens is some how other girls come in the husband's life and we like the other girl. These girls are "20". The wife is "80".

These character in the movie they have problems with their marriage but suddenly they found out one way of making it work out again just by putting everything their spouse has done in one single paper, All the negative things that your spouse has done in one side of paper and all the positive thing that your spouse has done in other side of it.

When the negative things come up more than positive things just let it go but when positive things are more than negative you will then realize what is needed to be done.

The movies is good and you should watch it once. Next movie I watched was about "After sex". This movie is very short and simple. It is all about how you feel after just mating with your partner.

The movie explains by saying that love is like a guessing game where you guess each and every time and no one is in the win-lose situation. You are every time guessing and you just guess each and every time.

Sex is the situation where both male and female are open to each other, open to show share the feelings together. In this situation both the partner are in situation where they win. It is guessing game where their is an end but love is the guessing game where their is no end.

Both movies where fantastic, It was good to get some lesson from the movie. Have a good weekend to dearest Readers.

Friday, April 4, 2008

I am Mad

Do not be suprised to see the stupid topic like the one which states-"I am Mad". I was born mad, I am going to die mad- What is that I am going to do living in the planet.

Depression is always present in our selves- Depressed of not getting job, not meeting deadlines of many project, always thinking, imagining things, if you imagine in this world what would people call you ?

Once Great Eistein Told that- "Imagination is better than knowledge". Well, I think if he was present in this world at today's complex dynamic environment he would have know what is better than what ...

I can't hate, I can't fake,People have never seen me weep like a kid and they are not going to see me cry. It may seem to thousand of people that I am laughing but when you look inside me I am crying at the same time.

Do not feel mercy, or sad about the story about this guy. He is just like that. He says- He is mad and you have to believe in him. He was victim of being told that word so much that he belives now he really is mad.

All the things are undiscovered for him. He needs his love, he wants to remind his love, he wants to breath and he is not breathing until he will meet his love. He really needs her.

Their are million reason this guy cries, but no body knows when. He is mad but he has caliber to deliver the result. Every thing seems to worry him from life, from others people faith, fate, others worries are also his worries, but why do you want to know his story because he is mad.

"Without you I am without" that's what he says, He lives in his dream world, he talks with himself, he eats he wants to eat, he thinks the way he wants to think, he appreciates other work the way he wants to do it.

Besides that- he is mad. He is mad not because he has good brain but only because he does not belong in this world. He is different but being different than others people are socked and suprised so much that they do not want to accept him some how.

He wants to learn and he learns too, he shares as he is out going, he is open book where you do not have to pay to read it. He is open, you can read it easily.
Now, he is broken everything is left undiscovered, He needs but he does not know what ? He could not say what is the most important thing ? Is it his love ? Is it money ? Is it job ?

Just you got to touch him, feel him and discover by yourself. He is freezing and cold. He was left alone and he knows the fact that he will go alone.

He has different attitude but why should others worry about his attitude ? He is living in dream world. He has whole in his heart.

When you have million of words hiding inside you which are connected and talking withy you how can you be static- His heart is about to break, he is on his knees, he is giving in, he cannot breath, he is just a freak !

He was kicked out, he is a sking his self not to walk away from him. He is feeling bad, he is going into his caves I do not know when he is going to come back.

We all are Mad, If you think you are not then be happy and think again. We all are mad only in the sense that we cannot recognize or accept others as they are. People take others as they are only only when they follow the rules and regulation of society whereas once you start behaving differently then every body will call you mad.

Welcome to the world of MAD !