Monday, June 8, 2009

Secret and hidden art

Dear Paulo & all,

Secret and hidden art
Giordano Bruno got punished for sharing ideas,
I am now self-publishing contents as internet is all about sharing ideas,

Stephen King was warrior struggling to live,
As I am learning to struggle like him

Shakespeare is unknown mystery,
He lives in my poetry,

Neruda was saddest in love, wrote saddest lines for all,
His soul is stuck in me when I feel sad for love

Paulo is great inspiration and humble soul,
He is promoting writers like me and many unknowns

Gandhi was believer of non-violence,
Still we are killing each other in silence

Einstein bought science of excellence,
Nobody still understands relativity's mystery

Newton was confused with apple,
Why didn't he eat instead?

Leonardo da vinci was inspired by me
I am writer but my books are sealed,

Artist we are all, some secret we all have,
Some make music, some make books,
Some make laws, some make rules,
Some make policies, some make clues,
some make burger, some take them as food

Creation is above creator,
Internet is new way to share ideas of all,

Every body has their own story to share,
I have my own which has become creative creation

God bless you all !

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Quotes of the day

Dear all,

-”Warrior needs patience and angels are the ones giving patience, support, enthusiasm, energy and love whenever warrior needs them.”

-”Destination is unseen, unheard, unfaithful, hopeless journey but with the help of angels, warrior will see, hear, faith, and hope to reach his final destination.”

-”Collision of love and hate will divide Warrior visions, will make him weak but he will resist till the very end.”

-"Truth starts with truth and ends with truth."

-”Doing but undone, happy but unsatisfied and moving but unmoved, without you, how can I make it through?”

-”12345678790….0987654321, See either you start from 1 or 0 you end up in 0 or 1, the duality in everything.”

God bless you all !

One World Goverment

I was watching the video today which can be seen here-

Suddenly, I started to think about these issues- How do you really find the peace? “When the power of love overcomes the love of power, the world will know peace.” -Jimi Hendrix

As the great artist said, when will we see the power of love overcoming the love of power? As your book, “Winner Stands alone” is based on love and the power or the celebrity power, when is this going to end? What can be the limit of power of love? Is there any limit for love?

I personally think love is beyond any limit and boundaries. Love is powerful than the entire universe, it is the deepest feelings which resides in human heart or body.

Maybe the answer is not suitable enough if we see other people, if we see the love of power, it can be seen that, every individual and every society are looking for power. Be it a country, be it a union or be it a group of individuals.

In the crisis situation like this- financial crisis, natural crisis of Airplane disaster where more than 270 people went missing, is this because of love of power or is this because of natural disaster.Mysteriously, Nobody knows the truth.

I personally believe, everything is inter-related. Humanity and Nature go hand in hand. Every decision that any individual does in the society affects another individual.

Nothing is going last forever and whatever being created is going to get destroyed at some point in the time. Only thing that remains is love.

The love of Nature to humanity, the love of individuals, the love human-human and the love of love itself.

We are moving with the force of sharing love to one another. But still as a writer and creator, it is our duty to tell the stories, to teach and learn at the same time, to share the big insights and power of truth with the people who are hungry for lessons, be it self-help, be it finding dreams, be it about negativity or almost anything.

One question which I would like to ask would be, maybe I already know the answer but-

Why do people like Ghandi, John lenon, Martin Luther King and alike has to be assassinated?

Maybe the reason would be many but there are some individuals who are controlling and monitoring each and every individuals behind closed curtains. Maybe there is some group of people who are active in creating wars for fun. Those group of people never come out in public and their vision is to make ‘One world Government’.

Anyways, let me stop here for now and hope to read your inspiration and words of wisdom through your books and work, Paulo !

God blesses you !


God bless you all !

Friday, June 5, 2009

Like a flowing river

Dear all,

Life is like flowing river and flowing times. One philosopher said, "I am flowing with this river and I don't know where I will end, I know my source and my destination but I don't know how I am going to flow like this river." Another philosopher said, "You know the river but you forgot the time"

Without the right time on your side you are not going to make it, you are just flowing but you never know if you are going to be dry like a pond.

A] life is filled with pain and the river which flows are the tears streaming across to one destination.

B] May by the grace of God or May by the will of love, life moves like a flowing river and finds its true path and final destination.

C] Looking back will only be the memories and the path which the river followed will bring joy to every individual who will come near to the river. Again, there is time. Who knows if the river no longer exits, who know if the river was no longer continuing the same path, who knows if the river lost it in between.

D] Change and only change determines the existence of the flowing river with time. If river remains the same and if the river stops flowing nobody is going to flow with the same river.

E] Existence is not question but answer, life is like flowing river but with changing time even sometimes flowing river has to change its path, even sometimes it has to change direction, even sometimes it dries maybe it the vapor produced are happiness which last only for few moments. Most of the times, it has to flow and most of the time it has to slow.

Therefore, just follow your dreams and desires, move on like flowing river or move on with pain, life is all about taking risk and giving pleasure to all those who need. Everything else remains secondary.

God blesses you all !


God bless you all !

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Resolution09: Travelling Finland-Himalaya-Finland

Dear all,

As per the resolution this year in 2009, I am traveling to Himalaya and back again to North (Finland). So, I won't be much active during 12.06.2009-20.07.2009. But once in a while, I will check the updates and the blog and your latest ideas, thoughts and creativity.

So, I might go climbing few mountains since I was born in Mountains (Himalaya)

Good luck to me and hopefully I will come back again to send you some more books to read... (Ha Ha ...) or may give you great inspiring ideas about love, life and relationships. What can a person do, when he was born so wise ?.....(Ha Ha...)

I know many will not like me and many do not like me but I like you all for simple and stupid reason- We all are humans and we were created equal.

God blesses you all !


God bless you all !

Q&A: Sadness

In response to Q&A at Paulo's blog, here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear all,

Q)How do you stop sadness?

A) Time, Patience and Sadness
You cannot stop sadness, you can only heal the sadness by letting it go, by giving more time, by being patience and by being more sad. Sadness is very strong emotion in our human body, it results loads of pain and sufferings. It creates a different you, it will stop you to work, it will stop you to do many things that you want to do. There are no one who are not Sad, I think even Jesus was sad, I think even many prophets and gurus were sad. I am normal human being but imagine a human being a God himself than even God is sad.

Sadness is result of pain and pain is because of failure. When one is failed in love, in life, in situations bad or better than you are ought to feel sad.

Climate is sad which brings darkness, and it is happy when it brings light. Mother is sad when her child hates her after she becomes old, father is sad when his siblings humiliate their name and fame. Just tell me one person who is not sad or who has not been sad. Therefore, life is filled with sadness and only sadness. Only thing which will remain with us forever. Sadness is different than suffering. (I am not going to explain suffering here)

Here is one poem for a young lover who lost his love, a girl betrayed him and left him all alone. He is feeling very sad and he has lost his will to live...,

She betrayed me, she went away
Yesterday we were together but now I feel the pain,
She killed my soul with sadness,
Leaving me all alone in darkness,
Regret I have none,
Dreams and hopes are lost and all gone,
I was born alone and I will go all alone,
Sharing was all I wanted,
But,She betrayed me, she went away
Sorrows of pain and writing this poem,
I am left in loneliness, O my saddest Poet,
Death will come but I will not be satisfied,
I will find roots of my soul search you deep inside,
She betrayed me, she went away
Sadness and sadness
Living for the last breath
Maybe time will heal,
Maybe surrender I need,
Patience I have none,
Oh dear Love, I am dieing every second,
You could have murdered me,
Before such pain and sadness,
She betrayed me, she went away
Giving me Sadness and pain...
Sadness and pain...

God blesses you !


God bless you all !

Obama on Obama

In response to column published at Nytimes on title, "Obama on Obama" by Friedman- here is what Mybheja has to say-


With all due respect, good article. Good story of Jew who wants to win the lottery. Yes, taking a chance is good option.

Well, to some extent it might be difficult to persuade or even give an influence to the Muslims community when Mr. President's family also come from the same community. Or, Maybe it can be positive aspects too.

I would suggest, expect the unexpected and speak the truth. But again, there are so many confidential stuffs our there which are hidden from the public knowledge. and sometimes it might be that there are very few confidential stuffs and public has wrong impression on "hidden agendas"

In Muslim community, speaking less and listening more works most of the times and I am not quite sure if Mr. President's broader diplomatic approach will get engage the Muslim world or not.

Good luck to Mr. President from the Stranger.

God bless you all !

Broken Dreams

In response to Paulo's workshop on Broken Dreams, here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Paulo,

Broken Dreams is very good theme for your latest outstanding work.

Dreams are shattered or broken by the compromise but still people should believe in the dreams. Dreams is very complicated terminology and it has wide range of opinions and book about it. Similar to love, faith, hope and religion.

I have read Eleven minutes as per the resolution this year and the dream of Maria of exploring for an adventure, marrying a good lovable man and giving and getting love is shattered on many occasions.She has to make compromises with her dreams. But finally she was destined to live happy.

Broken is nothing, dreams can never be broken. Dream is far bigger vision of human mind which are hanging like stars in the night. The dream can vary and the dream could be different. Materialistic dreams like getting an degree, buying house, car, lottery, fame, job, … Spiritual and religious dreams like enlightenment, nirvana, excitement, happiness, …
and many more.

As far as my understanding for your book, “The Winner Stands alone”- broken dreams is a good theme and when the dream are broken then human are not longer controlled by power of soul, then the mind can rule over, then the changes can be seen.

For e.g. John lenon was famous personality. A great singer and great soul. Now, there was another guy who was nobody before he killed someone who was somebody. David Chapman.

So, Broken dreams is good theme for many work and I think writers can truly explore more from such theme.
Good luck !

God blesses you !


God bless you all !

Paulo Coelho Reply:
June 3rd, 2009 at 1:03 pm

Dear Santosh,
interesting this idea of when dreams are shattered, then the mind rules over the soul. I don’t totally agree with the view that this is the moment when things can be seen.
When one is actually living one’s dream - this is also visible to others.

Santosh Kalwar Reply:
June 3rd, 2009 at 2:25 pm

Dear Paulo,

Well yeah, things could not be seen in instant but maybe later. I also like one great idea that,

When you have a dream, universe and all other elements surrounding you will help you to achieve your dreams. e.g. “You”

God blesses you !


God bless you all !

Celebrity Syndrome

In response to Paulo's workshop on winner stands alone, here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Paulo,

Celebrity are public figures in our society. I don’t know why their is this difference between normal ordinary people and celebrity. Humans we all are and humans we all should be till our existence. I agree that some are genuine with talents of art, creation, science, movies, drama, and so on.

Many of those who are celebrity does not necessarily be skillful possess great talent, many of those who wanna be celebrity are highly skillful but they are not.

Every individual has some duty to perform on this earth. Some become writers like Paulo, Shakespeare, Neruda … and some become Celebrity like Johnny depp, Al Pacino, …some become artist Leonardo da vinci, … and they are known to normal ordinary human like us. The reflection of their great work divides ordinary VS extra-ordinary. Maybe this is why the world is changing. With so many great crazy peoples like these.

Everything is driven by path which is already written in your “hidden scripts”. The path unknown. We are walking a journey which is moved by mind and heart. Anyways, hardly anyone will disagree not to see him/her as an celebrity.The mass media penetration has great impact and role which has played for becoming anyone celebrity.

One wise man once said to me, “when you have little money you have little choices to make and when you have more, you will have more problems to face.”

Maybe he is true. Whatever any person do and become in life, the most important of all is “satisfaction”. What if he does not get it even after becoming a celebrity?

What if he is living not his life but a life of others? What if he never wanted to become a celebrity? But has to be a celebrity because his father/mother/… were previously one of them.

Although there would be difference between the public figures and celebrity. Greene says “You simply have to be present, in the right place at the right time.” Whereas “…public[ly famous] people were once defined as such based upon the fact their remarkable skills had brought them to the attention of the public,” (Source: Wikipedia,

Finally I would say, this is very open topic and maybe someday in future some one will make medicine to become a celebrity. It will say, Take two pills in morning and in evening and in one month you are going to become celebrity. Ha ha ha…(Joke)

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Quotes of the day

Dear all,

-”Different people in the world makes difference in the world.”

-”Everybody is different or majority of humans are different, those who think are not are not thinking enough.”

-”Being yourself is being different self.”

-”Who is similar and who is different?
God created us equal as humans,
life is mysterious journey,
we are carpenter who creates by cutting trees,
We are HIM and HE is in me.”

-”Life is about making difference and creating impact on society be it right ways or wrong ways. Simply, because those who create and make difference has only one way.”

God bless you all !

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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Random ideas

Dear all,

-"Mistakes are common human excuse."

-"Price that we pay are not for repent but for regain of energy lost because of stupid mistakes or foolish commitments."

-"Whatever happens, happens,
Nothing remains, permanent,
life is mysterious journey,
wake up and do all the nonsense,
what makes sense to others,
is stupid nonsense to thyself,
Whatever happens, happens,
Nothing remains, permanent
moved, touched, cared, loved,
respect, lord, different, world,
life is living in moment,
O sweet dear eternal light,
Please understand this chord."

-"We are combinations of air, water and fire, all these three vital human elements for which no survival in existence. Happiness, love, faith, hope, trust,.... are result of alternation of the above three vital human elements for individuals."

-"Don't agree with me on everything and don't disagree either, I am alien who lives in movement forever."

God bless you all !

Q&A: Can heart be wrong?

Dear all,

Q)Can heart be wrong?

A) What can be right and what can be wrong? Is our birth right? Do moving of the birds from south to north and north to south is right or wrong? After twenty five years of marriage, couple decided to divorce, is it right or wrong? …

There are many examples and many situations where we relate right vs wrong. What if you think everything is right? What is you think everything what is happening around you is wrong?

Desire of humans has density be it for sex, be it for love, be it for money, be it for having babies together, be it for fake and so on.

But there is more fascinating thing which we cannot judge and that fascinating thing we call them as “inner self” or “heart” or “soul” or whatever name you want to give.

The decision is always taken by mind and those who think of making decision from heart are like child. The childish attributes which shows in the humans are because of the heart. Why? It is simply because when some human make decision from heart they behave differently, their actions are different and their expectations are very low on anything.

By being like a child we are exploring the simple problems facing daily normal life. This could be done only by heart not mind. The childish nature, behavior and actions are true to heart but when we jump one step above and make decisions then majority of the decisions are based by mind.

Very rarely humans can make decision based on both mind and heart. Those who can will be highly successful in many aspects of life.


Here are few random ideas-

-”Heart and mind are two major decision makers in our human body. Those who think from heart sometimes might be wrong on few occasions but will never be wrong in most of the occasions.”

-”The mind is knowledge gainer, learner and adaptable human organ, it makes decision based on facts, previous experiences and future expected outcomes.”

-”Heart is blind like love is blind.”

-”We are alive because of heartbeat and you need someone to take care of that heartbeat together. A single heartbeat attracts another heartbeat based on choices.”

-”Never assume anything is wrong or right, why not to think whatever is presented in front of us is always good. Whatever happens will happen without any fuse.”

God bless you all !

Image of the day

Artist: Da Vinci

Quotes and Poems of the day

Dear all,

-”A word spoken can be taken back by apologies but duty performed for words spoken is hundred time better.”

-”Warrior knows the power of words spoken, he knows the secret behind the vows of his spoken words, he knows that if he will not give up his life for those words, they might someday echo him back.”

-”With the power of spoken words,
you can control the universe,
You can make the trees to dance,
you can do most of the things that nobody wants,
Just simply do it, life is few seconds for living
why not to take the chance? ”

-”Yes, yes and yes
commit everything or commit none,
Remember to speak and shun,
Your vows are mixture of lights, air and water,
Please put effort to do what you were asked for,
Welcome to Earth, and this is greatest mantras
to control the universe.”

-”Oneness is the true beauty for finding life of joy or happiness but majority among us think of finding truth, love and happiness in duality.”

God bless you all !