Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sorry mom !!!

I was not in any circumstances to kill myself or to do any harm to any animal or living being or to myself. I am a writer and I write. According to the studies I came to knew that in west suicide rate is very high but why? I myself wanted to feel this experience why people are more depressed here. There was not any intention to do any kind of test or something like that. Now, I think that I have two moms who are watching me, caring me and giving me all the love that I need in any circumstances. Thank you for taking care. Now I have learnt this lesson, the lesson is:

People only go mad when they try to escape from the routine. I took a risk of being different; it’s not my personal intention to attract the audience. Every human being is unique, each with their own qualities, instincts, forms of pleasure and desire for adventure. Have you ever met anyone in your entire life who asked why the hands of clock should go in one particular direction and not in the other?
If someone were to ask, the response they got would probably be:” you’re mad.” God did not create a single leaf the same as another. People go against nature because they lack courage to be different.
Why some one would want to destroy himself or herself why? The reason is according to me, every human being has a desire and with desire comes dissatisfaction, and a dissatisfied man is full of misery, even if he has at hand the pleasure that the world can give him. We act in order to be happy and then we are surprised that the happiness does not last, and we look for other things, and the same pattern is repeated. So,

All our pleasures are connected with our deeds. I promise to my mom that I would not write or do that mistake again in my entire life. It was just my visualization of the fact. And I am really sorry if it has done any harm to anybody. I am convinced that we people are destined to perform special task and it is up to us as to how efficiently we can perform them. I believe that hard work is the chariot to success and one should not undertake a task and if he does, one should perform it to the best of his caliber. I hope I have not done big mistake and even if I have Please forgive me mom. Thanking you with anticipation!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I will kill myself

Price you pay for having to deal with those minor problems is far less than the price you pay for not recognizing they are yours.Every thing that happens in our life is our fault and ours alone.I feel like i will kill myself. I have lost a interest in any aspect of life. I know one day we all are going to die. why not now ? what is the use of living a life when you are sure that one day you will be dieying.I will not earn a fame in one day. No body knows me. who am i ? why am i here in this planet? what is my purspose of living a life which is so meaningless to me? I dont think i will live now. I will kill myself. Life starts first., we some age then we start studying. why to study ? To earn a certificate. why to get certificate ? To get a job ? why to get a job ? To earn a money ? why to earn a money ? To live life full of joy. To eat good food. Why to eat ? To survive. Why to survive ? To Die.

I am going to kill myself. Thank you for reading this. Hope you get what you want in your life. May god bless you all. Bye Bye !!!

Who is playing politics?

Do you have any idea who is playing a politics here ? If yes, Why ?

It is not Quantity that matters.,Its always a Quality.

As my title says..Produce less and stop over population. Planet is getting narrow to live for a human being. Stop expecting that you need a boy child rather than a girl child.Give a birth to one or two child and stop it. Keep the human population in control.
We always want to see how our creation has been evolved.Love the first creation and never look back. Control over population.

God may not know

Even God may not know what is going to happen next.Life must always go on no matter what.

Stop Human Traffiking

Please Stop Human Traffiking.

Save a human in Ice

This is the technique to save a human in Ice.

Human Traffiking

Always Save a Human. You can eat a Cannibal instead.Picture is worth a thousand of words.Do it. But First Save a Human.
That is You,Me., and Us.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

how can you save a life of a human who is being killed by starving?

I think you have to contribute so that it goes to a right person. For the contribution I have started this blog. You too can contribute by clicking on the Ads by Google displayed in this page.

You are born once.
You will live once in this earth.
You can be remembered for ever
How ?
Save a human !!!
Save a human who is in need of help !!!

Save a human being . One day you will get your reward.

Thank you!!!

Is living with whole bunch of fear normal ?

Living with whole bunch of fear is not normal. How can we live a life with fear and just fear.

One should always live a life with full of freedom. But what is happening in present day context is discouraging. People are killing each other. This is very disgusting why ? what is the purpose? why we have to live a life in fear ?

Why does Jesus only save people of one religion ?

Personally I think .., He did not saved the people of one religion he save the people of one community. He did not knew at that period what was his religion. I think his religion was for the mankind. For the well being of entire man kind to save a entire human beings.

It's time to save lives

By Allison Gill, published in International Herald Tribune

In two years as a human rights researcher in Uzbekistan, one of the most repressive countries of Central Asia, I monitored dozens of unfair trials and documented every kind of due-process violation.
I never witnessed an acquittal - a reduced sentence or speedy amnesty was the best anyone could hope for. I interviewed hundreds of victims of horrific abuses. I also had the privilege of working with incredibly courageous and dedicated people: Uzbekistan's human rights defenders. I daily witnessed how the government interfered in their work, harassed them, threatened and beat them.

Since the massacre in the eastern city of Andijan in May 2005, when government forces killed hundreds of protesters, the government has maintained a brutal campaign against human rights activists. More than a dozen of my former colleagues are now behind bars, and at least a dozen more have fled the country.

Yet somehow none of this prepared me for the verdict against my dear friend and colleague, Umida Niazova, who was sentenced on May 1 to seven years' imprisonment on trumped-up charges. Umida, a journalist and human rights activist, also worked as a translator for Human Rights Watch in Tashkent, accompanying me and others to monitor trials and translate the proceedings from Uzbek to Russian.
In April, the Uzbek government charged Umida with illegal border crossing, smuggling and distributing material causing public disorder. The authorities say Umida "smuggled" her laptop into the country because she didn't declare it on her customs form, though she made no effort to conceal it - she put it through the customs X-ray machine. They say she distributed materials found on her laptop that are allegedly "extremist" and "fundamentalist" - including Human Rights Watch's report on the Andijan events.

Even witnesses for the prosecution testified that there was no evidence she had distributed them. But that made no impact on the court, which barred diplomats from the trial and forbade all present from taking notes.
Umida is in prison today because the Uzbek government refuses to tolerate scrutiny or accountability.

But she is also in prison because governments in the West have failed to push for tangible change. The European Union imposed limited sanctions on Uzbekistan following the Andijan killings, but it has not made the fate of Uzbekistan's imprisoned human rights defenders a precondition for easing the sanctions. That sent an unmistakable message to the Uzbek government.
Despite Umida's commitment to Uzbekistan, last fall she said she felt the pressure against her and her colleagues growing and worried about providing a safe home for her two-year-old son Elbek. We began to look for opportunities for her to work or study abroad. But we were too late.

It is not too late, however, for the European Union to pursue a principled strategy on Uzbekistan, a strategy that has at its core the lives of Uzbeks and its own principles, rather than political expediency.

On May 14, the Union is to decide whether to lift the targeted sanctions. Ahead of this decision, the Union has urged the Uzbek government to agree to a human rights dialogue, instead of demanding the release of people like Umida. But what kind of dialogue about human rights is plausible when the people who work in honor of those rights languish in prison?

This is not the time for mere dialogue. This is the time to save lives: Umida, Mutabar Tojjbaeva, Saidjahon Zainatbitdinov, Gulbahor Turaeva and the other human rights defenders were imprisoned for daring to work for a better future. Without their release, any dialogue would be meaningless and discredit the European Union as a promoter of human rights.

Allison Gill is the Moscow office director at Human Rights Watch and ran the Tashkent office from 2003 to 2005.

Maoist local leader brutally murdered

An unidentified group brutally murdered Maoist leader Girendra Yadav (Suman) near his residence at Halkhori village on Monday.
According to eyewitnesses, a gang of almost 35 who were milling about Yadav's house abruptly attacked him with home-made weapons as he headed towards a local marketplace on Monday morning.

Protest against the military government in Yangon

Buddhist monks march on a street in protest against the military government in Yangon, Myanmar on Monday. As many as 100,000 anti-government protesters led by a phalanx of Buddhist monks marched Monday through Yangon, the largest crowd to demonstrate in Myanmar's biggest city since a 1988 pro-democracy uprising that was brutally crushed by the military.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Take a Example From Prashant Tamang

Every religion is same.He is Nepali.A true Nepali guy who does not hesitate to sing a blood heating song "Ghorkhae Laauri..Jitego chhau Sansar lai..," But take a look of our nepali politicians what they are doing at present ?
Take a example from him.Learn that he promotes his birthplace., He wants a well being for the humanity.He wants to help people. But What our politicians want ? Take a very good example from him., A single Nepali citizen is a brand ambassador of his country make your country proud.when the day comes it will give you a lot of pleasure and happiness.., But the day for progress in our country will come that is a big question...Because we are not in safe hands.

Sunday, September 23, 2007


Welcome to Nature God 's Blog Web site.




Love Poem

Save the Nature

God format

Nature God(s)

इमागिने इफ थिस वास यू

Imagine a life like this for a minute.

सेव हिम

This child has nothing to do with politics,infrastructure,global economy.., he just wants a food to survive.

But who cares in this world. Imagine if you were him instead !

क्लिक ऎंड हेल्प

Your one click will help.
H=Happiness comes from people
E=Education can be given., people
L=Life can be saved by people
P=Please follow the idea.

Save those who are in need.Do not trust me., Trust yourself.,
If you will trust yourself., you will trust me.,

हेल्प वूमेन we अल are एकुअल

Why are these women crying ? why ? Is it because of violence., is it because of some disaster ? what have they lost will never come back again? what can you do for them ? you dont have time, money and space to give them.., you can still help them just follow the idea.
Help every human first.,
But still we hesitate. we dont want to see this because this has not happened to us. why should we bother about it.If you think like this. Thank you.
If you do not think like this then please contribute.

Thank you !!!

हेल्प थिस चाइल्ड

Any one who wants to help this starving child ?.If you are interested you can just visit this site and click here in the Ads generated by Google Inc., You may not be starving but 65% of child in Africa and South East Asia are starving everyday.This is very simple idea to help human.

If you do not agree then please feel free.

Thank you !

हेल्प पीपुल हेल्प उस हेल्प ह्यूमन !

Dear all,

This is not charity.This is not any organization. It is a simple way to help people.
You can help just by clicking on the Ads by Google... So Help. The choice is yours but do not give up because some one is in need for it and that some one is none other than a human being.

Thank you !

Thursday, September 20, 2007

Let it go

We tend to cling to every object in our lives. We hold on to our profession, relationship or possession as if our entire world depends on them. We are so busy clinging to our own lives that we have forgotten to live with the flow. We are afraid to move ahead, afraid to let go.
Life in essence is like an uncontrolled flow of a river. Life flows at its own pace and the ultimate source of all our pain and sufferings is our tendency to cling to and obstruct the flow. Professional life stagnates, relationships are broken, possessions are lost; all because we refused to let go when we were actually required to let things take their own course.

Why do we cling? We cling because change scares us; we cling because we are afraid to face the unknown, to face challenges; we cling because we feel secure if the status quo is maintained; we cling because we refuse to believe that life can never be static; because we refuse to accept the transience of everything; we believe that everything is in our hands. We do not have enough faith in life and that higher force which is omnipotent and omnipresent. In the chaos of existence, we have lost touch with our higher self. Most of us lead a life which is similar to that of a child who is lost in a crowd, separated from his guardians. He has nobody to place his faith on. He is afraid, insecure, and suspicious about everyone and everything.

We live under the false illusion of having everything under our control. We are overwhelmed by a sense of despair and disillusion when things move beyond our control. It is at this stage we need to learn to let go. Several times relationships are broken just because we tried too hard to make them work.

Professionally or personally, once all the efforts are made towards achieving a goal, we must learn to let go and let life take the best course. It might or might not be of one's choice, but if we have faith, we will realize that it inevitably is the best course. We need to believe that forces above us are far better equipped to make judgments for us. We must learn to have faith in their judgment. Letting go, however, does not mean turning into a fatalist. One cannot sit idle in life and expect life to take care of itself. Karma, the fulfillment of one's duties is the ultimate objective of all human existence and if we fail to fulfill our duties towards life, life inevitably fails us.

When God gives us dreams, He shares them with us. Whatever we consider our dreams, are actually His dreams. The part we are required to play is to ensure the optimum usage of the capabilities bestowed upon us. And once we have played our part, we need to let go, step aside and let God step in to fulfill our dreams. After all, they are His dreams, too.

Monday, September 17, 2007

Projection of the mind

The universe that we see is a projection of the mind. The display of sensory organs. In reality there is no universe or whatever that term means. There are as many universe on earth as there are beings, atoms. Dissociate from earthly materialistic and sensory things. At the end only the absolute remains which just cannot be defined. A mind that is alone means it is free, not having faith in somebody It's all childish, so immature, so mediocre to have faith in somebody. You never have faith in somebody if you love somebody- you love. But you don't know what love is, that is why you have faith. I was rescuing a scorpion that had fallen in to a pond. Every time I lifted it out of water, it stung me. I said, "Mr. Kalwar let's not give up. Until it was saved". My wife, Laxmi asked why was I persistent in saving the scoripon that stung me. I replied:" The nature of scorpion is to sting; the nature of your husband is to rescue a being from distress. So long as the scorpion does not give up its nature why should I give up mine?"

The nature of fire is to burn, of water is to cool, of wind is to blow, So, Our nature is to be humane.One should do one's duty even if faced with obstacles. It is upto you how you project yourself. If you see yourself in mirror, 900 out of 1000 people will be see themselves.,that is there face.., rather than seeing the projection of there mind.

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Meaning of Love

What is love? Is love pleasure? Is love desire? Is love associated with Sex? What is this thing that we call love? Is it part of hate? In it, is there jealousy, anxiety? When we say, 'I love my family, my wife, the girl, or the boy'. What does it mean? Is love a matter of time, something to be cultivated, and something to be practiced? Is it the result of thought, of time, a process? And why have human beings throughout the world given such tremendous significance to sex, which they call love? Have you noticed in your own life why sex has become such an all-consuming and important thing? To find out, you have to ask why your life, the daily living with all its conflict, suffering, agony, brutality has become so mechanical. You get into a habit and repeat, repeat, repeat. It would be marvelous thing if you said to yourself,' I will never repeat anything that I do not know, that I myself have not completely understood. Do not repeat what somebody has said, or what the Gita, the Koran, the Bible, or your favorite sacred book has said, because that has also become a habit, a routine. Do try it and see. Find out. To get the best from life, you must be completely present and mindful in every minute of every hour of every day. As Albert Camus wrote," Real generosity towards the future consists in giving all to what is present," Yet, on most days, our minds are in ten different places at any one time. The truth of that will be found only when you have completely dropped everything that is mechanical. Understand that you are the creator of your sufferings. Change is not required anywhere except within you. Very often we suffer because we are not open to the vastness of life. We are bound by our own knowledge.