Monday, December 31, 2007

New Year 2008 Get Together !

Budha haru le kachuli pherechhan...This is the reality behind our great heroes. Our great politicans..This new year our politicians are going to rock the world. The theme of this new year 2008 in our country Nepal is "HIP HOP". Hip hop in rise of petrol price, hip hop in rise of cooking gas price and hip hop in everything else. They are creating the new Nepal for us. Welcome 2008 with our great Budha haru... The Great Hip Hop Picture of our country. Naya Barsa 2008 Ko Subhakamana !!!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Welcome 2008

This Year, I feel like starting to live again. I feel like making the mistakes I always wanted to make, but never had the courage to, facing up to the feelings of panic that might well come back, but whose, presence will merely weary me, since I know I'm not going to die or faint because of them. I can make new friends and teach them not to follow the manual of good behavior but to discover their own lives, desires, and adventures and to LIVE. I'll quote from Ecclesiastes to the Catholics, from Koran to the Muslims, from the Torah to the Jews, from Aristotle to the atheists. I never want to be a Professional again, but I can use my experience to give lectures about men and women who knew the truth about this existence of ours and whose writing can be summed up in one word: Live. If you live, god will live with you. If you refuse to run his risks, he'll retreat to that distant heaven and be merely a subject for philosophical speculation. For a time in my life I stood looking at the wind, I forget to sow, I did not live joyfully, and I did not even drink the wine offered me. But this New Year 2008, I judge myself ready. There are people who spend their entire lives searching for a moments but hardly they achieve it. That's why if I were to die now, I would die with heart full of love. I want to feel the rain on my face, to smile at any women I feel attracted to. I want to kiss my mom and dad, tell them I love them, weep in their lap, unashamed of showing my feelings, because they were always there. If an interesting women invites me out to a club, I'll accept,& I'll dance all night until I drop. I want to give myself to one women, to the city, to life and, finally, to my death.

Taken from: “Veronica decides to die” by Paulo Coelho

Saturday, December 29, 2007

Happy New Year 2008

Welcome to new year 2008. What is the difference in 2008 and 2007 don't you think these are just the numbers ? or do you think something else. Well, if you think something else then, think again ! Nothing is different it is us who always think that we have to make something different in different situations. Every day is the same and every day it our human nature which do not like to do the same thing again and again. It might be our brain which always wants to do something different but why ? The main cause of wanting something new is for the progress, for development for acheivement and for ideal and inner safety.

The new number is soon going to be update in every calendar, every time table and so and so things. What is 2008 ? It is the same day with different inner interpretaions, with new hope and with wanting of change in inner, outer and self. We expect something from this number that is why we like to say that "Happy new year Mr.X" We want to change because we are not satisfied and we have not reached the goal we wanted in life. We love this new number because we think we like to have celebration ! We celebrate in this New number may be beacuse we think this number will bring something new in our life and will make some different in our life. We say that it is new year may be because it is our hope and to hope is to expect to think that we are not perfect.

If we break these words then they are 3 different words which says- Happy
New, and Year which all have different meaning. Happy or Happiness is state of mind which cannot be permanet, New is for difference something which has not been done before, something which is different, creation,invention etc.., and there is third word which says year- Well, year is year. What are we expecting in 2008 ? What are we thinking in 2008 ? Why are we using the word Happy New Year 2008 ? or Happy New Year 2008 ? Will the combination of 3 words make a person happy ? Do people think that world will be better place to live by simply combining these words ? If you think "yes", then think again.

No body had defined the word life, love, difference,happy,death,live,women,peace and religion. No body can define it and No one will think of accepting it. Every body has their own version and defintion of these words. No body wants to accept and just listen to someone ideas, views and thoughts. I do not the question itself called "why" which cannot be described.

Well, Whatever be the case and My own experience and knowledge do not let me accept the fact that people should use just the word if they think or expect the change to occur in some body else life. If you can really make the difference then please use it.The difference can be made by being together sharing the moments, sharing ideas, sharing food, sharing emotions and most importantly by sharing the happyness which itself is mysterious.

Last but not the least-"Happy New Year 2008" !

I do not want to give some mere hope to you all but i would like to say that just take it easy, and be yourself- does not matter the difference in number, or difference is some body else's attitude.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Beautiful Morning (26th December 2007) at 11:27 FLE Standard Time

I woke up, half an hour ago, What I saw was amazing, I saw a couple just walking with their son. Son has a bicycle with a flag in it. The couple were walking ahead of son. The son stopped and he saw one small narrow down-hill. He asked with his mom i do not want to walk but i want to climb down this slope. Their parents did not do anything and said go ahead. He started going down the small slope hill, He slowly was climbing down then suddenly he slipped, In that case also, His Parents did not came to pick him up so helped him they were just watching what he does. Again, He started climbing down. Now, Some how Slowly and steadily he managed to come down of that small slope. He was happy. He was satisfied, He thought he did something on his own, He really was excited and now what he might have thought was well, I have done what i wanted let's get back to the place where i come from. He started now climbing up the hill or slope He climbed easily and reached near the road. His parents were just a spectator nothing else. Even they were happy to see him back on the top of the road. Now this small kid, started his small bike and started riding it again.

What is the moral of the story ? There are thousand lessons to be learnt in life just by watching at some body. We cannot spent whole life for figuring out the mistake we have done and learning the lessons from it. We have to take lessons from every body around us. What happens when we let it go. Why we think we are not safe ? Why the parents let their child "be him". They did not make their decisions. They did not force him to stop or do something. They just agreed on the decision what he too. Why were they not worried about their own child ? They would have surely thought that he might get hurt but why did they jut let him go. They did it becasue they wanted him to find out for himself. We all are connected to our parents some how and all parents to care for their children but the real parents are those who let their child make their own decision. Why don't we understand this ? When we will say something to a child and ask him to stop ! He will not find out for himself. So, Now The message is to parents to Stop asking their child what to do and what not to do.

Id Mubarak !

“Id Mubarak”
Well, today my friend came to the apartment we had a very good discussion, nice to see him after a long delay. I also forgot to say, “Id Mubarak”. ! I asked him what he wants to read from me today, He said something about the “Happiness” well, here it is-What is happiness? Can happiness be achieved? Is happiness a state of mind, is it a fun? What is the word called happyness? Let me do some chemist work on this word called happiness or happyness whatever it is/-Breaking the word “happiness”
H: What his character means? Does it mean Human, Does it mean Heart? What is the “H” what is that connection between human and heart. Is the happiness connected to these parts of human body? May be it is connected. Whatever we feel about the word has something to do with these two parts of body.
A: Now comes the Beginning of Alphabet which is “A”. I do not know what “A” resembles may be it is achieved. Or achievement.
P: P can be presence, present or moment.
P: Another P- it can be Poison
Y: Now I am confused, is it “I” or “Y”
So, what is happiness? Happiness is a state of mind- where it can be with you all the time and it cannot be with you even entire your life. Last time I saw a movie called “The pursuit of Happyness”. The whole movie says that, “Happiness cannot be achieved it can only be pursue. Well, I do not believe in that- Happiness can always be achieved, it is the state of the mind where you have to have some space where you can put the happiness in one corner and try to get it from there whenever you feel you want it. It can be done, only question is how ?Well, Happiness is very fast topic to write in a single article I have to realize it so, some lines I have kept it here-
“Happiness is state of mind which triggers when we want that”
To achieve happiness we have to achieve sadness every time, they are interrelated. It is the sadness which is your best friend not the happiness. They are both best friends. But the best for every individual in this earth is sadness because it is the one which lives inside our body, which teaches us many things in our life. So, Happiness is just a state of mind and it triggers only when we want it to trigger. A person cannot be happy all the time but he can be happy all the time if his best friend is sadness.

Email from RBG (Racist British Guy)

I know you have given me 5 euros when i needed most and i appreciate that.but it was you who rang me and asked for the Beer and some potatoes and chips noone else coz ya couldnt walk from ya apparmtnet till s market for shopping. coz ya feets were broken.....
Well then you owe me 11,92 in that sense ..
If you saying about the level of water i am living then luk afta ya self ya living liek a propa zippo.. "A PERSON WITHOUT IDENTITY"

I think you have to luk after the meansin of racists before you say to me.well i accept that word. may be me being racist again ya attitude, leevel of thinking.Ok i am gipos as well ..i live with 5 ppl in same room and i have asshole which took ya to uni several times.thats enough for ya ..if ya want more i can write more problem.

Well incase of degree i dun like to harm ota in studies n i am not shit like ya all.if I wan i can do it easily but dun wan to coz ya are here to study though ya depend on otha but still ..

I have ended the relationship with ya ages ago coz i dun like the way speak and the way ya act.Ya used to ring me an ask to go to university when i had nuthin to do. coz ya needed lift .and that was such a stupid mentality..

well in life i prefer to walk and do me stuff rather askin ppl to give me lift unless n until its emergency ,


Tuesday, December 25, 2007


It is today (25th December,07) One of the British guy, well there is only one British guy studying at LUT behave like a racist. He is total racist, how can I say that? He says that he hates us- all the person living in this earth with black or brown skin. We were a very good friend of him before some times back. Later we found out that he is not doing well, for this university and for the whole Finland, He thinks whole Finnish people stupid, he once said to me, “Santosh, I can fool all the administrator and Professor in the University.” I said, “Well, how is that possible?”
He said, “Advantage of my language-English”, I can speak faster then them, I can twist and turn the words, I can use slang like “Do you understand what I mean?” etc. Then I thought why is he doing this, I realized may be for his own benefit. He is selfish, egocentric and real asshole when it comes to thinking that he is the Best. He makes up the story as he wants, he think he can do what he wants because he has a good privilege from the British government. So, Later we found that to make a good relationship like friendship with this guy is not good. We then wanted to ignore him but he started showing his true colors.
He has plenty of advantage from the British government but we do not have. We just came here to study and we want to study but now when we cannot help him with his assignments, project and some other stuff he is behaving like we are no humans. Is only the people from Great Britain are humans? What is our fault of not having White Skin? Why are we always underdogs? Why are we all treated like this? Are all people of Great Britain Racist?
How can we judge a character of person without knowing him? His character does not resemble to any British guy, He is always pretending. What is our fault in helping him complete his studies and letting him with us for some time. We even cooked a food many times and have served him. Now today on Christmas day, “He wrote a email saying that he is racist and he wants to be racist.”

We went to his flat because he wrote one of friends’ an email stating his girl friends thing….
Why does he have to bring the friend’s girl friend in the middle of our discussion. Since we were trying to solve our problem, the problem between British guy, me and my friend. Why does he have to bring my friends girl friend and write some thing stupid on her. What do she has to do with all this? My friend got angry. He still is very angry so my friend decides to go to his room and see him. So, I also went with him and we both went to see this British guy. He now started making things up. Just before calling to Police he said he can do what ever he like in Europe. He has a right to do whatever he wants. So, He called a Police and me and my friend were standing there for a police now, Police came. They asked some general info and asked us to leave as well. Since it is not a big crime or some thing like that.
I want to ask, why we are always in this situation. Why People from Britain think they are racist?” Is all people from this place are like Mr. Mahesh Khakurel- a Nepal born British Citizen.
Who thinks there is no world except in Britain? Why these people our color of skin? What is the cause? Are we not humans are they are? These people hate us may be because we are poor. So what is being poor has to do? Are all people in world are only rich and superior?
I do not know what kind of children Great Britain is making for their future. But it needs to be clearly checked once.

Racist British Guy

Life is all about the color of skin. I have the black or brown kind of color in my whole body. I am not white. There is one British friend, whose mother and father are both Nepali, they are currently living in America. He came to study here in Finland, at Lappeenranta University of Technology. He started showing his presence. He showed every body that he is much talented, studios and brave in every aspect of life. He started talking with every one, with administrators, international coordinators and every body around the university. He showed that he is the best in whatever he does, because of his British citizenship. He is superior to any individual living here in Finland and he can make a fool to them very easily. I just met him one day in the college and it shows how he was good at twisting and turning of the words to make things happen for him. I thought this guy is good. Later knowing him more. I started thinking again, now what I think is all British People are racist or are they?
I come from very poor country called Nepal; Along with me I have 6 other Nepali friends here at his reputed University. It is very difficult for us to sustain and live a life here because of our financial, economical, political and geographical conditions but Finland is good. Finns are the best people in the whole earth. Why? They respect other and they help others. So, we were here all together 6 Nepali guys. And one Nepali turned British guy. He loves his car. He has lots of money. He is rich person of rich country. But only problem with him is he is racist. We did not know that before, we thought he is just a simple human being as we are.
He always wanted a help from us. He took the help. He then, started showing his color. He says, “He do not know how to speak Nepali”, He says, “He hates us, because he think we are beggars” We beg him for the lift in his car. He says, “He can call cops and put us in jail, just like that”.
One day he wrote a mail saying that he hates the people who belong to third world country. Well, I have nothing to say on that, because all the first world people are good, satisfied human beings because they have the color of skin as white. They are superior to us, we are born black and we will die black we are not superiors as them. What a person has to do with the color of skin? Why are we treated like this? Are all human beings not equal? What kind of word we are making here for our future? We are teaching our children to be racist, hate those people who have black or brown color of skin.
One day his car broke down and he do not had money (may be British people do not carry cash) so he called me and ask me to come for the help so I went there and he run out of gas, so I paid him 5 Euro for his gas. After some days, I asked him my 5 Euro, he said he do not give those 5 Euro, I asked him why? He again pretended something else. And said do not want to give the money back. He feels proud when he steals a dozen of book from University. He says with proud face that, his girl friend also took a Dell Keyboard from the University. I do not know how much stuff he is taking from the university, a clear stealing of things. Every person living should inspire other person by some means. Here is one British guy, who inspires us to steal the stuff from university or from our own friend’s house. I don’t know what they are teaching in Schools and College in Great Britain. Putting the word “Great” in “Britain” does not make it great. It’s all about the people in Britain who should make their country proud. Well, the story does not end here...
It is just started:-

Two Lives

I do not know what to write, I do not have any words today to write these words to not matter as long as the feelings matter to a person. Last night I went to a friend’s house, “He said, I do not know weather I should live or kill myself” I asked him, “Why is he saying like that, what is the problem”? He does not think that life worth that much because he was in love with one girl, she was very beautiful. The girl too was in love with him. They both had very good time sharing memories, sharing food, sharing clothes and everything a nice happy couple would have. But the problem arose when one day the girl family forcefully asked her to marry a famous Doctor. The problem was that both the girl and boy were inter-caste. They did not belong to same caste. The girl was worried very much she did not knew what to decide whether she should marry a man her family is insisting on or rather marry the boy she is in love with. The guy was spell bound and he has nothing to say. He asked me this question time and again-Santosh, Why are we having this problem? What is the main cause behind this? Can you give me helpful solution? Well, I went in deep thought whole night and I finally got this idea, Life is all about living for a day. Forgot about the religion as long as you follow your heart. Two things cannot go hand in hand. One is mind and other one is heart. Religion is mixture of Mind and Heart. Mind says do this, do those? Heart says I want this. If you are deciding between what you want and what has to be done then which one you should choose? It is always the combination of these two would give you the best possible result. But if one thing misses, it will always be good to listen to your heart. Religion is one of the biggest problems our country is facing today. Every father and mother wants to marry their child with the same caste they belong to. But why? Caste does not matter as long as Feelings matter deep inside the heart. Imagine you were to die and you have just one day to live. What would you do in that case? Which caste you would choose then? Always listen to your heart, if you listen to it, you will always get what you want and you will reach where you want to go. With mind you will also reach to the destination but the challenging, entertaining, fighting, struggling journey of reaching to destination won’t be there. Life is all about learning. If the girl listens to her family members, she is not making her decision, she is living on somebody else’s decision, it is not your mistake and just let it be. So, do not worry and ask your girl also not to worry as long you both are listening to your heart, feeling silence, going back to your self and being yourself, present- in present.

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Message from Paulo Coelho

Today it was abit surprising for me that some great writers like Paulo Coelho has got some time for me to write to me, When i woke up today checking my daily emails.He said he values his readers, Well that is a nice appreciation from the great writer like Paulo Coelho. It is my pleause to recieve the email from him. He also gave me his article of Christmas. Well, There is one question to Mr. Paulo Why in earth he values his reader ? Is it becasue he is afraid of his status.Is it just like that. Or Is it becasuse he cares for his readers. There are many issues when you become famous. You do not want to loose. you always want yourself to see in top. There is one saying that No body no things in whole world is permanent, We all have good days and we all have bad days. Some of the men in this planet are great leaders of the great nation some of the men are just a hard workers. Leadership, Writing skills and other appreciating the theme of life is just not in our hand. I believe nothing is in our hand. No body...can control the next very second of the life. If some thing is going to happen it just happens, call it whatever you wish to call it.., It can be faith..., It also can be anything you wish to put it. This is the way of life we are living, we are a body which is very always in motion. Any ways we always want that moment of our life where we are in motion not to let it go. That is why we always have to come down to earth. Paulo Coelho is great writer and he will be great Writer but .....

He also have to move .. He also has to be in motion and then that moment will be of somebody else. I am not saying that He has something wrong to anybody, He is a fine character and may be a very good human being who is giving loads of knowledge to human beings around the world. But the thing is that, He is afraid ..., Deep inside he is afraid...,

Nothing is permanent in this world, May be The words what i am putting here are negative but these words are not negative or positive it is how we interpert or decode them to understand it.

My mind

I started this blog, with the concept of writing what goes in my mind. I kept the name of the blog as Bheja. It is an indian word. What is going on today in my mind, well today i am feeling a pain in my headeach but who cares and who wants to care about it. Even if i say to people that i had an headach, nobody will listen to me.., they will just say go and visit doctor or put some medicine that's it. But no body wil ask with me why had this problem. What is the root cause of having this problem dealing with this problem every time. why i am leaving in this planet and what is the sole purpose of living.

I have this problem and I want the solution to remove my problem not just to cure it. I do not want to cure the problem I want to remove it. Now, the big question is how ? The answer to this question is when my mind ask me to think on some pattern and when it does not matches with my heart it would cause me some pain in my head. The head always ask me to do some thing like for example, assignments, project or some research work but at the same time, My heart says that i want to talk with my wife back in my country. Now do not take it seriously Wife and girl friends are quite different according to me, I am not legally married but i do not want to use the word "girl friend" There are some reason against use of it. So, this is the case my heart says i want to talk with my wife back home in Nepal and My mind says i have to complete the assignment Now when the mind orders me something the heart do not understands and when heart asks something to mind, Mr. Mind says no i wont do it. They had a fight with each other. Now the mind has lost the battle and my heart has won the battle. When my mind lose the battle that means i did not do my project work but rather i talked with my girl friend: that is why i think i had a headache. but Who cares ?

Welcome to My Mind, My bheja !

Merry Christmas, Happy New Year ! Hope life brings you loads of happiness and joy to make your life memorable and joyful to live for ever and ever. Everything you desire comes as you desire and not the other way around.

Good Luck ! and Best Regards !

From "My Bheja" !

Thursday, December 20, 2007


What is the topic today ? Why it is 0. How do you call it ? It is 0 or is it zero or is it null or is it nothing. What is that i have kept the topic for the today article is 0. I do not know what is this... But when i do not know what is this then at this time,i must know somethig about it as well. If i believe or assume that it is the starting of the number then, it can also be assumed that it is the starting of the relationship, life, women, girl, dating, partner and everything else. Is it the end of number then, it is the end of above mentioned variables. Life is all about understanding... how can we understand that we are existing in today's world ? We wake up every day, do our stuffs and go back to bed.. This is the daily routine we go through but how can we say that we are alive. Is it the presence we make in the crowd that shows us that we are alive or is it the happiness we feel deep inside that gives us the feeling that we are alive and it is good to be alive. We are the mysterious creature and we will remain as the mystry to every body else around us because they are also the same creatures. We have faith on that 0 if we think that 0 means God, Jesus and Mohammad, All the dispute that is present in today world is all because we asume something before experience makes us realize that what is the truth and what is not truth. Welocme to the world of 0. Unknow, mystry and Unsolved.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How to give Exam !

Can you describe this word called exam ? What actually is the exam ? E X A M how was it derieved. I am not going to do research on this word and give you the detail about it. I just want to give some message here. What is exam ? I do not know may be E stands for experience, but experience can be in field of study, experience can be in the field of understanding the subject, experience can be in knowing what others had already done. What ever it may be, the message is do not be afraid of exams. Life is full of exams itself, we travel and every steps we take we give exam. The step we take gives us the result either we pass passing that step or we fail by not moving to next step.

Do not worry about the exams. Life itself is full of exam. There are subjective, objective and many kinds of exam. We are not afraid of exams when we are not afraid of life and death. Take life as it is and not what you want to make it. If we take our life as it is, we will face very little problem in our life but if we want to make our life somebody else life then we are not living our life. It is some body else life not yours.

Learning is through failure. Exam is checking how much failure you have achieved in your life. There is no word called success. There is only failure, which is close to our heart.Which always reminds us who we are and where we come from. Nothing is perfect, nothing can be perfect only our failures can be perfect and to make that failure perfect we have to give exam in every steps of life we take. Good Luck !

Finnish Flag (kalinppu)

Do you know why there is blue cross across white lines in the flag of finland ? Well i didn't knew this when i came here some 4 months ago. This is becasue there are many lakes in finland. It is also know as the country of thousand lakes. The color of lakes or water is taken as blue and the same color is kept in the national flag of finland. The white color also says that one of the highest snowing contry so the combination of white and blue is what the Finnish flag has got. May be it is also because of the fact that finnish people are very humble, shy and helpful in each aspects.

Just come to finland and ask something ! But be prepared for not hearing any thing from the finnish men you are talking with. This is because if they know english they will tell you where to go and what to do but if they do not know how to speak in english they will rather be silent.

Lakes in finland is teaching every finnish people how to behave and how to deal with the reality of life. Silence is the best assest these people have, which is refreshing and encoraging.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Good sex really is mind-blowing for women

Women may fool their sexual partners by faking orgasm, but their brains cannot lie. Reaching a proper sexual climax is, for women at least, a mind-blowing event. Large parts of their brains that deal with emotion and fear appear to shut down so that they can enjoy the thrill.
A series of experiments at the Univerity of Groningen, in the Netherlands, used brain scans to map what happened in men's and women's heads while their partners sat by their prone bodies, sexually stimulating them.

The tests involved 13 women and 11 men aged 19 to 39. Women told the researchers when they faked orgasm, but the truth was there on the scans anyway.

Professor Gert Holstege reported the findings at a conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, organised by the European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology.

"The main thing we saw was deactivation in women," he said. "It was unbelievable, very pronounced. I think that is the major outcome of the study. You see extreme deactivation of large portions of the brain, especially the fear centres, the brain that controls emotions."

The main part of the brain that seemed active was the cerebellum, linked to control of movement, but scientists also think it may have an emotional role. This was active in fake orgasms too, but otherwise there was a different picture.

"If you look at women that faked orgasm you see the same kind of thing in the cerebellum, but the cortex, the conscious part of the brain, is also active," Prof Holstege said.

To reach true climax, women needed to ensure that fear and stress did not get in the way. "The deactivation of these very important parts of the brain might be the most important thing necessary to have an orgasm. If you are in a high level of anxiety it is very hard to have sex."

Men were studied in the same way, but because it typically took only 20 seconds to reach ejaculation, it was difficult for neuroscientists to obtain and interpret data. But Prof Holstege suspects that the change in brain pattern may mirror that of women.

Another part of the study in which the volunteers were stimulated without reaching orgasm showed differences in brain response however. In both sexes, an area called the amygdala, a fear centre, was deactivated, but in men, an ancient part of the brain linked to emotion, called the insula, became more active.

Other differing brain patterns between the sexes suggested that men respond differently to having their genitals stimulated. Men appeared to want to rationalise the experience by interpreting its importance, while women merely enjoyed the sensation.

"Men are seeing it as a big deal, the interpretation of what is happening is important to them," Prof Holstege said. "Women apparently do not have this idea that this is so important. With women the primary feeling is there, but not the interpretation."

The volunteers, all heterosexual and right handed, were recruited through Dutch magazines. Since it was vital for them to remain completely still in the scanner, they had to have their heads restrained, although they were free to move the rest of their bodies.

"We are neuroscientists, so we're only interested in the brain," said Prof Holstege.

There were, however, some physical matters that had to be attended to as well. "A major problem was they got cold feet, so they put socks on," he added.

Prof Holstege hopes his work may lead to treatments which lower anxiety levels and which reduce sexual dysfunction." Alcohol brings down fear levels. Everyone knows if you give alcohol to women it is easier," he said.

Taken from:

Copenhagen medical conference hears of hot passions and cold feet

James Meikle, health correspondent
Tuesday June 21, 2005
The Guardian

Am I really depressed ?

Am I really depressed?

Depression is one of the main causes of defects cause in human body. Why people are more depressed then they were before. Is it because of the climate? How can climate affect the level of energy in human body? Why I myself is feeling depressed. ? These questions are something which is very hard to express. From last couple of weeks I have not been present in Barbara’s class, she must be feeling depressed not to see me, or is it me who is feeling depressed not to see her. Am I a really busy person or is it because of the work load I am having. Some times what I think is that, we all people who I am related with and who I think are here in this country are going through this stage. Is it because of climate and workload? Can climate really affect the mind of people? I do not know weather it is scientifically proved or not. What I think is that, Sun is the energy, From last month I have not see sun smiling as it does in other part of world. Why is he depressed with himself? We are living in place where level of energy is created by human. It is not natural. Some times it may be also the cause why people in Finland speak less. To speak we need energy now, since we all live in dark from where can we expect the energy to get inside our body. I am not seeing smiling anybody. I myself is not smiling. Every body is feeling depressed and so is nature feeling depressed. Life is a journey of uncertainties there are always ups and downs in life. Here in Finland there are loads of resources available but one thing is lacking here which is brightness. It may be also be the cause of less population then any where else. I am making my predictions so this prediction has nothing to do with anybody. Hope fully one day the sun will shine and bring the energy in every individual, make them cheerful and smile for ever and ever. The day is not very far as we do not know how time passes by, life is just like a journey which satisfies the moment we cherish at every time. I hope we are not satisfied and we will not as long as there is life, we all are a human who can just pass the message of love, peace and truth passing by. Nothing is good or bad. Every thing is good it is us who think the things as bad. One day, one of my friends said, “Santosh why did u always say this is good and that is good. Why don’t you use the word bad?” I replied to him, “Well, Nothing is bad my dear friend it is us who think that is bad. Take an e.g. of food if we are eating at this moment, you are saying the food that you are eating is bad but it’s not the food which is bad it is your mouth which is saying the food is bad. It is only the words. The thing is the same and it will remain the same. Similarly, depression is not what we feel inside us it is just what we say. We are happy and cheerful since the time we were born and we will remain the same.

Sunday, December 9, 2007


Life sometime really creates loads of problem between friends, it is so easy to break the relationship. That is why i always say, building a relationship or building anything in this world is one of the great thing man has done and man will do. But breaking is done also which is easy. Every body in this planet is looking for the easy solution rather than difficult approach of leading the life. As for example, who better than me, I am lazy, I cannot create the solution for my excercise. I do not want to create it. Why should i create it if someone else can do it for me. I would rather take a benefit of it and use it. Put my name in his name and tell it was done by me. I am really a lazy, there are many factors that depends on that such as time, money, family pressure and so on but who cares every one in this world wants a easy way out.

Now let me explain, last night my friends wanted the code which i could not give ? I know i may sound like a selfish now. But if you think i am selfish now i will ask you the same question later. I am in a group. I am doing the project with the friend who is very good at programming, He has done every thing I have very less part on this project now,my other friends who are doing the same project wants his code or shall i say our code. I could not say our because all the thing is done by my group friend so it is his creation not mine. Now I am in trouble here. I cannot give some one else property to my friends.

These friends think that i am selfish. How can i be selfish on which cirmustances i am regarded as selfish, proudy and greedy or what so ever. I do not understand what the hell is going on. I cannot give some one else creation and in other hand i cannot say no to them. But i took a brave approach and said, sorry ! i could not give you the code because i am not the creator of it. They think i am a selfish guy. They even said,We understand what kind of person you are. Now, I went into deep thinking for some time period. Am i wrong ? May be i am wrong because i am not good at writing code. may be i should quit doing the project and then my other friends will be happy. So i decided to tell them that i won't be doing the project. But These friends were not satisfied, they say well if you do not want to do the project, that is interesting thing to hear but we still need the code. Oh ! dear ,,,,

Now i want to ask you, am i wrong ? am i selfish ?

Whatever be the case, i decided that i will give the code but only after i finish our group demonstration. This is a real world !

Nothing is permanent, we all need something.May be there would not have been any problem if i could have leart how to program,, but the probleme lies beneath me where i am a poor programmer. No experiences, I do not know how to program.

Every one in this whole world is selfish ! It's not me or you ! Every body is selfish. I am not hurt by what my friends said to me or what they will say to me because every thing is words. World do not value as much as emotional feeelings. It is because of feelings you understand people not by words. The person who created this planet is also selfish, may be it wanted to find out who the creator was of this world. May be it wanted to worship the creator, or may be it wanted to say that there is always a unreliable map to unexplored territory. May be it wanted to show that there is some one who is above every thing. May be !

Monday, December 3, 2007

I am Satisfaction

Well, I went to the pub, or let's called a holy place where people meet in europe, Every body goes to this place where they say that, It is the place where people have loads of fun and enjoy themselves.I was not feeling comfortable to go to this pub or club whatever., But somehow I went with the bunch of my friends, I saw every body may be i should call loads of penish and vagina were present in the Club. Pussy were searching for penis and penis were searching for vagina. Every body wants sex. When you feel that you want a good sex, decide to go to the club and find some chicks or chicken there. Why people think that when we go to club we would have loads of fun., we will get drunk and might get some chick or chicken to enjoy ? Is sex a love ? or Is sex gives satisfaction ? Are we satisfied with one person or we want many ? My friends pulled me to the dance floor and they asked me to dance., this was not surprising to me becasue i knew they are going to ask me, to dance. Since i do not know how to dance., i did not wanted my friends to disappoint so i went there and started to shake my penis and the remaining part of my body which is attached to it. I was soon tired may be beause of my overweight. I was standing in one corner of the dance floor My eyes saw our unviersity lecturers and professors, i knew why are they also there. Must be in search for some pussy.I started thinking in one corner if i were the satisfaction, how would so many people dancing in that dance floor would know how to get the satisfaction ? They all are in need for one thing either that is in life,love, relationship or in good sex or whatever that is "Satisfaction". We all are not satisfied, we want a good job, good salary , a good loving wife and most importantly Satisfaction. Do you know how to get it ? If i can say i am satisfaction, i think no body will let me be me, they will always want some thing from me but i know i cannot give them this. All the people who were gathered there, were not satisfied ! They wanted something, We have thousand wishes in our life we get many of them fulfilled but it cannot be fulfilled. Satisfaction is fraction or moment., how can a time be defined ? No body can define it. May be what i am thinking now is Time is moment, Every moment we go through is a time. If we do not go through the moment we are not in time. Satisfaction has some attachment with time. The lesson learnt on that day was, No body were satisfied and no body can be satisfied because they don't feel happy or fulfilled with what the time and moment has given then. People are not satisfied because they want more. In search for more they are getting nothing any more. We think that we are in good relationship, one day we think again that we are not satisfied in the relationship, nothing can be trusted. If people want more the more will give nothing, but if you are satisfied with what you have and what you do., you will one day may become a Satisfaction !

Wednesday, November 28, 2007


Source: The Kathmandu Post
Posted on: 2007-11-20 11:01:36

Prince or commoner, rich or poor, every individual who wishes to get empowered and enlightened benefits greatly from the guidance of an able guru. Even gods have sought out gurus for themselves. Lord Krishna's guru was Sandipanirishi. When Swami Vivekananda first visited Ramakrishna Paramahansa he asked: "I have read the Bhagavad-Gita and other scriptures several times, I lecture and give discourses on the Gita and Ramayana. Do I still need a guru?" Ramakrishna didn't reply to Vivekananda's question. After a few days Ramakrishna called upon Vivekananda and handed him a parcel to be delivered at a nearby village that could be reached in a few hours by a boat.

The boat and sailor would be ready the next morning. All he needed to do was to go to the village and deliver the parcel to the designated person. Vivekananda agreed and decided to start early. He found the sailor ready with his boat. Suddenly, upon sitting in the boat, Vivekananda realized that he didn't know the road to the village. He inquired of the sailor who had no clue, either. Vivekananda decided to go back to his guru to ask him the shortest way to the village. Upon this Ramakrishna said, "Narendra, this is my reply to the question you asked me when we met the first time: Today, you have the medium (the boat), you have the resource (the sailor), you have the road (the sea), you know what to do (deliver the parcel) and you also know where to go but you don't know the way. Likewise, you have read all the scriptures, and you can conduct wonderful discourses on them. However, to realize the wisdom of scriptures one needs a guru, someone who has already traversed that path so that he can guide you through the journey and encourage you to not give up."

In Sanskrit, 'gu' is one who dispels and 'ru' means darkness. Every individual who wishes to rise above his existing levels needs a lighthouse, a guiding star to guide him on the journey of life, which can help by dispelling darkness at every step. Lord Swaminarayan ordained Sikshapatri, containing 212 conventions of code of conduct for every human being. One of the points reads: "Even the most learned of men will become morally declined if he is not involved in devotion to God and in good acquaintance."

Many seers have made various suggestions on how to embark on the spiritual path according to their perceived wisdom. Is there a universally accepted spiritual definition? How should one lead one's life which balances both the spiritual and the material? To understand all this and choose the right path for a balanced life of duty, responsibility, love, detachment and striving for higher consciousness, you need the grace and guidance of a spiritual master. As the saying goes "When the disciple is ready the Master arrives." Like a lone ship sailing in turbulent waters hunts for a safe harbor for anchorage, similarly, one has to make constant efforts in the journey of his life to find a true guru, a harbor against all storms.

Posted on: 2007-11-20 11:01:36

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thousand Wishes !!!

There are thousand wishes in my life, all the wishes are such that each wish is killing me, they come as if to get fulfill., there are many wishes they come but still they are very less.I do not know when they are going to be fulfilled. In love there is no difference between living and dieying. Love cannot be explained.There is no difference in love, live or die. There are thousand wishes in my life which are unfulfilled.
No one can fulfill those wishes but for many of them many wishes comes true. Why do i have so many wishes ? Can't i be a person with very little wishes and all the small wishes that i make gets fulfilled. How many people in earth are satisfied with what they have ? I do not think there are many people in the earth who are satisfied with their life,job,wife and many other things. ?

There are thousand wishes the wishes are such that each of the wishes are killing me.!!!!!

Monday, November 19, 2007


I do not know what to write today. I thought of this topic called satisfaction, are we satisfied ? We have job,good salary, good house to live. We have everything or we are in search of these things. now think if you will have all these things will you be satisfied. ? Does the things make people satisfied ? How do you say that i am satisfied ? Probably when you will be happy and think that you have achieved something in your life then, you will say i am happy and satisfied. But i think this is wrong. No man in this earth is satisfied. No one is. everybody wants something. everybody is need of something.

most people in earth are in need of money then comes..other material things.we created this money and now we are after it ... we are not satisfied. even if we get money we will not be satisfied. satisfaction cannot be acheived. It is something like love or death which cannot be described. I am satisfed means you do not want anything from life. you have lived your life. Safisfaction starts with "Santosh" which means complete happiness and satisfaction. Many people is asia and some part of europe has this name "Santosh" .. Santosh is complete satisfaction because it does not have any religion, it does not care about knowledge ., it does not care about acheivements and accomplisments it is just a state where you feel you are satisfied. It can neither be created nor can it be destroyed. It is immortal. It will never die. Live for ever and ever.

This is for today !

See you every body. The first lesson of satisfaction is Feel free.

Step 1 : Feel free, Do whatever you want to do. Do not hesitate. There is no rule for you. You are the creator and you are the destroyer. you can do what your mind and heart says you to do. Whole world is yours and you are the creator of this world. you can do what you feel doing. There is only one rule to this step 1 and that is NO RULE. Feel happy that you have come to this world. There is something for you. Do not worry ! If you have dreams do not think that you are alone in this race., this is the dreams of the creator whom you believe in.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Third World

This is thank you to Alfred Sauvy for creating this word called “Third World”. I do not know weather he is alive or dead now but this is from the bottom of my heart that I want to say thank you. Thank you for creating the difference! As he has mentioned that The Third World has nothing, and it “wants to be something”. Which means this world is underdeveloped. The characteristics that we possess are poverty, high birth rates, lack of infrastructure and dependence on first world. This is thank you to the person who created the third world.

We are poor people. We do not have jobs, we cannot do anything. We are dependent on developed world and First World countries. Let me say one thing. We are different in economy, culture, religion and infrastructure. But it is the mind of those third world people, who are leaders in the First world. Without those brilliant mind First world do not exit. And there would not have been any difference. It is always easy to blame others. Can you blame yourself? No one wants to be dominated by other. Every body wants to run the race and win it. Americans are good at this because they are far sighted people and do not care about anything. They have this “Who cares?” kind of attitude. This attitude helps them to be one among the entire nation. They are not strong nation and not number one nation in world. It is the other nation that thinks they are number one and strong among the world. As far as we come from this world, where we do not have big industry and we are not technologically brilliant but day’s are not far when one of the kid from First world would say,” Daddy, Where is this software coming from ?” and Father of First or Second world would say,” Son, It comes from Third world ?”.It is very easy to make difference. I really hate this word “Difference” and sometime I like it too. There are many reasons beside it. Why we have to create these differences? To whom we need to prove? And for what? One day when the whole world will have some kind of natural disaster and what will happen then? Imagine one day whole world turns upside down and none of the entity exit in this planet. What will happen then?
At that moment you will have only one question in your mind,” who is going to take care of you?” If you live in first world then probably you know the answer but if you come from the world I come from then Think again. You will be the one in that first world!

As far as I know there is no First , Second and Third , there is only one world and in this one single world the rulers are humans and humans behaviors has great impact in the society they are living. World can be better place to live if we accept the things as they are or as natural they are. Rather then modifying it to prove you are the best.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Well, Today is Thursday ! Bright day for every body. Wake up do your morning activites and start preparing for work,study,plans and every other things in detail. Look at the news. !!!!

Finnish 18 year old killed himself and some of his class mate in a school. What a tragedy. President of Finland says, One of the tragedy that she really is speechless.

How many of you thing it is tragedy ?

Think People .... We have to Think....

We live in a planet where people are depressed very easily. Not only depressed but infuenced easily. Why are we following the fucking tradion ? Can't we do our duty. It is always difficult to choose a right path no matter what. The easier path is really very easy. We just have to do one thing and it will be highlight of the day !

Why do we want to attract attention ? May be because we want to see our creation, our stuffs we like show people our creativity, ideas and thoughts. One of the biggest drawback in today world is that we can attract attention very easily. Just write a blog or post a video in internet which catchs the attention of the audience. But is there any one in the world who do not wants to grab the attention of people. If you want to get famous do not do anything stupid. Yes you will be famous, but just for one day !

Who cares in this fucking planet about any body ? Why should people care about you ? What is that you are giving in this planet ? These are some questions that make a human stupid.

These question really are very strong and depressing too. We all are born as humans. But one thing is creating the chaos and fight among all of us. "DIFFERENCE"

We all are different.

We have difference in physical, mental and emotional senses. We are not same. We also come from differenct culture, background,family and so on.

Who the fuck first created it ? Even if it was created but why ? Now, The reason is we have the difference because without it the world will be no better place. Imagine a world where every body is same. In physical,emotional and mental level. There would never be development, acheivements, accomplishments and what so ever.

It is understood that we all are different but my topic today is "THURSDAY"

Why this thursday is so gloomy.

So sad, Thursday was the day ! Every people wants that fame. If i would have to say something i would rather blame the media, internet, and behaviour of human.

When every day is same. The days passes quickly. We are bored with it. We like changes but not only inside us but outside too. We want to do something very strange and some how catch attention of people.The question now a days is not how ? but the question is when ?

Internet is killing all of us. We are so seek with it that we want to learn,earn and make fun with it.

I will blame internet for creating this tragedy. Imagine a world without internet.
No plagarism, no information and no communication what so ever.

But in we will have creativity, creation and developments to in some other way.

I do not know what the shit i am writing here .......

The tragedy what took place was not good and awful.

I am sorry to those who have faced a negative consiquences with it. The impact with this show that nothing is in control. You can make thousand rules. Every body will follow the rule but there is always some one who does not like being ruled.

Let it be free. Every thing. Make every thing free. No charges for communicaton, no charges for morning and evening food and no charges for studying. Then the world will be better place.

I do not know who the fuck created this language called "English"

But whoever created it...., It was a job well done.

We do have difference but we have one thing in common. Language ... at least most of the people in world speak this language.

Do not believe in what Darwin said or Da Vinci. Belive in what your heart says at that moment. Becasue every thing in this planet is good. and whatever you belive is natural. Go along with your heat. If you want to rape somebody go and do it. Do not ask. Do not hesitate. Do whatever you feel. Just Do it.

Fuck off all the books, Fuck off all the rules. Who cares !!!!

But before you do anything THINK TWICE-

You can do whatever you want untill and unless you are hurting another human being or living entity.

Do not hurt any living beings !

So live your life. Life is just one day ! We all have problems we all have troubles in our life. But Just learn in that moment. Think and Learn. Do what ever you feel. Do not go by rules. If you like then go by rules but if you do not like them fuck off. Just live a life of simple human being.

Always remember :

Learn by doing. !

To sum up,

It is not good that we humans are depressing. It is the climate, nature that is depressing. Our actions are controlled by Nature. We need to find out how this nature can be controlled not our actions.

Imagine how can you control next 1 hr of your future time. Let me give you and example. I have to meet my wife today near airport at 7pm.So, What's come in my mind. Start the car.
Check the fuel is enough or not.
If it is not enough fill the gas.
go to airport
pick her up
and come back home.

These are some of the simple statements that comes in a simple human. Now let's do it.

When we transform our thoughts into ACTION

We are not sure what might happen. I could not reach to airport because I got Flat Tire. Now what ?

How did it happen ?

Who did this ?

I have not thought about this but how could my tire get flat.

And then we try to find alternatives. This is the point where we cannot do anything. This is the place where our plans are not controlled by our action. We are not the controller of our action but some body else is.

Who is that ?

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Welcome Snow!

This is the first day snow fell, Welcome Snow., I hope This snow will bring lots of pleasure in the mind of people,friends and relatives. Christmas is coming and this is the time for celebration. If you do not know what you want, the question of creating it doesn't arise. What every human being wants is to live joyfully; he wants to live peacefully, in terms of its relationship he wants to be loving and affectionate. All that any human being is seeking for is pleasantness within himself, pleasantness around him. Once your mind gets organized, the way you think is the way you feel: your emotions will get organized. Once your thought and emotion are organized, your energies will go the same way. Then your very body will get organized. Once all these four are organized in one direction, your ability to create and manifest what you want is phenomenal. You have the power to create; you are the Creator, in so many ways. The whole technology is just about this - transforming you from being just a piece of creation to the Creator himself. This is not in search of God; this is in search of becoming a God. This is not in search of Divine; this is in search of becoming a simple human.

Sunday, October 21, 2007

19 October 2007 "Happy Vijaya Dashami 2064 "

It was cold, chilly night in the center of Lappeeranata University of Technology., Me,Ananata,Jhamak,Bishal met in my room, We decided to do some party., We were not sure of the venue, then we thought about our friend Bala who was sick, we wanted to see him.

We realized that one guy was missing, it was not difficult for us to figure out who it was, probably we are just 6 nepali guys here in finland. It was Sijan. so, we asked him to come to bala's palce, we went there we saw Bala was dancing, celebrating and was really in jolly mood. We were suprised by what we saw. Later He said that, Today is Vijaya Dashami 2064 Let us Celebrate ! We thought why not, We must celebrate !

The celebration started. Now we were 6+2 guys., Probably don't be surprised the two guys were our special guest. One guy was Bala's flat mate., From Finland- Teemu and The next guy was Bishal's very good friend- From Pakistan-Mubin....

Guys started preparing the food,chicken....Pulaau..,

We wanted a Nepali way and the Nepali way was given by me., I was talking with Teemu,Mubin and Jhamak- We started a discussion, a round table discussion. It all started with religion,sex,what's on man's mind ?, what is on women's mind ? Then it heated up... The talked went on and on...

It now came to GOD.,nobody agreed with what i have to say, because i wanted to put what i mean to say to these guys and they do not agree with me.. I still say that why are we following the tradition ? Why is there difference in culture,country and religion ? Every discussion was ending with big question-Why ? My dear pakistani friend was not happy with this question.

I was just alone defending myself, I wanted to say that-"All religion in this world connects to these keywords such as TRUTH,PEACE FOR MAN KIND ....." These were done by some great human in the past such as GAUTAM BUDDHA,JESUS CHRIST,MOHAMMAD etc., These great people were Human First and they will always remain human to me. We are treating them as god but why ?

We do this because we are following the tradion. Our parents taught this and we are following. But I want to say,


still people will not understand me... because i am defending myself and no one will be on my side. every body wants to get a safe landing, anyways..., I do not know ... Probably i thought i was ruining the disucssion so i kept quite after that.

Guys prepared a great DASHAIN dinner it was the best dinner i had it here in Finland since months. We all enjoyed a fine Nepali Dinner !!!

All the cleaning was done by my beloved guys except me.... because i am lazy !!!

This way we celebrated a great dashain festival... Thanks to all my lovely,sweet and great nepali guys. You guys are great !!! Cheers Finlandia Vodka to you all !!!

Remeber guys, I am lazy and i will be lazy... One thing you all have to do is try to improve my habit and I wont be lazy anymore.

Thanks to our special guests ! Mubeen and Teemu !!!


Monday, October 15, 2007

War, Games and Spirituality

War and games have been part of life since time immemorial. They are both tendencies that have impacted human life and society, sometimes favorably and sometimes adversely. The Mahabharata war began with a game but what came out of it was wisdom of Gita. World has seen lessons after World War II, when tolerance, pluralism and secularism gained prominence. But when war became a game, we have failed to learn a lesson. For the mighty and powerful, war is just a game, as has happened in Vietnam and Iraq. Pakistan and India have fought many wars and the same is true of the Middle East. In spite of so many ethnic conflicts in central Africa, Congo, Ethiopia, Ivory Coast and now Sudan, no lesson has been learnt. There is a thin line between game and war. While the East has chosen the concept of seeing life as a game, in the Middle East, it is jehad. One thing that seems to be common between war and game is that, in both, you need to be insensitive towards the other. If you are sensitive towards others' feelings, you can't defeat the other. That is why the concept of Life is a game in-sensitizes you to the pains and the pleasures of life. Today, when children play video games, Internet, watch violent cartoons, they get in-sensitized. These games have turned into real life situations, leading to classroom violence. The last decade has seen unprecedented instances of violence in schools. Dropout rates in schools in Washington DC are an alarming 50 per cent and there is an increase in gang violence amongst the adolescents the world over. The intellectuals of today have to devise ways to bring back sensitivity and sensibility in the younger generation, without which there will be neither safety nor security on this planet. Fear of dominance of one community over the other, one nation over the other, have caused nations and communities to amass weapons. Amassing wealth and weapons has become a game. On many occasions, caste conflicts and cash conflicts are all subsidiaries of the arms race. Many think that spirituality makes men realize the ultimate. Spirituality is definitely an antidote to war. It helps to prevent the game from turning into a war and war turning into a game. Spirituality, people often think, is just a practice; it is an attitude as well. A practice is always bound by time but an attitude gets woven into that time. As practice, it is limited to occasions, to time and has time-bound effects. It is easy to adopt spirituality as a practice but takes courage, maturity and understanding to build it as an attitude. It is attitude and intention that matters more than action. The Americans apologized for mistaken notion when they bombed civilians in Afghanistan and Iraq. When the Israelis pounded Lebanon or when Sri Lankan forces bombed Tamil Tigers' schools and hospitals, all they said was sorry, it was not our intention; it was a mistaken identity. Here, war has become a game. Today, many around the globe say spirituality is the answer. Will humaneness in spirituality put an end to war? Will it make you submissive and docile? Will it take away the joy and fun in aggression? Will it make you an escapist? This stream of questions smolders with no answers to put them off. In fact, it should not be. An answer can only be used once, but the path created by these vital questions can be trodden many times to an open-ended human evolution.

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Scent of a Women

The last Scene of a Scent of a Women.One of the Best speech in a movie.

I am an African

Mahatma Ghandi on Education

The real difficulty is that people have no idea of what education truly is. We assess the value of education in the same manner as we assess the value of land or of shares in the stock-exchange market. We want to provide only such education as would enable the student to earn more. We hardly give any thought to the improvement of the character of the educated. The girls, we say, do not have to earn; so why should they be educated? As long as such ideas persist there is no hope of our ever knowing the true value of education.

Daily Quote from Krishnamurthy...

Do you understand the problem, sirs? Only the mind that is free can discover what is true—discover, not be told what is true. The description is not the fact. You may describe something in the most lovely language, put it in the most spiritual or lyrical words, but the word is not the fact. When you are hungry, the description of food does not feed you. But most of us are satisfied with the description of truth, and the description, the symbol, has taken the place of the factual. To discover whether there is a reality or not, we must be capable of seeing the true as the true, the false as the false, and not wait to be told like a lot of immature children.

Friday, October 5, 2007

वहत कृष्णमूर्ति सय्स

"Truth is a pathless land ". Man cannot come to it through any organization, through any creed, through any dogma, priest or ritual, not through any philosophic knowledge or psychological technique. He has to find it through the mirror of relationship, through the understanding of the contents of his own mind, through observation and not through intellectual analysis or introspective dissection. Man has built in himself images as a fence of security—religious, political, personal. These manifest as symbols, ideas, beliefs. The burden of these images dominates man's thinking, his relationships and his daily life. These images are the causes of our problems for they divide man from man. His perception of life is shaped by the concepts already established in his mind. The content of his consciousness is his entire existence. This content is common to all humanity. The individuality is the name, the form and superficial culture he acquires from tradition and environment. The uniqueness of man does not lie in the superficial but in complete freedom from the content of his consciousness, which is common to all mankind. So he is not an individual."

लाइफ ऎंड डेथ

We all live in the shadow of the fear of death, we believe that life and death are opposed to each other. This feeling causes us to miss life and we miss death as well. When we are born, death is born with us.

Every day changes into night, and every night changes into day. The present elapses into the past and the future dawns upon the present. This cannot happen without the element of death. This process of change is death. If you want to die peacefully, live totally, completely. Death is the crowning glory of life lived intensely and fully. But our life is wasted in searching for the meaning of life.

The meaning of life is in life itself. No philosophy, no scripture, no cause can give meaning to life. You have to seek your own meaning and nobody except you can come upon it. Osho said, "It is your life and it is only accessible to you. Only in living will the mystery be revealed to you. Once you know what life is you will know what death is.

Death is also a part of the same process. Ordinarily we think death comes at the end, that it is against life; we think death is the enemy, but death is not the enemy. If you think of death as the enemy it simply shows that you have not been able to know what life is. Death and life are two polarities of the same energy, of the same phenomenon - the tide and the ebb, the day and the night, the summer and the winter. They are not separate and not opposites, not contraries; they are complementary.

Death is not the end of life; in fact, it is a completion of one life, the finale. A man who has understood what his life is, allows death to happen; he welcomes it. He dies each moment and each moment he is resurrected. Each moment he dies and is born again."

हे राम

Hey Ram! With these last words, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi breathed his last. What would he have thought of the current controversy over the historicity or otherwise of Ram, the epic hero?

It would be interesting to ask: What is the historicity of the wind or cosmos? Behind visual reality, there exists something one can call supernature. Beyond history, there is the realm of metahistory.

How can man with his arrested sensibility, give expression to eternal life or eternity, in a language which is itself man-made? When we do not have a recorded or authentic history of language how shall we be able to understand the word 'history' used in language?

The word Ram means causing rest, charming, loving and delightful. Gandhi knew from the core of his heart that Ram is the hidden centre of all apparent reality. It is the unchanging reality, underlying a shifting reality. Ram is part of metahistory. Ram possesses highest power but never reveals himself as a possessor of power. People with inferior power exhibit their power in mindless activity and vanish like a bubble.

Much of Bapu's philosophy was based on the substance of Indian thought. He did tend to believe in avatars or incarnations and believed in the saving power of the name 'Ram' in salvation through Lord Krishna. For Gandhi, the legend of Ram is so deeply embedded in the Indian way of life that it is difficult to think of India and Indian culture without any mention of his name.

The metahistory of Ram has inspired many poets and artists to depict his character with all its glory and transcendental splendour. After having understood the superficiality of so-called history Oswald Spengler had said in his book, The Decline of the West, that history should be the business of a poet.

Gandhi's philosophy of nonviolence, truth and simple living was derived from a belief in the power of the very same principles epitomised by Maryada Purushottam Ram - the ideal personality - immortalised in the legend's story, the Ramayana, narrated in as many languages, forms and cultures as its plural versions.

१० एअर हिन्दुगर्ल मेमोरिज़े कुरान

Backed by her parents, a 10-year-old Hindu girl who has learnt Arabic is in the process of memorizing the Koran to become a ‘Hafiz’, says a teacher at a madrassa near here.

Hemlata, alias Shabnam, has been memorising the holy book at Madrassa Madinatul Uloom in Khagaul near Patna for the past few weeks.

"First she learnt to read Urdu followed by Arabic and is now memorising the Koran, a rare thing for a non-Muslim girl. It all appears to be god’s wish," said Hafiz Azam, a teacher at the seminary.

Hafiz is a term used by Muslims for people who have completely memorized the Koran. Such people are allowed the privilege of using the title Hafiz before their names. They win this title by passing one or more tests. In one such test, they are asked to recite from memory a passage taken randomly from the Koran.

Dressed like a devoted Muslim girl, Hemlata covers her head to join a group of Muslim students of her age daily to memorise the Koran at the madrassa. "I want to become a Hafiz by memorising the holy Koran," she said.

The Koran is divided into 114 Surahs (chapters), containing approximately 6,200 verses comprising some 80,000 words or 330,000 individual characters.

Hemlata, a Class IV student, said she was eager to achieve the feat at the earliest. "I will work hard," Hemlata told IANS.

Hafiz Alam said: "It is a difficult process to memorise the Koran, and she will have to devote four years to achieve her goal."

Hemlata's parents are proud of their daughter. "We are happy and encourage her," said her father Dilip Kumar Choudhary. Now, her younger brother, Ashish Vidyarthi, also wants to emulate her.

२० थिंग्स यू डोंट क्नोव अबाउट डेथ

1 The practice of burying the dead may date back 350,000 years, as evidenced by a 45-foot-deep pit in Atapuerca, Spain, filled with the fossils of 27 hominids of the species Homo heidelbergensis, a possible ancestor of Neanderthals and modern humans.

2 Never say die: There are at least 200 euphemisms for death, including "to be in Abraham's bosom," "just add maggots," and "sleep with the Tribbles" (a Star Trek favorite).

3 No American has died of old age since 1951.

4 That was the year the government eliminated that classification on death certificates

5 The trigger of death, in all cases, is lack of oxygen. Its decline may prompt muscle spasms, or the "agonal phase," from the Greek word agon, or contest.

6 Within three days of death, the enzymes that once digested your dinner begin to eat you. Ruptured cells become food for living bacteria in the gut, which release enough noxious gas to bloat the body and force the eyes to bulge outward.

7 So much for recycling: Burials in America deposit 827,060 gallons of embalming fluid—formaldehyde, methanol, and ethanol—into the soil each year. Cremation pumps dioxins, hydrochloric acid, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide into the air.

8 Alternatively . . . A Swedish company, Promessa, will freeze-dry your body in liquid nitrogen, pulverize it with high-frequency vibrations, and seal the resulting powder in a cornstarch coffin. They claim this "ecological burial" will decompose in 6 to 12 months.

9 Zoroastrians in India leave out the bodies of the dead to be consumed by vultures.

10 The vultures are now dying off after eating cattle carcasses dosed with diclofenac, an anti-inflammatory used to relieve fever in livestock.

11 Queen Victoria insisted on being buried with the bathrobe of her long-dead husband, Prince Albert, and a plaster cast of his hand.

12 If this doesn't work, we're trying in vitro! In Madagascar, families dig up the bones of dead relatives and parade them around the village in a ceremony called famadihana. The remains are then wrapped in a new shroud and reburied. The old shroud is given to a newly married, childless couple to cover the connubial bed.

13(*) During a railway expansion in Egypt in the 19th century, construction companies unearthed so many mummies that they used them as fuel for locomotives.

14 Well, yeah, there's a slight chance this could backfire: English philosopher Francis Bacon, a founder of the scientific method, died in 1626 of pneumonia after stuffing a chicken with snow to see if cold would preserve it.

15 For organs to form during embryonic development, some cells must commit suicide. Without such programmed cell death, we would all be born with webbed feet, like ducks.

16 Waiting to exhale: In 1907 a Massachusetts doctor conducted an experiment with a specially designed deathbed and reported that the human body lost 21 grams upon dying. This has been widely held as fact ever since. It's not.

17 Buried alive: In 19th-century Europe there was so much anecdotal evidence that living people were mistakenly declared dead that cadavers were laid out in "hospitals for the dead" while attendants awaited signs of putrefaction.

18 Eighty percent of people in the United States die in a hospital.

19 If you can't make it here . . . More people commit suicide in New York City than are murdered.

20 It is estimated that 100 billion people have died since humans began.

Safe Sex

Just before doing it. Use it. Safe sex., Save yourself ...

Thursday, October 4, 2007

Who wants to do this ?

What are you thinking looking at this picture ? Do you have any idea ? What the men and women are doing ?

Dont let anyone enter inside or will you ?

Save yourself from the virus., protect yourself., Just Dont let anyone enter inside you without a good preparation. Be prepared. Try safe sex and save yourself.


I am not asking you to give me money. I am not begging you for the money, I am begging you for the life. Give me ! So that i can give the needy.Do not trust me, trust yourself.

To save a life is important or to live your life with no value is important. Decide. Contribute to this blog to save every one and to save yourself.

Safe Sex in future

Save yourself from the sex. Protect Sex.

Save me God

We are in need of you .

We want you God, We are in need for you save us. God !!! Human beings are killing each other. Why is that ? What is the reason behind it god, why are people so deparate for the good food, luxurious house and nice cars... Why there is lots of misery and unhappiness god so come and save us ? will you ...

I want to eat.

I am hungry ?

Ozone Depletion

Save Ozone Layer Depletion /-

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Sorry mom !!!

I was not in any circumstances to kill myself or to do any harm to any animal or living being or to myself. I am a writer and I write. According to the studies I came to knew that in west suicide rate is very high but why? I myself wanted to feel this experience why people are more depressed here. There was not any intention to do any kind of test or something like that. Now, I think that I have two moms who are watching me, caring me and giving me all the love that I need in any circumstances. Thank you for taking care. Now I have learnt this lesson, the lesson is:

People only go mad when they try to escape from the routine. I took a risk of being different; it’s not my personal intention to attract the audience. Every human being is unique, each with their own qualities, instincts, forms of pleasure and desire for adventure. Have you ever met anyone in your entire life who asked why the hands of clock should go in one particular direction and not in the other?
If someone were to ask, the response they got would probably be:” you’re mad.” God did not create a single leaf the same as another. People go against nature because they lack courage to be different.
Why some one would want to destroy himself or herself why? The reason is according to me, every human being has a desire and with desire comes dissatisfaction, and a dissatisfied man is full of misery, even if he has at hand the pleasure that the world can give him. We act in order to be happy and then we are surprised that the happiness does not last, and we look for other things, and the same pattern is repeated. So,

All our pleasures are connected with our deeds. I promise to my mom that I would not write or do that mistake again in my entire life. It was just my visualization of the fact. And I am really sorry if it has done any harm to anybody. I am convinced that we people are destined to perform special task and it is up to us as to how efficiently we can perform them. I believe that hard work is the chariot to success and one should not undertake a task and if he does, one should perform it to the best of his caliber. I hope I have not done big mistake and even if I have Please forgive me mom. Thanking you with anticipation!

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I will kill myself

Price you pay for having to deal with those minor problems is far less than the price you pay for not recognizing they are yours.Every thing that happens in our life is our fault and ours alone.I feel like i will kill myself. I have lost a interest in any aspect of life. I know one day we all are going to die. why not now ? what is the use of living a life when you are sure that one day you will be dieying.I will not earn a fame in one day. No body knows me. who am i ? why am i here in this planet? what is my purspose of living a life which is so meaningless to me? I dont think i will live now. I will kill myself. Life starts first., we some age then we start studying. why to study ? To earn a certificate. why to get certificate ? To get a job ? why to get a job ? To earn a money ? why to earn a money ? To live life full of joy. To eat good food. Why to eat ? To survive. Why to survive ? To Die.

I am going to kill myself. Thank you for reading this. Hope you get what you want in your life. May god bless you all. Bye Bye !!!

Who is playing politics?

Do you have any idea who is playing a politics here ? If yes, Why ?

It is not Quantity that matters.,Its always a Quality.

As my title says..Produce less and stop over population. Planet is getting narrow to live for a human being. Stop expecting that you need a boy child rather than a girl child.Give a birth to one or two child and stop it. Keep the human population in control.
We always want to see how our creation has been evolved.Love the first creation and never look back. Control over population.

God may not know

Even God may not know what is going to happen next.Life must always go on no matter what.

Stop Human Traffiking

Please Stop Human Traffiking.

Save a human in Ice

This is the technique to save a human in Ice.

Human Traffiking

Always Save a Human. You can eat a Cannibal instead.Picture is worth a thousand of words.Do it. But First Save a Human.
That is You,Me., and Us.

Tuesday, September 25, 2007

how can you save a life of a human who is being killed by starving?

I think you have to contribute so that it goes to a right person. For the contribution I have started this blog. You too can contribute by clicking on the Ads by Google displayed in this page.

You are born once.
You will live once in this earth.
You can be remembered for ever
How ?
Save a human !!!
Save a human who is in need of help !!!

Save a human being . One day you will get your reward.

Thank you!!!

Is living with whole bunch of fear normal ?

Living with whole bunch of fear is not normal. How can we live a life with fear and just fear.

One should always live a life with full of freedom. But what is happening in present day context is discouraging. People are killing each other. This is very disgusting why ? what is the purpose? why we have to live a life in fear ?

Why does Jesus only save people of one religion ?

Personally I think .., He did not saved the people of one religion he save the people of one community. He did not knew at that period what was his religion. I think his religion was for the mankind. For the well being of entire man kind to save a entire human beings.

It's time to save lives

By Allison Gill, published in International Herald Tribune

In two years as a human rights researcher in Uzbekistan, one of the most repressive countries of Central Asia, I monitored dozens of unfair trials and documented every kind of due-process violation.
I never witnessed an acquittal - a reduced sentence or speedy amnesty was the best anyone could hope for. I interviewed hundreds of victims of horrific abuses. I also had the privilege of working with incredibly courageous and dedicated people: Uzbekistan's human rights defenders. I daily witnessed how the government interfered in their work, harassed them, threatened and beat them.

Since the massacre in the eastern city of Andijan in May 2005, when government forces killed hundreds of protesters, the government has maintained a brutal campaign against human rights activists. More than a dozen of my former colleagues are now behind bars, and at least a dozen more have fled the country.

Yet somehow none of this prepared me for the verdict against my dear friend and colleague, Umida Niazova, who was sentenced on May 1 to seven years' imprisonment on trumped-up charges. Umida, a journalist and human rights activist, also worked as a translator for Human Rights Watch in Tashkent, accompanying me and others to monitor trials and translate the proceedings from Uzbek to Russian.
In April, the Uzbek government charged Umida with illegal border crossing, smuggling and distributing material causing public disorder. The authorities say Umida "smuggled" her laptop into the country because she didn't declare it on her customs form, though she made no effort to conceal it - she put it through the customs X-ray machine. They say she distributed materials found on her laptop that are allegedly "extremist" and "fundamentalist" - including Human Rights Watch's report on the Andijan events.

Even witnesses for the prosecution testified that there was no evidence she had distributed them. But that made no impact on the court, which barred diplomats from the trial and forbade all present from taking notes.
Umida is in prison today because the Uzbek government refuses to tolerate scrutiny or accountability.

But she is also in prison because governments in the West have failed to push for tangible change. The European Union imposed limited sanctions on Uzbekistan following the Andijan killings, but it has not made the fate of Uzbekistan's imprisoned human rights defenders a precondition for easing the sanctions. That sent an unmistakable message to the Uzbek government.
Despite Umida's commitment to Uzbekistan, last fall she said she felt the pressure against her and her colleagues growing and worried about providing a safe home for her two-year-old son Elbek. We began to look for opportunities for her to work or study abroad. But we were too late.

It is not too late, however, for the European Union to pursue a principled strategy on Uzbekistan, a strategy that has at its core the lives of Uzbeks and its own principles, rather than political expediency.

On May 14, the Union is to decide whether to lift the targeted sanctions. Ahead of this decision, the Union has urged the Uzbek government to agree to a human rights dialogue, instead of demanding the release of people like Umida. But what kind of dialogue about human rights is plausible when the people who work in honor of those rights languish in prison?

This is not the time for mere dialogue. This is the time to save lives: Umida, Mutabar Tojjbaeva, Saidjahon Zainatbitdinov, Gulbahor Turaeva and the other human rights defenders were imprisoned for daring to work for a better future. Without their release, any dialogue would be meaningless and discredit the European Union as a promoter of human rights.

Allison Gill is the Moscow office director at Human Rights Watch and ran the Tashkent office from 2003 to 2005.

Maoist local leader brutally murdered

An unidentified group brutally murdered Maoist leader Girendra Yadav (Suman) near his residence at Halkhori village on Monday.
According to eyewitnesses, a gang of almost 35 who were milling about Yadav's house abruptly attacked him with home-made weapons as he headed towards a local marketplace on Monday morning.

Protest against the military government in Yangon

Buddhist monks march on a street in protest against the military government in Yangon, Myanmar on Monday. As many as 100,000 anti-government protesters led by a phalanx of Buddhist monks marched Monday through Yangon, the largest crowd to demonstrate in Myanmar's biggest city since a 1988 pro-democracy uprising that was brutally crushed by the military.

Monday, September 24, 2007

Take a Example From Prashant Tamang

Every religion is same.He is Nepali.A true Nepali guy who does not hesitate to sing a blood heating song "Ghorkhae Laauri..Jitego chhau Sansar lai..," But take a look of our nepali politicians what they are doing at present ?
Take a example from him.Learn that he promotes his birthplace., He wants a well being for the humanity.He wants to help people. But What our politicians want ? Take a very good example from him., A single Nepali citizen is a brand ambassador of his country make your country proud.when the day comes it will give you a lot of pleasure and happiness.., But the day for progress in our country will come that is a big question...Because we are not in safe hands.