Friday, July 31, 2009

Dear God

Dear all,

Dear God
Dear God, I am born and I am conscious,
I learn new things when I go to study,
I am just seven years old and I have a fear,
Dear God, why I have this fear?

Fear of going to school, facing the teacher who is in mood,
Fear of my family, my dad who wants me to become engineer or doctor,
Fear the girl, whom I met in the school,
To impress her, to buy her a lovely house,
Fear of my life which I see will someday collide,
Fear of living in total emptiness and dark inside,

Dear God, I am born and I am conscious,
What is all that matters? In the end,
I am just ordinary normal child,
How can I overcome these fears?
Should I start all over and say, “None of these matters”,
Or, Should I live the way I really want my life to live,

How about my own dreams? If I have them,
Yes, I do-
I want to write,
Yes, I want to give, share and make my audience, who will survive,
Even after my death, even after their death,
But, Dear God, how can I overcome all these fears?

Somebody said, “You got to lose something to gain”,
What if, I will not be able to deliver?
What if, I could not become engineer or doctor to fulfill the dreams of my family?
What if, I could not impress my girl and somebody will take her away,
What if, I will still be fearful?
Of their dreams, of society, of my teacher and,
Of each and everything,

Dear God, I am born and I am conscious,

Let it go, I will start over to see-
What matters most? To me,
I am becoming more selfish, living life of individuality,
I want to put ‘my’ in every thing instead,
I will start over again to fight with this fear,
I will fight,
Fight with fear of society, of family, of my girl, of my teacher,
I will stand out alone
Winner or loser, I will walk on my own,
Dear God, I am born and I am conscious

God bless you all !

Thursday, July 30, 2009


Lost the will to live, lost the will to work,
lost the will to walk alone anymore,
lost in translation, lost in doom,
What are humanly blessings?

Can't stay any more here,
Can't walk alone without any love,
Should I get drowned in cold water?
Should I walk in rain?

Faded in darkness, every now and then,
Fear of society, fear of family,
fear of loved ones,
Everything is bounded, rules and rules,

Interaction and stupid reactions,
everybody's playing drama in this heavenly stage in action,
Act 1, born get your conciousness first,
Scene 1, go to school, learn stupid lessons,
Act 2, move to live individual life,
Scene 2, find love or pretend you are in love,
Act 3, Work and get retired, produce and reproduce,
Scene 3, Give lessons to children, grandchildren
Final Scene, Die, Die, Die....

Drama, a total stupid drama-
Acting like a puppet in the stage,
Everything's bounded and everybody is an actor

Lost the will to live, lost the will to work,
lost the will to walk alone anymore,
lost in translation, lost in doom,

The day I landed to Kathmandu

The day I landed to Kathmandu, after completing my Master’s degree from Lappeenranta University of Technology, Finland, I could not believe my eyes. The streets were silent, no vehicles could be found running on the streets, there was not even dust in the wind. I asked a old women who was selling, Noodles and cigarettes near the street, “What’s going on?” She said, “Nepal is on strike”. Bingo- I greeted myself, Welcome to Motherland! Now, Instead of bombarding with more questions to an old lady, I just became more selfish on my journey and started to walk about 25 kilometers. Wow, what a heavenly place. No vehicles, no traffic, not even a dust in the wind and after all it all looked like a true green revolution, I thought.

Running down the memory lane, I imagined, Two years ago, the same old lady was selling Noodles and cigarettes in the same place. Oh my lord, what am I doing? I should talk positive stuffs- Our so called “New Nepal” is really new, we have now new Prime Minister- My 79 years old grandmother will remember his name, and why not? The surname is the proud country’s name, isn’t it? (Just checking, hopefully we don’t have another PM before this article is published.) Wonderful, this is positive stuff, Now Soon I started to figure out how much above the poverty level we are among other’s nation. Are we top in poverty? Wow, I am excited to be in the top! The difference was realized when I visited the public bathroom. We really do take care of cleanliness, don’t we?

After couple of days, the time came to meet friends- I discovered they seem to be very happy and satisfied. One of them said, “We don’t care if our government cuts eight hours of electricity time and again, we don’t care if some of the political parties go on strike anytime, just for one simple reason- We love our nation!” Wow, what a statement- A statement many of the political leaders should use in their speech- applause please!

Another friend asked to one of my Doctor friend who just returned with me from foreign land, “Why do you come back to Nepal?” He said, “Work here or work there is the same, everywhere- but I came to help not my country but to help my child who is suffering from Diarrhea and many others child who are suffering too.” Now, it was my turn and I was expecting the same question but one of the friend he asked, “When are you going back?” This surprised me- finally I jokingly said, “I wish I would have never come but I came to see if my friends are not suffering from ‘Kidnapping syndrome’ or ‘Political syndrome’ or ‘ are they drowned because of incessant rainfall?’.”

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Non-Resident Nepali

You are Non-Resident Nepali

Everything is bullshit about NRN Finland OR,
Any political organizations inside or outside the country,
One admire the good work and good faith towards well-fare,
but, why the fucking politics ?
Just let Nepalese be free and LISTEN to their worries,

The country does not belong to you once you become citizen of other,
Why the fuck their is so much fuss about NRN?
Come on guys, stop playing politics!
Enough is enough,
Stop spaming mailboxes,
Maybe it is high time, One should keep them as 'Viruses',

Country is fucking ruled by stupid Old ass holes,
likes of Girija and relatives coglamores,
Beauty is what we preseve,
Mount Everest, Buddha was where born,
Stupid politics will never stop,
Be it in Finland or anywhere else,

It is not that Nepalese should be discouraged to 'get together',
it is stupid politics which is going on behind everyone's back,
Fuck the ideologies and mindsets,
Fuck this poem,
Who cares when you are foreigner living in Finland?,

Worker status or Permanent, Citizen of foreign land,
You are regarded 'alien' when you land from third world,
Nothing is going to change with me or fucking politicians,
be they in Finland or anywhere around the world,

You can come and shit on me if,
I am speaking not the truth,
The world is divided where money rules,
I am sorry who feels the bitterness of this Guru,
Fucking idealogies and politics, Please stop
Sharing information is all what matters,
What can I contribute to NRN or .... organizations?

I ain't got any stupid info,
Fucking political mail in my psycho,
If I am gone mad,
I will find each one of you,
Kick your ass and show you how bitter it goes inside you,
Fuck the fucking poem,
Shut up and close all curtains,

Move on with what status you came,
Was it Student or worker you remain,
Whatever be the case,
I know, it won't change,
Nothing has changed in Mother land till this date,
Nothing is going to change even after I am dead.

Congratulations, You are Non-Resident Nepali,
Good luck and good luck, Stupid You !


Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Quotes and Poem of the day

Dear all,

-"Happiness is something which you feel, the feeling does not last for long but during those times you are different than who you are."

-"One cannot easily find happiness, love and death, they are unexpected result of your inputs."

-"One who knows how to enjoy and smile at himself, also knows happiness is in everything and every deeds."

-"One wise man once said, "I am not happy but I am also not unhappy"; an old man said to an wise man, "I know why you said like that, I also know you are no different than any one of us, we feel the same but the only thing with happiness is, "It lasts only for few moments and later it is stored in your memories, So either you want to save your energies or release your memories, you are the one to decide."

Don't worry be happy

-"There are millions quotes and thousand stories about happiness, there are billion books and hundred poems on happiness,
there are
but this poem is different,
because this is about not how to become happy?,
this is about journey,
very long outstanding journey,
a poor boy who fell in love with poor girl,
they both loved each other,
poor girl died,
boy was sad and hated being 'happy',
he said,'I am not happy and I don't want to be happy',
god give me sadness,
after few months, he found another beautiful girl,
they fell in love,
they make love,
later poor boy was happy with new girl,
but wait a moment,
she was not real women,
she was an angel,
she went away, faded away,
again poor boy was sad,
he said again, 'I am not happy and I don't want to be happy',
....[Story continued]....

One night poor boy died,
he met god, and asked-"Why I was not happy?"
god said,"Because you never wanted to be..."

Happiness is in what you do, what you like,
how you behave, how you speak, how you listen,
how you like and dislike, how you love and hate,
whatever and however, wherever and ever,
nobody is happy and everybody is happy,

the poem ended and everyone was delighted,
life is like this journey of poor boy,
moves on and on,
meets different people and have fun,
enjoy what you have in front of you,
why are you worried, Son !

God bless you all !

The power of Posterity

In the response to Nytime, "The power of Posterity", here is what mybheja has to say-

Dear Mr. Brooks,

Nice column and interesting thoughts, ideas on future generations or the power of future generations.

This is an important thing to consider, how we develop and why we reproduce. Whatever we are doing is not only for today also for tomorrow, who does not want to see how their children's would be like? Be it in one culture or another or now, multicultural environment. Without a great vision and future insights, it would not be possible to develop and foster.

Everything what we are enjoying such as the benefits (Economy, Communications, architectural, designs, spirituality, morality ....) are "leftovers" of our past generations and "update/modification" of present generation.

Whatever be the model and approach taken to see the power of future, one cannot deny the evolution human has taken from stone age to internet age.

Growth cannot be suppressed, neither one can hide the unsatisfied human mind or soul. Visionaries will never stop predicting and thinking about the future, leaders will never stop leading the country, politics, economy and life of other people, students will never stop learning, teachers will never stop teaching and business man will never stop doing any kind of business.

I think, Even if the world will hit by sun in one hemisphere or another, life would not change much.

Anyways, What will be, will be... the present condition is what people should think but should also make their plans/action/vision/dreams for the future.

How can some one forget the power tomorrow holds for us, today?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Quote of the day

"You are never given a wish without being given the power to make it come true."

-Ayelet Ronen

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Closer, yet so far

I am so close to you, yet so far,
I am feeling lonely, my other half,
Sometimes feels better, when you say nothing at all,
Do you feel the same, O distant soul mate!

I am so close to you, yet so far,
Someone said, “Aloneness is the first lesson of love”
How would my chapter start without you in touch?
Feeling loneliness, getting nervous to watch you someday besides, my love,
I am so close to you, yet so far,

Spectrum of colors like rainbow showing different colors,
You are brighter than any color humanly eyes have seen yet so far,
I swear I am not making up the story,
I am so close to you, yet so far,

Please don’t leave me alone in this darkest night alone,
Loneliness I cannot stand,
I know your heart is so close to mine,
I am so close to you, yet so far

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Whirling Dervish Drivers

In response to article posted at Nytimes on title, "Whirling Dervish Drivers", here is what Mybheja has to say-

Ms. Dowd,

Very nice article, humorous and satire.

It is true that people do not want to "disconnect even for a seconds" and why should they? The technological advancement has evolved at very rapid pace. We live in the society of human anxiety and technological anxiety now, "Keep up with the latest" is what is humans are searching. From Facebooking to Twittering and to building your own social network, nobody is willing to miss the updates.

There are numerous dangerous of using cell phones while driving but who cares? Why would someone not pick up his/her phone when the call is from spouse or husband? Although there are strict rules and regulation of not using such devices, people will not stop.

One professor said, "we are adding up types of anxiety we suffer daily, the recent anxiety is 'DA (Disconnected Anxiety)', Once you are disconnected you feel anxious immediately".

I don't know if Americans are really addicted but be rest assured that, entire world be it developed or developing, who does not want to keep up with the latest?

In older days, While driving, "hand, legs and eyes" were thought to be coordinated properly but now it seems that, "hand, legs, eyes, ears and mouth" also needs to be coordinated otherwise you might just miss another red signal or you might just hit someone's back of the car.

Watch your organs properly !

The Class too dumb

In response to article published at Nytime on title, "The Class Too Dumb to Quit", here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Sir Friedman,

It is very scary that you have been writing this column from dangerous area in Afghanistan. We must appreciate your bravery and guts to think on mission critical case of Taliban and Al-Qaeda.

But In war, either you win or you lose. There are no good or bad strategy which the brave American soldiers and undertaking. I truly support their bravery and fight for the terrorism. Forget about re-building Afghanistan, it wont happen until and unless, you pull out "bad guys".

For some great diplomats and leaders, the war is one way to earn money. The longer you fight, the better you spend money in guns, bullets, bombs and explosives, those industry will never think of laying off employees.

For ordinary citizens, they can just sit and wait; hoping one day all their effort has paid off.

One wise man once said, "It is never too late in hope to wake up with the sense of victory for good over evil."

Good luck for your stay in Afghanistan soil, please do keep eyes above your head.

May god bless you and May god bless all brave soldiers.

Quotes of the day

Dear all,

-"Interfering someone's word, someone's walk, someone's path and someone's mission is like interfering your own."

-"Nothing happens by chance or coincidence, you just are puppet who is playing his/her part in the earthy stage. "

-"Either you can choose to be right or you can choose to go wrong but in between right and wrong, you must select one."

-"Destiny is future predetermined courses of events, very unpredictable, very scary and very small journey, go beyond and you might just find yourself reaching eternity."

-"Discovery of future is not important, self discovery in present is more important. Even if you will fail without interfering other's destiny, you might still wake up rediscovering."

God bless you !


God bless you all !

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Goodbye, Honey !

Goodbye, Honey!

In the moment of sadness, remember me,
In the pleasure of joy, you will forget me,
You lied that you loved me,
But I am not sad; I won’t lose my sleep tonight,
Destiny will drive destination,
I will never let you know
How much pain I feel when you are sad, my only one,

Like a cold winter of Finland,
You will beg for me, I won’t come,
In a darkest of the nights and in the gloomy days,
You will have to wake up alone in your bed,
Please forgive me; I am sorry for such action,
I don’t love you dear; please find your Mr. Right,

May god bless you with success and happiness all along?
May you wake up with smile and charming face, every day?
You said, “You don’t want to see me anymore”,
I know your heart desires me near you every night when you feel alone,
Anyways, like a lonely sun sharing bright light to mother earth,
I will wake up every day pray for your happy days and sweet night, my soul
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye, love is felt
When you depart away from your sweet light
Goodbye, goodbye, goodbye

Mr. Thapa’s Love Story

Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Shanti Om,
I was too alone, I found you near me my lovely Shanti Om,
When I met you, time was bitterly, I had to leave country
For building my destiny, for career and life to remain sustainably,
I was not quite sure, was it love or infatuations at first,
I am sorry Oh my darling; I really knew what is love,
When people depart,

Distance brings insecurity; I am filled with love in my heart,
Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Shanti Om,
It was only couple of weeks or more that we both shared our emotions
So much, my core,
I am here, hoping to see you when I come back home,
Love is so sweet you have changed my daily bits,
Now I feel I am not alone, you are my darling forever along,
Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Om, Om Shanti Shanti Om,

Although love has no boundaries and borders,
It is OK from my family, who has faith in love,
I am waiting for acceptance from yours along,
I am not alone anymore; I hear your voice once in a while, my core,
Please don’t ever give me chance to doubt you,
I am simple ordinary lover,
Nothing without you

Let women decide

I agree with Namrata Sharma that lack of knowledge and awareness are major factors limiting safe abortion in our country. Abortion rights should be given to women because it is they who bear the burden of giving birth undergoing incessant pain and suffering. As the author mentions, many men have lodged complaints with the authorities when women has chosen to abort.
Nepal is still a male-dominated society and women in many parts of the country are still deprived of abortion rights. Women fear social ostracism if they choose to undergo the procedure against the wishes of their husbands and family. One wise man once said, “Man can understand the pain but he can never feel the pain of women; there is a huge gulf between understanding and feeling”

Published: The Kathmandu Post
Letters to the Editor

Monday, July 20, 2009

Shrestha's Bio

Shrestha is dreamer coming from Himalaya region,
Entire life is dedicated for love, in love and with love,
He says, “I want to keep everything private,
People will not understand my emotions and fate...”
Just now he is listening, Narayan Gopal’s Classical songs and asks,
“Oh, Great Poet, Please write few lines on me as I am suffering to tie nots and bots”,

The poem is sad story of which is his own fault,
He visited Asia for love,
Secretive story and saddest culture,
Man’s life is full of adventure,
He wakes up early goes back early,
Smoke cigrate once in a while to ease the pressure,
Chats days and nights without thinking work at hand,
Wasted all his money in phone recharge, travel and fun,
But he is nice handsome guy with European look and little shy,

Maybe it is love for life or maybe it is his life,
Nothing can come in between him and his wife,
man’s life has colorful lights and darkest of dark nights,
He is moved by trust and trust can go someday entrust,
Wake up says his friends, Kamal, Pokharel, Kandel and Mr. Panthi,
He says, “I understand you all but let me be please me.”
Soon he is going to waste all his money,
He ask God to write a poem to write his saddest story,

God gives him blessing to sustain his life sisterly,
He will someday write his own story,
Livinging currently in Deadland he says, “Everything sucks”,
But he has a dream to foster his life,
Bless you my child,
Bless you my child

I look at your feet

When I see you, I look at your feet
I see them with utmost curiosity and passion,
When I am bored with your rounded nipples and waist,
I gaze towards your feet,
When I see them more closely, I find them similar to me

When I see you, I look at your feet,
I see it not for how they are,
I see your feet because of burden it carries together with your weight,
When I see more closely, I see them very close to earth, wind and water,

When I see you, I look at your feet
In some culture, it is suggested not to touch women’s feet,
In some culture, it is warmly welcomed, bringing good luck,
Whatever be the culture, I see with only one culture of Love,
When I see your feet, I see them very close to my own,

When I see you, I look at your feet,
Burden it carries outweighs many humanly burdens,
I cannot describe how beautiful is beauty,
I cannot describe how much is too much,
But when I see your feet, I see them very similar to me

Triangle or Rectangle love

Dear all,

Triangle or rectangle love
Triangle or rectangle, love has same angels,
Black or white, love is bright eternal light,
Sundays or fun days, every day love remains the same,
Past or future, love is in present and now is joyful wonder,
Heaven or hell, love is everywhere understand you idiot,
Intensity or curiosity, love is simplest beauty,
Boundaries or religion,
love is above everything and beyond any reasons,

Souls alike has same passion and devotion,

Man thinks sex with different faces,
A woman thinks sharing of emotions, among races,
Pleasure is what comes out from passion and sensation,
Nothing can last longer without romance in action,

Moving along the river, singing nursery rhymes which says,
Twinkle twinkle little starts; all I have is what you are….
One, two or three, I love you with same intensity,

A man can disguise two women in love,
Will be caught easily,
A woman can disguise more than two men in love,
Will never be caught easily,

But see, Triangle or rectangle, love has same angels,
Black or white, love is bright eternal light,
Love, love and only love,
World move on in love, for love and in search of love,
Manly love can change but womanly love is vain

Triangle or rectangle, love has same angels,
Black or white, love is bright eternal light,

God bless you all !

I look deep into your eyes

I look deep into your eyes,
I feel there is some secret behind,
I look more deeper into your eyes,
I feel there is someone hidden inside,

I think it is me but I am confused,
I am worried to see you hiding secret instead,
Everybody says, "you are beautiful",
I am confused to say it again to you,

I look deep into your eyes,

O love, deep and deeper when I see into your eyes,
I see me in you,

Am I in love or are you confused to see me in you?
Look in mirror, you will find me and only me
Love me or hate me, I will never forget to see me in you
I look deep into your eyes,

World is at stake, hunger and full of pain,
I know you are born with pain,
Will you give me chance to share your pain?
Will you stand by me even in darkest of days?
I look deep into your eyes,

I can promise, I won't change,
I can promise, I won't betray,
I can promise, I won't let you cry,
Even I am in pain, I will show you how much happy I remain,

When I look deep into your eyes...

Sunday, July 19, 2009

I am back

I am back with consciousness; I am back with flesh, blood, pain and sadness,
I am back with emotions attached, I am back to learn myself for wonders,
I am back touching my soul with words, thinking only you my next soul,
I am back

Love, hate, black and white,
I am back with stories of our souls alike,
I am back to hear your pain, to touch your lips, to understand your pain,
I am back to feel the breeze with smooth music,
I am back to kiss you in rainy and gloomy days,

With soul touching your soul and mating of birds in cold,
I am back to heal your pain,
I will teach you, I will suffer for you,
I will take your pain; I will come along with you in nights and days,
Wherever, whenever, however and whatsoever,
I am back to make my soul jump over and over,

World runs on duality,
No two women generally accepts me,
But I am back to remain on top of every soul, every creation,
Your soul is my soul and my soul is yours,
I am back to see how similar our souls are,
I am back

Temporary it is, temporary it was,
Some run for money, some for fame, just understand, Mr. Brain rules them all,
But I am back,
To remind you, to teach you, to accept you as you are,
To tell you a simple fact that,
I am you and you are in me, one, two or many….

Missing Beauties

I agree with Shyam K.C. that beauty contests should be encouraged in our society (“Missing Miss Nepal,” June 22, Page 6). It's not only women's body which is evaluated in such contests but also their other talents. In the developed world, women's participation in contests and competitions of every kind is encouraged but sadly here in Nepal, we have been forced to stop such contests because of distorted ideology of a few. Let's hope these people will see reason in allowing women to showcase their complete talent.

Published: The Kathmandu Post
Letters to the Editor