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Saturday, July 26, 2008

How can I solve others problems if I can't solve even my own promblems?

A question thrown by my very good friend is the title of the discussion today. I would like to try and give an answer to this question. The question is very nice and very good one. It is an intelligent question asked by an intelligent mind. It truly asks a problem which we face in our day to day activity. It is very true that why should one focus on others people problem if one cannot find the solutions to his.

Now, for the answer to this question let me tell you one thing- "There are two ways of walking the path of life one is looking at your own self and other is looking at your self together with the looking at those who are in suffer." Now let me clarify why I think there are two ways to see the path of life. The first is self, thinking always about our problems and trying to find the solution for it. We strive our entire life because problems are always occurring every time. From the moment we are born to the time we are in the state of dieing we face the problems, it is always there occurring. Every new day, every new journey we take these problems will always occur till the time we have lived our life.

Second, the other way one can walk through the path of life is looking at self together with learning from those who are around us, who look similar to us and who are human beings. One cannot solve the all the problems they face in life by only themselves, they have to look after others, learn from others and try to see it for themselves.

The priority is the key, which one would you like to priotize and keep is upto you. It is the decision made by you and only you. If tomorow some body is giving you the advice or suggestion or if you are following the path of some guru or some leader or some spiritual god then you are not letting your own self to guide you to the path of desitnation.

A journey is always made by a person but there can be many in ways who can guide you to the real destination. However, you should not follow what they say but take there advice and make your own decision. A decision made by self is the only right decision.

Well, let me tell you one thing, Looking at my own life I can assure you that I love my family, I love all who are around me and all those things that are connected to me in one way or another. I do not know what is love and I do not say in verbal way that I really feel the same. But I pray for all those things, friend and family every day. I am not joking and I am not trying to prove anything. I am only letting to know that- It is my decision and only mine. I am also not worried if some body else is angry or being unhappy and it is because of me only because it is there problem and not mine.

I do not know how to get angry and I know most of the finnish friends I have seen, do not get angry for any reason. One of the best thing about this place is that, It reminds you and only you. It begs you to ask a question about your own self than others. It has plenty to teach and plenty to give and take from it.

Our problem can be easily solved if we see them not as problem but as the way of finding the solutions to the problems.There are no problems if we live in moment and do our day to day activity, and not keep as pending. Our task are the one of the great problem in our daily life. If we keep on pending our task then one day these task will lead us to higher problems. This is one example of problem we face in life.

It is not easy to solve others problem because one will not the same problem for the same but one can atleast pray or give some advice or just speak a couple of words which can motivate a person with a problem. A couple of words like "wish you get over it", "thank you", "all the best", "I hope you enjoy", "I pray that your problems would be overcome easily", "I hope you recover soon" and many more if we dig it.

All these words if spoken will also motivate the person with a problem. If it cannot solve then it can really help a lot.Therefore, It is just you, who decides if you want to solve your problem or try to see others problem and give some advice or give motivating words or insipirational words if you really cannot see the solution for a problem.

These are what I think, but again I am not fighting with my friend or not trying to say that I am absolutely right or correct. I am just saying that this is what we can think about. This way also we can think of problems of ours over others. Well, It is just you who decides if I am right or wrong. and I accept both with my both hands joined, a face with smile and saying it in true way-"Namaste" !

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Living a life.

A simple look at flower gives a delight in the mood of a person, a flower just shows how beautifully it has been created by Nature. It takes lot of effort to see the blossom flower and the beauty of it.

It needs lot of attention from the climate, environment and Nature. Without the help of these important factors which make it blossom a flower will not be seen so beautifully. Similar to a blossom of flower a life needs too a total care and protection from many different elements.

Many people think and believe that life is constant struggle and we have to go through the path of struggle of existence to survive. I do not think life is struggle. Life is not struggle we make it struggling. Life is joy of living, it is collection of past and present memories for the future action.It is the clear like a crystal and diamond, it gives pleasure at the same time it gives pain. It is pure form of living.

War is the desire of wanting more. It means I have less and I want more than you. The biggest problem of existence is not struggle but survival. A flower after showing its glory goes down just all the petals go down once it blossom and shows it capabilities. We then do not like such flower and then we see another flower.

A human nature is very much predictable, it wants a constant fresh element in life either it is a change of place, environment, climate, people or country or any thing. When we do or see or act in the same manner all the time it become very predictable and people will then get bored of the way we live a life.

Religion is a great hot topic for the debate in the next decade and it will create a lot of problem in near future. It will be dominant factor in showing who is the best or who is the worst but it can also be very effective in many different perspectives. It can bring a lot of change the people see religion.

A mind which is in constant struggle with itself can see the changes in the context of environment just because it knows how itself feels. When a mind is outer or cannot see itself then it cannot see the bigger picture. There are two types of humans inside our body, one is girl and another is boy. A girl inside us will match the girl outside. A boy inside will match the boy outside.

I do not know to what extent it is true but to some extent it is logical just because we do not like all the girl living in the outer world and we do not like all the guys. What if both these elements are not present in the human ? In such context, a person can either like both male or female or he might dislike everything he see.

Every body's mind can be ruled by other mind just by raising impulse inside's other mind and asking them to do what we want. It is easy. Many of the war has been done just like this. It is easy to fake the other people mind just simply because humans cannot control their own mind. Once every human will learn an activity or a process of controlling a mind then he can rule himself, he can rule all over the world. Most importantly, all his desire and dream will slowly start coming true.

Every body near him will be catious and think how this person does miracle in his life but those are simply a contol of his own mind over others. He knows the fact that he is creator of his suffering and he once changes his vision and mind as per his act he will slowly start changing everything around him.

The moral of story is that, learn from the Nature. Every thing that shines has to go in darkness one day. Every thing that blossoms will fall down like petal of flowers and slowly it has to gain all energy and effort to make it blossom again. It is just like a cycle. After a darkness there is sunlight and after sunlight there is darkness again. A cycle continues and a cycle of human life also continues just like that.

Death is certain but humans should not be afraid of death, they should rather be afraid of wasting time and energy to make a moment non-pleasurable and unfunny to live. Every moment,every breath we take should be taken with total joy and satisfaction that is living a life.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Physical and Natural

When a person is not well or when you are not feeling good, you think you are in the stage where you really need a help at that very moment there would be no one except you.

The moment will bring a lot of lessons to learn and you have to learn all these lessons by yourself. It is very easy and it is difficult. A physical health is very much necessary to keep or maintain the balance in life. Once your physical health is not with you or I mean, your physical balance of the health is not supporting you then it will be very difficult to live a life.

Imagine that you have a pain, pain in the chest or near the area where you breath. How would you feel then ? The breathing becomes difficult and every ounce of oxygen you want to take gets difficult to go inside. Every breath you take makes your life very difficult. Despite that, you wake up early in the morning and do what has been ahead of you.

Physical, mental and environmental are there different things which has to be kept in balance. A look at physical health is very much necessary. There are many people in world who eat a lot. Eating disorder has nothing to do with a person but a person consuming lot of food has resulted in some person in some part of world without food. It has to balanced in some sense but it will never be. When a human has the highest power of all the animals, or living entity in earth today. One thing humans have forgotten is to create a balance among themselves and around the society first then country and then in world.

By the result of these circumstances, Nature has to do its job and she has to remind every one once in a while that you have to take care of the things that I have given to you. Why are you all being so lazy ?. We have floods, volcano eruption, earthquake and many more disasters. We are the creators of all of these disasters. There is no one to blame except us.

The point here is- The physical health disorder has to do with a person itself. A person invites the disorder of health problem in his body by his own consequences and by the result of his own problems similarly, Earthy problems are also due to the result of combination of entire human race and imbalance of them. Once we will understand this process then only we will realize the power of Nature and power of being a human beings.

Look at the lake near your place, you will find lot of information and lot of message from it. A place where it is very pure. A form of water collected in one place which has nothing to say or complain. It is cool and a wind blows it to make a small waves. It is silent even with the anger of biggest thunderstorm and it is very deep more deeper than we can imagine.

It cannot be explained how it maintains its own life. A physical omnipresent and transparent life. It looks as if there is no life but there is a life of every thing that exists, that we see and that we can touch or feel or smell or our senses have some effect on it. We will like to neglect it but it is not like that. A lakes fights every day to maintain the life of its physically and mentally. It has to be similar in our cases too.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Open, close and Control

How do you feel when a weekend starts and the weekend ends ? It is totally different feeling when a start of the event. It can be anything such as giving a birth of new born babies or starting of the week on Fridays, or lets say one simple example of a friends party or just a simple get together.

Anything that starts brings joy in our life. It creates a kind of excitement and it is in total good to us, our mood or our thinking. We feel we are going to start something new, something which is going us will let us give a pleasure or adventure or excitement something which is totally new. When we think in such a manner we become very excited to ourselves. We then reach to the state called total happiness.

The closing or ending of an event has totally opposite feeling to this. We suddenly feel frustrated, disappointed and even get angry some times with ourselves. Why do it has to end ? We have only such question in our mind. Imagine a simple example of a closing of and weekend or the ending of weekend. Once we end it, then we start to feel or we start to connect it with our past experience of starting a weekend. We know that, this is new weekend but we start to compare with the past weekend beginning and the closing or ending of the weekend.

Suddenly all the pleasure or rest we have done during a weekend has to be stopped. Again we have to think that well, from tomorrow onwards I have to go to the office or start my work as per the routine. It feels as if we are doing it for some body else and not for others. Many of us get disappointed by thinking of early Monday morning and late Sunday evening. Why ? Just because we do not want to go to the office or just because we have taken a lot of rest and we want to keep on resting in peace for longer period.

A mind is the best player and a captain in any form of game of our life. It does everything as per our experiences, future expectation and events. It knows exactly when to stimulate a good and happy mood in your self. It also knows to make you depressed in most of the situations. A great artist I would recommend are those who can control their mind. It can be easily controllable. It is not difficult and it does not look easy.

A simple techniques of controlling your mind is doing exactly opposite of it directs you to do. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to differentiate between the decision taken by mind and heart. When a heart makes a decision it is one direction. It will not ask you any question. It will not put you in the dilemma and say you that "if", what if ," just because, why or something like this... When a mind makes a decision it will be judgmental it will always ask a feedback. Either from you or from your friends, neighbors, your family or some one near you.

A decision done by mind can be controlled by a simple techniques called as "Control your mind". It is a technique which require you to do something different than it suggests. For example. You have to go today and shop in the market, you know exactly when the shop is going to close that is let's say-7 p.m.. Now you have 30-minutes remaining and let's say you do not have food to eat for the evening. Now, if you decide to go then surely you will think that you will reach the shop within 15 minutes and you can easily buy the food before 7 p.m. But some how you controlled your mind and said to yourself that you are not going to buy the food because I am controlling my mind.

Now the problem you will face in the future is you will have nothing to eat + you will have to wait the next day until the shop gets open and you may feel really hungry before going to bed. How will the nature help you in this circumstances you may ask for the food from a friend just for the evening-( First )he may or may not give you. (Second) A friend of yours invites you for the dinner party. A good chance of expecting an unexpected and many other ways.

Next case you decided to follow your mind and could not go beyond your mind in such case-the best possible will be you will reach exactly in the shop within 15 minutes and go and get the food, come back home and prepare and eat. As directed by your central part-brain. Other case would be that, you are some how late for the shop and the you could not enter inside the shop. It is boring because you travelled 15mintes from your place to a shop to fetch a food but unfortunately you were not able to get it. Another case would be you were going to fetch a good but you caught an accident. It is very worst case where you were trying to go and do one thing but it happened to something different based on fate.

Controlling a mind is not as easy as it really looks but once you start controlling it you will feel lots of excitement and pleasure only because it will make you do many unexpected things and it will bring loads of pleasure in your life you can ever imagine.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Women Vagina

A good news for those women now who wants to go back to the virginity again. Reading the article posted in New York times, I laughed many more times than the words in the article.( It describes about the Muslim women can go back to the virginity again by simple operation in the private clinic and many more cool launches has been done for the sake of it. It is now affordable in a cheap price.

Some times it makes me laugh and some times the same topic makes me feel as it this is not good. Once you loose your virginity what is the use of doing all drama and going back to do the operations for the sake of nothing. It means that you want to live a life with your new partner with a sense of insecurity. What if one day the person finds out the truth and knows that you already had loosen your virginity by sleeping with some body else.

It is very difficult topic how we see the sex and women in many different places of the world. In europe, it does not matter a girl can sleep with those she wants to and the next day she can go and sleep with some body else. Despite the fact that a women has a son or daughter it is not the problem of another men accepting her as a wife. In contrary, in Muslim or most of the Asian world this fact is not accepted as it is seen here in Europe.

Most of the men from those part of the world will not tolerate is a women sleeps with other men or have loosen virginity just like that. It is important to keep the virginity in tact for many women. Some times I feel myself being a women and I try to feel the pain. Men will always feel relaxing or they get total joy in the pain but how about the women. Do they really feel the joy in the pain. May be to some extent but what if the extent is not extended ? What if the pain in not bounded to certain limit ?

Why do a women have to remain her virginity ? May be the question will not try to find the clear solutions but the answer to the question will also not give the proper valuable solution only because Men like to feel the pleasure through pain. I have seen very few who does not see pleasure through pain but many men does.

In europe, a women is respected in all aspects. She has the rights to decide with whom to stay and with whom to divorce. A men just follows what she think is right. A women has equally power on decision making whereas in Asia or Muslim world Men are the leaders and power is not equally divided among women. Most of the women are working in home as a house wifes or doing some minor jobs but most of the time the breadwinner is Men and he is the decision making body.

Well, Virgin or no virgin does not matter as long as a true love between both the species exits. It does not matter a vagina used by one penis or more than one as long as you know those are physical part of the body which exits in every human beings living in this planet. The most important things then comes to are we going to accept it in our lives ? Possibly not or is almost impossible to many of us.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Purpose of life or life of purpose

How much pain is painful ? How many of the "sorry" is excuse and how many of breath is enough to say that I have lived my life. Can anyone answer these questions ? It is the lesson learnt in life. Why do we many of the times do not listen to what our elders, grandpa and grandma has to say. What makes us think that we are better than them ?

What is the problem with the problem ? The actual answer is that we think we are good enough and when we think whatever we are doing is good then that makes us stupid many of the times. The pain is painful only when it hurts. It makes you cry. It makes you feel that you are living with the suffering. Many people just fake it. It is the one who do not want to show the real pain. How do you judge a person intellect ? A person who can excuse to his enemy- is he intellectual person ? I think to some extent yes, why not he is intellectual because he gave an excuse to his greatest enemy. How many of us can easily do such activities ?

Humans are not difficult to understand but many of the times their feelings are difficult to feel. It is not easy to say that you are the good human being and you are bad human beings. We all are the same in one way or another but the same does not mean that we look alike, do same activity or have faith no faith or seek something similar or act something similar. Same means we belong to one common species. We are homosapiens. We belong to one group. Now today we are divided-we are divided by our culture, nature, values, ethics and most importantly by religion and country.

Always the big eats the small. The process of nature is just like that. Lion is the king of jungle so is country America. The king of the world. Then comes another contry or place Europe as a whole comes second in the race of jungle king. The rabbit, and poor animals are us who come from underdeveloped world. The world where we do not know how to live, how to learn, how to think. This is not my thinking-this is the thinking of King of jungle-lions and the second to lions.

We live in divided world and it is good that we are kept in one place. We should realize the fact that we are not what they believe or think. We are the stongest of them all. We have great minds, we have talent and we can show them we are as good as they are. It is the matter of time. It will be shown soon. The main question still lies not on the context of country but in the context of individual. How many of our people had made it to the top of their list. Their list means the list of developed world ? I do not know and I have no idea but it will come soon.

Saying sorry does not give total excuse to the person. The excuse of the person can be felt from the very core of the person. There are people who lie and those people who lie from others are lieying with themselves. The excuse belongs to them in some way or another.

I have no idead how many breath people take in their entire course of their life. I do not know. May be millions or zillions breath.Each breath we take is from Nature and we give it back to Nature again. Every breath we consume draws us one step closer to where we started our journey of our life.

We will reach the moment of peace when we finally realize that we have lived and we have done what we inteded to do. "The sole purpose of life is not to live but to give as much as you can till you live."

Please try to remember that quote, it is not said by great person or I do not know any who made that quote. It is made by a ordinary person who writes a blog and it is me. It is the effort or giving that makes you real human. How much can you give ? We always tend to collect things and one day finally we realize that those things are useless. That very moment if you realize the purpose of life then you will say that-yes, this man's quote is correct.

Belive me, it is correct.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Palace to museum and Great Idea

Palace to Museum

We are talking big about New Nepal. People are looking for change. When what we need the most is economic development why not to make the Narayanhiti Palace a national museum? Would not it be more Loktantric if we gave chance to every citizen to see the palace?

[published in Letter to the Editors-"The Kathmandu Post" May 17 2008]

Great idea
Turning Narayanhity palace into a national museum is a great idea. No great palace of former rulers is open to public in Nepal. Hence, the Narayanhity Museum (a possible name) will give Nepalis a unique peek at the 240-year-old institution of monarchy that has played such an important role in shaping the political course of the country.
Moreover, the palace is located in the middle of the city, as are most other great museums around the world. Turning this palace into a museum would also bring in some foreign exchange for the country.
Santosh Kalwar, Ratnangar-4, Chitwan

[published in Letter to the Editors-"The Himalayan Times" May 19 2008]

Thursday, May 15, 2008

A degree without job.

Last night I went to a friends place and he said that, "I have not heard any one who do not have Summer Job". Every one is getting something and already are on there way for the job.

Some have started the thesis work, some have got into some company for as summer trainee. Some have also got the work in univeristy, or in some organization. Some have started to move to there homes and some have really been doing very good. I was wondering why not me ?

What is worng with me that I could not get the job? Is my degree Invalid ? Is it because I come from different place and there is language problem ? Is it I am black or white or green or pink ?

Why is something that I really want not being given to me ? There are so many questions in my mind that I can even hardly imagine how to answer them all.
Some times I even ask- Am I living my life for a job or job is waiting for me to come near to it. Should I go for a job or job should come to me and ask me- Hello, Do you want to work for me ?

Those days will be dream come true after hearing loads of dissatisfied words and unfortunate keywords in all the emails that I receive. There are dozen of them every day. None of them even say that we will call for an interview or something. I even wonder my resume is not good engough.

I remember Once watching a movie "Pirates of Silicon Valley", Steve Jobs said that, "Good artist is copy and great artist is stealing" When I being a part of silicon valley and coming from the same background I some times thinks which kind of artist I belong to. Should I steal the job from some body ? But again the big question is how. How can I steal a job if already some one is having the job or doing it. There could be very easy ways too.

There are people who do it like the mentioned above by cheating, by saying 1000 lies about the person and by using many tricks and I think that is not the right way to do it. One can steal the job but stealing is also an art, an art which require a very good skill. It should not harm the person from you are stealing. It should not even give an bad impression of what you are doing. Can you do such kind of fine art ?

Now, I am going in other direction let me come to the right tract-Point is, Why do people like me find difficult to get the job in different country or the place which is not there native place- It is because of language, culture, skin color and many more. When you have everything similar to those who look similar then you will find it easy to get the job or work.

Stories are written only when you are unsuccessful and you have got something to say. It is the same with me. When people are famous they do not have anything to say. They are very busy in there day to day life. They even do not have time for there personal life. One day those people will realize what did I do my entire life just wasting my time with bunch of papers, computers, projects and work load. What I have done or achieved ?

When such question come in the mind of old people generally they try to escape the reality or they are afraid to face the reality and they try to kill themselves. Most of such cases can be seen or heard or read.

Some times it is even good to stay as you are and it gives loads of pleasure too. People most of the times, do not have time but I have tons and tons of time for me. I wake up whenever I feel I have to. I do my stuffs whenever I want to do them. I go to school whenever I feel going. I watch movies whenever I feel them to watch. I visit the friends place whenever I feel or like to visit. The all "I" brings me closer to my "Self" or "Soul" or more simple terms "heart". I become close to it and it directs me what to do and what not to do.

Some times I even feel as if It is my mood that creates the weather. How many of you will belive that ? This is the fact. It does not matter to me you belive or not because I know it.

It really gives me worng impression why people compalin. I have seen people who are born in Europe and they get a good benefit of being student around the sum of Euro 500 or something similar every month. They still complain the money is not enough. I ask them See the people like us and be happy, feel fortunate that you are really lucky of being born in Europe( A first world). We come from place which is divided by some great guy as Third world therfore we do not get any benefit and we are also not eligible for many different rights. Why ?

Can some one answer this question ? What is the difference ? Why are we creating this difference of being born in Europe and being born in Asia or some where else. It is the duty of goverment which really sucks in developing world. I heard that there are many Phd holders who drive a taxi in USA.

Wow, Isn't that a good news- some times if you are lucky and visit United States feel really proud of yourself of being driven by some real good Profession or Phd holders.

A degree without the job is useless and if goverment, political parties or whoever is on the top ruling there countries should really have to be serious about the change. They should think serously the matter and bring some strategy to solve the issue. It is not difficult it just takes some good logical thinking and I am sure it can easily be solved.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Smile in trouble

You are smiling but you do not know what you are smiling at my dear heart. I am talking with you. The you inside me, Why are you smiling in the situation where people cannot stand it anymore.

What is worng with you. The people who are close to how would they react if they smile without any reason. They will think that you are mad. They even might think that you are stupid. But as long as they do not know me inside you why should you worry.

Do not worry about any thing since you know what you are going through. You are travelling with time. You are doing what your heart is saying. It is good. Why are you thinking too much. It might seem to people that you are smiling but you are hiding something which no body is interested in, no body wants to care and no body would listen to. It is good that you are showing the smile which is the gesture of happiness or good feelings.

Your eyes speak a different language where as your face shows that you are smiling. I think you are hiding some information which is very touching, deep and heart killing. Why are you thinking of drinking alcohol. What is that brings close to your life and drink or alcohol. It is not the remedy of the problem but despite that also you want to drink it.

The wonds will heal one day, it will be healed by the time. Those wonds who are already filled by the time why are you trying to again play with the same old wonds.Despite the fact that you are facing loads of wonds these wonds will be fulfilled. Do not take any tension. I know you are not feeling well, I know there is no body besides you to tell you what is good and what is bad. I know that people are playing some good games on you. But why should you worry. Let them play their own part. You do what it is good for you.

Do not worry you will not starve to death. There is always one person whom you can turn into when it is deep shit. It is your Dad. Do not worry my dear lovely heart. No pain, no gain. You got to face the problems and remember once when you were kid, you asked GOD that-"GOD please give me all the pains in life so that I will know the life better and I would be very close to it." How can you forget that. You are getting that, you are really getting all your wishes comes true.

You are in your late 20's. It is the time where people do many crazy acts. Look at you, you are just like a old 97 year guy. Who always sits in the room, thinking, giving lessons to people and telling what is good and what is bad.Don't you think you are very ahead in the future.

Feel happy that people will really spent there entire life for the lessons that you have already. It is not because of overconfidence inside you but it is because of your wish, It is the gift from LORD to you.

Sadness is good, it gives load of pleasure once the sadness is into your body. People will never care and have you realized the fact that every body is trying to solve their own problems. Those person who has time to listen, give some suggestion or even help to other person problems are great person.

I wish I could do many more times the same but as far as I have I will do, as far as my life is there I never give up such activities. It gives a kind of satisfaction by seeing some one smiling by your deed.

Therefore I am telling you dear- Go ahead, Do what you feel, Listen to people and do not worry if some one is really doing worng to you. Later by the Grace of GOD it will be judged by him. Let him take the decisions for you. Let him give the results for you. You be yourself and do what your heart and minds says to you.

One day the ray of hope from the bright blue sky will fall in your black long hair passing through your head showing the colors of miracle. By then you will realize that you are really taken care by the allmighty.

Have a good weekend !

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Love in the times of cholera

When you have nothing to say, you have good reason why. When you know you are in troble you have thousand reason "because of.."

I do not know and I will not know what is the important in life, what should be done and what is going to happen.One thing fore sure, greatest fear in my head is not the death but living life the way I wanted it to live.

I would suggest to people that do not make the words weak. In day to day life, we often say that "love u" despite we do not mean it. When you do not really mean it, do not make it weak. The idea comes from the movie I was watching last night, "Love in the times of cholera" It was already known to be only because I follow the same trend.

I am not asking people to become like me, follow me or do what I am doing but I am requestig others to learn from them, be yourself, get the moral of the story from everyone. Life is too short to learn from your and only yours mistake.

In the movie, a guy who is in deep love with a sweet pricess kind of girl. He is loves her very much, he cannot explain what he is doing, he does not know wheather it is bad or good or something else. He knows that he loves her and he wants to get married with her.

Girl accepts the marriage of the guy, one things that departs them is guy's richness and good personlaity, caste and the work he does as a telegrah boy.
Both are separated, guy waits for the girl and the girl slowly starts to think that it was not love, it was illusion. She fell in for another doctor who gives her sense of sensulaity. They get married and start to have sex.

Sex is need, it is food for life to survive without sex we cannot think of living a proper life, our mind will be dull and we will behave indifferently. However it cannot be denied that without sex also we can live for some period of time.

Love is that drives the life, love is motivator, love motivates towards the journey of life. Love cannot only be for women. Love has no limits, no boundaries and no religion.

Love is love, love is the word that I could not describe when I want to.
The story continues and it goes at last after 54 years the husabad of the girl dies and the guy comes to her and proposes her. He asks her that he waited for 54 years of his life for that moment.

It was mainly because of love, they meet again and at the very old age they enjoyed being together. It is said according to my mind that when you kiss a women, if you desire to kiss again then you will stay with her for longer period but when you do not want to kiss more than once it might be because you do not love her.

Do not follow my theories but just learn from it, if you have anything to suggest please go forward. All your comments are my honors and appreciations.

The story ends with the happy note. Love in the time of cholera, one should watch that movie to learn a good lesson of love.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Journey of love

We can travel around the world searching for the right person in our life. What would I say that Some times the greatest journey is the distance between people. It is very difficult to find the right person in your life. You may think Miss Y is the best but at the same time you will meet some body with other good qualities that you will again re-think your mind stating Miss YY is good for me.

The choices we make, the decision we take are not always right in our life. We do mistakes and it is good practice to learn from those mistakes. The beauty of love, the kiss, caring and touch of other person gives you the feeling in your life that weather that person is suitable for you or not.

Women will always not find out that who is the right person for their own life because many of the times they are confused with themselves. She is in constant search of good person in her life. The ideal person for a women would be who cares her, kiss her, loves her, stands by her, gossips with her, gives her surprises,does many different things to impress her, makes her laugh, makes her cry and most importantly loves her more than himself.

Some times What I believe is that many of the relationship does not work out only because we love more than we love other person. The love of self is more than the love of person who is your soul mate.How many of us believe in love at first sight.? Love at first sight can happen only if you both are soul mates. The greatest difficulty is not in being in love but retaining the love. The greatest fear is not loosing your love but maintaining and giving the love.

My own personal experiences teaches me thousands of lesson that some times I get confused with the term itself. Their are many people who are in love, who are in committed relationship but due to some reasons-financial, economical, material and many such problems somehow could not be with the love. To all those I would like to say that greatest fear in their heart and mind is loosing the love, I would like to tell them that do not fear, expect and fall in trap of believing your love is good or bad.

Love cannot be judged with our feelings, love cannot be calculated by mathematics, even Einstein could not calculate it, It is your fulfillment, your commitment, and your dedication to maintain the love.Love do not remain for long only for you, you got to maintain it for yourself.

Many of the times we love ourselves than the person whom we say-"I love you". It is true. The reason behind this phenomenon is called love for individuality or self love. Which shows that we kill the things we love. When such thing happens why do we blame that our relationship didn't work out?

Be prepared for the journey of love of your soul mate, the love for your country, the love of your society and the love of your mother do not try to find any difference in them because all is fair when love is taken as love.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Natural Finland

Early staurday morning waking up with the hope to see the hope giving rise to your body. Words are only the factor that comes in my mind. These words are infinite these words are connected some how to give the meaning to the sentence. I do not know how to put it.

When you have so many things to talk about you often fall in the trap of saying very little about one thing. It is good to know and learn the technology, I was reading a book yesterday from Thomas L. Friednan "The world is flat". From the pages that I fliped, I found that globalization has really leveled the field in economics, education, engineering, Inforamation Technology, and so on.

Today morning Me and My friend had some sweet discussion about how the Finnish People are close to nature and their are more than a person can count in numbers, about the lesson we can learn from Nature. "We are close to Nature". This is what he said. We all like Nature very much. I believe Nature is what we have to think about.

Today we are in the age where we are Number One in Technology are we are making good progress in every other fields but can we control the nature. Can we say that "Hey, Tsunami do not come". Can we say that, "Hey Volcano do not errupt". The falling of rain, the snow and the unexpected nature of Nature is next big thing we have to take care of. We cannot control it but we can definetly learn from it.

Nature is all about learning. Nature is about learning your nature close to Nature itself is very nice. If you can see with one eyes the distance, you will see the same distance with the both of your eyes.
Only thing is that we need to see it. If we are not able to see the beauty how can we describe it ? If we cannot see the beauty of Nature how can we say about it. I think its not only seeing you have to give all your senses to Nature, Nature will give you all its sense to you.

Welcome to Learn Nature in Finland !

(Picture taken from:
Riverside%20Nature%20Center3.JPG )

Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Struggle it was, struggle it is and struggle it will be. Some one once said that "Life is full of struggle". Every day we struggle to wake up, every day we struggle to visit to office and every day we struggle to do our home works and so on. We are humans with emotional bonding attached in us. When we see a person struggling than us, We would like to help.

Help is vast concept where giver are open, with broad mind and vision. Takers are in need. One simple gesture, or simple note will make the giver happy, cheerful, might encourage him/her more.
I myself have to struggle like a hell. When I have to check my email's yesterday-Their were couple of rejection letter from some of the company's I applied. How would you feel when you are rejected ? Well, If you would ask me, It will take some time for me to get over but again, it is just a bad luck.

Then, I started to check my marks-card suddenly I felt that well, I got failed in one course again. What a shame on me ? The big letters shows that -FAILED. It really was again awful experience but these are just common experience one has to go through. Their are failures in life, bad days in life and very worst days in life. These days will teach us how to take a next BIG step in life.

What I believe is Its the mixture of success and failures which will tell you what is the condition of life, we are up to. People always say learn from your mistake, learn from the failure but I do not agree on these aspects because we cannot learn from the mistakes yeah to some extent yes. However, We got to learn from success also, success will teach us that we are doing good, it will give the confidence, self confidence, the motivation to go forward, it does not necessarily will lead to over-confidence but it really will help in the process some how.

Whatever word we are using in the present context is absolutely non-sense and demoralizing. Take an example of "FAILED" or let's say "DEADLINE" these are negative word and whenever we are using such words in one person life we are giving him a negative impression about himself, we are actually demoralizing him/her. Some times my mind ask me to think about the question of more suicide rate in Europe and America just because of these aspects.

It is the greatest gift of Nature that we are born humans, we can teach others, help others share each other feelings this is why we like community service a lot. These community service has become a kind of taboo in present day context. Some e.g in computers are Face book, hi5, My space and so on.

We want to learn,earn,share and do what so ever only in the presence of others we are humans and it is good idea to either like or dislike others idea, thoughts, expression, emotions and others similar phenomenon.

One day I was in the kitchen just trying to figure out what is their in the Internet and some stuffs suddenly My friend came and he said," I like cooking". I began to think, and I said "It is always the "ing" we like.

Don't get confused, add cook and ing, add listen and ing, add play and ing, add kiss and ing, add f@#$ and ing, add read and ing, add x and "ing".

This new discovery is correct in the sense that we want to be in present and we like to do those things which are related in the present context. When I was going through these words then finally at the end I found the word which I was having difficulty to figure out why I have to go through these. The word was "struggle" Suddenly I realize that I have to follow the formula that I derived which is "add ing" which said "struggling".

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paint_files/Struggle.jpg )

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thanks God, you are ALIVE.

Thanks GOD !I am alive.Live in a moment, talk with the your self and be humble to yourself. I always talk about these things and will talk about these aspects of life because these aspect will teach you how to live a life.

Their are thousand wishes in my life and I want all of my wishes to get fulfilled. Every time I wake up early in the morning sipping my morning coffee reminds me that I have to do this, I have to do that and so on.

These things which I have "TODO" are those wishes and these wishes I want to get them fulfilled. How do I do it ? Well, Its very simple. First take the the first work you want to work and then just go through it, be focused on what you have to do, Secondly Remember the time given or assign for the work. If you feel you are over doing it leave it carry on with the Next Work and so on.

These are one way you can work out with your daily work. I am getting late, this is the first feeling that comes in my mind always. I have made my daily activities as the compulsion to myself. Either I should do it or I should never do it.

It is very difficult to work out like this way but I am addicted to what I do. I am not addicted to Internet, I also have testified with it and found out the results that I am not. But I am addicted to my own self.

Results of any work does not matter as long as you are more concentrated on the work. If you are worried about the results you will not be focus, if you think about result and are more result oriented or output oriented then you are more likely to fall in dark pond.

You got to be focus on what you do, what you like most, what makes you happy and cheerful, what small things you like yourself or of some one. You got to see and find out for yourself. These little things, these activities will remind you that you are ALIVE. These activities will tell you later when you are old that you lived your life. You have nothing to loose. These will tell you that you had a brilliant life.

Lessons learn in life will be never be finished and will never finish. I look different to others because others are different than me. I am annoying to them because they are annoying to themselves. I am rude to them because they feel I am rude. These are the facts or impression people keep of you.

Today, is brilliant day ! See the patterns in the sky every day they are different. Why ? These different patterns in sky are their to bring some smile on your face, See the colors of flowers- The variety of them with different colors-these are their to tell you that you don't have to like one of them but surely you will like one of them. Cheer up !

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poppy-flowers-vivid-red-in-field-at-Musselburgh-Scotland-1-OGS.jpg )

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Friendship "F"

One of the famous character or an alphabet in the history of any words or letters is the letter called "f". Now, the very first thing that can come in your mind if you are an European or American is that "F" stands for "f%@$" but the same word in Asia and Some parts of Arab world will stand for "Friendship".

1. The state of being friends; friendly relation, or
attachment, to a person, or between persons; affection
arising from mutual esteem and good will; friendliness;
amity; good will.
[1913 Webster]

There is little friendship in the world. --Bacon.
[1913 Webster]

There can be no friendship without confidence, and
no confidence without integrity. --Rambler.
[1913 Webster]

Preferred by friendship, and not chosen by
sufficiency. --Spenser.
[1913 Webster]

2. Kindly aid; help; assistance, [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

Some friendship will it [a hovel] lend you against
the tempest. --Shak.
[1913 Webster]

3. Aptness to unite; conformity; affinity; harmony;
correspondence. [Obs.]
[1913 Webster]

Those colors . . . have a friendship with each
other. --Dryden.
[1913 Webst

These are the Dictionary Meaning of the word called "Friendship". Many people have tried to define the term called friendship and every body has their own definition. If I am here going to write about this term I may end up writing a book or two books.

Imagine a house, a unknown house where their lives one person who is alone and suddenly you went their and you started talking with him. You had a good conversation with him. He liked your attitude and you then went away. Again, Next day you again went to the same place to meet the same men; you had fun talking, sharing some ideas, thoughts, emotions and so on. Again you did the same next day and so on. After a month you became a good friend.

Friendship is an approach where one person wants to get close to other. It is the mental attitude which brings together. It is a kind of thinking we built in our mind by knowing the fact that we need a person to share our emotions, values, thoughts.

Some body has rightly said that "sharing is loving" but it does not apply in many cases. Approach can be taken in many different ways to share thought, emotion, activities or what so ever. It is always two ways. Communication cannot be possible one way. Communication is always two ways, friendship is also two ways.

In above example imagine the guys in an unknown place do not want to stranger, do not share anything, do not listen to what other stranger has to say- Their won't be friendship in that case.
Every person is unique and different we got to respect others values, and thoughts but I do not know when my dear friends will understand those. Their is a difference between the knowing the path and walking the path.

Whatever one has to say does not lead to the reality. I may say thousand words on one topic but it does not necessarily is real. Truth hurts and people do not want to listen to it. I know that "Truth is exactly opposite to the utterance". The friendship is broken relationship, a relationship which is never joint, a relationship which is constantly in motion, a relationship which is never vivid, a relationship which is imaginary, a relationship which demands more every time you think you have done enough, a relationship which is unreal.

Two friends are separated only because of social settings, cultural difference and most importantly behavior, personal goals and so on. "Two cannot become one and one cannot become two." Some body also has said that, "love is friendship". To them, I would ask one question, " Define me the word love?"

I would like to add these lines-"Don't ever think you are the fastest gun alive. Because when I was in town remember there is some one just a little bit faster." This sentence is to those who those who think they are faster and smart than others around them.

My own habit is quite different and many of my friends, family and people close to me get annoyed when I say to them that,"I do not remember yesterday, a minute ago because NOW is that I am living in, Why should I bother about the Very next second because very next second is something which is going to be mysterious, adventurous and enjoyment for me."

Their is alway a space to correct mistakes in life, seek vengeance and help the unhelpful. Friendship cannot be divided by boarders. It is the love which keeps the bond alive.But you don't know what love is, Therefore, an unexpected journey will bring you the cheers in your face to smile. A journey which is far from imagination, far from any country, culture, boarders, sex,emotions and life.

We came alone and we will go alone. It is the path or journey which will remain important in life. It is not what I have achieved and What I will do It is always What I am doing makes a MAN.

Monday, March 10, 2008


Wow, What a interesting topic mybheja is presenting today, Look , look and look carefully that the topic is Path. The path my words are taking from left to right direction and the path is the way one moves. According to the dictionary-

" 1. A trodden way; a foot way.
[1913 Webster]

2.A way, course, or track, in which anything moves or has
moved; route; passage; an established way; as, the path of
a meteor, of a caravan, of a storm, of a pestilence. Also
used figuratively, of a course of life or action. "

This is how the dictionary defines the word called path, a foot way. Research says that human path are more productive and intelligent then the path taken by animals or other entity living in the world. Well that is different scenarios and I will talk about them later. Let me tell you about human path.

The path is the determination in our mind the way, the direction, mind map or mind direction made earlier in our mind before traveling to a destination. We decide early in our mind or we make some assumption based on the place we are going to.

We are going to certain place, we take certain path (if the place is for the first time we are visiting). We would like to see the maps, or certain path we build up in our mind and then we travel that path. We are so predictable in finding the palace because we make this path in or mind.

Imagine- you have to visit some place without making any assumption,without any knowledge about where you are going. Imagine - Well I am being stupid to ask you "imagine". Their is the reason why I am saying you to Imagine.

The reason is because-This is how the life works. Life is unpredictable paths we take in every movement, moment and with the passage of time. We meet new people, we make loads of choices, compromises and promises. We learn from each other. We move in this way. We say that "I know where I am going" but you are wrong my dear friend, you do not know where you are going.

You only know you are present or alive. You do not know the path you are traveling. If you know where you are going you will be the King of your mind. I doubt if their is any species who can be king of mind. We all have mind but we are not king of our own mind.

"Their is always a difference between the knowing the path and walking the path."

To sum up, Try some time this- When you travel to some unknown place -"Take right turn in every corners or path, you will rich to the right place".

"If you take a right turn, you will reach to right place, Do not follow the path made by somebody Make your own path".

By reading this "fake crap" article from mybheja, you got to believe it. Always you have to make your own path not just follow the queue, or follow the path already define. If you need change as I think you need it-Take a different route,move in your own rhythm.Experience yourself, you will say, Yes this is correct.

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Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Ideas are generated by imagination ...

We all are different, that is good.
We all act differently, that is good.
We all have our idols, good.
We all think, very good.
We all are humans. (Written by human)

Can a monkey write- We are researching on it.
Can a chimpanzee think-Research
Can male will give birth -Research
Can we survive for ever-Research

What is relationship ?
I would say a ship, which has relation with water. A water which has relation with the object called ship. They both touch each other. Can you find the keyword in above two sentence ? If you can then good but if you cannot don't worry. The keyword is "touch".

The water has no problems with the ship,when it touches it and so on. The ship also has no problem with water. They can touch each other but imagine when water suddenly say's that you cannot touch me.

What would ship think and do ? Ship will say please i beg you, i ask you and i really need your help, i want to touch you-let me do it otherwise i could not move. When ship begs or request or ask for permission then slowly water starts thinking that it is the most important thing. The ego is created in water, the ego which says without it nothing is possible.

Now, despite the fact that ship has to move on why could not it move. Either it has to leave the sea, or it has to be be stationary-which it cannot do.

Therefore ship leaves the sea and the door is closed for ship and water in that sea.
Now, ship is moved in the place where their is no water. what is the next solution ?
How can a ship be moved ? Gentleman, do you have any idea.

"Ideas never die."
"Ideas are generated by imagination,imagination is knowledge and knowledge is power."(Quote generated in 0.000079seconds in my mind).

Now, Suddenly what happens is ship is puzzled, surprised and starts behaving as if he is alive now. How ?. It feels the drop of rain in its body. From no where their is rain falling heavily. It pours for 1 month continuously and the ship where it was laying becomes sea.

This is brief description of what people called today as relationship. Try to understand putting two humans, two different sex partners or same and what so ever. You will get some idea because idea .....

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Extraordinary%20Relationships%20Pic%20I.JPG )

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Good Morning to you all.

Hyvä huoämentä ! Corrected one -after receiving a comment(Hyvää huomenta!)I don't know weather the two brave words that I am trying to use are correct or not but the meaning is Good Morning. Therefore A very good morning to me and to whole world waking up.

I am not johnny depp. No one would find any interest in reading my personal life. But the fact is I am not maintaining the blog because no one would read but to give the lesson that I am learning and that I have learn in my life to others through it. I am not going to tell you my story but the imaginative one.

Once in a beautiful land located Northern part of world was a person who was committed to what he spoke. He was so deeply rooted by his principals that he could do whatever he said. It was his principal and the way he lived his life. But the way of living a life was narrowed since people think, act and behave differently. His principal was whatever he said he will commit, do and deliver till his level best otherwise he would not say anything about it. Their were people who he was connected to but those people would not realize it. He was trying to convince them but very few of them understood what he was going through.

We are all ordinary human beings, we should live a life for others ....blah ..blah ...blah......... these are old way of saying and dealing day to day life. The new approach is...

I am rocking tonight at party, are you going to come in the gay suit today. You were looking so F&&¤ beautiful tonight. Me and my friends rocked the entire place. ........blah blah and blah... This is new approach of living a life in 21st century.

"Everything that is difficult for others is easy to me and everything that seems easy is difficult."

If I have written this quote it belongs to be because it was created some 7 seconds earlier in my mind and my keyword wrote it in this article. Creation is an art of mind which are randomly generated not collected.

But, these are boring to me again ! Welcome to the reality and the reality is very early in the morning so Good Morning to one and all. To the early sunrise which has touched its rays in the lake Saimaa stating that I am awake, I will provide energy and food to you all. To the chirping of birds which are getting ready to find some food for their baby birds and To the entire human beings who are getting ready to read, write, learn, make love,drink a morning coffee, see the beauty etc etc. My good morning to you all.

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wp-content/good_morning_02.jpg )


Life teaches you thousand lesson at every moment of the time. We do not actually realize it. It is just the matter of self-realization rather than asking with some one else about it. Every doors are closed for me. I am alone. I am empty and hollow.

I do not want to blame others because I know I have learn some lessons in life that is close to me and my heart. I really want to thank from the bottom of my heat to those who are helping me for my cause and will help me (as I need them badly).

Today I will give you an example of going to the shopping mall. Me and one of my friend we decided to go to shopping mall but the unfortunately the shopping mall was also closed. I think it was the time of evening at around 6pm and it was the closing time. Therefore It was closed. I was trying to connect my laptop to the local visible network available for all but it was also closed.

Everything that seems to me which was open is closed. No doors open for me anymore. I am alone and hollow, empty with me and my loneliness. I am being some kind of pessimistic because of my lack to maintain the relationship. I could not some how maintain the relationship with any one around me. I don't know any reason for it. I am not good at maintaining any sort of relationship Sometimes it makes me even more nervous and afraid.

I am going into deep silence because I know my problems would be with me and me alone. I am going into deep silence because the problems what i am facing is created by me and i am the one who has to find some solutions for it. Others around me will give me advice which are like giving lecture in boring Monday morning.

It does not mean that i am trying to focus or hurt on any body or any person but it means I am alone and i do not have anything to tell anyone. I am living in darkness and the sunlight yet has to show up to me. Only thing I know now is-" I don't know when ?"

Friday, February 29, 2008

Get Paid

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