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Monday, May 30, 2011

Santosh Kalwar's Sixteenth Book, Entitled "Adventus," is Published

In his latest book, entitled, "Adventus," a young Nepalese writer from Chitwan, Nepal has published collection of poems.

Lappeenranta, Finland, May 29, 2011 --( Lulu Press, Inc. is proud to present "Adventus" by Santosh Kalwar from Lappeenranta, Finland.

Adventus is a collection of forty-three randomly crafted poems. The masterly Nepalese poet spins from Rocky Mountains to personal relationships, rich in every human detail through his musings. "…I discovered that I am two steps behind Buddha. If I can overcome love then surely I can overcome suffering. As it was neither she, nor me who decided to go against," says the poet to her beloved. A galaxy of startling poems entitled, "poem of my love," "In America," "journey," "a never-ending song" and many more.

Santosh Kalwar (born September 7, 1982) works as a poet, writer, and young researcher.

Kalwar is an author of fifteen published books, entitled, "Nature God (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2008), Human behavior on the Internet (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2009), A Very First Book of Poems (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2009), ...109 Quotes, 07 Poems, and a song of despair (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2009)..., 20 Love Poems and Economy Crisis (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2009), 25 Sexy Poems (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2009), Yet another book of Poems (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2009), Happening: Poems (Lulu Press, Inc. 2010), I Am Dead Man Alive (PublishAmerica Inc., 2010), You Can (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2010), An Aphrodisiac (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2010), The Warrior (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2010), Obscurity (Lulu Press, Inc. , 2010) and The Vandana and Other Poems (, 2010), Quote Me Everyday (Lulu Press, Inc., 2010).

ISBN 978-1-4477-2907-5

To place orders for the book, contact: Lulu Press, Inc.

URL: adventus/15840834


Friday, September 3, 2010

Random thoughts

1.      Never in history Finland was without sauna and the present generation is too lazy to live without it.

2.      The words that I echo tonight will be the words of our ancestors; upon there grave as I stand up and deliver their names.

3.      Everything and everybody is governing something and somebody.

4.      If a friend to me is friend to all then a friend to all is not a friend to me.

5.      If poetry was ever to be understood, wouldn't it be called poetry, would it?

6.      We come here / for some purpose / and whatever that might be; let us sort out / our differences / our ancestors has piled them behind.

7.      If I am not well and you are well then where is an oil in the well ?

8.      We are all great thinkers but not great lovers. Romanticism floats like a waves in an ocean but idealism sinks at rock bottom.

9.      I am fully satisfied with my life, let me sing you, the last song tonight.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Winner of BIS Poetry Contest

Winner Of The
Books In Sync
December 2009 - January 2010
Poetry Contest!

Poet Santosh Kalwar Is Not Yet A Member Of Books In Sync,
We Congratulate Him On Winning The Books In Sync
December 2009 - January 2010 Poetry Contest!

Santosh Kalwar won the first BIS Poetry
Contest with his poem
“Gloomy Sunday”

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Press Releases: "Yet another book of poems"

Mr.Santosh Kalwar has published book with new project entitle, "Yet another book of poems" published by, This is the Seventh book/e-book written by Mr. Kalwar.

Currently, The book is free to download in an free e-book version from publisher

Buy this book

Here is the complete press release

Mybheja congratulates the author for his new book !

Saturday, November 14, 2009

New birth of human consciousness

שלום , مرحبا, Hello

Please don’t scratch your head with these above symbols. The first symbol is meaning, Hello in Arabic, the second symbol is the same hello in Hebrew and the final one, you probably recognized it.

Based on these three different languages, we have three different religions. These are: Judaism, Islam and Christianity. No offence to anyone who belongs to this religion or any other religion. The message is simple, “Hello”.

A human is intellectual mind. A single mind can think, create, share, and collaborate among other human mind. How would it be without language? A Hebrew man could not possibly talk with another Hebrew man if this Hebrew man does not know how to speak his own language. In my naïve understanding of the language, I would define it as a symbol for exchange of thoughts or ideas among peers. What if a Hebrew wants to talk with Christian? What would be the consequences if Christian do not know the language of Hebrew and the Hebrew man does not know the language of Christian?

Do you think could they still be able to talk? Probably, yes! But maybe in increasingly difficult ways; now the question one should ask to oneself is, what if one of these men has some very big problem and one need help of other, otherwise another will die. What is the moral value of being a human being? Will you able to still understand the emotions of the suffered men forgetting about his religion and beliefs. Some human being will and some will not.

Today, In fast paced individualistic world, everybody wants to grab an attention. Be a hero or an icon, a leader with huge followers, Gurus and even different religions.
Let us jump to another situation, this Arab man and Christian man both love their religion, they are both going to die for their religion. What if both are in trouble? Let us say, they will get out of this trouble if they help each other but they do not want to share their ideas and thoughts. How would you respond in that situation? Will you shake hands to Christian? Or, Will you shake hand to Muslim or Arab?

Let us go back and think once again, aren’t we human first? Or are we Hindu, Hebrew, Christian and Muslims first?

Wake up folks, nothing lasts forever. Neither your homes, neither your materialistic possession, nor your belongings. Nothing is permanent in this world. Only thing that is permanent in this world is the “change.” Our forefathers were living before us; they were also just like us. Our fathers are living today or were living and now, we are living our lives.

The lives in 21st century, A time which is just an illusion. The calendars which are all our imaginary creation, the language which we developed long time ago to share out insights among our community and group of people; the maps which we designed to share our territory

Everything appears to be divided. The divisions are among our religion, country, politics, consciousness and language. We have come to the time where we live in the world where we have to make an instant decision. We are just making decision at every instant. The world is at war of race, religion, politics, economics, people and many other elements.

The time has come to open up our mind and explore deeper understandings of not our own narrowed world but also every world. The time has come to show that even if you are Hebrew or Christian or Muslim, to collaborate and share the insights and ideas to save the planet.

The time has come to think big. The time has come to help each other in many ways and any ways we can.

The real awakening is at our sunrise. The real death is not limited with our humanistic time but with our thinking and intellectual insights. The time has come to love each and narrow the differences among each other.

We do not need to know what we have to do when we feel deep inside us to help someone in trouble.

Until and unless the bigger trouble much larger than the problems facing human civilization in current practice comes to us, we are not going to see our “true human feelings” for fellow human beings. The time may come which will show us for collaboration but before that time, we all need to help each other from the natural calamities and hatred world which we are creating.

Let us say, No to war, let us say, No to stupid politics or religion. Let us grow together for peaceful world. Let us begin together the new birth of human consciousness.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am an alien in the Neverland

I am so sorry to write this article but I must write it. Let me introduce you, who I am? Well, I am Ted Nelson. I am currently in Neverland, the developed, number one country in the world.

The good part of my story is that, I am living a stub-born life with good job and my sweet dreams.

The bad part of my story is that, I am going to be deported soon. Yes, please don’t feel sorry for me. I am going to get deported for being normal human being in Neverland. I have never committed any crime in my life of 30 years. I have never even dared to hurt someone knowingly or unknowingly. I have just lived a normal human life. But Tomorrow, I am going to get deported.

The problem is I was living in Neverland with illegal status. I was called as an alien. I don’t know what that means but it really hurts when the officer calls me, “an alien”. For God’s sake, why am I being called an alien? I am just asking a simple question, not to that officer and not to the politicians or diplomats who make stupid useless rules and protocols but just to me. Why am I being called an alien?

What is wrong with the people nowadays? Everybody is being anxious about terrorism, being black, does not makes me criminal? What is wrong with the color of skin? I have been discriminated number of times and I am not going to talk about it. The rules of society are not flexible enough with the intellectual growth in human population. There has been no upgrade or change of the major rules. Once they were made laws, they have remained law forever. I am feeling so pity for the next generation, how are they all going to deal with these stupid man made laws? I have number of question in my head, countless of them but none of the authorities have satisfying answer to my simple questions. Yes, it is sad that I have to go back to the place I belong but I wasted all my life working for this country, Neverland. Now, when they don’t need me, they are throwing me. A human life has become useless. It has become like garbage, there is no value for living.

Ted Nelson said, “I am not an alien in Neverland, Sir". The officer said, "Yes, that is what you are, a third world alien, you have no rights to live in developed world like ours. You must go back to your country." An immigrant replied, “I have lived here for 30 years and now you are sending me back, anyways, thank you, even if I am called as an alien, I am proud to be an alien rather than immoral alien."

Monday, September 14, 2009



Where is the Heaven asked Paulo?
Poor boy replied, I don’t know.
Where is then Hell asked Mother?
Poor boy replied, I don’t know.
Where is the Heaven and Hell asked Wife?
Poor boy replied, I don’t know.
Many of the times, many of his friends asked-
Where is the heaven or hell?
Poor boy repeatedly said, I don’t know.

After twenty seven years,

Poor boy was speaking to himself,

Whatever I am doing, Whatever I am creating
Is this making any impact on anyone?
Is this harming any one?
Maybe, It hasn’t
Good, said Poor boy
How am I going to find Heaven or Hell?
Should I be first dead?
Or, Should I wait till I experience Near Death,
Should I fall in love?
Or, Should I tear my heart apart?
Should I go pilgrimage and find out from Gods?
Or, Should I listen none?
Where are you Heaven?
He looks up in the sky and repeatedly asks,
Where are you Heaven?
Then, again,
Where are you Hell?
No answer, No answer
He shouts and asks again
No answer
He shouts more and more
No answer
Then somebody from Neighbourhood
Says, “Stop shouting and let us sleep”

He says, “Sorry”;
Goes back in his room
Where he lives,
Find nothing but silence in the question he wants to fix,
He looks at pictures,
He listens radio,
He laughs and finally he knows the answer, indeed
He laughs and says, Yes there is Heaven
Yes, there is hell

The question is not where?
The question is where not?

Our idea deep rooted in our heart
Needs to get updated first

Self Love, Self motivation, Self Sacrifice,
Self Help, Self romance, Self learning,
Self Satisfaction….

Self Satisfaction…He stops singing…

This is where it ends…

We have our life, a golden two hands, two legs,
a beautiful gazing eyes, a beautiful body

bread and butter to make it more tasty,

work to live and sustain our life which is little thirsty,
But it does not stops there since we want always something
A good journey, a nice ride, a beautiful husband or wife,
a father, a mother, a friend or group of friends,
we go far beyond to search and search for everything

But we come to an end which begs us and says, “Satisfaction”



What are you talking about?

Yes, Satisfaction….

Come on, Paulo will kill you, He asked to talk about “Heaven and Hell”, Not Satisfaction, idiot !

No, No, I am not worried- Satisfaction…

Stop it..



Yes, it is satisfaction

What satisfaction?

Self, Others, My, Yours, Everyone’s, Gods and No Gods, Nature, Science, Religion ….


Yes, Satisfaction…

Where is then Heaven or Hell?

Before you go back to sleep exhausted or non-exhausted, ask

“Were you satisfied today?”

Yes, Good

No, Very Good


Come on, You must know the answer…


God bless you all !

Friday, September 4, 2009

I am your only satisfaction

You may want to go,
I won’t let you go,
When you want to give up,
I won’t let you give up,
When you feel this is too much,
I won’t let you feel,
This is even enough,
When you feel your love will never work,
I will work even harder,
When you will feel lonely,
I will feel lonely too,
When you will feel sad,
I will feel sad too,
When your mum won’t let you be with me,
I will ask you to decide on your own,
When nobody will accept us,
I will stop listening to nobody,
When life will give up,
I will ask life to wake up
When everything will fall apart,
I will pick up every dust to make home in sand
Just understand little more,
Just try to be spend time together,
Little more,
You will then know,
Your choice isn’t so bad,
Your decision isn’t so bad,
Your love isn’t like others,
Your honey is forever
Forever, forever and forever
Till the existence of the universe,
Till the existence of moon,
Till the very existence of sunlight,
I am your, nobody tonight
But I am hoping to be at your side,
O my bright and beautiful light,
Bless you with affection and care,
Bless with you happiness and love,
Bless with you satisfaction
Which matters, most
When will you ever understand?
This poor life is only satisfaction alive
Nobody is satisfied,
Except this poor life
Nobody will ever make you happy,
Just this poor life will,
How do I know all this?
I took the train which goes along
Which travels very fast?
And is expensive at every instance,
This is how people should live
But let’s not be worried,
About what others think,
Let us move along this difficult journey,
I guarantee you; I am your only satisfaction
O dear honey, O my bright eternal light,
Yes, My sunlight, Yes,
I am your only satisfaction
Which will collide?
Which will fight?
In darkest of dark nights,
I will ease your pain,
I will do whatever it takes,
Just let me be me,
Let us move on with thee,
Welcome abroad on my journey,
We will see and divide the problem
Whatever it would be

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I know

I know you are having problems,
I know you are alone,
I know you feel sad,
I know that you are in love,
I know many of the things,
That you don’t know,

I know,
I know that sometimes love doesn’t last forever,
I know that sometimes life is more miserable,
I know that you are in love with some old man,
I know,

But I also know,
That you like me,
I also know that you need me,
I know that, life will be just fine, fine, fine,
Someday, One beautiful day,
I know, when I see into your eyes,
I see a sweet little girl,
Smiling, perfect with utmost beauty and trust,
I know
I know those trusts for someone is not alone,
In those trust lays togetherness,
In those imagination lays dreams,
In those dreams lies reality,
I know, what you don’t know,
I know, that you don’t know about yourself,
Because, I know

Don’t ask me, “How do I know?”
I know because I feel I have seen you before,
I know because I feel magical about you, my soul,
I know because I am with you always,
Though, I can’t be physically with you for so long,
I know,

I know that love has no distance,
I know that loves lies close to heart,
How can I convince you when,
Both of our hearts are so close,
Yet you think it remains so far

I know,
I know what future holds us together,
I know what we have done in our past,
Whatever will be will be,
I know, I can’t let you go,
I know, you are made for me
And you don’t should feel alone,
Please don’t feel so-so,
I know
I cannot provide you with your needs,
But I know, I will work every day and even in week-ends,
I know,
I am not alone anymore,
I know because your heart is just like mine
I know, because somebody said, “Love is blind”,
I know
I know that we both need just to wait, little,
I know that someday I will hug you,
I know that someday, I will kiss you,
I know all this, because I know me,
I know who is in me,
Please don’t be mistake,
I know all this, because you are in me
I know all about you, because I am in you
So I say, “I know”, I know, my mysterious soul,
I know,
I know

Friday, June 5, 2009

Like a flowing river

Dear all,

Life is like flowing river and flowing times. One philosopher said, "I am flowing with this river and I don't know where I will end, I know my source and my destination but I don't know how I am going to flow like this river." Another philosopher said, "You know the river but you forgot the time"

Without the right time on your side you are not going to make it, you are just flowing but you never know if you are going to be dry like a pond.

A] life is filled with pain and the river which flows are the tears streaming across to one destination.

B] May by the grace of God or May by the will of love, life moves like a flowing river and finds its true path and final destination.

C] Looking back will only be the memories and the path which the river followed will bring joy to every individual who will come near to the river. Again, there is time. Who knows if the river no longer exits, who know if the river was no longer continuing the same path, who knows if the river lost it in between.

D] Change and only change determines the existence of the flowing river with time. If river remains the same and if the river stops flowing nobody is going to flow with the same river.

E] Existence is not question but answer, life is like flowing river but with changing time even sometimes flowing river has to change its path, even sometimes it has to change direction, even sometimes it dries maybe it the vapor produced are happiness which last only for few moments. Most of the times, it has to flow and most of the time it has to slow.

Therefore, just follow your dreams and desires, move on like flowing river or move on with pain, life is all about taking risk and giving pleasure to all those who need. Everything else remains secondary.

God blesses you all !


God bless you all !

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Collective Worship

In response to the Paulo's question on "Collective Worship", here is what mybheja has to say-

Dear all,

Have you noticed that you are putting your own words and one of the blogger in this blog, ‘karen’ is ill ???

Come on fellas, pray for her–She is sick as she has written, look on the top of the comment section with her post.

May God bless ‘Karen’ !
May she overcome her illness…

I don’t know what is collective worship, I don’t care about other’s fucking opinion and I don’t give a damn on any books on worship, all are nonsense and stupid ideologies. I care to those who are close to me and I care to those who are in need of me, I care to those who knows me. I am worried about their’s problem and I am depressed if they are depressed, I am happy if they are happy because that is only thing which is important to me.

(If you will put the above statement line by line, it will become poem, if you will put those sentences in paragraphs that will become short article/opinion/thoughts… and if those words will be written or said by prophets or gurus then it becomes scriptures.)

To: Karen for her wellness…
Come on human being, wake up
I made you, you didn’t made me
I don’t ask you to pray me
I never did, Instead
You did and still doing it,

Wake up and rise to rising sun,
pray for other like you,
I am happy if you will help others,
around you, for you, with you,
dance in the occasion
rest in the sensation
worship for humanity
you will get instantly

God bless you all !

Thursday, April 30, 2009

Q&A: What is Fear ?

Dear all,

Q)What is fear?

A)Fear is lack of our own understanding with our own self. The most fear humans have is for death. Sometimes we are fearful of love, sometimes of life and sometimes of work. Our life has become full of fear because we have never understood our own life. Most of the times we think about sex and work and least we think about our own body and life.
How many times in a day you look yourself carefully in the mirror and try to understand yourself?

This is little different in women's than in men's. In Women, they are born naturally with such power where they can more easily understand fear better than men.

Fear is because of lack of own knowledge and understanding of one's life.

Fear is also because we don't know who to surrender yourself. Those who know how to surrender will have least fear and those who will try to avoid surrender will be more affected because of fear.

It is your own decision what to choose and what not to choose.

God bless you all !

Monday, April 27, 2009

Q&A with Santosh Kalwar

In response to question asked by reader, Saakshi at Paulo's blog, hereunder is the Q&A with legendary Person.

Dear all,

Q)Are coincidences in our life are a part of our destiny and if everything is written as we say ‘maktub’, then what is the point in following our dreams?

A)There is no coincidences, there will never be coincidence. Whatever happens has the purpose and the lessons behind them. Those who know how to grab those golden lessons will foster and move on. Those who will not learn their lessons will never learn. These people will think throughout their life and ask, "what is life?", "what is dream?", .... It does not mean that, you should not ask bigger question like this but instead of asking with others, ask yourself, with your own self. I bet you will get the answers.

Now, having said that, there is no point to prove and there is no point to make. Life is a simple journey which goes on and on. It will stop when you will be tired enough. It will run, when you want to run. It will reset, when you want to reset. Throughout this journey, learn, share and give for those who are in need. That is important. What you have is never enough and will never be enough, what you will give, you will then have enough.

I don't know what is maktub, let me search-- Ah, Ok ;

"what is written on one's forehead, would someday be seen as his destiny"

This is what I got when I searched the Internet..., Well, this is boring description about a single human life. Some Scriptures says the same thing but let me describe you in my way-

I have always said to humans,

-"It is you, who is the creator of your sufferings, nobody else."

-"Hidden Scripts is the term which means the script written by you, before your existence or arrival on this mother earth."

Now how? and when? is another question. (If you are interested, I will explain them later)

-"Every action in your life has lessons, you just need to have truthful eyes to see them more clearly."

-"I don't know what you believe and what you don't, but I believe in me, my visions, my dreams, my love and my destiny because all these believes which I have in me, are for me and I know the final destination."

(I don't want you to recommend to Say the last quote every morning and every night before you go to sleep and then one day, you will wake up understanding the meanings of your dreams, destiny and life.)

God bless you all !

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Happy Easter, Happy New Year (2066), Happy ...

Dear all,

Happy Easter to you all (human beings), and to all animals (birds, lions, elephants, ants,...) and to all other living beings (plants, objects, nature, climate, rain, lake, sea, stars, universe, sun,..)

"I am in pain and I know how it feels to be in pain. I bless you, you will never have pain in your life, after me." -Mybheja

Below is the poem which states that,

An old man is begging Lord, to take away his life. He cannot commit sucide because he is very old and he does not have love in his life so he is begging from lord to give him death, as soon as possible. I hope his prayers will be fulfilled.

(Afterwards, the poorest guy in earth will never appear anywhere...)

I beg you lord
I am begging for god to take away my life
I do not want to live, without love
Man who lives oneday and dies the same day
I am powerless, without energy
Oh love, why is it so difficult?
Differences dividing us

When would world understand?
Love is beyond any culture, age and religion
Love is very simple, beautiful
Your face with early morning sunrise
Your love for love

I do not want to live any longer
I don't know, why I am alive?
I am without you, you are without me
We need each other,
World is dividing thee

I am hoping beyond hope
You might just change your heart
Road ahead is difficult
Trust me, I am your only one

I am your only happiness,
Time will tell

There are two ways that you can choose
Easy is very easy and difficult very difficult
Easy will lead you to sorrow and pain, the end.
Difficult will ask you,"Kill yourself.", the beginning.

Mr. Happy and Mr. Difficult are best friends,
True loving friends, they live together, forever
Mr. Easy and Mr. Happy are enemies
False loving friends, they hate each other, ever and ever

Decide from your heart
I beg you lord, take away my soul from this useless body
I know now, the meaning of pain
Every time, I wake up I beg you to take away my life
I beg you lord, life is useless without love

A smile, a touch, a kiss, a hug
All are missing, for so long
I am begging you lord, to give me death
For so long,

I hope she will be happy
I know she will not be
Between "hope" and "knowing"
I am nobody who should decide
Her fate and her life
I am in pain and I know now, meaning of pain

I want to die but I cannot kill myself
I am too coward who fears death
O dear lord, I beg you to give death
I beg you lord, I beg you.

This human life, is for moment
In this moment, is my story
I am living in this moment
My story is living with me
Oneday, I will fade away
My story will fade away with me

I beg you lord, take away my life
I don't need this flesh, without soul
I don't need this world, without her love
I hate, cry, feel pain, suffer than
your sons has ever suffered,
Jesus, Krishna, Buddha, Mohmaad ...

I beg you lord, please take away my life
I beg you lord, I beg you...

© Santosh Kalwar

God blesses you !


God bless you, all !

Monday, April 6, 2009


Dear all,

Signs and symbols are the way we try to intrepret the meaning in our life. A sign for each individual is different and will have different meaning with different signs and symbols.

+Signs are good way to follow where one is heading in one's life.
+Signs can sometimes mis-direct your path but still the signs of heart will always get back you to the right track.
+Those who does not see any signs, are simply following their heart- it does not necessarily means you are not being watched. Every individual is watched and taken full care by the creator.
+Life is full of uncertainity and with every new situations we might just indulge ourselves with difficulty but during those times, remember to listen to yourself rather than any object.

God bless you all !

Friday, March 13, 2009

I will be born in 2039

Welcome, Dear Readers- Please do not get surprised, with the title of this column. I am no God, neither Spiritual Guru, nor Religious teacher or saint. I am just like you, Human being.

I am not born but wait a moment-do not get to the conclusion. You might be wondering, if this person is not born who wrote this column? What is that he is trying to prove? Well, there is nothing that author wants to prove or claim. It is just a simple joke.

Today, looking at the Nations situation- I think I will be born in 2039. Now this is not the entire story, with doom of Economy (Global, National or Regional) there is no point in living a life of jeopardy. We have seen the country ruled by Kings (Razas and Maharazas), We also have seen so called “Democracy” and currently, “Federal Democratic System” and “…” in near future. There is no change in creation of Jobs, Security, Electricity, Economy and Transportation to name few. I do not blame our beloved Prime Ministers neither I blame all the top-executive Politicians; I blame myself; because I know I will be born in 2039.

Yesterday, I heard the news where, a young man who was just seventeen years old kills reportedly fifteen and then himself at a school in Germany. A friend of his told police today, that he was bullied by class mates, teachers for many years. When he wanted to speak to them (Teachers, friends, parents) no one listened to him. Personally, I feel what my friend Paul from Austria feels- The young Gunman was innocent simply because, no body listed to his anguish. The tragedy could have been avoidable if there was the presence of love in his life.

Children of today are treated like valueless and useless beings. The world depends on them and the future of the entire world is dependent on how we treat them today. This is a sad story and this is just the beginning- I think. As we can see everybody is busy in their own personal life and nobody wants to LISTEN to anybody, simply because we all have point to make and grow within the society. Then a quote popped into my tiny little brain which states, “Love is integral part in human life, without the sense of its presence no human wants to live life in despair.”

Let me get back to your questions, one very good friend of mine named Teemu, from Finland asked, “Santosh-when were you born in your country?” This is a good question, I thought- and before making my statement open, I visualized that- “We are in 2065, even ending it soon”. Then, I replied him back with the smile on my face stating-“I will be born in 2039.”

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Human behavior on the Internet- Press Release

A book written from the Master's thesis work of Santosh Kalwar, "Human behavior on the Internet" is released to dowload for free, or buy it online. The distribution of the hard copy for the book will take 6-8 weeks as said by self publisher

To download a free copy of the book visit

To buy hard copy of the book

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

Free Press Release Online availiable at-
Press Release: Human behavior on the Internet

Let us get started ! :)

Friday, January 9, 2009

A happiest person alive in heaven

Today at this moment-

Let us assume that the story that I wrote yesterday (Today Thursday at 17 hours-) is Fiction. Then at least my readers and friends could and will relax a bit.

Thank you Paul for letting me know that, "Don’t try to be all things to all… women… it’s impossible, and… it’s not our responsibility… this one belongs to a higher intelligence… and the universe holds the answer…"

Thank you Jessica for your heart touching article. I think I know the answer and I will try to put words to your question. ("how I can sort my feelings out").

Women is the source of every energy in the Universe. They are not impossible but our intelligence does not let us understand the possibilities in them. We are limited by our knowledge to understand the vast range of possibilities a women has and carries every day.

There are no right answers or wrong answers but all of the answers are just answers. Some of those answers satisfy us and some of them are just words.

Life is a lesson which should be learned in every moment and in every path we take. There are lessons that we learn from our family, from our friends, from our school and others. But a lesson women teaches us in our lives are far more important than anything else. A women if wants can create the universe and destroy the universe. She has the potential which I feel very little to describe.

In marriage- she is the one who should decide weather to stay with the person or leave the person.

In life- she is the one she should decide how to care her children and husband.

In love- she shows how she can care more than her life about her partner and she is ready to accept him at any given time.

In Career- She is the blessed to give the direction and motivate her partner.

So and so forth. There are many ways a women is vital human without whom a existence seems impossible. Well- W O M E N .The five letter words have great meaning. The last three letters means us- MEN. But has any body ever wondered why there are two additional letters in front of the MEN.

English language experts might tell us why? If I have to make a guess then I would say- W and O these two characters could represent many things and many words.

Love is not the destiny.Love is just love. Tomorrow if I have to leave the person whom I love then I will have many reasons in front of me and these "reasons" will force me to take the decisions against me. These reasons will ask me to take the decisons which I do not like but again, I have to make the decision.

A human nature is very childish. When we get something in life we are happy and we do not get that particular thing or person in our lives we are bound to be sad. We regret and we feel the guilt we are thinking thousand times what did I do wrong? What is my fault? Why did she left me? Did my words does not come out right?

A person is wise when he understands that not everything can be gained easily. For example love- A love is a fresh feeling which is momentary just like a smile.

See for example the differences in culture, race and religion but smile has a common form and presentation. WE all smile and when we all smile it is same despite any culture, race and religion.

Feelings cannot be easily suppressed. When Miss B saw Mr. A for the first time they fell in love. They wanted to be together but Miss B was raped and tortured. Miss B felt that she is not eligible and good enough for Mr. A she decided to go away from Mr. A and live her own life. While she decided she will go away, she thought the distance would shorten and lessen her pain from what she had encountered. She knew that she cannot now give fresh love to Mr. A. She wants to quit her life but some how she lives and marries with other person. She has couple of kids. She has a family. She has children but she lost her love.

She wants to know about his life, what is he doing or where is he? How would he feel when I feel something? She has questions which concerns her life and mostly about "his" life. She wants to know about him.

Because once she went far away from him. Now even though she has family she thinks most of the time about him.

Mr. A came back in her life when her sister somehow stayed with him. Mr. A is alone and he does not yet have any girls. Mr.A still has the feelings for Miss B but Miss B is married and settled.

How could Miss B happy? Is her happiness means watching others around and feeling the same? Will she ever forgive her about the decisions she took on his own while departing from Mr. A?

What if she would have told the story just after she was tortured to Mr. A? Would Mr. A accept her then? What would have happened ?

Many of the times women are very negative in the decisions they make. It is because they are thinking always good for US (MEN). They do not want to hurt our feelings or even go away from our lives without any valid reasons.

However there are people and women who take such decision.

1)Some women might think that, Mr. A's are not good and they cannot make her happy through entire live.
2)Some women might think that, Mr. A's are too good and easy, let us try those who are little difficult and non predictive.
3)Some women just cannot be with Mr. A simply because they are now tortured or raped and they think they are impure. They cannot give pure love to Mr. A's.
4)Some women just wanna have fun.
5)Some are going through difficult situation because they have sufficient valid reasons in front of them to leave Mr. A's.

Now Among these five mentioned points depending upon the women and there inner self they choose it. These points can vary depending upon the time, circumstance and many other factors.

Therefore, The decision is about how to live a life with happiness after not getting the love of your life?

What would you do? Should you leave every day with compromise or should we try to find other women or men in your lives. What is your mental state of mind currently saying? Would you take the initiative and be brave with yourself and fight with every single period in your lives thinking about the person who would have been perfect partner?

There are few steps if you want happiness-

(I would suggest to think about these because I have been testing these steps with people and I still do not know if they are really going to be the final seven steps in future. A valid theory for every one of us. Just try to ponder on them too. )

Now if you want to get love that is Mr. A back in your life--

Again, there are reasons in front of you. These reasons will not let you decide against you. If you go against your reasons then it could result into problems. Such as (Your family members might say you something bad, your culture resists you, etc)

Now at this moment- Think if you are Miss B what you want? I know you cannot resist the feeling because your sister is close to Mr. A. If you are really a sister then wouldn't you want your Mr. A to come home -- May be he is interested in your sister and he might even want to get married ?

But again, His decisions are important. After hearing all these happenings if your partner understands how you are feeling then he might just let you go.

However, it all depends on the way you want to live.

Well, I am not alive. I am not human and my life is the life of an angel. I can see the pain and sorrow. I can feel what Miss Y feels about love for her life. I am a air which can just be felt. Nothing else.

I want to touch her. I want to sweep her tears from her eyes when she is feeling the pain. But I know even if she could see me, she will not feel the touch of human in me.(Because I am a angel)

I wish I could come down to earth and live for a day. I wish I could come down to be with her for a day. I wish I would touch her and kiss her. I wish, the feeling of her first touch and the first kiss. I want to experience only once. Can I?

I do not know what is happiness but I wish if I am on earth with that loving memory of her first kiss and first touch I will spend my rest of life.

I wish in finding pleasure to those feelings are called happiness then that is what I am.

At this moment and on this day -
A happiest person alive in heaven.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Anything a man does can bring him closer to the Supreme Wisdom, as long as he works with Love in his heart."

A person with loving heart could work or will work with loving will and determination. He will follow his heart even though he might be directed by his mind.

A person with loving heart has desires but at the same time destiny. Even though he might not be close to his destiny he will look at his destiny with the shadow of becoming true one day.

Optimism is the reflection of what he could accomplish in his life. Without the difficulties and problems. A person full of love only knows how to give.

Oscar wild once said, "A man kills what he loves". Is it true? Yes, might be to some extent. But what if a man lives with what he loves? Will he achieve his dreams and conquer the world.? May be he will.

Love has no beginning and no end. Love is just love in any form and in any time, circumstance or situation. Love is selfless. If you can love yourself, your body your own self then you are full of giving. A person who is full of giving is full of love.

Being wise is not only the result of love but also the result of watching through the lens of your heart to those who have suffered. Getting the lessons from not only your problems but also from those of whom you could have answered. Being wise, or being lazy is the same.

A wise has intellect and power of healing. A single word spoken or written has wide range of impact in many forms and factor.