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Wednesday, May 18, 2011


We live in a culture dominated by men. The majority of people at the workplaces are men (e.g. in government offices, private institutions and social workplaces). However, men’s dominance only cannot bring forth a real change in the society. Being a woman comes with severe and several restrictions. Many a times, she cannot make her own decisions. She cannot travel alone. She cannot participate in any healthy discussions or, even if she does, her arguments are ignored. Some countries and cultures are very good at promoting women’s participation at different levels of their society. For example, in Sweden and Finland, you will hardly see her male counterpart in private-public offices. Whichever governmental or non-governmental offices you visit, you will see women’s participation in a substantial manner. One can also say that women dominate most of

European culture. However, it is not only about the dominance of men or women but also about openness.

If one can know how good a city is by its smell, one should know how good a society is by the women’s status. Thus, women’s position is vital in many ways. In our country, women have less say than their male counterparts, and it is important to love women equally as men, simply because they go through

different sensitive emotional phases. Just imagine a world when people will stop giving birth to girls.

Santosh Kalwar, Chitwan

Published: The Himalayan Times
Letter to the Editor

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Visa suspension

The temporary suspension of applications for tier 4 student visas to Britain can be seen both in good as well as bad light (“Hard lesson,” Feb. 2, Page 6). It is good considering the extreme difficulties those who went to Britain under this system are now facing — in terms of adaptability, culture, socio-economics. For those eager to study in Britain under the “easy” 4 tier system, let them be in no illusion, it is anything but easy out there. 

At the same time, the abrupt halt in student visas is unjustifiable for if the “British concerns are genuine,” as you impute in your editorial, the UK authorities should have thought about the repercussions of the lax visa policy before its implementation. This policy smacks of British colonialism where the White folks assume they know what’s best for the rest of the world.

Santosh Kalwar

Ratnanagar-04, Tandi, Chitwan

Published: The Kathmandu Post
Letters to the Editor

Source: eKantipur 

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Press Releases:"20 Love Poems and the economy crisis"

Mr.Santosh Kalwar has yet another book lined up in his new project entitle, "20 Love Poems and the economy crisis" published by, This is the fifth book written by Mr. Kalwar.

Currently, The book is free to download in an free e-book version from publisher

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Here is the complete press-release.

Mybheja congratulates the author of the book !

Monday, May 4, 2009

Falling wage

In response to article published in Nytimes on title, "Falling Wage Syndrome" by PAUL KRUGMAN, here is what Mybheja has to say-


With all due respect, your article is very interesting and nicely informative.

Yes people are suffering because of wages cut and high competition on the job market is one reason behind such decline. There is always a chance of expecting the unexpected when it comes to present job crisis. As you said, "saving" is the best option which normally people are looking at.

At this current downturn of not and bots, What matters most is protecting what matters. Be it a Job or Health (Swine Flue..,)

Being Stranger, I cannot argue if America is going to become like Japan in case of wages decline but I think America is truly a great nation which always can come back to its originality. I personally like America since you have shown us how to "build" and "create".

You have very optimistic and confidence president, with proper advisers and proper plans, I hope the decline in wages will not flatter the entire economy.

Personally I think that, mostly this decline is because of "outsourcing", the more you send your work outside of your country especially in developed countries like India etc., in cheaper wages, the less your people will be recruited.

The companies always look for lower wages workers and higher sales. Because of such strategy, the work is being transmitted to cheaper workers in developing world.

Although, a lot research and brilliant thoughts could be put on this issue. I would like to stop by quoting Martin Luther King, "All progress is precarious, and the solution of one problem brings us face to face with another problem. "

Thursday, February 19, 2009

How to tear down walls?

Dear Readers,

With curiosity and passion of reading your ideas and opinion, I, one among you all would like also to give some words to this question, "How to tear down walls?".

May be, My explanation will not give any insights or great ideas- Please excuse me for this.

Let us get started then-

Tearing down a wall or breaking wall or breaking boundaries are simple stuffs to do. These are physical entity created by us and could easily be destroyed by us.

Many of us around here are discussing on the issue related to tearing down the walls within your self such as greed, race, religion, sex and so on.

How can we even think this could be successful? Well, those elements which are inside us are never going to change and those which are outside us are already broken.

We live by opinion and ideas, with our own philosophy of life. All those elements such as love, race, religion, life and culture etc. These are all part of every individual. These elements are different and we have our own personal "definitions" based on our personal "experiences".

When we try to listen other people's opinion and their definitions about these factors we tend to disagree and to some we agree.

Those who can lie can gain popularity easily. I do not know if there is something which called "believe". As said by Oscar Wilde, "Experience are mistakes", are we really gaining experience of are we just committing the mistakes?

A civilized society is formed when every individual in that society are bound to obey the rules and regulation which is for the benefit of their own society.

How much civilized society we have in this world? And, why do we think we are civilized? We might think that we are civilized society since we have power of intellectuals, full of resources and big fat rules which strictly has to be followed.

I feel pity for such society. The best rule in the world is No rule.
Once you start to follow the rules and regulation of your society you are bound to have "differences". When you have self differences within yourself, how can you have civilized society?

There are many examples and theories which are piled up in the dust of some libraries around the world. Those theories and books are food for rats and insects. At least some form of animals can sustain their lives with those rotten theories.

We are living by Scriptures, opinions and demoralizing elements which are root cause of our own self destruction. When will our tiny brain realize that, "We are all equal".

Difference is religion and culture has become mirror illusion. There is nothing popping up without the knowledge of others around us.

How can you break the barrier of relationships? We still are fighting for it, don't we? My first wife, second wife and so on...

Self differences inside us creates self destruction. We are destroying our destiny by creating the difference all around us. WE have walls of communism, race, relationships, religion and many those factors where our understanding is very limited.

Wake up people, please wake up....

Live the way you want to live but try to listen what others have to say too. You can always disagree but try to find what is the alternative of disagreement.

A week ago, I was watching a movie based on Jesus Christ and his life. I do not know how many times he has said, "I tell you the truth..."

When a person says, "I tell you the truth..." Is he really telling the truth?

Well, that is another point of discussion and let me not open it here. But, let me go back to the same question of how to tear down the walls?

Physically, Very simple-
1. Hire some machines which can be operated by human.
2. Use the machine to tear down walls.
3. Remove the walls
4. Now, you are successful. Good luck.

Mentally, Very Very Simple-
1. Accept everything which comes in your life.
2. Be truthful not to others but to yourself.
3. Life a life full of simplicity, the beauty will blossom along the way.
4. Respect, Obey, Follow, Give, Share, Encourage, Motivate and Smile to yourself and those around you.
5. Be like a child.
6. No human should claim he is God or (he is son of God as done by Jesus), or I am God itself. (Allah, Krishna, Buddha ...) Let us call them "Pure humans". A human with no self motives.
7. Live one day and die the same day. (How?) Do not care about yesterday and do not over think on tomorrow because you are not living in past or future, you are living now. (As I am writing this comment, I have started my day. After the sunsets and darkness prevails, I am going to end my day. I am going to die, Please do not worry because hopefully, I will be awake again tomorrow But again, hope is not with me it is for your satisfaction. I only hope to live only one day.)

Let me put it in a loop now.

Could any one of us follow 1-7 steps?


If your answer is Yes, then you are in Human civilization group.
If your answer is No, then ask yourself why not?

The Human civilization group is the world of "no difference". A world of complete peace and no walls. Where there is people and all those live are god. A pure humans existence.
(I am sorry, I have to wake up from this dream)

Alright now, I have to stop typing because I think these seven point steps will clarify what the writer ones to say.

Sorry I am still working on those seven points. Therefore, Let me put my greed attribute here-

-Author of the self published book "Nature God" and "Human behavior on the Internet".

I tell you the truth.

“I tell you the truth”, said Jesus in many of Gospels of John, and Matthews. Do you believe that whatever, Jesus said is correct? Was he really speaking the truth. One of the believe that we have is that, Jesus is the son of God. He performed many miracles and showed that the miracles performed were by the grace of the God. The Father wanted him to perform the miracles and help to those who needed the most.

Anyways, During those times too- People did not believe in him and why should they really believe? Despite some miracles, there were not so magical about the world which could have been transformed into heaven. Those who will follow Jesus will go with him in the Kingdom of the heave and those who will not follow his footsteps will go in hell or nowhere.

When the person says, “I tell you the truth”. He is then not saying you the truth but manipulating the truth. Those who seek to tell the truth never says, “I tell you the truth”.  Why should some one say, I tell you the truth so many times? The repetition of this sentence is little scary in many of the Christian Gospels or the Scriptures.

Truth is love and love is truth. There is nothing above the truth and beyond the truth. Truth starts with trust in humans and ends with giving and taking of happiness or help or healing. Those who tell you the truth can easily be trusted and should also give you help without anything in return.

You have every rights to not believe me or not to follow me. Why should you agree with me? Please disagree and I do not have any objections if you disagree.

Every religion is the same. Those who follow one single religion  loves the differences and wants to promote or market their own religion over other. Or, (May be some of them do that.)

Anyways, Religion should be such that- it should combine or unite the people not divide the people of the world. Look around yourselves, so many religion and so many gurus.  Sometimes, I think if I were a God and would have taken human form of life, would these people or religion or sect ever have realized and given my words a value? Who will believe then if I stand up tall and say, “I am God and You all have God within you”.

But who cares? God is not going to give you a job, will he? God is not going to take care of your babies neither will he find you a suitable bride or groom. So, all of your problems are your own and you have to solve them alone. By solving and showing off that you can perform miracles, you do not become God. You have to heal not one or two individuals but the entire world.

Where is Jesus or Shiva or Allah now? Are they hiding somewhere because they are too afraid of Economy Slowdown? Or, Global Crisis? When would they come out and show us that, They can make one single peaceful planet called- Earth.

Sometimes, I feel pity on those who believe in only one country, one religion, one caste, one culture, one women, one family and one. Simply because, when you think about one then you are creating difference when it comes to other.

There is nothing in the world called One, there is always Two and with this two, there exits the difference. The difference comes when we have more than one. Often, it is very good and nice to know and have differences in society, culture, country, race and religion.

Where there is good, there is bad and where there is bad there is good. Humans are just humans either it is Jesus, Allah or Shiva or anybody else who claims to be God. They are just humans as we are. Nobody else.  (Please do not believe if you do not want.)

Praying to them in search of hope is what we all do, I would recommend to those who pray, do it to yourself. You are the God and either you believe or not, you have written your “script of life”.

Well, when you were in Mother’s womb for 9 months, See during that time, you wrote your script of life. This script of life you wrote and you hide it with your own self when you came into existence in Earth. I mean, when you were physically born in Earth, you hide your script of life. Look, Clever you are.

Why? Because, you are scared if your script of life will be read by others, because, you are scared to live a boring life. You want excitement, don’t you? How would you feel nice when you can easily know what is going to come the very next moment? Therefore, it is all you. You were the one who put it somewhere hidden from your own consciousness.

Now, when you are awake, you learn, earn, gain, acquire knowledge which are just useful but not merely important because you will loose them when you will leave your own life.

Anyways, there is no God, no sects, no religion and no guru. Everything is within you and you are the creator, destroyer and healer of your own destiny, faith, love and relationships.

Your disagreement is accepted.

Good day !

Monday, February 9, 2009



Let us go first by what our renowned dictionary has to say,
1: to endure death, pain, or distress
2: to sustain loss or damage
3: to be subject to disability or handicap


My opinion on Suffering,

Suffering is another open question where this column and my thirty minutes of work on this comment or article will not be enough to all the hungry mind of PCBR (Paulo Coelho’s Blog Readers).

Anyways, Let me give a shot on “Suffering”.

Suffering inevitable, it exits and it will never fade away. As the humanity exits so is suffering. There is no remedy to it and there is no single right answer by anyone.

We are all because of Suffering, we exits because we suffer, we are living because we have to suffer. Every morning I wake up, I start my suffering and every night before I go to bed, I die. Will you belive this? Well, this is what I am.

It does not mean that, I am speaking the what Jesus spoke long time back. I am just saying that “We all are God”. We have Jesus and Mary inside us, within us. We are made up of bones, muscles and physical entiry with eternal lives of Jesus, Mary, Buddha, Allah and all.

Those people (I am sorry since I am saying them people), those were all God since they were normal human being like us. So we are too.

Christianity speaks about Jesus being the child of God, Mohammad being child of God speaks Khoran, Ram being child of God speaks Ramayan, Buddha being child of God speaks Buddhism and similar alike.

I say to all those around me, They were not a child of God but they were God and We are too. There is no child of God but only God. We all humans are God. Sufferings exits in all of us. We cannot avoid it. Sharing suffering can loosen your burden. (Well, Please disagree with me.)

Every new idea is a disagreement, Value of exisiting being is never given by us because we do not see the importance. (Why all the fuss, when Jesus was dead after being hung up for so many days in the nail pierced hands?) Why do not people realize the his value when he was alive ?

I have my own opinion which states that, “We all are God”. I agree on all the religion and respect all what they preach. You can always disagree with me on this.

Now, Let me go to the point again on Suffering-

There is nothing called “happiness, or love, or faith, or destiny or whatever…”, Everything is written well in advance when we are in Mother’s womb.

The process of writing starts from day one till nine months. These nine months are the process of writing your own scripts. The script of your life. You write it, nobody else. You do not know it, until and unless you become concisous or awake. The real awakening could take some years like 5-7 years.

When you are awake, I mean when you realize that you are alive. How? When you can see the things around you, start to remember your house, your mother, your father, your school and your religion then from that onwards your suffering starts.

Now, there is a gap between the time you are born to the time you are awake. This gap is about “adaptablity”. You are newly born and when you are newly born you want to adapt to the environment. The environment is not aboout Nature but about your home, family, religion and so on.

This is how it works. Or, atleast this is what I think.

Now, Since you have already written your script and hidden somehwere in back of your memory you do not know what you have written. It is secret script. You cannot read it all. This implies, you do not know what you have written.

Now, what your family, brother, sister, nature, country, religion will teach is observed by you. The observation will be stored in your “human brain”. The brain decides on your daily activities. The day to day work, daily hustle and bustle of your own personal lives are because of all the observation that you have done in your lives. You keep on repeating “those stuffs” which you have been influenced by or want to make some impression to.

This is how we live in Today’s world. Then suddenly, when we want to choose some career path, it does not work out. Or let us say, when you want to become Writer, you do not become writer but you end up being painter, or let us say, when you want something then that particular thing will not come in your life. (Why?)

Is this because of suffering? Yes, why not.

Suffering is already written by you now, when you want to do something agaist your own script, that will not work out my dear friend.

Nobody is to blame, only you !

There is no heaven or hell. There is nothing after death. Nothing. Trust me on this. There is nothing after death because it will be same as before you were fully “awake”.

This is cyclic, We are born, we live and then we die then again after some gap, we are born again, we live and then we die. It is the cyclic process and it continues forever and ever.

Now, some of our brilliant mind will think-if we are born again then why don’t we remember anything from our past?

It is because when we write our script in Mother’s womb, we do the same when we are near the deathbed, Just before we are going to die- the before death period of “Nine Months”, we start to Erase everything that we wanted to do and did, being on this Earth.Our Consciousness, will fade away at that period.This is simple explanation.

Now, let me again look back to what Paulo’s question- Ok, I am sorry Christian question,
Is suffering important to get enlightenment ?
Well, for this I have already written one Newspaper Journal, you can find it here-
“Anyone can be a Gautam Buddha…”

My Mother always used to say,
Sukh-ke-sub-saathi-dukh-me-na-koi. (Plenty of friends in happiness, none in Dukh or disquietude or suffering.)

I think this is the process of life, No one wants to share Suffering because you just have to suffer your own sufferings. Nobody will help you suffer your sufferings. You are the creator of your sufferings.You just have to solve your own sufferings. It is easy. You need some time and you will figure it out that, you have solved your sufferings.

By the meanwhile, you can enjoy some videos on this topic-

Spiritual fun-

Hippie’s fun-

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Words are speechless.

Some times in life, we have to take things as they are and not the things as they might will be. Imagination is unbounded. It has no limit. Every individual in this earth has great ideas. All these ideas are not countable. The ideas that are liked by many is countable.

Some times we have to make compromises based on these ideas and the hypothesis that we believe or we make our own world. Believing in what is unknown makes you realize that you are close to that unknown.

People are inventing everything from scratch. It is very easy. The invention is an art accepted by like minded people. Those who do not accept, they are not inventors. Those who admire are advivsers. Those who create are called creators. Those who develop are called developers. How about those who do not do anything ? Should they be called "users".

The process of Nature is divided into two major categories. One is that which gives and another is one who takes. Nature gives and we take. WE give and Nature takes. The process is bi-directional. It occurs every time we desire it to occur.

Nothing is independent in itself. These random thoguhts are generated inside my random mind. I cannot understand why it is always empty. The mind is all the times filled with content. These content are acheived from or gained from memorable experiences, lesson learned and careful observation.

When you know yesterday that, "Mrs. A is bitchy, you will make an assumption that she will show same kind of behavior today as well". How about changing the attitude ? Will that be possible ? We can easily try to change the attitudes of those around us but how about changing our one ? How easy or difficult the process is?

However, These random thoughts are generated in my mind and I do not have to go anywhere to check for the problem. For some, it could be seen as problem and for some it could be seen as creativity.

Whoever sees in whatever way, the end result is does these content make an any sort of impact on your mind or not ? Do you really want to learn what I am trying to say with these thoughts. Did you realize what is missing on these content with the title. Are you really satisfied ?

You do not have to let me know. Just ask yourself. Where are you visitng. From one page to another.In serch of what ? You are the same person who is searching "Sex" on the Google and you are the same person searching "God" in another Google Search Page. Why do you maintain two different identity of lust and religiousness. What is good or bad with multiple identities ?

Whatever it is, these are some kind of patterns that we as the human generate and most of the times these patters are quite similar to one another.

Well, The words are speechless since the words do not have mouth of expression. These speechless mouth of expression are thoughts of that individual who does not know what he is writing.

Therefore, It is good to go back and search again "..." on some web pages. Good luck ! Watch out, you may really find what you are looking for. Be aware of God visiting your room some day. I am waiting for the explanation to be heard.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Potential of Nature.

Religion is the great thing to explore. It has divided a humans in many group sectors. We are today called based on our ethnicity. We humans can have one religion or multiple religion. It is totally based on our family members and mostly the place where we are born.

There is Hinduism, Christianity, Buddhism, Muslim, Jews, Jihad and many more religion that people follow or worship. When two different people from two different religion meet they would like to speak more about their own religion than listen others people religion.

To learn from all the religion, one should first listen to others religion and respect others religion as of one's own. No one is world will learn what are the real message of the religion because it is based on some form of rules which guide such person or community.

I do not believe in one single religion and none of religion to me make any sense. Only because all have their own sides of reaching to god and getting to Nirvana or complete peace. Any methods or procedure or even mediation will never lead to the Nirvana.

Any person living in world can get enlightenment there is nothing wrong in knowing or learning and being enlightened.

As I have always been saying that religion divides the people, country, culture and many more aspects of human thinking. In the race of "my things, my country, my land, my ..stuffs and things " are the best none of the things that are related to "my" is really yours.

A person will never realize till his existence if I would say that none of the "my" things that you have been saying are yours, only because to know this fact he/she has to come out of the wordly affairs the person is intact with and see himself dead. A fear of death should not exist to see that none of the things that people say, or thinks are of them are theirs.

If I say, my life, my things and my country is better than yours then I am not listening or not getting any knowledge from your country but rather trying to persuade you. See yourself as temporary existing in this earth. See yourself living just for a day. All others things your past, future, your dreams are just vague and useless.

These will hurt only because these are real truth and the real truth always hurts. I do not want any humans to get depressed by learning from this but I am trying to say that just find the happiness in living without expectations.

Every thing is being overused and none of the things are being seen from the perspective of Nature. Remember the history, the history of science that we have been studying and that has resulted the significant change is the world is because of Nature phenomenon and observation. Without nature and its great surprising events we would have not reached from the stone age to the golden age of development.

All the great people admire Nature which we should do as well. Try to learn from it. There are lot of thing which still needs to be figured out. We are just utilizing Nature potential which is just the beginning. Once we try to learn from it, Nature itself will presents us the answer to the unsolved question that has been flowing in our brain all around.

Thinking is what is needed to move ahead in life. The beauty of living is that, every day when we wake up you see the day with early morning rise of sun as the normal procedure. Every day is just there and present. Existence of human life sees such days, and we do many of the things to accomplish out life purposes but our existence ends and life purposes some times remain unfulfilled.

Have you seen any old dieing human saying that "I am satisfied with my life, I want to die now." None of us are satisfied or barely satisfied just because we are living just to fulfill our dreams. These dream some time may come true but many of the times they fall apart not because of lack of concentration but because of over expectations.

Live a life just like there is no tomorrow. Love to the person who you loves you just like you will not leave her/him for the next very second. Expect nothing simply because the next second of your life is not undiscovered, above all smile to yourself to respect you are doing good to live in that second.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We all are GOD.

Welcome to a new place, a place where there is no one except you. A place which looks very fearful, a place where there is only darkness and no sun light. A place where there are only green trees and sound of violent animal all around.

Only thing you can see is the no one except you and you are in this jungle kind of place where only your screams are heard and nothing else. You can shout but no one will response in that shout. You can scream loud and no one will response instead. It is just like a night mare . However, the place is real and you have to face the consequences of being there. It was all in your mind. You wanted to be there no body else. You wanted to visit such place even though you do not like to explain it to any body but you have to now tell what happened in this place. A strange place, a place which no one would ever like to be, and never ever want to visit again.

You want to run but there is nowhere you can reach. you are hungry and you want to eat food but there is nothing except the green trees and wild animals. you want to hide but there is nothing that you can hide. You are trying to find why you reached in this place ? you are surprised and now you want to escape, from a reality. You can only see the ocean in one side when you travel and in the next side never ending jungle. There are thousand questions in your mind and you want them all answered. Who is going to answer all your questions ?

You are terrified, worried, anxious and very frightened deep inside you. You want a change, You are fed up eating green leaves, and fruits of the trees, you suddenly want to kill those animals who are making noise and giving you trouble when you asleep. You are really angry with them-Now, you start finding some techniques to kill them. You suddenly realize that well, you can kill them by hitting them with some stones but when you tried they ran away from you. You failed, now you tried to kill them with some trees trunks or some kind of sharp stone that you found. You attempted to kill one, next day you succeed and then you finally saw a blood in them. You are happy that the very animal will not give you problem but you also wanted to taste the blood of that animal. Slowly, you start eating them. You liked the taste and now you do it more than often.

Next day you saw an animal mating with another animal. You are thrilled to see such thing happening in front of you. You want to experience the same but the big problem now lies is how can you find the similar animal like you. You saw it and now you want it. When you first see it then you felt what if I do the same ? What will happen ? Is it tasty as the meat of the animal I killed ? In search to quench the thirst of the mouth you now went in search of similar animal like you.

You traveled, made a long journey but you can hardly see any body who looks similar to you. Until one day, you saw one animal who had these two orange hanging in their chest and long long hair similar to you and was looking almost similar to you. At first you were frightened that the animal is strange and might be of danger. You attempted to kill her. You tried to throw some sharp weapon towards her and kill her but she escaped. Now you wanted to see her, meet her and tell her you look similar but she was gone.

Next day, you saw her again. This time she was shocked and surprised to strange man like you. She approached you, and touched you. You were sleeping at that time. Her touch made you feel strange. You felt some thing happening inside you. you wake up with the strangely. you shouted towards her, you said,.. ah ah ah.. the meaning in those words were clear- do not touch me. Later, after a while she touched you, touched your whole body and you felt very good. Slowly you thought your main aim of mating with like the animal and you started the process of doing it. She did not agree but your touch, your kiss and you approach towards her led her open towards you. you did what the animal do and then finally you enjoyed it.

Following day, you wanted to do more and you stayed there with her. You repeated the same thing time and again, almost every day until one day she was pregnant and you were very happy to see something strange coming out of her. You do not wanted anybody or any animals or any insects or anything to touch her. you were only devoted to her deeply, she gave birth to four child in a row. You were surprised to see so many of your children. You now started to fetch food for them, find a simple place where no rain, snow, wind and heat will disturb your family. You made a simple hut which led to one simple family living happily.

One day when you were searching for food you found the same kind of huts in a jungle with couple of family, you then talked in the language that they understood. Finally you moved to the same place and a community was build.

A process of human development started similarly like this- the big question is who made the first man and women ? Was it GOD ? The answer is big NO.

We are similar to animals who now rule the world and religion is created by one of the man from a community who wanted all his fellows to follow him. He was the person who made the rules, regulation and a proper system so that none of the people will fight or go for war. We call that person now as GOD but that is just our own way of looking at that person. Stop violence and spread the message of love. We all are GOD. We all have capability to rule not others but ourselves. Just sit idle and think.

Tuesday, June 24, 2008


Well, a great day with a morning showing a great glory. A nice fresh air just outside a corridor with a deep fresh air going down the body and giving a feeling that you are alive. A fresh air and a fresh start of the day.

Many of the times we worry about many of the things in our life and we are not sure about if that things are going to work for us or not. Why do we feel that something should work for us ? What is that keeps us guessing all the time ? Is it just the function of our brain or is it just some hallucination. Is it our desire or is it that we really are eager to get.

When we are worried about certain things then that particular thing does not work as per we want. It is because we will desire of the things but the desire of those things will not bring the success in our life. Every great things are free. Internet is free, I would not say that love is free because love is totally different than what we think love is or love should be or in some form of definition of love. Many of the things are free in the world. One example of free things is- Smile. It is for free.

A golden life that we have is for free, a distance we travel by our foot is free. A mind which is free of values, ethics, religion, authority, differences is the pure form of mind. A mind which is at early of the existence. It will not ask or it will not want or have a desire for the things. It will work accordingly, it will work as per it thinks or as per it should work. It is not directed by anyone nor it is by any organization, religious body or any other events. It is alone and at the same time it is with every one.

It is doing many of the things which we would think of doing. It will be there and it will give the pleasure or satisfaction of being there or achieving when somethings are being done. How do you feel when you finish a hard day work ? It gives you pleasure. It tell you that, now i can relax. now is the time that i am happy or now is the time i am getting rid of this task.

I would call it as breaks. A break or time interval between any task is important. It is utmost necessary. How many of us, take breaks between our work ? Well, Many of us do. We take break and some times we take many of them just to get out from the work. It relaxes the mind. It will give a something beyond what we are doing to think about.

A person should not be bounded by one thing, he should be deeper than the lakes and deep than the deepest ocean in the earth. When you measure a person by his strength than many of the times we see the grades of his degree. It is not correct. Academic judgment and real life judgment of the person is not same. Many great person who created the world as today do not had a good college degrees. A lot of example could be seen. It should not avoid or make you feel that you should also do the same but it should make you relax by giving you a feeling in you- Do not worry. Keep on doing the things you like the most and one day, those things which you like the most will give something in return to you.

Want, desire and all these are just a flick of our brain. A brain triggers every seconds and it demands many of the things from us. There is an influence of brain not only from you but it can be from other brains too. I mean, from your friends, relatives or some one who is near you. One has to learn to handle his/her brain then you could start behaving a brain which comes close to you.

Well, it is just a process and it is not as difficult as it might sound. Welcome to the world where you handle your activity and you are the creator of your sufferings, you do the changes in you which make you look inside you and finally you become a light for yourself.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Life and Death

Life and Death are two different things. By seeing or looking at the first word called life we feel most of the times happy, we think the term "life" will bring lots of joy, one feels excited whenever we use this term with any other sentence or words we feel as if we are living and we have nothing to do except living.

Once we start talking about the word "death", we think the person who is talking is either depressed or is not cool or is talking something boring. Every body knows that it cannot be changed but how many of us realize the fact that one day we are going to die. We know but how about the realization about it.

One thing is for sure, Death cannot be changed but it could not denied that during life we do many deeds and that deeds could never be changed even by death. We start living and the moment we start living we "do", whatever we do either good or bad is recorded in some way to a society and these are later examined after our death. One should not forget the fact that, ideas never die. We live our life and we live for a dream the dream once start fulfilling even after the death will be recognized.

Every body lives a life, every body has there own story to say, every body in earth has their own problems, own culture, own castes, own values and own way of living the life but why do we salute those who lives not for themselves but for others ? We should salute every body, don't you think ? Therefore, those person who lives for others are very rare and very small in number we salute them, we worship them and we follow their path only because they have their rules, procedures, own way of living a life we like to follow them.

We follow them but following them does not makes us safe neither does it will create a relief in our life. It is because we can be the members of any religious organization, any place, any gurus but they will just tell you what to do, what not to do and what to follow and what not to follow. Since they tell all these things, they are not letting you know yourself the values of religion, love, life and many more things. How can you see all these important aspects in your life when you yourself are putting a handkerchief in your eyes. When you wear a glass, wear such glass which can make a picture clear not those kind of glass which will not let you see anything.

It is easy to make people fool as we can see now a days, many organization, many gurus and many such Babas are existing in this world now but they will not let you explore your life, they are making every body blind. When you are blind you cannot see the life, experience for yourself and then you will come to know.

Life is not easy as it looks, many of us like to waste the time and do not want to do anything only because we think doing is very boring and it is not cool to waste all the energy just to do. Once you do not do any waste your time just like that then during those period you will come to know that wasting times makes you more lazy and life more boring. Imagine you have enough food to eat, enough money to spend and when you start wasting your time you will come to know then that life is not worth wasting.

It is understanding the phenomenon that we got to live and we have to do something in life to live. It is not collecting money to become rich it is to earn a little and get satisfaction. When you will start finding satisfaction in the things you do, day to day you will come to realize that. Life is worth living.

Have a great Weekend !

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I was born handsome, I will die handsome.

Hot summer day, shining with the bright blue sky and on the top of that the barbecue party at the center of the apartment with smiling and beautiful faces all around. The day was shining as it always does with many of new and exciting faces just showing the signs of joy and madness at the same time.

It was pleasant to be in the group of all men and women. Some of them were ready to go back home in the summer after the completion of there studies in Filand. Many of them were just coming to see off them. I was there to see all those of them.

It was good to be in group of all the handsome men and beautiful women. I was excited too. I said to my friends-"I was born handsome and I will die handsome". The quote became a joke and it was a funny statement to start my cheerful day.

We took a pictures, we smile, we laugh, we cook and we also eat a lot of healthy delicious and mind boggling food. It was amazing mixture of champigne and Vodka. My nature does not allow me to be so sober in such case. I mixed them both. It was amazing, quanity of alcohol rose upto 72% which when passing though the mouth felt as if i am putting the fire into it.

It might might have helped my cought just because may be it burned it out or something. Anyways, it was exciting and wonderful to see people with hopes of returning and starting from all over again. There were many who were depressed to see there friends going or leaving and there was a stupid guy like me who was sitting in one corner and smiling at seeing people cry.

Some times It takes lot of hard work to become strong and some times you cannot resist it all the along. It is by nature which has given me some power to sustain in most of the difficult situations. I can resist the wind, I can also resist the storm but I cannot resist the love.

The very "I" allows me to think and I am able to think now that "I" is some body who lives inside me who is childish, strong and Natural then the person who sees me by my Name. There are two person but people cannot see the two it is my responsibility to see one as two.

After the awesome Barbecue and good taste of food. It was the time to take a deep rest. Go back to bed and sleep but again how am I suppose to finish the day just like that-then I suddenly decided to see a movie. I saw a fantastic movie called- "Into the wild". A movie which reminded a lot about the Nature, moment, learning, walking into wild places, listening to your heart and deciding what is most important in life.

A movie which will guide you to forget all the material possessions and just live for the sake of living. A movies which does not ask you to follow the rules but to ask other to follow yours.

The day went good and as it always does. People may live some years before they die, "I live for one day and I die the same day". It is quite suprise and awkward for many to see the statement like the one I mentioned.

I do not have ... years to go or I have spent ... years in my life. I am just one day old or some hours old right now just because I woke up 3 hours ago. Therefore It makes me 3 hours old. Now, when I go back to bed in the evening then I am going to my death bed. It is the time I want to take rest from all my sins, all my pleause and all my good, bad, or whatever deeds.

Yesterday my brother who lives in Australia asked me-how come you have so many words in your mind everyday ? How are you able to write some thing everyday.? I write just because It is my passion, I write just because I do not know anything. I write just because I know there are people who read it. I am not worried about the mistakes, like grammatical or construction or whatever but I write just to write.

I will be helpful to those who will suggest me but I am again helpful to those who does not have anything to say too. Everything is art. Everything is creativity. All the women in earth are beautiful, all the religious places are best and awesome. All these places may be called with different name but the messege of all the religous places are the same.

All the women are beautiful only because all the women are same around the world. They might not look same but they are physically similar. They have this two ballons in their chest, a quite complicated structure. It might seem as if it is too easy but it is difficult at the same time.

The sound of raindrops back my windows remind me of my old days when I used to be with one beautiful women together. Now, It is my aloness which reminds me that it is the first lesson of love.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Are you awake ? Good-Now go to the bathroom and do your morning activities. Ok, So you are on your way-Prayed GOD for the beautiful bright sunny day and now you want to go bathroom. But suddenly some one called you. Wait.

Hello, Kalwar- "Either you clean or else you will be kicked out of this place".

Wow !

Good Morning in this place. I know it is good to speak the truth, I know it is very nice to speak the reality and say that you are not good at what you do. I know it. I am not trying here to say that I am right or he is right or some one else is right.
The reality is that Early in the morning before even going to bathroom and brushing your teeth your mate asked you something or says you something that really hurts.

The truth hurts. It is not acceptable by any standards if we do not clean and do not save if you are in other countries. We should always respect the people, energy, whatever like culture, religion, sex, and whatsoever of that country only because that country has give a lot of things to you.

When their are bad times in your life-more bad times comes. It is the phenomenon where every door gets closed, every friends become your enemy and every person you believe would help would not.

In the process of learning we do mistakes, I have not seen any one being perfect. The man who said the words even he does many mistakes but he never wants to accept it. Ok, I did the mistake of not cleaning. Now, Please do not throw me out of room only because I would not afford it and It is difficult times I am going through.

Why should I listen to you ? You are suffering that is your problem. The problem is not mine. The problem is yours and you should solve your problem. Wow. Isn't it so nice. You see others problem and you do not even want to give comment or suggestion or some words that might heal the persons problem you just want to say something that every unknown person would easily say.

Bad days are the days when you do not anything to do, you have skills, education and everything which can easily support your work but only problem you face is that you will be man full of problems. You search here and you search their which gives you nothing. You are a man with emptiness.

It is very easy to complain. Before doing any complain put yourself in others man situation. I know why should some one do it ? But it would be nice to think like that. It will give you some realization that you are being killed every moment. Why the hell in earth you exist ?

Now after getting a very hot Good morning news you go to bathroom do your all activites and think that well, this is life. You got to face it whatever way it comes. It is harsh, it really hurts but why should you worry. Problem you face always get multiplied when you are in deep shit.

It is easy to complain we always do that in our life. We have complain about food, about religion, about GOD, about life, about our car, about study, about whatever we get. It is easy to complain because complain will give us excuse. It will makes us feel that we are superior. Whatever we do and we did are best. We are the best and we have supriority over whatever things or humans or earth we complain about.

It is very easy to seat in drivers seat and complain about some one who is walking in long long highway. The seating in drivers seats means you are comfortable, you have money, you have all the necessary things in your life you want. Now you can easily do what you want.

I am worried in the first place I thought my prayers were heard couple of days ago and I was really happy about it. I thank to GOD for his quick reaction. Now, I would be able to sleep with some good gratification and satisfaction. But the problems multiplies if you are in real problem. Some one just said it that either you do it or you are out. Therefore I have to do it and make that everything is alright and satisfy. If in case I am out- It will really be problem then.

Let me see, we are not perfect said once a friend-Yes we are not. We do mistakes we learn and we should be direct about it. But some times when you are get bite early in the morning before even having taken your morning coffee it hurts. If I were the guy who was angry then probably I would have waited for the right time and would have said in different way. It is easy to make some one cry. Very easy. Say something that is hurtful and the person will get hurt.

How many people in day you hurt ? Every thing is words. If you are polite and at the same time direct then it won't hurt that person but when you are not polite about what you say surely the people get hurt. I am not proving that I am right or worng. I am just explaining my situation.

Hopefully by the grace of GOD everything goes fine and I would not be the victim. Yesterday another nice thing I heard that was in company in UK they ask for traineeship only those person who have valid EU,EEA and UK permit. Those who belong to first world.

Since I come from place where we are looked as minorities and thought as if we are helpless, poor, underpriveliged, uneducated people more importantly the people from third world where people believe that we do not have good rules and regulation, do not have proper manners, and many more. How could someone get a permission to even get traineeship. Their is no opportunity for the people like us.

I am thankful to the country where I am getting opportunity to study. I am thankful to all the people in this country, culture, religion and environment, Nature Thanks for atleast beliving in my or our potential and giving us life changing opportunity.

But I am not thankful to those who makes rules. Those rules sucks. The rule which states "you come from third world, go to your place." In the world where people are measured with the power of their mind still people measure you from the place you come from. Every body wants change, do not worry as longs as we want the change we will get it because it is humans(us) who wants to change.

If nature changes-the whole of human kind will be go in trouble. The days are getting shorter for that. One day, Even the Nature will change. At that time we all will realize that we are and we should be "One", without any discrimination of caste, culture, country, religion, sex, ethnicity, and many more differences.

Monday, April 28, 2008

GOD inside us.

New lesson is always their to learn, Visited the church today-felt like I am close to god. People often say that god is repulsive, imaginary and unbelievable sometimes. I do not know.

My answers would be-I think GOD exits in all of us, the way we speak, the way we think, the way we give our opinion, in our emotional, personal, recreational and all other activities. We should not search for him. He resides inside us. He lives inside us. Every breath we take-he gives us that breath. The ounce of breath that we breath is provided by him.

The bread that we get to eat, the food we always taste, the smell that we smell, the beauty that we see, the love that we share-is the GOD gifts to us. He shares everything with us but we never figure out and we think he is invisible, repulsive and make some thought that he do not answer.

It is not about one single religion, one nation, one person-He exits in all religion but in many different form. He exits in each one of us. He offers us whatever we want. He is the best provider and he plans all our future.

He loves us more than we can think of what love is, we are a treasure to him. He is great curator, he cares us, We need not have to delight him, he is always delighting us. He is the one the greatest encourager.

We may some time suffer, We may have million reason for cry but during all those moment he is taking care of us. Nothing will separate his love to us. He resides on us as our father. He is their in silence watching us, teaching us, taking care of us all the time.

He has a big diary for each of us, He knows our future, he also knows what we are going to do next. He is not worrried because he also know we are getting worried to know what next in our life. He will make us feel better every step we take.

He is the greatest of great, he is the simplest of simple and he is the truthful of truth. In him lies every thing that we can even think of. He will show us the path we need to walk, if we fall in the path he will also pick us up and take us to the exciting journey of our life.

Do not ever feel alone-just because you are not part of church, some organization, some religion because by not being the part of those aspects or in such activities you are not being like others but you are being yourself.

If you become yourself-that is the first lesson of love. The aloneness will teach you many different things when you need them. When you are alone do not ever imagine you really are alone. The GOD resides you at the very moment inside you. Every help you need, ask him. He will find some solution for you.

You may loose your all friends, all your family, all your people near you but you will be very close to your self. The self is your spirit. The spirit of GOD. He will tell you, direct you and give you the suggestions. Whatever suggestion that he presents you are the suggestions from the GOD. Those will never change, those are for your benefit, those are for your future. Those are direct gifts from him just for you.

Oh Jesus, Oh Allah, Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Oh ... , Oh GOD ...,

Help those in need, give us the blessing that we can serve those in need. Bless us with the power of love, lessons and whatever it takes to serve others who are dieying at the moment, those who are starving for food, those who do not have place to go and those who are facing complicated problems in their life.

It might not seem good to mix all the GOD, but my religion is no religion. I follow all the religion. I do not hesitate to eat the beef, at the same time I can also fast for one day and visit Hare Krishna temple. At the same time, I can go to Allah, and pray to him. All the people associated with different religion are just a messenger of GOD.

It is not the messenger I pray, I pray the lessons that they presented during their existence in this earth. I pray to those divine and holy message. I pray to those scriptures, those sentence that they create for the well-being of society and in the name of GOD.

Every body comes naked and has to go Naked. It is only when we get into some age we start to wear clothes and do not show our body inside those clothes. It is similar, we all wear the choice of clothes we like, we all pray and follow the religion we like. Because our real "I" knows that after we have to go Naked and we came Naked.

My intepretation might be great matter for discussion. We can always discuss. GOD is the holy spirit inside us who will take us with him to his home oneday after we finish our work in Earth. His home is very beautiful, one of the best place, the word best might be limited to some extent depending on the way of visulalization, I would say it is the perfect place.

Smile, even you feel lonely, even if their is no one around you, even if you are thought as if you are no one just an ordinary guy from some third world country. Smile is the answer. A simple smile will answer most foolish of question people ask you.

A simple smile will tell you that no one is perfect, a simple smile just like a new born child does when he sees his father does. It is so perfect. The simle should be simple like that. Every thing we do, everything we see, everything we want to perform are mind thoughts our mixture with the earthy matters which always tries us to take away from GOD.

By being close to him, one can imagine a life which just might seem magical. When I say that I was returning from the church- I saw one small kid riding a bike, he was moving in very speed in his bike. He crossed just as we bunch of guys were walking or coming from church. Then the guy applied the brakes and I thought in my mind that "Is he not fallen from the bike ?". I saw the guy at that very moment he was not fallen from the bike-he was still in his bike but just after few seconds he fell, and I smiled by seeing all this event that was happening around me.

No body took care of it. I was surpised to see that. I was thinking is it just a concidence then I thought well-It might be but again I thought Their is never an concidence in our life. Because of our earthy matters we think it is concidence, we find reasons where the reason will just give us excuse. Nothing more.

We all look different, we all have some task in our life to perform, we work every day and night to make our life success, to get good job, get a bungalow, earn good money and make life comfortable. In the process of doing all those events we forget that we should behave just like simple humans. Help others, see if others are smiling or not. Look on their faces, try to find out the reality, try to see, guess and understand what others are feeling at the same time.

It is not the big things that you need to do in order to make some one in need happy, just a simple words. Just a smile, Just a words that do not ever cost anything to you will do the trick.
Welcome to the world where nobody gives damn to what you think, every body is very busy, every body is so busy in their life that they do not have time for even their own kids, even their friends and family.

It is not just bounded by one country, one religion, and one community it is everywhere. The context might be different but the story remains the same. It might be told in different language, and different ways of delivery but the message and impact is the same.

Big question is how to change ?

Change should be brought within ourselves, if we change our country will change, slowly people around us we change and even the religion, sex, cultural aspects everything will change.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Brain and Heart

Some times, When you expect something to happen for you. It does not happen. When you least expect the thing to happen to you at that very period the things happen. Today was quite a surprise day to me in some manners.

Welcome to the world of exception, the unexpected journey where we move like a random particles constantly in motion. We just move, meet new particles and then we share values, emotion, culture, religion, food, fun and everything else that has needed to be fun or we think we should enjoy or share with them.

In the journey we are excited, we do not know what will happen next. the beauty just lies in not knowing what is going to happen next and that is the true beauty. The beauty lies in the eyes of beholder. How can some one even judge it through the eyes ? Just only eyes are not enough to judge a person or see the beauty of other person you need to communicate through the others person eyes to your eyes and slowly from that person eyes to the your heart.

When you communicate you will know that your brain is making some king of communication with your heart and it tries to talk with the heart but the heart does not allows it to talk with the brain because brain always thinks about the basic stuffs. It thinks about the food, the money for weekend party, the job, the work load, the things that are on in your mind, the work you are going to do in the near future and so on.

Whereas the heart does not think about the money, not about the religion, not about the culture or nor about race, sex, anger or whatsoever. When you take your thoughts close to your heart than you realize that you are being the victim of attraction. You are being close to yourself.

Some times people get puzzled about my how I think, I write but I do not worry about what others are doing beside me only because I work both with my mind and my heart. When you will be able to work both the parts of your most system, you will realize the true beauty of being alive.

The brain always is the way it is and it will not change. It will ask you to pay your bills, it will ask you to think about your career and it will ask you to look after you life in controlled manner. The heart does it in different ways totally different.

What heart does is the true beauty. Listen to your heart be close to what you feel, because these are important than what your brain asks you or always demands from you.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Life without you.

Women are powerful, women are creative and women are most beautiful animal GOD has ever made. They are much more stronger than all we men. Men may have the powerful muscles but women has powerful brains. They are naturally strong because of what they have to go through every month.

Why are women most beautiful than men ? Their may be thousand of reasons behind that- It may be because of the structure they have which is quite different than all men. It may be because they are universal receivers. It may be because they have thousand of capabilities to take things for granted.

When it comes to relationship, it is different. As the relationship needs the combination of two people it needs the commitment of both girl and boy. We are in the world where two are quite different in the way they think, in the way they talk and in the way they live their life.

Women knows the reality despite that also she won't forget to do makeups, she knows that one day all her make up is going to be useless but instead of that she wont' forget to put it on. My personal experiences says I have seen many women wearing makeup even in her late 70's. What might be the reason behind that ?

Is it because they still believe they are attractive ? Is it because they think they should all the time put it ? Is it because they are given impression that they are beautiful animal in the world. Whatever might be the reason one reason is common to attract men.

Selection is big process for them, they will go out date with those guys who they like, they will make love with those guys who they wish to and they will break up with those guys who they don't want to stay with. In the process of relationship, it is mainly their decision that counts. It is the decision of women that matters and sometimes even hurts.

Women always wants to show off, but it can be limited. It is not true with all women. Mostly they would like to show to other women how much beautiful they are, how good men they are playing with and how their life is better than any other women. Therefore some body rightly made an statement that "All women like famous men".

To sum up, as summing up cannot be determined in case of women- I would say that women are beautiful, you must go out with her, make love with her , try to show that you like her or love her or do whatever she asks from you in spite of all these you will have to know one fact that you are still alone and she is never going to die for you.

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Thanks god I am alive. I wake up thinking that I will be dead but suddenly I realized that I am alive, started to look at the weather outside my door it was cold, dark and raining.

How do you feel when some one speaks bad word about you ? Surely, you will not feel good but what will happen if you just do not care about what others have to say. Just be yourself.

It is the way of living a life, be yourself, by yourself be cool and calm. The movie I was yesterday was "why did i get married?" The lesson of movies is such that their are 4 couples and all these couples have problem in their marriage.

Each and every one wants to save the relaitonship. The relationship is really difficult thing to save. One thing that is catchy to the movie is about 80/20 rule. The rule I guess which has been explained nicely.

When we are married our life suddenly starts boring only because we are fed up seeing the same face time and again. The same wife each and every time with the same stuff or the same body.

Even though, she does laundry, prepares food, washes dishes and many others little things that we could not do without a women. What happens is some how other girls come in the husband's life and we like the other girl. These girls are "20". The wife is "80".

These character in the movie they have problems with their marriage but suddenly they found out one way of making it work out again just by putting everything their spouse has done in one single paper, All the negative things that your spouse has done in one side of paper and all the positive thing that your spouse has done in other side of it.

When the negative things come up more than positive things just let it go but when positive things are more than negative you will then realize what is needed to be done.

The movies is good and you should watch it once. Next movie I watched was about "After sex". This movie is very short and simple. It is all about how you feel after just mating with your partner.

The movie explains by saying that love is like a guessing game where you guess each and every time and no one is in the win-lose situation. You are every time guessing and you just guess each and every time.

Sex is the situation where both male and female are open to each other, open to show share the feelings together. In this situation both the partner are in situation where they win. It is guessing game where their is an end but love is the guessing game where their is no end.

Both movies where fantastic, It was good to get some lesson from the movie. Have a good weekend to dearest Readers.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nature, Desire and Destination

The nature of wind is to blow, the nature of water is to cool, the nature of sun is to glow, the nature of sky is to show and the nature of nature itself is Natural. Every entitty living in the earth has some kind of nature. Some sorts of natural phenomenon which makes then different.

Women fall into the darkness of trap of desire and destination. Can someone please suggest me what is the nature of Women ? Ask a women, Even she does not know. Ask the professor who is teaching women behaviour, even he will not give the exact or correct answer. The nature of women is desire and destination which fals into unknown mysterious land and some women goes to pick desire mostly but some they pick destination.

I was reading an article by PETE MacDONALD "Mom its me, your son, finally" Which describes a true virtue of being a women and being "alone". I don't know if it will be right or wrong to say that women are those sorts of animal who needs either constant support of Man or Man's trust.

I believe every women in this planet needs both-support( legally, financially, socially, emotionally, family+lly etc ). I am not saying this is the fact and I know no one will believe me if I say so, only because I am alive. People give credits to other people only when they are dead. When they are alive no one will or try to give the credits.

I, the very self or I is something which always demands of you all the time. It asks you that you have to do this, you have to do that and so on.Talking about desires and destination we never know what is our destiantion or what might be our destination only because we are living in destiny. How can we predict the things ? Can some one tell me that I know what is going to do next but the output will be exactly the same as I wish, not barely output but "goin to do" will be "done".

How can people be sure that they can handle their life, they are the best and they are the creator of their sufferings. We cannot. We cannot determine what is going to happen or who is going to do what. We are just like a random particle constantly in motion, meeting together, sharing values, emotion, interest and falling apart. We are vast sea of ocean deep unfulfilled with emptiness.

Some times it makes me feel that we are always a player or the script which is given to us. We do what people called GOD tells us to do. We are playing the script written by some one else.

Now, to end the start of un-interesting and boring words let me tell you that we are not what we think we are and we think we are only because we are not what we should be. Don't get confused. It might look confusing but the confusion comes in your mind only because the words enter inside your brain and these words are difficult in your brain to process. Your brain is limited as people think my brain(bheja) is. We invented the computers which can do thousand task and we are creating program which can make computer do thousand stuffs but at the same time we are loosing one aspect which people might not agree with me- We are loosing what we are destined to do most. We are loosing "our brain".

Brain and Mind is two different things which can be discussed later. I hope you got the point of this article the point is- Don't worry be cool, calm and relax ! Enjoy what you like most. Do what you feel good and listen to your inner (GOD). Don't fall into trap of listening too much of only him. Control him rather than he controlling you.

More to come ... I don't know when ...

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