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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Women Vagina

A good news for those women now who wants to go back to the virginity again. Reading the article posted in New York times, I laughed many more times than the words in the article.( It describes about the Muslim women can go back to the virginity again by simple operation in the private clinic and many more cool launches has been done for the sake of it. It is now affordable in a cheap price.

Some times it makes me laugh and some times the same topic makes me feel as it this is not good. Once you loose your virginity what is the use of doing all drama and going back to do the operations for the sake of nothing. It means that you want to live a life with your new partner with a sense of insecurity. What if one day the person finds out the truth and knows that you already had loosen your virginity by sleeping with some body else.

It is very difficult topic how we see the sex and women in many different places of the world. In europe, it does not matter a girl can sleep with those she wants to and the next day she can go and sleep with some body else. Despite the fact that a women has a son or daughter it is not the problem of another men accepting her as a wife. In contrary, in Muslim or most of the Asian world this fact is not accepted as it is seen here in Europe.

Most of the men from those part of the world will not tolerate is a women sleeps with other men or have loosen virginity just like that. It is important to keep the virginity in tact for many women. Some times I feel myself being a women and I try to feel the pain. Men will always feel relaxing or they get total joy in the pain but how about the women. Do they really feel the joy in the pain. May be to some extent but what if the extent is not extended ? What if the pain in not bounded to certain limit ?

Why do a women have to remain her virginity ? May be the question will not try to find the clear solutions but the answer to the question will also not give the proper valuable solution only because Men like to feel the pleasure through pain. I have seen very few who does not see pleasure through pain but many men does.

In europe, a women is respected in all aspects. She has the rights to decide with whom to stay and with whom to divorce. A men just follows what she think is right. A women has equally power on decision making whereas in Asia or Muslim world Men are the leaders and power is not equally divided among women. Most of the women are working in home as a house wifes or doing some minor jobs but most of the time the breadwinner is Men and he is the decision making body.

Well, Virgin or no virgin does not matter as long as a true love between both the species exits. It does not matter a vagina used by one penis or more than one as long as you know those are physical part of the body which exits in every human beings living in this planet. The most important things then comes to are we going to accept it in our lives ? Possibly not or is almost impossible to many of us.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Be open.

Good morning, beauty of the morning can not be explained. The beauty of women as is indescribable similarly beauty of beautiful morning early sun rays gazing through your windows and falling like a drop of water in your face in very hot summer days.

Fight against race will continue and it is the hot topic for discussion. Obama is fighting against the race whereas at the same time Hilary is fighting against the Gender. The gender issue is almost in the stage of development but the race issue has not even raised with concern. The issue needs some solution. People are getting tired with the same kind of rules being applied. We need to update or change the rules.

Those rules which we follow are the rules which are not valid anymore. The updated rules and procedures are needed in this world of globalization. People have forget that we are making things worse and it will become more worse if we do not take the initiatives as early as possible.

It is good that we have the freedom of speech and expression. We can express what we feel, we can share our views, ideas and thoughts but it is not good that this rules is also used in practice in many different countries. What is going on is not going on correct. What is happening is not happening for good and what needs are not enough.

It is good and it is bad at the same time. People are moving, people are afraid and people at the same time are terrified. These are those people who know or who can sense that sooner or later world will change. I always stick to my sense of believe that it is not world which is changing, it is the people who are changing. It is the people mind which needs the constant change. We live in the world where every day habits become the routine and every day routine becomes boredom. We feel bore and are most of the time fed up with the same face, same culture, same office, same routine, same wife , same sex, same food, same ... and many more.

When everything that we were doing is the same now and was same then; It become the useless. We then slowly start to change our mind. We go for the change. Which is only thing that is permanent in the world. In search of change we do many things. We build cars, we build buildings, we run, we make roads, we dig the earth in search of something and we find Ore, we move and later we explore new territory, we do many things and we evolve as humans. This gives us the complex, dynamic and total virtual world which is the world of today.

Machines are ruling it now. Computers does the work for you. Why do you now need the people ? The days are not very far when everything will be done or managed by the computers. It can also be done with machines. We created it but now they will rule over us.

We should not stop our changing behavior, the result we will get from the changing behavior is the total satisfaction and peace of our mind. If we do not change then we will be the same old stupid guy doing the same old things all the time. Kind of old fashioned typical, stereotypical.

The fight will continue as long as we build guns we create wars, as long as we build machines we cut the jobs and as long as we visit one religious place we will create differences in religion.

I do not ask you to do what mentioned over here I ask you to think over it. Imagine you visit all the religious places, feel the experiences of visiting different places, feel the experiences of visiting different countires, feel the experiences of travelling not only by plane or by car or by bike or by sea just even some times walk.

Everything we do, everthing we see, everything we feel, experience,learn and think are connected to our past, present and future in some manner or some way. Once I remember one of my friend he said- Every person near you will either tell you about your future, your past or your present.

Now it is your time to figure out in which category you want to put yourself. Good luck and Keep always a positive frame of mind set and most importantly be open.

Monday, November 12, 2007

Third World

This is thank you to Alfred Sauvy for creating this word called “Third World”. I do not know weather he is alive or dead now but this is from the bottom of my heart that I want to say thank you. Thank you for creating the difference! As he has mentioned that The Third World has nothing, and it “wants to be something”. Which means this world is underdeveloped. The characteristics that we possess are poverty, high birth rates, lack of infrastructure and dependence on first world. This is thank you to the person who created the third world.

We are poor people. We do not have jobs, we cannot do anything. We are dependent on developed world and First World countries. Let me say one thing. We are different in economy, culture, religion and infrastructure. But it is the mind of those third world people, who are leaders in the First world. Without those brilliant mind First world do not exit. And there would not have been any difference. It is always easy to blame others. Can you blame yourself? No one wants to be dominated by other. Every body wants to run the race and win it. Americans are good at this because they are far sighted people and do not care about anything. They have this “Who cares?” kind of attitude. This attitude helps them to be one among the entire nation. They are not strong nation and not number one nation in world. It is the other nation that thinks they are number one and strong among the world. As far as we come from this world, where we do not have big industry and we are not technologically brilliant but day’s are not far when one of the kid from First world would say,” Daddy, Where is this software coming from ?” and Father of First or Second world would say,” Son, It comes from Third world ?”.It is very easy to make difference. I really hate this word “Difference” and sometime I like it too. There are many reasons beside it. Why we have to create these differences? To whom we need to prove? And for what? One day when the whole world will have some kind of natural disaster and what will happen then? Imagine one day whole world turns upside down and none of the entity exit in this planet. What will happen then?
At that moment you will have only one question in your mind,” who is going to take care of you?” If you live in first world then probably you know the answer but if you come from the world I come from then Think again. You will be the one in that first world!

As far as I know there is no First , Second and Third , there is only one world and in this one single world the rulers are humans and humans behaviors has great impact in the society they are living. World can be better place to live if we accept the things as they are or as natural they are. Rather then modifying it to prove you are the best.