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Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Poem

Today was the day when Jesus Christ was born.
Today is the day when many womens are giving birth.

Today is the day, many people are dying.
Today is the day, women and children's are crying.
Today is the day, some are happy and some are sad.

Some feel the pain and some feel the pleasure.
Some are writing poem and some are reading chime.

Whatever be the case, we all are down to re-climb.
Oh, What a beautiful day !

Should we celebrate or should be mourn ?
Should we pray or should we dine ?

Anyways, Those who believe in Christianity
Merry Christmas, those who don't Merry Christmas too.

Saturday, November 29, 2008


"Moment", a precious time,the moment defines not a running time but the stable time. The period which does not tick on, the clock which is stable for a while. This is called a moment.

A moment can give you a pleasure, a moment can bring loads of tears in your eyes. A moment will make you happy, a very moment will make you sad.

When every seconds we live is in the edge of dynamic moment. It is always changing. Moment that Mr. A experiences should be different then what Ms. B experienced.

As we can see, there are moments with every one with every moments people have experienced many good and bad virtues. Therefore, I always tell people that moments are changing all the time. It is never yours. It will create the memories but it does not last long.

There are many good moments in my life but are all these moments really memorable ? Do I really want to cherish all of these moments? Should I filter the best moments and describe it with true beauty ? How should I tell what is good or bad ? Everything in the world is based on "dualism".

The concept where, there are two sides for the same coin. There are two aspects for example in electricity- on and off, there are only two bits in computers: 0 and 1, there are two things in human life: either you live or you die, there are two ways to look at many different things around the world.

If I have to judge a moment in my life, then I will say- every seconds that I live is full of pleasurable moments. These moments are helping me to create my life. I am because of these moments. These moments are dynamic and changing all the time. I know which one is the best and which one is the worst.

But again, I will keep both of them alive. I know those around me who have experienced the bad moments but I will like to tell them how to keep it alive. Nothing should be taken in bad ways, Everything whatever happens, happens for good. There is nothing permanent on this mother earth/

Every object around has life. Whatever you see, whatever you touch, whatever you have purchased last week is yours. The object when you purchased was given to you. It started living with you. Suddenly one fine day- you decided to eat, use, kill, hang, throw and do whatever things with these objects.

While using you will some times remember some of these object but some of them you will not. For e.g. the "pen" that your best friend gave you last Christmas, the gift that your husband gave you last summer which stays with you all the time. I am sorry to say but let us say, your husband is no more and you still have that precious gift that he gave you. That created the moment, the object was born and object is living with you.

The "moment" when your husband gave you this gift, turned into "memories". The object still remains, it is yours and no body can take aways from you. Nobody ! Not even God !!!

"Every step of success or failure we make, is the step some one has already taken"

This quote is mine please give credit when you use it some where. Why am I saying this ? What value do I get when I say that you should give the credit to the creator ? Because, your creation remains but those who created this should also remain. The same idea is with the object and the moment. It is very simple ! See.

Without "moment" there is nothing, and with "moment" there is something which does not want to let go. It will remain deep inside me and us. It will only go when our body will turned into sands and the our creation will be cherised by some one like you who is reading it right now !

Have a great weekend ! :)

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Passionate about the things you do !

Welcome to new fresh day ! With joy and happiness all around, every new beginning is amazing experience, it gives pleasure to wake up and then the eternal minds start thinking on daily events. When you are just awake, the very moment when we are awake is the moment which is ours and ours alone.

This very moment, no one will take away from you. It is the moment yours and yours alone. This moment gives you pleasure, this is only moment which is your personal.Slowly, when you start thinking then this moment is taken away from you. Then you start thinking on maternal world such as work, career, life, love so on and so forth.

When you have thousand of words floating in your mind, these words has to be kept somewhere, it has to come out of your little brain. These thoughts are not random, these thoughts are not useless, These are the thoughts which can change some one's life. Why on earth I keep on reminding these things ? It is because, I know whatever I am doing is not wrong. I know I am not committing any crime. I know I am not killing any person or animals. Whatever I am doing, is not for awards or recognition.

I am doing if for you, I am doing for those who need these suggestions and advice. Even though, I am not perfect ! Even though I know I am not good at compiling my work and presenting it in correct, coherent manner. I think still it is understandable. I know this is not good way of writing but I should not stop or get discourage by this way of presenting my thoughts.

Every day brings new joy and new thoughts, let us flow with it. Let us discuss flora and fauna, let us discuss love and poetry, let us discuss the thinking on your mind and mine.

I notice today that, we are not perfect and we do not get all the skills from the birth. One example is great scientist Albert Einstein. His brain was not different than any other normal, ordinary human brain. Many Researchers did experiment on his brain but what was the end result ? They concluded by stating that, his brain our exactly similar with the brain of any other average mind. They still cannot find out how he could think in different ways than average mind.

Let me give my opinion on this. This is very simple. The answer lies in question. He was an average mind. There is no difference in the mind of humans but there is difference in how the thoughts are generated in the minds of humans. The thoughts generation is different in different people based on environment, culture, country, family, friends, and religion. Now the first question any one will ask me is- how are the thoughts generated ?

The thoughts are generated through our senses. We have five senses, when we utilize these sense then something triggers in our brain, which results into the thoughts. These thoughts will be based on what you are asking with your self ? What do you want ? What is your real vision and motto ? What do you want to achieve ? What are your inner necessity ? Are you devoted to learn ? Are you devoted to give ? Are you devoted to care ? Based on your devotion, based on your commitment to your own self, you think.

Let me give you one illustration how this might work !

Here is Ms. A, Let us assume she woke up early in the morning now the very few seconds, she will not think anything. She is on her own. She knows this is the best part. After certain time interval, she starts thinking on what to do next ? Before she starts thinking on what to do next, she questions herself. She says, "what am I going to do?".

When she completely understands what she is going to do then she starts doing this for the entire day. In between, there could be many more thoughts generation and they can be based on her own priorities, What she wants ? What she likes ? What she dislikes ?

This is one example of how thoughts could be generated. But Let us not go deeper into this issue, and let me stop it now. Because, I know this has many implications and these thinking cannot be generalized yet.

What is the moral of the story for today ?

Think, we thinking will result ideas,
With ideas, you will learn

By learning, you will want others to learn
When you want others to learn,

You will love what you do
When you love what you do

You may be called Artist
But you know you are more than that,

You do, because you want to give
When you want to give, you only think

You are happy and curious
But most importantly, you are passionate
About what you do !

Monday, November 24, 2008

Monday again !

I have this tendency of hating one thing and that hate does not come out of blue. I hate only one day and that day is today. I hate because I do not know what else I can hate?, I do not know if there is anything else in the entire world I hate. But again, Time and time I always ask the same question to myself- why?

Is it because nothing works for me on this particular day or is it simply because I do not get what I want on this day. Then again, I ask with my self why is this happening to me? I do not hate food, neither do I hate, climate, I do not hate culture, I do not hate the word hate, I do not hate black or white, I do not hate color, sky, moon, life, death, neither do I hate my friends, nor do I hate my self but again why is this particular day that I hate?

Deep down inside me I have a think- I am ... , These three dots says that, I have some thing superior which makes me different than rest of us. I do not want to say that "I am God", I do not want to say that I have magic hands which can perform miracles, as we expect God can but I simply do not know what these missing dots are in my life. These missing dots always reminds me that there are people who need me. There are people in the world who are hungry for my lessons.

These reminds me and says me that, I am being proud of what I am. I think, re-think my strategies of hating this particular day. The reality cannot be spoken very easily and I cannot say what is wrong or what is right. One day I will try to figure out why I hate this day !

As general I observe, "when you say good things to people, people will return you good things" but how about saying something stupid- it comes back right on your face.

Similarly, when I hate the day, the day hates me too. But again, this is not very true. I do not hate the day. I hate my self on this day. When I say, "my self"; this means- I have something inside me which "demands", "needs" and is "full of desires".

These three quoted words are making be selfish and proud. These words are demands of my own, needs that I want and the desires of reaching or getting them fulfilled. When I ask these in my mind, Mr. Mind argues completely with me and says, "Well, Dear this is not possible today".

When he says, today- that obviously means the day I hate which is Monday.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I wish love.

Teej festival is celebrated in our country with the women fasting entire day without even taking the glass of water. When a husband says,"drink water" then a women is suppose to drink the water in the afternoon. What if the husband does not says anything. Will the women wait entire night just for the drop of the water ? Will she be able to resist the festival or should she follow her desire of thirst and quench it at that moment ?

Is the fear of death greater than the affection towards the other person ? Is it because one has to give everything for the other people. How long can we stay in a day without eating anything. For 3hours, 6 hours or even 10 hours; it does not matter how long you can stay without eating most important thing is how long you can wait for some one who is not in front of your eyes ? If I was a women it would have really been difficult for me to stay that long period without even drinking from the day till the evening.

I wish love, I wish that love is similarly present in every flow of our blood. I wish I can also wait for some one to say, "drink water honey". And after hearing some one drinks water on behalf of your words. Wow, Isn't it amazing that some one can stay longer for entire day without drinking. I wish I had such love too.

We always have to be satisfied with what we do have and always have to feel happy with what we do not have. This we call as the life.

I wish love.
I wish in my blood.
I wish in my ears.
I wish in my lips.

I wish love.
I wish it in my breath.
I wish she hears.

I wish she says,
I wish love.

Not in my ears
In breath I take,
Every morning I wake,
I wish love

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Once upon a time there was a man, who was very eager to achieve something in his life. He was dreaming everyday that he will one day fulfill his dreams. No matter what, he was thinking that one day his dreams will become a reality.

Every body around him was joking and laughing at him. He never used to tell to anyone that his dreams are these and he will achieve that dream but one day suddenly some one knew what his dream was. That person started to tell others that his dreams are these. How would you interpret this story now ?

Do you think the other person who guessed the dream of that man really knew the dream ? Do you think that unlike the man who did not wanted to spread the messege of the dream, the other person really should have spreaded the messege across every one around him. Why do a person has to think what is going on somebody else's mind ? It is because, we are living in the world where no body is left alone. We always want to know what is there going on in the other person mind. If we do not know then we will indeed guess.

Every body has some little secret and these little secrets are very important in there life. No body wants to reveal them to anyone. Even though, a person might guess that his secrets are this or that; but that is not the case in most of the times.

The person who is not worried about his own life is not worried of death. The person who is worried about his life is worried from the fear of death. Whatever be the case, there is something which we should not do in real life. We should not try to look in some body else's mind. It is not good idea to guess what is going on some body else's mind and think based on those assumptions.

World is not the way we think. It is beyond our thinking. There are many countries, there are many people, there are many cultures and there are many different tradition. We have to observe these closely, these all are made for us. I do not hate difference simply because there are so many different things like country, culture, race and religion. I hate it because there are people who do not try to see similarities in those differences.

I do not know what a man dream was and I am not into it. I do not want to read the mind of anyone. It is not good to look inside some one else mind. It is very easy though. Dream are very different then the reality and the reality is some what similar to the dreams.

Once I dreamed something and I thought that would not become a reality but One day I found that it was true. How can a dream become true? May be the dream was not for me, it was for some body else. When the dream is of some one else and later after some day you see that it has become true then you feel that your dreams really are true.

Well, Whatever be the case; "Dreams are always shattered by the compromise but still believe in your dreams" One day it might come true.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A day

The day rises with the fresh thinking on the name of the God, The god of everything, He desire then goes on to fulfill the desire unfulfilled. It passes at every new steps and each new step is the lesson learned.

As every day I look at my horoscope this is what they have to say about me today-

"There's no getting around it; this is going to be a day of hard work! At the end of the day you may feel completely exhausted, but you can smile to yourself and say "I've accomplished a tremendous amount today! You are so inspired that you do the work of three people, and even manage to wrap up some old files that you hadn't dared open for awhile. Ideas come to you with ease, and you make the most of them. Well done!"

I do not know what those statements means for the fresh start of the day. It says that it is going to be the day of hard work and that is absolutely correct. It is correct that every new day is different and people do many things differently in all the new day. I hope I will manage to get that two words which says- "Well done" but will it be really that way.

Will it work in the way I thought it should work or would it even match those as said. How many of us believe that it works as it should work or how many of do not believe anything at all. Everything we do and everything we want to do are not the same many of the times.

I remembered yesterday few lines which were inspiring for some reason but I do not know what was that.

It is good to see what the "stars" are saying for the day but many of the times it does not happen in the way we want them to happen simply because there is something unpredictable going on all the time,every moment,every time and all the time.

Every work has something new way of doing it. It is good experience to experience. It is good that people are alive and living as the normal life. I have seen the difference in the people who are from east and the people who are from the west. I do not know the connection but people are motivated

There is no difference between whites and black, only difference lies in our eyes. Inside the white there is black and inside black there is white. I do not see any connection. I do not know why there is fights for the racism, I do not know why. Why people are looking after the differences and not the similarities. What is the main reason that people are looking after peoples in different ways.

People are same every where and the difference is not today of culture, country, race or religion. The difference is within us. The greatest difference we create lives in our mind constantly and that has to be eliminated.

As mind keeps on changing we keep on changing our activity related to our mind too. The process continues in the similar fashion.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Unstable mind.

Every day a success does not come you way and the success means not the achievements but getting things done as per your own expectations and experiences.It is not the life but the life with all smaller events that makes life different and challenging.

When a mind is not working prolerly, everything goes wrong and nothing works as per the mind planning activity and as yesterday, today is the same too. A real thing in life is controlling your mind. It is great challenge and the question bigger than the question iteself. It is to our mind which makes our understanding more clear and more specific to the time line or subject line.

When a person knows how to live, he will not know where to go and when he knows how to love he will not know what is love. Everything is so like puzzle and everything has to be first solved by mind. It has to be made very clear and simple. A real challenge is not in living but living with joy and madness. Living full of potential.

A purpose of life and life of purpose is different.When you are angry with yourself everything goes wrong. A person should learn to love himself. A loving part is very difficult and very complicated not because it is for one self but to others as well. One has to learn how to love oneself first. Loving oneself requires great bit of motivation and hard work. How can you love yourself ?

Can you say that your body is nice or you look beautiful or handsome or something like that or can you just say your physical body part is nice and you love yourself or is it different than loving your physical body part.

If it is different than loving your physical body part or is it the same ? How is loving physical body and love different ? Everything when tasted once, and after the liking of thing it becomes habit. Just like an addiction. A cigrate once tasted goes on beyond the likeness and it becomes addiction and later habit. Once it is changed to habit it will not be easily turned back to a normal stage.

Sex is something similar, we just first wants to taste it after getting a good taste of it we want to get more deeper into it. Once we go more deeper taste it usually becomes a addiction, In the process of wanting more then the "want" turns into habit. A habit then does not usually want to change easily.

It goes on and on. Even if you want to change or just think of changing it..,It will not change easily. It will then need a real hard work to let it go or do give up the habit that you have adapted. How many of us will live without sex ? How many of the kinds that are present in this world will live as per them and not per others. ? The last question means, can you live as per your heart ? Can you go and do everything as per you own mind surely it will be difficult because we get influenced by outside or outside society. We generally do not go and live as per our own heart.

A big challenge is living a life just as we want and not as others will make us to live. It is good to look at ours own personal habit and do things according to the personal desire. The mind which is disturbed will always talk disturbing things and the mind which is stable, cool and calm is relaxed mind. A relaxed mind will give best even in the times of difficulty.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Monday mind

When a mood is just normal, everything goes normal but once your mood becomes aggressive or very abnormal everything around you become aggressive. I do not know why many people have some kind of habit getting angry very easily. One of them is me.

I just get angry with very smaller things, and once i get into it. I do not want to come out from it. This is not good habit and I want to get rid of it. I do not know, may be it comes from my parents or from the gene.I think I got it from my mother. She some times tend to show such kind of anger and I have the same.

The mind does not allow me to think anything beyond the event on the basis of which I am not feeling good. It only allows to get rid of such an event as soon as possible. Other thing that makes me nervous is my habit of not believing in anybody. I do not trust no one. Trust is very important to maintain the relationship and I do not have the trust in any one.

Some times I believe that I do not trust myself to some extent. I think yes, why is that ? Why I am acting in such a way when I do not have anything to loose. Time goes very fast and in the process of going through the time we loose many of such events that we do not sometimes think we will really loose.

Escaping from the reality is very easy. Either you tend to become closer to the addiction of some sort like smoking or alcohol or you simply just tend to do something inappropriate. However, life is to chill and not to take any tension in mind. The relaxed mind will lead you to the destination but what if your mind is not working properly and you are not in the situation to deal with yourself.

What if you are not good to deal in most of the situations and you always tend to pick up yourself and try to avoid most of the things in life. Yesterday, I read one line. "love your enemy". It is good thing to do only because once you love your enemy you will get to know more out of this enemy and you will then strength yourself from many of the unknown experiences and the things that you will dream of learning from others. One way of loving your enemy will enable you to learn from them.

Monday as ususal, boring and irritative for me. Early in the morning, the bicycle fell down and the entire paper was scattered all over the road. I was really pissed off. I knew that today something is not working good for me. I knew that I am not feeling good,only because my mind is not stable and not working appropriately. It is in non-stable stage always getting very angry and going to the stage where it does not want to talk with anyone or want to sustain the peace.

The best medicine for this is no medicine and the best way to avoid it is to go deeper into it and find the root cause of the non-violence that is existing in mind. The root cause will take you to the problem and the problem with proper negotiation will give some advice or lesson.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Awakening Mind

Life is full of surprises, some time there are good days are some times there are bad. It is similar to unpredictable climate. A climate where some time it rains and very next minute it stops raining. It is similar to the changing process of climate. It is like that because we are not sure which moment will bring us the joy and which moment will make you feel depress and annoyed. It is just like that.

This unpredictable nature of life gives us joy to live. A joy which bring smile on our face. A smile is temporarily present. It does not last for long. Look when you smile you smile for the moment and then it goes automatically from your face. Laugh and smile are two different things. When you laugh, you are free and you give everything to a laugh but when you smile you are feeling pleasure and happy.

A world is you and you are the creator of this world. It is you who have taken this journey and you got to do what you got to do. It has nothing to deal with your past or future. It is you and you along the road. No one will ever be changing what you are going to do, every body around will support you. A support does not mean only moral or physical or any mental it can be any. You just have to understand the people. Once we start understanding the people, people will be helpful to you only if they can help. It is by knowing then you will know yourself better.

A gold is gold, a diamond is diamond why is this mind just so frozen like a snow which does not want to melt ? Why are my behavior changing only when the sun light falls into it. What is wrong with my thinking ? All these questions take you to one place and that place is very open, very interesting and very challenging. It is called "mind". A place where you need lot of thing to make clear. A place which makes assumption, thinking, learning, prediction, planning, sensing, visualizing and many more.All these things are done in one place and that place is called mind. More than mentioned are done actually and one who can control what is going or can see if in one's own mind what is going on or taking place then it will be of great help.

Unpredictable things are good for health.It is good that something goes beyond our thoughts and something just happens without our knowledge. It is sometimes good to know how life takes our thoughts in many other places. It is known that we are unknown and we are unknown just because we want to know the known.

Some times a simple statement makes us wary about our life and some times it is just to see if anything is going to happen. A mind which is pure, which is fresh and cool. A mind which needs nothing except the fresh thoughts and a mind which ignore any wrong impression on any body or any living entity is a mind which is capable of learning.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday again !

Whenever we are expecting something we do not get what we are expecting. Why is this ? Why do not we get what we expect ? What goes wrong ? Is it because we are thinking that particular thing should or must happen or is it because we are thinking what if something wrong goes and how would we feel then ? Is if good for our brain ? Can it be good when you expect and you suddenly do not get what you expect or do not achieve what you desire or think ?

To some extent it is good, but many of the times it is not just because you are experiencing something bad inside you. It is just because your emotions are attached with your expectations. Once your emotions are badly effected then you will feel very bad about what you wanted or expected or desired.

How about you expected and something really happened ? When something like this happens then it is by the virtue of your brain and your true path to destination. It means that you are in right track and you are heading in right pace. It means that you are getting what you really desired. It is good to know that many of the times some of your days are not good. For me, I take as Monday. My feelings are such that nothing is going to work for me on Monday. I have deeply rooted this thought in my mind and whenever something happens or something is expected from me or from my own life then I immediately think well, today is Monday.

Why am I taking this particular day as totally negative ? Is it because in all the mondays in my life something bad has happened or is it because I am too much of fearful of Monday. Why ? Based on my past experience I do not want to see this day. In past out of 100 Mondays 90 Mondays are not good. How would you feel then ? It is the same feeling as any person would have after he/she is betrayed by his husband or wife.

A child touches the fire once he touches the fire then suddenly he realizes that it burns his fingers. Next time onwards he will not touch the fire only because he has a past experience of touching a fire and fear of burning his fingers. Once you are fearful of yourself how would you again go and touch the same thing ?

I would call this as- First step is Last step. A step taken once is the last step taken, you may do thousand of things in your life but be careful to take the first step. The first step will determine how would you feel about the things and activity.

Yet again, a Monday which does not work out. A day which should be removed from the Calendar in my dictionary. Just not because it does not work out for me but it is not good to keep it there. It is the day of death. It is the day of fear and it is the day where something if going to work for you is also not going to work.

Well, It cannot be judged with all other people around the world. If you ask others they will say that there best day is Monday. A brain is where everything is made. A thinking which connects our expectation and our future plans. Once you start making something futuristic and you think that particular thing is going to work for you then suddenly that will not work.

A person should not worry either it will work or not or weather he expected and he got something or not but rather he should worry on what he has got at the moment. A full concentration on the present will give him the true path to the destination.

When we fully give our mind and our full physical body to a work or task or any event that is at the moment in front of you then at that moment you are living yourself to that moment. "Live in moment, everything expected will automatically come your way".

Monday, June 16, 2008

A diary of monday 16th june 2008

A early morning rise at around 2 am with a thinking set to travel a new horizon with early rise of sun. It was amazing experience today morning with very light dark sunlight giving some sign of rain but again with total in confusion of delivering either the sun to their children's or a joy of tears in total summer fun.

Imagine a situation where you work in early morning the time when nobody would wake up easily from the bed but you are not the only one who does it, there are many like you and there are people who have mastered it before you. I was with my drunken teacher today. He was smelling like a hell and telling me most of the times what to do and what not to do. Where to deliver the paper and where not to.

Coming from the work it gave a total satisfaction of the work and the time you spent doing it. It gives much a relieve after when you finish something but every time you finish it; you are relived. It give a feeling to you that the same time and the work is not going to come again. You have done what you have been asked for. It is a good feeling after anything is completed. But everything that has been completed again comes in different ways too.

My father used to say-Son, you will realize the values of money when you will start working. Whatever I achieved till date and whatever you are wasting so easily is not easily earned. It is all hard owned and every single rupees that you are taking in negligence is a process of very hard work.

Today couple of years later, I have realized that It is not easy and whatever he has said is absolutely correct. It is not easy either you have to loose something to gain something or you have to really work hard. It can be mentally or physically. The pain will be there in your mental phase or in your physical part of body. It will again go after only you will take rest. Therefore after a long hours of doing the early morning work came back to my lonely bed which was just waiting for his master to occupy it in total joy.

As I respect the bed, I would really be thankful to it in many different ways. After sleeping for some four hours then it was the time to go back to University and do the official part of the work. It was noon then, I took a tea and started another phase of the life called University Work. A tea was really strong enough to keep me alive till the 6 pm in the evening, can you imagine that ? A guy can really survive from early morning tea to late evening tea without eating anything. I was also surprised. There is always something to do and very less time to think about eating.

Just after coming from a university work then immediately went to Shopping for the foods those were not present in the kitchen and it was to my suprise that a friend who lives next door-Arjun cooked something really delicious. A tasty south indian daal. A taste of which reminded me of "banglore". I do not know how people rate an indian food but they are really fantastic if you taste them yourself. If you listen from others then you have had no experience of saying anything on them. This guy is great in cooking. I wish he was a beautiful lady, I would have propose and married with him. I say, the same thing for whoever my room mates are previously it was Teemu and he too is brilliant in cooking.

It is by situation people learn to cook and it is by luck or fate that I met these outstanding people who helped in many different ways in my life. This is what makes the life more memorable and wonderful experience to live. Now, the time is around 8pm and I have written this whole blog about my own life today. A diary of monday 16th june 2008. Well, why should I be worried may be there is something which people can get from it too.

1. Do not waste anything just like that. Think before wasting or you will automatically learn a process of earning a money once you will work for it.
2. Do what you like to do most, do not think about anthing except it.
3. Take care of your health. (Not for me)
4. Appreciate people, things and nature around you.
5. Love eating Indian Spicy especially something cooked by local boy of that county.

Since the breath is still going on, I must keep on breathing till the time I will forget to breath. However, do cherish your life too and have a great weekend ahead. A kind of blessing for everyone who is reading it right now.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Open, close and Control

How do you feel when a weekend starts and the weekend ends ? It is totally different feeling when a start of the event. It can be anything such as giving a birth of new born babies or starting of the week on Fridays, or lets say one simple example of a friends party or just a simple get together.

Anything that starts brings joy in our life. It creates a kind of excitement and it is in total good to us, our mood or our thinking. We feel we are going to start something new, something which is going us will let us give a pleasure or adventure or excitement something which is totally new. When we think in such a manner we become very excited to ourselves. We then reach to the state called total happiness.

The closing or ending of an event has totally opposite feeling to this. We suddenly feel frustrated, disappointed and even get angry some times with ourselves. Why do it has to end ? We have only such question in our mind. Imagine a simple example of a closing of and weekend or the ending of weekend. Once we end it, then we start to feel or we start to connect it with our past experience of starting a weekend. We know that, this is new weekend but we start to compare with the past weekend beginning and the closing or ending of the weekend.

Suddenly all the pleasure or rest we have done during a weekend has to be stopped. Again we have to think that well, from tomorrow onwards I have to go to the office or start my work as per the routine. It feels as if we are doing it for some body else and not for others. Many of us get disappointed by thinking of early Monday morning and late Sunday evening. Why ? Just because we do not want to go to the office or just because we have taken a lot of rest and we want to keep on resting in peace for longer period.

A mind is the best player and a captain in any form of game of our life. It does everything as per our experiences, future expectation and events. It knows exactly when to stimulate a good and happy mood in your self. It also knows to make you depressed in most of the situations. A great artist I would recommend are those who can control their mind. It can be easily controllable. It is not difficult and it does not look easy.

A simple techniques of controlling your mind is doing exactly opposite of it directs you to do. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to differentiate between the decision taken by mind and heart. When a heart makes a decision it is one direction. It will not ask you any question. It will not put you in the dilemma and say you that "if", what if ," just because, why or something like this... When a mind makes a decision it will be judgmental it will always ask a feedback. Either from you or from your friends, neighbors, your family or some one near you.

A decision done by mind can be controlled by a simple techniques called as "Control your mind". It is a technique which require you to do something different than it suggests. For example. You have to go today and shop in the market, you know exactly when the shop is going to close that is let's say-7 p.m.. Now you have 30-minutes remaining and let's say you do not have food to eat for the evening. Now, if you decide to go then surely you will think that you will reach the shop within 15 minutes and you can easily buy the food before 7 p.m. But some how you controlled your mind and said to yourself that you are not going to buy the food because I am controlling my mind.

Now the problem you will face in the future is you will have nothing to eat + you will have to wait the next day until the shop gets open and you may feel really hungry before going to bed. How will the nature help you in this circumstances you may ask for the food from a friend just for the evening-( First )he may or may not give you. (Second) A friend of yours invites you for the dinner party. A good chance of expecting an unexpected and many other ways.

Next case you decided to follow your mind and could not go beyond your mind in such case-the best possible will be you will reach exactly in the shop within 15 minutes and go and get the food, come back home and prepare and eat. As directed by your central part-brain. Other case would be that, you are some how late for the shop and the you could not enter inside the shop. It is boring because you travelled 15mintes from your place to a shop to fetch a food but unfortunately you were not able to get it. Another case would be you were going to fetch a good but you caught an accident. It is very worst case where you were trying to go and do one thing but it happened to something different based on fate.

Controlling a mind is not as easy as it really looks but once you start controlling it you will feel lots of excitement and pleasure only because it will make you do many unexpected things and it will bring loads of pleasure in your life you can ever imagine.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Monday again.

I have to accept the fact that some Monday could be good too, I remember last Monday writing about the Monday and the consequences I face on this day. Today it was not like that. It came up with some good and surprises.

I always believe in the fact that Nothing is in our hand. It is written some where, we cannot find that place, we cannot determine what is it, we just can assume, we just have to leave it to our fate, faith, religion, culture and our core values, most importantly to our heart.

People will be there around you, people will be close to you and people will be far from you. It is not the distance it is the love, it is the moments you shared, it is the laugh,smile, cry, worries, problems, all these creates the moment and once these moments are created it will become a part of life. Once these moments become a part of life, it is with us. It is constantly reminding to go back. It ask our mind to go back in the same moment, do the same things, laugh the way you did or eat the food you enjoyed eating or preparing.

Surprises are good, satisfaction is better. Sorrows are better Sadness is worse. Why do we get into habit of being sad when we know we are here to enjoy. Just enjoy your day-live a life with joy and happiness. Try to share the feelings even though other person does not want to listen-tell him/her if you feel telling your things.

Trust is build once you share your feelings, people start to believe in you once you do not hide, or do not lie. Truthfulness gives you the trustfulness.
The process of life continues like the it has to. There would be people around you and there would not be people around you. Many of our worries are due to the fact that we want, desire, need something. Those things make our mind to worry and go in the direction to get what we desire, want or need. When we go in the direction of our mind we go nowhere. We are going to end up in the way every body does and every body will.

Once we set up one environment we are just the person doing the same thing as others are doing. Who do not have work ? Almost many of them have. Who do not have degree ? Almost many of them have and you want it or you have it too. Who do not have a car ? Many of them have and many of them will have. These basic necessity turns in to the dream, or goal, or passion in our life. Once we change we go in the direction of our mind. When we go in the direction of our mind we will reach in getting what we desire, want or need but we will not see what we could have achieved, done, or learn, or given to this mother earth.

I have seen many people who wants to take, who wants to have something in there life- I have never seen any person who wants to give. Only because people are afraid of giving then taking. It is easier to ask than to give when not asked.

Understanding the psychology of human, and the psychology of the person who created the world is different. I went to the center today with couple of friends. I was feeling tired and sat in the middle of the highway where there was one chair to sit. It was in the side of the highway near the pedestrian path.

While I was watching all those busy people driving there car and going very fast. I realized that they are going nowhere. People are running after something that is not important at all. It is necessity but at the same time the total rush is for nothing. We are very busy that we do not have time to pray. Some times I think-people like the word busy then being busy.

However, It does not matter as long as I was taking rest and enjoying the people around me running and thinking they are running after nothing. It was pleasant to see all the similar men like me who were wearing somewhat similar clothes then I was, only basic difference was they were driving the vehicle,Many of them were also staring at me just may be because I look as if I have just arrived from jungle.

Surprises can happen, and it is in the hand and book of those who had created us. Who had sent us to this place for the good deeds. Thanks to him, his men and him surprises. I would like to see him someday and enjoy a greatest party with him that I could not imagine I would get it in this earth.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Human Behaviour

People are so strange and it is very difficult to understand other people. Why should we even care ? When it is needed it is again difficult to understand other around you. Their are many kinds of person and they have many indifferent behavior's.

We can take an example of one person who is very outgoing, friendly, wants to help others and always gives support, help to others and their is another totally opposite of the person I described. People like those who are outgoing, friendly and the first one kind of person but again their are those kind of people too who like later one.

It is proved that based on our thoughts, our feeling and our emotion we make our group and we want to share with them.It might be true to some extent. I do not know much about it. Playing a politics with other people is very easy.

One should always remember that when you play politics with other people or your friend for an example you may even fall in trap of being a victim some time around. It is just the matter of time. In the age of information where every individual wants to share the information or at least is happy sharing info to other around him, how would you feel if your close friends are not telling you the reality?

We can make loud cries and have thousand big thoughts on various topics that we like to such as politics, education, research but one should first realize its importance. People who cannot some how see the success of others are the ones who are full with ego hassles. The problem is not with their thinking but the level of thinking they posses.

Those people are not silent but they would not even tell you what they are doing with others around you. Being alone is not being loneliness or feeling loneliness, Being alone is the first lesson of love.

I can say thousand things on thousand different matters but why would i say if some one does not have any interest to listen it and if it is not beneficial to some one. We have to do good to those who does good to you.

Remember in live, we learn by knowing people by your own country men, by your friends, by observing the things they do around you, by observing any other people around you and by experiencing through events they create.

Learning is the best way to know what you are currently doing. It is an art, an act which is indescribable. It may have theory but it is not concept.

Their are times when you are depressed, feeling that you have not made right choice and thinking that you should pack your stuffs and return these all times tell us one thing- You are fighting.

When you fight with your-self you will know that you are becoming strong and when you will realize you are in process of becoming strong you will become alone, lonely and silent. Welcome to the land of thousand lakes just for the sake of experiencing it.

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

"This is mine"

The feelings are connected with our life in some way or another. Some times we feel good sometimes we feel bad. Is it possible to maintain a stable feelings throughout the entire life. Is it possible to be cool, calm and be silent as a lake.

How can one have same constant feeling ? The phenomenon cannot be explained. It cannot be said that one person can have same feeling all the time. Nothing is perfect and nothing can be perfect. In search of perfection we end up with nothing. We are fighting all the time, struggling, trying to find out the right match, right path and right way of living a life but at the same time we want to maintain the constant feeling.

We cannot say that we are prefect humans. We are always trying to be good, trying to prove ourselves. We are fighting all the time with ourselves. This is good, this makes sense and it is the way of progress. No body wants to accept the feedback given by some one else, no one wants to take it easily. It is not easy to accept what others say about your work, it is not easy to think on what others say or think about you or your habit or you way of living a life.

Why is that happening ? Why does the things do not come easily in our brain ? Why do we have to read thousand of books before we come to some conclusion ?. These are done only to find some relation with others.

Some one has done x amount of work but you do not know so you read his x amount of work to find out what he has done and what he has not. then you try to find out what you can do on his x amount of work. This is what happens in research. You read the books, you read others author book on a related topic to find out the "unknown" and try to put your "known" things in it.

This will not lead to creation, today people talk about the creation and they say that is the creation. Creation do not happen like that way. Creation comes from scratch. It is build with one single entity with one single thought in one single environment.

Imagine a situation where their were no human being existence in this planet. Who created the first two Adam and Eve ? Was it based on the previous work if GOD thinks that it is based on previous work why do not we have evidence ? Why we lack the evidence of the creation of First cell or first living entity in this planet.

Evidence are the way of proving that "this is mine". If you remove some of your work with "this is mine" and just think of creation you will have no time in earth to put "this is mine". People now a days are only focusing on "this is mine" and not focusing on creation itself.

In today's world we are not creating anything we are just creating a whole warehouse of articles, journals and papers which will be useless in near future. Those who are creators do not have time to acclaim what they have done.

GOD did not ever thought he did what people think of creation. GOD created it but he was unknown about what he did it. He did what he thought is good for his tribes, he did it because he was in this planet to "do". He came in this earth to show people that you should "do".

These are big issue to discuss and thousands of people will back fire me on this topic but I do not care as long as I can put my mind on it. I do not have any evidence to prove it what I said is right nor do I want to have any.

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Thursday, March 20, 2008


Why do we value more girls than a guy ? The answer is very simple. We value them only because we need them. Without women, life is empty. With women life is pity. I don't know but My expereience tell me that we often go to visit the beautiful places like pubs, clubs what is the sole purpose of going out there ? Well, To many they just go for a beer and chit-chat with a friends but Many of those go with the motive fo fetching or getting the girls.

The girls are not something which is kept in the market and you just put in your tray later pay the amount and take them to your home. I am not telling to any one it is to myself too. I also visit with the same motive, as long as their is male organ inside me surely it will ask some female organ to be his best mate.

Last night Me, and all of my lovely sweet friends went to a club. The club lies in the center of Lappeeranata and the Name of club is Giglin Marlin. The new club which is taking lots of market in the city.Therfore we arrived their in the club, Now what is that we should do next ? I am not a dancer or I do not know how to dance. I knew my limits that until and unless you dance in the dance floor you cannot fetch a girl. However, I do not want to. My motive was just to relax, listen to the music- hard rock, hip-hop and whatever they played. The theme of the party was a "Spring is coming or may be similar".

Now, By the time My friends were in the dance floor having fun, I was moving different places... I think I read the mind of the people who were present in the club What I think is that, They all were thinking where to go and what to do. I saw all the party people moving. I wonder why are they moving ? It may be because they want to go from one place to other in search of something new. In search of new taste of music, want to see new people or whatsoever.

If I was couple of years back- enjoying the way I used to be- Definietyly I would have f#$@ many of them. Unlike my previous past expereices and what I found is that-

"The girls met in the club will leave you one day in the club".

It means that, Once you visited in the club you buy a drink for her, you speak your mind with her ... and then she suddenly says she likes you (she doesn't actually) Now, you guys visit may be to her place or your place make love. Finally the story ends for a day. Next day, Its upto you guys what to do Next.

My interepretaion may seem stupid, it might also be meaningless but many but I do not care as long as my hands are typing these letters- pressing the keyboard and my minds think in the way I describe the story or my article.

No one ever has found out, What's going on Women's mind ? No one will. Only because we have to Women although Many women will also say that- "Even, We don't know what is going on our mind !".

The women do not like those kind of men who are cheap, who are easily availaible, they want somehing complex. It is sure that all women like famous men but for an simple or ordinary male it is quite complex to buy a girl in the Market of Club.
I will buy you a drink means, I want to sleep with you tonight for the expense of money that I am investing you in beer.

You are not in love only because she said so, You will never be in love only becaue you like her, you do not know what love is. Love is not something which can be described. Sex , lust are quite opposite to love but they are close to Male's mind that we sometimes misunderstand the concept of Love.

My way of writing is similar to AIESEC-theme in Finland. It is "challenging your world views."

Story will go on ...

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Presence of Over-Confidence in me

I am really some times over-confident. People have negative aspects and I think this is my negative aspect of becoming over-confident at times. It does not mean that we all are perfect but the fact is that we also have to learn from our negative effects.

People think they are perfect. When you think you are perfect and their is no one good or better than you at that very moment you are in verge of becoming egoistic. You are creating within you an ego hassle. If you will become a egoistic person then surely you are not going to listen what others are going to say about you.

I don't know what kind of impression people have for me. I do not care much about it. I do what I feel I should do and I leave the rest to the people around me to judge about me. If you treat person as they are you will make that person worse but if you treat them as they ought to be, then they will become a MAN.

In various aspect of science their are a lot of talk going on understanding the mind of human. It is not difficult topic. I believe (not being over-cofident) though that I can find some thing unusal in this aspect but again I always re-check before I make or do some task. The re-checking some times help and some time it hurts to other. I think I am capable of but again, I should admit the fact that I do not have job.

No one is hiring me. No one think I have the potential to work for their comapny or precious organization. Every dog has its day despite being a Man, I am really worried about my own days.

"Life is a journey where destination does not really matters because we all know where we are going to end it, but the process of reaching to the destiantion does matters".

I am trying to define the term called "life" but I am trying to put something which I think is suitable at present context, atleast for me. We are humans and our brain function in such a way that it has a capability to reach any place, any where in the world in less than seconds. We know this, we already have a background knowledge about it, but we need to prove it to the world that "Presence" of one person brain does not have geographical limit or is not bounded by the boarders.

Imagine a place where you wish to visit and you do not have to really take a journey of reaching to the place but you feel or your senses work in such a way that you are in the place you want to be.

Can this happen ? Yes ofcourse it will be. If I say that they need me, they represent those who are working on this field. They represents those scientist who have every facilites they can imagine, bread to eat and facilites to motive their work.

I am not promising anything but I will try my level best and I believe I can exceed their expectations. I believe in hard work and hard work is chariot of success. Even though sometimes I am over-confident. But My dear friends, to become over-confident you got to be confident first. You cannot become over- just like that.

It does not mean that I take it casual, every thing what I do is based on my logical thinking which seems illogical to many of the people around me. Every body think I am a Mad or physcologically disturbed. To those who think I am Physcologically disturbed they are absolutely correct and "thank you". I admit what I do, I do what I think and I am what I am not what others make of me.

I like to put words in these web page, People called it as blogging. My concept here is that we can talk or write about anything we wish but it should be informative, atleast it should tell about your daily experiences, the way you want to improve your life and the life of others, some thoughts on your mistake, your negative aspect, +ve too and so on.

Now, I have started to feel and headache, It was a long day for me ! See you tomorrow if I am alive. I will return to the new posting again but Imagine I am no more. Who is going to write these craps ? It will be un-noticed, un-touched and no one will view it. Why should they ? I am just an ordinary person, living in ordinary world, an ordianry life.

One day my chapter of life will also get over, this is the end and the best part. It will blink for the final time just like this cursor is bliking whenever I am writing but I am not worried about it. Why should I ? It is the truth understanding, knowledge, something which is vast.

Hope to see you with my new posting. I will write and will try to give you my own expereices of life, my brain, my mind, bheja ... I will try to tell you what am ordinary person like me feels ... I am not trying to attract attention but I am writing what I am currently feeling, what my senses are telling me and What my brain is asking me to do.

My brain is giving me orders- It says, "Just type the word, go to your past and write something ..." I am the slave of my Master. I am following his orders Nothing more.

When you start to loose control of your mind you will absolutely be the person what I will imagine. I can see the person and tell what he is typicall like. It does not mean again that I am over confident but I am confident. Good night ! See you soon in near future, or hope to see you soon !

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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Why not me ?

When the going gets tough, the tough get going...
[Joseph P. Kennedy (1888-1969)]
 I am what I am and not what others make of me...
 Give me a bread to eat; I will give you idea for research ...

A firm believer in the above, last two quotes are my own creation... I am a man on a mission; eager to script his own destiny with utmost sincerity and hard work. I believe there are no shortcuts to success but there are definitely smarter ways of getting there. From here onwards

I hope to gain some valuable work experience in a global environment. I seek to work in the most competitive of organizations and in a result oriented setup. By applying to your organization I seek to imbibe in myself a global work culture and international corporate practices which transcend all geographical boundaries.

Every individuals in this earth is unique and every body has rights to live, freedom of speech and expression, rights for food, shelter, clothes and basic sanitation but My life is filled with emptiness because I do not have job any more. The lack of JOB (read it as J, O and B). It is good to read it like this, makes it more complicated and complex. Every body now a days have B.A, M.Sc, or even PhD but they lack  JOB .

We are humans and we need food to eat, some work to earn for the food that we consume and some to save for future. Is it possible to survive in complex, dynamic world without a JOB, I lack a JOB crossing every streets and passing every small to big companies in every corner of streets of Lappeenranta, but not reaching to the place where I wan to be. I could not see my own days of glory. The decision of coming back to Foreign Land for the purpose of study and some work experience does not seems to be justified.

It not having all its part adjusted in proper manner or is incomplete.I might not have a recommendation letter from a Minister, might not have my own family linked in some of these companies but I have one thing that every ordinary citizens like me have and that is One keyword which pushes my own life is,  hope .I am Expecting the Unexpected. Believing in my own faith and dreams.

I know the dreams I have will one day give rise to the hope, hope will turn them into actions and action will deliver the result. As my sweet lovely wife Padhmawoti said,  Budha,(Honey)Be yourself, as long as I believe you are here for some special purpose,as I am here for you. As I think now; By 30, I have to become Strong and I know I am already in the process of becoming one.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Are you only male or female ?

Last night I was walking down the lane, I come up with some thing weired in my mind and I thought well are we male or female ? I may be built up with the physical structure of being strong male genital organ with me but am I really male ? It may be also that I have female protective organ with me but am I really female only ?

The idea is that if we are just a male it is not just only male. We are also female and vice versa. I am not only female because what I believe is that we have two souls inside a human body. One is for the male and another is for the female. Let's defend my idea.

First thing, Let's say I am male. I see other male around me. The very first thing I will come up in my mind is that is this person good or bad ? We make the impression of another unknown person if we see him/her for the first time. It is very natural but often we do that. Their might be some exception to this but mainly people start to judge you by your first impression. It is saying like- First impression is the last impression.

Now, My point is when we make an impression about the person at that instant who judge inside us whether that person is good or bad ? Here is the main idea, The male person inside us will judge the unknown person you saw for the first time. If the person inside you will say, No- This person does not seem so good, is not good, is bad, is negative, ugly or so on. These impression will be transferred to our mind and we will decide on the basis of the message we got the male soul present inside us.

Ultimately, When I see the female passing by me- I do the same, their is a female soul inside us who will decide whether the female whom I am seeing for the first time is good, bad, ugly or what so ever. The message will be transferred to our brain of the impression that female inside us made. Therefore, the point is that we have both the soul inside us- Male and Female Souls.

Why to say that I am just male or I am just female. It is not one human we represent we are two species living in one. We are both male and female. We might look as a male or female but we are both inside us. This is the finding and mybheja ideas.

I do not know if you think so but this is what I believe in. I hope you do too.If you do not believe in this then think once, think twice and then think well, its true. You will.

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