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Thursday, November 12, 2009

I am an alien in the Neverland

I am so sorry to write this article but I must write it. Let me introduce you, who I am? Well, I am Ted Nelson. I am currently in Neverland, the developed, number one country in the world.

The good part of my story is that, I am living a stub-born life with good job and my sweet dreams.

The bad part of my story is that, I am going to be deported soon. Yes, please don’t feel sorry for me. I am going to get deported for being normal human being in Neverland. I have never committed any crime in my life of 30 years. I have never even dared to hurt someone knowingly or unknowingly. I have just lived a normal human life. But Tomorrow, I am going to get deported.

The problem is I was living in Neverland with illegal status. I was called as an alien. I don’t know what that means but it really hurts when the officer calls me, “an alien”. For God’s sake, why am I being called an alien? I am just asking a simple question, not to that officer and not to the politicians or diplomats who make stupid useless rules and protocols but just to me. Why am I being called an alien?

What is wrong with the people nowadays? Everybody is being anxious about terrorism, being black, does not makes me criminal? What is wrong with the color of skin? I have been discriminated number of times and I am not going to talk about it. The rules of society are not flexible enough with the intellectual growth in human population. There has been no upgrade or change of the major rules. Once they were made laws, they have remained law forever. I am feeling so pity for the next generation, how are they all going to deal with these stupid man made laws? I have number of question in my head, countless of them but none of the authorities have satisfying answer to my simple questions. Yes, it is sad that I have to go back to the place I belong but I wasted all my life working for this country, Neverland. Now, when they don’t need me, they are throwing me. A human life has become useless. It has become like garbage, there is no value for living.

Ted Nelson said, “I am not an alien in Neverland, Sir". The officer said, "Yes, that is what you are, a third world alien, you have no rights to live in developed world like ours. You must go back to your country." An immigrant replied, “I have lived here for 30 years and now you are sending me back, anyways, thank you, even if I am called as an alien, I am proud to be an alien rather than immoral alien."

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

17th Summer School on Telecommunication continues...

The early morning session of the summer school started with Sami Lehtonen for his project, "Trust4all". He starts his session with the some definition of the trust and attributes of the trust. How do we define the trust ?

Can we say that trust is the relationship between the truster and trustee. Should I say that trust depends on truth and relationship, satisfactions and truthfulness of two or more parties involved in the action.

The project is being carried out by VTT, one of the best research center in Finland. I found some nice cartoon from the following link.

As the summer school goes on, Sami explains about the partners involved in the project "Trust4all". Still I do not know what is trust and basically it is related some what to the technical verbs.

Project history is explained in the speech. With the projects such as ITEA-Robocop, ITEA-Space4U project where both the projects are found in (

The aim of the project is at the development of a middleware sowftware architecture which is target to the embedded system defined at some trust level and it depends on the many suggested attributes also with the nature of the services provided to it.

Some of the challenges of the trust4all project was discussed too, The challenge of the project is to tack and analyze related to the trust requirements in the envisaged application domains with the intentions to define the trust model.

The changes in the embedded systems domain with the transition from proprietary to open or the movement from the standalone to networked systems, single application to multi application and single core systems to multi core systems were discussed.

The executable components were discussed with the set of the services. It also contains the factory logic for the service instantiation.

The scenarios overview is such that-
"Medical Applications can be “pushed” onto devices by medical practitioner."

As the explanation is very technical, I would skip the information or the content.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A diary of monday 16th june 2008

A early morning rise at around 2 am with a thinking set to travel a new horizon with early rise of sun. It was amazing experience today morning with very light dark sunlight giving some sign of rain but again with total in confusion of delivering either the sun to their children's or a joy of tears in total summer fun.

Imagine a situation where you work in early morning the time when nobody would wake up easily from the bed but you are not the only one who does it, there are many like you and there are people who have mastered it before you. I was with my drunken teacher today. He was smelling like a hell and telling me most of the times what to do and what not to do. Where to deliver the paper and where not to.

Coming from the work it gave a total satisfaction of the work and the time you spent doing it. It gives much a relieve after when you finish something but every time you finish it; you are relived. It give a feeling to you that the same time and the work is not going to come again. You have done what you have been asked for. It is a good feeling after anything is completed. But everything that has been completed again comes in different ways too.

My father used to say-Son, you will realize the values of money when you will start working. Whatever I achieved till date and whatever you are wasting so easily is not easily earned. It is all hard owned and every single rupees that you are taking in negligence is a process of very hard work.

Today couple of years later, I have realized that It is not easy and whatever he has said is absolutely correct. It is not easy either you have to loose something to gain something or you have to really work hard. It can be mentally or physically. The pain will be there in your mental phase or in your physical part of body. It will again go after only you will take rest. Therefore after a long hours of doing the early morning work came back to my lonely bed which was just waiting for his master to occupy it in total joy.

As I respect the bed, I would really be thankful to it in many different ways. After sleeping for some four hours then it was the time to go back to University and do the official part of the work. It was noon then, I took a tea and started another phase of the life called University Work. A tea was really strong enough to keep me alive till the 6 pm in the evening, can you imagine that ? A guy can really survive from early morning tea to late evening tea without eating anything. I was also surprised. There is always something to do and very less time to think about eating.

Just after coming from a university work then immediately went to Shopping for the foods those were not present in the kitchen and it was to my suprise that a friend who lives next door-Arjun cooked something really delicious. A tasty south indian daal. A taste of which reminded me of "banglore". I do not know how people rate an indian food but they are really fantastic if you taste them yourself. If you listen from others then you have had no experience of saying anything on them. This guy is great in cooking. I wish he was a beautiful lady, I would have propose and married with him. I say, the same thing for whoever my room mates are previously it was Teemu and he too is brilliant in cooking.

It is by situation people learn to cook and it is by luck or fate that I met these outstanding people who helped in many different ways in my life. This is what makes the life more memorable and wonderful experience to live. Now, the time is around 8pm and I have written this whole blog about my own life today. A diary of monday 16th june 2008. Well, why should I be worried may be there is something which people can get from it too.

1. Do not waste anything just like that. Think before wasting or you will automatically learn a process of earning a money once you will work for it.
2. Do what you like to do most, do not think about anthing except it.
3. Take care of your health. (Not for me)
4. Appreciate people, things and nature around you.
5. Love eating Indian Spicy especially something cooked by local boy of that county.

Since the breath is still going on, I must keep on breathing till the time I will forget to breath. However, do cherish your life too and have a great weekend ahead. A kind of blessing for everyone who is reading it right now.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Purpose of life or life of purpose

How much pain is painful ? How many of the "sorry" is excuse and how many of breath is enough to say that I have lived my life. Can anyone answer these questions ? It is the lesson learnt in life. Why do we many of the times do not listen to what our elders, grandpa and grandma has to say. What makes us think that we are better than them ?

What is the problem with the problem ? The actual answer is that we think we are good enough and when we think whatever we are doing is good then that makes us stupid many of the times. The pain is painful only when it hurts. It makes you cry. It makes you feel that you are living with the suffering. Many people just fake it. It is the one who do not want to show the real pain. How do you judge a person intellect ? A person who can excuse to his enemy- is he intellectual person ? I think to some extent yes, why not he is intellectual because he gave an excuse to his greatest enemy. How many of us can easily do such activities ?

Humans are not difficult to understand but many of the times their feelings are difficult to feel. It is not easy to say that you are the good human being and you are bad human beings. We all are the same in one way or another but the same does not mean that we look alike, do same activity or have faith no faith or seek something similar or act something similar. Same means we belong to one common species. We are homosapiens. We belong to one group. Now today we are divided-we are divided by our culture, nature, values, ethics and most importantly by religion and country.

Always the big eats the small. The process of nature is just like that. Lion is the king of jungle so is country America. The king of the world. Then comes another contry or place Europe as a whole comes second in the race of jungle king. The rabbit, and poor animals are us who come from underdeveloped world. The world where we do not know how to live, how to learn, how to think. This is not my thinking-this is the thinking of King of jungle-lions and the second to lions.

We live in divided world and it is good that we are kept in one place. We should realize the fact that we are not what they believe or think. We are the stongest of them all. We have great minds, we have talent and we can show them we are as good as they are. It is the matter of time. It will be shown soon. The main question still lies not on the context of country but in the context of individual. How many of our people had made it to the top of their list. Their list means the list of developed world ? I do not know and I have no idea but it will come soon.

Saying sorry does not give total excuse to the person. The excuse of the person can be felt from the very core of the person. There are people who lie and those people who lie from others are lieying with themselves. The excuse belongs to them in some way or another.

I have no idead how many breath people take in their entire course of their life. I do not know. May be millions or zillions breath.Each breath we take is from Nature and we give it back to Nature again. Every breath we consume draws us one step closer to where we started our journey of our life.

We will reach the moment of peace when we finally realize that we have lived and we have done what we inteded to do. "The sole purpose of life is not to live but to give as much as you can till you live."

Please try to remember that quote, it is not said by great person or I do not know any who made that quote. It is made by a ordinary person who writes a blog and it is me. It is the effort or giving that makes you real human. How much can you give ? We always tend to collect things and one day finally we realize that those things are useless. That very moment if you realize the purpose of life then you will say that-yes, this man's quote is correct.

Belive me, it is correct.

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Smile in trouble

You are smiling but you do not know what you are smiling at my dear heart. I am talking with you. The you inside me, Why are you smiling in the situation where people cannot stand it anymore.

What is worng with you. The people who are close to how would they react if they smile without any reason. They will think that you are mad. They even might think that you are stupid. But as long as they do not know me inside you why should you worry.

Do not worry about any thing since you know what you are going through. You are travelling with time. You are doing what your heart is saying. It is good. Why are you thinking too much. It might seem to people that you are smiling but you are hiding something which no body is interested in, no body wants to care and no body would listen to. It is good that you are showing the smile which is the gesture of happiness or good feelings.

Your eyes speak a different language where as your face shows that you are smiling. I think you are hiding some information which is very touching, deep and heart killing. Why are you thinking of drinking alcohol. What is that brings close to your life and drink or alcohol. It is not the remedy of the problem but despite that also you want to drink it.

The wonds will heal one day, it will be healed by the time. Those wonds who are already filled by the time why are you trying to again play with the same old wonds.Despite the fact that you are facing loads of wonds these wonds will be fulfilled. Do not take any tension. I know you are not feeling well, I know there is no body besides you to tell you what is good and what is bad. I know that people are playing some good games on you. But why should you worry. Let them play their own part. You do what it is good for you.

Do not worry you will not starve to death. There is always one person whom you can turn into when it is deep shit. It is your Dad. Do not worry my dear lovely heart. No pain, no gain. You got to face the problems and remember once when you were kid, you asked GOD that-"GOD please give me all the pains in life so that I will know the life better and I would be very close to it." How can you forget that. You are getting that, you are really getting all your wishes comes true.

You are in your late 20's. It is the time where people do many crazy acts. Look at you, you are just like a old 97 year guy. Who always sits in the room, thinking, giving lessons to people and telling what is good and what is bad.Don't you think you are very ahead in the future.

Feel happy that people will really spent there entire life for the lessons that you have already. It is not because of overconfidence inside you but it is because of your wish, It is the gift from LORD to you.

Sadness is good, it gives load of pleasure once the sadness is into your body. People will never care and have you realized the fact that every body is trying to solve their own problems. Those person who has time to listen, give some suggestion or even help to other person problems are great person.

I wish I could do many more times the same but as far as I have I will do, as far as my life is there I never give up such activities. It gives a kind of satisfaction by seeing some one smiling by your deed.

Therefore I am telling you dear- Go ahead, Do what you feel, Listen to people and do not worry if some one is really doing worng to you. Later by the Grace of GOD it will be judged by him. Let him take the decisions for you. Let him give the results for you. You be yourself and do what your heart and minds says to you.

One day the ray of hope from the bright blue sky will fall in your black long hair passing through your head showing the colors of miracle. By then you will realize that you are really taken care by the allmighty.

Have a good weekend !

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Lesson from a movie.

I was watching a movie yesterday, I learn a quite a good lesson from this movie. The movie is all about the relationship especially in east. That part of world where women are treated minority, where women are dominated highly by males. Not actually dominated but Male has higher advantage then Women.

The movie was about one sweet couple.These two couple were very nice to each other. They were happy in their life, married also had a small daughter of their own. The guy in the movie is a lecturer in a university. His survives and gets his basic stuffs by giving lecturers and earns which is just enough for a family. The Female in the movie seems not so satisfied with what they have, things they have in their home. The stuffs she wants to are missing because of lack of money.

One day she goes to buy a pair of shoes for her daughter what happens is the pair of shoes were little bit expensive then she expected. She decides not to buy them but one fat women who was present in the shop lends her some money to buy the shoes. She takes it. Now, That old fat women takes her to her place, shows her the city with big malls, and outstanding beauty of whole city. Later she takes her to her apartment and she calls her customer to get involved with her. The lady could not stop her and she does the mistake of being involved with the another Men.

Now, The sequence of movies goes on like this way. Every now and then the old fat women comes her home or asks her to satisfy her customer in big hotels, big malls and apartment. The story goes on. Since the girl is married and do not want to live her husband because they are living very happy life. The girl do not wants to hurt her husband somehow but could not tell her about the whole situation she is going through. She satisfies her daughter by buying small things that previously she somehow could not buy it for financial reasons and so on.

Now, One day one of the student of the lecturer sees the lecturer's wife in the big hotel. She then wants to know what is going through. What happens is, The women tells her story to this student and the student manages to tell about the this story to the lecturer in indirect way. She ask the lecturer about "what will happen or what will be the end of such story". The lecturer says- Many things can happen, It all depends, depends upon the kind of person, the person might divorce her, might kill her, might get angry and will not contact her forever and so on but he also says that their will be one person who will ignore her ignorance. That person will not forget but he will give the excuse.

That type of person will understand the situation about the women and her life. He will feel what women is going through, he will understand that- depsite being a whore or satisfying the fat women customers she is also managing household chores without showing her difficulty. That kind of person will also exits.

The students learns the lessons and at the same time the wife of the lecturer also understands what her husband was trying to say.They all are in one common room discussing about this story which the student some how indirectly says to the lecturer. During the night period, the women of lecturer appreciates the answer he gave to her student. Now she puts the question and asks weather he will give the excuse if the women was not somebody else but herself.

Lecturer knew what her wife was up to, they both start making love and the story ends. Lecturer does not replies with the answer, it means he have already given the excuse. Wow !

Relationship is not only about sex, not only about the sharing the skin with each other. Love cannot be described, it is not smell, it is not the answer to the question we ask about the love.Love is not so simple at the same time it is not so difficult. Love is the statement of question which has been remained unanswered for ages and will remain unanswered ...

(Picture taken from:
entertai/2003/may/17rekha.jpg )

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Beautiful Morning (26th December 2007) at 11:27 FLE Standard Time

I woke up, half an hour ago, What I saw was amazing, I saw a couple just walking with their son. Son has a bicycle with a flag in it. The couple were walking ahead of son. The son stopped and he saw one small narrow down-hill. He asked with his mom i do not want to walk but i want to climb down this slope. Their parents did not do anything and said go ahead. He started going down the small slope hill, He slowly was climbing down then suddenly he slipped, In that case also, His Parents did not came to pick him up so helped him they were just watching what he does. Again, He started climbing down. Now, Some how Slowly and steadily he managed to come down of that small slope. He was happy. He was satisfied, He thought he did something on his own, He really was excited and now what he might have thought was well, I have done what i wanted let's get back to the place where i come from. He started now climbing up the hill or slope He climbed easily and reached near the road. His parents were just a spectator nothing else. Even they were happy to see him back on the top of the road. Now this small kid, started his small bike and started riding it again.

What is the moral of the story ? There are thousand lessons to be learnt in life just by watching at some body. We cannot spent whole life for figuring out the mistake we have done and learning the lessons from it. We have to take lessons from every body around us. What happens when we let it go. Why we think we are not safe ? Why the parents let their child "be him". They did not make their decisions. They did not force him to stop or do something. They just agreed on the decision what he too. Why were they not worried about their own child ? They would have surely thought that he might get hurt but why did they jut let him go. They did it becasue they wanted him to find out for himself. We all are connected to our parents some how and all parents to care for their children but the real parents are those who let their child make their own decision. Why don't we understand this ? When we will say something to a child and ask him to stop ! He will not find out for himself. So, Now The message is to parents to Stop asking their child what to do and what not to do.