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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Press Releases: "25 Sexy Poems"

Mr.Santosh Kalwar has yet another book lined up in his new project entitle, "25 Sexy Poems" published by, This is the Sixth book/e-book written by Mr. Kalwar.

Currently, The book is free to download in an free (only limited time period) e-book version from publisher

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

Here is the complete press-release.

Mybheja congratulates the author of the book !

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Eurovision 2009 Song Winner: Norway


Years ago when I was younger
I kinda’ liked a girl I knew.
She was mine, and we were sweethearts,
That was then, but then it’s true

I’m in love with a fairytale
Even though it hurts.
‘Cause I don’t care if I lose my mind;
I’m already cursed

Every day we started fighting,
Every night we fell in love.
No one else could make me sadder,
But no one else could lift me high above

I don’t know what I was doing
But suddenly we fell apart.
Nowadays I cannot find her.
But when I do we’ll get a brand new start

I’m in love with a fairytale
Even though it hurts.
Cause I don’t care if I lose my mind;
I’m already cursed

She’s a fairytale
Even though it hurts.
Cause I don’t care if I lose my mind;
I’m already cursed

Thursday, April 30, 2009


Dear all,

Q)Just having finished reading Brida, I find myself touched and compelled to ask you this question. I believe I have been blessed and am living a life driven by the Tradition of the Sun, but what is the best way for me to rekindle the flame and its power in time of doubt and weakness?

A)Surrender yourself.

There is no best way or worst way, there is only one way which is the way of love, surrender, peace, sharing and giving.

Having said that, In the time of doubt and weakness there is one simple medicine : Smile without conflict.


-”I am not healer because I was born human but if you will wish to take only pain and sufferings of yours and more importantly others, you will end up becoming prophets and saints just like Jesus, Mohammad, Krishna among others.”

Give me your pain, to this poor child. I will give you my wish to heal even in darkest of the days !

God blesses you all !


God bless you all !

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fuck the rules

Fuck the rules


Fuck the rules, fuck your country rules
Your country has more suicide rate than birthrate
Do you know that, fucking holes?
Your fucking rules are your major problems

There are no rules for love
Why should there be?
Life is pain so is love
Your rules are making every day, painful
Fuck the rules, fuck your country rules

Am I evil?
I was born human
You made me devil
You made me terrorist
No one else to blame
It’s your fucking rules
Fuck the rules, fuck your country rules

You can kill me, you can hurt me
Why the fuck I care when I am ready to die
Your fucking rules will one day eat you
Fuck the rules, fuck your country rules

There are no rules for love, peace
Everything is vanity, everybody suffers
Your fucking rule, is not in favor
Humanity at stake, life sucks
When a human break rules, you let them surrender
Forgive them, let them go
Fuck the rules, fuck your country rules

It is your rule which created terrorist
It is your fucking rules, which will create them more
Your rules are dividing, demoralizing
Your fucking rules will bring disaster
Fuck the rules, fuck your country rules

© Santosh Kalwar

God bless you all !

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


When you see something strange for the first time in your life, you wonder, you think and you think with more seriousness. We think on the things which does not make any sense in the first attempt only because we are just like a simple kid who wants to know more.

OK, I am sorry ! I said, "we" but I behave like a kid. I have a child in me who is very curios about even the smaller things. Last night, I got an email reply from my Professor and I was so curiously looking at that reply. The reply was not so serious but suddenly, my eyes went on to see this word called "VS" in the subject line.

When I saw, this word in the subject line of the Email, I wonder what this might be ! I started to make my own predictions. I thought well, VS could be "Very Serious", how about being "Very soon".

The main problem was that, I was expecting a reply from the professor concerning my thesis work and he send me the reply but the reply was incomplete, He said, he will consult with the other professor and soon send me the reply but I wondered entire night thinking what "VS" could be !!!

I was thinking what if, my thesis is going to be crap ! How should I make people understand that what I am doing is really good. It is really difficult to convince especially the professors. I am still waiting for another rounds of comments that I am going to get from the them.

It is not easy ! In life, you have to satisfy all those who are involved with you voluntarily or involuntarily. Take for example, Authors have to satisfy there readers, Business have to satisfy customers, students have to satisfy their professors, wifes have to satisfy their husbands, so on and so forth.

In the process of satisfying and being satisfied, there are many things under consideration. I do not know what this "VS" was all about.

When I googled with curiosity, I found that "VS" means Versus. It also means victory for example. But this was not right prediction.

Suddenly I asked with one of my colleague, I found that in Finnish it has some meaning. Then for reply they put "VS" in the subject line.

Oh ! Dear, Thanks God I said to myself. I do not have to worry at least for a while now and get terrified.

When I check my earlier Email from the professor, I came to knew- Yes, In his earlier E-mails also, It is the same. This was the first time I notice it since I was feeling the pressure of my work.

If some body would ask me what are my negative traits- I surely can stand up and say to all that- "I cannot wait!!!" I do not know why but I want everything to happen with the blink of my eyes. I think all I need is just a little Patience in me.

Hopefully, I am waiting for the professors next E-mail, I think it should not be "Very Serious". Let me wait and see what happens next !

Sometimes my passions make me want to live just for the moment. I get swept up in emotions of optimism and creativity.

This can be both a gift and a burden, depending on the situation. I will now Try to confine my enthusiasm today and be a bit more practical.

I even may need to rethink some deadlines for projects, because tasks could take longer to complete. But my drive and vision will hopefully let me create eventual success.

Let us see ...

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Words are speechless.

Some times in life, we have to take things as they are and not the things as they might will be. Imagination is unbounded. It has no limit. Every individual in this earth has great ideas. All these ideas are not countable. The ideas that are liked by many is countable.

Some times we have to make compromises based on these ideas and the hypothesis that we believe or we make our own world. Believing in what is unknown makes you realize that you are close to that unknown.

People are inventing everything from scratch. It is very easy. The invention is an art accepted by like minded people. Those who do not accept, they are not inventors. Those who admire are advivsers. Those who create are called creators. Those who develop are called developers. How about those who do not do anything ? Should they be called "users".

The process of Nature is divided into two major categories. One is that which gives and another is one who takes. Nature gives and we take. WE give and Nature takes. The process is bi-directional. It occurs every time we desire it to occur.

Nothing is independent in itself. These random thoguhts are generated inside my random mind. I cannot understand why it is always empty. The mind is all the times filled with content. These content are acheived from or gained from memorable experiences, lesson learned and careful observation.

When you know yesterday that, "Mrs. A is bitchy, you will make an assumption that she will show same kind of behavior today as well". How about changing the attitude ? Will that be possible ? We can easily try to change the attitudes of those around us but how about changing our one ? How easy or difficult the process is?

However, These random thoughts are generated in my mind and I do not have to go anywhere to check for the problem. For some, it could be seen as problem and for some it could be seen as creativity.

Whoever sees in whatever way, the end result is does these content make an any sort of impact on your mind or not ? Do you really want to learn what I am trying to say with these thoughts. Did you realize what is missing on these content with the title. Are you really satisfied ?

You do not have to let me know. Just ask yourself. Where are you visitng. From one page to another.In serch of what ? You are the same person who is searching "Sex" on the Google and you are the same person searching "God" in another Google Search Page. Why do you maintain two different identity of lust and religiousness. What is good or bad with multiple identities ?

Whatever it is, these are some kind of patterns that we as the human generate and most of the times these patters are quite similar to one another.

Well, The words are speechless since the words do not have mouth of expression. These speechless mouth of expression are thoughts of that individual who does not know what he is writing.

Therefore, It is good to go back and search again "..." on some web pages. Good luck ! Watch out, you may really find what you are looking for. Be aware of God visiting your room some day. I am waiting for the explanation to be heard.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who am I?

The event took place in the Trivuwan Airport in Kathmandu. A young handsome looking, he seemed like very important rushed into this airport, jumped the queue, went straight to the counter and showed his passport and the ticket.

The gentleman at the counter said, “Sir, please stand in the queue”. The person replied, “No, I’m really in hurry I need to go.” The gentleman again said, “Please wait in the queue”.

The man said, “Do you know who I am?” The gentleman at the counter picked up the microphone and said, “There is a man here who does not know who he is, can somebody help him?”

The biggest problem for all of us is that, we all are in the same state as of this young man. The question, “Can somebody help him”?

The question justifies that every body is existing in this mother earth without knowing Nature of who he/she is. We are making life without understanding the fundamentals of whom we really are; we are trying to create a life of unknown. There is confusion.

The very first question that comes in my mind is that, “who am I”? It is one of the most profound and very important questions one has to ask in their life.

How can you know some one else life without knowing who you are? Charles Darwin gave the theory of “Natural Selection”, but he forgot to mention one theory of “Nature of Existence”. In this theory, every person should ask-who am I? Am I a student, Am I a teacher, Am I a political leader? Or Am I nobody.

The first and foremost thing one should do with their life is to ask these questions to understand who they really are. If we do not know what the nature of our existence is, we live by accident.

There is no reality in living by accident. It appears that we are living by accident, by assumptions and by opinion. And the zest of finding the reality appears. Some times there might be a feeling of no reality.

The question, “Who am I?” exits inside our body, in our mind. Once we remove the surface nonsense example, I am very famous singer, artist, son of great political leaders etc. The removal of such surface nonsense will give us the answer to the question, “who am I?”

When there is nothing remaining in your answer, that is the biggest thing. The answer you were searching for comes from this nothing. The question does not come from mere curiosity but straight from the heart. The answer to this question can some time tear people, once you know the reality, you will stick to it.

One day, a friend asked me the same question and I replied him saying, the words of Gautama Buddha which states, “It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours.

It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.” This is what Buddha said, and this is what I say to those who ask who am I, “I am what I really Am., and not what others make of me..,”

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I wish love.

Teej festival is celebrated in our country with the women fasting entire day without even taking the glass of water. When a husband says,"drink water" then a women is suppose to drink the water in the afternoon. What if the husband does not says anything. Will the women wait entire night just for the drop of the water ? Will she be able to resist the festival or should she follow her desire of thirst and quench it at that moment ?

Is the fear of death greater than the affection towards the other person ? Is it because one has to give everything for the other people. How long can we stay in a day without eating anything. For 3hours, 6 hours or even 10 hours; it does not matter how long you can stay without eating most important thing is how long you can wait for some one who is not in front of your eyes ? If I was a women it would have really been difficult for me to stay that long period without even drinking from the day till the evening.

I wish love, I wish that love is similarly present in every flow of our blood. I wish I can also wait for some one to say, "drink water honey". And after hearing some one drinks water on behalf of your words. Wow, Isn't it amazing that some one can stay longer for entire day without drinking. I wish I had such love too.

We always have to be satisfied with what we do have and always have to feel happy with what we do not have. This we call as the life.

I wish love.
I wish in my blood.
I wish in my ears.
I wish in my lips.

I wish love.
I wish it in my breath.
I wish she hears.

I wish she says,
I wish love.

Not in my ears
In breath I take,
Every morning I wake,
I wish love

Monday, August 25, 2008

Tutoring in LUT ...

"You are currently torn between the idea of living alone in the world, free to lead the life that you see fit, and the idea of sharing your life and path with someone else. This question will continue to come up in your life, and will be especially nagging during periods when you are not pursuing a creative activity. Interesting connection, don't you think?"

How am I currently torn between the ideas of living alone in the world ? I know that living along seems very good idea but I think it is very simplest of answer from the difficult puzzle of problems in our every day life.

Well, to some extent yes but how done one find the connection between living along and nagging during the periods when we are not pursuing a creative activity.

"Today you may be feeling a little stressed out and not your usual self. This could well bring a rush of sympathy from your current love partner, who'll probably want to stay in and take care of you. This solicitousness could cause you to feel a rush of warmth, affection, gratitude, and physical passion. The latter may wake you up to the fact that you're already getting better. Have fun!"

The first and the last paragraphs are the statement given to me by the God. He says those facts and he explains what I am going through today during these 24 hours circle. To some extent that is absolutely true. It is true that I am not feeling good and I have little more stress than usual. I do not know who loves whom or what love is so I could not currently explain what love is.

May be every thing depends on time and time will only tell when to do what. When you are handling multiple task at the time surely one will feel the stress in the body also in the mind. The act of knowing or understanding something is very important to understand or even start to behave in proper manner.

Lot of new faces are coming up in the University now, loads of achievements, plans and dreams are in those eyes which look very innocent to me.

I do not know how long it will take to reveal the secrets behind those innocent eyes. It might take some time for all those new people to get used to the environment, with the people, with the ordinary and extra-ordinary lecturers, with new city and many more stuffs.

I hope God bless them all who have the dreams in there eyes to think big, and to do well not only for themselves but for every one around them. I hope that all those dreams of those want it in any cost would be fulfilled with very less tears during the winter of the Lappeenranata.

I hope all those dreams would one day become reality again, with the early morning rise of Sun during the summer soon. I hope all no body would be left with the dreams unfulfilled. I simply hope I would see the smiling faces every day I meet these new people, I hope in hope...

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What makes me suffer

Rabbi Moshe de Sassov “True love is that which manages to avoid unnecessary suffering.”

The quote is beautifully said and nicely written. There are two elements in the quote first is “love” and second is “true love”. When you have two different things in a quote that means that needs to be compared. There is comparison between the love and true love. How can a person determine what is “love” and what is “true love” ? To understand the difference one has to first understand what love is.

When would you say- that a person is speaking what he is knowing or what he has experienced or what he has felt ? I do not agree, that there is any difference between any love or true love or false love or whatever. There is only one thing and that is “love”. When you are putting other words in front of it, or besides it then you are differentiating the words with others.

A love is love, either it is true or false. A love can not be true or false. A love is pure and the purity of the love cannot be measure. Either it is the love of parents to their children or it is the love of husband towards his wife, or it is the love of animals. Love is same everywhere.

Suffering cannot be manged. Suffering is that what we possess, that what we think and the way we think about anything. Suffering is present, it is vital for the existence. One has to understand how one takes it. Do you take “suffering” as one of the disease ? If you are taking suffering as the disease, then please think once again because disease in your body can go, it will one day vanish from your body but the suffering will not go until you are existing in this earth, until you are living in the present.

Can you find the love from the suffering ? If you cannot see the love from the suffering how can you tell what is true love ? How can you determine that suffering do not have love ? “In pain, there is pleasure associated”. or rather, I would say-”Pain contains the pleasure”. One has to feel the pain to feel the pleasure. One has to feel the suffering to feel the love from the suffering.

To understand weather you are getting a true love or no love or false love or just simply love you have to remove or take out from you mind the meaning of love. Once you remove all these definition of “what is love” then the remaining in your mind will give you, the proper definition of what is love.

Necessary and unnecessary is associated with humans personal taste. One can find some thing necessary at the same time one does not find anything necessary out of it. Therefore, there is no difference between love. Love cannot be said, “true” or “false”. Love is simply love.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Weekly Free Association : The Sea

From Paulo Coelho- "

This week’s free association comes down to from the Moon to the Sea.
The Sea is intrinsically diverse and contradictory - given that its waters may be peaceful or aggressive depending on the context.

As you know the sea in certain traditions is linked to the bearer of all life. In Greek Mythology for instance, Oceanus - or Okeanos - the Titan God, ruled over the great earth-encircling river Okeanos, the font of all the earth’s fresh-water: including rivers, wells, springs and rain-clouds. Okeanos was also the god who regulated the rising and setting of the heavenly bodies which were believed to emerge and descend into his watery realm at the ends of the earth. Okeanos’ wife was Tethys, the nurse, who was probably thought to distribute his water to the earth via subterranean caverns.

But the Sea can also be depicted as a dangerous environment. Carl Jung for instance stated that in dreams, the sea represents the unknown region of your psychic sphere, where many dangers stay hidden.
Now, you take the floor : what do you associate with the Sea? "

In response to above question of great Writer Paulo Coelho here is what I have to say- the article presented down has been approved by an administrator of Paulo Cohelo in his blog. You can find a copy of same article under his blog too.


What is Sea ? Is it associated with God or is it associated with fear in our dreams ? Good question Paulo, My personal view on this matter is that-

Let us break down the word called “sea”. S of the word could be Season, e of the word could be Earth and a of the word could be adaptability. Now, Once I combine these words and try to make give some meaning to it. It becomes- Based on Season, the earth adapts. Now it is up to you to decide how does this statement connects with the sea. The message drawn from this word Sea, has great deal of importance.

First, May be during those times humans had Natural resources and they do not understand the meaning of their existence. Therefore, the god gave them a Sea which will remind them that Based on the seasons the earth adapts. “The statement itself gives lot of meaning for human existence too”.

We are living in this earth as the sea in the earth. We are burning every day or struggling every day and trying to protect our existence. In case of Sea, sea is also getting heated up daily and it is protecting its own existence. We are then becoming cool in nights and relaxing with the tiredness of our burning entire day. Similarly the sea is very cold and chilly in the nights. The clouds moves to the cooler place near some mountains. Now again in the morning we wake up with the early morning rise of sun. The same process counties with our existence too.

I think Carl Jung idea of sea which is fear, is associated with those minds which lack knowledge and those minds can easily be directed in any ways. We have group of community and group of people or humans doing a common task that is based on the rule of one intelligent mind over thousand common minds.

Therefore, To conclude your comments I would give you one quotation and that quotation is derived from your question. The quote is- “Based on Season, the earth adapts.”


Thursday, July 24, 2008

How important interviews are?

From Paulo Coelho-
"I met a reader and she was discussing with me an article she had just read in a Spanish magazine about me. She told me that she kept on reading the same things in my interviews. Of course, she has read all of my books and follows my career. Yet, she’s right to have this feeling given that journalists always repeat the same questions, over and over again.
So here is my question of the week for you: How important interviews are?"

In response to above question of great Writer Paulo Coelho here is what I have to say- the article presented down has been approved by an administrator of Paulo Cohelo in his blog. You can find a copy of same article under his blog too.

A question will give you the very simple answer-Yes. It can also be said-No. Let me first define why I would say yes for the interview. It is because it depends upon the personality of a person. A person like Paulo Coelho who is famous writer needs lot of public hearing and every body who is interested to know more about him or his book should be given an opportunity to know more about him. A truly inspirational stuffs are lacking in the world. To inspire those all humans who are hungry for the knowledge it is good to give an interview.

The best thing about the interview is that it will help a reader to know get more out of the upcoming project or work that a writer is been preparing or carrying out for the people.

A reader of Paulo Coelho is depressed by reading the same stuff of answer that was the result of question asked by journalist. But one thing both Paulo and reader should understand that- It is Paulo who knows the Journalist is asking the same question to him time and time again. How would a Journalist would know, the same question have been asked to Paulo or not ? I think Journalist is barely doing his job nothing else. A reader of Paulo Coelho will definitely know more about him only because they are readers and they read all great books from the writer.

To answer the other way around why interviews are not important. A writer who is famous world wide likes of Paulo should not go for the interview simply because it is just like Marketing the product or work. A writer who spends most of the time in isolation during the work should most of time focus on doing what he is doing at his best. Therefore, An interview is not necessary for the product campaign together with that more publicity can result some times in boring the readers with the same stuff appearing all the time anywhere they go or visit. A reader reading either it is Brazil or in Spain will read the same stuff time and time again and get bored with first the person who gave the interview and second with the person who takes the interview.

However, It is always good to maintain some kind of balance between the two.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Love explanation.

Last night, I was watching a movie called, "The man who cried". An amazing epic of the Russian girl who comes to find her father who has gone to America for some reason. In the process of visiting to America she meets the gypsies guy who is Johnny Depp, As the people hates them just simply because they do not have homes to live and place of there own, the girl loves her. The story of the movie shows a great deal of love with the passion of finding the father.

Every man knows how to cry and when to cry. It is just that they do not show it to others. Even if they know how to cry they will never show how to cry. It is just the very moment which will tell if the person is really feeling it deep pain in his heart which will tell him to cry otherwise a man has very much difficulty to cry.

Everything in world is connected by some means or medium. The most beautiful of all the medium in world is "love".

Love is the greatest thing that connects every religion, sex, race, country, emotions and humans from different planet and with different culture. When a person touches the faces of the women the most beautiful feelings is generated in the both men and women. A feeling of closeness. A feeling of togetherness. The main purpose of love is love itself. One cannot find any purpose in love neither a person can find any purpose in life too.

A love comes with bag full of smell of early morning beauty. Have you ever smell the early 4 am morning beauty of those breeze just near the lake. It gives the pleasure of being alive. It just reminds us that we are alive. Love is very difficult thing to explain because once i start to explain it, it will not be the definition but the statement of question which will be unanswered.

Do not ever mistake love for lust, session for passion and action with reaction. These are very confusing many of the times and very people will know till the entire existence of the life. A person full of love is that person who can give, who has nothing to be hidden and who lives for others not for himself. He might have negative impact on him from some group of people despite that also he is widely famous and is known for his care taking, giving, respecting, realization, reaching enigma of enlightenment at any stages of his entire existence. He is the man, who can love. He is the ideal husband who can give and he is the person heart full of love.

A picture shows a person who is close to a women and the impact of the closeness is maintained with some distance. A touch is shown to show the presence of showing love. Both of them are in darkness and there is no light, which shows that they are going for lust not for love. There is a sense of presence of little fragrance of love but not actual love.

Love is the

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Living a life.

A simple look at flower gives a delight in the mood of a person, a flower just shows how beautifully it has been created by Nature. It takes lot of effort to see the blossom flower and the beauty of it.

It needs lot of attention from the climate, environment and Nature. Without the help of these important factors which make it blossom a flower will not be seen so beautifully. Similar to a blossom of flower a life needs too a total care and protection from many different elements.

Many people think and believe that life is constant struggle and we have to go through the path of struggle of existence to survive. I do not think life is struggle. Life is not struggle we make it struggling. Life is joy of living, it is collection of past and present memories for the future action.It is the clear like a crystal and diamond, it gives pleasure at the same time it gives pain. It is pure form of living.

War is the desire of wanting more. It means I have less and I want more than you. The biggest problem of existence is not struggle but survival. A flower after showing its glory goes down just all the petals go down once it blossom and shows it capabilities. We then do not like such flower and then we see another flower.

A human nature is very much predictable, it wants a constant fresh element in life either it is a change of place, environment, climate, people or country or any thing. When we do or see or act in the same manner all the time it become very predictable and people will then get bored of the way we live a life.

Religion is a great hot topic for the debate in the next decade and it will create a lot of problem in near future. It will be dominant factor in showing who is the best or who is the worst but it can also be very effective in many different perspectives. It can bring a lot of change the people see religion.

A mind which is in constant struggle with itself can see the changes in the context of environment just because it knows how itself feels. When a mind is outer or cannot see itself then it cannot see the bigger picture. There are two types of humans inside our body, one is girl and another is boy. A girl inside us will match the girl outside. A boy inside will match the boy outside.

I do not know to what extent it is true but to some extent it is logical just because we do not like all the girl living in the outer world and we do not like all the guys. What if both these elements are not present in the human ? In such context, a person can either like both male or female or he might dislike everything he see.

Every body's mind can be ruled by other mind just by raising impulse inside's other mind and asking them to do what we want. It is easy. Many of the war has been done just like this. It is easy to fake the other people mind just simply because humans cannot control their own mind. Once every human will learn an activity or a process of controlling a mind then he can rule himself, he can rule all over the world. Most importantly, all his desire and dream will slowly start coming true.

Every body near him will be catious and think how this person does miracle in his life but those are simply a contol of his own mind over others. He knows the fact that he is creator of his suffering and he once changes his vision and mind as per his act he will slowly start changing everything around him.

The moral of story is that, learn from the Nature. Every thing that shines has to go in darkness one day. Every thing that blossoms will fall down like petal of flowers and slowly it has to gain all energy and effort to make it blossom again. It is just like a cycle. After a darkness there is sunlight and after sunlight there is darkness again. A cycle continues and a cycle of human life also continues just like that.

Death is certain but humans should not be afraid of death, they should rather be afraid of wasting time and energy to make a moment non-pleasurable and unfunny to live. Every moment,every breath we take should be taken with total joy and satisfaction that is living a life.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Building Trust.

Hello, hello,, hello.. who are you ? I am asking you. Yeah, you sir who are you. Do you know who are you ? Come on tell me. Why do you want to know ? Who are you to ask ? Why are you asking me such questions ? Are you crazy ? Do you know me ?

These are the general conversation when a two unknown person talk for the first time. A person is trying to ask something but the other person is not trying to tell him about himself just because the unknown person is not known to him in one way or another.

Why are we finding the relationship before we want to explore ourselves or want to tell about ourselves to others.The main reason is that-we do not trust the person,who is uknown. We are fearful and afraid of the unknown. Either it is a person or animal. If it is not yours then it is not secure or not trustful. It is unlikely that some one will be open and tell everything to the unknown.

The mystery is that everything in world takes time. Love, Friendship, Marriage, almost many kinds of relationship takes load of time before it puts itself in a good gear and runs smoothly. Why do we admire a couple who are old and walking down the streets catching hand in hand laughing and cherishing a long old memories gone by, kissing and hugging each other just thinking they do not have the very next day behind them and only the moment at which they are present and walking down with a joy and happiness touching every feet like never before.

Time is a journey, a movement- our movement leads to time. Nothing is immovable. Everything moves. When everything moves we are bound to move as well. This is the fact and it do not need any scientific explanation. The movement creates a matter of trust between two parties, two friends, husband and wife and the most important thing that connects these movements is communication. When you are communicating then you are in a touch with the person and the person will be trustful to you but once you loose connection you stop trusting the other person and you tend to judge after a while. You will then ask weather she really needs to be trusted.

There is one story in Indian Epic. A story of Lord who goes to jungle for 14 years and he was the king of the place. Just because he has to leave everything and go in forest to spend his life for 14 years and the main thing was he could not take his wife with him. Now when he returns from the forest after 14 years, he hears a lot of thing about his wife. He hears long long sentences that makes him doubt over his wife. He then looses a trust over his wife. He then starts to think. He is king, he is great human being in those era but now he finds himself in dilemma and trouble. How would he trust his own wife after 14 years. ? Is she really trustful or can you really believe in her, whatever she says. A wife of the king had to do some kind of examination before she really could be trusted again. She had to sit in a burning fire for a while and if the fire automatically stops burning then she is proved that she is innocent.

What happened was miracle that she really testified her trust and finally the fire stopped burning. Or something similar. I do not remember much of the story. Now, the main question that remains in this world is, It was in those days when every body was very trustful and every body really valued what they speak but Today, Oh, my God !

You do not realize how many times in a day you speak lie. You speak lie to yourself, to your friends and to many of the people you may know or do not know. you say, hello Nice to meet you ! when you do not feel nice to see the other person. you say, "I love you". Just because you have to say. you say- "This is great". When it is no longer great. These are just some of the lies that we will not know or we do not explore within us.

The trust building process to build a relationship is a one kind of art and it has to be learn by yourself. It is the just the beginning.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Care of Nature

Many of the times we are terrified and we just follow what others do, we visit temples, go and pray want to be in a community or of some religious group. All these are the signs of wanting a care. We all need a proper care. Just like a mother cares for a child, We need a proper care.

Who is responsible when for our caring ? Is it some stone that we worshiped every day or is it our family ? Is it the temples we visit and mantras we chant. Is it the all these that care us ? I do not think so- just because these are tradition every one follows it and no body has got anything from it. Yeah to some extent a peace, a silence of mind is the result but nothing beyond.

A care is done by "Nature". We are natural animals. We live in this pleasant nature and one day we are buried to the nature itself. Literally it might sound non-sense but every does not have to have sense. It is true and that is what I think. Our body outer part is skin and when we run, work or do any thing in a sunny day that results in a mud from a skin too. Skin is capable of being burnt, it cannot resist extreme heat, extreme cold or extreme any of the things.

When we need a shade, there are loads of trees near us. When we need to take bath there are lakes and sea where we can jump. When we need something we always get it from Nature. The total care of our body is done by Nature in return one day we have to give it all back to it. We always fear of death but death is the smallest debt we pay back to Nature after entire care done by it.

We live our life and we become just like a person our society wants us to become. There are always circumstances that make the person weak or strong or criminal or terrorist. No one is born terrorist or bomber. We are just treated like that by the society and the people with whom we are influenced. We are just a normal humans and we all can be changed in different ways depending upon the circumstances and situation. We just need a proper care and that proper care is done not by any person or individual but the Nature.

Believe it or not. It is just not a fake story but the reality. Why are we so fatigue to the all the Natural things in the world. We are burn when the fire comes close to our body, we get cold, heat, rays of light or we are fearful, we show different emotions based on these circumstance that Nature presents. It is by the Nature we are living and it is for the Nature we are living and it will be for the Nature we will survive for a certain period of the time in our life.

Greatest fear we have is death, which is nothing but the concept. Who will come after the death and tell you the story that I went to heaven and I went to hell just because it is written in some text here to read us and get addict to it. It is total nonsense which will make sense only when there is no existence of the entire human beings. What happens when you go to bed ? You fall asleep and you go the state called as Unconsciousness that state is described as the stage where nothing works or nothing is happening. In that state you are dead. The stage where there is no return but later next day you wake up why ? You wake up just because you have something you left the previous day as pending. You have to wake up because the Nature wants you to do something for it. It wants you to be alive and do some task before the final sleep.

A simple explanation is that- We need a care, care of parents when we are small kids, care of girl friends or wife when we are adult and young, care of again kids or our parents and later care of ourselves. But above all these, we need a care of Nature to really be cared. Without the care of Nature we are nothing. We are therefore regarded as the child of Nature.

Monday, June 30, 2008

Be light to yourself

Some times in life there are things that you want to keep secret but it is no more secret to you and yourself. Meaning, A person who want to keep secret and is not being open has many different meaning attached to it. A person can keep his person things to himself and do not want to tell what he is doing to others.

When other people listen, see or hear about the secret of others- the first impression of them is surprised, next they then start making judgment and third they make their own statement about the person. I am not surprised if some one is keeping secret and not letting any of his personal things to come out but many people do. Some times I am surprised too when I hear the good news about my friends and relatives.

It is not hiding but it is like not showing what you are capable of or not letting others to know what can you do or not letting people to know that you are doing good work. "I am doing something" does not prove that you have done that thing. " I will do something" will not prove that you really have completed the things. It is just after you have done something, when you say- well, I have done these things then, it proves that you really have done something. It does not matter to you as long as you are in process of being but it will matter to you and your surrounding after you complete the process.

My whole life is based on a philosophy of not saying what I am doing but to say what I have done but it is in one circumstance if some one really wants to know then. Otherwise, let it be. Who cares about you and your life in this complex dynamic world. No one is yours and no one will go with you when you are dead. You came alone and you will go alone. Every body else- your parents, relatives and family all are just other human beings who are attached to you in one way or anther with some bond. The bond can be-emotional, spiritual or anything related.

A strongest bond between these humans and you is the power of love. A bond which could not be described by my meager words. A bond which is selfless and universal. A bond of true destiny and finding reality. Everything we see is connected and everything we do are affected to and by Nature.

Those types of humans who are very cautious about the health will die young and those who do not care will die old. It is because, Nature cares those who care careless and nature loves those who care very careful. It does not mean that, you stop doing what you do-eat health foods or go for diet or do take care of your health and many other activities. All these activities is for you. It is good to take these things into your account and keep on doing it. But my minds says that, totally opposite, it says that it does not matter as long as you live in a moment and do what is in front of you.

Being selfish or being along or not letting some one tell your secrets does not make you close or introvert it makes you more of you and nothing else. What happens happens for good and one day if the secret is open, people will come to know it in any circumstances. It will be known by people and they will first get surprise, next do judgment and third give comments or make an impression on you. It can be positive, negative or whatever based on your thoughts that will process them. If you take everything as positive then it does not affect you but once you feel or flex your emotions then you are being open to yourself.

Being light and open to oneself is important then showing openness to others.Just be open to yourself and show the light of sun into your heart, once the darkness inside you is enlightened with the power of sunlight it will bring loads of joy and happiness in your life and in the life of the people around you.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Mantra

A sunday morning, with late night parties and hang over of couple of beers together with a friends graduation party. It kept me awakened till the midnight and it was just total fun without any hesitation of mind and without thinking the very next day you got to go for work. In-fact, it does not matter as long as a friend comes from very far place and throws you a party.

Now the early morning wake up and not a proper sleep-you go for the work. Some times you feel sleepy while doing the work and some time it makes you feel as if why don't it finishes early. When would I finish it ? Many of us when we go for work we are always thinking of when will it finish and I will get total rest of what I do not want to do.

When we think in such a sense then we think not of work but we think of ourself, It happens to many of us just because work is not a thing that we enjoy. One good question would be how can we make it more interesting ? Can we do it in different way or can we make it more interesting by ourselves ? Well, we can make it interesting only when all the elements supports us. I mean those elements that are connected to the work related activity. Take an example of the paper delivery- In such work the elements that support the work is good climate, good working condition, good instrument or the vehicle to use, nice and proper health, and many other personal, Natural things which will help you or guide you for the completion of your work. When everything will support you-you will find it more interesting and you will enjoy the work.

Sunday, There is a tradition of not working in western countries mainly due to the religious thing. It is said that, you have to work 7 days and the eight day is the resting day and when you work on eight day, you have to be punished. I do not know, I have no idea if that is true but I think according to Bible it is true to some extent or absolutely true. I do not want to criticize the Bible or any other religious text but I would like to ask- There are many company, people, organization working on the Sundays too why are not they being penalized ?

Ask a mother whose son is in the death bed and he needs a medicine-can she work or not on Sunday ? Ask a father who has a work only on Sundays and other days he do not get an opportunity to work just because of his old age, is he suppose to work or not ? These are some examples but there could be many more than these. When we are no longer leaving the smaller things of our religion then how can we see what is religion itself ? We are being blind by our all these things that we follow every time we visit religious places.

It feels good and it brings a kind of peace for some moment but after that it is the same, it is not good that we should not be bounded by any religion or any religious text or any one single boundary of religion at all. It will be good if we can be open. Once we open our mind to all other religion then it is similar to a child first seeing the world after the arrival in this mother earth. It is all upto us. I do not mean that, people should not do what they are doing or what they are following but when you are doing and following what is the best for you-you are not letting yourself get open to the vastness and richness of seeing what a religion is.

Many writers have written about it and many has different views on the subject matter whatever be the views would not make clear and people will not be clear until and unless you open yourself from being bounded by one. Let it be, My words will not matter as long I am not directing you to do it but it is my opinion on what I feel or experience. I do not want any one to follow it but at-least you can think about it, get a knowledge from it and see by yourself.

Well happy Sunday and free yourself this sunday from all your sins or pain or empty your mind-just relax.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Physical and Natural

When a person is not well or when you are not feeling good, you think you are in the stage where you really need a help at that very moment there would be no one except you.

The moment will bring a lot of lessons to learn and you have to learn all these lessons by yourself. It is very easy and it is difficult. A physical health is very much necessary to keep or maintain the balance in life. Once your physical health is not with you or I mean, your physical balance of the health is not supporting you then it will be very difficult to live a life.

Imagine that you have a pain, pain in the chest or near the area where you breath. How would you feel then ? The breathing becomes difficult and every ounce of oxygen you want to take gets difficult to go inside. Every breath you take makes your life very difficult. Despite that, you wake up early in the morning and do what has been ahead of you.

Physical, mental and environmental are there different things which has to be kept in balance. A look at physical health is very much necessary. There are many people in world who eat a lot. Eating disorder has nothing to do with a person but a person consuming lot of food has resulted in some person in some part of world without food. It has to balanced in some sense but it will never be. When a human has the highest power of all the animals, or living entity in earth today. One thing humans have forgotten is to create a balance among themselves and around the society first then country and then in world.

By the result of these circumstances, Nature has to do its job and she has to remind every one once in a while that you have to take care of the things that I have given to you. Why are you all being so lazy ?. We have floods, volcano eruption, earthquake and many more disasters. We are the creators of all of these disasters. There is no one to blame except us.

The point here is- The physical health disorder has to do with a person itself. A person invites the disorder of health problem in his body by his own consequences and by the result of his own problems similarly, Earthy problems are also due to the result of combination of entire human race and imbalance of them. Once we will understand this process then only we will realize the power of Nature and power of being a human beings.

Look at the lake near your place, you will find lot of information and lot of message from it. A place where it is very pure. A form of water collected in one place which has nothing to say or complain. It is cool and a wind blows it to make a small waves. It is silent even with the anger of biggest thunderstorm and it is very deep more deeper than we can imagine.

It cannot be explained how it maintains its own life. A physical omnipresent and transparent life. It looks as if there is no life but there is a life of every thing that exists, that we see and that we can touch or feel or smell or our senses have some effect on it. We will like to neglect it but it is not like that. A lakes fights every day to maintain the life of its physically and mentally. It has to be similar in our cases too.

Monday, June 16, 2008

A diary of monday 16th june 2008

A early morning rise at around 2 am with a thinking set to travel a new horizon with early rise of sun. It was amazing experience today morning with very light dark sunlight giving some sign of rain but again with total in confusion of delivering either the sun to their children's or a joy of tears in total summer fun.

Imagine a situation where you work in early morning the time when nobody would wake up easily from the bed but you are not the only one who does it, there are many like you and there are people who have mastered it before you. I was with my drunken teacher today. He was smelling like a hell and telling me most of the times what to do and what not to do. Where to deliver the paper and where not to.

Coming from the work it gave a total satisfaction of the work and the time you spent doing it. It gives much a relieve after when you finish something but every time you finish it; you are relived. It give a feeling to you that the same time and the work is not going to come again. You have done what you have been asked for. It is a good feeling after anything is completed. But everything that has been completed again comes in different ways too.

My father used to say-Son, you will realize the values of money when you will start working. Whatever I achieved till date and whatever you are wasting so easily is not easily earned. It is all hard owned and every single rupees that you are taking in negligence is a process of very hard work.

Today couple of years later, I have realized that It is not easy and whatever he has said is absolutely correct. It is not easy either you have to loose something to gain something or you have to really work hard. It can be mentally or physically. The pain will be there in your mental phase or in your physical part of body. It will again go after only you will take rest. Therefore after a long hours of doing the early morning work came back to my lonely bed which was just waiting for his master to occupy it in total joy.

As I respect the bed, I would really be thankful to it in many different ways. After sleeping for some four hours then it was the time to go back to University and do the official part of the work. It was noon then, I took a tea and started another phase of the life called University Work. A tea was really strong enough to keep me alive till the 6 pm in the evening, can you imagine that ? A guy can really survive from early morning tea to late evening tea without eating anything. I was also surprised. There is always something to do and very less time to think about eating.

Just after coming from a university work then immediately went to Shopping for the foods those were not present in the kitchen and it was to my suprise that a friend who lives next door-Arjun cooked something really delicious. A tasty south indian daal. A taste of which reminded me of "banglore". I do not know how people rate an indian food but they are really fantastic if you taste them yourself. If you listen from others then you have had no experience of saying anything on them. This guy is great in cooking. I wish he was a beautiful lady, I would have propose and married with him. I say, the same thing for whoever my room mates are previously it was Teemu and he too is brilliant in cooking.

It is by situation people learn to cook and it is by luck or fate that I met these outstanding people who helped in many different ways in my life. This is what makes the life more memorable and wonderful experience to live. Now, the time is around 8pm and I have written this whole blog about my own life today. A diary of monday 16th june 2008. Well, why should I be worried may be there is something which people can get from it too.

1. Do not waste anything just like that. Think before wasting or you will automatically learn a process of earning a money once you will work for it.
2. Do what you like to do most, do not think about anthing except it.
3. Take care of your health. (Not for me)
4. Appreciate people, things and nature around you.
5. Love eating Indian Spicy especially something cooked by local boy of that county.

Since the breath is still going on, I must keep on breathing till the time I will forget to breath. However, do cherish your life too and have a great weekend ahead. A kind of blessing for everyone who is reading it right now.