Sunday, June 15, 2008

Open, close and Control

How do you feel when a weekend starts and the weekend ends ? It is totally different feeling when a start of the event. It can be anything such as giving a birth of new born babies or starting of the week on Fridays, or lets say one simple example of a friends party or just a simple get together.

Anything that starts brings joy in our life. It creates a kind of excitement and it is in total good to us, our mood or our thinking. We feel we are going to start something new, something which is going us will let us give a pleasure or adventure or excitement something which is totally new. When we think in such a manner we become very excited to ourselves. We then reach to the state called total happiness.

The closing or ending of an event has totally opposite feeling to this. We suddenly feel frustrated, disappointed and even get angry some times with ourselves. Why do it has to end ? We have only such question in our mind. Imagine a simple example of a closing of and weekend or the ending of weekend. Once we end it, then we start to feel or we start to connect it with our past experience of starting a weekend. We know that, this is new weekend but we start to compare with the past weekend beginning and the closing or ending of the weekend.

Suddenly all the pleasure or rest we have done during a weekend has to be stopped. Again we have to think that well, from tomorrow onwards I have to go to the office or start my work as per the routine. It feels as if we are doing it for some body else and not for others. Many of us get disappointed by thinking of early Monday morning and late Sunday evening. Why ? Just because we do not want to go to the office or just because we have taken a lot of rest and we want to keep on resting in peace for longer period.

A mind is the best player and a captain in any form of game of our life. It does everything as per our experiences, future expectation and events. It knows exactly when to stimulate a good and happy mood in your self. It also knows to make you depressed in most of the situations. A great artist I would recommend are those who can control their mind. It can be easily controllable. It is not difficult and it does not look easy.

A simple techniques of controlling your mind is doing exactly opposite of it directs you to do. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to differentiate between the decision taken by mind and heart. When a heart makes a decision it is one direction. It will not ask you any question. It will not put you in the dilemma and say you that "if", what if ," just because, why or something like this... When a mind makes a decision it will be judgmental it will always ask a feedback. Either from you or from your friends, neighbors, your family or some one near you.

A decision done by mind can be controlled by a simple techniques called as "Control your mind". It is a technique which require you to do something different than it suggests. For example. You have to go today and shop in the market, you know exactly when the shop is going to close that is let's say-7 p.m.. Now you have 30-minutes remaining and let's say you do not have food to eat for the evening. Now, if you decide to go then surely you will think that you will reach the shop within 15 minutes and you can easily buy the food before 7 p.m. But some how you controlled your mind and said to yourself that you are not going to buy the food because I am controlling my mind.

Now the problem you will face in the future is you will have nothing to eat + you will have to wait the next day until the shop gets open and you may feel really hungry before going to bed. How will the nature help you in this circumstances you may ask for the food from a friend just for the evening-( First )he may or may not give you. (Second) A friend of yours invites you for the dinner party. A good chance of expecting an unexpected and many other ways.

Next case you decided to follow your mind and could not go beyond your mind in such case-the best possible will be you will reach exactly in the shop within 15 minutes and go and get the food, come back home and prepare and eat. As directed by your central part-brain. Other case would be that, you are some how late for the shop and the you could not enter inside the shop. It is boring because you travelled 15mintes from your place to a shop to fetch a food but unfortunately you were not able to get it. Another case would be you were going to fetch a good but you caught an accident. It is very worst case where you were trying to go and do one thing but it happened to something different based on fate.

Controlling a mind is not as easy as it really looks but once you start controlling it you will feel lots of excitement and pleasure only because it will make you do many unexpected things and it will bring loads of pleasure in your life you can ever imagine.

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