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Monday, May 18, 2009

Travelling Drama

“Travelling Drama”

Unexpected events, wake up to buy ticket,
I was thrilled to go home, after 2 years of holy stake,
It was me, and my dear friend, Mr. panthi
Who were, fooled by mysterious event of, journey?

Around midnight, we started to purchase ticket
Online, fucking and idiot internet business,
Panthi was using Window’s Vista,
Sucking keyboards and unknown, Vittu interface,

I paid the money for ticket,
Was just checking the ‘no reply’, automatic emails,
From online, ticket seller of Sweden,
Homosexual service of travelling set,

Mr. Panthi said, “Oh my god, I did great mistake”
Fuck, “what the hell are you talking”, I said.
Panthi slapped hand on his forehead,
Said, “Dates were exchanged and it was big mistake”

I could not believe it, remaining three friends,
Mr. Pokharel, Kandel and Shrestha were beeping,
Smoked cigarettes after cigarettes,
Panthi asked to change,
My wish of living longer for holidays

Fucked by Swedish travelling online retail set,
Send e-mail just after the so called mistake,
Waited and changed even mind now,
To live shorter for holidays,

Following day talked with great two angels,
Said my problems and wishes which were going to fail,
Just after angels and my conversations,
I was notified by travelling online retailers,
They are going to refund the money,

Unexpected fucking mistake was solved,
The problems were resolved,
Mr. Panthi and I were laughing at world,
All my friends or so called my disciples
Smiled with me and world was happy, all over
To read this great poem of travelling drama and fun

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Collective Worship

In response to the Paulo's question on "Collective Worship", here is what mybheja has to say-

Dear all,

Have you noticed that you are putting your own words and one of the blogger in this blog, ‘karen’ is ill ???

Come on fellas, pray for her–She is sick as she has written, look on the top of the comment section with her post.

May God bless ‘Karen’ !
May she overcome her illness…

I don’t know what is collective worship, I don’t care about other’s fucking opinion and I don’t give a damn on any books on worship, all are nonsense and stupid ideologies. I care to those who are close to me and I care to those who are in need of me, I care to those who knows me. I am worried about their’s problem and I am depressed if they are depressed, I am happy if they are happy because that is only thing which is important to me.

(If you will put the above statement line by line, it will become poem, if you will put those sentences in paragraphs that will become short article/opinion/thoughts… and if those words will be written or said by prophets or gurus then it becomes scriptures.)

To: Karen for her wellness…
Come on human being, wake up
I made you, you didn’t made me
I don’t ask you to pray me
I never did, Instead
You did and still doing it,

Wake up and rise to rising sun,
pray for other like you,
I am happy if you will help others,
around you, for you, with you,
dance in the occasion
rest in the sensation
worship for humanity
you will get instantly

God bless you all !

Monday, April 27, 2009

Q&A with Santosh Kalwar

In response to questions asked by blogger and reader at Paulo's blog, here is what Mybheja has to say-


Here is what I would say for your questions, Even though I will write ten books on these subject, it will not be enough to satisfy all human souls but as you have asked, here is short description of what this poor guy from Himalaya feels about these issues-

Q). How would you differentiate these 3 (Faith, hope and love) ?

A) Human being is the hope. The "H" in the "Human" words stand for "H" in "Hope". Faith is for focus of mind to certain things or object. and love is for life.

Q)Can a person survive on faith alone? or hope alone? or love alone?

A) Yes they can and they are surviving on these three elements, with or without them.

Q)or must these elements (faith, love, hope) always go together?

A) No, it is not necessary that these elements should go together. But if they go together then there will be complete peace and solitude in humanity. (Which we are currently lacking in the present world and it is even getting worse everyday!)

Q)what do you believe is the most important among these? (if you think you can live with just one OR if one of these failed you.. example, if you have had failed in love or lost the faith or hope)

A)I don't believe, I have them in me. I know how to give love, I know how to have faith and I know how to hope hope.
Having said that, if I am failed in any of these vital pills for humanity(faith, love, hope) my physical existence will be no more.

Q)would you be able to give an example (taken from your experiences or made it up–analogies ) on how these 3 link together?


-Without love there is no life, without hope there is no physical existence of humanity and you need faith to have hope and love.

-Why are we worried about these pills for humanity (love, faith and hope), just concentrate on daily normal life and when you will be very old, you will easily know the answers.

-The pills for humanity such as love, faith and hope needs to be taken every morning when you wake up and every evening when you sleep.

-Don't be afraid with any one and any body not even vampires or devils or even death then you will slowly understand the meaning for these humanity pills such as love, faith and hope.

-A Single human life good deeds will add peace and prosperity to entire humanity and with humanity pills, your behavior also will be good. Therefore, just think less and do more, don't regret and don't pretend, as the flowing of river never stops, as the rain drops touch your face in the raining days, as the sun light kills darkness as the mother earth balances herself.., we will change.., in that change, we will transform ourselves into perfect individuals, those with supreme intellect and the power just like prophets. One day, all humanity will transform into pure humanity, those with the power of truth, love, faith, trust and supreme Consciousness. That day, is not very far....,

If you need any further explanations, please write it to me.., I would be happy and try to make you satisfied with my poor words. Thank you !

God blesses you !


God bless you all !

Friday, March 27, 2009

Press Releases: ..."109 Quotes, 07 Poems and a song of despair..."

Mr.Santosh Kalwar has yet another book lined up in his new project entitle, "..."109 Quotes, 07 Poems and a song of despair..." published by, This is the fourth quote book written by Mr. Kalwar.

The book is free to download in an free e-book version from publisher

Here is the complete press-release.

Mybheja congratulates the author of the book !

Friday, March 13, 2009

I will be born in 2039

Welcome, Dear Readers- Please do not get surprised, with the title of this column. I am no God, neither Spiritual Guru, nor Religious teacher or saint. I am just like you, Human being.

I am not born but wait a moment-do not get to the conclusion. You might be wondering, if this person is not born who wrote this column? What is that he is trying to prove? Well, there is nothing that author wants to prove or claim. It is just a simple joke.

Today, looking at the Nations situation- I think I will be born in 2039. Now this is not the entire story, with doom of Economy (Global, National or Regional) there is no point in living a life of jeopardy. We have seen the country ruled by Kings (Razas and Maharazas), We also have seen so called “Democracy” and currently, “Federal Democratic System” and “…” in near future. There is no change in creation of Jobs, Security, Electricity, Economy and Transportation to name few. I do not blame our beloved Prime Ministers neither I blame all the top-executive Politicians; I blame myself; because I know I will be born in 2039.

Yesterday, I heard the news where, a young man who was just seventeen years old kills reportedly fifteen and then himself at a school in Germany. A friend of his told police today, that he was bullied by class mates, teachers for many years. When he wanted to speak to them (Teachers, friends, parents) no one listened to him. Personally, I feel what my friend Paul from Austria feels- The young Gunman was innocent simply because, no body listed to his anguish. The tragedy could have been avoidable if there was the presence of love in his life.

Children of today are treated like valueless and useless beings. The world depends on them and the future of the entire world is dependent on how we treat them today. This is a sad story and this is just the beginning- I think. As we can see everybody is busy in their own personal life and nobody wants to LISTEN to anybody, simply because we all have point to make and grow within the society. Then a quote popped into my tiny little brain which states, “Love is integral part in human life, without the sense of its presence no human wants to live life in despair.”

Let me get back to your questions, one very good friend of mine named Teemu, from Finland asked, “Santosh-when were you born in your country?” This is a good question, I thought- and before making my statement open, I visualized that- “We are in 2065, even ending it soon”. Then, I replied him back with the smile on my face stating-“I will be born in 2039.”

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where do you find inspiration?

1. Writers drew there Inspirations from themselves staying like a child.
2. Learning is every day phenomenon from ourselves and from others around us.
3. Nature and Environment teaches us and bring even closer to it, every day and in every moments.
4. Einstein said that all of his great inventions were because he stayed to be child. Being in the state of the child bring curiosity and passion for work.
5. As you said Paulo coelho, "I am my books and they are part of my soul." Most of the writer should feel in the same way, here is one question you would like to add if you have not already posted. What do you associate with books?
6. A single moment of joy and complete peace, satisfaction in that moment and words of wisdom gained and shared are what most of the writer would like themselves to associate with.
7. I do not know if God exits but I know, if he exits then he must live inside us, inside our body,being invisible but controlling our body and driving us forward, to take very next step in our life. I am the bilogical body and my books are representation of that very next step which God wants me to take.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Les Demoiselles d'Avignon (The Young Ladies of Avignon)

Artist: Pablo Picasso, 1907
"In any case, only the execution counts. From this point of view, it is correct to say that Cubism has a Spanish origin and that I invented Cubism. We must look for the Spanish influence in C├ęzanne. Things themselves necessitate it, the influence of El Greco, a Venetian painter, on him. But his structure is Cubist."
--Pablo Picasso

Adam and Eve

Once upon a time there was a guy named Mr.Adam, in his mid thirties, long haired, good looking just like a scholar. Adam was happy with his life. He was a computer professional and most of the times he was working on the computers. The first love that he has discovered was only the computers since he was not involved with any women.

Despite he was good looking and nice, there was no women who wanted to approach him and love him. One day he finished his degree and returned back to his country. He saw one girl who was busy in the Phone. He looked at her and thought, "She looks good". Next day on the same place during same time-Adam saw her again talking in the phone.

He thought, "She must be talking with her boyfriend". Adam did not gave much of the importance after that thought. The girl was also in her mid thirties and very good looking and nicely build. She was beautiful as the Rose. Eve as her sister would like to call her.

After few days, Eve looked at the Adam and Smiled. She must have thought something before smiling but Adam had no clue. May be Adam thought He knew with whom she was talking-her boy friend named Fox.

Adam friend Moore was good at talking with the girls and he talked with Eve about Adam and his characteristics. Moore admired a lot about the Adam and he said many good things about the Adam to Eve.

For couple of weeks on the same place and during same time, Adam could not see Eve anymore. His eyes were searching for Eve but he could not find her. "Where is Eve?", Why did not see come today or yesterday to talk with her boyfriend?. These questions were on the mind of Adam.

During this period of the time Adam was reading a Novel by Paulo called "Veronica decides to die". While Adam was very fast learner, it did not took long for him to finish Paulo's Novel. He finished it within the couple of weeks time. He learned about the women and why they are committing the suicide.

After the couple of weeks period, Adam saw Eve but this time she looked little sick and weak. She was not even talking with anyone, silent and cold. She was just frozen or something thought Adam.

Adam went close to her and said, "what happened to you?" why are you not talking any longer". Eve replied that nothing has happened and she was OK.

As Adam's Nature was outgoing and friendly, he talked about the book which he read recently with Eve and with her sister Maria. They wanted to know about the book which Adam had read. The topic of the book was very fascinating to them.

Adam explained all the details about the book and he told how a girl decides to commit a suicide and what goes wrong with her. He explains it is a coward act to commit a suicide and give up your life for some "reasons".

While Adam was explaining the story, Eve was smiling looking at Adam but she said no word. Adam and Eve started seeing each other like this and they continued for some time may be it was for couple of weeks or so.

One day, Eve was alone in her shop and Adam went there to talk with her. Adam wanted to know where she went during those two weeks period since he could not talk with her. Eve started saying that, she was in hospital bed since she committed suicide.

Adam was shocked to listen this- Adam asked her why?, Eve replied it was because of the Fox. I worshiped him more than the God, he was my God. I never used to eat before he has eaten, I never used to do anything before he used to say to me, I was truly and madly in love with him but he said that he cannot marry me.

When he said he cannot marry me after we being together in love for four years, I was broken. My heart was broken and I thought for whom should I live? There is no one for whom I should live my life. That is why I decided to kill myself.

After listening to Eve, Adam was sorry for what has happened with her. Adam asked one question to her, "Did he said-I love you to you?". Eve replied with Yes, Many many times. Almost every day.

Adam started thinking-"What is the value of I love you when you really do not feel the love for the person?"


Saying one thing and doing one thing is common human nature.

We say one word and we do not even care or mean it seriously. Every words spoken cannot be taken back. A good listener could be a good partner and it is one of the essential element to be in the relationship. Let us think, If you say "I love you" do you really mean that you really really love that person?.

What if you are just faking? I do not know if there is any reality in it. "Want" does not describe love, "Needs" does not fulfill "thirst" or quest in our life.

When the words like "I love you" is so much valuable. We should make it more valuable by saying only when you really really mean it and when your inner self says to do so. Most of the times we just say that words and we do not even know the value behind these three great words which make a complete sentence and this complete sentence could mean a lot to the other person.

Written things or words could be edited but spoken words could not be taken back.

All we need to do is make it more valuable and precious. Since these are most important sentence A Man would like to tell to her Princess.

Good day !

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Story begins...

Now I do not know why, but it feels that today she is going to take this big step and come close to me. She is the most beautiful women that I have seen. She is ever changing and blazing like never before. She looks much prettier than the red rose.

What is wrong today with this climate? Why is there sun shining when it should not shine. The temperature is below the zero and today the sun is shining above my head. Oh ! God, I am little worried but at the same time I am little happy. I want to see her. I want to take her into my arms and feel the heat.

The heat of two hearts, the hearts which are far from each other. But No way, the distance cannot make it difficult for us. The distance will never create a problem. I know. Whatever it takes, I will go and see her. Whatever be the situation- even if God does not want me to let me go, I want to just see her.

Is there any wrong in seeing the person you like? Is there any mistake that I commit in doing the things my heart wants to do? Do I have to see the difference that society sees as the blockage? Why do people talk about the sex, religion, caste, age and many of such bullish non-sense? Why should I care? I have come to the conlcusion that if we see the difference and if I see those from the eyes of the people, then I am not being myself. I am being them.

I do not want to be them no, no way. I just want to be myself. I know she like me not the society, not my race, color, religion, age and whatever. I know, she just wants to see me as I want to see her. I know she has this dramatic blaze of glory inside her. When we are together, we are only together and we do not see the world around. I know this is the most beautiful thing ever one person can imagine. I do not want to say Good bye to her. Never! I have started hating the word Goodbye. I do not now why but I do not like Goodbyes now.

She is the one. The beautiful wedding dress and the beautiful look just makes me crazy all the time. I am alive now. She makes me alive. She is the one who I always wanted. I see if we had already met before. I think we had met already before. Not in this present relationship but in the past. I know I went to war and I could not come back home. I know she waited for me. I know I have done wrong by asking her to wait for me. She was alone, She was all the time waiting for me. Every day, when she looked outside from her window, there was fear and desperation in her eyes. The desire of seeing me with my bags running and coming close to her. Smiling all the time. But after a while- sun will feel the shyness and go and hide into the darkness. She waited for me so long.

I am sorry that I made her wait. I do not want to loose her again. She is the one that I have waited for more than sixteen months. She is the true beauty that I cannot stop admiring. She is the most precious gift that I ever wanted. She is the best thing that have ever happened to me. Oh God, I am so alive now. I want to start writing about all these. I want to dedicate my life is telling the story to all. I want to say that, such a romantic love and evolve from the beauty of our story. This is the story which needs to be told. This is the story which has to come out and give the lessons to those who never have fallen in love before. This is the story also for those who fight in every day life about not living together, this is the real story of these two couple who cannot live without each other even just for a second.

The journey has started and let this journey now begin...

(Author is working on a new project)

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


When you see something strange for the first time in your life, you wonder, you think and you think with more seriousness. We think on the things which does not make any sense in the first attempt only because we are just like a simple kid who wants to know more.

OK, I am sorry ! I said, "we" but I behave like a kid. I have a child in me who is very curios about even the smaller things. Last night, I got an email reply from my Professor and I was so curiously looking at that reply. The reply was not so serious but suddenly, my eyes went on to see this word called "VS" in the subject line.

When I saw, this word in the subject line of the Email, I wonder what this might be ! I started to make my own predictions. I thought well, VS could be "Very Serious", how about being "Very soon".

The main problem was that, I was expecting a reply from the professor concerning my thesis work and he send me the reply but the reply was incomplete, He said, he will consult with the other professor and soon send me the reply but I wondered entire night thinking what "VS" could be !!!

I was thinking what if, my thesis is going to be crap ! How should I make people understand that what I am doing is really good. It is really difficult to convince especially the professors. I am still waiting for another rounds of comments that I am going to get from the them.

It is not easy ! In life, you have to satisfy all those who are involved with you voluntarily or involuntarily. Take for example, Authors have to satisfy there readers, Business have to satisfy customers, students have to satisfy their professors, wifes have to satisfy their husbands, so on and so forth.

In the process of satisfying and being satisfied, there are many things under consideration. I do not know what this "VS" was all about.

When I googled with curiosity, I found that "VS" means Versus. It also means victory for example. But this was not right prediction.

Suddenly I asked with one of my colleague, I found that in Finnish it has some meaning. Then for reply they put "VS" in the subject line.

Oh ! Dear, Thanks God I said to myself. I do not have to worry at least for a while now and get terrified.

When I check my earlier Email from the professor, I came to knew- Yes, In his earlier E-mails also, It is the same. This was the first time I notice it since I was feeling the pressure of my work.

If some body would ask me what are my negative traits- I surely can stand up and say to all that- "I cannot wait!!!" I do not know why but I want everything to happen with the blink of my eyes. I think all I need is just a little Patience in me.

Hopefully, I am waiting for the professors next E-mail, I think it should not be "Very Serious". Let me wait and see what happens next !

Sometimes my passions make me want to live just for the moment. I get swept up in emotions of optimism and creativity.

This can be both a gift and a burden, depending on the situation. I will now Try to confine my enthusiasm today and be a bit more practical.

I even may need to rethink some deadlines for projects, because tasks could take longer to complete. But my drive and vision will hopefully let me create eventual success.

Let us see ...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Passionate about the things you do !

Welcome to new fresh day ! With joy and happiness all around, every new beginning is amazing experience, it gives pleasure to wake up and then the eternal minds start thinking on daily events. When you are just awake, the very moment when we are awake is the moment which is ours and ours alone.

This very moment, no one will take away from you. It is the moment yours and yours alone. This moment gives you pleasure, this is only moment which is your personal.Slowly, when you start thinking then this moment is taken away from you. Then you start thinking on maternal world such as work, career, life, love so on and so forth.

When you have thousand of words floating in your mind, these words has to be kept somewhere, it has to come out of your little brain. These thoughts are not random, these thoughts are not useless, These are the thoughts which can change some one's life. Why on earth I keep on reminding these things ? It is because, I know whatever I am doing is not wrong. I know I am not committing any crime. I know I am not killing any person or animals. Whatever I am doing, is not for awards or recognition.

I am doing if for you, I am doing for those who need these suggestions and advice. Even though, I am not perfect ! Even though I know I am not good at compiling my work and presenting it in correct, coherent manner. I think still it is understandable. I know this is not good way of writing but I should not stop or get discourage by this way of presenting my thoughts.

Every day brings new joy and new thoughts, let us flow with it. Let us discuss flora and fauna, let us discuss love and poetry, let us discuss the thinking on your mind and mine.

I notice today that, we are not perfect and we do not get all the skills from the birth. One example is great scientist Albert Einstein. His brain was not different than any other normal, ordinary human brain. Many Researchers did experiment on his brain but what was the end result ? They concluded by stating that, his brain our exactly similar with the brain of any other average mind. They still cannot find out how he could think in different ways than average mind.

Let me give my opinion on this. This is very simple. The answer lies in question. He was an average mind. There is no difference in the mind of humans but there is difference in how the thoughts are generated in the minds of humans. The thoughts generation is different in different people based on environment, culture, country, family, friends, and religion. Now the first question any one will ask me is- how are the thoughts generated ?

The thoughts are generated through our senses. We have five senses, when we utilize these sense then something triggers in our brain, which results into the thoughts. These thoughts will be based on what you are asking with your self ? What do you want ? What is your real vision and motto ? What do you want to achieve ? What are your inner necessity ? Are you devoted to learn ? Are you devoted to give ? Are you devoted to care ? Based on your devotion, based on your commitment to your own self, you think.

Let me give you one illustration how this might work !

Here is Ms. A, Let us assume she woke up early in the morning now the very few seconds, she will not think anything. She is on her own. She knows this is the best part. After certain time interval, she starts thinking on what to do next ? Before she starts thinking on what to do next, she questions herself. She says, "what am I going to do?".

When she completely understands what she is going to do then she starts doing this for the entire day. In between, there could be many more thoughts generation and they can be based on her own priorities, What she wants ? What she likes ? What she dislikes ?

This is one example of how thoughts could be generated. But Let us not go deeper into this issue, and let me stop it now. Because, I know this has many implications and these thinking cannot be generalized yet.

What is the moral of the story for today ?

Think, we thinking will result ideas,
With ideas, you will learn

By learning, you will want others to learn
When you want others to learn,

You will love what you do
When you love what you do

You may be called Artist
But you know you are more than that,

You do, because you want to give
When you want to give, you only think

You are happy and curious
But most importantly, you are passionate
About what you do !

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Can culture change anything ?

Here is one article that I wrote of Paulo's blog. The question is "Do you think that culture can change anything in this world?"

Good question Paulo,

Culture a word which is used to describe people, language, places, events, festivals, country, religion, behavior, and most importantly boundary.

Why I said, “boundary” ? I am saying boundary because, culture is bounded by certain region or let us say-it has some space which describes above elements in more confined ways.

Let me come back to your question of- Can culture change anything ? When I see this question, I have many things in my mind which describes if these many things will be able to change by the definition of culture that I just gave.

“Culture”, If you deeply see the letters of the word then you will have some idea about the name given to this word. Take more deeper look for a moment and see if you can see the letters of these words- does it make any sense to you ?

OK, Now here is the twist- “C” of the culture is for the change. Human beings from several hundreds years of the civilization has gone through many changes. Only thing that is permanent in this entire world is change, Without change there is nothing in the world. If we stop the change, we will stop our civilization.

Now let me take you more deeper on to this letter of “C”, C is for creativity, C is also for Computers, C is for circumstances, C is also for commitment, C is for change, C is also for cultivation, C is for civilization, C is also for country, C is for comment, C is also for Clock !

The idea behind explaining the letter C with the many different words is just because, these words are inter-related. Just put these words in a paper and try to link them together. We are sure to get the answers of your question.

The answer is yes. Culture has changed and it will change many things that are unknown to us. One example would be- President-elect Barack Obama, who being an African-American is not the president of United States. The main vision of his campaign was not anything else then-”Change”, Yes we can !

If a country like United States of America, can change then any country can change based on the culture. Culture is for change. It comes with different taste which becomes the taste of our tounge.

Let me explain why ? For example How about eating the same food for more than a week ? How will you feel after eating the same food again and again time after time. What will you then you do ? If you have to do these for more than 5 years of your life then will you able to survive ? What if, in this circumstances somebody comes and says to you that, “Hello sir, will you like a change in your food?”.

If you have not been sick then ofcourse, you will receive this gift from that very person who just came and offered you the different food.

Therefore, Culture is same in that respect. Culture is made just for the change. Nothing else. !

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nothing to say !

Soon I will not have any job and the horoscope say's something like this--

"Companies have really started to develop a social conscience about social or humanitarian issues. And you are well of this trend in the business world. In fact, you even applaud it. If you were at the head of a large company, you may realize just how important your employees think this is. Why don't you try to get this kind of thing going where you work, at your own level? "

This is really funny ! But Can I laugh with happiness or should I laugh with sorrow ?
Many people do not realize the fact that, life is not difficult but it is easy ! Why and how differs based on your own personal vision and actualization of the reality.

By the end of this year, It can be seen that loads of companies are laying off the people. Why ? Where are we heading ? Who is to blame for all this ? Is it the economy which is going really down or is it the power of machine which does all the work ? What is it that is not giving any opportunity to the people now ?

Why are the world becoming more stressful ? Is there some giant machine working on behalf of the many more humans who are loosing the jobs ? What is the shape and size of this machine called ? Should it be called as "Internet" ?

More than billions of the web pages are accessed daily, more than millions of software are downloaded and uploaded daily, more than zillions of information are written and copied daily. Now, why do those who need information should search people any more ? Now, If you are free and do not have anything to do- just log on to your system and open your Internet connection !

Do what you wish to do ! Watch Porno, or chat with friends and family or simply use the cheap phone service can call them or rather, upload the pictures, videos and do anything you wish to do.

Google has helped people a lot in searching the content. Thanks to them, But they also take loads of information about you, every time you visit there web pages ! (So, be cautious)

There are two approach to do the things we really do, which is-

1. Do as you desire and just be like a kid who does not edit his work. The kid goes and does whatever he wants to do. He has one philosophy in his mind which is called- "No Philosophy" or rather I would say, "Who cares " kind of attitude.
2. Be Gentleman and edit your work. Re-edit it, and show to the world that you are more gentle then anybody around.

Whichever approach you choose depends on you and you alone.

Most of the times, I use the first approach and one good example of that is all my posts in the blog. You can find loads of mistake and loads of grammatical errors simply because I do not want to think and edit the work. I just put my thoughts because thoughts are like stream of water. It flows continuously, it has no end. Once you stop it, it will not flow. It will be jammed in your mind. It then has to be again find its own way.

It will try to find its own way but you are stopping it to show its way. The thoughts should flow continuously and should give pleasure to those who watch. !

Here is my poem to give you the pleasure of having a great weekend ! Have a nice weekend ! :)

Nothing to say !
Nothing to say,
Nothing to hide,

Everything what I do
Is all that will survive.

I have no answers to sorrow
No answer to happiness

Only thing I know when I write
Is to advice

My poems might suck but I do not care
Since I know I am not a poet who fears

I have nothing it take
I have many things to shake

I have given and will give it to the end
Till the very end, I live !

Sunday, October 26, 2008

I just died

How would you describe a moment of complete depression? Is a fight between a husband and a wife? Is it a mental illness? Is it because of habit which is killing you? Now when you have defined the depression- define just the opposite of it, you will feel good inside you.

This is very normal procedure to forget that you are really suffering from something which is not healthy. A curiosity of finding the unknown might lead you to kill yourself. It happens too many of the people in the world. Today for example, I was listening to the breaking news. The news says that, “South Korean famous actor killed herself”. What a tragic story. South Korea has highest number of suicide rate than any other countries around the globe.

There is likely that more suicide will happen and occur in the days to come. Why are we killing ourselves? Is it because we know the unknown or is it because we just are coward and do not want to struggle in our life. It might be both. Last year, if I remember I just died. I thought I will not survive but again, I thought well- I should. I just died in the arms of someone and then I forget to wake up again.

This I is not me. This I am some one who is inside me. He claims that he still exists till the time before the real I was born. Do not get psycho about these. I know you are kind of confused with all these sentences and there illogical connections but you should accept the fact that, there was this guy called I who was inside me. He still is inside me. He is my stupid friend. He says many ideas to me very easily. He does not feel scared about anything. He is not afraid of death or fear of death. He just knows that he can easily kill himself whenever he wants himself to be killed. He ha brilliant mind and he is far from the perfect. He is absolutely perfect.

One night he told me this story, he says to me while I was in the bed that- Hi dear, Wake up ! Wake up! I got to tell you something. I said, “What is it?” He then told me, about him. He was living somewhere in the Island near the beautiful lake with his beautiful wife. He loved her and she did too. One night as they were sleeping in the jungle, he saw a dream. The dream was about him being given another work to take care of me. He has to leave his wife and come to see me. He opened his eyes and saw that he just died on the arms of her wife. After couple of hours, his wife waked him up. He told the dream to his wife. His wife could not believe in his dreams. She said, “Do not worry”. The day you will die, and the day you will go to take care of that man. I will be coming to meet you as well.

Later night, the guy slept and finally he died in the arms of his wife. Early in the morning, wife realized that his husband have really seen a truthful dream. She then, closed her eyes and after a while- she died too. The two dead bodies are still in the same jungle in the same island. I asked this stupid friend of mine- why he is telling the story to me. He said, “I just died my dear friend so that today I can take care of you”. The girl whom you are calling wife is not yours wife but she is mine. She is coming close to you as you are thinking she is yours. I could not understand what this stupid friend was trying to say to me but I just closed my eyes without the fear of being dead. I thought and re-thought stating that, I just died. I hear d the voice- the voice was sounding as if it is of some women. She said, “How can you die, when you are alone”? “Decide to die in my arms, with me together” Whatever it might cost- it will be our starting point of this ending, my dear! Wake me up, when you will have another assignment to do and have to take care of someone again!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

A man full of truth inside.

As usual,life is running in the roller coaster. It travels in the faster pace then never before. Sometimes I realize that, it is not the life which is traveling in the faster pace but it is just my imagination which moves faster than my knowledge.

Talking about imagination, Einstein has rightly said that-"Imagination is better than knowledge". I think he is right. When a person imagines something- there is no limit, it is open, his mind is free, he does what he think is really good for him/her, he goes far beyond any boundaries, he is open to accept and give, he is selfless, he has no personal desires, he thinks, and then he behaves very childish, people might look at him as if- the person who is imagining is mad, psycho, looks weired and strange but he is similar to those who are existing in the earth. Only difference he has-"he is able to see what everybody has seen but he can think what nobody has thought". He is the the person full of imagination. You can call him a a man full of truth.

Later today, I was reading a article about "existence of human evolution being stopped".
You can find the article at the following link-

Here is what I have to say, in response.

Human evolution prediction is good topic to catch the readers attention. A reader will surely go through the article and think that there are no more human evolving in the near future. I want to ask, Professor Steve Jones that, "how can you predict that tomorrow you are going to be hit by a car ?" or tomorrow you are going to meet some accident ? Can you predict that ? Forget about tomorrow, the very next second or the very next clock tick cannot be easily predicted, how can you be so sure that human evolution has come to an end ?

It is good to catch the readers opinion and show that, "my prediction is going to happen". There has been no one who can predict without being predicting about himself.

Evolution will not stop, it will alway be in constant movement. It will stop only when the existence of human will be no longer. I do not know, if we evolved the way it is taught in the books but I think, it is just a "sugar for my tea".

I hope, your hard work is based on correct facts !

Tuesday, September 9, 2008


One of the friend send me the pictures in my email and I liked this picture so much that I am writing something about it. Look carefully at the picture and look again. Look for some minutes and now compare these picture with your life. Think about your life with this picture and ask one question to yourself- Are you happy ?

The happiest people in the world are not with blue collar shirts and working in big multinational companies. The happiness lies in sharing emotions together. Happiness lies in being satisfied with what you have got not with what you will get in future.

Happiness is taken very seriously in many ways in the life. Some times happiness is just measured with the person who smiles is thought as happy, some time we read something about the great people and stories about them and we think those people are very happy. Money can never buy you happiness, neither can marriage or any relationship does not come with package of "happiness".

Happiness is being, happiness comes along with satisfied mind. The worry face does not say that a person is happy or not happy. The surprising face will not tell you that if a person is happy or not. The face will just give a picture of the person but once you talk and share your emotions with others then you realize if the person is really happy or not.

Happiness and sadness are two opposite things and these two opposite have one common meeting point. The meeting point is that sadness will always remain with you. It is in you. It can come any times as is happiness. But happiness doesn't stay longer. Sadness will with you all the time. It is your best friend, (if you do not have one.)

Therefore, happiness is a very good thing and again, it can be bad thing, It is bad because it will remain with you only for very short period of the time and after that it will go away. It is momentary,it comes and goes with the moment. It is due to the fact that you had a pleasant moment in your life and that pleasant moment is somewhere stored in your memory that always reminds you about it.

It keeps on coming, and you think about the moment and you never stop thinking about it over and over again. You like it so much that you think you are the happiest person in the world. But, you are not. You can be happy only when you are satisfied with what you have and you do not expect anything from your life. Can we be satisfied with what we have ? Never, simply because we are human beings and it is rooted in us that, we always are in need of something. We always want more.

The pictures speaks more than my words. Look again at that picture and related to your life in past and now in present. See what you have achieved. Look in the mirror and ask yourelf if you are really happy with your luxurious things or you were happy when you did not had any of those material possessions.

The most important thing in life is to satisfy your needs together with those who care about you. The most important thing can be achieved by knowing your self and your own life together with those around you. It is easy.

It does not matter if I do not have a car
It does not matter if I cannot buy you a house.

Only thing that matter is my dear, I care more than myself about you.
I may live longer but I do not know that
Because I know who am I
and I care will die one day saying, "I loved you" so much.

It does not matter if I do not have enough money
I will rest assure you that, I will work hard to feed us.

It does not matter, if I am alone and you are far.
Distance cannot tear our love apart

I hope it all pays off one day
Together we will see this day

It does not matter whatever my words say
I know we will land up one day in the paradise

It does not matter if it will be heaven or hell
but It matters that you will be with me...

Happiness is not known to us
but we will share this broken bed,
Our kids may sleep together in it
Our dogs may sleep together with us

It does not matter if we do not have golden bed
It does not matter if we do not have pet rooms
It does not matter if we do not have our child room

Only thing that matter would be you.
Only thing that matter would be us, together in a room.
Sharing our satisfaction of being all together.

Having fun, and being satisfied with all we have done.

It does not matter ...

Monday, September 8, 2008

Little words

Today is the fresh start of the new age, the age which many has already spent doing something in there life. Well, every weekdays starts with the Monday and the Monday's are not so good for me. I know the fact that every day is the same day and it does not make difference to anyone for any day. The day as food is not bad by itself. It is our taste that says, it is bad or it is terrible. Similarly, the day itself is not bad but it is my mood that always says to me that, this day is not good for you.

Something wrong will happen to you. I do not know weather you call this as psychological things but it is the process of mind which creates such an atmosphere.

To answer the why is the biggest difficulties in modern world. We are born in such a way that we never want to question the facts such as why is 2+2=4 ?, why is earth round ? Why is my religion this and your religion that.. why I have to wear clothes even in summer ? Why ? These facts are learned and hard coded in our memory. These do not change easily.

When something that we learned are encoded in our brain, it is very difficult to take it out. For example, we know the place where we live and that will not go at any cost. But when we learn the skills those skill might go away once we do not practice them at all.

These skills have to be practice all the time. Whatever way the brain learns the object around,is not the matter of discussion here.

However, it is good that one should always have to follow the heart and listen to brain. Once you follow what you are going to do next in your life then you will end up in the right position.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Know yourself better.

To those who do not know what is life. To those who do not know what is love. To those who do not know what is relationship. To those who do not know what is friendship. To those who do not know what is sharing. To those who do not know what is ..

I have only one thing to say- live in simplicity.It is the best way to live a life. You do not know about many great things in life,then you know what it means to be alive. If you know what all these factors mean then you are assuming something from your perspective which does not mean anything.

The difference between the things and the perception that is our perceptions are two different things. It does not have to be one or single. It does not have to get matched.

It can match sometimes but many of the times it does not match. Ask what is love to that women who is waiting her husband to return back after a year or two, Ask that person who is in desert thirsty and do not have water; what is thirst, ask that person who is in war; what is life.

These people will tell you about the proper definition of life, love, thirst,relationship and so on.

Whatever we define is based on our perspective which does not give the real meaning of these aspects in life. Whatever way we want to put it. Life comes with full of suprises and it every corner you will meet different people with different style of there own.

To start any kind of the relationship, first important thing is to understand the person. Ask, try to know what kind of person he/she is. Try to figure out his own goals, or dreams, and now after you realized or did your homework on this particular person. Now, you can think of your own goals, dreams,aims and match these with the other person. Do you really now want to be with the person ? Is it only the sex which will keep your relationship alive ? Well, think about it again.

Even though we are in relationship with person, we always the appreciate the beautiful girls, we always like the ones with good boobs and good hips. It is our Nature. Acutally, it is the mens nature.

To show to others I am very much committed in the relationship and to just simply speak the truth is different again. Therefore, it is always good to know or understand yourself. The biggest question now is-how ?

Well, that remains with you. It is upto you to know or understand yourself. I am leaving it upto you to know yourself better.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A day

The day rises with the fresh thinking on the name of the God, The god of everything, He desire then goes on to fulfill the desire unfulfilled. It passes at every new steps and each new step is the lesson learned.

As every day I look at my horoscope this is what they have to say about me today-

"There's no getting around it; this is going to be a day of hard work! At the end of the day you may feel completely exhausted, but you can smile to yourself and say "I've accomplished a tremendous amount today! You are so inspired that you do the work of three people, and even manage to wrap up some old files that you hadn't dared open for awhile. Ideas come to you with ease, and you make the most of them. Well done!"

I do not know what those statements means for the fresh start of the day. It says that it is going to be the day of hard work and that is absolutely correct. It is correct that every new day is different and people do many things differently in all the new day. I hope I will manage to get that two words which says- "Well done" but will it be really that way.

Will it work in the way I thought it should work or would it even match those as said. How many of us believe that it works as it should work or how many of do not believe anything at all. Everything we do and everything we want to do are not the same many of the times.

I remembered yesterday few lines which were inspiring for some reason but I do not know what was that.

It is good to see what the "stars" are saying for the day but many of the times it does not happen in the way we want them to happen simply because there is something unpredictable going on all the time,every moment,every time and all the time.

Every work has something new way of doing it. It is good experience to experience. It is good that people are alive and living as the normal life. I have seen the difference in the people who are from east and the people who are from the west. I do not know the connection but people are motivated

There is no difference between whites and black, only difference lies in our eyes. Inside the white there is black and inside black there is white. I do not see any connection. I do not know why there is fights for the racism, I do not know why. Why people are looking after the differences and not the similarities. What is the main reason that people are looking after peoples in different ways.

People are same every where and the difference is not today of culture, country, race or religion. The difference is within us. The greatest difference we create lives in our mind constantly and that has to be eliminated.

As mind keeps on changing we keep on changing our activity related to our mind too. The process continues in the similar fashion.

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Question of the Week : The favorite lists

From Paulo Coelho-
"I’ve been checking in internet that people are fond of making lists, so I would like for you to tell us your favorite lists and also to elaborate on the elements of this."

In response to above question of great Writer Paulo Coelho here is what I have to say- the article presented down has been approved by an administrator of Paulo Cohelo in his blog. You can find a copy of same article under his blog too.

I would request you Paulo, Please do not get directed by what people do in Internet but what you would like people to give from you using Internet.

To answer your question of making the favorite list. I would like to say that, there is nothing favorite for me and nothing not favorite for me. Because, Take an example of “food in front of you”. The food itself is not bad or good, it is our taste and feelings or behavior towards the food that gives an impression that it is bad or good.

I know every humans will have different list because the Difference always comes with the numbers. In the world where we should subtract the differences; we care multiplying it.

It is not good idea to sea in such a way. The taste of humans cannot be made common and none of “my interest” will match with “her interest” or “your interest”. Even if some of the things match others will remain as it is.

See one another example of your hands. A human has two hands and have you noticed that, in one hand there are 5 fingers. All these 5 fingers are different and they do not match. They are different. Today, the world has been divided just like those five fingers of a single human hand. But wait a moment, have you noticed the other hand ? There is another hand with the same types of 5 fingers and those look exactly the same as of the other hand with the 5 different fingers.

Now, if you see difference in each of them how would you be able to write, ride, play, pray, work and clap. Tell me. Please see the similarities and do not see any differences.

My own life, is solely based on the concept of seeing the similarities and not the differences in anything that my sense allow me.

If you ask me what is your favorite list I would not be able to see the difference and make a list but since I read all those comments and I too have to make one to see the similarities in what others are doing, here is what I would say-

“Earth”, “Satisfaction”, “Nature” and “Women”.