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Friday, January 16, 2009



M =Manifestation, Mirror, Manual, More, Make up, Mechanics, Music
I= Image, Imagination, Imagine,
R= Reflection, Rainbow
R= Ray, Rays,
O= Organization, Orientation, Overflow, Omnipresent
R=Road, Road path

A wikipedia definition

"gnitirw rorrim si sihT. evisnepxe era seadI."
(Read from opposite, this way of writing is called Mirror Writing.)

OK, After reading many definitions by various authors and contributors I think my ideas are not so different than others but I would put it this way--

Mirror is self image, it is the reflection of your own body. The body which is physical could be seen with the help of the Mirror. Many religion and scriptures defines Mirror as the reflection of Soul but I think this is not true.

If a person can see the soul why can not he control his mind?

A person who can control him mind can only see himself/herself as a Soul, no human at present is perfectly capable of controlling of soul and viewing them as in the Mirror.
(I know there will be many eyebrows shown when I write like this)

Soul according to religion or some religion exits and they can be seen from the Mirror.

I believe human are not always alone. They are together with another human in them. We are seen as a single body but we are in two or dual body. One body is seen physically and another body is reflection. This another body which is invisible, not physical and totally pure.
(We cannot accept this fact because there are no scientific evidences and right now I do not have proofs or any experiment conducted to show this but I think this is what happens around our human body.)

Why do our image is visible in the mirror?
Is it because of the mirror itself or is it because of our physical body?

Most of the times- Mirrors are women's best friend. Very few Men associated themselves with Mirror.

Women are the ones who do Makeups, breakups and show off in the Mirror. To admire oneself, see the mirror and bless yourself that you are the creation of the creator for curator.

Life is amazing and different, life is our perception and thinking but reflection of our thinking does not easily show off in the mirror. Mirror gives us smile. It also gives us pleasure of being intelligent animal in the planet. Mirror tells our story at that time.

Mirror is not only the reflection of our physical body but it also shows the reflection of another body inside us which remains pure, vivid and invisible.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hired and Fired

In the dynamic world, everything changes in the flick of the seconds. The story will never end until you are alive. Hear a very good news to those ears would take it more pleasantly, sooner Mybheja is going to be fired because the company is having a layoff soon.

What a good news to those ears which were desperate to listen something unpleasant from my side. Life is just like this, it is never stable. Nothing is secure in this planet. When I thought, there would be something secure and stable. The entire organizational structure is going to be changed.

For those who think I am the luck one, please be proud and happy than ever after. For those who think I am now the unlucky one, Thank you very much for the concern and I hope the same does not apply in your life.

World is not the end for your worries. I am writing this and at the same time laughing watching my faces on the mirror thinking that, it is now time to go back home?

I hope there is enough to survive back in the country. Although, the world is moving in faster lane and changes are showing greater impact on personal and corporate world. Life does not end here.

Happiness should be shared with every one but the sadness has to be remained with you and you alone. The reason of keeping the sadness in your life, is because it will teach you the lessons.

The lessons that you learned in life will always be with you but once you share the same lesson with every one it becomes experience. The most important thing to sha

I think you were flying in the sky now it is time to take off !
Welcome to the ground zero, Mr Bheja. !

Monday, July 7, 2008

Building Trust.

Hello, hello,, hello.. who are you ? I am asking you. Yeah, you sir who are you. Do you know who are you ? Come on tell me. Why do you want to know ? Who are you to ask ? Why are you asking me such questions ? Are you crazy ? Do you know me ?

These are the general conversation when a two unknown person talk for the first time. A person is trying to ask something but the other person is not trying to tell him about himself just because the unknown person is not known to him in one way or another.

Why are we finding the relationship before we want to explore ourselves or want to tell about ourselves to others.The main reason is that-we do not trust the person,who is uknown. We are fearful and afraid of the unknown. Either it is a person or animal. If it is not yours then it is not secure or not trustful. It is unlikely that some one will be open and tell everything to the unknown.

The mystery is that everything in world takes time. Love, Friendship, Marriage, almost many kinds of relationship takes load of time before it puts itself in a good gear and runs smoothly. Why do we admire a couple who are old and walking down the streets catching hand in hand laughing and cherishing a long old memories gone by, kissing and hugging each other just thinking they do not have the very next day behind them and only the moment at which they are present and walking down with a joy and happiness touching every feet like never before.

Time is a journey, a movement- our movement leads to time. Nothing is immovable. Everything moves. When everything moves we are bound to move as well. This is the fact and it do not need any scientific explanation. The movement creates a matter of trust between two parties, two friends, husband and wife and the most important thing that connects these movements is communication. When you are communicating then you are in a touch with the person and the person will be trustful to you but once you loose connection you stop trusting the other person and you tend to judge after a while. You will then ask weather she really needs to be trusted.

There is one story in Indian Epic. A story of Lord who goes to jungle for 14 years and he was the king of the place. Just because he has to leave everything and go in forest to spend his life for 14 years and the main thing was he could not take his wife with him. Now when he returns from the forest after 14 years, he hears a lot of thing about his wife. He hears long long sentences that makes him doubt over his wife. He then looses a trust over his wife. He then starts to think. He is king, he is great human being in those era but now he finds himself in dilemma and trouble. How would he trust his own wife after 14 years. ? Is she really trustful or can you really believe in her, whatever she says. A wife of the king had to do some kind of examination before she really could be trusted again. She had to sit in a burning fire for a while and if the fire automatically stops burning then she is proved that she is innocent.

What happened was miracle that she really testified her trust and finally the fire stopped burning. Or something similar. I do not remember much of the story. Now, the main question that remains in this world is, It was in those days when every body was very trustful and every body really valued what they speak but Today, Oh, my God !

You do not realize how many times in a day you speak lie. You speak lie to yourself, to your friends and to many of the people you may know or do not know. you say, hello Nice to meet you ! when you do not feel nice to see the other person. you say, "I love you". Just because you have to say. you say- "This is great". When it is no longer great. These are just some of the lies that we will not know or we do not explore within us.

The trust building process to build a relationship is a one kind of art and it has to be learn by yourself. It is the just the beginning.

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sunday Mantra

A sunday morning, with late night parties and hang over of couple of beers together with a friends graduation party. It kept me awakened till the midnight and it was just total fun without any hesitation of mind and without thinking the very next day you got to go for work. In-fact, it does not matter as long as a friend comes from very far place and throws you a party.

Now the early morning wake up and not a proper sleep-you go for the work. Some times you feel sleepy while doing the work and some time it makes you feel as if why don't it finishes early. When would I finish it ? Many of us when we go for work we are always thinking of when will it finish and I will get total rest of what I do not want to do.

When we think in such a sense then we think not of work but we think of ourself, It happens to many of us just because work is not a thing that we enjoy. One good question would be how can we make it more interesting ? Can we do it in different way or can we make it more interesting by ourselves ? Well, we can make it interesting only when all the elements supports us. I mean those elements that are connected to the work related activity. Take an example of the paper delivery- In such work the elements that support the work is good climate, good working condition, good instrument or the vehicle to use, nice and proper health, and many other personal, Natural things which will help you or guide you for the completion of your work. When everything will support you-you will find it more interesting and you will enjoy the work.

Sunday, There is a tradition of not working in western countries mainly due to the religious thing. It is said that, you have to work 7 days and the eight day is the resting day and when you work on eight day, you have to be punished. I do not know, I have no idea if that is true but I think according to Bible it is true to some extent or absolutely true. I do not want to criticize the Bible or any other religious text but I would like to ask- There are many company, people, organization working on the Sundays too why are not they being penalized ?

Ask a mother whose son is in the death bed and he needs a medicine-can she work or not on Sunday ? Ask a father who has a work only on Sundays and other days he do not get an opportunity to work just because of his old age, is he suppose to work or not ? These are some examples but there could be many more than these. When we are no longer leaving the smaller things of our religion then how can we see what is religion itself ? We are being blind by our all these things that we follow every time we visit religious places.

It feels good and it brings a kind of peace for some moment but after that it is the same, it is not good that we should not be bounded by any religion or any religious text or any one single boundary of religion at all. It will be good if we can be open. Once we open our mind to all other religion then it is similar to a child first seeing the world after the arrival in this mother earth. It is all upto us. I do not mean that, people should not do what they are doing or what they are following but when you are doing and following what is the best for you-you are not letting yourself get open to the vastness and richness of seeing what a religion is.

Many writers have written about it and many has different views on the subject matter whatever be the views would not make clear and people will not be clear until and unless you open yourself from being bounded by one. Let it be, My words will not matter as long I am not directing you to do it but it is my opinion on what I feel or experience. I do not want any one to follow it but at-least you can think about it, get a knowledge from it and see by yourself.

Well happy Sunday and free yourself this sunday from all your sins or pain or empty your mind-just relax.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Physical and Natural

When a person is not well or when you are not feeling good, you think you are in the stage where you really need a help at that very moment there would be no one except you.

The moment will bring a lot of lessons to learn and you have to learn all these lessons by yourself. It is very easy and it is difficult. A physical health is very much necessary to keep or maintain the balance in life. Once your physical health is not with you or I mean, your physical balance of the health is not supporting you then it will be very difficult to live a life.

Imagine that you have a pain, pain in the chest or near the area where you breath. How would you feel then ? The breathing becomes difficult and every ounce of oxygen you want to take gets difficult to go inside. Every breath you take makes your life very difficult. Despite that, you wake up early in the morning and do what has been ahead of you.

Physical, mental and environmental are there different things which has to be kept in balance. A look at physical health is very much necessary. There are many people in world who eat a lot. Eating disorder has nothing to do with a person but a person consuming lot of food has resulted in some person in some part of world without food. It has to balanced in some sense but it will never be. When a human has the highest power of all the animals, or living entity in earth today. One thing humans have forgotten is to create a balance among themselves and around the society first then country and then in world.

By the result of these circumstances, Nature has to do its job and she has to remind every one once in a while that you have to take care of the things that I have given to you. Why are you all being so lazy ?. We have floods, volcano eruption, earthquake and many more disasters. We are the creators of all of these disasters. There is no one to blame except us.

The point here is- The physical health disorder has to do with a person itself. A person invites the disorder of health problem in his body by his own consequences and by the result of his own problems similarly, Earthy problems are also due to the result of combination of entire human race and imbalance of them. Once we will understand this process then only we will realize the power of Nature and power of being a human beings.

Look at the lake near your place, you will find lot of information and lot of message from it. A place where it is very pure. A form of water collected in one place which has nothing to say or complain. It is cool and a wind blows it to make a small waves. It is silent even with the anger of biggest thunderstorm and it is very deep more deeper than we can imagine.

It cannot be explained how it maintains its own life. A physical omnipresent and transparent life. It looks as if there is no life but there is a life of every thing that exists, that we see and that we can touch or feel or smell or our senses have some effect on it. We will like to neglect it but it is not like that. A lakes fights every day to maintain the life of its physically and mentally. It has to be similar in our cases too.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Predict the future.

A good thing is that there is no bad thing. A bad thing is that there is nothing called bad. When I say this person, this things, or this environment is bad what does that mean to me or to some one else ?

To me, it means that that thing should be far from me or that I do not want to use it. or It could also mean that that things I do not like. To others when I say, this thing is bad does not matter just because that is your point of view or opinion. If the other person close to you is your husband or wife she will support you and try to avoid the thing you do not like or is bad or is not good enough.

Mos of the times most of the things are based on our percetion or our way of seeing or looking at the things. When I say, chicken is bad then chicken is not bad it is my mood that ask me to tell that it is not good. I do not want it. I have never tried it or I do not want it anymore. or this chicken has some scar or is expired and out of date.

All these are thoughts that are generated in our mind by the feeling, experience and by our own personal taste. How can a person who have never tasted a chicken make a statement that it is not good. It is similar to relationship, Imagine a couple who never had sexual mating and now when he says that, She was not good in the bed. How will you interpret the messege. How can a person without a taste will ever say thing is tasteful or not. ?

Without a experience nothing will give you the perfect answer to the event or things. When you do it by yourself, it would never be difficult for you to do the same again. When you do not do it by yourself and make a statement then it is difficult then to understand you and believe in you. The same thing holds true in many of the cases in life too.

One can also develop a practical way of learning or predicting the things but it needs constant motivation on the things you are doing. When you do not know what you are doing or what has been done before in some event or during the course of event then how can you think of predicting the things for future.

It would be nice if some one could predict the things and all the prediction comes absoulutely true. He will be granted a term of magician or God. A person who guess and makes it real in many situation.

To detect if a person is really predicting the things you got to accept the fact that some one can really do it. It is possible. All the things that people do not expect or think that is not possible is soon becoming possible. We are getting close to each other in many ways. Despite the problems in govermental effort or some other drewbacks it is really becoming possible.

One example would be of outsourcing, people doing the business sitting in one geographical areas of the person of another area. All these are possible now which were dream in later days.

Imagine one day you will have a system where when you think about something, it will be there in your house. It will be possible if we really think in such a way. One example would be development of intelligent refrigerator system where refrigerator would ask the food missing from shopping market and it will deduct the bills from your credit card. When you come home from the work, you will see the foods are there in your doorstep. Just pick them up and put in the refrigerator.

An intelligent system should act on its own. We can really develop such system which can easily predict or think on its own but first we got to accept the fact and reality behind such event. The fact is that there are human tendency to commit error, there are human tendency to do mistakes and one can overcome it by just learning and learning more.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Something to think

Life and wife are two different words but they are so simple to make, replace "l" and "W". L has a great meaning in the world, it means-life, love, laugh,longevity,length,lust and many more such words. All these words have meaning attached to it.

The meanings says that what the word means. The meaning of let us say word life can vary from person to person. It can vary from a person with different culture, background, personal interest and such factors are the in effect to make them different.

The difference in these words makes us one clear understanding of the phenomenon that we have different taste. We like to taste differently in our life. Now The change in environment is seen. I am in the new place, new room and new people to meet, share, talk, discuss and think together.

The old still remains and it will remain always there. It is not the place that moves, it is the people who move from one place to another in search of better future, better life and better everything. Reaching near to university is good in the sense that I can wake up late and go to university late. It also gives me less time to travel. It is easier in many more ways.

It can be difficult in the sense that friends are now far, but the distance does not matter as long as relationship matters. It is just an effort that will take you to the place you want. Not the excuse.

Two beautiful women, two different ways of thinking but if I explain my situation to both of them they feel the same. They both do not want to talk about it and they are really very upset when I describe that I may not live longer. Am I doing emotional blackmail or Am I explaining my situation to them.? Am I really thinking of my longer period of life or Am I afraid of death ?

None of these can I answer because these are the thoughts that have been generated in my mind. These thoughts explain me that I do not know. I do not know if I am right or wrong or If I have said something good or bad.

A women is needed to care you, guide you and love you entire life. You cannot move alone in the race of life if there is no support of women. It is difficult and almost impossible. Sigmund fraud said that he has developed the model of finding the unhappiness and this model will help human to recover from unhappiness. I believe a person who could not understand about the women cannot make such model easily. It is not useful and it is fake.

His model is wrong and I can prove it is not worth full in both the species. It cannot be true to both male and female. Even if the model he claims would not be useful in one way or another.

I am not commenting on any body's great ideologies but I want to tell you the fact that there is not happiness state. It is temporary and it comes and goes. It cannot be achieved or it can be created or destroyed. It is just a phase a process and it is generated by those cells in bodies which are very lazy. Which does not want to act upon the stimuli. It acts only when it feels it has to wake up and get some entertainment.

Welcome to new changing world of new dynamics and something that could be explored by understanding you, me and every one around us.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Purpose of life or life of purpose

How much pain is painful ? How many of the "sorry" is excuse and how many of breath is enough to say that I have lived my life. Can anyone answer these questions ? It is the lesson learnt in life. Why do we many of the times do not listen to what our elders, grandpa and grandma has to say. What makes us think that we are better than them ?

What is the problem with the problem ? The actual answer is that we think we are good enough and when we think whatever we are doing is good then that makes us stupid many of the times. The pain is painful only when it hurts. It makes you cry. It makes you feel that you are living with the suffering. Many people just fake it. It is the one who do not want to show the real pain. How do you judge a person intellect ? A person who can excuse to his enemy- is he intellectual person ? I think to some extent yes, why not he is intellectual because he gave an excuse to his greatest enemy. How many of us can easily do such activities ?

Humans are not difficult to understand but many of the times their feelings are difficult to feel. It is not easy to say that you are the good human being and you are bad human beings. We all are the same in one way or another but the same does not mean that we look alike, do same activity or have faith no faith or seek something similar or act something similar. Same means we belong to one common species. We are homosapiens. We belong to one group. Now today we are divided-we are divided by our culture, nature, values, ethics and most importantly by religion and country.

Always the big eats the small. The process of nature is just like that. Lion is the king of jungle so is country America. The king of the world. Then comes another contry or place Europe as a whole comes second in the race of jungle king. The rabbit, and poor animals are us who come from underdeveloped world. The world where we do not know how to live, how to learn, how to think. This is not my thinking-this is the thinking of King of jungle-lions and the second to lions.

We live in divided world and it is good that we are kept in one place. We should realize the fact that we are not what they believe or think. We are the stongest of them all. We have great minds, we have talent and we can show them we are as good as they are. It is the matter of time. It will be shown soon. The main question still lies not on the context of country but in the context of individual. How many of our people had made it to the top of their list. Their list means the list of developed world ? I do not know and I have no idea but it will come soon.

Saying sorry does not give total excuse to the person. The excuse of the person can be felt from the very core of the person. There are people who lie and those people who lie from others are lieying with themselves. The excuse belongs to them in some way or another.

I have no idead how many breath people take in their entire course of their life. I do not know. May be millions or zillions breath.Each breath we take is from Nature and we give it back to Nature again. Every breath we consume draws us one step closer to where we started our journey of our life.

We will reach the moment of peace when we finally realize that we have lived and we have done what we inteded to do. "The sole purpose of life is not to live but to give as much as you can till you live."

Please try to remember that quote, it is not said by great person or I do not know any who made that quote. It is made by a ordinary person who writes a blog and it is me. It is the effort or giving that makes you real human. How much can you give ? We always tend to collect things and one day finally we realize that those things are useless. That very moment if you realize the purpose of life then you will say that-yes, this man's quote is correct.

Belive me, it is correct.

Thursday, March 13, 2008


How do you define the term called learning ? Is learning based on the experience ? If you define the term experience of something which you have already done in the past then how do you define then past ?

Learning is the word which defines the continuity or process. learning is always a process.It is the process with some time.Learning can be define in may different ways but I think learning is always the process of experience. If I have to define learning in one sentence how do you define it.

"Go forward, come back and go forward again."

Well, you might think I am going mad by writing this one stupid line of sentence to define learning. But their is one word which i have to describe literally that is the word called "forward". How do i define the word forward, It is moving 2 paces front and these two paces or steps are taken with two step of thinking in our mind. The two step process of thinking is -
1. Past experience
2. Future expectation

Once we know these two steps or predict or think about these two steps very closely then we go forward and come back and go forward again. This is the process of learning. The process which might seem complicated and philosophical in some term but it is not obsolete.

Every action is the prediction of future event. Every action we do is based on our past experience and understanding we have. Not every action but some actions are not based on experiences. Learning is a process of acquiring a knowledge but knowledge is something which cannot be acquired in some time.

Learning can only be achieved if you already have some experience and then you come back from gaining your experience to learn. Learning is secondary to experience. It is easier if we gain experience first and then we start to learn.

Learning requires vast experience. It requires first to attain experience then only we can learn or it is easy for us to learn.

Learning never stops till our death bed.We are not stopping learning. We are learning and we will learn till we die. It is vast concept, it is not something which can be acquired. It is not something which is easily attained. I am learning is like I am in love but I do not know what both learning and love is and I am so childish to know about these two terms. I am so childish because I am eager to know but I will not have exact or appropriate answer to these terms or variables or keywords or the concept or what ever it is called. No body has ever describe it and any body who tries to describe will not reach to the point where every one will accept it.

Learning is based on our level of thinking. It is a journey. The journey never stops and we never learn in our journey, ever places we go we learn about the places, people or what so ever. It is similar to journey which will never stop. Our life is similar to journey. We go to different places we meet different people, we share our ideas, our thoughts and our knowledge we like, dislike, appreciate, respect etc the other person.

Learning is a process which never stops and will never stop till we are alive and until and unless we give up our own life.

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Thursday, February 14, 2008

Learning by Experience

The time of everything has to be one day reach to an end and we just move on as we change in the change itself. If we look back to our history we can easily see that we were not what we used to be. Everything is temporary and everything has to be changed in some point of time. We believe still that whatever we do today is by doing something. "Learning by doing" is not the right quote for the present day context because we do not learn by doing at present but we learn by experience. So, Here I am saying to everyone that "Learning by experiencing" is the right quote rather than learning by doing. Why ? Am I out of my mind, Am I saying something which I do not know and Which I have heard. No, The answer is big NO. I am saying it because It is my own personal experience. Well, to take a sample of 1 men out of some hundred thousand billions is stupid. Well, this is how it is. We do not learn by doing anything but experiencing what we are doing. After we get to one point we can very easily go back and say that well i know where did i came from. This is what basically we do. Not just we do and we think we are learning.

To measure the quality of an individual the grading system is not OK. Quality is not something which you can just measure by how much Mr. X brings in his exam and how much scores he maintains. Quality should be measured by how much he can give it to others and how much he can deliver. Today is the time for learning by experiencing not by doing. I know I have nothing to prove or put some references here but this is how I think and I believe in what I think. It is not generalize today but one day when I am not here it will.

Remember always that we do not know the path until we travel that path. We cannot say that i have made this path of my own because it is unknown who made that. Whatever you have achieved is already achieved by some body else and you are just following in your own life. Cheers !