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Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"A glass of water is Half full or half empty"

Let me broke down this statement into main elements which makes up the actual sentences. There are two important elements "Glass and Water" and two other elements "Half and Full". Now it looks little easy.



Now let us think the meaning of these two different opinions. "Glass and Water". A glass is one element and water is another. If we put water in the glass the water will fill inside the glass and it takes it space inside the glass. The water has space. or in scientific term volume. A glass has the structure which enables the water's volume to be inside it. Now, Let us jump to the point from the perspective of the observer- When a observer sees the glass of the water, then it depends upon his transitional state of emotions.

Let us suppose, he is thirsty and he does not want to think on the glass or the water. What would he do? He will drink the water in the glass. Simple. Now let us suppose, he is not thirsty and he has some problems because just today morning he fight with his wife. His wife went to the bar with some other men. He is alone and sad. He does not have any opinion on anything. He goes to the resturant and there he saws the glass with half empty glass of the water inside the glass. He is angry and he asks the waiter to fill it.

Now let us look in the different perspective again, Let us say the observer is very happy today and he heard from his wife that he is going to be a father. He goes back to the same resturant and he sees the glass of the water which is half empty but he does not care simply because he is happy and cheerful. He drinks the water inside the glass.

This is one way of looking at the feelings of the observer with the glass of water. There is another way of looking at the same statement.

Who is called the optimistic? Who is called the pessimistic? The optimistic can sometime be pessimistic and pessimistic and be sometime optimistic. It all depends on the time and circumstances. The good time can turn into bad and bad into good. There are never reliable map to unexplored territory and events in life.

Today I am positive and tomorrow I will be negative. No one can live life positively and no one can live life negatively. There needs a certain balance in any of the circumstances.

When something is too much then it vanishes. Imagine a Mountain and there are two people who are climbing the mountain from the two different direction. One side is the boy and the other side is the girl. These people have met in the ground zero where they know each other. They want to progress in there friendship. They want to foster there relationship. They talk, interact while they are climbing the mountain. They are slowly moving on in there life but at the same time they are also building a foundation for there life:love together. There mission is to reach at the top of the mountain and say the final word which all the men say when they get married." Yes, I do". There decision is determined by there determination and hard work.

When they reach at the top, they speak out there heart and say what they really were missing to say since they were climbing the mountains from two different perspective. After the final countdown, they have to climb down the mountain. There cannot stay there for a long. Because there home is in Ground zero near the base. Now think- why they have to fall down? Should not they stay there at the top forever? They are so happy when they just reached the top and expressed there feelings. Why do they have to come down to the earth?

Therefore, there is always the unreliable perspective on any events, culture, country, race, religion and opinions. For me something or somebody can be very nice but again, for others it might be different.

Half full or half empty has one thing in common "half". As in the mountain the story above. Full and Empty are our perspective and transition of thoughts accumulated by time and circumstance.

Change brings those transition depending upon the time.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Living a life.

A simple look at flower gives a delight in the mood of a person, a flower just shows how beautifully it has been created by Nature. It takes lot of effort to see the blossom flower and the beauty of it.

It needs lot of attention from the climate, environment and Nature. Without the help of these important factors which make it blossom a flower will not be seen so beautifully. Similar to a blossom of flower a life needs too a total care and protection from many different elements.

Many people think and believe that life is constant struggle and we have to go through the path of struggle of existence to survive. I do not think life is struggle. Life is not struggle we make it struggling. Life is joy of living, it is collection of past and present memories for the future action.It is the clear like a crystal and diamond, it gives pleasure at the same time it gives pain. It is pure form of living.

War is the desire of wanting more. It means I have less and I want more than you. The biggest problem of existence is not struggle but survival. A flower after showing its glory goes down just all the petals go down once it blossom and shows it capabilities. We then do not like such flower and then we see another flower.

A human nature is very much predictable, it wants a constant fresh element in life either it is a change of place, environment, climate, people or country or any thing. When we do or see or act in the same manner all the time it become very predictable and people will then get bored of the way we live a life.

Religion is a great hot topic for the debate in the next decade and it will create a lot of problem in near future. It will be dominant factor in showing who is the best or who is the worst but it can also be very effective in many different perspectives. It can bring a lot of change the people see religion.

A mind which is in constant struggle with itself can see the changes in the context of environment just because it knows how itself feels. When a mind is outer or cannot see itself then it cannot see the bigger picture. There are two types of humans inside our body, one is girl and another is boy. A girl inside us will match the girl outside. A boy inside will match the boy outside.

I do not know to what extent it is true but to some extent it is logical just because we do not like all the girl living in the outer world and we do not like all the guys. What if both these elements are not present in the human ? In such context, a person can either like both male or female or he might dislike everything he see.

Every body's mind can be ruled by other mind just by raising impulse inside's other mind and asking them to do what we want. It is easy. Many of the war has been done just like this. It is easy to fake the other people mind just simply because humans cannot control their own mind. Once every human will learn an activity or a process of controlling a mind then he can rule himself, he can rule all over the world. Most importantly, all his desire and dream will slowly start coming true.

Every body near him will be catious and think how this person does miracle in his life but those are simply a contol of his own mind over others. He knows the fact that he is creator of his suffering and he once changes his vision and mind as per his act he will slowly start changing everything around him.

The moral of story is that, learn from the Nature. Every thing that shines has to go in darkness one day. Every thing that blossoms will fall down like petal of flowers and slowly it has to gain all energy and effort to make it blossom again. It is just like a cycle. After a darkness there is sunlight and after sunlight there is darkness again. A cycle continues and a cycle of human life also continues just like that.

Death is certain but humans should not be afraid of death, they should rather be afraid of wasting time and energy to make a moment non-pleasurable and unfunny to live. Every moment,every breath we take should be taken with total joy and satisfaction that is living a life.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Learning never stops.

A morning which is lazy, a morning which makes you sleep more than you want to, a morning which makes you feel as if there is holiday tomorrow too, a morning which reminds you that it is a big morning so go back to bed again. Is it same for every one ? Of-course not ! Everything is different and every body's morning is different.

A life which tells you that you have to live despite that you know you have to go one day, a death which will always reminds that one day it has to end everything that you have done has come to an end. Nothing can be done for ever and ever but one thing can and that one thing is the attachment of you with Nature.

Nature is very strong, none of the single life is enough to understand it and none of the single life has been before enough to find out many hidden facts from it. We use the theory from the nature to our practical life and then we call it Science. We use the simple aspects from the nature and then we make our theory to give it a name and try to see the logical connection between all these things. Do you think it really matters ?

Why it would matter if a gravity is there or not ? What does it has to do with a person life ? Well, it will surely has made many thing simple to move a object that humans have created in the sky but are all these progressing ? Even though to many it will look as if it is progressing but to me, I think it is going down. We do not have people of such calibre who have really made an inventions. We have only those kind of people in this world who do many more things but do not invent. The point is, it does not matter wherever we reach or whatever we do. The most important things that matter is how can we learn more from the nature to use it in our practical life.

The beauty does not lie in making any innovation or invention or finding something new or whatsoever but the real beauty lies in what is already given to us already. We born and we see these beautiful tall trees taller than our height and we realize all other trees also look the same but as long as we grow we must realize the fact that we are not taller, or we should not be proud of our height one thing, because in world there are many people who compares the hegit of their own with the others people and say, I am taller than you, I am smaller than you whatsoever. These is stupid only because we can see big trees which are taller than all we humans. We also have to see the sky, the light blue sky which is open and moving, which carries the white clouds and sometimes the black clouds together with it.

We people talk a lot about a race, for those who have the problem with race-Please see the sky, A sky is big. It carries both types of clouds it does not make any difference between a white clouds which are mostly seen in shinny days or dark clouds which are mostly seen when it is going to rain. When a sky do not differentiate, why are we ?

These are some of the lessons that could be learn from the Nature, just like these there are many more to learn. There are thousand of these aspects to be learnt. There are many such things to be learnt. There are many more aspects of life to be learnt. Keep of watching people, the way they talk, the way they behave and the way you connect your own personal life with them. Be ready for the great learning experience and also try to connect all of these with Nature.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Must Vs Should

I was in the kitchen again, my one of the favorite place sitting with my best friend that is my aloneness and my laptop. Doing nothing. I was preparing a coffee. Then my friend came "Dainel" I don't remember how it started but we started the converstation about relationship. It all began something like this- If a man is working and going to work and women is staying at home What would you expect your women to do ? She must do the household works, she must prepare food and she must do all the rest of the houshold chores. Well, I did not know why My friend Daniel thought like this but together with him My finnish friend Teemu also agreed with him. Now It was me who was alone defending myself. I would say that It is not must, It should be "should". I know they were right and it is true because if one is going for work and working his hard ash to earn to feed for a family women should do the other things. But I did not agreed on this. There are several factors why ? Why is that we expect that girl must do the work at home ? Let us think for some time that we are women and now think we are going for work and coming back home and we expect our husaband to prepare food and one among other stuffs. Is that we would say Husband must ? Can all the women in world agree with this ? Will every one expect their husband must do house keeping ? The word itself says that "Must" is made for men and "should" is made for women. You know why ? Care, affection and attraction comes with the women and with the word should. But aggression comes with word must. I don't know we had very good conversation about 10-20 minutes abou this and I felt it very good. I was trying to defend myself and it was obvious that it is always difficult to convince people throught your speech. In just 10-20 minutes of discussion we talked about relationsip, religion, history, present and future. It is always good to share ideas because tomorrow i may die but ideas will never die.