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Thursday, February 19, 2009

How to tear down walls?

Dear Readers,

With curiosity and passion of reading your ideas and opinion, I, one among you all would like also to give some words to this question, "How to tear down walls?".

May be, My explanation will not give any insights or great ideas- Please excuse me for this.

Let us get started then-

Tearing down a wall or breaking wall or breaking boundaries are simple stuffs to do. These are physical entity created by us and could easily be destroyed by us.

Many of us around here are discussing on the issue related to tearing down the walls within your self such as greed, race, religion, sex and so on.

How can we even think this could be successful? Well, those elements which are inside us are never going to change and those which are outside us are already broken.

We live by opinion and ideas, with our own philosophy of life. All those elements such as love, race, religion, life and culture etc. These are all part of every individual. These elements are different and we have our own personal "definitions" based on our personal "experiences".

When we try to listen other people's opinion and their definitions about these factors we tend to disagree and to some we agree.

Those who can lie can gain popularity easily. I do not know if there is something which called "believe". As said by Oscar Wilde, "Experience are mistakes", are we really gaining experience of are we just committing the mistakes?

A civilized society is formed when every individual in that society are bound to obey the rules and regulation which is for the benefit of their own society.

How much civilized society we have in this world? And, why do we think we are civilized? We might think that we are civilized society since we have power of intellectuals, full of resources and big fat rules which strictly has to be followed.

I feel pity for such society. The best rule in the world is No rule.
Once you start to follow the rules and regulation of your society you are bound to have "differences". When you have self differences within yourself, how can you have civilized society?

There are many examples and theories which are piled up in the dust of some libraries around the world. Those theories and books are food for rats and insects. At least some form of animals can sustain their lives with those rotten theories.

We are living by Scriptures, opinions and demoralizing elements which are root cause of our own self destruction. When will our tiny brain realize that, "We are all equal".

Difference is religion and culture has become mirror illusion. There is nothing popping up without the knowledge of others around us.

How can you break the barrier of relationships? We still are fighting for it, don't we? My first wife, second wife and so on...

Self differences inside us creates self destruction. We are destroying our destiny by creating the difference all around us. WE have walls of communism, race, relationships, religion and many those factors where our understanding is very limited.

Wake up people, please wake up....

Live the way you want to live but try to listen what others have to say too. You can always disagree but try to find what is the alternative of disagreement.

A week ago, I was watching a movie based on Jesus Christ and his life. I do not know how many times he has said, "I tell you the truth..."

When a person says, "I tell you the truth..." Is he really telling the truth?

Well, that is another point of discussion and let me not open it here. But, let me go back to the same question of how to tear down the walls?

Physically, Very simple-
1. Hire some machines which can be operated by human.
2. Use the machine to tear down walls.
3. Remove the walls
4. Now, you are successful. Good luck.

Mentally, Very Very Simple-
1. Accept everything which comes in your life.
2. Be truthful not to others but to yourself.
3. Life a life full of simplicity, the beauty will blossom along the way.
4. Respect, Obey, Follow, Give, Share, Encourage, Motivate and Smile to yourself and those around you.
5. Be like a child.
6. No human should claim he is God or (he is son of God as done by Jesus), or I am God itself. (Allah, Krishna, Buddha ...) Let us call them "Pure humans". A human with no self motives.
7. Live one day and die the same day. (How?) Do not care about yesterday and do not over think on tomorrow because you are not living in past or future, you are living now. (As I am writing this comment, I have started my day. After the sunsets and darkness prevails, I am going to end my day. I am going to die, Please do not worry because hopefully, I will be awake again tomorrow But again, hope is not with me it is for your satisfaction. I only hope to live only one day.)

Let me put it in a loop now.

Could any one of us follow 1-7 steps?


If your answer is Yes, then you are in Human civilization group.
If your answer is No, then ask yourself why not?

The Human civilization group is the world of "no difference". A world of complete peace and no walls. Where there is people and all those live are god. A pure humans existence.
(I am sorry, I have to wake up from this dream)

Alright now, I have to stop typing because I think these seven point steps will clarify what the writer ones to say.

Sorry I am still working on those seven points. Therefore, Let me put my greed attribute here-

-Author of the self published book "Nature God" and "Human behavior on the Internet".

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Where do you find inspiration?

1. Writers drew there Inspirations from themselves staying like a child.
2. Learning is every day phenomenon from ourselves and from others around us.
3. Nature and Environment teaches us and bring even closer to it, every day and in every moments.
4. Einstein said that all of his great inventions were because he stayed to be child. Being in the state of the child bring curiosity and passion for work.
5. As you said Paulo coelho, "I am my books and they are part of my soul." Most of the writer should feel in the same way, here is one question you would like to add if you have not already posted. What do you associate with books?
6. A single moment of joy and complete peace, satisfaction in that moment and words of wisdom gained and shared are what most of the writer would like themselves to associate with.
7. I do not know if God exits but I know, if he exits then he must live inside us, inside our body,being invisible but controlling our body and driving us forward, to take very next step in our life. I am the bilogical body and my books are representation of that very next step which God wants me to take.

Friday, January 2, 2009

PP theory

I truly believe that women came into existence for the purpose of only men. There are no other purpose of women existence. This does not mean that, women do not have rights. Yes they have and they should be given equal opportunity. I think there are some group of people who does not understand the value of women existence. The more pain the more pleasure phenomenon is around the world.

PP (Pain gives Pleasure) Theory is such that, the more pain you hear from your partner the more pleasure other partner will receive.

The "PP" theory is result of my own personal experience. I think the same applies in the world back when there was Adam and Eve in Christianity and When there were God and Goddesses existence in Hinduism.

This theory has never changed and will not change ever. (Why not?) This will not change simply because those who are in pain have to take it for granted.

There are laws made for those who commit such an act. Such as Rape, Visiting brothels and selling young girls and children to any humans may it be the "white" or "black" or "big guys".

To hear such a news is interesting and at the same time sad. Those events has to be stopped or even should be limited or minimized to far greater extent.

One of the common problem of this world is- Sex trafficking, child abuse, addiction (watching porno using internet or T.V.) and most importantly terrorism.

I think many countries are fighting for

1. Oil (Petrol, gas, Kerosene and etc.)
2. Land (Kashmir in case of India and Pakistan)
3. Energy (Nuclear and Electric )
4. Power (Political, Fight for recognition )

I think many humans are fighting for

1. Sex (Sex trafficking, child abuse, pleasure)

The above four listed points can vary depending on countries and there policy but the one that is listed in the bottom will stay as long as human being exit on this planet.

I am sorry to say but I know it has no end.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Free Content

Free Content is the biggest question now a days. As I have read the previous comments in your blog it appears to my knowledge that, there are multiple views on free contents.

Some of the authors have pointed out that, free content is good and some says, it is bad. Some has a great idea on how technology has transferred over the period of time.

The matter of choice should be given to humans and only humans alone. The choice of either using the computer and reading the content for free or visiting the book store and buying a book is different all together.

As a author, only thing that comes in your mind is you have a very good idea and this has to come out in public. People should be aware of what is going around and what is happening around the world also how your idea is really related and how you can benefit from your “best ideas”. At the point of writing you are not thinking about marketing or collecting big revenues or even dreaming to win a Nobel Prize for your work.

The path that I am traveling has been traveled by somebody else. There are millions and billions of humans in the world. Those who are currently alive and those who are no longer. Whatever I am doing has been done already. I am constantly thinking that I am doing something new but I also have to realize that what “I” as the person am doing has already been done or is being done somewhere in some part of the world.

Well, Although technology in every day life cannot be ignored and one has to benefit from the usage of the technology. It is always a good idea to use the technology and benefit from the advantage of it. After all this is for us.

The generation that are is evolving is most of the times posting the content on the internet- let us say for example “technorati” where there are millions of contents posted every day.These blog posts and articles have thousand of great ideas but how are they really making any point? Will they really reach to the right people at right time?

To have a greater impact and greater socialization of “your ideas” it has to be used efficiently, in a proper manner.

We do not know how to make benefit or money from our work but, “Giving is the best thing we know as the writer.”

It is good idea to deliver the content for free but at the same time it is bad idea to really give everything for free.

Well, I do not agree that “beauty is free”. Beauty cannot be free simply because it is in the nature. Simplicity of the beauty is free but beauty does not lies in being free. Let me give you one example.

Let us say, you see the flower. You see this flower which is red and your personal favorite color is also red but some how you have a color blindness and you cannot see the color red. One of your very best friends come near to you and she says, Wow what a beautiful color and flower. You cannot see the particular flower but you still admire with the beauty.

Imagine now you do not have color blindness and you can see the flower. In this situation, you will see the red flower, you appreciate the beauty of that flower but you cannot have it. It is not free. It has its own life. It is an object which lives on its own. The life cycle of this beautiful red flower is with the Nature.

Similar analogy holds true with the “free content”. The content and ideas are just floating around us all the time. The matter of choice for picking up “whose” idea could be trusted depends upon the humans all around the world.

Selection should be given to people either to use free or not. However, free does not makes the content valuable and not free does not make ideas famous.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Explaining God - Loving without fear

I am recent visitor of Paulo's blog and I keep on writing on his blog too. One of the chapter on my book "Nature God" is dedicated to Paulo's blog and comments that I have written on his blog.

Here is one moral story from him-

A pilgrim arrived at the village where Abu Yazid al-Bistrami lived.

- Teach me the quickest way to reach God.

Al-Bistrami answered:

- Love Him with all your strength.

- That I already do.

- Then you need to be loved by the others.

- But why?

- Because God looks at the hearts of all men. When He visits yours He will surely see the love you have for Him and He will be happy. However, if He also finds your name written with affection in the hearts of others, He will certainly pay far more attention to you.


In response to his views, I have written something too- Below you can see my point of views.

Love is the common and very simple term. It has no meaning but again it means a lot. It is the symbol of affection, care, togetherness, self-emotions and many more.

As you said, Paulo ! The love for God should be fearless, the love of other people is only that matters.

My point is that- I do not have point. I do not know if I believe in God or not but one thing I surely know from the saying of Edison that,

“Nature is what we know. We do not know the gods of religions. And nature is not kind, or merciful, or loving. If God made me—the fabled God of the three qualities of which I spoke: mercy, kindness, love—He also made the fish I catch and eat. And where do His mercy, kindness, and love for that fish come in? No; nature made us—nature did it all—not the gods of the religions.”

I do not have any idea if there exits a god or not, I do not know ! But again, when I am feeling down and unhappy when my words are not making any sense I go deeper into my own caves and try to find the answer why not ? I ask with this best friend of mine who is inside me all the time. I do not know if those who believe in God call this best man inside them as “God” ?

Whoever, it is I am happy that I only have one. There are people who have many friends, but for me the outer world has friends and all of them are best. I do not want to differentiate. I do not want to make any difference by stating who right and who is wrong. I do not want to say that, this person is best and the other is worse. I only see- all of my friends as the best !

I am not sure if tomorrow I will be recognized by the people as “Santosh Kalwar” or will they forget me after certain time frame. I do not even care about that but, wait a moment- life is just like that, we are here on this mother earth for some purpose and every individual has the purpose to fulfill.

As I can see- you have been doing loads of writing and you are the one of the great author of the books. I am inspired by your ideas and creation.

In my first self-publish book I have mention one chapter which states that- “My comments on Paulo Coelho’s blog.” All those comments that I have posted on this blog are availaible on this book. I do not use this for marketing purpose but I use these comments simply because these are useful to those who would like to learn and read. As time goes and life moves in more sluggish path.

I do not see if God exits or not but whatever be the circumstances, life goes on and I hope I will be able to make those who are around me remember with my names and I often do not forget them. !

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Words are speechless.

Some times in life, we have to take things as they are and not the things as they might will be. Imagination is unbounded. It has no limit. Every individual in this earth has great ideas. All these ideas are not countable. The ideas that are liked by many is countable.

Some times we have to make compromises based on these ideas and the hypothesis that we believe or we make our own world. Believing in what is unknown makes you realize that you are close to that unknown.

People are inventing everything from scratch. It is very easy. The invention is an art accepted by like minded people. Those who do not accept, they are not inventors. Those who admire are advivsers. Those who create are called creators. Those who develop are called developers. How about those who do not do anything ? Should they be called "users".

The process of Nature is divided into two major categories. One is that which gives and another is one who takes. Nature gives and we take. WE give and Nature takes. The process is bi-directional. It occurs every time we desire it to occur.

Nothing is independent in itself. These random thoguhts are generated inside my random mind. I cannot understand why it is always empty. The mind is all the times filled with content. These content are acheived from or gained from memorable experiences, lesson learned and careful observation.

When you know yesterday that, "Mrs. A is bitchy, you will make an assumption that she will show same kind of behavior today as well". How about changing the attitude ? Will that be possible ? We can easily try to change the attitudes of those around us but how about changing our one ? How easy or difficult the process is?

However, These random thoughts are generated in my mind and I do not have to go anywhere to check for the problem. For some, it could be seen as problem and for some it could be seen as creativity.

Whoever sees in whatever way, the end result is does these content make an any sort of impact on your mind or not ? Do you really want to learn what I am trying to say with these thoughts. Did you realize what is missing on these content with the title. Are you really satisfied ?

You do not have to let me know. Just ask yourself. Where are you visitng. From one page to another.In serch of what ? You are the same person who is searching "Sex" on the Google and you are the same person searching "God" in another Google Search Page. Why do you maintain two different identity of lust and religiousness. What is good or bad with multiple identities ?

Whatever it is, these are some kind of patterns that we as the human generate and most of the times these patters are quite similar to one another.

Well, The words are speechless since the words do not have mouth of expression. These speechless mouth of expression are thoughts of that individual who does not know what he is writing.

Therefore, It is good to go back and search again "..." on some web pages. Good luck ! Watch out, you may really find what you are looking for. Be aware of God visiting your room some day. I am waiting for the explanation to be heard.

Monday, October 6, 2008

Have a great Weekdays !

Early morning with a fear of expecting the unexpected. Many of us, wake up with the machine making us wake up. How many of us wake up naturally and do our activities ? As the life is moving in faster lane, people are ruled by machine. Our normal morning life is controlled by smaller tiny mechanical alarm.

This alarm is built by us for our comfort but try it rising up early in the morning without it. You will then realize the fact that, you cannot wake up as the way you want to, you cannot control yourself how can you think of taking control of others ?

Together with the advancement of technology, there are loads of negative effects rapidly climbing. There are times when we would easily make the decision, there are times when we would easily do what we wanted to do, there were times when your voices were heard in the crowd. Today, if you see- every body wants to make some point. Simply observe, you will find people making arguments and discussion over the things which are merely useless.

First lesson of living a life, is to control your life. Now, to control your life you need to control your mind, behavior, attitudes, taste and many more attributes which might look useless but are necessary. These attributes are useful elements for the life to work as we want it them to work.

When you want to do something, please do. When you want to think that, whatever you are doing will result in bad or good or you may look as if you are stupid. Then you will not do what you wanted to do.

Somebody has rightly said that, "To do is to be". You are being, when you are doing. The result is the not important. The path taken to reach to the destination is important. Take for example, a life. A normal human life is born, then it grows and slowly it starts observing the essential elements around it. It starts to learn, earn and sustain its life. A life knows that, there is an end but it is not worried about the end. Since all other life living in this planet must have to reach to an end.

Walking to the end path, together is important. Sharing what you have gained with those who have not is important. Living your own life is important but more important is when you can dedicate some part of it, with others.

These moral lessons might be useful to start a busy, fast moving and to fight with hustle and bustle of this weekdays.

To end this article here is the quote of the day-

"Getting lost together can also enable you to find yourselves together."

Have a great weekdays and hope to see you waking up next morning without that machine!

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Fresh Start

It has been some time now I have not updated my blog. My readers might have thought that this blog is going to die or something. The fact is that, when you start something new, it takes loads of time and effort to understand the basic behinds the working of something new.

When you hate something, there is the time when you have to do the same. Every work is the result of hard work. I do not know how people feel about me or what kind of opinion they keep about me but I do not have anything for anybody. I mean to say that, there is nothing in my mind except the respect to the people I know.

Now, I sound as if I am the President of the Country. Well, this is what happens when you move from one place to next. The place I am now is called Helsinki, The capital of Finland.

As, Capital of the every country is crowded and developed. A country can be known progress by the progress of the capital. It has been now couple of days, here in Helsinki. It seems everything is moving very fast, metros, buses, railways, cars and people.

There is rush everywhere, it takes a person from Lappeenranata some time to adjust the environment of the Capital. Despite the fact that, I do not have any rooms or any personal apartment I have to convince my brothers who are here in Capital. These guys are more good than I have ever expected.

I think I am getting a good homely kind of environment wherever I go and visit. Work is work; any kind of work is boring. Since there is some thing in return we get out of hard work we put into something, it is that motivation of money that drives us further to progress.

I am worried and I am terrified with the fast moving pace of this city but at the same time I am enjoying it to be part of it.

It is said that, everything comes slowly with the time and one has to put little effort everyday which will one day give show good progress of anything that we do. I do not know that right now but I hope it works as if it is said.

The new beginning is what I am looking forward to, let us see what happens next in my life and what I can deliver to the world around me. I pray to God, for all those who are connected to me in one way or another, and I pray for there utmost success and happiness.

Cheers !

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Heart full of love.

Life is all about love. There is nothing in life without love. Life is all about you and me. In between you and me there is only one element which keep this bond alive. It is love,Dear !

Life is all about the story between you and me. I cannot see anything beyond the story which is result of our love.

There will be thousand problems and I will have to solve these problems every day, but I could not do it without you. There will be early morning rise of the sun, this rise will bring joy and hope to prosper the strength in my body. It will give me energy to wake up and start the to work but besides all that I will always need your support and love.

I know I hate it some times when you are close to me, all the time. I do not know why, but I hope it is because I am too puzzled with my own problems that I do not want you to get involved in it and get puzzled too.

May be I will realize the day when I am far from you, the distance between you and me will let me remind that- There is nothing in life except love. The love between you and me. The story that are in my memories of your jokes, our sharing of moments and most importantly your care.

For being a man, I know I have a child within. I am aware of the fact that- a man needs support of the mother when he is early in the age, 1-16 years of age. Support of the women in her life 16- and this women is you.

In love, people have made Taj Mahal. They have done loads of charismatic and romantic activities that My love, I will today and every day will do.

I am not afraid of how and why, simply because I know there is nothing in life except you, me and our love; Nothing.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Happy birthday mybheja.

Happy Birthday to you Mybheja. Officially, it is the day when you were born and many many happy returns of the day. Every year the same day will surely come but with changing numbers.

As you do not like to celebrate the birthdays, but as you learned that slowly you have to celebrate not for yourself but for those around you. It is nice that you organized party yesterday and had load of fun with all those who come from the same motherland- called Nepal.

With the help of the good finnish friends, you went and bought the stuffs necessary for the party and we really had a great great birthday party. It was again, unfortunate to say that some of other friends did not come because they were having other party. It happens most of the time and no worries because all our wishes should not be fulfilled at a single time.

The pleasant memories were created with two litre of Finnish Vodka and very specail setting in the kitchen with load of laughter and loads of funny jokes. Anyways, you will remmeber as you remember everything in your life.

Birth day are those days when you are born. Isn't it amazing that the numbers increases and with every increase in the numbers, you are getting older. The more you become old, more experience you gain and the more people you know. I do not know why we celebrate, is it just for fun or is it for the entire year of "knowing the unknown". Whatever it is, it was fun yesterday in the new environment, and new happy faces all around.

So, officially I was born in today's date 7th September and in real I was born some months ago already. However, the real date of my birth is too personal. Any ways, it is not the matter of day but it is the matter of moment.

I still remember the day when I arrived here in Finland and soon it was after couple of weeks when my birthday came, we were celebrating our birthday. Now, today it has been one year here in Finland.

I feel as if, I am having loads of fun and learning new things in every passage of the time. With more power come great responsibility and these resposiblities have to be discovered with your own self.

Every body around you will surely help you, to find who you are, to discover your potentials but you just have to ask their help, as long as you will ask with those around you, you will surely get what you desire in life.

Nothing comes easy in life but you can make it easy just like that. Duality is Nature of nature itself. We have good and bad, we have nice and ugly, we have givers and takers but once you adopt both in you; you will find that you are the creator of your own sufferings. Nobody around is your enemy but you and you alone. Try to find the similarities in those around you and you will get the real answer.

The difference will divide your values with the other around you but the similarities will bring you closer to the other element around you. Either it is love, race, life, religion, sex, culture, people, country or any thing around.

Well, last but not the least, you can alway disagree with me. To finally do something else, let me stop my pressing of these keys on this blog for now.

Happy happy birthday to you my dear "mybheja" and as I know you were born happy you will die happy too.

Cheers !

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is life simple or complicated ?

Well, to give an answer to the question one has to first understand each and every part the question itelself. It is not easy task first to understand the question simply because you first have to waste an entire night drinking Rum and Vodka.

Last night Me and my friends we enjoyed drinking vodka and rum and discussing on the question which is rather more philosophical and very questionable in itself. I was trying to defend that "life is simple" other friends were trying to defend "life is complicated".

Now, what actually do you think a life should be or life is ? Can we all generalize life as complicated for all the entire human beings or should we first understand the phenomenon of the life and later than visualize either it is complicated or simple.

To answer this question which requires a lot of the understanding about the life iteself is not simple that is for sure but to generalize the point of view to entire race it is complicated.

Humans have been from the beginnning, facing loads of the problems and the way we face problems we try to build some sort of view on what is life. We see our life and th problems we face defines what should life is or how it should be for others.

I would rather say, life is always same for every one but the way of living life is different. It does not mean that I am accepting the fact life is complicated but I mean it is the way we take it. Some people take life as complicated matter and some as very simple.

To me, life is not complicated simply because it is not the problems that define my life. It is the way I live my life. I do not want to explain why life is simple.To define why life is simple, I would rather say- living a life in a moment is simple. Living for tomorrow or yesterday would feel as if it is really complicated. Since I live for the moment I do not know how can I say, it is complicated.

Nature is simple, words are simple, it is always we see it. We see it differently. A person who sees the "fire" would rather have the feeling that fire burn and would never approach the fire just becuase he knows that fire is burning and the nature of fire is to burn. He has the experience that fire would burn his skin. But the Nature of humans has to be humble and simple.

Once a girl asked me, why are you not throwing the insect in your hand. Does not it hurt you ? It is biting you and are you not feeling the pain ? Why do not you kill it ?

I was not suprised by the girl request because I knew what she was asking and what she wanted from me was to kill the insect which was biting me. I did not kill it but rather put it in different place so that it does not get hurt. I told to the girl that, "Everything has there own nature, see for example Nature of water; the nature of water is to cool, the nature of fire is to burn and nature of this person who does not want to kill the insect that was on the top of my hand is very "simple".

I was obeserving and trying to learn why the insect is sucking my blood and what happens if I do the same as you requested. I was thinking and living in the moment at that time. That is the reason why I did not kill the insect.

Simplicity and beauty are similar things. We see the beauty of the flower, we see the beauty of the wonderful architechture of the house, we see the beauty of the women who is nicely build. Once we see it, then we think or we want it. We want to make those which are beautiful hanging in some trees to make it as ours, those which are located somewhere nicely to have the same kind of house and so on.

This is the nature we are build up and we think to get in our life, it is complicated. Why do not we just see it and then leave it at that moment. Why do not we just see and learn from it. Why do we want to have it for ourselves ?

I do not have any feelings or wining the argument neither do I have any feeling of loosing the arugment only feeling I have right now is why do not we see life as simple simply by living in moment and leaving behind the complexity of the problems which define life as complicated.

As some one has said, beauty lies in the eyes of beholder, I think simplicity too lies in the eyes of those which can see beauty. Whatever be the case, I do not want to visulaize that life is simple or complicated for every one who lives in this planet. I would rather say, for me life is simple becuase I see those eyes which think life is complicated and I feel inside those complication the inner core lies the simplicity.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

what do you associate with the mountains?

In response to Paulo coelho question in his blog-

Moutains can be associated with anything. It is the height that matters in the world. It is associated with the peak, height, the length near to the sky, I belive that it is mostly associated with love. The symbol of “love” could be the best example one can associate the mountains with. It can also be associate witht he sucess and failure.

The failure is measured in the downfall or the lowest level of the mountain and the success could be measured as the top most level of the mountain.

Love is the best which can be easily associated with the mountains. When a two person is in love, either they climb up the hill and slowly if any one of the partner is not able to climb up the hill then it does not reach to the top of the mountain and none of them are able to reach to the place which is called “love stage”.

Either you climb up or you do not climb at all. Once both the partner are on the top of the mountain they are into the state called love stage. In this stage they cannot stay longer simply because they have to climb it down to the bottom of the mountain again. Therefore, love is just momentary state where it does not remain for longer.

It is not lust but similar to the sex where once a person is doing sex after that he will again come to the normal stage. Likewise, mountains can be associated with the love.

None of the two person can stay there on the top of the mountain simply because one is quite afraid of height or another is not willing to stay there for longer or some other alternative reasons. But once both the people can manage to stay on the top of the mountain that means they are truly in love and they do not care about what is goin on the below the mountain down to the village.

Just simply imagine that, there is a single traingular shaped mountain on the earth and there are villages down to the earth. Two person, either male or female or male or male or whatever who think they are in love now tends to climb the mountain. Slowly they start to climb the mountain and they find it very difficult. One person is trying to climb from one side and next is trying to climb from another side.

They can some how communicate in between these mountain but they do not know if other person is also climbing in the mountain or not. Because of their relationship is based on the mutual “trust”, they belive each other and start to climb the mountain from either sides.

Slowly they start to climb one person from one side and next from the another side. They face difficulties besides they trust each other and climb. This process is called as “rising in love”. When you are in love, most of the times people say that you are “falling in love” but once you are in love, I think you are rising in love.

Slowly you start to rise in love, in the big mountain you think you will reach to the top and assume your partner wil do the same but if there is lack of trust or feeling of not reaching to the top or not thinking that the person who is climbing from the other side will really meet in the top then in that condition the other person will not reach to the top.

When both the partner will not reach to the top, then they are not in love. And the mountain shows how difficult it is to be in love. But once when both the partners are in love, they will reach to the top and they will show that love is all what we gain at the top of the mountain.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

What makes me suffer

Rabbi Moshe de Sassov “True love is that which manages to avoid unnecessary suffering.”

The quote is beautifully said and nicely written. There are two elements in the quote first is “love” and second is “true love”. When you have two different things in a quote that means that needs to be compared. There is comparison between the love and true love. How can a person determine what is “love” and what is “true love” ? To understand the difference one has to first understand what love is.

When would you say- that a person is speaking what he is knowing or what he has experienced or what he has felt ? I do not agree, that there is any difference between any love or true love or false love or whatever. There is only one thing and that is “love”. When you are putting other words in front of it, or besides it then you are differentiating the words with others.

A love is love, either it is true or false. A love can not be true or false. A love is pure and the purity of the love cannot be measure. Either it is the love of parents to their children or it is the love of husband towards his wife, or it is the love of animals. Love is same everywhere.

Suffering cannot be manged. Suffering is that what we possess, that what we think and the way we think about anything. Suffering is present, it is vital for the existence. One has to understand how one takes it. Do you take “suffering” as one of the disease ? If you are taking suffering as the disease, then please think once again because disease in your body can go, it will one day vanish from your body but the suffering will not go until you are existing in this earth, until you are living in the present.

Can you find the love from the suffering ? If you cannot see the love from the suffering how can you tell what is true love ? How can you determine that suffering do not have love ? “In pain, there is pleasure associated”. or rather, I would say-”Pain contains the pleasure”. One has to feel the pain to feel the pleasure. One has to feel the suffering to feel the love from the suffering.

To understand weather you are getting a true love or no love or false love or just simply love you have to remove or take out from you mind the meaning of love. Once you remove all these definition of “what is love” then the remaining in your mind will give you, the proper definition of what is love.

Necessary and unnecessary is associated with humans personal taste. One can find some thing necessary at the same time one does not find anything necessary out of it. Therefore, there is no difference between love. Love cannot be said, “true” or “false”. Love is simply love.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Lappeenranta city

Now, A place which was chosen by me before coming to Finland for the studies. The place where silence meets the late dawn with orange color all over the sky just near the lake which shows the signs of silence in heart and mind.

It was amazing when I came back from the place which was much more crowded and people all around. I thought I had really made a good decision to come to study in this place called Lappeenranata. A city of beauty and beauty which signs like the early morning sun heating the drop of water in the leaves of trees.

Thousand things in the head to be done and every time there is something new coming up once in a while. Got to do this, got to do that... It is really amazing when you have loads of things piling up at your desk and you do not find yourself being committed to do all.

Lazy Sunday, as it is. Watched a cool movie called "Raise your voice". Amazingly written and nice story. Truly inspirational.

Sipping a cup of coffee and writing this blog about me feels good. I do not know for how long but this moment is mine and truly mine. No body will interefere me, no body will ask me anything, no body will pull my legs or no body will bother me. It is truly amazing place, a city once must visit in a life time.

Outside my windows there are green trees and calm sun light gazing and a smooth breeze blowing. There is no heaven and hell simply because everything is here; just in front of you.

Everything is infront of you, either it is heaven and hell. Maintaing this place requires loads of effort and support from all those who lives in this city. I salute to all those people who take care of the city garden, city parks, city roads and everything else. I truly appreciate their hard work even in cold winter with temperature going below -30 deg. celcius.

Feeling cannot be expressed so easily, it has to be felt. Just come once if you can and feel the experience. I wish I can stay longer than my desires will let me to. Let me be hopeful and hope is all I have.

Have a great weekend !

Saturday, July 19, 2008

Let us be open.

Why do people do not want to just be open and show to others that they can really do what they are capable of ? The only reason people had a privacy problems is that they think they do not want to be open and tell what they are doing, or enjoying or some thing similar.

Why is the big question in itself which will tell us that humans are more vulnerable to not being open. See the book for example which could be read by anyone anytime and anywhere. It is just simply open there, loads of knowledge and experience are in built inside the book. The book contains everything although people might assume there is nothing.

It depends upon the person's character and moral how we behave in our day to day activity. Some people do not like to show what they are doing and some do. It does not matter in real world scenarios if some body wants to hide an identity or be open as the light blue sky.

Many of us our worries are just about ourselves. we tend to worry about most of the problems that we face in everyday life. It is just because we hide the things from ourselves. We do not want them to get published or do not want them for some body to make an arguments or give comments on our life or even the problems we face.

The people will vary as will the days in each passing month and years. We see everyday as a good day or bad it all depends upon our thinking. Once we assume one particular day is going to be bad the day will end up being bad for us. It is not the day but the thinking which resulted in such consequences. It is not the day but the thoughts which made us do the errors even though we do not tend to do it often.

As per my example, I would give an example of Monday which is I assume not good for me. I do not know why but I do not see any things happening for me, then I realize the fact that it is not the day but my thinking which is showing the signs of abnormal behavior in me.

It happens to many such individual as of likes of me, whose days are bad or things do not go properly and so on. It is because of our logical mind is thinking in the way we would like ourselves to be seen to us and to the soceity in general.

Do some times stupid things and it will solve the problem but do not over do it. A person who uses the term- "blah blah" would find it very difficult to get any sense in "Non blah things or aspects in life or problems". I adopted once a habit of saying "blah and blah" later I found that nothing was appropriate and nothing makes sense. Either it is writing or speaking the term. I often used to tell "blah and blah".

Try and develop the habit of adopting good words and try and do good deeds. Be open like a sky which can take anything under it. Try and see the world as if it is not only yours but where every body else rests in it together with you.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things and Desire

Some times in the process of living a life we just follow what others say or ask us to do. When there are crucial moments to make a decision we do not let it go, we just listen to others rather than ourselves. When we listen to others or one could say-a mind is also the other being which is separate from a self.

A mind makes decision based on the previous and future experiences, it makes decision thinking and taking care the precaution in mind. It is worried more about the consequences than the result. It is worried more often than not by going through the path of total unknown. It is always worried. But when you make a decision by your heart-it is not worried than. It does not care where you are going or about any result or any circumstances or whatsoever.

An enlighten being is one who listens to his mind but also controls his mind. Gautam Buddha is one example, he made a tradition of controlling a persons mind and many followers started to follow him. However, any one who follows the path of Gautam Buddha could only hope to achieve the state that he achieved. Buddha described about Karma, he also made an statement on how to control mind, body and soul. During those times, people those who had knowledge in Northern India were Brahmins the top or superior caste and the knowledge was passed to only those who were Brahmins or descendent of Brahmins and to others no knowledge was passed. They were treated as the most educated of all.

Buddha changed it all, he followed his own route and discovered that any one can become or control the mind and reach the phase that is described as Nirvana. It is not so easy but it is not as difficult too. Only thing you need to do is-first give up your habits of smoking, drinking, or any such habit which you have. Second, forget about Maya(love) or I would say-Physical love.
Once you forget a physical love you are in some stages as described by the Buddhism. How many of us can leave our girl friends or our wife and leave a lonely life ?

Not only being lonely but also not committing sex for some resonable period in life. How many of us can control our little things that is hanging in our middle part of the body ? This is the process of filtration, many of us cannot and those who can cannot hang in there for longer period.

Everything is within us, we can make them work according to us. If only you remove "desire" you will remove greed, dissatisfaction, sadness, horror, disgust, anger, pain and many more such elements. The greatest virtue of living a life is removing the "desire". It is not easy. Many of us live a life just to get to one point in life. This one point would be getting a good job, a stable life, a good bungalow or a good car but these all are material possession. We are not going to take them with us when we would be taken in the graveyard on our death ceremony or we are not goin to taken them with us when we are burned during our death.

Things and desire would never give you the real peace in your heart, never. It will never make you reach the final stage of where every monks desire of reaching-"Nirvana". A complete peace. It will only give you the problems. All these problems in our life are with the things and desires. Once you can remove them from your mind-you will reach a phase where you will be alone-no one will be with you. Most of the people follow those who have somethings or some desire and talk about them most of the time but once you leave these you will fall in the category of some other human being. In those category, you will not be heard by these people, you will transform yourself into a man of wise. A process of reaching to wisedom is the process of removing from your mind "things and desires".

Just try for a day-Early in the morning when you wake up-Start your day by looking to the beautiful Trees, flowers and the sky. See the climate-ask a question with the climate and Nature that are you angry today ? Are you going to give me pleasure with hot and sunny warmness or are you going to give me cool bridge ? you will get an answer. Once you will get an answer just start your day as a normal day. But remember not to go for the early morning sex with your wife or girl friend. Just completly ignore her. Do not go for controlling your desire just forget about your desire. Then do your all the activities that you do in your regular work but do not think in the entire day by looking the things around you-to get them.

Do not think that-This thing is so nice, I wish I could buy them or take them or I wish I will have them. No, No and No.
One of your greatest enemy is your desire. So, Now you have removed the desire of having, getting, earning, or gaining any thing. You have a reached a process of peace, a complete peace. Now your mind will ask you a thousand of questions- Hey Mr.XYZ, I want this, I want that-The boobs of that girl is so big, the thighs are so nice. I want to have sex with her or I wish I had a car like that.

These question are the problems, and you will reach the process once you will realize that your mind has not asked these questions at all. You mind says to you that, Oh ! that thing is good but it looks good where it is. I do not want it. I know it looks beautiful but the beauty is there where it lies.

Just try it once you will feel the total peace and harmony. Have a great day and enjoy the life.

Sunday, May 18, 2008

I was born handsome, I will die handsome.

Hot summer day, shining with the bright blue sky and on the top of that the barbecue party at the center of the apartment with smiling and beautiful faces all around. The day was shining as it always does with many of new and exciting faces just showing the signs of joy and madness at the same time.

It was pleasant to be in the group of all men and women. Some of them were ready to go back home in the summer after the completion of there studies in Filand. Many of them were just coming to see off them. I was there to see all those of them.

It was good to be in group of all the handsome men and beautiful women. I was excited too. I said to my friends-"I was born handsome and I will die handsome". The quote became a joke and it was a funny statement to start my cheerful day.

We took a pictures, we smile, we laugh, we cook and we also eat a lot of healthy delicious and mind boggling food. It was amazing mixture of champigne and Vodka. My nature does not allow me to be so sober in such case. I mixed them both. It was amazing, quanity of alcohol rose upto 72% which when passing though the mouth felt as if i am putting the fire into it.

It might might have helped my cought just because may be it burned it out or something. Anyways, it was exciting and wonderful to see people with hopes of returning and starting from all over again. There were many who were depressed to see there friends going or leaving and there was a stupid guy like me who was sitting in one corner and smiling at seeing people cry.

Some times It takes lot of hard work to become strong and some times you cannot resist it all the along. It is by nature which has given me some power to sustain in most of the difficult situations. I can resist the wind, I can also resist the storm but I cannot resist the love.

The very "I" allows me to think and I am able to think now that "I" is some body who lives inside me who is childish, strong and Natural then the person who sees me by my Name. There are two person but people cannot see the two it is my responsibility to see one as two.

After the awesome Barbecue and good taste of food. It was the time to take a deep rest. Go back to bed and sleep but again how am I suppose to finish the day just like that-then I suddenly decided to see a movie. I saw a fantastic movie called- "Into the wild". A movie which reminded a lot about the Nature, moment, learning, walking into wild places, listening to your heart and deciding what is most important in life.

A movie which will guide you to forget all the material possessions and just live for the sake of living. A movies which does not ask you to follow the rules but to ask other to follow yours.

The day went good and as it always does. People may live some years before they die, "I live for one day and I die the same day". It is quite suprise and awkward for many to see the statement like the one I mentioned.

I do not have ... years to go or I have spent ... years in my life. I am just one day old or some hours old right now just because I woke up 3 hours ago. Therefore It makes me 3 hours old. Now, when I go back to bed in the evening then I am going to my death bed. It is the time I want to take rest from all my sins, all my pleause and all my good, bad, or whatever deeds.

Yesterday my brother who lives in Australia asked me-how come you have so many words in your mind everyday ? How are you able to write some thing everyday.? I write just because It is my passion, I write just because I do not know anything. I write just because I know there are people who read it. I am not worried about the mistakes, like grammatical or construction or whatever but I write just to write.

I will be helpful to those who will suggest me but I am again helpful to those who does not have anything to say too. Everything is art. Everything is creativity. All the women in earth are beautiful, all the religious places are best and awesome. All these places may be called with different name but the messege of all the religous places are the same.

All the women are beautiful only because all the women are same around the world. They might not look same but they are physically similar. They have this two ballons in their chest, a quite complicated structure. It might seem as if it is too easy but it is difficult at the same time.

The sound of raindrops back my windows remind me of my old days when I used to be with one beautiful women together. Now, It is my aloness which reminds me that it is the first lesson of love.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nature God

The greatest journey is those which are close to your heart. It is not just a journey but the feeling that you get when you reach to the desire of your destination. The journey gives you lots of pleasure. The pleasure is by changing atmosphere. The place you visit, the people you see, the food you eat, the smell of you take. Everything is dynamic, every thing also seem very dynamic and it gives you pleasure-Once there is pleasure there is feeling of satisfaction. Once you get the feeling of satisfaction you rejoice with eternity.

Life is a similar journey with the taste of finding the same pleasure. Some people get it and some miss it. Some want it but despite the desire they do not get it. It has to be the real desire in you. It has to come from inside you. It will ask you that come on I have to move on in life now.

The words are difficult to merge into a sentence. Often we think many times before even making a sentence just to give the meaning to the sentence. What if we forget the meaning and just try to make a sentence ? Then Our mind will ask us that the reader will not read the text or sentence. We might even think that it will sound stupid to the readers. But what if again- we just make an impression that who cares ? Who cares if no body reads what you have written- or let us say, Imagine No one is reading what you have written. Just write and do not see the consequences or the outcome. Write to show your real desire or feeling or whatever you want to put into but do not judge what others will think about it. ? It is some what said in some religious text books too.

I am doing the same. I do not care as long as my words do not form a meanigful sentence. I do not care as long as the the sentence has no meaning or people even wil think in such a way. It is the judgement done not by me but by others. My hands automatically moves to the keys that I am pressing and my mind automatically thinks over some thing which is visible in the monitor as a sentence. I do not know what I am writing but I think i am writing.

Journey is similar, we do not know where we are going but we are going, moving, exploring, finding and researching what is the next, what will happen, what kind of people we will meet, what kind of food we are going to get, what kind of views we are going to see and what kind of smell of nature we are going to taste.

We are so small- see the mountains, when I see the big mountains in front of me, I really feel that I am very small, then I feel that how strong is that mountain, the mountain with heart of stone, it can resist everything, all the natural calamities, all the natural disaster some times even it can produce something which we call volcanic eruption. Why is nature so different then we really think it is.

We are very close to nature despite that we avoid it many of the times. Many of life lessons comes from the observation of Nature. All the scientific disocery are the gift of Nature, all of the knowledge are of Nature and all the testing people do are also for the benefit or drawbacks to Nature. It is very stong. It can take all our worries, it can even take all what we do. It do not complains, it also do not says anything to us. It is silent all the time. It sees what we are doing. Some couple of weeks back, I saw some video and people said that God is unknown, why do not GOD replies to our messege or prayers ? I assume Nature is GOD. and GOD resides in Nature only because it is very much similar.

May be GOD do not wanted to live inside the human just because it will not be justified to other in whom he cannot reside- Either he has to live in every one or no one. May be he decided to live in Nature therefore no one will see him but every one will see the Nature.

Nature is silent so is GOD, we pray and our prayers are heard based on our own soul and our priorities, it directly goes out in Nature. The nature decides wheather to really answer our prayers or not. If it is not heard that means it is some where there in Nature where one day it will come back and it will be heard but by then we will forget that we really wanted that thing in our life.

Some times in our life too we are really deeply motivated to want or get or desire for something in our life but that desire is pended. It is kept pending by the Nature or GOD. He do not want to give you very easily. Only because it is important for you. Once it is important for you, it become important for Nature too. Most of the times the things you desire or want, you do not get it easily only because you want it and the those which you do not expect you get it easily just because those things are unexplored and unknown or unexpected to you.

Welcome to Nature GOD, a place where you will explore the unexplored, a place where there resides the GOD, a place where you will find the moment of peace.

Friday, May 2, 2008


Are you awake ? Good-Now go to the bathroom and do your morning activities. Ok, So you are on your way-Prayed GOD for the beautiful bright sunny day and now you want to go bathroom. But suddenly some one called you. Wait.

Hello, Kalwar- "Either you clean or else you will be kicked out of this place".

Wow !

Good Morning in this place. I know it is good to speak the truth, I know it is very nice to speak the reality and say that you are not good at what you do. I know it. I am not trying here to say that I am right or he is right or some one else is right.
The reality is that Early in the morning before even going to bathroom and brushing your teeth your mate asked you something or says you something that really hurts.

The truth hurts. It is not acceptable by any standards if we do not clean and do not save if you are in other countries. We should always respect the people, energy, whatever like culture, religion, sex, and whatsoever of that country only because that country has give a lot of things to you.

When their are bad times in your life-more bad times comes. It is the phenomenon where every door gets closed, every friends become your enemy and every person you believe would help would not.

In the process of learning we do mistakes, I have not seen any one being perfect. The man who said the words even he does many mistakes but he never wants to accept it. Ok, I did the mistake of not cleaning. Now, Please do not throw me out of room only because I would not afford it and It is difficult times I am going through.

Why should I listen to you ? You are suffering that is your problem. The problem is not mine. The problem is yours and you should solve your problem. Wow. Isn't it so nice. You see others problem and you do not even want to give comment or suggestion or some words that might heal the persons problem you just want to say something that every unknown person would easily say.

Bad days are the days when you do not anything to do, you have skills, education and everything which can easily support your work but only problem you face is that you will be man full of problems. You search here and you search their which gives you nothing. You are a man with emptiness.

It is very easy to complain. Before doing any complain put yourself in others man situation. I know why should some one do it ? But it would be nice to think like that. It will give you some realization that you are being killed every moment. Why the hell in earth you exist ?

Now after getting a very hot Good morning news you go to bathroom do your all activites and think that well, this is life. You got to face it whatever way it comes. It is harsh, it really hurts but why should you worry. Problem you face always get multiplied when you are in deep shit.

It is easy to complain we always do that in our life. We have complain about food, about religion, about GOD, about life, about our car, about study, about whatever we get. It is easy to complain because complain will give us excuse. It will makes us feel that we are superior. Whatever we do and we did are best. We are the best and we have supriority over whatever things or humans or earth we complain about.

It is very easy to seat in drivers seat and complain about some one who is walking in long long highway. The seating in drivers seats means you are comfortable, you have money, you have all the necessary things in your life you want. Now you can easily do what you want.

I am worried in the first place I thought my prayers were heard couple of days ago and I was really happy about it. I thank to GOD for his quick reaction. Now, I would be able to sleep with some good gratification and satisfaction. But the problems multiplies if you are in real problem. Some one just said it that either you do it or you are out. Therefore I have to do it and make that everything is alright and satisfy. If in case I am out- It will really be problem then.

Let me see, we are not perfect said once a friend-Yes we are not. We do mistakes we learn and we should be direct about it. But some times when you are get bite early in the morning before even having taken your morning coffee it hurts. If I were the guy who was angry then probably I would have waited for the right time and would have said in different way. It is easy to make some one cry. Very easy. Say something that is hurtful and the person will get hurt.

How many people in day you hurt ? Every thing is words. If you are polite and at the same time direct then it won't hurt that person but when you are not polite about what you say surely the people get hurt. I am not proving that I am right or worng. I am just explaining my situation.

Hopefully by the grace of GOD everything goes fine and I would not be the victim. Yesterday another nice thing I heard that was in company in UK they ask for traineeship only those person who have valid EU,EEA and UK permit. Those who belong to first world.

Since I come from place where we are looked as minorities and thought as if we are helpless, poor, underpriveliged, uneducated people more importantly the people from third world where people believe that we do not have good rules and regulation, do not have proper manners, and many more. How could someone get a permission to even get traineeship. Their is no opportunity for the people like us.

I am thankful to the country where I am getting opportunity to study. I am thankful to all the people in this country, culture, religion and environment, Nature Thanks for atleast beliving in my or our potential and giving us life changing opportunity.

But I am not thankful to those who makes rules. Those rules sucks. The rule which states "you come from third world, go to your place." In the world where people are measured with the power of their mind still people measure you from the place you come from. Every body wants change, do not worry as longs as we want the change we will get it because it is humans(us) who wants to change.

If nature changes-the whole of human kind will be go in trouble. The days are getting shorter for that. One day, Even the Nature will change. At that time we all will realize that we are and we should be "One", without any discrimination of caste, culture, country, religion, sex, ethnicity, and many more differences.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Some Blah Blah

A very good bright and sunny saturday morning with brightness and light all the way which brings smile to every one's face. It creates a joyous environment to people and the people around such that every body believes that life is to life fully, without any tension, sorrow and unpleasant moments.

Imagine being alone for 100 years. Without some one, without your love, without the sense of girl or scente of women you are alone. Every body is with their life, their partner living like they would live but when you are alone you are with yourself. You do not need anybody. It is you and your love for yourself.

The beauty of life lies not in death but it lies in the way you live a life. You should enjoy the moment do not try to enjoy the end. It does not matter the way you do your work only thing that matters is the way you do it.

The destination is the end. The destiny is findings, search for the end. When we search for the end we should concentrate first on the path we are taking. Concentrate on the path not the destination.

Like the oceans in the sky, like the clouds seen in the river and like the twins who seem very alike. We too are alike. We need to find out the real meaning about it.
Depression is not the answer for being depressed. The cause results it. The cause of any kind of depression is only because of the problem and unpleasant tackling with the problems. Let us see what would be suitable for each of us.

Like the Yesterday's picture which carries all the countries we are divided into two different parts but one thing is clear. Either we are male of female we are the same from the back.

See the person from the back side we all have common thing, similarly we are same from one corner of our mind, our life, our culture to others. We need to find it for ourselves.

People are now a days not in mood to find out the reality for it only because we are lacking the culture and the destiny we are lacking the path that creates the destiny we do not lknow aht is goin on in our mind but we are just dong it for the sake of doing it. We do not know aht we are doing, because we know that wqe are unknown. Wehn we are unknow about rhe thingsthat we are doing then how can we know aht we are doing ? We are living and we do not know what is sole purpose fo living.

Sometimes it piss me off, when we trie to find otu the rality behind the real, the virtuality behind the virtual and the nature behind the nature of nature itself. It is difficult but to se edxtent only. It might look absurb but it is not.

The blah and blah stories ends here. We will rather talk something intereresting later. Have ag odo weekend and do the rest what you ewant to do in your life with all the things that you feel doing, doing is now and you should do it now.