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Saturday, April 25, 2009

How do i learn to love and trust?

Following question was asked by reader, Michelle at Paulo's blog, Here is what Mybheja has to say in response.

Q)I love the idea of love and would love to experience it,however i don’t open up to people, that is the reason i don’t have a single close friend. But don’t know how i will be able to love without opening up and trusting.How do i learn to love and trust?

A)You said, you are not open but why not? By putting “not” and “no” in every response, you are being fearful to your own self. Don’t be. Mistakes we all do and there is no point on being fearful about anything at all.

Once there was a small child named, Stefan. He was just five years old. He was learning about fire, wind, sky and stars. He once asked his mother, “Mom, what will happen if I will touch that fire?” she said, “No, don’t touch it. It will burn your fingers…” Stefan got the lesson from his mother. But, He wanted to experience himself. He did not trusted his own mother. One day, where there was no one in Stefan’s house, He went near the fire and tried to touch it. Just after he touched the fire, he took it out his hand away from the fire, immediately. Next time, he became fearful and started to trust what his mother has told.

Moral of the story: Take it away ! (Interpret on your own life, yourself…)

Trust starts with truth and ends with truth. There is no perfect human beings and even those who we pray such as Allah, Jesus, Krishna among others were not perfect. Nobody was perfect and nobody will be. Only thing that remains is, keep on doing mistakes. More mistakes more lesson in life. Those lessons will be useful for you to teach when you, yourself will become grandmothers and wife.

-”Trust yourself, you will start to trust others.”

-”Speak truth and believe in the power of truth, the more you will believe in yourself, the more you will see the beauty of nature and mother earth.”

-”We humans do thousand and one thing to impress others and show to the world that we are smart and wise but we tend to forget one very simple thing, there is small child in each one of us which is hungry for our own trust and inspirations.”

-”Have you ever seen the stars in the night? See them closely, they will tell you, how to be open, how to love and how to shine and twinkle without any differences and jealousy of other stars.”

-”Open up and wake up with blazing beauty just remember no one is perfect and you are the most beautiful creature on this planet.”

God blesses you !


God bless you all !

Monday, March 30, 2009

When do you need to break the rules?

Dear all,

Q)When do you need to break the rules ?

A)We need to break the rules whenever, wherever and by whatever means and medium. No rule is the best rule but at the same time with rules, we are controlled and monitor or are governed into specific path. Whatever be, most of the problems nowadays, are just because the creators of the rules are destroyers. How can you trust someone who has no ability to take control of his own actions? How can you trust those institutions which are build up with the pillars of unjustice, wrong doings and proper policies.
In summary,

-Do what you feel good, and no rule is the best rule.
-Based on individual differences, there will be differences thoughts and idealogies which should be tracked down if followed the common rules of the game.
-To trust on some rules, we need to trust those who are creators of the rule above law.
-Well, if you believe in God, Nature and Religion then you must follow their rules but if you are the creator yourself, you are bound to disobey those rules.
-Sort and simple, follow your heart and listen to your inner voice, everything you do is for good and happens for good. MOVE ON...

God bless you all !

Thursday, January 8, 2009

"Anything a man does can bring him closer to the Supreme Wisdom, as long as he works with Love in his heart."

A person with loving heart could work or will work with loving will and determination. He will follow his heart even though he might be directed by his mind.

A person with loving heart has desires but at the same time destiny. Even though he might not be close to his destiny he will look at his destiny with the shadow of becoming true one day.

Optimism is the reflection of what he could accomplish in his life. Without the difficulties and problems. A person full of love only knows how to give.

Oscar wild once said, "A man kills what he loves". Is it true? Yes, might be to some extent. But what if a man lives with what he loves? Will he achieve his dreams and conquer the world.? May be he will.

Love has no beginning and no end. Love is just love in any form and in any time, circumstance or situation. Love is selfless. If you can love yourself, your body your own self then you are full of giving. A person who is full of giving is full of love.

Being wise is not only the result of love but also the result of watching through the lens of your heart to those who have suffered. Getting the lessons from not only your problems but also from those of whom you could have answered. Being wise, or being lazy is the same.

A wise has intellect and power of healing. A single word spoken or written has wide range of impact in many forms and factor.

Sunday, November 16, 2008


Life is like a stream of flowing river, it goes on and on. It flows with the flow, it is never ending. It has no end and no beginning. It is just flowing with the sense of unknown. It does not have a destination and it does not have destiny.

Life like everything else will teach you thousand lesson. There are people who live for it, there are people who live for love and there are people who live just to live. Whatever be the reality and whatever they want it from the life, has some price for it.

Nothing comes for free, you just have to pay price for every part of it. But, one thing can be free and its called satisfaction. You did something and now you have to decide either you want to be happy about it or you will not be happy about it. Whichever, way you choose will solely depend on you and you alone. There is no one who will stop you, there is no one who will tell you you did it on right way or wrong you. Only thing people will do, is listen you what you feel.

When you are happy, there will be people around you. When you are sad, there will be people around but they will not be close to you ! "Those who share happiness can find many people and those who share sadness will find only himself".

The above quote says it all, whatever be the consequences every event in our life teaches something meaningful. Either it is hurtful or helpful. Nothing happens in life with coincidence.

Today, we might feel good and the very next day we might feel bad about something or some event. This is called a process of rising and falling. When you are in this process then you are either alone, either drunk, either hurt, either not fulfilled, either you did not get what you desired or either wants your plans to be fulfilled. When this state of process vanishes, then you are in the process of "satisfaction." To reach to this, level requires very hard work and determination.

I am no guru on any of the subject matter that I am explaining in mybheja, but whatever I am expressing in no just random thoughts. These are the thoughts coming from a mind of a man. This man has seen the world and has experienced problems. These problems are not only his but of those he wants to express.

Anyways, I do not want to express that I am the best but I only bless without any selfishness.

With the every ounce of oxyzen intake you are in the pleasure of having alive that very second. But at the same time, somewhere in this very planet-people are not getting that oxyzen with the pleasure. The cause of this is not our stupidity but the stupidity of behaving in well suited manner. Today, there are awareness of "green" and tomorrow there will be awareness about "water". Whatever it is and whatever it will become, who cares as long as we get our fair share of satisfaction in the environment we live in.

There is one thing and one thing in our life which keeps us alive. The word if I remember could be many but right now my bheja suggests- "hope".
Together everything is possible.
All the dreams and desire could be made fulfilled.

All of your dreams were mine once,
But even if you are not beside me,

I will make sure it remains alive-
till the very end.

I think we do not have any hope
But my dear ! I know without you I will fear.

With you, I was fulfilled
Without you, I am without.

Nothing is permanent as my eyes see
I had mine alone and you are at those very ends.

Why are you crying with tears
With every tears, there is hope falling very near

I think I cannot make it
All your dreams which were ours alone..

What should I do if there is no hope?

If there is no hope
Let us invent it, Oh ! dear ...

Do not ask me how ?
I know, with you I will make it.

Without you, I will die
With you, I will die with heart full of love !

Whatever be the case, I know I am nobody
But as long as you see me, I will be always be somebody.

Our love is just like a wine,
It takes time to mature

Well, I am afraid it was ...
But why did you do this to me

When darkness prevails with mystery all around
I know, I am not at my very best

With tears in my eyes all around
I hope, I will try my very best

To invent this very hope
Without you I am in darkness,

With you, I hope I will invent the light.
Well, time changes everything.

It has changed mine and
I hope, you will have pleasure with my blessings all around...

The opinion expressed are not generalized but this is the way I express my opinion. I am sorry if some one is taking it seriously.

Have a nice weekend ! :)

Saturday, October 4, 2008


Good morning, Mybheja. How are you doing ? I am just fine. I woke up early in the morning and saw outside my window-there was green every where. I then suddenly realized that am I now in 18th century or is this just a hallucination !

After several attempts of rubbing my eyes-Now I realized that, NO-it was not green everywhere but there were loads of big sky rocketing houses, thousand of cars, busy street full of people and nothing but the smoke.

The streets are crowded,people are rushing for reaching for their dreams and finding the right path towards their destiny. Does it come along your way or do you have to search for it?

How many times we have to choose and rechoose the path or our destiny simply because we landed up in wrong path.

The definition of the life is as the way we want it to put. Some one can say, "life sucks", other can say, "life rocks". It depends on our vision for our won life. There are two ways to look at it, one in general way and another in our own way. Our own way will tell others how we can define the term life in our case and general way has to be first understood better by using some methods and later can be said that life in general can sometime suck and sometime can rock.

Whatever be the case, path can also be defined in our own way, it can be defined the way we want to define it. Surely, it is good idea to listen what others say or what other tell us about the aspects in our life.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Drive in your own way.

One of the tendency of mine is to write a long sentences. I do not know how many people find it interesting, or I do not know if they really understand what I meant to say. As English is not my mother tongue, I am trying to learn and improve with each and every passing moment if I really can be good in English.

It is not the end that matters, it is always the journey that matters. I enjoy to travel but I hate to reach the destination. Life is all about knowing what you can do to others and what they can offer you.

Learning never stops, as time never stops. Every great invention is because result of great sacrifice.

Hey look, I am writing as if I am great philoshpher or great personality. I am nobody. I am not any great person or any great philosopher, I am just a simple ordinary person who is trying to understand what is meaning of life and how can I manage my own life.

My life is open as the open book. There is nothing I can hide and there is nothing I would like to hide. There is always a dark side to sunny side but there is always a sunny side in my darkness life.

Once a friend told me that, He has millions of Euros in his bank account. I felt as if I am really poor. Becasue soon after his words I realized to find what is there in my bank account and then I found that, I have very few amout of money which will just be enough for my survival for some time. It will provide me money to eat two times a day and I can some how manage to survive here, till the period of time I am being here. Nothing more.

The calculation run in my mind and these calculation was very negative. A friend was happy because he had enough money so that, He can sense the security but I could not. However, I did not get bothered from a friend's answer and after just a few second I realized that- Life is not about the money. It is not that "how much money I have" or "whoever has".

What if " a person works his life to collect a millions of money and very next day he dies". What will happen to his life? Will he at the end be satisfied with his life? What if, he never have achieved the happiness and joy he always wanted but some how he sacrificed it, just for work and money.

What if, all your life you are doing stupid work and doing nothing for others and one day when you are passing down the streets no body realizes you. Is the money useful then ?

"It is easier said then done". But life is the way we want it to be. It is the way, we drive it. We can take it in any direction we want only thing then matters is not where are we going but where we will end up.

Wish you all the best for the great weekend !

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Living a life.

A simple look at flower gives a delight in the mood of a person, a flower just shows how beautifully it has been created by Nature. It takes lot of effort to see the blossom flower and the beauty of it.

It needs lot of attention from the climate, environment and Nature. Without the help of these important factors which make it blossom a flower will not be seen so beautifully. Similar to a blossom of flower a life needs too a total care and protection from many different elements.

Many people think and believe that life is constant struggle and we have to go through the path of struggle of existence to survive. I do not think life is struggle. Life is not struggle we make it struggling. Life is joy of living, it is collection of past and present memories for the future action.It is the clear like a crystal and diamond, it gives pleasure at the same time it gives pain. It is pure form of living.

War is the desire of wanting more. It means I have less and I want more than you. The biggest problem of existence is not struggle but survival. A flower after showing its glory goes down just all the petals go down once it blossom and shows it capabilities. We then do not like such flower and then we see another flower.

A human nature is very much predictable, it wants a constant fresh element in life either it is a change of place, environment, climate, people or country or any thing. When we do or see or act in the same manner all the time it become very predictable and people will then get bored of the way we live a life.

Religion is a great hot topic for the debate in the next decade and it will create a lot of problem in near future. It will be dominant factor in showing who is the best or who is the worst but it can also be very effective in many different perspectives. It can bring a lot of change the people see religion.

A mind which is in constant struggle with itself can see the changes in the context of environment just because it knows how itself feels. When a mind is outer or cannot see itself then it cannot see the bigger picture. There are two types of humans inside our body, one is girl and another is boy. A girl inside us will match the girl outside. A boy inside will match the boy outside.

I do not know to what extent it is true but to some extent it is logical just because we do not like all the girl living in the outer world and we do not like all the guys. What if both these elements are not present in the human ? In such context, a person can either like both male or female or he might dislike everything he see.

Every body's mind can be ruled by other mind just by raising impulse inside's other mind and asking them to do what we want. It is easy. Many of the war has been done just like this. It is easy to fake the other people mind just simply because humans cannot control their own mind. Once every human will learn an activity or a process of controlling a mind then he can rule himself, he can rule all over the world. Most importantly, all his desire and dream will slowly start coming true.

Every body near him will be catious and think how this person does miracle in his life but those are simply a contol of his own mind over others. He knows the fact that he is creator of his suffering and he once changes his vision and mind as per his act he will slowly start changing everything around him.

The moral of story is that, learn from the Nature. Every thing that shines has to go in darkness one day. Every thing that blossoms will fall down like petal of flowers and slowly it has to gain all energy and effort to make it blossom again. It is just like a cycle. After a darkness there is sunlight and after sunlight there is darkness again. A cycle continues and a cycle of human life also continues just like that.

Death is certain but humans should not be afraid of death, they should rather be afraid of wasting time and energy to make a moment non-pleasurable and unfunny to live. Every moment,every breath we take should be taken with total joy and satisfaction that is living a life.

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Things and Desire

Some times in the process of living a life we just follow what others say or ask us to do. When there are crucial moments to make a decision we do not let it go, we just listen to others rather than ourselves. When we listen to others or one could say-a mind is also the other being which is separate from a self.

A mind makes decision based on the previous and future experiences, it makes decision thinking and taking care the precaution in mind. It is worried more about the consequences than the result. It is worried more often than not by going through the path of total unknown. It is always worried. But when you make a decision by your heart-it is not worried than. It does not care where you are going or about any result or any circumstances or whatsoever.

An enlighten being is one who listens to his mind but also controls his mind. Gautam Buddha is one example, he made a tradition of controlling a persons mind and many followers started to follow him. However, any one who follows the path of Gautam Buddha could only hope to achieve the state that he achieved. Buddha described about Karma, he also made an statement on how to control mind, body and soul. During those times, people those who had knowledge in Northern India were Brahmins the top or superior caste and the knowledge was passed to only those who were Brahmins or descendent of Brahmins and to others no knowledge was passed. They were treated as the most educated of all.

Buddha changed it all, he followed his own route and discovered that any one can become or control the mind and reach the phase that is described as Nirvana. It is not so easy but it is not as difficult too. Only thing you need to do is-first give up your habits of smoking, drinking, or any such habit which you have. Second, forget about Maya(love) or I would say-Physical love.
Once you forget a physical love you are in some stages as described by the Buddhism. How many of us can leave our girl friends or our wife and leave a lonely life ?

Not only being lonely but also not committing sex for some resonable period in life. How many of us can control our little things that is hanging in our middle part of the body ? This is the process of filtration, many of us cannot and those who can cannot hang in there for longer period.

Everything is within us, we can make them work according to us. If only you remove "desire" you will remove greed, dissatisfaction, sadness, horror, disgust, anger, pain and many more such elements. The greatest virtue of living a life is removing the "desire". It is not easy. Many of us live a life just to get to one point in life. This one point would be getting a good job, a stable life, a good bungalow or a good car but these all are material possession. We are not going to take them with us when we would be taken in the graveyard on our death ceremony or we are not goin to taken them with us when we are burned during our death.

Things and desire would never give you the real peace in your heart, never. It will never make you reach the final stage of where every monks desire of reaching-"Nirvana". A complete peace. It will only give you the problems. All these problems in our life are with the things and desires. Once you can remove them from your mind-you will reach a phase where you will be alone-no one will be with you. Most of the people follow those who have somethings or some desire and talk about them most of the time but once you leave these you will fall in the category of some other human being. In those category, you will not be heard by these people, you will transform yourself into a man of wise. A process of reaching to wisedom is the process of removing from your mind "things and desires".

Just try for a day-Early in the morning when you wake up-Start your day by looking to the beautiful Trees, flowers and the sky. See the climate-ask a question with the climate and Nature that are you angry today ? Are you going to give me pleasure with hot and sunny warmness or are you going to give me cool bridge ? you will get an answer. Once you will get an answer just start your day as a normal day. But remember not to go for the early morning sex with your wife or girl friend. Just completly ignore her. Do not go for controlling your desire just forget about your desire. Then do your all the activities that you do in your regular work but do not think in the entire day by looking the things around you-to get them.

Do not think that-This thing is so nice, I wish I could buy them or take them or I wish I will have them. No, No and No.
One of your greatest enemy is your desire. So, Now you have removed the desire of having, getting, earning, or gaining any thing. You have a reached a process of peace, a complete peace. Now your mind will ask you a thousand of questions- Hey Mr.XYZ, I want this, I want that-The boobs of that girl is so big, the thighs are so nice. I want to have sex with her or I wish I had a car like that.

These question are the problems, and you will reach the process once you will realize that your mind has not asked these questions at all. You mind says to you that, Oh ! that thing is good but it looks good where it is. I do not want it. I know it looks beautiful but the beauty is there where it lies.

Just try it once you will feel the total peace and harmony. Have a great day and enjoy the life.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Presence of Over-Confidence in me

I am really some times over-confident. People have negative aspects and I think this is my negative aspect of becoming over-confident at times. It does not mean that we all are perfect but the fact is that we also have to learn from our negative effects.

People think they are perfect. When you think you are perfect and their is no one good or better than you at that very moment you are in verge of becoming egoistic. You are creating within you an ego hassle. If you will become a egoistic person then surely you are not going to listen what others are going to say about you.

I don't know what kind of impression people have for me. I do not care much about it. I do what I feel I should do and I leave the rest to the people around me to judge about me. If you treat person as they are you will make that person worse but if you treat them as they ought to be, then they will become a MAN.

In various aspect of science their are a lot of talk going on understanding the mind of human. It is not difficult topic. I believe (not being over-cofident) though that I can find some thing unusal in this aspect but again I always re-check before I make or do some task. The re-checking some times help and some time it hurts to other. I think I am capable of but again, I should admit the fact that I do not have job.

No one is hiring me. No one think I have the potential to work for their comapny or precious organization. Every dog has its day despite being a Man, I am really worried about my own days.

"Life is a journey where destination does not really matters because we all know where we are going to end it, but the process of reaching to the destiantion does matters".

I am trying to define the term called "life" but I am trying to put something which I think is suitable at present context, atleast for me. We are humans and our brain function in such a way that it has a capability to reach any place, any where in the world in less than seconds. We know this, we already have a background knowledge about it, but we need to prove it to the world that "Presence" of one person brain does not have geographical limit or is not bounded by the boarders.

Imagine a place where you wish to visit and you do not have to really take a journey of reaching to the place but you feel or your senses work in such a way that you are in the place you want to be.

Can this happen ? Yes ofcourse it will be. If I say that they need me, they represent those who are working on this field. They represents those scientist who have every facilites they can imagine, bread to eat and facilites to motive their work.

I am not promising anything but I will try my level best and I believe I can exceed their expectations. I believe in hard work and hard work is chariot of success. Even though sometimes I am over-confident. But My dear friends, to become over-confident you got to be confident first. You cannot become over- just like that.

It does not mean that I take it casual, every thing what I do is based on my logical thinking which seems illogical to many of the people around me. Every body think I am a Mad or physcologically disturbed. To those who think I am Physcologically disturbed they are absolutely correct and "thank you". I admit what I do, I do what I think and I am what I am not what others make of me.

I like to put words in these web page, People called it as blogging. My concept here is that we can talk or write about anything we wish but it should be informative, atleast it should tell about your daily experiences, the way you want to improve your life and the life of others, some thoughts on your mistake, your negative aspect, +ve too and so on.

Now, I have started to feel and headache, It was a long day for me ! See you tomorrow if I am alive. I will return to the new posting again but Imagine I am no more. Who is going to write these craps ? It will be un-noticed, un-touched and no one will view it. Why should they ? I am just an ordinary person, living in ordinary world, an ordianry life.

One day my chapter of life will also get over, this is the end and the best part. It will blink for the final time just like this cursor is bliking whenever I am writing but I am not worried about it. Why should I ? It is the truth understanding, knowledge, something which is vast.

Hope to see you with my new posting. I will write and will try to give you my own expereices of life, my brain, my mind, bheja ... I will try to tell you what am ordinary person like me feels ... I am not trying to attract attention but I am writing what I am currently feeling, what my senses are telling me and What my brain is asking me to do.

My brain is giving me orders- It says, "Just type the word, go to your past and write something ..." I am the slave of my Master. I am following his orders Nothing more.

When you start to loose control of your mind you will absolutely be the person what I will imagine. I can see the person and tell what he is typicall like. It does not mean again that I am over confident but I am confident. Good night ! See you soon in near future, or hope to see you soon !

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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Move on

Life is full of struggle, surprises, events unexpected and their are times in life when we will feel that we are going down, their are times in life when we are so depressed that we do not want to talk with anyone and do not want to share our feelings, their are times in life when we lack support, enthusiasm, effort to move forward.

It has nothing to do with the present but it has something to do with our self. Our image and our self consciousness that is why we feel depressed. We always assume that we have achieved something in our life but we have done nothing till date. We are just another brick in the wall. As Pink Floyd song goes "Another brick in the wall" Sometime we feel that Nothing is going to be done by us and nothing will make any change just because of us. But those feelings are not always the same. We fluctuate through the time and moment because we are just like a wind. We blow but we do not care about the obstacles we have to face we blow because our nature is to blow.

I remember today I was walking in very slippery road. I knew any time i may fall down. This was there in my mind that I may fall down. I slowly and gradually was moving but suddenly I started to fall at that moment I was not thinking that I am going to fall down or I was not cautious about it. I knew nothing that I am going to fall down. This is similar to our life. We are afraid of death and when we are afraid of death our death will not come but when we do not expect the death that very moment the death comes and we are gone from this whole earth. That is what I am trying to say from the very moment of my whole life. Expect the unexpected in life.

Do not agree with me but one day you will. I know what we expect we do not get often because this is how it is. Expect the unexpected in life, love and relationship.Therefore life is all about living the moments not living the entire age. I do not want to live my life just because I have to live for so and so years but I want to live my life because I have so and so moments that I cherish which I always like to rejoice and repeat, which reminds me that I am alive in present and I am living at this very moment.

Last night I saw a death accident picture in my friends place, Friend said, "What is the human life look, nothing !" I did noticed and care what he said or what one has to say about it but I realize and felt the expression he made. The expression said it all. We do not have to say or talk about it in detail or make an issue out of any other things. The expression says it all.

When we two human beings are close to each other- Expression is the best way to know what other is going through. Nothing else is needed.

Anyways as a wind we are, let's move on-I am not afraid of falling down because I know I will learn when I will fall down and start to move on again. I know that me falling down teaches me how to move again. I am not afraid to say something or write something that I like because I know if tomorrow I do mistakes their are thousand people like me who will teach me how to write. I am not afraid of hearing the sound of birds because I know those birds will tell me what to listen to and what not to. I am not afraid of falling down because I know if i remove "f" from "life" I am doing something wrong with my own self.

Move on... Move on and Let's move on ...

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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Both Kills

It reminds me of the day when I just wanted to show off. I wanted to hear from my friends that I am a play boy. I like when people called me "Santosh, This guy is crazy.. Girls are crazy for him. He can easily flirt any girls in this whole planet.." It really was fascination and kind of humorous environment when friends around you talk about it. We used to have loads of fun together. It seemed to me that I am cool and Whatever be the situation I used to smoke. I remember that I used to live without a food but I cannot live without smoke. I don't know why but It was just like that. One day everything change- Let's keep it as personal secret for a while. The picture will tell you why. When we are in relationship we are addicted to some thing. Even before being in relationship or after it or in relationship. I don't know about others people experience but mine was like this. Both kills ! Wow, Every man would love to see the naked women in his young age, Well if you would not like to see a naked women while you are young then you should join Some other group. But Every normal Man would like to see a nice beautiful girl with good boobs, and with great ass. If you ask Mr. X his first impression will directly go to either a girls ass or to girls boobs. Why ? Well, we are born like that. "The day we stop seeing them the day we wil die." One of the beautiful creature if god exist then he has made. May be it might be the case that God made a women and then he was vanished because he thought I do not need any body else neither me nor any one to control this planet. So, He went off or He resigned from his job and we were left in the beauty of women. Now The creator needs to destroy the creation. How ? Well we are all made by the same creation I am talking about and we are killing each other or being killed because of the same creature. Be prepared to be Killed. If you ask me I am now its your turn.

Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Just be yourself

Once my wife Padhmawoti said to me, "Beware of Buddha. If you meet him on the way, kill him immediately". I was surprised by her answer and asked, “What do they mean”? I mean there is a human tendency to become imitators. People are trying to imitate, to become somebody else. Nobody can become a Christ or Buddha. There is no need. Existence will be bored if you become Christ. It wants somebody new, something original. It wants you, and it wants you to be just yourself. I do not know if people know this or not, Just remember you cannot be other than yourself. To be yourself, knowledge is not needed. A rock is a rock. Not that the rock knows that it is a rock. Knowledge is not needed. In fact, it is because of knowledge that you are missing being yourself. Knowledge is creating the problem. The rock is not confused. Knowledge is not needed for being. In fact, you are missing your being because of knowledge. I was reading about a certain man named Uncle Sam: To celebrate Uncle Sam's 75th birthday, an aviation enthusiast offered to take him for a plane ride over the little West Virginia town where he had spent all his life. Uncle Sam accepted the offer. Back on the ground, after circling over the town 20 minutes, he was asked: "Were you scared, Uncle Sam?" "No", was the hesitant answer, "but i never did put my full weight down". In an airplane, whether you put your full weight down or not, the weight is carried by the airplane. Whether you know yourself or not is not the point. Knowledge is disturbing you. Just think if there was a rock also on that airplane with Uncle Sam, the rock would have put the whole weight down. Uncle Sam is unnecessarily worried. He could have rested, he could have relaxed just like the rock, but the rock has no knowledge and Uncle Sam has knowledge. The whole problem of humanity is that humanity knows, and because of knowing, the being is unnecessarily forgotten. When you think of Meditation it means how just to be and not to think. When i say to you to be yourself, i mean meditate. Don't try to be anybody else. You cannot be! You can try, and you can deceive yourself and you can promise yourself and you can hope that someday you will become somebody else, but you cannot become. These are only illusions that you can go on having. These are like day dreams which are not true. They are not going to become realities ever. You will remain yourself whatsoever you do. Why not relax, Uncle Sam! Put your full weight on the airplane. Relax. In relaxation, suddenly you will start enjoying your being, and the effort to be somebody else will stop. That is your worry how to be somebody else, how to be like somebody else, how to become like a Buddha. You can only be yourself. Accept it, rejoice in it, delight in it. The way to live a life is just be yourself, I was satisfied with my wife's discussion on being yourself. So, Ladies and Gentleman “Just be yourself ” !