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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Real men do not buy girls

Very recently, popular actor of Holly-something-wood, Demi Moore visited Nepal for her CNN project on slavery. By definition, Sex is one of the fundamental psychological and physiological needs of human beings. Every young lad desires to get laid someday and can pay almost anything to fulfil such psychological need.  As far as my own personal travel experiences are concerned, I am quite aware of the fact that there are several places where sex trade is done legally. But to find sexual pleasure neither do we have to visit cities such as, Frankfurt in Germany nor London in UK.

It is evident that sex trade is very common in our so called “freak street” (also based on my observation). It seems that in the Freak Street or, similar places sex trade is practiced illegally. Despite illegalities, those people in need can buy and sell sex in Nepal. For an instance, it is also very common to find people who sell/buy sex e.g. in massage center or in some spa/pub/restaurants.

Many illiterate young, poor girls are fooled every day. People are selling young girls to foreign land for example, in India or Middle East. Those who sell people for sex trade promise them a rosy job in foreign land or something fancy that deceives girls, eventually.  A simple question is how to reduce sex trade from the grassroots level.

Every country has problems as if every individual living on this bright blue planet. In our developing world sex slavery, human trafficking, and corruption are at peak. Many people have been a victim of violence and brutal act by sex traders. In a civilized society, sex if practiced with mutual consent of a partner is considered as a normal behavior whereas sex if practiced forcefully is immoral act or is regarded as a rape. Therefore, we must bring forth, a shared and common understanding to solve the problem. There are many NGO and I-NGO, which are helping on to solve sex crisis (unlike energy crisis). Our government should encourage organization which aid in reducing sex slaves. A highest priority should be given to these organization that deal with sex slavery and it should be upgraded as a national agenda. A national protocol has to be established to address the problem of sex trafficking. In addition, nationwide newspaper, radio and television programs should be widely launched, broadcasted and popularized.

Finally yet importantly, women are emotional animals. Women are highly sensitive towards words, expression, sentiments, emotion, love and feelings. Furthermore, it is highly likely that an illiterate woman would easily believe pimps or sex traders. Therefore, there is an ultimate need of professionals and experts to solve sex crisis in Nepal. I would also like to request our lawmakers, politicians and elite decision makers to solve sex crisis by empowering women at various upstream of the society. Perhaps, "real men do not buy girls; they protect them”, do you not? Maybe, we should ask some of our, Kolly-something-wood actors or maybe-not.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Benazir Bhutto Speech

Benazir Bhutto Speech - Male Domination Of Women

Benazir Bhutto, Prime Minister of Pakistan
Beijing, 4 September 1995
As the first woman ever elected to head an Islamic nation, I feel a special responsibility about issues that relate to women. In addressing the new exigencies of the new century, we must translate dynamic religion into a living reality. We must live by the true spirit of Islam, not only by its rituals. And for those of you who may be ignorant of Islam, cast aside your preconceptions about the role of women in our religion.

Contrary to what many of you may have come to believe, Islam embraces a rich variety of political, social and cultural traditions. The fundamental ethos of Islam is tolerance, dialogue, and democracy.

Just as in Christianity and Judaism, we must always be on guard for those who will exploit and manipulate the Holy Book for their own narrow political ends, who will distort the essence of pluralism and tolerance for their own extremist agendas.

To those who claim to speak for Islam but who would deny to women our place in society, I say:

The ethos of Islam is equality, equality between the sexes. There is no religion on earth that, in its writing and teachings, is more respectful of the role of women in society than Islam.

My presence here, as the elected woman prime minister of a great Muslim country, is testament to the commitment of Islam to the role of women in society.

It is this tradition of Islam that has empowered me, has strengthened me, has emboldened me.

It was this heritage that sustained me during the most difficult points in my life, for Islam forbids injustice; injustice against people, against nations, against women.

It denounces inequality as the gravest form of injustice.

It enjoins its followers to combat oppression and tyranny.

It enshrines piety as the sole criteria for judging humankind.

It shuns race, colour, and gender as a basis of distinction amongst fellowmen.

When the human spirit was immersed in the darkness of the Middle Ages, Islam proclaimed equality between men and women. When women were viewed as inferior members of the human family, Islam gave them respect and dignity.

When women were treated as chattels, the Prophet of Islam (Peace Be Upon Him) accepted them as equal partners.

Islam codified the rights of women. The Koran elected their status to that of men. It guaranteed their civic, economic, and political rights. It recognised their participative role in nation building.

Sadly, the Islamic tenets regarding women were soon discarded. In Islamic society, as in other parts of the world, their rights were denied. Women were maltreated, discriminated against, and subjected to violence and oppression, their dignity injured and their role denied.

Women became the victims of a culture of exclusion and male dominance. Today more women than men suffer from poverty, deprivation, and discrimination. Half a billion women are illiterate. Seventy percent of the children who are denied elementary education are girls.

The plight of women in the developing countries is unspeakable. Hunger, disease, and unremitting toil is their fate. Weak economic growth and inadequate social support systems affect them most seriously and directly.

They are the primary victims of structural adjustment processes which necessitate reduced state funding for health, education, medical care, and nutrition. Curtailed resource flows to these vital areas impact most severely on the vulnerable groups, particularly women and children.

This, Madam Chairperson, is not acceptable. It offends my religion. It offends my sense of justice and equity. Above all, it offends common sense.

That is why Pakistan, the women of Pakistan, and I personally have been fully engaged in recent international efforts to uphold women’s rights. The Universal Declaration of Human Rights enjoins the elimination of discrimination against women.

The Nairobi Forward Looking Strategies provide a solid framework for advancing women’s rights around the world. But the goal of equality, development, and peace still eludes us.

Sporadic efforts in this direction have failed. We are satisfied that the Beijing Platform of Action encompasses a comprehensive approach toward the empowerment of women. This is the right approach and should be fully supported.

Women cannot be expected to struggle alone against the forces of discrimination and exploitation. I recall the words of Dante, who reminded us that "The hottest place in Hell is reserved for those who remain neutral in times of moral crisis."

Today in this world, in the fight for the liberation of women, there can be no neutrality.

My spirit carries many a scar of a long and lonely battle against dictatorship and tyranny. I witnessed, at a young age, the overthrow of democracy, the assassination of an elected prime minister, and a systematic assault against the very foundations of a free society.

But our faith in democracy was not broken. The great Pakistani poet and philosopher Dr. Allama Iqbal says, "Tyranny cannot endure forever." It did not. The will of our people prevailed against the forces of dictatorship

But, my dear sisters, we have learned that democracy alone is not enough.

Freedom of choice alone does not guarantee justice.

Equal rights are not defined only by political values.

Social justice is a triad of freedom, an equation of liberty:

Justice is political liberty.

Justice is economic independence.

Justice is social equality.

Delegated, sisters, the child who is starving has no human rights.

The girl who is illiterate has no future.

The woman who cannot plan her life, plan her family, plan a career, is fundamentally not free….

I am determined to change the plight of women in my country. More than sixty million of our women are largely sidelined.

It is a personal tragedy for them. It is a national catastrophe for my nation. I am determined to harness their potential to the gigantic task of nation building….

I dream of a Pakistan in which women contribute to their full potential. I am conscious of the struggle that lies ahead. But, with your help, we shall persevere. Allah willing, we shall succeed.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Broken promises

It is true that many Nepali women are betrayed by middlemen who promise them rosy jobs and lofty dreams in foreign land (“Hard labour,” April 5, Page 6). No human should mislead another by promising them something they know to be untrue.

The number of women mentioned in your editorial is scary. However, it is apparent that this is not only a problem for women in Gulf countries or Lebanon, but also in the rest of the world. Therefore, the violence against women should be taken into consideration and those found guilty brought to justice, whether at home or abroad. What is the foreign ministry doing about women migrants? I recommend all Nepali brothers and sisters to do their homework properly before trusting middlemen to secure them a job in a foreign land.

Santosh Kalwar


Published: The Kathmandu Post
Letter to the Editor
Source: eKantipur

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Girls on our streets

In response to article on Nytime on title, "Girls on Our Streets", here is what Mybheja has to say-

Dear Mr. Kristof,

With all due respect, you article is very informative and at the same time detailed information has been provided about teenagers on the streets.

Google hit of the keyword 'sex' will result into 718,000,000 links in 0.09 seconds. By this fact only, we can clearly understand what is the basic necessity of humans. This falls under Maslow's hierarchy of needs. This is still OK but it become NOT OK when desires, passion, love and romance exceed into violence. When it starts to cross the boundaries of humanity and goes above natural law, then basic need become basic seed of pain, frustration, crime, violence, non-social acts and deeds.

I am no expert on women violence or crime but I have seen and heard the story of my close friends who has gone through the same situation and experiences. Yes, even to read such articles brings sadness in the tears and frustration of inhuman act.

Back in 80's, One wise man said-"Money can't buy everything." Today in 21st, One young child said-"Money can buy everything."

The same philosophy applies in today's context, if you have money you can even buy sex as you have mentioned of the 14 year teenagers and pimp.

I am not aware if on the streets of America you can find 14 year teenagers being the victim of prostitution and sex work. and, I have never seen it so I will not give any comment regarding such scenarios.

But I would say, in general the world is populated with stupid and violent mindset when it comes to sex. There are many such cases in developing world as you have mentioned India, Nepal, Thailand among others. I know the developed world also has the same problems.

Women are same either they are in developing world or they are from developed world. The crime is same and the violence is same.

The problem is not the solution and the solution remains very problematic.

I can give more harsh comment on this issue. It is important for all men in the world to understand following-

1. Before doing any such crime of sex or prostitution act think of the pain being women.
2. What would you do when your own children are involved in such case ?
3. Stop it please, for god's shake.

Taking religion into account, many religion experts would give different opinions on 'how to get enlightened?' The core message of being enlightened is to overcome 'maya' or 'inner desires'.

I don't ask anyone to suppress personal desire, I am asking to limit inhuman act on women. But even if I will do research on women entire my life, I will not be able to find out 'what's on women's mind?' Therefore,

Lastly, I would stop saying the quote from unknown author which states, "When a man talks dirty to a woman, it's sexual harassment. When a woman talks dirty to a man, it's $3.95 a minute."

God bless you all !

Sunday, February 1, 2009

I will

Beatles I Will Lyrics:
Who knows how long I've loved you
You know I love you still
Will I wait a lonely lifetime?
If you want me to I will

And if I ever saw you
I didn't catch your name
But it never really mattered
I will always feel the same

Love you forever, and forever
[ Find more Lyrics at ]
Love you with all my heart
Love you whenever we're together
Love you when we're apart

And when at last I find you
Your song will fill the air
Sing it loud so I can hear you
Make it easy to be near you
For the things you do endear you to me
OH, you know I will
I will

do do do do do do do do do

la la la la la la la.
Lyrics: I Will, Beatles [end]

Friday, January 16, 2009

Image of the day

Artist: Leonardo da Vinci
Image: 'The Virgin and Child with St. Anne and St. John the Baptist'
"Life is pretty simple: You do some stuff. Most fails. Some works. You do more of what works. If it works big, others quickly copy it. Then you do something else. The trick is the doing something else. "
--Leonardo da Vinci

Friday, January 9, 2009

A happiest person alive in heaven

Today at this moment-

Let us assume that the story that I wrote yesterday (Today Thursday at 17 hours-) is Fiction. Then at least my readers and friends could and will relax a bit.

Thank you Paul for letting me know that, "Don’t try to be all things to all… women… it’s impossible, and… it’s not our responsibility… this one belongs to a higher intelligence… and the universe holds the answer…"

Thank you Jessica for your heart touching article. I think I know the answer and I will try to put words to your question. ("how I can sort my feelings out").

Women is the source of every energy in the Universe. They are not impossible but our intelligence does not let us understand the possibilities in them. We are limited by our knowledge to understand the vast range of possibilities a women has and carries every day.

There are no right answers or wrong answers but all of the answers are just answers. Some of those answers satisfy us and some of them are just words.

Life is a lesson which should be learned in every moment and in every path we take. There are lessons that we learn from our family, from our friends, from our school and others. But a lesson women teaches us in our lives are far more important than anything else. A women if wants can create the universe and destroy the universe. She has the potential which I feel very little to describe.

In marriage- she is the one who should decide weather to stay with the person or leave the person.

In life- she is the one she should decide how to care her children and husband.

In love- she shows how she can care more than her life about her partner and she is ready to accept him at any given time.

In Career- She is the blessed to give the direction and motivate her partner.

So and so forth. There are many ways a women is vital human without whom a existence seems impossible. Well- W O M E N .The five letter words have great meaning. The last three letters means us- MEN. But has any body ever wondered why there are two additional letters in front of the MEN.

English language experts might tell us why? If I have to make a guess then I would say- W and O these two characters could represent many things and many words.

Love is not the destiny.Love is just love. Tomorrow if I have to leave the person whom I love then I will have many reasons in front of me and these "reasons" will force me to take the decisions against me. These reasons will ask me to take the decisons which I do not like but again, I have to make the decision.

A human nature is very childish. When we get something in life we are happy and we do not get that particular thing or person in our lives we are bound to be sad. We regret and we feel the guilt we are thinking thousand times what did I do wrong? What is my fault? Why did she left me? Did my words does not come out right?

A person is wise when he understands that not everything can be gained easily. For example love- A love is a fresh feeling which is momentary just like a smile.

See for example the differences in culture, race and religion but smile has a common form and presentation. WE all smile and when we all smile it is same despite any culture, race and religion.

Feelings cannot be easily suppressed. When Miss B saw Mr. A for the first time they fell in love. They wanted to be together but Miss B was raped and tortured. Miss B felt that she is not eligible and good enough for Mr. A she decided to go away from Mr. A and live her own life. While she decided she will go away, she thought the distance would shorten and lessen her pain from what she had encountered. She knew that she cannot now give fresh love to Mr. A. She wants to quit her life but some how she lives and marries with other person. She has couple of kids. She has a family. She has children but she lost her love.

She wants to know about his life, what is he doing or where is he? How would he feel when I feel something? She has questions which concerns her life and mostly about "his" life. She wants to know about him.

Because once she went far away from him. Now even though she has family she thinks most of the time about him.

Mr. A came back in her life when her sister somehow stayed with him. Mr. A is alone and he does not yet have any girls. Mr.A still has the feelings for Miss B but Miss B is married and settled.

How could Miss B happy? Is her happiness means watching others around and feeling the same? Will she ever forgive her about the decisions she took on his own while departing from Mr. A?

What if she would have told the story just after she was tortured to Mr. A? Would Mr. A accept her then? What would have happened ?

Many of the times women are very negative in the decisions they make. It is because they are thinking always good for US (MEN). They do not want to hurt our feelings or even go away from our lives without any valid reasons.

However there are people and women who take such decision.

1)Some women might think that, Mr. A's are not good and they cannot make her happy through entire live.
2)Some women might think that, Mr. A's are too good and easy, let us try those who are little difficult and non predictive.
3)Some women just cannot be with Mr. A simply because they are now tortured or raped and they think they are impure. They cannot give pure love to Mr. A's.
4)Some women just wanna have fun.
5)Some are going through difficult situation because they have sufficient valid reasons in front of them to leave Mr. A's.

Now Among these five mentioned points depending upon the women and there inner self they choose it. These points can vary depending upon the time, circumstance and many other factors.

Therefore, The decision is about how to live a life with happiness after not getting the love of your life?

What would you do? Should you leave every day with compromise or should we try to find other women or men in your lives. What is your mental state of mind currently saying? Would you take the initiative and be brave with yourself and fight with every single period in your lives thinking about the person who would have been perfect partner?

There are few steps if you want happiness-

(I would suggest to think about these because I have been testing these steps with people and I still do not know if they are really going to be the final seven steps in future. A valid theory for every one of us. Just try to ponder on them too. )

Now if you want to get love that is Mr. A back in your life--

Again, there are reasons in front of you. These reasons will not let you decide against you. If you go against your reasons then it could result into problems. Such as (Your family members might say you something bad, your culture resists you, etc)

Now at this moment- Think if you are Miss B what you want? I know you cannot resist the feeling because your sister is close to Mr. A. If you are really a sister then wouldn't you want your Mr. A to come home -- May be he is interested in your sister and he might even want to get married ?

But again, His decisions are important. After hearing all these happenings if your partner understands how you are feeling then he might just let you go.

However, it all depends on the way you want to live.

Well, I am not alive. I am not human and my life is the life of an angel. I can see the pain and sorrow. I can feel what Miss Y feels about love for her life. I am a air which can just be felt. Nothing else.

I want to touch her. I want to sweep her tears from her eyes when she is feeling the pain. But I know even if she could see me, she will not feel the touch of human in me.(Because I am a angel)

I wish I could come down to earth and live for a day. I wish I could come down to be with her for a day. I wish I would touch her and kiss her. I wish, the feeling of her first touch and the first kiss. I want to experience only once. Can I?

I do not know what is happiness but I wish if I am on earth with that loving memory of her first kiss and first touch I will spend my rest of life.

I wish in finding pleasure to those feelings are called happiness then that is what I am.

At this moment and on this day -
A happiest person alive in heaven.

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

"A glass of water is Half full or half empty"

Let me broke down this statement into main elements which makes up the actual sentences. There are two important elements "Glass and Water" and two other elements "Half and Full". Now it looks little easy.



Now let us think the meaning of these two different opinions. "Glass and Water". A glass is one element and water is another. If we put water in the glass the water will fill inside the glass and it takes it space inside the glass. The water has space. or in scientific term volume. A glass has the structure which enables the water's volume to be inside it. Now, Let us jump to the point from the perspective of the observer- When a observer sees the glass of the water, then it depends upon his transitional state of emotions.

Let us suppose, he is thirsty and he does not want to think on the glass or the water. What would he do? He will drink the water in the glass. Simple. Now let us suppose, he is not thirsty and he has some problems because just today morning he fight with his wife. His wife went to the bar with some other men. He is alone and sad. He does not have any opinion on anything. He goes to the resturant and there he saws the glass with half empty glass of the water inside the glass. He is angry and he asks the waiter to fill it.

Now let us look in the different perspective again, Let us say the observer is very happy today and he heard from his wife that he is going to be a father. He goes back to the same resturant and he sees the glass of the water which is half empty but he does not care simply because he is happy and cheerful. He drinks the water inside the glass.

This is one way of looking at the feelings of the observer with the glass of water. There is another way of looking at the same statement.

Who is called the optimistic? Who is called the pessimistic? The optimistic can sometime be pessimistic and pessimistic and be sometime optimistic. It all depends on the time and circumstances. The good time can turn into bad and bad into good. There are never reliable map to unexplored territory and events in life.

Today I am positive and tomorrow I will be negative. No one can live life positively and no one can live life negatively. There needs a certain balance in any of the circumstances.

When something is too much then it vanishes. Imagine a Mountain and there are two people who are climbing the mountain from the two different direction. One side is the boy and the other side is the girl. These people have met in the ground zero where they know each other. They want to progress in there friendship. They want to foster there relationship. They talk, interact while they are climbing the mountain. They are slowly moving on in there life but at the same time they are also building a foundation for there life:love together. There mission is to reach at the top of the mountain and say the final word which all the men say when they get married." Yes, I do". There decision is determined by there determination and hard work.

When they reach at the top, they speak out there heart and say what they really were missing to say since they were climbing the mountains from two different perspective. After the final countdown, they have to climb down the mountain. There cannot stay there for a long. Because there home is in Ground zero near the base. Now think- why they have to fall down? Should not they stay there at the top forever? They are so happy when they just reached the top and expressed there feelings. Why do they have to come down to the earth?

Therefore, there is always the unreliable perspective on any events, culture, country, race, religion and opinions. For me something or somebody can be very nice but again, for others it might be different.

Half full or half empty has one thing in common "half". As in the mountain the story above. Full and Empty are our perspective and transition of thoughts accumulated by time and circumstance.

Change brings those transition depending upon the time.

Friday, January 2, 2009

PP theory

I truly believe that women came into existence for the purpose of only men. There are no other purpose of women existence. This does not mean that, women do not have rights. Yes they have and they should be given equal opportunity. I think there are some group of people who does not understand the value of women existence. The more pain the more pleasure phenomenon is around the world.

PP (Pain gives Pleasure) Theory is such that, the more pain you hear from your partner the more pleasure other partner will receive.

The "PP" theory is result of my own personal experience. I think the same applies in the world back when there was Adam and Eve in Christianity and When there were God and Goddesses existence in Hinduism.

This theory has never changed and will not change ever. (Why not?) This will not change simply because those who are in pain have to take it for granted.

There are laws made for those who commit such an act. Such as Rape, Visiting brothels and selling young girls and children to any humans may it be the "white" or "black" or "big guys".

To hear such a news is interesting and at the same time sad. Those events has to be stopped or even should be limited or minimized to far greater extent.

One of the common problem of this world is- Sex trafficking, child abuse, addiction (watching porno using internet or T.V.) and most importantly terrorism.

I think many countries are fighting for

1. Oil (Petrol, gas, Kerosene and etc.)
2. Land (Kashmir in case of India and Pakistan)
3. Energy (Nuclear and Electric )
4. Power (Political, Fight for recognition )

I think many humans are fighting for

1. Sex (Sex trafficking, child abuse, pleasure)

The above four listed points can vary depending on countries and there policy but the one that is listed in the bottom will stay as long as human being exit on this planet.

I am sorry to say but I know it has no end.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Veronica Decides to Die

A book that is very well written and greatly presented. I know I have "Veronica Decides to die". It is a hard work and great art of a brilliant author. It is you "Paulo".Well done.

After reading your book, I started seriously thinking on the question which needs real research by great researchers in the world. Only one question which researchers should answer is that-

1)Why do people commit suicide?

Let me go through some of the things that I have figured out till date.There are many answers to the same question by many people and I may sometime agree on the issue and sometimes I may not agree at all.
The point is all do one thing which is "suicide", although the execution and implementation of the suicide might be different. What causes the humans to commit for suicide? I think the suicide is higher in Women than in Male but why do people have to think that they are going to quit the life?

One common cause is that,

Depression (Extensive)
Lack of purpose in living
Kill yourself

The process is Six step phenomenon where these six step phenomenon works like this.

1) Humans
We all are humans and we know there are our needs, our desire, career, life, relationship, friends, family, culture, country and our vision and motto for life. We know that we are going to achieve something or want something in our life. We have this quest and search for living happily ever after and smiling all the times (especially even in worries)

We all face problems. Our problems can be same and at the same time it can be different too. A personal problems such as lack of skill, lack of knowledge, divorce, physically obliged, sexually dissatisfied, displeasure, also work problems, career problems, struggling to make enough money, dreams and vision which results into self problems, distress, stress, anxiety, irritation, anger and grief and many more. These are all common problems that we face in daily life.

The problems are the root cause of Sadness. The problem can result into Sadness. You feel sad, because you are going though divorce. Or, let us say, you feel dissatisfied because your friends earn better salary then you do, or let us say, you are facing career problems with no position offered for higher studies and so on. Therefore, the problems can result into Sadness in our lives.

4)Depression (Extensive)
(Why?) Well, Depression because this is root cause of making you think that you should quit your life. The depression especially extensive. It might come when you are alone, when there is nobody around you. When you feel lonely and you are in darkness. This might give you enough reasons to think that you should "check out" from your life.

5)Lack of Purpose in Living
We are humans and we live on purpose. We have a good purpose to live our life simply because we are either Engineers earning a good salary and we have a nice job or we are doctors serving patient daily, or we are professor giving lecture to the student, or we are authors writing and telling our stories all around, or we are artist who is painting his vision. Life is full of purpose and without purpose we lack everything. When there is feeling of lack of purpose in living then we think well, now I do not have anything to do. What if, you imagine that you do not have anything to do? what will happen when you do not have anything to do ?

6)Kill yourself
This is the best solution when all of your previous five steps are ready. When you are gone through above five steps or even few of them then you are finally ready to "check out" from your life. You do not feel anything in this state. You do not have any opinion on any body. You cannot take any lessons inside. Nothing can go inside you. Only thing that is going to make a mark in your life NOW-Kill yourself. Now, you want to see how would "I" be after I killed myself? Where would I go? Since Nobody wants me, why should I live anymore? There is NOBODY for me? I am alone and I was alone, why should I live? What is the purpose for me to live any longer? I am a burden in this earth? a

These question will drive a human to finally quit the life.

Therefore, when a human goes through these six steps they can really go for a long long holiday. The root cause of problems should be discovered early in the life. There are many ways to avoid it. Unlike going through these problems one should actually think about doing something positive and good.

1)Everybody in this earth are unique. They are made for some purpose.
2)All humans are born special and they should die special. (Not like a coward by committing suicide.)
3)There are never any reasons for "love", there are never any reasons for you being alone.A man who loves his aloneness is capable of love, and a man who feels lonely is incapable of love.
4)Live not for yourself, live for others.
5)When you decide you want to kill yourself, first decide to smile at 1000 child.
6)Learning never stops and imagine being old writing book, telling your story to your grandchildren or your children, Everyday event adds to one page of journal in your life.
7)Think, Learn, Educate, See and Feel the world with similarities. Hope is the best medicine in darkness.

Good luck and live your life.

Friday, September 19, 2008

Wish my brother- a happy love life.

My brother has couple of big problems. First problem is that he is madly in love with some one who he thinks also loves her. The madness of love is limitless. He do not know he can even do anything almost anything for this one girl.

How do you know if that is love ? Showing that some one care's for you or sacrificing for this special some one. I always have told him that love is not life. Love is shared, it has to be taken and given. He says, to me that the girl loves him too but if she loves him then why is she afraid of not coming close to him.

What is the reason she is not intending to live with my brother? When some one loves some other person and if she is especially a girl then she would like to stay with the person for a while. She will then see if this person is really suitable for her entire life.

When a person says something and do not commit to what he/she says then ... what is the point of showing ?

I want to that lover, who thinks she is in love with the guy or shows that she is really in love....

How do my minor brother will understand that she is not in love but she is showing as if she is in love.

Ok for a instant let us suppose that she is really in love with my brother but why she could not come and live with him ? It can happen only in one circumstaces and that is- she is not totally devoted to be or fall in love.

When a person is fully devoted then they do not show the problems of .. or ... I mean, when a person is in love, they love.

It is not only the problems of the women or my brother but the problem lies with the circumstances. The problem is nothing but the solution also lies inside this problem. It is easy for both of them.

Look for example "they are in the same country". When you are close to each other then you will not know if you really love that person. You just have to go far and then a person will realize if that person is really in love.

Some times the greatest journey is the distance between the people. My brother should realize that, Imagine a situation where two person are very far from each other and they really are in deep love. What kind of solution would you then offer them ? Will they exit their love just in wish of meeting one day. or will they move on with their life ?

Being in same place gives you the chance of being close to each other and other elements you need is except that is "trust". A trust is achieved when you are more close to each other then very far from each other.

However, love is difficult thing to express. Love is not only in being close to or getting a person or being with that person, love is just love. Either it is for country, religion, mother or your own life.

Wish my brother a happy loved life. I wish he gets success in his love endeavor.

Cheers for them !

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sing a happy birthday song.

As I always try to get rid of my fears, they always and most often tend to come during Mondays. The Monday is starting of the week days, it also bring loads of excitment for those who do 10-5 jobs. I do not feel very excited on Mondays. I am really feeling as if this day should never come in my life again.

I do not invite the problems but they come to me. It is very automatic and I never want them to come in my life. I have heard thousand theories that you should not consider the days as good or bad but let it go. However, it does not give me silence.

I want to breath but I could not, I want live in silence but even though it could not come because inside me there is something which is creating loads of problems.

But, Why do I make my readers feel as if I am really depressed. Even though I am not feeling good, I hope you will feel good. Here is what I received in my Inbox couple of days ago from a friends.

The picture shown below is a puzzle that you need to solve.

"Imagine you are in Africa . You have been tied hanging on a tree with
a rope anchored on the ground, a candle is slowly burning the rope,
and the lion is waiting for you to drop and be his lunch."

"Your survival hinges on the rope staying intact, there is no one
around to help you. What to do now ............ "

What would you do ?

Do you have any other option ?

Will you be able to survive ?

If yes, how could you survive ?

Now, do not take it very seriously.

Sing a Happy Birthday song.

Here is what you need to do-

Cheers !

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Go for it.

Every thing goes according to some pattern in life. A life without any purpose is life of dull. Every body in the world lives with some purpose in life, to get a good degree, to earn a lot of money, to earn a fame, to just get something and so on.

How many of us live without any purpose ? Without any thing in mind but just living for a day and do not thinking over such event which are very important in life. It is very difficult and not possible without any purpose of life to live a life.

Therefore, Living a life for those purpose is very important in one aspect but in another aspect it is not so useful only because those moments are not sure of becoming true. When we expect something to go our way, it does not come as our wish and when we do not expect anything then at very moment those things certainly comes true.

Some times in life we get lot of good surprises, in those surprises the most beautiful one is the "women". An angel who takes care of you all the time. These angels are not present with you but they are taking care of you living in somewhere in some place.

When you are alone, nothing works for you many of the times but once you get into the relationship it is more difficult to sustain the relationship. A person who is not involved in any sort of relationship is free to choose and do as per his wish but once he gets involved in a relationship he should be ready to face many tackles.

These are some minor problems one has to face first and then try to get deeper into the problems. Once the problems will be known then it will be easy to solve. A mind which is in constant struglle or unstable is mainly because of the problems with relationship. When you waste all your energy to make one relationship, how will you feel when it is not in right track or not working properly but once you solve the problem then you feel good, relaxed and with total joy.

A feeling as of this is good for health and some times very bad for health too. When a two person are involved they either fight or they love each other. Once you climb an everest of fight then you do not have anywhere to go so, you have to come down to earth again. It is the just simple as this. It is not so difficult but once you hang in to the top of the everest then you will have to face many problems just simply because it is the highest peak where both of you are fighting and one has to come down to earth.

How is it possible to come down to earth ? A simple answer would be "silence". A silence is the key, or if you cannot become silent then put a mouth full of water and do not drink it. Put it till you calm down or get cool then you can slowly remain in silence. A distance is always necessary in relationship tool. When a two person loves each other they come closer to each other. They share emotion, physical body, there every day problems and all those smaller things to each other but when they stop doing talking then it might lead to problem in a relationship.

It is always good to listen to heart and go as per the wish of it. I have seen many people around who are not committed in the relationship. I would call it as playing. A game played with thinking I will get many women in my life as my life goes on. It is not good. It is bad if the other person is really committed and really wants your togetherness and nothing else. A person's motive can be easily understood once you fall for him or her.

Have a good day !

Monday, June 30, 2008

Be light to yourself

Some times in life there are things that you want to keep secret but it is no more secret to you and yourself. Meaning, A person who want to keep secret and is not being open has many different meaning attached to it. A person can keep his person things to himself and do not want to tell what he is doing to others.

When other people listen, see or hear about the secret of others- the first impression of them is surprised, next they then start making judgment and third they make their own statement about the person. I am not surprised if some one is keeping secret and not letting any of his personal things to come out but many people do. Some times I am surprised too when I hear the good news about my friends and relatives.

It is not hiding but it is like not showing what you are capable of or not letting others to know what can you do or not letting people to know that you are doing good work. "I am doing something" does not prove that you have done that thing. " I will do something" will not prove that you really have completed the things. It is just after you have done something, when you say- well, I have done these things then, it proves that you really have done something. It does not matter to you as long as you are in process of being but it will matter to you and your surrounding after you complete the process.

My whole life is based on a philosophy of not saying what I am doing but to say what I have done but it is in one circumstance if some one really wants to know then. Otherwise, let it be. Who cares about you and your life in this complex dynamic world. No one is yours and no one will go with you when you are dead. You came alone and you will go alone. Every body else- your parents, relatives and family all are just other human beings who are attached to you in one way or anther with some bond. The bond can be-emotional, spiritual or anything related.

A strongest bond between these humans and you is the power of love. A bond which could not be described by my meager words. A bond which is selfless and universal. A bond of true destiny and finding reality. Everything we see is connected and everything we do are affected to and by Nature.

Those types of humans who are very cautious about the health will die young and those who do not care will die old. It is because, Nature cares those who care careless and nature loves those who care very careful. It does not mean that, you stop doing what you do-eat health foods or go for diet or do take care of your health and many other activities. All these activities is for you. It is good to take these things into your account and keep on doing it. But my minds says that, totally opposite, it says that it does not matter as long as you live in a moment and do what is in front of you.

Being selfish or being along or not letting some one tell your secrets does not make you close or introvert it makes you more of you and nothing else. What happens happens for good and one day if the secret is open, people will come to know it in any circumstances. It will be known by people and they will first get surprise, next do judgment and third give comments or make an impression on you. It can be positive, negative or whatever based on your thoughts that will process them. If you take everything as positive then it does not affect you but once you feel or flex your emotions then you are being open to yourself.

Being light and open to oneself is important then showing openness to others.Just be open to yourself and show the light of sun into your heart, once the darkness inside you is enlightened with the power of sunlight it will bring loads of joy and happiness in your life and in the life of the people around you.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Magic or Risk ?

In Brida, a book that Paulo coelho wrote back in 1990, there are two ways to recognize soulmate. Through Magic - meaning : entering a state of transe in which you can see a bright spot over the shoulder of your soulmate - or, by taking risks, by making mistakes, by being with the wrong people until you find your soul mate.So he asked the following question: Would you try to find your soul mate through magic or by taking risks, making mistakes?

In response to above question of great Writer Paulo Coelho here is what I have to say- the article presented down has been approved by an administrator of Paulo Cohelo in his blog. You can find a copy of same article under his blog too.


It is very easy to take the first step that is to go through the magic and just wait to see if a person is really a soulmate. But at the same time it is difficult to go and check, do mistakes and try until a right person is met at the end.

One will surely chose the first step and think something automatically happens for him, I think if I was the person to choose the soulmate I will rather go for the second and take risk because once I take the risk I will be doing the mistakes and at the same time I will be learning something new from each and every women I try. It is a process to find the right person in life.

I do not believe there is any soul mate or black mate or white mate only because there is only one thing existing in this world and that is a mate. The rest is to us, by which name we call them. We can call her as a soulmate but what is the proof that a person will really be a soulmate and not leave you after a while.

A man has no mate except a mate who is himself. A girl in his life just bring a momentary joy which we can with some name. However, even though the magic is easy I will not suggest anyone to go and see the white bright light over the shoulder just to find a true partner in life rather go and talk, enjoy, fight, laugh, weep, get angry, feel sad and feel happy by taking risk in life.


Thursday, May 1, 2008

Without you.

Once their was a beautiful girl, living in Nepal her beauty was similar to the beauty of Nature and Nepali scent of flowers. She was perfect girl with all the blossom and smiling face every now and then. The guy who liked her was in foreign land. The problem was that the girl had never seen this guy before.

The guy always had seen her, the place she lives, the timing of her office or school and the wherever she goes in the country. The guy was very cute and was very nice too. The girl had no idea who the guy was and she never noticed anything about this guy. Girl was living in her own life.

She has a pleasant life of her own. The guy loves the girl so much that he could not express his feelings for her. The guy is shy, has a deep impact of the girl and always thinks for her. He is in love-the state of negativity the state where he is blind. Everything is fair in love and war.

The fairness of love he could not understand. He wants to express but somehow he could not express it at the right moment. It was dark and snowy day the day when he has to leave her dream girl without even getting glimpse of her. He was not feeling well. He did not want to go away from her but the situation demanded him to go, the situation asked him to visit the foreign land. He never felt a kind of love for her before.

Especially when he was in the moment of being separated. Especially when he was leaving her far behind. He is worried now. He think will it be same ? Can I see the girl in the same way I had seen her. Will she be like a morning first rays of sun that falls in sunflower and looks as if it is soon going to glow. Will it be like that ? What if she is gone and she is not anymore ? What would I do with my one way of liking her.

I could not express my love for her only because she is so far. The greatest obstacle now in my life is the journey that I am traveling. The time is the most valuable thing, it changes everything-especially people. Nature will always remain same. Oh my love, I would do anything for you. Just to see you or get to see your face.

Oh my love I would do anything do listen to your voice. Oh my love why did not or why could not I speak what I am feeling for you. I know you do not know me but what is that keeping me that feeling for you.

I am really shy, I am really feeling deep love for you. The love which no one can understand the love which will remain for me ever and ever inside me. I am not worried about you being with others but I am worried about will I be able to see the same smile on your face.

Today people are changing, will you be same my love. I do not know how people define love-every body says it is two ways it can only happen in two ways- I do not belive in two ways or one ways. I belive in simplicity of my feelings of my heart which always remembers you, your smile your tone.

I always am worried about you. I am alone without you. Only I had your number to call you , I could have done it long before. Now I realize that I should have talked with you. Now I realize that I should have shown you the feelings that I was going through.

Now I really felt that I can even die for you. When some body can give a life for the person whom I have never seen-you know that is special feelings. I am not the creator of my life but I can certainly be able to destroy for you. Why am I feeling such a stupid feelings just for you.

I hope you will be the same and our story will end up being a happy ending. I am also afraid at the same time it won't happen like that. I know that we live in real world where reality is always different then our imagination and what we think most of the times. I hope and pray even you will not be able to see me or even you will not be mine- be happy and smile as i saw you like never before., be happy and cheerful as I saw and wish you never did before.

May we meet in heaven and by the grace of GOD I would have power to express my real love for you. The way I felt for you and reality hidden in my heart which is not coming very easily outside as a expression. Oh my love- I love you as if people will never imagine the quantity, my love for you is full of sky, full of stars you see in the sky and full of flowers present in this planet. I am waiting to see you again, I am waiting if I would be alive by then the first thing I would do is visit you and say that how much I felt deep inside me for you.

Oh my god, please give me power to stand this moment, please bless me with the power of being alone and lonely Now. Without you, it seems life would end. Without you life it seems that I have reached a dead end. I hope my dead end will soon explore the new way.

Hope is all I have dear as I am patiently waiting to see you.

(The article is especially for one brother, who lives in Dubai and the girl lives in Nepal.)

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Life without you.

Women are powerful, women are creative and women are most beautiful animal GOD has ever made. They are much more stronger than all we men. Men may have the powerful muscles but women has powerful brains. They are naturally strong because of what they have to go through every month.

Why are women most beautiful than men ? Their may be thousand of reasons behind that- It may be because of the structure they have which is quite different than all men. It may be because they are universal receivers. It may be because they have thousand of capabilities to take things for granted.

When it comes to relationship, it is different. As the relationship needs the combination of two people it needs the commitment of both girl and boy. We are in the world where two are quite different in the way they think, in the way they talk and in the way they live their life.

Women knows the reality despite that also she won't forget to do makeups, she knows that one day all her make up is going to be useless but instead of that she wont' forget to put it on. My personal experiences says I have seen many women wearing makeup even in her late 70's. What might be the reason behind that ?

Is it because they still believe they are attractive ? Is it because they think they should all the time put it ? Is it because they are given impression that they are beautiful animal in the world. Whatever might be the reason one reason is common to attract men.

Selection is big process for them, they will go out date with those guys who they like, they will make love with those guys who they wish to and they will break up with those guys who they don't want to stay with. In the process of relationship, it is mainly their decision that counts. It is the decision of women that matters and sometimes even hurts.

Women always wants to show off, but it can be limited. It is not true with all women. Mostly they would like to show to other women how much beautiful they are, how good men they are playing with and how their life is better than any other women. Therefore some body rightly made an statement that "All women like famous men".

To sum up, as summing up cannot be determined in case of women- I would say that women are beautiful, you must go out with her, make love with her , try to show that you like her or love her or do whatever she asks from you in spite of all these you will have to know one fact that you are still alone and she is never going to die for you.

Friday, March 28, 2008

Good, Kid and Women

The last friday of the week, or the month. Friday is good day why ? It is good for many people around the world because every body is relaxex, every body think well, Next day we don't have to go to office again. It is good day for those who also think well- We have a holiday tomorrow !

Good is not the day but your mood, good is not the stuffs. If we put good in every objects around us we will feel good. I believe in the statment and I truly support the statement too. Did I do the research on the above statement. If you ask me- I would say yes.

Good day, Good morning, Good afternoon, Good meal, Good dance, Good sex, Good article, Good relationship , and so on. We some how do not do it like I said. Why ?
We do not do it because we want to differentiate and we would rather say, This is good, that is bad. Good should be attached in your mouth. I saw a kid yesterday he was smiling just like a sweet good kid would do after seeing a stranger.

I waved a hand at him and he thought for a while but soon he also waved a hand to me saying bye bye. The connection between me and the stranger kid did not took long. It just too few seconds. See, How it is easy to make the relationship, See the connection. Wow ! This is called the relationship. We can easily make the relationship not only it but a good relationship where we smiled together, we knew each other in just few seconds and we waved hand to each other to say good bye only because we knew we are going different places.

Let the kid do what he wants, Let him decide what is good for him and what is bad for him. Let him judge himself, let him fall down, let him wake up, let him do what he think is good for him. If you will ask the kid not to do some stuff, the kid would do it. The kid wants to know, wants to find out, discover and innovate.

Do not stop him, embrass him, encourage him, let him decide and do what he wants to do. Leave him to his own. Somewhat similars are the girls too. Opposite are the girls-When you want to get close to them, they will run away from you. Their mind does not allow to think more than Sex. Their thinking directly leads to the thinking that "this person -WANTS- ..." from me. It is so narrow thinking.

Let all the women in world disagree with me but I do not care because this is the reality for women. The women will always neglect or try to avoid you if she is an total stranger and you go close to her. Women give birth to kids but women are opposite of kids in the level of thinking they perceive.

Why do they behave in such a way ? They behave in such manner because they are afraid, they think they will loose the most precious thing they have. They think in a way they should not think.

As the matter of the fact, Women will always be women. Let it be stands exactly true in case of them. Sometimes we try to get what we want but we do not often get what we want only because our want is some body's loss.

Have a good weekend !

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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Thanks God, you are ALIVE.

Thanks GOD !I am alive.Live in a moment, talk with the your self and be humble to yourself. I always talk about these things and will talk about these aspects of life because these aspect will teach you how to live a life.

Their are thousand wishes in my life and I want all of my wishes to get fulfilled. Every time I wake up early in the morning sipping my morning coffee reminds me that I have to do this, I have to do that and so on.

These things which I have "TODO" are those wishes and these wishes I want to get them fulfilled. How do I do it ? Well, Its very simple. First take the the first work you want to work and then just go through it, be focused on what you have to do, Secondly Remember the time given or assign for the work. If you feel you are over doing it leave it carry on with the Next Work and so on.

These are one way you can work out with your daily work. I am getting late, this is the first feeling that comes in my mind always. I have made my daily activities as the compulsion to myself. Either I should do it or I should never do it.

It is very difficult to work out like this way but I am addicted to what I do. I am not addicted to Internet, I also have testified with it and found out the results that I am not. But I am addicted to my own self.

Results of any work does not matter as long as you are more concentrated on the work. If you are worried about the results you will not be focus, if you think about result and are more result oriented or output oriented then you are more likely to fall in dark pond.

You got to be focus on what you do, what you like most, what makes you happy and cheerful, what small things you like yourself or of some one. You got to see and find out for yourself. These little things, these activities will remind you that you are ALIVE. These activities will tell you later when you are old that you lived your life. You have nothing to loose. These will tell you that you had a brilliant life.

Lessons learn in life will be never be finished and will never finish. I look different to others because others are different than me. I am annoying to them because they are annoying to themselves. I am rude to them because they feel I am rude. These are the facts or impression people keep of you.

Today, is brilliant day ! See the patterns in the sky every day they are different. Why ? These different patterns in sky are their to bring some smile on your face, See the colors of flowers- The variety of them with different colors-these are their to tell you that you don't have to like one of them but surely you will like one of them. Cheer up !

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Monday, February 18, 2008

Sound of Footsteps...

Tuck Tuck Tuck.....Tak Tak Tak......Tik Tik Tik... Tuk Tuk Tuk....

Dont laugh ! This is how the sound of Footsteps are when you listen very carefully to it. I have been watching the sound of the Footsteps of my own together with the footsteps of others. Have you ever paid any attention to the sound of Foot. There are very few people who will have time or do focus of the sound of their foot. We tend to forget these simple things in our life. We should remember that these simple things give lots of pleasure in our life. Try it once and you will feel total joy, and i am sure you will smile when you will here your own sound of your own foot.How does this happen technically, When the foot strikes with the object which is solid and then there is some kind of vibration in both the object and your foot which produces sound.

Isn't it very sweet to hear the sound of your foot and realize the speed or the behaviour of human. I personally think the behaviour of let's say these kind of gesture also determins how we think, and what we basically are looking or let's where we are heading towards.

Why should you believe in me ? Please don't, try to experience or try it yourself then you will come to know What I am saying. We live in free world where we all have freedom of speech and expression so please go ahead.

Sound is sensation which has to be felt with the realization that we are alive. This is what I think about the Sound of footsteps of mine. Now, Its your turn therefore Ladies and Gentleman, Go ahead..