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Sunday, July 19, 2009

I am back

I am back with consciousness; I am back with flesh, blood, pain and sadness,
I am back with emotions attached, I am back to learn myself for wonders,
I am back touching my soul with words, thinking only you my next soul,
I am back

Love, hate, black and white,
I am back with stories of our souls alike,
I am back to hear your pain, to touch your lips, to understand your pain,
I am back to feel the breeze with smooth music,
I am back to kiss you in rainy and gloomy days,

With soul touching your soul and mating of birds in cold,
I am back to heal your pain,
I will teach you, I will suffer for you,
I will take your pain; I will come along with you in nights and days,
Wherever, whenever, however and whatsoever,
I am back to make my soul jump over and over,

World runs on duality,
No two women generally accepts me,
But I am back to remain on top of every soul, every creation,
Your soul is my soul and my soul is yours,
I am back to see how similar our souls are,
I am back

Temporary it is, temporary it was,
Some run for money, some for fame, just understand, Mr. Brain rules them all,
But I am back,
To remind you, to teach you, to accept you as you are,
To tell you a simple fact that,
I am you and you are in me, one, two or many….

Monday, June 8, 2009

Secret and hidden art

Dear Paulo & all,

Secret and hidden art
Giordano Bruno got punished for sharing ideas,
I am now self-publishing contents as internet is all about sharing ideas,

Stephen King was warrior struggling to live,
As I am learning to struggle like him

Shakespeare is unknown mystery,
He lives in my poetry,

Neruda was saddest in love, wrote saddest lines for all,
His soul is stuck in me when I feel sad for love

Paulo is great inspiration and humble soul,
He is promoting writers like me and many unknowns

Gandhi was believer of non-violence,
Still we are killing each other in silence

Einstein bought science of excellence,
Nobody still understands relativity's mystery

Newton was confused with apple,
Why didn't he eat instead?

Leonardo da vinci was inspired by me
I am writer but my books are sealed,

Artist we are all, some secret we all have,
Some make music, some make books,
Some make laws, some make rules,
Some make policies, some make clues,
some make burger, some take them as food

Creation is above creator,
Internet is new way to share ideas of all,

Every body has their own story to share,
I have my own which has become creative creation

God bless you all !

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Press Releases: "25 Sexy Poems"

Mr.Santosh Kalwar has yet another book lined up in his new project entitle, "25 Sexy Poems" published by, This is the Sixth book/e-book written by Mr. Kalwar.

Currently, The book is free to download in an free (only limited time period) e-book version from publisher

Support independent publishing: buy this book on Lulu.

Here is the complete press-release.

Mybheja congratulates the author of the book !

Thursday, February 19, 2009

I tell you the truth.

“I tell you the truth”, said Jesus in many of Gospels of John, and Matthews. Do you believe that whatever, Jesus said is correct? Was he really speaking the truth. One of the believe that we have is that, Jesus is the son of God. He performed many miracles and showed that the miracles performed were by the grace of the God. The Father wanted him to perform the miracles and help to those who needed the most.

Anyways, During those times too- People did not believe in him and why should they really believe? Despite some miracles, there were not so magical about the world which could have been transformed into heaven. Those who will follow Jesus will go with him in the Kingdom of the heave and those who will not follow his footsteps will go in hell or nowhere.

When the person says, “I tell you the truth”. He is then not saying you the truth but manipulating the truth. Those who seek to tell the truth never says, “I tell you the truth”.  Why should some one say, I tell you the truth so many times? The repetition of this sentence is little scary in many of the Christian Gospels or the Scriptures.

Truth is love and love is truth. There is nothing above the truth and beyond the truth. Truth starts with trust in humans and ends with giving and taking of happiness or help or healing. Those who tell you the truth can easily be trusted and should also give you help without anything in return.

You have every rights to not believe me or not to follow me. Why should you agree with me? Please disagree and I do not have any objections if you disagree.

Every religion is the same. Those who follow one single religion  loves the differences and wants to promote or market their own religion over other. Or, (May be some of them do that.)

Anyways, Religion should be such that- it should combine or unite the people not divide the people of the world. Look around yourselves, so many religion and so many gurus.  Sometimes, I think if I were a God and would have taken human form of life, would these people or religion or sect ever have realized and given my words a value? Who will believe then if I stand up tall and say, “I am God and You all have God within you”.

But who cares? God is not going to give you a job, will he? God is not going to take care of your babies neither will he find you a suitable bride or groom. So, all of your problems are your own and you have to solve them alone. By solving and showing off that you can perform miracles, you do not become God. You have to heal not one or two individuals but the entire world.

Where is Jesus or Shiva or Allah now? Are they hiding somewhere because they are too afraid of Economy Slowdown? Or, Global Crisis? When would they come out and show us that, They can make one single peaceful planet called- Earth.

Sometimes, I feel pity on those who believe in only one country, one religion, one caste, one culture, one women, one family and one. Simply because, when you think about one then you are creating difference when it comes to other.

There is nothing in the world called One, there is always Two and with this two, there exits the difference. The difference comes when we have more than one. Often, it is very good and nice to know and have differences in society, culture, country, race and religion.

Where there is good, there is bad and where there is bad there is good. Humans are just humans either it is Jesus, Allah or Shiva or anybody else who claims to be God. They are just humans as we are. Nobody else.  (Please do not believe if you do not want.)

Praying to them in search of hope is what we all do, I would recommend to those who pray, do it to yourself. You are the God and either you believe or not, you have written your “script of life”.

Well, when you were in Mother’s womb for 9 months, See during that time, you wrote your script of life. This script of life you wrote and you hide it with your own self when you came into existence in Earth. I mean, when you were physically born in Earth, you hide your script of life. Look, Clever you are.

Why? Because, you are scared if your script of life will be read by others, because, you are scared to live a boring life. You want excitement, don’t you? How would you feel nice when you can easily know what is going to come the very next moment? Therefore, it is all you. You were the one who put it somewhere hidden from your own consciousness.

Now, when you are awake, you learn, earn, gain, acquire knowledge which are just useful but not merely important because you will loose them when you will leave your own life.

Anyways, there is no God, no sects, no religion and no guru. Everything is within you and you are the creator, destroyer and healer of your own destiny, faith, love and relationships.

Your disagreement is accepted.

Good day !

Friday, November 14, 2008

Nothing to say !

Soon I will not have any job and the horoscope say's something like this--

"Companies have really started to develop a social conscience about social or humanitarian issues. And you are well of this trend in the business world. In fact, you even applaud it. If you were at the head of a large company, you may realize just how important your employees think this is. Why don't you try to get this kind of thing going where you work, at your own level? "

This is really funny ! But Can I laugh with happiness or should I laugh with sorrow ?
Many people do not realize the fact that, life is not difficult but it is easy ! Why and how differs based on your own personal vision and actualization of the reality.

By the end of this year, It can be seen that loads of companies are laying off the people. Why ? Where are we heading ? Who is to blame for all this ? Is it the economy which is going really down or is it the power of machine which does all the work ? What is it that is not giving any opportunity to the people now ?

Why are the world becoming more stressful ? Is there some giant machine working on behalf of the many more humans who are loosing the jobs ? What is the shape and size of this machine called ? Should it be called as "Internet" ?

More than billions of the web pages are accessed daily, more than millions of software are downloaded and uploaded daily, more than zillions of information are written and copied daily. Now, why do those who need information should search people any more ? Now, If you are free and do not have anything to do- just log on to your system and open your Internet connection !

Do what you wish to do ! Watch Porno, or chat with friends and family or simply use the cheap phone service can call them or rather, upload the pictures, videos and do anything you wish to do.

Google has helped people a lot in searching the content. Thanks to them, But they also take loads of information about you, every time you visit there web pages ! (So, be cautious)

There are two approach to do the things we really do, which is-

1. Do as you desire and just be like a kid who does not edit his work. The kid goes and does whatever he wants to do. He has one philosophy in his mind which is called- "No Philosophy" or rather I would say, "Who cares " kind of attitude.
2. Be Gentleman and edit your work. Re-edit it, and show to the world that you are more gentle then anybody around.

Whichever approach you choose depends on you and you alone.

Most of the times, I use the first approach and one good example of that is all my posts in the blog. You can find loads of mistake and loads of grammatical errors simply because I do not want to think and edit the work. I just put my thoughts because thoughts are like stream of water. It flows continuously, it has no end. Once you stop it, it will not flow. It will be jammed in your mind. It then has to be again find its own way.

It will try to find its own way but you are stopping it to show its way. The thoughts should flow continuously and should give pleasure to those who watch. !

Here is my poem to give you the pleasure of having a great weekend ! Have a nice weekend ! :)

Nothing to say !
Nothing to say,
Nothing to hide,

Everything what I do
Is all that will survive.

I have no answers to sorrow
No answer to happiness

Only thing I know when I write
Is to advice

My poems might suck but I do not care
Since I know I am not a poet who fears

I have nothing it take
I have many things to shake

I have given and will give it to the end
Till the very end, I live !

Saturday, September 20, 2008

May be

There are the times when you do not feel to do anything, there are times when you just want to work and work. There are times when people will give thousand good lessons to you but all of these lesson could not be said useful ?

Can it be said as useful ? All of the information in the world is not useful. Only thing which is useful is how you are going to see all these information in your own life. How you are going to naturalize this in your life too.

Look for example in this blog I can write anything I want and that's why it is called Mybheja. I am not worried about the number of visitors neither I am worried about the number of people saying that "your blog was fantastic" or "It sucks". I am only worried about the information which is there in mind and desperate to come out. I do not know how much is too much. But I think there are plenty of these information which could be useful to one or another.

According to Socrates, he says,"I am the wisest man alive, for I know one thing, and that is that i know nothing."

Nothing means that you know something but you do not want to say what thing. When you say, you know something then you are not being wise or you are not capable of being wise and you do not know anything.

The statement "I do not know" are interpreted in many different ways around the globe. It also depends upon the human through which the word is being communicated. The message and the impact of the message to the other person is always vital.

May be there are thousand of rivers that I have to cross, I do not know how to cross this small lake.
May be there are thousand of journeys I will make but I do not remember the last one.

May be there are thousand of worries I would face but I still do not know what kind of satisfaction I will get.

May be there thousand of words in my mind but I do not know if they are really valuable.

May be in all these thousands I will find one journey, one lake, one worries and one word useful to me and my life.

Have a great weekend ! :)

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Who am I?

The event took place in the Trivuwan Airport in Kathmandu. A young handsome looking, he seemed like very important rushed into this airport, jumped the queue, went straight to the counter and showed his passport and the ticket.

The gentleman at the counter said, “Sir, please stand in the queue”. The person replied, “No, I’m really in hurry I need to go.” The gentleman again said, “Please wait in the queue”.

The man said, “Do you know who I am?” The gentleman at the counter picked up the microphone and said, “There is a man here who does not know who he is, can somebody help him?”

The biggest problem for all of us is that, we all are in the same state as of this young man. The question, “Can somebody help him”?

The question justifies that every body is existing in this mother earth without knowing Nature of who he/she is. We are making life without understanding the fundamentals of whom we really are; we are trying to create a life of unknown. There is confusion.

The very first question that comes in my mind is that, “who am I”? It is one of the most profound and very important questions one has to ask in their life.

How can you know some one else life without knowing who you are? Charles Darwin gave the theory of “Natural Selection”, but he forgot to mention one theory of “Nature of Existence”. In this theory, every person should ask-who am I? Am I a student, Am I a teacher, Am I a political leader? Or Am I nobody.

The first and foremost thing one should do with their life is to ask these questions to understand who they really are. If we do not know what the nature of our existence is, we live by accident.

There is no reality in living by accident. It appears that we are living by accident, by assumptions and by opinion. And the zest of finding the reality appears. Some times there might be a feeling of no reality.

The question, “Who am I?” exits inside our body, in our mind. Once we remove the surface nonsense example, I am very famous singer, artist, son of great political leaders etc. The removal of such surface nonsense will give us the answer to the question, “who am I?”

When there is nothing remaining in your answer, that is the biggest thing. The answer you were searching for comes from this nothing. The question does not come from mere curiosity but straight from the heart. The answer to this question can some time tear people, once you know the reality, you will stick to it.

One day, a friend asked me the same question and I replied him saying, the words of Gautama Buddha which states, “It is better to conquer yourself than to win a thousand battles. Then the victory is yours.

It cannot be taken from you, not by angels or by demons, heaven or hell.” This is what Buddha said, and this is what I say to those who ask who am I, “I am what I really Am., and not what others make of me..,”

Friday, September 5, 2008

What do you associate with tower?

Tower is associated with our imagination. What we imagine, is what we think the particular thing is associated with. A tower is the peak, a high tall thing which can be used in many ways.

Early it represented evil, later people associated with the positive connotations. It also represents the place where death meets the birth. It is the place where people some time go and kill themselves.

It can also be place where people go and enjoy themselves. It is the place in our mind which always demands something from the things associated in the real world. With these things, we can associate anything.

Based on what people have done in the past with tower, we try to do the same but the result does not occur different because, what some body else have already discovered, we will discover the same.

No difference is found when the tower in one region of the world gives light to every one around the village and in the next region it is used for the same purpose. But what if, some body uses as the negative symbol and in some other place it is associated with positive symbol.

What we associate with “tower” is what we associate with the “mountain”, “heights”, our emotions and with the happiness. All these associations are some how inter related and these inter relation gives us one common thing in our mind.

These association tells us that, we think differently on different things which is totally wrong. All these are for good purpose. Nothing is build just like that. Everything around the world comes with values and with some purpose.

Imagine a world where there was no water, no mountains, no green leaves and now imagine you being in such world. What would you associate with your life then ?

Our associations can be different on different things but those are just our perceptions. And I think perception differs in many ways from people to people, from culture to culture and from country to country, also from religion, sex, race, and through many other ways.

Anyways, to answer what you associate with tower- I would rather say that I do not associate anything with tower simply because I do not associate anything with any entity. It does not mean that these things are useless but it means that- these are useful and there is no association. These things also have life and these life will only be understood once we understand what is life.

Knowing something and telling something which you do not know are two different ways of looking at things in our life.

I do not know what is the association of what, but I can surely tell you that-whatever we associate is just a false assumption on our ideas in our general mind.

Tower can be assumed as death, but at the same time it can also be associated with life, light or whatsoever. It depends on what a person is thinking while he is thinking of association of the things being asked.

It also depends on the past experiences and future demands or desire with the things for example “tower”.

Well, I think I have given my point on what I associate on what, I need to read others point too.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Awakening Mind

Life is full of surprises, some time there are good days are some times there are bad. It is similar to unpredictable climate. A climate where some time it rains and very next minute it stops raining. It is similar to the changing process of climate. It is like that because we are not sure which moment will bring us the joy and which moment will make you feel depress and annoyed. It is just like that.

This unpredictable nature of life gives us joy to live. A joy which bring smile on our face. A smile is temporarily present. It does not last for long. Look when you smile you smile for the moment and then it goes automatically from your face. Laugh and smile are two different things. When you laugh, you are free and you give everything to a laugh but when you smile you are feeling pleasure and happy.

A world is you and you are the creator of this world. It is you who have taken this journey and you got to do what you got to do. It has nothing to deal with your past or future. It is you and you along the road. No one will ever be changing what you are going to do, every body around will support you. A support does not mean only moral or physical or any mental it can be any. You just have to understand the people. Once we start understanding the people, people will be helpful to you only if they can help. It is by knowing then you will know yourself better.

A gold is gold, a diamond is diamond why is this mind just so frozen like a snow which does not want to melt ? Why are my behavior changing only when the sun light falls into it. What is wrong with my thinking ? All these questions take you to one place and that place is very open, very interesting and very challenging. It is called "mind". A place where you need lot of thing to make clear. A place which makes assumption, thinking, learning, prediction, planning, sensing, visualizing and many more.All these things are done in one place and that place is called mind. More than mentioned are done actually and one who can control what is going or can see if in one's own mind what is going on or taking place then it will be of great help.

Unpredictable things are good for health.It is good that something goes beyond our thoughts and something just happens without our knowledge. It is sometimes good to know how life takes our thoughts in many other places. It is known that we are unknown and we are unknown just because we want to know the known.

Some times a simple statement makes us wary about our life and some times it is just to see if anything is going to happen. A mind which is pure, which is fresh and cool. A mind which needs nothing except the fresh thoughts and a mind which ignore any wrong impression on any body or any living entity is a mind which is capable of learning.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Learning never stops.

A morning which is lazy, a morning which makes you sleep more than you want to, a morning which makes you feel as if there is holiday tomorrow too, a morning which reminds you that it is a big morning so go back to bed again. Is it same for every one ? Of-course not ! Everything is different and every body's morning is different.

A life which tells you that you have to live despite that you know you have to go one day, a death which will always reminds that one day it has to end everything that you have done has come to an end. Nothing can be done for ever and ever but one thing can and that one thing is the attachment of you with Nature.

Nature is very strong, none of the single life is enough to understand it and none of the single life has been before enough to find out many hidden facts from it. We use the theory from the nature to our practical life and then we call it Science. We use the simple aspects from the nature and then we make our theory to give it a name and try to see the logical connection between all these things. Do you think it really matters ?

Why it would matter if a gravity is there or not ? What does it has to do with a person life ? Well, it will surely has made many thing simple to move a object that humans have created in the sky but are all these progressing ? Even though to many it will look as if it is progressing but to me, I think it is going down. We do not have people of such calibre who have really made an inventions. We have only those kind of people in this world who do many more things but do not invent. The point is, it does not matter wherever we reach or whatever we do. The most important things that matter is how can we learn more from the nature to use it in our practical life.

The beauty does not lie in making any innovation or invention or finding something new or whatsoever but the real beauty lies in what is already given to us already. We born and we see these beautiful tall trees taller than our height and we realize all other trees also look the same but as long as we grow we must realize the fact that we are not taller, or we should not be proud of our height one thing, because in world there are many people who compares the hegit of their own with the others people and say, I am taller than you, I am smaller than you whatsoever. These is stupid only because we can see big trees which are taller than all we humans. We also have to see the sky, the light blue sky which is open and moving, which carries the white clouds and sometimes the black clouds together with it.

We people talk a lot about a race, for those who have the problem with race-Please see the sky, A sky is big. It carries both types of clouds it does not make any difference between a white clouds which are mostly seen in shinny days or dark clouds which are mostly seen when it is going to rain. When a sky do not differentiate, why are we ?

These are some of the lessons that could be learn from the Nature, just like these there are many more to learn. There are thousand of these aspects to be learnt. There are many such things to be learnt. There are many more aspects of life to be learnt. Keep of watching people, the way they talk, the way they behave and the way you connect your own personal life with them. Be ready for the great learning experience and also try to connect all of these with Nature.

Sunday, June 15, 2008


Some times you are empty, you do not feel anything, you do not have great ideas to talk about but instead it is not the habit you should develop by not doing anything or the things you like to do most.

Just carry on with doing what you do most, if you feel of writing then please go forward and do it. If you feel like making love do not stop at that moment just do it. It is the very moment which is very close to you. Everything else expect that is useless. It is worth nothing. The second you are reading this or you are doing whatsoever is the best moment in your life.

It is this very second that makes you feel that you are alive besides so many people struglling to live a life. It is this moment which reminds that you can do whatever you wish, in this moment you can travel thousand distances just by imagining. Never leave this moment.

Early in the morning, waking up with the new hope of seeing something great or hearing a good political progress in the country but nothing changes in overnight. It is the same. It was well expected to me that some of my work were not going to be success and it happened just as I expected besides that also it gave some pain.

This is the life, everything if wished becomes success then who will make a pleasure of living in the pain. A relationship as said by my wife is just like a mirror. It gives the reflection and nothing more. It can tell many things but I do not know much in detail why she said it as a mirror. I think it will be better explained by her. I wish I can ask her and deliver the message but sooner I get I will write why a relationship is similar to as a mirror.

Everything we do, act or react to is just a simple gestures which speaks a lot what we are going through, A person after watching a good football game gets excited to see his personal favorite team win but at the same time other person who is supporting his team looses and he is depresed. Meaning, there is always two side of every coin. A person can be happy or sad but I think there are some person or human who can do both at the same time. You can also be happy or you can be sad. You can be happy that you supported one team and it win and you can feel for the other person who supported the team which loose. It is his lost that gave you win.

One has to win and other has to loose that is the nature of Nature itself. Two cannot win, No gain without pain. In this mother earth, It is taught well to us that nothing comes easy and you to work very hard to gain anything but do not store your gain such as money. It will make you rich but it will not necessarily bring you happiness.

A man who works hard and at the same time utilizes what his money for the right time, right work and in right situation is the MAN. One has to learn to be man- it is also a process. Every one can be regarded as Man but not every is man.

Well, I wish every one to become and set an example of being a man by doing all the goods to Nature, country and society. Cheers !!!

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Read and Write

When we are afraid, what is the solution we use. Either we face the problem or we try to escape from the problem. The theory and people who are good at theory will surely tell you the fact that just face the problem and do not escape from it.

Even my child can say that stupid theory but how many of people really follow what is the reality. ? How many of really follow what is true and what should you do one such circumstances. ? There are people who just run away and I have seen- Most of those people are who just say that we have to face the problems. Those are the most of those who do not follow but just say.

Saying and Doing is two different things. It is similar to some what Reading and Writing. Which one is better ? One will give you knowledge and one will produce knowledge. What kind of difference and what kind of thing will distinguish these two great phenomenon in the world?

It is the theory of Read and Write which is continue from the movent of evolution to moment of revolution and it will continue like that. Reading is knowing, trying to learn, hunger for knowledge and Writing is producing, creating and giving knowledge.

These two phenomenon are quite different but at the same time these two are very important too. We are two different kind of people living in this world doing these activities in our life.

There are some people who just say- they are good at saying, and saying or talking does not help. Those kind of people can be categorized as hypocrites, those kind of people I keep them in one group where they just say and they do not do. They say because they think they are saying correct. They want to prove there point. They think they are the best in whatever they do. They can say you something a whole entire day and try to convince you about what they are saying and you will also follow such person.

Another kind of person is those person who does not have anything to say but only he focus his life in doing. He believes in doing and he tries his other mates to do the same. He has followed this path and people might even call such kind of person as stereotype or whatever. A kind of person who only focuses his life in doing. He is all the time creating something even though he is not creating but he is trying to do something. Either it can be watching, fucking, or listening or whatever. These kind of person are always in present and focusing there life in present.

Now if you have to chose among the person what kind of person would you choose in your life ? What kind of person would you follow and what kind of theme your life will follow- Read or Write. To do the both is almost very difficult and it takes a lot of handwork to be success in both the part of the world.

There are people who will pull your legs, in the time of total disarray and total helplessness there would be people who will really try to pull your legs and you have to overcome this activity. The process you follow is entirely yours and yours alone. It is you and your own mind which will decide - What to do next ?

You need a constant faith and support for overcoming this barrier. The faith and support can come in many different ways but it has to come.

There is nothing Science can do except trying, and findings but one thing a faith can do that is satisfying. You can satisfy your soul if you visit 45 minutes in a church. You will not loose anything but you will loose yourself from everything.

It is your decision either you want to follow one religion or two religion but a person like me follows all the religion. I visit every religious place like church, Mahzids and Temples. I do not feel any shy on doing that, As long as the doors of GOD are open I do not differentiate on which door I am entering. As long as I know the names given by us are different for different GOD- I know that we are still illiterate and we still need education. As long as I see difference in the eyes of people I see their lack of knowledge and lack of wisdom.

I am not trying to prove that I am perfect or I am the best only because I do not exits. Welcome to the world of Read and Write. Try to understand what is going on and which one you follow. Either you are the person from Read category or Write category. Either you belong to both. Either you want to visit one temple or church or You want to visit all the religious places. Either you do not see any connection between what my sentence means. It is all you have to decide.

No one will make any decisions on behalf of you- every one will give you suggestion but no one will tell you what to do. Listen to yourself, listen to silence of your soul and listen to sound of silence deep inside you, you will get what you want one day for sure.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Just sit and watch

A great ray of hope fall into the small window close to my room asking me to open my eyes and see the beautiful bright morning. It just felt as if I am in some lonely place with one single house with my family living like a simple citizen and writing something on my laptop.

Journey it is my dear friend, we learn we earn and we churn everything into pieces. It is difficult to sustain a relationship and it is more difficult to be in relationship for longer period of time. Any kind of relationship, either it is friendship, love, marriage or any relationship. One bad words, one worng deed, one depressing expression or whatsoever will break everything you worked out your life trying to build it.

It is very weak, it is very weak. Some times I think it is like a thread and in that thread there are two people trying to cross one place of thread to another. They are not two but they are one. Only because they are one they can get to there destination. Only because they physically have two bodies but they have decided to live in a single body and cross or reach the destination. It is there formula or their understanding which has led them to there appropriate level of wisdom of decision.

While writing this article too a ray of hope with a little bit of sun shile in it is falling in my head. It gives me pleasure and it really motivates my fingers to move across these keys in the keyboard. I do not know how my fingers start to move or why they are moving or how can it quickly move across these keyboards but these are just moving.

I took a break- for the preparation of my morning coffee and now I am back with these black letters in the white background pasted automatically. Who is satisfied ? From the early child hood to man hood to oldhood we complain, we always compalain about something in our life, our stuffs, our country, the rules, the traffic, the house, the kitchen, the study, technology and many more We complain only because we are not satisfied. When we are not satisfied with what we start making all these complains.

These complains will not give us anything but just our personal fulfillment about the things we are not happy, once it comes out of our mouth then we become happy and we feel we have really done good work by complaining about the things we were not satisfied of.

I do it many of the time during my own life. Some times I do it personally, some times I just want to ask why I have to satisfy every one that I encounter in my life then I realize that this is why we all are different. Just like a good politicians or leaders who give one good speech and many of there supporters support them but there would be some one who will complain about this leader or politician and that person will kill that politician because of complain and other things.

In the process of getting happiness, satisfaction and fulfillment of life we forget that we are living as a human first then we live as a person from the country we belong and then we are a family member of some and so on. It is our own decison how we see ourselves.

It is the decision of our self which will guide us to the other side. Let us say- I like a girl but what if I just want to use her and one day I say no I do not want to be with you. Whom am I hurting ? Girl for sure, She will get hurt but her nature supports the hurt. She is build naturally so strong that she can tolerate any pain she gets in life. I always belive that women are far strong then all we body building men. Why ?

See the physical structure of women, she how she has to bear a 9 months baby with great deal of patient and anticiapation. See how difficult the difficult it is to become a women. How can you understand when you carry a pieace which can just be used very easily and again reused. How can we understand until and unless we ourselves experience those phenomenon.

I am quite free here to write just because I know I have something to say or something to share with everybody. I do not know how many of my friends, my community memebers read them but I know there are people who read them. I know I am writing not to attract a audience but to share my side of story with these people.

In this complex dynamic world people have changed the way they used to be. People do more of marketing today then some years back. We are involved in becoming or selling ourselves. Why do not we just be ourselves by doing or working or loving the things we always do ? May be it again depends on person-person attitude.

One guy was there who was very clever and he showed his cleverness by his words, strong words and high pitch sound does not make a person saying really important. This guy took everything from his friend, his job, his attitude and his insipation on other friends just because others were not understanding his cleaverness but they all thought that the guy who is really being a victim is bad.

When you judge a person from some one else words, some one else opinion then you are not judging a person. You got to judge yourself. You have to decide yourself. No one is there who will tell you who is bad and who is right. I cannot see any person in my life as bad only because even that person Nature is bad it is just because of some circumstances and situations. When you open your eyes of vastness and openness then you will see the whole entire sky blazing with blue color and birds singing like never before.

Just sit and watch.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Be open.

Good morning, beauty of the morning can not be explained. The beauty of women as is indescribable similarly beauty of beautiful morning early sun rays gazing through your windows and falling like a drop of water in your face in very hot summer days.

Fight against race will continue and it is the hot topic for discussion. Obama is fighting against the race whereas at the same time Hilary is fighting against the Gender. The gender issue is almost in the stage of development but the race issue has not even raised with concern. The issue needs some solution. People are getting tired with the same kind of rules being applied. We need to update or change the rules.

Those rules which we follow are the rules which are not valid anymore. The updated rules and procedures are needed in this world of globalization. People have forget that we are making things worse and it will become more worse if we do not take the initiatives as early as possible.

It is good that we have the freedom of speech and expression. We can express what we feel, we can share our views, ideas and thoughts but it is not good that this rules is also used in practice in many different countries. What is going on is not going on correct. What is happening is not happening for good and what needs are not enough.

It is good and it is bad at the same time. People are moving, people are afraid and people at the same time are terrified. These are those people who know or who can sense that sooner or later world will change. I always stick to my sense of believe that it is not world which is changing, it is the people who are changing. It is the people mind which needs the constant change. We live in the world where every day habits become the routine and every day routine becomes boredom. We feel bore and are most of the time fed up with the same face, same culture, same office, same routine, same wife , same sex, same food, same ... and many more.

When everything that we were doing is the same now and was same then; It become the useless. We then slowly start to change our mind. We go for the change. Which is only thing that is permanent in the world. In search of change we do many things. We build cars, we build buildings, we run, we make roads, we dig the earth in search of something and we find Ore, we move and later we explore new territory, we do many things and we evolve as humans. This gives us the complex, dynamic and total virtual world which is the world of today.

Machines are ruling it now. Computers does the work for you. Why do you now need the people ? The days are not very far when everything will be done or managed by the computers. It can also be done with machines. We created it but now they will rule over us.

We should not stop our changing behavior, the result we will get from the changing behavior is the total satisfaction and peace of our mind. If we do not change then we will be the same old stupid guy doing the same old things all the time. Kind of old fashioned typical, stereotypical.

The fight will continue as long as we build guns we create wars, as long as we build machines we cut the jobs and as long as we visit one religious place we will create differences in religion.

I do not ask you to do what mentioned over here I ask you to think over it. Imagine you visit all the religious places, feel the experiences of visiting different places, feel the experiences of visiting different countires, feel the experiences of travelling not only by plane or by car or by bike or by sea just even some times walk.

Everything we do, everthing we see, everything we feel, experience,learn and think are connected to our past, present and future in some manner or some way. Once I remember one of my friend he said- Every person near you will either tell you about your future, your past or your present.

Now it is your time to figure out in which category you want to put yourself. Good luck and Keep always a positive frame of mind set and most importantly be open.

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

My Old Shoes.

When their are moments in life to enjoy, I am not enjoying. When their are millions of people in world who live life very easily and are dependable on others. I do not want to be. The saying of "I do not want to be and I have to be" is very different.

Some times you have to be dependable on others only because you are not doing anything and life, circumstances and situation does not allow you to do the same. What will you do. If I want money whom I will first go for ? Obviously the person who created me. It would be nice, if I were working and doing things myself. I want to happen the same in my life.

When I say "I want". It does not go by the way I say. The want is the desire, the need, the process and it takes loads of time, desperation and perspiration. The funny thing is that we do not know what is their in future or what's in store for us. Ha Ha ..
Smiles are their which says it all, the smiles which always remind me that we are not perfect. In the process of being prefect we do thousand and one mistakes every day, still we do the same mistake. In the process of learning we try to get new ideas and learn but still one day we forget what we have learn.

I am smiling that is the good news to many around me. It should make them happy. I am smiling in pain that I am going through. We all have problems till we are alive that is part of life. No humans beings exit without problems. The priority we give to the problems in our life is based on our feeling, desire, need and our own quest for life.

It is good that I am smiling because many of my dears and nears want to see me smiling. I am wearing the same old shoes for 9 months which is slowly showing its colors. I have not cut my hair for the same old 9 months which always reminds me that I am growing with time. I have same old habit of writing and maintaining my blog which asks me that I have to put something in here while I am enjoying my morning coffee.

Life is just like this, close to Nature. The GOD who lives inside us is taking care of all my dreams why should I worry ? I have to smile only because it will remind me that I am having fun time in funny world with funny people and creatures.

My old shoes always ask me to wear it only because it really likes my legs. It says that Sir, you should never leave me only because I know how to fit in your legs. Even I am broke and I am going to leave you soon please do not ever leave in alone because I am afraid some one will burn me. I do not want to leave you alone, Sir.

My old grandfather used to tell me that- Son, Miracles happen in life. I never realized and felt it happens but slowly as I grew and I learn I start to believe that it really happens.

For those who have similar problems consult me, only thing I would be able to give you the suggestions and advice. I can give you suggestions and advice that much till the single drop of water left in ocean. It is up to you to decide how much you want to take it from poor me.

"My pockets are empty but I have ideas full of pockets."

I do not know what that means because as I am the creator of the quote. I will try to explain. The explanation is based on the idea that despite you do not have anything in your pocket you have tons of ideas that fill your pocket. It is up to you to take it. It is up to your needs and your desire to take it from me. I am flowing like river. You can drink from any corner or side of the river you want. You can dive into it, see it deep inside it and explore the unexplored territory with everlasting experience from it.

Their are people who will never learn, their are people who learns and their are people who have learn and they have many things to tell. It is up to you to decide which category I fell into.

The two ways to presentation of my personal approach to real world problems that I encounter in my personal life. One is my maintaining personal diary and putting in indirectly into this blog and another by approaching directly to people. When I do it indirectly their are people who read it and get hurt and their are people who get hurt despite being hurt they will suggest you with improvement, their are also people who will completely ignore what my point of views are on my personal life. May be those people who completely ignore my indirect perspectives are more concerned about direct approach then indirect approaches.

I am not great writer as their are in Market and in World existing. I am just write who writes. Either it is my personal feeling or whatever that comes in my mind and heart. As I writer I thank and appreciate all the positive and negative comments written and given to me.

The story continues because story is interesting and it is getting more interesting with the movement in life, journey never ends simply because it is journey. Asking for help and giving help is two different phenomenon. Asking help is not begging. When you are in trouble you ask for help, when you are in state where your body is not working and you are not able to do yourself anything besides giving blessing is begging.

Both can be similar and a good topic for discussion. It is my attitude to ask and to listen. I want to listen to strongest of sound that my ears won't allow me to. I want to feel the deepest of rain I will fall trap into. I want to walk longest of journey that my shoes will be capable to travel.

Thanking you. See you soon in next beautiful and awesome day.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Right Vs Wrong

How do you judge some one ? How can I tell that I am right and my words are mine and mine alone. How can I verify that the words that are coming from my mind are mine and not of some body else. To verify and validate what we speak is one thing and to prove it that what we speak is another.

Two friends were having a discussion on some general topic. One of the friend said that he is right on what he is speaking, another one argued and said no you are wrong, I am right ! Well, This is what happens when both wants to win. One has to loose and who will prove that you are right or you are wrong.

To understand the psychology of human is one the difficult task man can even imagine to find. First you need to understand yourself. To understand who you are is just like study of science where there is no shortcuts to it. Similarly to understand and let's say I am right and you are wrong another task. Whatever we speak and whatever we think we say is correct might not be correct. It can go wrong. "To err is human." Is there any way that we can prove whatever we speak is absolutely correct and it is not wrong. Yes there is one way.

The true meaning of finding you are right or wrong is your intellectual capabilities and your understanding of substance or subject. If you are absolutely certain about the thing you know you can say that yes, this is correct by so and so so and so..

There are people in world who wants to say that they are right and whatever you speak is absolutely correct. Here I am not pointing to any specific people. So, The fact is the words that we speak sometimes we think we are right but it goes wrong because we have to remember that we are not perfect in storing what we have read, or what we have learnt. Our memory is not exactly like the comptuer hard disk where we store and retrieve it later when we need it and it will give you the same exact data.

I don't know may be I talking crap here but it might make sense. There will be fight between right vs wrong and it will go on. Every country wants to prove that I am right and others are wrong. Every culture wants to show that they are right and others are wrong and every religion does want to show the same.

The fight between these two variables will never end and it will go on. The day it stops we can say that day beginning to new era of civilization.

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Two stories

Once my wife, Padhmawoti said couple of very interesting story, the first story "During Mahabharata war Arjuna came to meet his grandfather Bhishma Pitahma who was lying on a bed of arrows that Arjuna had shot. Bhishma Pithama was waiting for an auspicious day to leave his mortal coils. Arjuna asked: "Pitamah, where do you expect me to bury your body after you leave this earthly abode?" Bhishma smilingly said, "Bury my body in a place where I was not buried before". Accordingly, Arjuna selected a place on the banks of the Yamuna River and performed suitable rituals. As he lifted the axe to dig the ground he heard a voice, '-' which meant that Bhishma was buried here over hundred times". And the second story she said was, "Once a herd of hundred donkeys was being taken on a hill by the owner of the herd. On the way he had to rest at an inn. He was afraid of his donkeys escaping at night while he would be asleep. But he did not have sufficient length of rope to tie them all; he only had a small length of rope which was hardly sufficient to tie one donkey. So he planned in such a way that he pretended tying the small rope around legs of each of the donkeys. In actual fact he did not tie the rope to any in the herd. Next morning when he pushed each donkey it hardly moved thinking that it was tied by its master. Only when he pretended to untie them did they begin to move." After seven months I realize why she would have said these stories? The moral of these stories is that every one of us is born and has died countless times ever since birth and death started happening on this universe. This world is a long unending disease for which the sure and best medicine is true inquiry and own personal experience. We are not bound by love or illusion in reality, but we only have the false feeling that we are bound by illusion or love. Similarly, we too are led to think that we are bound by so many of our past deeds and hence we are made to suffer. In reality it is realization that is needed, not the purification rituals to get over it. Realization that this world is only dreamlike and the truth is beyond it helps one initially pass through the hurdles of life. To say that this world is created hardly arouses right reasoning for there need to exist a witness to such creation and this witness had to precede Creation. Another reasoning to support the dream nature of the dream world is that any creation ought to have stuff for creation and this stuff should have been created earlier.