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Thursday, October 6, 2011

iRIP to Steve

Couple of weeks ago, I was reading the biography about Steve. Forget about couple of weeks ago, I was just checking steve’s biography in itunes store for pre-order and after just some 7 hours, I hear this sad news that steve is no more. 

Today is great day not for his death. This is the day when biggest festival is observed in Hindu called, Dashain and on today’s day, one of the greatest iconic figure of computer world is dead. He has reserved his place in the heaven, right from the beginning of his era. A great showman in geeky world, a genius in innovation and informatics, if you will

A man who will not only be remembered for his mind boggling innovation such as, iPod, iTunes, iTouch, iPhone, iPad, iDeath, and iRIP.

Everybody born has to die someday and steve said it right when he said, 

"Remembering that I'll be dead soon is the most important tool I've ever encountered to help me make the big choices in life. Because almost everything -- all external expectations, all pride, all fear of embarrassment or failure -- these things just fall away in the face of death, leaving only what is truly important. Remembering that you are going to die is the best way I know to avoid the trap of thinking you have something to lose. You are already naked. There is no reason not to follow your heart."

Good bye Steve, hope to catch you someday…


Sunday, May 8, 2011

R.I.P, Sai Baba

When I met Satya Sai Baba with bunch of my hubbies while pursuing my undergraduate studies in Bengaluru (previously the “garden city” was also called Bangalore), I felt a sense of immense love, compassion and peace at his second ashram. Sai Baba I saw was simply dressed in red robe, very calm and peaceful. He stepped very slowly towards his followers and blessed them with gifts and/or ‘vibhuti’.

His sudden demise has bought shock waves across Indian sub-continents. From politicians to sportsmen, all are paying their last homage to Sai Baba. Indian cricketing legend so-called, “god of cricket”, Sachin Tendulkar cancelled his birthday celebration because of his sudden death. Before his death, all the followers and well-wishers of Baba were praying that he would recover to good health. Tendulkar wrote on his official twitter account that “I m praying for Shri Sathya Sai Baba's quick recovery. Hope everyone will join me in praying for his return to good health.”

Death is inevitable and when a time comes, everybody must simply leave. The bitter truth is that nobody (or any scientific advancement can control death) can stop anyone from dying. After the death of Satya Sai Baba, condolences poured in, everybody from Bollywood to Kollywood, from politicians to journalist, and from Indian PM to Nepalese PM has shown their condolences to the great spiritual guru.

Satya Sai Baba contribution to society is one-too-many. He has established, “Satya Sai Trust” where he has build hospitals and universities. Hundreds and thousands of people study and are treated freely daily.However, every bright side also has some darker side. Satya Sai baba was once also attributed for fake miracles that he performed with his followers. In my opinion, whatever tricks and miracles he performed, was less towards scientific values and more towards spiritual values. Thus, he denied all the accusations that were made against him.

I think Satya Sai Baba was a true man and a great character. He not only contributed a great deal towards the society but also he showed spiritual art of living. However, because of his excellent contribution to the society, some of his followers also named him, “God”. Nevertheless, a man can and never will be, “God”. Some of his prophecies never became true. He said that he will die in his mid nineties but he has to go early. Now, many of his followers are hoping that he would reincarnate in another form in Mysore with the name of “Prem baba”.

Previously, people used to have long and religious life. Nowadays, people have short and technical life. How many years do you expect baba to live? Just mere fourteen years less than a century, Satya Sai Baba has to depart on Easter Sunday. According to Hindu scriptures dying on Sundays and Tuesdays are regarded well simply because a person reincarnates in the form of another human being.  I am aware of the bitter fact but let us hope he comes-back in same humane form again.

Monday, March 7, 2011

Facing death

MAR 06 -
Last year, Girija babu left our bright planet. And just days ago, we lost the great legend of the Nepali Congress (NC) and former prime minister, Krishna Prasad Bhattarai.

Kishunji was an inspirational leader—he wasn’t involved in any corruption scandals, was heartily followed by many and had a great sense of humour. Now that he is no more, it will be hard for his followers to cope-up with his peaceful demise. His contributions to the NC and Nepal in general will surely be extolled in golden words. As he was accepted as one of the great Nepali political legends, his death has sent shock waves across the entire nation. We have lost great charismatic leader.

However, the bitter truth of his demise has forced everyone to think about death. Sadly, no one escapes death. Death is a fact of life for everyone, and it often comes without displaying any traces, signs, symptoms, or predictability. The true beauty of death is that nobody knows much about it.

Everybody is fearful of something in their life, and many people fear death. But death is not something to be feared. Everybody is born and everybody has to die—there is no escape from this cycle of life. There are plenty of views on death. Some views and ideas emerge from religious beliefs and some from science—but no matter the theory, it is a part of life. Everybody is aware of biological causes of death—a certain disease or condition ranging from cancer to heart failure, or perhaps an accident.

According to Hindu doctrines, there are three fundamental stages of human life: birth, marriage and death. Undoubtedly, every human being must born, marry and die. Nevertheless, most of us find excitement in the first two stages but somehow remain terrified with the idea of death. We should appreciate each of these vital stages equally, no matter what.

The reasons based in religion and science are not satisfactory. The primary reason for this is that, despite their contributions, they don’t actually help us better understand death. The fundamental question of life—where do we come from, why are we here, and where will we go—is an unsolved mystery and will remain unsolved. But perhaps rather than trying to espouse the mysteries of death, it is better that we just accept its reality and live each moment to its limit.

Kishunji has inspired many generations of leaders in Nepali politics. I hope those inspired leaders will display their true talent and pass on his ideologies, philosophies and aspiration towards younger generation. Kishunji, we salute you for your outstanding contribution to Nepali politics. Rest in peace.

Posted on: 2011-03-07 07:58

Published: The Kathmandu Post

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Death Show

He was dead. Undoubtedly, a prolific writer, poet, and unsuccessful engineer, is being buried today in the graveyard near the mountain cliff of Santana. A large crowd in hundreds gathered to pay him homage. A media guy asks people about the dead man.

“A very generous character and very witty,” said a young man. “He was good novelist and his books have touched the hearts and minds of millions of people,” said a young man.

“Why are you saying those things to media they already know much about him, you should better speak about his character, not only about quantity of books that he sold,” said an old man.

“Who cares what I speak and how I speak, I don’t give a shit about that dead man anymore,” said a young man.
A media guy has to censor such violent words so he moved on to another lady. A media guy asks, “In your opinion, what do you think about this dead man?”

“I don’t think, I feel pain,” she said.

“Why is that?”

“Someday, I will also die and there will be no one who will telecast my death show.”

Saturday, May 9, 2009

The day I will die

"The day I will die"

Death is not working of biological organ in human body. The input of oxygen and output of carbon dioxide is major event which drives our life. There are many types of death, one which is caused naturally and others with specific reasons such as accident, crime, violence, suicide, bombings, and many more which are termed unnatural. More than 90% of living humans are fearful of death. In my own life, I have not found any one who does not fear death. One question which drives me to write this article, why are we so much fearful of death? What will happen on the day, I will die? The major reason behind being fearful of death is because we cannot overcome addiction of love. We cannot overcome self and personal attachments. We are tightly linked with love of our family, of our child, of our wife, of our country, of our religion, of our society and so on. The fear is also because the lack of our own self in order to fail to surrender. Most of the times we are escaping from our self. The missions, goals and dreams which we develop may come true or may not but the time will come when we all have to go someday, living everything behind us. Religion will teach us to believe in afterlife, reincarnations and science will deliver us the fact and stats behind the reasons for death. One wise man once said, “To understand death, you need to understand life and go beyond the death, living life for only one day.” I was greatly touched and influenced by that wise man. Maybe he is right, how can we understand death without first understanding life? There are always the things which we want to accomplish tomorrow, if we cannot live for today, how can we live tomorrow? These statements are absolutely true.

Now, what will happen when I will die? I have my personal life, I have done something and I am trying to do something more but will it make any difference to my family, or, will it make any difference to my material life which I have gained, what will happen to my blog which is updated every day?, what will happen to my secret passwords, my secret love, my secret bank account, my secret username and password in e-mails, my secret stuffs and many more such secrets.. Will it make any difference, I don’t think so. Those who are public figures will get high attention and the whole world will know that personality is no more and I understand this, because they are the people whom we trust, society trusts and country loves. I asked the same question to the wise man stating, “what will happen on the day I will die?”, the wise man said, “don’t worry; you will take a nice long break from this unhappy materialist world and you will wake up when this materialistic world will be happy again.”

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Story begins...

Now I do not know why, but it feels that today she is going to take this big step and come close to me. She is the most beautiful women that I have seen. She is ever changing and blazing like never before. She looks much prettier than the red rose.

What is wrong today with this climate? Why is there sun shining when it should not shine. The temperature is below the zero and today the sun is shining above my head. Oh ! God, I am little worried but at the same time I am little happy. I want to see her. I want to take her into my arms and feel the heat.

The heat of two hearts, the hearts which are far from each other. But No way, the distance cannot make it difficult for us. The distance will never create a problem. I know. Whatever it takes, I will go and see her. Whatever be the situation- even if God does not want me to let me go, I want to just see her.

Is there any wrong in seeing the person you like? Is there any mistake that I commit in doing the things my heart wants to do? Do I have to see the difference that society sees as the blockage? Why do people talk about the sex, religion, caste, age and many of such bullish non-sense? Why should I care? I have come to the conlcusion that if we see the difference and if I see those from the eyes of the people, then I am not being myself. I am being them.

I do not want to be them no, no way. I just want to be myself. I know she like me not the society, not my race, color, religion, age and whatever. I know, she just wants to see me as I want to see her. I know she has this dramatic blaze of glory inside her. When we are together, we are only together and we do not see the world around. I know this is the most beautiful thing ever one person can imagine. I do not want to say Good bye to her. Never! I have started hating the word Goodbye. I do not now why but I do not like Goodbyes now.

She is the one. The beautiful wedding dress and the beautiful look just makes me crazy all the time. I am alive now. She makes me alive. She is the one who I always wanted. I see if we had already met before. I think we had met already before. Not in this present relationship but in the past. I know I went to war and I could not come back home. I know she waited for me. I know I have done wrong by asking her to wait for me. She was alone, She was all the time waiting for me. Every day, when she looked outside from her window, there was fear and desperation in her eyes. The desire of seeing me with my bags running and coming close to her. Smiling all the time. But after a while- sun will feel the shyness and go and hide into the darkness. She waited for me so long.

I am sorry that I made her wait. I do not want to loose her again. She is the one that I have waited for more than sixteen months. She is the true beauty that I cannot stop admiring. She is the most precious gift that I ever wanted. She is the best thing that have ever happened to me. Oh God, I am so alive now. I want to start writing about all these. I want to dedicate my life is telling the story to all. I want to say that, such a romantic love and evolve from the beauty of our story. This is the story which needs to be told. This is the story which has to come out and give the lessons to those who never have fallen in love before. This is the story also for those who fight in every day life about not living together, this is the real story of these two couple who cannot live without each other even just for a second.

The journey has started and let this journey now begin...

(Author is working on a new project)

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Faith and Science

Yesterday, We were celebrating a friends birthday and it was very nice experience with all the friends gathered to express the views, share opinion and eat a great food. We had a Nepalese special momo prepared and we had it with total joy.

There were loads of discussion regarding various issues, some where to political and some were just useless. The person who talks louder speaks nothing. There were loads of great issues such as spirituality and Science and which one is the best among others. Some others issues were such as how a vegetarian people can survive without eating non-veg items so on and so forth.

When taking into account the main issues of spirituality there are some concepts which they thought have to be changed but I do not believe that there is one right answer. It is totally stupid to think in the way we think now a days. People think that Science will explain everything and we all have answers to all the unknown processes. But further from the science there is something very natural which is the uppermost layer of the all. We call it by different names- Faith, God, Super Power, Natural Power etc. All these lead us to believe on something which is exceptional and something outstanding beyond our understanding.

I read yesterday in the New York Times that Scientist are using the Mirror to learn more about the understanding the human and various cognition process of how the mirror can reflect the personality and so on. Science and faith are two different branch of a tree which will lead us to one final destination.Both the ways are scary and one among the other cannot make a entire tree. A tree here is the existence of this human concept, ideas, theories and everything that makes us believe that we are existing.

Science is created by humans and is the Spirituality. Only difference is that the Spirituality came first and Science the next. The developments are made by Science therefore modern men and women believe more on science than spirituality. however, It is always good to know the roots before you take out the fruits from the tree. Learn the basics of from where we came and what would be our core existence.

Who are we ? Who am I ? The question is not to the readers but the writer himself is asking to him that who am I ? Am I any physical existence that humans around me see or am i similar to the animals who live in the forest. To answer who am i ? I have already written it in my profile that I am no body. I am a body with no in front of it. I am a body with flesh, bones and the whatever the outer part is seen from the it. A normal human being with two legs, two hands and two eyes, two ears a mouth, eyes etc.

When one can know oneself then one can try to know about who we all are ? The answer to the first question is the by understanding the answer to the next question. Without understanding who you are how can you try to understand who others are ? They might look same, they might have the same physical structure as of you but they are not thinking the same as you are thinking, they are not doing the same as you are doing, they are eating the same as you are eating so on and so forth.

Do you know why we have group of humans doing the single task ? We build up army, military and group of people only to perform a single task why ? It is because when a task in one, it will be easier if the number of humans will set the one common goal and do the task simply because the work will be done faster and the time will be saved.

Coming back to the question of faith vs science, it is long long debate and one simple answer to thing is to please go back and read the question yourself, try to find the answer to your own very existence. I am not asking you to do the thing, but if you feel you should ask these very important question then please do otherwise please leave it.

Faith is important to understand more about you and science is also important to understand how it connects to give some logical answer from our very own nature about how it really works. Which makes sense to many of us at present moment. Today, most of the humans are more involved in doing research in science then research in spirituality but by the combination of these two will lead us to new path and new way of finding our core destination will be easier.

Between Science and Spirituality there must be one very cool, calm and very sweet path which will lead us to understanding more about our human worries, depression, struggle, existence and many more. It is just again the matter of time which will be make sense to our sense.

Friday, July 11, 2008

9 hours to death.

How would you survive when you know the fact that you are going to die today ? What will happen then ? Now, think and imagine that you are surely going to die today and what would you do before its 9 hours of your death.

The situation is more complex and it becomes more complicated when you are far away from home living or studying in some place and you have not seen your parents for more than a year. Now, Think. Just take it seriously and think. The last statement will not make you serious just simply because you are not going with the same difficulty as the the person who really is going to die within 9 hours.

Will he make a call and tell every one that he really missed them or will he just feel afraid of his death and visit church or temple or some religious organization just to pray for his life. ? What will be good for him. Will he get back his life ? Should he visit a doctor and ask for help or should he visit religious organization to ask for help ? He also knows that none of them will really help. He knows the fact that nothing will help and none of them will give him the life.

What is that you are going to do ? Death is certain and we do not realize it many of the times. The time when we do not realize the time our death is very near. Some times a person wanting to die will not die and survive more than he really thought of living. And Some times a person does not want to die, does thousand and one thing to make himself, fit and fine- cool and nice suddenly he is no longer present.

Many of the times we are afraid of death just because we know the fact that we will loose our relatives, our parents, our loved ones and many such things which are temporarily ours. Nothing is ours and nothing will be ours. We came alone and we are going to alone. Every body who is connected with you are just connected to show the world and the beauty of it. The relationship is an emotional bond which makes us realize that they are with us forever and they will not leave us entire our life but that is not true.

It is good that emotional bond is present which helps people to make some connection between each other besides that nothing is true. Now, coming to previous Person who is going to die within some time period what is your answer ? Should he visit religious places to ask for his life or should he simply live a life and wait for the death.

What would a person do ? He is afraid, scared and very worried about his life. He do not want to die just like that. He has not seen his family for a year. He is really worried. He wants to meet his lovely sweet girl who is far from him but he could not only because he has only 9 hours. Even if he tries to fly and visit her he could not because it takes couple of days before he reaches to the place.

He is thinking a lot and worried that what will happen to his sweet girl after him ? Will she be shocked with the incident that happened with him or should he just inform the girl and tell her that he is really going to die. Should he tell his parents that he is going to die or should he hide from them.

A person then suddenly sees the butterfly hanging around the tree and he sees the flower. The butterfly approaches the flower and it reaches to sit in the flower. Suddenly, an insect engulfs the butterfly. He is amazed to see such an incident. He thinks now that, a butterfly which did not knew that it is going to die a very next second it sits in the flower, he has 9 hours before he is going to die.

He has lot of time to live a life. He then madly laughs. He shouts very loudly and he just starts to do the things that he has never done in his life. He has never swim in the lake. He goes to the lake, starts to swim. He has never said, hello to the person who walks in the street. He says, hello to all those person he meets in the street. He sees the one beautiful old women who is selling some cloths, he goes and stars to buy some clothes. He just behaves totally like a crazy guy who has gone mad.

Every body whoever looks at him thinks that a person has gone mad. He dances in the street. He has never tasted a Cow meat, he goes to shopping mall and buys cow mean, prepares it and eats. He is living in total joy and happiness. He is living in the moment. He is not worried simply because he knows the very next second that is given to him is not his.

When a very next second presented to him is not his, why should he worry ? He does not make any plan simply because he do not have anything to loose. Now, he has 2 hours left at this time he calls his sweet girl.

He has never said that, how much he loves the girl. He proposes her. He says,he loves her than his life. He has loved her the moment he saw her. He says, 100 times he really loves her and he has never felt such love for anyone except her. He has never betrayed her and he will love to love her till he is alive. Girl is surprised and shocked, she is very happy to hear such pleasant words that she always wanted to hear from her ideal husband. She is so happy that she cannot express in words. She gives load of kiss to him. She says, she will wait till he comes and picks her up and gives her a wedding ring. Tears flows down the person eyes, still he does not show to her and happily hangs on receiver of a phone.

At last, he calls his family. He talks with both mom and dad and finally says that they were the best mom and dad he ever had. He will if there is next life, will love to be there child again. Both Mom and Dad are surprised to hear such a statement from a Son and asks if anything is wrong but he says nothing.

Finally its a minute left before his death. He is going to die now. He sits in a position of some Guru with his bend knees and head upright. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath. he knows the countdown has begun. He remembers all those things that he has done in his life, he remembers all those pleasant moment that he has spent in his life, finally he remembers his future wife and family. At last, he is silent. He falls from the position he is sitting. He is breathing no more. He is no more with us.

Thursday, July 3, 2008

We all are GOD.

Welcome to a new place, a place where there is no one except you. A place which looks very fearful, a place where there is only darkness and no sun light. A place where there are only green trees and sound of violent animal all around.

Only thing you can see is the no one except you and you are in this jungle kind of place where only your screams are heard and nothing else. You can shout but no one will response in that shout. You can scream loud and no one will response instead. It is just like a night mare . However, the place is real and you have to face the consequences of being there. It was all in your mind. You wanted to be there no body else. You wanted to visit such place even though you do not like to explain it to any body but you have to now tell what happened in this place. A strange place, a place which no one would ever like to be, and never ever want to visit again.

You want to run but there is nowhere you can reach. you are hungry and you want to eat food but there is nothing except the green trees and wild animals. you want to hide but there is nothing that you can hide. You are trying to find why you reached in this place ? you are surprised and now you want to escape, from a reality. You can only see the ocean in one side when you travel and in the next side never ending jungle. There are thousand questions in your mind and you want them all answered. Who is going to answer all your questions ?

You are terrified, worried, anxious and very frightened deep inside you. You want a change, You are fed up eating green leaves, and fruits of the trees, you suddenly want to kill those animals who are making noise and giving you trouble when you asleep. You are really angry with them-Now, you start finding some techniques to kill them. You suddenly realize that well, you can kill them by hitting them with some stones but when you tried they ran away from you. You failed, now you tried to kill them with some trees trunks or some kind of sharp stone that you found. You attempted to kill one, next day you succeed and then you finally saw a blood in them. You are happy that the very animal will not give you problem but you also wanted to taste the blood of that animal. Slowly, you start eating them. You liked the taste and now you do it more than often.

Next day you saw an animal mating with another animal. You are thrilled to see such thing happening in front of you. You want to experience the same but the big problem now lies is how can you find the similar animal like you. You saw it and now you want it. When you first see it then you felt what if I do the same ? What will happen ? Is it tasty as the meat of the animal I killed ? In search to quench the thirst of the mouth you now went in search of similar animal like you.

You traveled, made a long journey but you can hardly see any body who looks similar to you. Until one day, you saw one animal who had these two orange hanging in their chest and long long hair similar to you and was looking almost similar to you. At first you were frightened that the animal is strange and might be of danger. You attempted to kill her. You tried to throw some sharp weapon towards her and kill her but she escaped. Now you wanted to see her, meet her and tell her you look similar but she was gone.

Next day, you saw her again. This time she was shocked and surprised to strange man like you. She approached you, and touched you. You were sleeping at that time. Her touch made you feel strange. You felt some thing happening inside you. you wake up with the strangely. you shouted towards her, you said,.. ah ah ah.. the meaning in those words were clear- do not touch me. Later, after a while she touched you, touched your whole body and you felt very good. Slowly you thought your main aim of mating with like the animal and you started the process of doing it. She did not agree but your touch, your kiss and you approach towards her led her open towards you. you did what the animal do and then finally you enjoyed it.

Following day, you wanted to do more and you stayed there with her. You repeated the same thing time and again, almost every day until one day she was pregnant and you were very happy to see something strange coming out of her. You do not wanted anybody or any animals or any insects or anything to touch her. you were only devoted to her deeply, she gave birth to four child in a row. You were surprised to see so many of your children. You now started to fetch food for them, find a simple place where no rain, snow, wind and heat will disturb your family. You made a simple hut which led to one simple family living happily.

One day when you were searching for food you found the same kind of huts in a jungle with couple of family, you then talked in the language that they understood. Finally you moved to the same place and a community was build.

A process of human development started similarly like this- the big question is who made the first man and women ? Was it GOD ? The answer is big NO.

We are similar to animals who now rule the world and religion is created by one of the man from a community who wanted all his fellows to follow him. He was the person who made the rules, regulation and a proper system so that none of the people will fight or go for war. We call that person now as GOD but that is just our own way of looking at that person. Stop violence and spread the message of love. We all are GOD. We all have capability to rule not others but ourselves. Just sit idle and think.

Monday, June 23, 2008

Monday again !

Whenever we are expecting something we do not get what we are expecting. Why is this ? Why do not we get what we expect ? What goes wrong ? Is it because we are thinking that particular thing should or must happen or is it because we are thinking what if something wrong goes and how would we feel then ? Is if good for our brain ? Can it be good when you expect and you suddenly do not get what you expect or do not achieve what you desire or think ?

To some extent it is good, but many of the times it is not just because you are experiencing something bad inside you. It is just because your emotions are attached with your expectations. Once your emotions are badly effected then you will feel very bad about what you wanted or expected or desired.

How about you expected and something really happened ? When something like this happens then it is by the virtue of your brain and your true path to destination. It means that you are in right track and you are heading in right pace. It means that you are getting what you really desired. It is good to know that many of the times some of your days are not good. For me, I take as Monday. My feelings are such that nothing is going to work for me on Monday. I have deeply rooted this thought in my mind and whenever something happens or something is expected from me or from my own life then I immediately think well, today is Monday.

Why am I taking this particular day as totally negative ? Is it because in all the mondays in my life something bad has happened or is it because I am too much of fearful of Monday. Why ? Based on my past experience I do not want to see this day. In past out of 100 Mondays 90 Mondays are not good. How would you feel then ? It is the same feeling as any person would have after he/she is betrayed by his husband or wife.

A child touches the fire once he touches the fire then suddenly he realizes that it burns his fingers. Next time onwards he will not touch the fire only because he has a past experience of touching a fire and fear of burning his fingers. Once you are fearful of yourself how would you again go and touch the same thing ?

I would call this as- First step is Last step. A step taken once is the last step taken, you may do thousand of things in your life but be careful to take the first step. The first step will determine how would you feel about the things and activity.

Yet again, a Monday which does not work out. A day which should be removed from the Calendar in my dictionary. Just not because it does not work out for me but it is not good to keep it there. It is the day of death. It is the day of fear and it is the day where something if going to work for you is also not going to work.

Well, It cannot be judged with all other people around the world. If you ask others they will say that there best day is Monday. A brain is where everything is made. A thinking which connects our expectation and our future plans. Once you start making something futuristic and you think that particular thing is going to work for you then suddenly that will not work.

A person should not worry either it will work or not or weather he expected and he got something or not but rather he should worry on what he has got at the moment. A full concentration on the present will give him the true path to the destination.

When we fully give our mind and our full physical body to a work or task or any event that is at the moment in front of you then at that moment you are living yourself to that moment. "Live in moment, everything expected will automatically come your way".

Sunday, May 25, 2008

Child Within

A lazy Sunday morning, reminds you that you can sleep longer than the usual weekends. It is good that you get a good sleep but it is not good that you waste your time just like that. A early to rise and early to bed-makes child healthy, wealthy and safe.

We are all child, inside us still remains our childhood, we may become adult, young, old but at the very core of our heart their lies a child who is naughty, who wants to steal something, who wants to smile, and who is eager to know-asks too many of the questions all the time.

A child is pure form of human being. A form which do not have anything to hide, it has direct connection with God, the creator. It talks directly with him. His message are the heard earliest then any other messages. In real world practical scenarios too, a message of child is easily heard by the father. A father immediately replies him with the answer.

A child is sleeping in all of us. Wake him up, make your life beautiful with the child within you. How ? Just wake him up whenever you feel. If he is not sleeping than you look too childish and it is the pure form of human existence. It is clear, pure and beautiful. Every body like child. If not many of them like child.

A child is wise, wants to learn all the time-he is hungry for the learning. He does not know many of the things and many of the stuffs that are present in this real world. He wants to know them. Give him the answer. At least try to convince him. Make him happy. In the process of making him happy you will make yourself happy.

Some times it is very easy to misunderstand the other people if you do not have a kind of childish behavior. A movement of eyes will tell everything about what the other person is saying or thinking. It is most easy way to detect the behavior of the person.

People can talk big, they can have great ideas in their mind but at the very end of the day they still maintain their identity. They are not easily giving off their race, they do not want to listen something wrong about the country, culture, language, ethnicity, developments and so on. People always want to promote by saying my country is good, my land is great and we have this-we have that.

It does not matter what you have or what you have been doing. The most important things that matter is how many people did you helped today ? How many people you make smile today ? How many of them get inspired by your words or your words of inspiration today ? How many think you really are speaking truth and how many of them trust you today ?

In every question their is today. The today signifies that we have to be in present. The moment of time is just Now. People do not have long memory to take it for longer period of time. We tend to forget everything in past or future. It is now which is most important.

A child always lives in NOW. He does not know what is wrong or what is right. He is simple and lives very ordinary life. He has nothing to hide and nothing to tell. If he has something to tell he will easily tell you and he has hide something he will again let you know later. He is not afraid of anybody. He is smiling all the time. A child smiles 5000 times a day but a Man smiles not more than 50 times a day.

The difference is that people when grow become more cautious about the health, about the other people and they think what others will think about them. When you think what others will think you will not do what you really intend to do.

Feel free like a bird, a bird which can fly anywhere it wishes to go. A bird who has an open sky with no difference with any other birds. It might belong to one species of bird but they do not have the real difference. It flies just it has to. It has broader horizon-it can travel all around the world. It has a huge blue sky over it. It has no limitation. It is not bounded by anything. Let us be something similar to a child and fly as if we are bird with not just the literature in our mind but the implement what you have read. Implement in your real life. I know it will be magical. You may even can predict the future-you will always be ahead of times.

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Why are we addicted ? What is the reason that we do the same thing time and again? Many people cannot quit alcohol, smoking habit, cigar habit and so on. Why do we take the alcohol and just keep on taking it too much.

We are addicted not only to alcohol but to many of the things that we do not know. We are addicted to sleeping, we are addicted to food, we are addicted to money and we are also addicted to sex.

Can any one tell me who is not interested in doing sex ?. you cannot find any one. We like to do the same thing time and again only because the end result what we think is pleasure. The end is that which gives us pleasure.

Some times we often get addicted to cigarette, it is just a habit we get into. The habit is something which is just an repetition of same thing time and again. We repeat, repeat and repeat.

Why some one smokes ? It differers from person to person, the opinion are countless. People might say-its my habit, its my nature, i cannot live without it, it digest my food, it look cool, my idol smoke too so i do, to remove my tension, to get pleasure, to enjoy, nothing, just like that, entertainment, so on and so forth.

These all are excuses, we are just giving some king of excuse to escape from the things that we cannot do. The thing that we cannot do is we cannot control our mind.

No body on earth or hardly anyone in this planet will find it easy to give up smoking, or drinking or what so ever they are addicted to. Why ? Only because they cannot control their mind.

You do what your mind ask you to do. You are just a car and the driver is some one else. Driver is your brain. It drives you to the place you want to go. It is controlling you. Try to control the driver. Be the Boss of your mind not the Mind who boss you.

Last night I was having the conversation with my friend and we has written the same topic about why people are addicted and what can we do to find the alternatives of alcohol. My suggestions are mentioned above to all those who are victim of the alcohol. I am just supporting my friends point of view.

Finally, I would like to say that- Ask me how to control your mind I will give you thousand and one way to achieve it. Ask me, as It is free of cost. I am not doctor, no psychologist, no professional on this subject but I am the one who controls his mind.

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Life without you.

I am really depressed, sad and hollow. I am empty and blue. I am feeling bad about myself because I know you are not with me. I am alone, I do not trust anybody because I know nobody does trust to me. Some times I have the feeling that I should kill myself but again I remember that I am not alone anymore.

Who should I live for ? Is it for you who is very far from me or Is it my loneliness that possibly would be filled. I cannot imagine you in someone else arm because I am jealous about loosing you. I cannot say weather I love but I know I cannot live without you.

Are marriages made in heaven ? If yes, then where is this place ? I am stupid that I am asking so many questions but its not with some body else I am asking it to but with myself. I read an article about Osho today and he said that life is not about birth and death it is far more important and difficult to understand then it.

I do not want to know about life or love but I want to be close with you. How is it possible for me to quit everything and close to you ? I know the simplest solution is the most difficult to take. What is their in you that reminds me that I cannot live without you. What is that you can give it to me which I cannot live without.

People do thousand and one thing to impress their partner, girl friend and wife but what should i do to impress you despite the fact that i know you do not expect anything like me. Are we really destined to each other ? People might wonder and ponder after saying so many words about you I am asking the question are we destined for each other.

Why is that marriage fall apart and girl friend of many guys leave their boy friend ? Isn't it very difficult to answer. I like this word called difficult because everything that seems difficult to others is easy to me and everything that seems easy to others is very difficult for me.

The answer to the question is that every girl have one thing in common and that one thing is that they are jealous of other girl. Every women can either be very good to other women or either will be very god enemy. Most of the times women hate other women. They cannot see other women progress. Why ? It is because women are jealous and they are thinking too much. Sometimes they do not even think but they pretend they are thinking.

It is easy to say that they always expect the unexpected from their partners also. When their partner do not give or satisfy or could not some how satisfy her do not get me wrong with the word satisfy- it doesn't necessarily mean sexual satisfaction but the satisfaction of all kind then women start getting bored. They behave irrationally they will do something stupid which will irritate the man, boy friend and a husband. This phenomenon is usually happening therefore most of the marriages, relationship do not last long.

Do not believe me but try to learn those golden words what came just from the scratch. You will believe me when you will trust me and it is difficult to trust somebody so easily. Trust starts from the letter "t" which I have given the meaning "t"=truth and the ending of letter in word "trust" is "t" again which also means "t"=truth.

This is how I have understood and this is my philosophy of understanding the English words. I do not know history and I do not want to know them anymore. If you trust me then you will see the meaning of these words. To get an solution to an individual problem you have to have patience and wait because what I am learning is what I am presenting it.

Life without you is life without meaning, without any reason, without any climate and without any motive. I really don't know if i will be alive to see you. If I will be, I would like to die in your arms. Wish you were here to see what I am going through, everything we wish does not come true and with everything their is again nothing...Life without you...

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Saturday, January 5, 2008

Just one day

Life is just like this, we always have to learn from every day lesson we learn in life. I had a job called paper delivery I used to do but now I am alone. It is one of good thing that my good friend gave me the job but it really feels bad when you are doing nothing and you are alone, wasting your time. Sometime I often think why so many people in world are depressed is this whole world is made for only rich people? And why people are depressed commit suicide? Why so many people do not want to live and die the death with honors? This world is not for us. You know why? Because it belongs to those who are doing badly in every day context in every situation. If you take a path of complete truth you will reach no where. Probably you will land to some desert just doing some meditation or will become complete monk but if you will take a path of complete false, speak lie every day and take a wrong way then one day you will end up to highest ranging business executive or you may even become a great politician leading your country. This is what the life is like this. Bob Marley wanted to create peace in whole word and wanted to remove racism from whole word. He thought that music can be used to remove the racism and create peace in world. Well, he could not succeed neither did the Beatles nor any one will ever can create the peace or remove racism from this world. Where there are good things there should be bad things. A single person life is nothing. It is not the script of his own but he can change his destiny by changing the way he thinks. Let me give you an example, If I were smoking 16 yrs of my life can I just quit smoking from the day I will think that I do not want to smoke anymore ? Think on that. I know no body will and there can hardly anyone who will quit it but I can say to you, “you can!”Life is just like this... Today is completing different then tomorrow and tomorrow we do not know what is going to happen. I am not feeling good; I do not know….Life is so boring I do not have anything to do... I am alone… I am depressed … I do not want to write because I am complete looser… why to live a life of complete dull? No skills no talents…. There are more than million writers writing in this world … every body wants to be famous writer… I am no writer. I am no engineer. I could not even be paper delivery boy. Now what Santosh? Will it be good to commit suicide and quit the world? Think my dear think!

Well, when I start to think and think that can I kill myself I remember her, I remember the people associated with me. If tomorrow I am no more what people will talk about me, they will say- “This guy was complete psycho, thanks god he died” what would my father do ? What will he think, who is investing some more than 12 thousand Euro for the studies which hardly can even give some job. I remember the hard work he himself is doing to earn a single penny. I remember when he still is working very hard, for whom? It must be for his children and his children are we. If I do something stupid tomorrow then I will make so many people sad and they will be blamed for what I would do. Well, it is good to live a life of dull, looser, complete asshole and coward then just kill yourself. Those who do think of killing themselves should think about the person associated with them before killing oneself. If you are killing yourself then you are killing everybody around you. Always remember everybody will get his/her turn. We all were born and we all have to die one day. No one can change it. No science, no god and no magic. It is the fact and truth, so why to change this on our own. We cannot decide what is going to happen next no matter what? We are humans and we will be humans, we can have vision, we can share our thoughts we can build great infrastructure we can conquer Mount Everest and land to moon but we cannot change the next 25 seconds of our life. This is truth.
Believe it or not, we all are destined to do something in this world and we all got some kind of talent, It is the time … and the time we realize we got this or that talent we will live with peace and happiness around us.

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

I will kill myself

Price you pay for having to deal with those minor problems is far less than the price you pay for not recognizing they are yours.Every thing that happens in our life is our fault and ours alone.I feel like i will kill myself. I have lost a interest in any aspect of life. I know one day we all are going to die. why not now ? what is the use of living a life when you are sure that one day you will be dieying.I will not earn a fame in one day. No body knows me. who am i ? why am i here in this planet? what is my purspose of living a life which is so meaningless to me? I dont think i will live now. I will kill myself. Life starts first., we some age then we start studying. why to study ? To earn a certificate. why to get certificate ? To get a job ? why to get a job ? To earn a money ? why to earn a money ? To live life full of joy. To eat good food. Why to eat ? To survive. Why to survive ? To Die.

I am going to kill myself. Thank you for reading this. Hope you get what you want in your life. May god bless you all. Bye Bye !!!