Thursday, June 19, 2008

Magic or Risk ?

In Brida, a book that Paulo coelho wrote back in 1990, there are two ways to recognize soulmate. Through Magic - meaning : entering a state of transe in which you can see a bright spot over the shoulder of your soulmate - or, by taking risks, by making mistakes, by being with the wrong people until you find your soul mate.So he asked the following question: Would you try to find your soul mate through magic or by taking risks, making mistakes?

In response to above question of great Writer Paulo Coelho here is what I have to say- the article presented down has been approved by an administrator of Paulo Cohelo in his blog. You can find a copy of same article under his blog too.


It is very easy to take the first step that is to go through the magic and just wait to see if a person is really a soulmate. But at the same time it is difficult to go and check, do mistakes and try until a right person is met at the end.

One will surely chose the first step and think something automatically happens for him, I think if I was the person to choose the soulmate I will rather go for the second and take risk because once I take the risk I will be doing the mistakes and at the same time I will be learning something new from each and every women I try. It is a process to find the right person in life.

I do not believe there is any soul mate or black mate or white mate only because there is only one thing existing in this world and that is a mate. The rest is to us, by which name we call them. We can call her as a soulmate but what is the proof that a person will really be a soulmate and not leave you after a while.

A man has no mate except a mate who is himself. A girl in his life just bring a momentary joy which we can with some name. However, even though the magic is easy I will not suggest anyone to go and see the white bright light over the shoulder just to find a true partner in life rather go and talk, enjoy, fight, laugh, weep, get angry, feel sad and feel happy by taking risk in life.


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