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Monday, August 2, 2010

Politics and the English Language by Orwell

In "Politics and the English Language", Orwell provides six rules for writers:

* Never use a metaphor, simile, or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.
* Never use a long word where a short one will do.
* If it is possible to cut a word out, always cut it out.
* Never use the passive where you can use the active.
* Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word, or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.
* Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.

—George Orwell, Politics and the English Language, Horizon, April 1946 [67]

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Opportunity Vs. Losses

Dear all,

I was just thinking past few days that life is all about making choices.

On one hand we have opportunity and on the other hand we have losses. If the losses are more than the opportunity than the human can feel sad, depressed and many more. If the opportunity is more than the losses than human will feel joy, pleased, overwhelmed and many more.


What if the human has to decide between opportunity and losses?

Why is then it becomes important that one has to listen to heart instead of mind and make decisions.

The answer is very simple,

Because Heart is never wrong. It takes us in the path of destiny.


I am here now deciding between opportunity and losses, little confused, tired and frustrated.

Should I choose to give up something for something more important?

This literally means, who is right- Mr. Heart or Mr. Mind?

Maybe, Mr. Mind is thinking short term but Mr. Heart always thinks long term. So, the answer is Mr. Heart is always right.

I do not know much about the dreams so I ain’t got any answer to that. It is very obvious that “why” is rather very unimportant question if you are in the path of your dreams.

Let me give you few additional lines to rejoice-

-Life is all about making choices: important vs. very important.

-Dreams are deep visions just like a depth of lover’s love in search for his/her love.

-The question is never asked by Mr. Heart or Ms. Heart, the question is asked only by Mr. Mind or Ms. Mind

-Who is right and who is wrong, let us not decide that in search of dreams, my lord
Love is the sound of music in heart
let us be solid like rock
untouched and unmoved by any extreme difficulties
as the dreamer we are, dream is we

-As Christmas is coming, wish your dreams will be running along the stream of river, life is simply like flowing river and may your opportunities exceed losses in the life full of hope.

God bless you all !

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Does Context make art?

What is art? Is art a music or is the art the art drawn by Leonardo da Vinci or by Jules Joseph. Is art the drawing that shows the artist caliber? What is that we called art? A writer art could be the text that he inputs in his plain white paper. A musician art could be the music that he plays in the audience. A lover art could be the love he shows for his lover. Art could come in many form, shapes and size. It has no limit and no boundary.

Art to me could be nothing to other. The way look at art is also different and the perception can vary from the person to the other person. Art has value because artist has created it. The value could also differ depending upon the time and circumstances.

One person can give more value to the "same stuff" and other could give no value at all. But great art is appreciated by all. There are no person without a talent. Everybody in the world comes with the talent. The showing off the talent of the person could result into the performance. The performance could give the impact to his/her audience.

Depending upon the impact his art is appreciated or depreciated. There are no good or bad artist there are only artist. The formulation of good or bad depends upon the taste of the person. These taste vary depending upon the time and the circumstance.

Some artist could show off there talent in the right place at the right time and there work is valued. But some artist could not get the right place to show there potential. To those who does not get the right place to show off there talent they choose the place where there are large number of the audience.

For example, If you consider me as the artist. Or, let us suppose for a while that I am a artist and my job is to write a comment on your blog. Now, this might not be considered a fantastic art because writing a blog is just putting an opinion on the title of the author. Well, Let us say- this is very least form of art. Which could be defined as the creation of comments depending upon your own personal experience and expertise in the field you are talking. Now, When you read all those artist and there comments, we think that they all have point to make and they are saying some valuable things about the same topic.

When every body is giving his thoughts and ideas on the same topic you cannot say that all of these people are good or great artist but you can at least say that every body is right. or every body has some form of talent. Another perspective to look at these people or least artist is that, why are they here? Most of them just are here to put the comments or thoughts or share there opinion but if you take me for example, then I am here because I have audience who are equally participating in the discussion of the topic which I am interested.

When I have large number of audience with greater thoughts and insights then surely there is the larger the impact. Well, People can always have different opinion on any of the other person's opinion.

Therefore, Context is important but not very important. For example, the musician near the busy streets of the market. Well, who will notice if he was the great musician or not great musician. Simply because, every body is moving on. There are people who are busy in there own problems. They do not have time to listen and even if very few are interested they are free or have nothing to do.

Every body is doing there work at that period of the time. Some are getting late for there work, some have train to catch, some just had fight with there partner, some is busy in thinking for there next project, some are going for the shopping, some are going to buy a drink and so on. These people are running for nothing. Why? If I have to live my life my way, I listen to what my inner voice has to say, there are always difference but which one is right and which one is wrong can be easily distinguished.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Saturday mantra.

No words, only some of the video on my blog. The reason of doing this is simply because I was little being too lazy on writing something on the blog.

But here I come again, with words full of ideas and these ideas with illogical connection between them. I hope to some it makes sense and to some it makes non-sense. Anyways, I do not have any motto to impress or inspire any one.

"Come together and love together", Any thing that we do should be part of showing up with group and bunch of people who find your stuff interesting. Therefore, just open up your diary as usual and start blogging. Something like this knock me- out and I am here again with my laptop and me alone in the room. With the flow of words and no restriction what so ever with my flow of these words to the application that I am using to write into this blog.

When we were child, we did not care much about what people around us has to say. Now slowly, when are grown adult we just keep on thinking on what others will think about the things that we often do. This level of our maturity is called "Adult". A true Gentleman way of working and behaving in multicultural world.

Culture should be understood as not the way of medium which divides people but the culture should be understood as the medium of brining people together. There has to be no difference. I understand that people have differences, so do the cultures but think on the basis of minimizing those differences. Do not try to say that, In your culture you do this and in our culture we do this so are far superior than you are .... or something similar.

The point is- there is no point. The word which is useless are the word which will be useful later sometimes. These words are not written without any consent/. These comes from the mind. The mind which is capable of thinking. These thinking are based on knowledge gained from the experiences. The experiences can vary and the experiences of not a single entity is valid enough to make any generalization in the real world.

Any thoughts can be expressed based on person feelings or by reading a great book. But we should not prove who is right or who is wrong. Every body knows that they all are right. The point is- we should try to step back and see the whole world as we can currently see.

When we see the world as we are watching from our eyes currently then we can surely close our eyes and tell the forecast that, world economy is looking gloomy like never before.When the world economy is going down and the IRAQ war still progress with United states then there are more things to worry at the state.

The future needs to be better. The biggest question now is not when or where or why but the biggest question is "how" ? There are problems and problems will never end. However, one can resolve the problems not by working on the problems on hand but by thinking on how can we invite far greater problems to solve.

We all face some sort of problems in our lives. We are in constant need of support, care and well-being. After all, we are called homo-sapiens for that. In future, when our conciousness will loom and we will have no more abilites to think. We will then be controlled by machine which will be called .... A giant machine which will have ability to think on its own.

A machine which will make us a servant and we will work on behalf of this machine. There are some researchers who think "Internet" will become a giant brain in near future. I think why not ? Everything is possible. When no one once imagined, the growth of media is will lead to this tremendous benefit to the society. I think- well, surely one day something like Internet could perform the job of "giant brain". We may be capable of making such machines but what if we loose the control of taking the care of the machine then ?

Anyways, presently that is not going to happen is some years. Therefore, there has to be the many elements which will work together to make out life better. These elements could be care, could be a simple phone conversation, could be a blog without any meaning like this one for example.

Whatever it is, or whoever it might strike- the point is that, there is no point. The meaning is that, there is no meaning. Whatever goes will come back in its normal form one day. There is nothing above or below. There is only one thing all around and that is called- "Nature".

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Improve your desire

Is it a thinking that makes the event happen true. True does not merely mean the intention but the reality in the search of destiny. How do you think ? Can we think about something in our life and the thing happens exactly as we anticipated or expected or wanted or thought of.

Many of the times such thing happens but some of the times it does not happen like that. Is it then gets delayed ? What happens if it does not happen as we expected ? Again, it depends on our thoughts-how long you will search for the same thing and remind in your mind just about the same thing time and again, how many of the times in earth you keep on remembering the same thing time and again and all those things give rise to some kind of pattern.

Just as I am writing the article here, I saw a beautiful girl outside my window she is walking in her own way. She has a black dress and I could not see her from front but why should I care as long as I can see her. My eyes followed till one corner in the road where she disappeared completely. She is gone and I am left with unfulfilled desire. The very time when my eyes went outside the window it gave me an expression that she is a women, a sweet girl and amazing build creature.

The moment it gave some impression-my mind thought of sex nothing more. When my mind thought of the sex it really wanted her in my bed naked jumping and pumping all the part of body and doing all those physical exercise just to fulfill a faction of desire. I do not know how other Man minds think when they see very young, energetic, beautiful lady going on her way and when they can in-fact see her ass.

I believe many men do the same as this ordinary brain of mine. It is the exactly what we think when it comes to women but what does a women thinks when she sees the man ? Does she think the same ? I think- No. May be some women will do but many of them will not think as we men do. However when I am trying to explain such phenomenon it will not be explained since whatever I will write is just negative of what we experience and what we do.

The point of putting this women in the context of this article is that, it is our mind once we think we will want her in our bed, we will get it but the big question is how ? How can you do it ? It is very easy-the very moment I saw her, I should have stopped writing and go and apporach her try to talk with her say hi/hello. Would have talked something funny and rather would have explained the problem that I was currently facing that of seeing her in my own room. It would have drawn her close to some extent towards you.

The other approach would be after a some period of the time the emtion that was raised in the mind of mine will automatically vanish. It is momentarily created and it will automatically go off once you will concentrate on something else. Well, it is not easy as it looks but it is really very easy too. Desire are the problems said by Buddha. He says that once you remove all your desire you will reach to the stage which will lead you to total satisfaction and peace a phase called as nirvana. How much do you agree on it ?

Desire is not the problems or pain it is those that is remained when the words are no longer existing to explain them what it is. It is not what I write or what some body have said it is a want, need and fulfillment. It is created in our mind when we observe. It is through our eyes that we have seen and now we want it for us. Once you close your eyes you will now feel there is nothing except a darkness.

Put yourself with a towel or something for just a minute or two and now see the world outside. You will see nothing except darkness and you will now try to create a imaginary picture of the real world outside which matches somewhat to the real world in your imaginary picture but it is not real. Same is true for our life to some extent when I am explaining you the meaning of improving your desire not totally killing it.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday relationship

A beautiful warm morning making you feel as if your whole entire days will be filled with warm wishes, good luck and charm of other people smile. A good friday morning with friday itself gives a pleasure and it reminds many people around the world-about last working day.

Friday in many places are celebrated with party in the midnight, many kings and queens celebrate it too. Friday is a good day of the week. the pain I was suffering from the last night seem to heal little bit. It is funny that you are doing lot of things and when lot of things make you pain in your body-you really feel as if you are in difficult situation.

There are many kinds of human, there are many thinking and there are many situations. Those who want to say about what they did and how good they did means they have not put much effort on what they really have done. Those who do not know what they are doing and do not want to talk about what they have done are the ones who have really putting lot of effort to do.

Love is the exact answer for many of the solution in our life. We are looking the best people and in search of best people we are getting no one. We are looking, searching, finding and one fine day we meet the person for our life. We are finding him/her and we are thinking now this person is the most suitable in our life. It is not the way we think. One day that we are caught in the fight with the person and everything else destroys easily.

Love and relationship are different. Once you are in love, you do not think of marrige-marriage is an relationship where as love is love. It is just very childish. I was talking once with a friend and she is very beautiful. I thought she is in love with someone. I thought who would it be ? Is it me ? Sometimes I think she is in love with me but again some times I think it might be some one else. I am always worried what if it is not me ? There is a chance of fear, there is a shyness and there is fear in my heart.

The fear gives me less assurance that what if she does not like me the way I like her. But again it reminds me that I have nothing to loose. I think- 99% that she is in love with me. How can a love be turned into the ever lasting relationship ? Is it easy. No, Is it difficult ? No- The solution is not excatly the answer but the answer is the soulution. I do not know. What if she is in love with me but she gets married with some one else ?

There are thousand other questions that I am eager to ask with her. If we are together what would happen ? What if she is with me in my bed putting her head in my chest-talking, sharing her experiences about how much she cared about me a long long time ago. What is she says- that she loved me from long time ago and I did not knew about that. What if I was a fool running after some one esle and the one who was loving me what some body else ?

It is the beginning, for me-I only think about the sex. Whever I start discussing some issues the very fist thing that comes in my mind is what if I will be with her in the bed and doing sex. What if we talk or chat just after our sex. But again- the sex is not the answer to the love. It is totally different. We many of the times forget that when we want or desire about the sex and once we get it, we just then forget about the person and we just need more. It becomes a habit. A long long habit which we follow and it results into the birth of an offspring. The child is then taken care, the life livied for the togethernes becomes the responsibility the total responsibility of feed the child, to live for child and to do good things to child. The process contiues and the process our child follows the same. It is the process and many people follow the same procedure. Imagine being loved by the girl who is far far from you. She liked you, she loved you then more than you thought, she is with you all the time and she is your dream girl- Don't you want to live with her ? You can live with her if you want to-only thing you need is your love for her too.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Nature God

The greatest journey is those which are close to your heart. It is not just a journey but the feeling that you get when you reach to the desire of your destination. The journey gives you lots of pleasure. The pleasure is by changing atmosphere. The place you visit, the people you see, the food you eat, the smell of you take. Everything is dynamic, every thing also seem very dynamic and it gives you pleasure-Once there is pleasure there is feeling of satisfaction. Once you get the feeling of satisfaction you rejoice with eternity.

Life is a similar journey with the taste of finding the same pleasure. Some people get it and some miss it. Some want it but despite the desire they do not get it. It has to be the real desire in you. It has to come from inside you. It will ask you that come on I have to move on in life now.

The words are difficult to merge into a sentence. Often we think many times before even making a sentence just to give the meaning to the sentence. What if we forget the meaning and just try to make a sentence ? Then Our mind will ask us that the reader will not read the text or sentence. We might even think that it will sound stupid to the readers. But what if again- we just make an impression that who cares ? Who cares if no body reads what you have written- or let us say, Imagine No one is reading what you have written. Just write and do not see the consequences or the outcome. Write to show your real desire or feeling or whatever you want to put into but do not judge what others will think about it. ? It is some what said in some religious text books too.

I am doing the same. I do not care as long as my words do not form a meanigful sentence. I do not care as long as the the sentence has no meaning or people even wil think in such a way. It is the judgement done not by me but by others. My hands automatically moves to the keys that I am pressing and my mind automatically thinks over some thing which is visible in the monitor as a sentence. I do not know what I am writing but I think i am writing.

Journey is similar, we do not know where we are going but we are going, moving, exploring, finding and researching what is the next, what will happen, what kind of people we will meet, what kind of food we are going to get, what kind of views we are going to see and what kind of smell of nature we are going to taste.

We are so small- see the mountains, when I see the big mountains in front of me, I really feel that I am very small, then I feel that how strong is that mountain, the mountain with heart of stone, it can resist everything, all the natural calamities, all the natural disaster some times even it can produce something which we call volcanic eruption. Why is nature so different then we really think it is.

We are very close to nature despite that we avoid it many of the times. Many of life lessons comes from the observation of Nature. All the scientific disocery are the gift of Nature, all of the knowledge are of Nature and all the testing people do are also for the benefit or drawbacks to Nature. It is very stong. It can take all our worries, it can even take all what we do. It do not complains, it also do not says anything to us. It is silent all the time. It sees what we are doing. Some couple of weeks back, I saw some video and people said that God is unknown, why do not GOD replies to our messege or prayers ? I assume Nature is GOD. and GOD resides in Nature only because it is very much similar.

May be GOD do not wanted to live inside the human just because it will not be justified to other in whom he cannot reside- Either he has to live in every one or no one. May be he decided to live in Nature therefore no one will see him but every one will see the Nature.

Nature is silent so is GOD, we pray and our prayers are heard based on our own soul and our priorities, it directly goes out in Nature. The nature decides wheather to really answer our prayers or not. If it is not heard that means it is some where there in Nature where one day it will come back and it will be heard but by then we will forget that we really wanted that thing in our life.

Some times in our life too we are really deeply motivated to want or get or desire for something in our life but that desire is pended. It is kept pending by the Nature or GOD. He do not want to give you very easily. Only because it is important for you. Once it is important for you, it become important for Nature too. Most of the times the things you desire or want, you do not get it easily only because you want it and the those which you do not expect you get it easily just because those things are unexplored and unknown or unexpected to you.

Welcome to Nature GOD, a place where you will explore the unexplored, a place where there resides the GOD, a place where you will find the moment of peace.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Be open.

Good morning, beauty of the morning can not be explained. The beauty of women as is indescribable similarly beauty of beautiful morning early sun rays gazing through your windows and falling like a drop of water in your face in very hot summer days.

Fight against race will continue and it is the hot topic for discussion. Obama is fighting against the race whereas at the same time Hilary is fighting against the Gender. The gender issue is almost in the stage of development but the race issue has not even raised with concern. The issue needs some solution. People are getting tired with the same kind of rules being applied. We need to update or change the rules.

Those rules which we follow are the rules which are not valid anymore. The updated rules and procedures are needed in this world of globalization. People have forget that we are making things worse and it will become more worse if we do not take the initiatives as early as possible.

It is good that we have the freedom of speech and expression. We can express what we feel, we can share our views, ideas and thoughts but it is not good that this rules is also used in practice in many different countries. What is going on is not going on correct. What is happening is not happening for good and what needs are not enough.

It is good and it is bad at the same time. People are moving, people are afraid and people at the same time are terrified. These are those people who know or who can sense that sooner or later world will change. I always stick to my sense of believe that it is not world which is changing, it is the people who are changing. It is the people mind which needs the constant change. We live in the world where every day habits become the routine and every day routine becomes boredom. We feel bore and are most of the time fed up with the same face, same culture, same office, same routine, same wife , same sex, same food, same ... and many more.

When everything that we were doing is the same now and was same then; It become the useless. We then slowly start to change our mind. We go for the change. Which is only thing that is permanent in the world. In search of change we do many things. We build cars, we build buildings, we run, we make roads, we dig the earth in search of something and we find Ore, we move and later we explore new territory, we do many things and we evolve as humans. This gives us the complex, dynamic and total virtual world which is the world of today.

Machines are ruling it now. Computers does the work for you. Why do you now need the people ? The days are not very far when everything will be done or managed by the computers. It can also be done with machines. We created it but now they will rule over us.

We should not stop our changing behavior, the result we will get from the changing behavior is the total satisfaction and peace of our mind. If we do not change then we will be the same old stupid guy doing the same old things all the time. Kind of old fashioned typical, stereotypical.

The fight will continue as long as we build guns we create wars, as long as we build machines we cut the jobs and as long as we visit one religious place we will create differences in religion.

I do not ask you to do what mentioned over here I ask you to think over it. Imagine you visit all the religious places, feel the experiences of visiting different places, feel the experiences of visiting different countires, feel the experiences of travelling not only by plane or by car or by bike or by sea just even some times walk.

Everything we do, everthing we see, everything we feel, experience,learn and think are connected to our past, present and future in some manner or some way. Once I remember one of my friend he said- Every person near you will either tell you about your future, your past or your present.

Now it is your time to figure out in which category you want to put yourself. Good luck and Keep always a positive frame of mind set and most importantly be open.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Bless them.

When most of the times you are feeling lonely and alone, when most of times you are not being part of anything, you are with your self- It will seem to many other people that you are lost. You are no anymore. It will be the moment of complete silent. The moment of peace and the moment of vanishment.

The people around you will be curious about you. The people will ask about you, want to know more about you. The more they want to explore about you the more you will show your mysteries to them. The mysteries not is to show, your nature does not automatically will deliver the mysteries but it will be seen to many people that you are kind of mysterious person.

The life is simple-Every body if you watch carefully are in rush. We all want to reach to final destination. May be the project, the work, or even the end of the day, it can also be what we were thinking, we want to get to the destination very soon, very fast. We are in rush. To all those who are in rush-One thing I would suggest, Slow down. I do not mean that you should not work or should not do what you are doing but slow down with your rush, your pace, your speed.

Once I remember I asked one guy to watch his steps. I still remember that. People always want to get everything in life very quickly. May be it could be big house, a good blue color job, nice and beautiful wife, childrens and many more money. Everything that we need and we want to get, everything that we want-will come. It is their but it will need lots of patience and courage to slow down our speed. The speed does not mean that you should not work or you should not do what you are doing. The speed means- Keep it simple. It is upto us to control our daily activities.

Nothing comes ahead of what we think. Whatever we wish, are our just wishes and it will be their somewhere in queue lined up one after another. We make loads of wishes. Even far more than us, girls pray a lot. All our wishes are collected by GOD. He keeps them in his book. He then process all our wishes one by one. Every now and then when we see, we listen, smell, observe and learn we make loads of wishes.

All these wishes are kept according to our own priorities. We wish and we prioritize them. These all wishes are then kept in his book. The GOD decides when, where and how to deliver all our wishes. It is the duty of GOD to do the job for us. He does but he never lets us know that he did the job for us. We humans, think alright. I got what I wanted in my life. All the I, MY makes us egoistic and will create lots of chaos in our life.

We tend to forget that one day we have to visit GOD's home. We are selfish humans living in earth, thinking most of times about our own life. See how many people are hungry at the time you are eating-Bless them before you start your meal. See how many do not have clothes to wear at the time you are wearing fancy clothes-Bless them before you wear them. See how many people are in stage of diaster, unhappiness, fight, war and total chaos at the time you are doing parties and attending fantastic meeting-Bless them before you start your work.

Have any one even tried in their life of blessin those mentioned above ? I guess very few or none. We never do that. We are lazy. We do not want to change ourselves why should we ? What we do not have ? We have everything that we need. When you have everything you need, you become careless. When you are in the other side doing and needing a help you will see what I am seeing.

Blessed are the peacemakers and blessed will be the peace makers and blessing to all those do well-being for peace.

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Human Nature.

We are unique in way we think, we are different in our physical structure and our structure. We look different to each one of us. We look different to others around us only because we like to see them different.

Imagine a world where every body has same face ! To imagine such situation is very stupid idea. Did anybody ever thought why we look different ? Well, their are thousand writers who might have written about this phenomena with their perspective.
Whatever perspective they have taken into consideration and whatever they have done is based on their understanding, research and their findings. I appreciate their hard work and effort. Now, let us see my imagination on why we look different. The message which I want to deliver through this article is that we are not only different but we have something in our head which makes us think differently.

We are all humans. Perfectly OK.
We have different faces but their are some exception to this, People might have similar faces too (very few and limited). Now, What is that triggers us to do something differently every time.

We like one thing and that thing is "change". Everything seems boring when it becomes routine. We like change in our mind,brain( both are quite different) and in our social, personal and daily life.

Big question comes in this stupid mind is why change ? Why not others activities like is it possible to do one thing and continue it forever. As I am asking this question to myself, I would say "yes".

We can make our work as a routine but we can even make it funny routine. The funny routine will give us the change we like. It will tell our brain that this is what I ever wanted. It will bring you the pleasure, you will be passionate about it. How ? The answer to the question is- Change the way you see your life. Change can only be brought to yourself if you think differently not when you are free but when you desire to think, when your brain says I want to change, I want to do something different, At that very moment you got to listen to your brain and mind together. If you resist yourself at that time then you could not satisfy your intelligent brain. and If you could not satisfy you brain you will end up feeling boring.

Every thing, every object and every necessary component of this planet are assigned some task. Take for example clouds-assign to produce rain. Water-drink, provide food to animals and to us. Stars- twinkle in the night. flowers to blossom, wind to blow and so on.

Our brain is organized in such a way that we do not like to see the same stuff, same activities and we do not like do the same thing again and again. For e.g If I was going to one club or pub for a week then usually I will be feeling boring to see the same club or pub every time. What do I want ? Is that pub or club have something wrong ? Is the people in that club not humble and friendly ?

These questions are questions which we would not like to answer and we just need to change and visit new places. We are like in a line of ants. We are good at following the queue or be in the queue. We do not want to be leader in the queue or make our own queue.

Happy Weekend to those who need the happy before weekend. This is simple example of our human nature.

"Change is the only thing permanent in this world"

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Saturday, March 1, 2008

Life without you.

I am really depressed, sad and hollow. I am empty and blue. I am feeling bad about myself because I know you are not with me. I am alone, I do not trust anybody because I know nobody does trust to me. Some times I have the feeling that I should kill myself but again I remember that I am not alone anymore.

Who should I live for ? Is it for you who is very far from me or Is it my loneliness that possibly would be filled. I cannot imagine you in someone else arm because I am jealous about loosing you. I cannot say weather I love but I know I cannot live without you.

Are marriages made in heaven ? If yes, then where is this place ? I am stupid that I am asking so many questions but its not with some body else I am asking it to but with myself. I read an article about Osho today and he said that life is not about birth and death it is far more important and difficult to understand then it.

I do not want to know about life or love but I want to be close with you. How is it possible for me to quit everything and close to you ? I know the simplest solution is the most difficult to take. What is their in you that reminds me that I cannot live without you. What is that you can give it to me which I cannot live without.

People do thousand and one thing to impress their partner, girl friend and wife but what should i do to impress you despite the fact that i know you do not expect anything like me. Are we really destined to each other ? People might wonder and ponder after saying so many words about you I am asking the question are we destined for each other.

Why is that marriage fall apart and girl friend of many guys leave their boy friend ? Isn't it very difficult to answer. I like this word called difficult because everything that seems difficult to others is easy to me and everything that seems easy to others is very difficult for me.

The answer to the question is that every girl have one thing in common and that one thing is that they are jealous of other girl. Every women can either be very good to other women or either will be very god enemy. Most of the times women hate other women. They cannot see other women progress. Why ? It is because women are jealous and they are thinking too much. Sometimes they do not even think but they pretend they are thinking.

It is easy to say that they always expect the unexpected from their partners also. When their partner do not give or satisfy or could not some how satisfy her do not get me wrong with the word satisfy- it doesn't necessarily mean sexual satisfaction but the satisfaction of all kind then women start getting bored. They behave irrationally they will do something stupid which will irritate the man, boy friend and a husband. This phenomenon is usually happening therefore most of the marriages, relationship do not last long.

Do not believe me but try to learn those golden words what came just from the scratch. You will believe me when you will trust me and it is difficult to trust somebody so easily. Trust starts from the letter "t" which I have given the meaning "t"=truth and the ending of letter in word "trust" is "t" again which also means "t"=truth.

This is how I have understood and this is my philosophy of understanding the English words. I do not know history and I do not want to know them anymore. If you trust me then you will see the meaning of these words. To get an solution to an individual problem you have to have patience and wait because what I am learning is what I am presenting it.

Life without you is life without meaning, without any reason, without any climate and without any motive. I really don't know if i will be alive to see you. If I will be, I would like to die in your arms. Wish you were here to see what I am going through, everything we wish does not come true and with everything their is again nothing...Life without you...

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Friday, February 8, 2008

Is Oshama bin laden in Nepal ?

I don't know why I am writing this topic but I think and I always have thought that Oshama bin laden is in Nepal. There are more number of Muslim community in Nepal then in Nepali residing in Nepal alone. I never use to discuss whatever I write with anybody but before writing this My friends do not agree with me. They are saying that Oshama bin laden cannot be in Nepal, No way ! It is impossible and I think I have to agree with them but I don't know I feel as if Oshama bin laden is in Nepal Why any top terrorist is linked with Nepal ? Why is Our country linked as if we are a place to store all the terrorist. I think it has to do with the open border we share with India. It is very easy for any indian to come to Nepal as it is free and open. All the terrorist find them very easy to come to Nepal that is why there is a theme growing in and that theme is that "Do crime in India or in Asia or in World and visit Nepal" I may be wrong about this topic but I think Is their any possibility that Oshama bin laden resides in Nepal ?

Saturday, January 12, 2008

Imagination Vs Knowledge

What happens if you have imagination in you and knowledge in you? Once Einstein said that “Imagination is better than knowledge” So, People what do you think, is imagination is better than knowledge. If a guy only imagines and lives in his own world with great deal of imagination without having any prior knowledge of anything then what will happen. He was right in the sense that the person is already having some knowledge and in case if he imagines something then imagination is better in comparison. But the thing is, Today Mr. X has both imagination and knowledge but he will be some one like me who can imagine things and also have knowledge but do not have any job and have nothing to do. Mr. X is having thousand ideas and he is imaginative but where to use them? Who wants to buy his ideas? No one, he cannot prove that his ideas are right because he lacks the resources but this is how the world works and has been working in the past. Now, we have top companies in world, top scientist and researchers working for them. We are living a calendar life, every day we do our task based on predefined routine and we think that we will generate some great ideas based on our routine forget it people , just forget it. If we are going to create a bright future then for that we have to follow and listen to our heart not our mind. Imagination is better than knowledge but a person can have both if he wants to be lonely and wants to live a life of some one like monk. He will not have any things besides his imagination and knowledge. Thanks to Einstein who thought that imagination is better than knowledge in his time it was absolutely correct and no one would have second thought on this statement but today I don’t think this statement is valid since you need to have knowledge for imagination. Without a Phd Degree no one is willing to hire you as a Researcher for x or y company. No one. Even if you can imagine now…that the system can be build like this or that. You cannot implement your ideas because of lack of knowledge, time and resources so for now, Welcome to the world of knowledge and imagination where none of them are better. !