Wednesday, June 4, 2008

where are you ?

Why are you gone from my life ? Where are you now ? I am searching you from here and there. I am googling you thousand times but even the Google cannot give any information about you. Where are you dear ?

Remember we had made some promises, we had laugh, smiled and cried together. I am searching you everywhere but I could not find you anywhere. I know the fault was in me, I did something wrong and It was my big mistake but it do not deserve such a punishment. I do not deserve such kind of punishment. Now you have your address changed, your number changed and may be you have been changed.

If the change can bring good things in you, and you blossom like a early morning flower shining in the garden then please go ahead. I do not want to interrupt you. I will never interrupt you anymore. There is no contact with you. I wanted to call you and say hello, how are you doing ? But I could not do it anymore.

By the time I was writing the blog, I tried your number, your mobile number. I knew it long before. I can feel proudy on my memory just because I remember many of the things that are attached to me somewhere or another.

I could not belive that your phone was ringing. To my utmost suprise I went to the kitchen and then I tried to call you but some other person picked up the phone and he was saying something that I could not understand at all.
I do not know where are you, are you lost in some one else's dream or all your dreams have become of some body else dreams. What has happened to you ? What is goin on with you ?

I want to know about it, could you please let me know. I just want to hear from you. I want to hear your words. I want to hear that you are no longer my friend. I want to know that we will not be together anymore. I just want to know why are you going away from me ?

Is it my fault or is it my mistake ? Have I done anything wrong to you. Why are you going far away from me please do not go. I wan to touch you, see you and feel that you will be there just to smile or just to say hello. I do not want anything from you. I already have some angels looking after me. These angels are taking a good care of me and they will take good care of me all the time.

I am worried about my friend, a friend for which I wanted to give everything I had. A friend for whom I would have sacrified all my life. A friend for whom life would have been very easily lesser than the life is now. A long journey of life would have been very short just for you.

Where are you dear ?

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Anonymous said...

I am here. I have always been here and I will always be here. :P