Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spirituality and Science

A soul which is pure always asking question and always eager to know more. A soul of human is not similar to the last statement. Many of the times humans are not asking or are not eager to know only because people think everything is explanatory. People sometime just assume something by themselves, when you assume any sort of activities by yourself then you are not trying to know.

A friend who are close to me once said-you can write whatever you get or you just need a small event and you can describe it in your words very easily. Such statement is not encouraging but at the same time it is too much of encourage. A person's ability to do something or not to do something is not known to him but to his friends, fellow mates or some body who is just admirer. I do not take such statement in a negative way but I take it as compliment.

How many of us believe in the fact that a black cat when crosses the road and you pass from the road is the bad sign for yourself ? Many in our country has such believe and it is assumed that such event is not good, many of the times you got to avoid the cat crossing in front of you. Many people let others go before they cross the road. Today, morning I just saw a black cat I was hoping it should not cross the road that I have to cross but to my surprise it did, and I have to cross the road the cat crossed.

When I came back home, I realize yes to some extent it has wrong effect on a person's life not because it was just normal everything and today I did not get any opportunity to do what I was thinking. There was a failure. A failure of my mind. I was predicting something bad is going to happen and it happened.

Many of us will not believe such myth but some times we have to believe the smallest of the fact presented to us, told to us by our elders. It is just like a story and some stupid misconception but yet we have to face the consequences. It is the life and we have to take both the path of spirituality and science. One can clap from one hand by pressing his/her hand in the desk and striking it many times but a real clap is when two hands are strike several times. A real sound of clap comes then not when you strike it to some object.

Magic is there when our eyes could not believe something or some scene when happening in front of our eyes. If I will say, I saw a women wearing a beautiful sari flying in a sky-who is going to believe me ? Science does not give us permission to think that there could be any human who will be self-capable of flying. Spirituality let us believe that yes, there could be some superpower which will make anything possible.

Till date there has been a lot of problems from the Nature which still remain a mystery and it will loads of time before it gets solved or I would say it is almost impossible to solve every problems we face in day to day life. One can make it possible only for himself or herself but not for all.

HOping that Saturday will bring a joy and lot of pleasure in your beautiful face so that you will smile in smaller events that will go unnoticed. Those periods are yours, truly magnificent and amazing life changing. It is the time which belongs to you and only you no one can ever take that beautiful lasting smile from you. It is due to the presence of yourself in the moment and the moment was the moment you were fully present in the real world. You were not thinking anything about life, career, or anything else but you were thinking about the moment you were present in. A moment of joy which bought you some smile in your face. A smile could not be easily gained without the satisfaction of self. Whatever you have done or you will do is just a way of living a life. It is excuse but the happiest moments are those which will remain some where in your memory stored.

You will remember them only when you will feel alone or lonely, You will want those moments to be back again but that would not come again just because those moments were just once and only once. Right now, my fingers are on the computer keyboard these hands will are letting me know that I am creating something and these creation are not just a simple text but the lesson that a person has learnt in his entire life, which could be somehow beneficial to you. Everything lies in giving not taking. One can belong to any of these categories- either you give entire your life or you take in your life. A person who is capable of giving is full of love and a person who is not is not.

Have a great weekend !

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