Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Finnish Lake

A country of thousand lakes and all the lakes look similar. The early morning rise with the darkness and rain falling lightly just to touch the earth speaks a lot in itself. Early morning rise from bed getting more difficult with the cold of the rain to rise up. Despite these, a mind fights with the enemy deep inside it which is not trying it to make it wake.

A mind suddenly wakes up and now its time to do the morning activities. One beautiful lady at the coffee house asked me how do you feel about the Finnish people ? What is your opinion about them ? Being close to the lake teaches a lot in itself. I just told her that they are very similar to a lakes. A lake can take anything with the deep, silence and flowing smoothly like ever before. It is silent and cold. It is very chill and cool. It blows when the wind ask them to blow and it shines when the sun rays falls into it.

A lake reminds me of the Finnish way and Finnish people. I do not know if that is correct but this is what I thought. A lake can take many things into it. It has a lot to learn from it and you can learn a lot from it when you go and take a dip into it.

A desire of getting what you want and a desire of thinking what you do is really worth a value to it makes it more interesting in life and more fascinating about living a life. It is that the moment of life goes on and on. Some body would rather say that these words are useless but these words are not as useless as it looks because these are valuable. It will be there till the very end. Each letters form to make a word and a combination of these words form to give the meaning to a sentence. It looks so simple but ask the creator who creates these words he will tell you.

Anything right from the building of a house to a any architecture to any book are the combination of small things. All these small elements, cells, and parts combined to form a big thing and that big thing has a value in real life. Many people those who cannot see the progress of others are those who do not have ability to learn from others. Once you get into the habit of learning from many different people life will be much more easier to live.

A place where I am now is called Finland. A place where I can tell you 1000 good things about it but I can hardly find any bad stuffs or any personal bad taste of this land till date. Always remember that- "I live in moment not in time". People those who spend their time living will take a long deep look at the quote provided above and think what does that mean. The meaning is very simple and the statement is as simple as you can get. Moment is NOW. The time my hands are pressing these keyboards and making an sweet sound of joy which is giving my mind a delight that I am seeing these letters forming a word and a word forming a sentence and a sentence trying to find some logical connection to give a meaning to my readers.

I do not want to make a follower nor do I want to attract the attention all that is I want is to put whatever is there is my heart and mind to the world and see what they think about it. A life worth living is similar to this. Well, a good day is the day which bring good smile in your face despite you have lot to do and many more thing to overcome. A day is long only when we think we are tired and think that we have done nothing or something stupid happened.

Everything is first created in our mind and it then invokes from there to onwards. Well If ever you get time do visit Finland and see the beauty of lakes and do not forget to take a famous Sauna naked and dip yourself after a Sauna in lake. A brilliant experience to be done once at least in life time.

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