Monday, March 23, 2009

Review for "Eleven minutes" to Paulo Coelho

As per my resolution this year,
I promised to finish one of the book written by you, "Eleven minutes".
Yesterday, I finished the book and the story of prostitute, "Maria".

Below is my review for your work "Eleven minutes"
Well done, the book is written in very social context where life of an ordinary human being is conceptualized. Especially, the sex workers in Europe and their living condition. There are many places where you have tried to show the real picture and difference between sex and sacred sex. These two are completly two different elements in human life.

Maria chose a life she wanted, she wanted to show her parents that she could live independent and at the same time she also wanted to be loved. (Fantasy world and get a love of her life), she was driven my sense of passion for material world which took her to brothel.

Very interestingly written and well-researched on the topic of prostitution. Despite in some places, same stuffs were repeated like (orgasm, money, job etc) and it was little difficult to understand why she/Maria could not choose to go back and live her life in Brazil ? If she wanted she could have easily gone back but why not? But again as you mentioned in the book, she was looking for adventure and so on.
Anyways, Good work and I will give you my rating for the book-
Rating: 4/5

There are couple of things, that popped out in my mind-

1. I am predicting that hopefully, you will be awarded with "Nobel Prize in Literature" during your lifetime or maybe after that.

2. Keep up your good work and all the best in your future projects.

God bless you !


God bless you all !

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